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August 1997

Sunday, August 3 - Saturday, August 9

Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 7/31/97
Date: Sat, 2 Aug 1997 22:48:02 +0100

To Kennalee
Have a manual for the 24 I can copy if you cannot find one locally.

To all AOL subscribers

All my answers to aol friends keep getting bounced back for some reason.
Plus some returned mail got accidently deleted  If I owe you  aol mail
please re-send

To Beth re Clarence

I did gfind Clarence oin the way up to The Falls but I was there on a
Tuesday/Wednesday and all the action seemed to be reserved for the
weekends. Looked like one of those exciting places that just could be
swimming in sewing machines.

To Karen re Gimbel

Just about every large manufacturer made machines for Gimbel who sold them
under the comapny's own name.
Before you can research the machine you will have to decided who made it.
Could be  Davis, A G Mason, National, Standard or White. Probable a couple
more likely makers.

To Lynne

Let me know what you need for the model 24, have a friend who is breaking
one up.

To those enquiring about Nashville meeting

I'm grounded and won't be there but suggest that anyone who want details
should phone Faye Beckwith on (615) 883 0169.

To Stuart who wrote
>I got such a chuckle from this ad that I though I'd share.  This
>appeared in a local trade newsletter.  "ANTIQUE genuine Singer sewing
>mach., all mah. cab, 50 different stitches, $500."
>Anyone want me to call for them?!

Aw, cummon, don't be a meanie -- that's only a ten spot per stitch.

To Penny

Thanks for the idea. Will tell Maggie that her fingers, sore from washing
dishes, can be cured by washing more dishes (g).

Date: Sat, 2 Aug 1997 23:54:42 -0500
Subject: Sincere's Books

Tried to use the address that Peter provided for going to Amazon Books to
look at their listing for the book lots of the FWF's prepaid for and could
not get there.  If interested try going to "amazon.com" and when you get
the page up click on search by "title, author....."  When that screen comes
up in the area for "title" enter "Sincere's" and you'll see you books for
sale.  Note th B  K  does not show until you click on the title and
look at the expanded description page.  Also note in the left hand menu
towards the bottom are several selections for feedback, e-mail, etc.  Tell
them how disreputable the publisher is and you will never order from Amazon
as long as they offer the books.  I also wrote to the person Peter mentions
on his web page.  I think Collen Byrum needs to be flamed by each and every
FWFer.  If you do the address is: colleen@amazon.com.  If she cannot
answer Peter in three weeks I really believe she needs to understand that
we find the sale of Sincere's books intolerable by Amazon until B  K 
ships the books already paid for by FWFer's.  BTW I have dealt with Amazon
and been satisfied.  If I have a question they generally answer within 2
days.  All your e-mails to the various Amazon departments will be

Amazon requests book reviews.  I gave a vivid description of what has
happened to anyone who ordered directly from "the publisher" and what I
thought of Amazon.  I dared Amazon to print it.
Date: Sat, 02 Aug 1997 09:00:51 -0700
Subject: FW carry cases 

Another solution to the missing carry case, is a plastic file box from your
office supply store.  Caution, only the Rubbermaid File Box is acceptable
because its' carry handle connects at the side of the box like an ice
chest.  You don't want one that has a handle connected to the lid, too
dangerous.  Some Rubbermaid styles also have a compartment on the top to
carry bobbins.

In Albuquerque, we only found them at Office Max.  The other stores,
including Walmart, only carried the kind with the handle on the lid.

By the way, this is also a good disguise for your precious FW since no one
would know what you were carrying.  The regular black box is a dead
giveaway to those who know.

Phil at Little Foot
Date: Sun, 03 Aug 1997 01:43:22 -0700
Subject: Vertical Feed machine

Thanks to all who wrote to me about the Vertical Feed machine.  There
is another machine I've spotted, a Davis treadle in very good
condition.  The flowers are still bright red and yellow and the gold is
in excellent shape.  The cabinet is awesome, with columns on the sides. 
It may become mine if I'm lucky!
	Hi to Anita in Columbia, S.C.!  I'm glad to hear you got that Necchi. 
I've seen several Necchis recently but don't own one yet.  Spotted one
at the flea market way out beyond the airport a few weeks ago.  I miss
being at the LLQ meetings lately, but Mom sort of keeps me up to date.  

Date: Sun, 03 Aug 1997 08:17:17 -0700
Subject: zigzagger attachment

Hi All,

After close examination  of my zigzagger attachment (#160986) and a nice
e-mail from another FW Fanatic: My attachment only fits a 301.  Is there
anyone out there who would like to trade their #160985 zigzagger
attachment for a #160986.  The attachment I have is in really beautiful
condition except I don't own a 301.  This would be the attachment only,
no box or manual because the manual I have is good for both.  I would
also like to trade the red pattern cam #161001 (I have 2) for a #161003
(I am missing this pattern).  

Has anyone received the new FW book that's out?  I haven't gotten one
yet or seen one at a store as yet. I am looking forward to reading it.

