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Featherweight Fanatics is a mailing list devoted to Singer Featherweights (Model 221) and other older machines. All Fanatics are welcome to join. For a free one month trial use the form at FWF ;to request manual help send a message to FWFanatics administrators Sue and Eric Traudt. For more information about the Featherweight Fanatics, please check out the list guide lines.
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To keep the traffic on this list from becoming overwhelming, all postings regarding the sale of any sewing machines, accessories, manuals, whatever should be posted at The For Sale Forum. These messages are collected during the week and are sent out as part of the Sunday digest.

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That you can call the Singer company and get the birthdate of your machine. You must have the serial number, of course. The Singer # is 1-800-4-SINGER

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1920 National Sewing Machine

Accessories Price List

Foot Hemmer Sets, including Binder.75
Braider Foot.25
Thread Cutter.05
Hemmer and Feller.30
Presser Foot.25
Bobbin Case1.25
Needles, all sizes, per dozen.30
Guide Thumb Screw.10
Oil Can.15
Bobbins, ea.05
Screw Driver.15
Shuttle Screw Driver.10
Edge Stitcher.50

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