I went to a quilting class on 1930's quilts.  There were 4 other black
featherweights there plus my white one made 5.  All were in excellent
condition - one prewar.  It's interesting to see the FW sitting next to
the latest computerized machines - looking pretty and holding it's own.

Date: Sun, 3 Aug 1997 11:37:31 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Belle Grove Quilt Show

  Anybody out there going to Belle Grove Quilt Show this week (Aug. 7-10) in
Winchester, VA?  Mother and I are attending and would like to talk with some
other FWFs if any of you are planning to be there.  We had a great time last
Sunday at the Gathering at Gaithersburg (MD) and learned alot about FWs.
 This is a really neat way to meet new friends and see faces that belong to
names on the Net.  Hope some of you are taking classes and will be around to
meet this week.  We take a mini motorhome and park in the parking lot at the
school, so if you see a 19-ft. Coachman with PA tags, please knock and
introduce yourself.  Will be using my FW in classes there for the first time,
 So glad I don't have to drag this six-ton Bernina again this year.
  BTW  thanks again to the Santillas for a wonderful chance to get together
and exchange ideas and stories.

                          Happy featherweighting,
Date: Sun, 03 Aug 1997 14:00:01 -0400
Subject: sightings

Hi everyone, First I'd like to thank all of you who responded to my need
of 4 feet for the FW many thanks your all so great for the help you
give!! Now second my husband and I and the 3 kids went to Luray Va. this
past week for a little well deserved R & R. I went antiquing alot and
only saw one FW it was 495.00 condition was 7-8. Saw lots of treadles
nothing out of the ordinary all the prices were around 100.00. I brought
my FW and made 2 mini trip around the world wall quilts. There are NO
fabric stores. You would think with all the history with the civil war
there would be quilters and fabric in that area. So that is the place to
open up shop I was talking to a local and she said no one that she knows
quilts. I find that too hard to believe. Oh well anyway I'm glad to be
home and with my machines and quilts!! frish 
Date: Sun, 03 Aug 1997 14:15:04 -0400
Subject: Thanks

Many thanks to Chris V. for the FW feet and ting gib screw I needed and
also for all your doing with b.k. she also took me for a ride that
#%*%!!!!!!! frish 
Date: Sun, 3 Aug 97 18:19:42 UT
Subject: Need Help with Wheeler & Wilson #8

Does anyone in the MA/NH area have and/or know how to operate a WW#8?  I 
cannot get mine to sew despite several FW fanatics getting me copies of manual 
and bobbins.  It must have to do with the bobbin.  The picture in the book 
shows a slide in bobbin holder while mine is one or two pieces - I can not 
tell if I have two  one sided bobbin holders or if one goes on each side.  I 
need to either see one that sews or have someone come help me get mine to sew. 
Date: Sun, 03 Aug 1997 14:37:18 -0400
Subject: Antique Show

Hi feathers me again  frish, If anyone is interested there is going to
be an antique show in Atlantic City, N.J. this October I will post the
dates as soon as I get them. Anyway there is a big section on sewing
machines I understand its quite expensive to get in (20.00) don't quote
me on that price I will let you know when I know but sounds really good
I know I'll take a trip down. And also if there is someone in the group
that knows about this please e-mail me. I will keep ya posted!!!
Date: Sun, 3 Aug 1997 17:17:59 -0400
Subject: Instructions For Singer Craft Guide

Does anyone have a copy of the instructions for the Singer Craft Guide
they would be willing to share?  Will gladly pay for copying and postage.

Date: Sun, 3 Aug 1997 18:15:13 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: 201-2 Manual

Hi all,

  I was at some antique stores over the weekend and didn't find anything for
me.  Well, I did see a French antique sewing table that had 2 doors on the
top that slid apart to reveal a tray with dividers, and when you opened the 2
doors underneath it, it opened into a cloth bag.  It was really neat, but was
$500.00, so needless to say, it didn't come home with me.  Anyway, I saw an
original 201-2 manual that was priced $6.00, could possibly be negotiable,
and if anyone needs one, I will be more than happy to go get it and send it
to you.  Just e-mail me if you are interested.

Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 8/1/97
Date: Sun, 3 Aug 1997 22:52:06 +0100

To Lisa
Re the frozen FW

Ok, it's hair dryer time . Heat up the underside mechanish (avoid the
wiring) and the inside of the sewing head and make with the WD 40 again.

If I had the machine here I would be trying to isolate the area where it
has gone solid. Take off the inspection cover at the spool pin and then put
pressure on the flywheel wheel as is you were trying to turn it. With the
other hand try to  feel for any free play in the top shaft of the machine
at the inspection cover. Then do the same thing looking for some rattle in
the lower shaft. If you find rattle in either, it's the other part which is
frozen. Have you managed to get the bobbin and  holder out (this is a
likely area). If not , remove the stitch plate and restrictor plate (the
one with the two little flanges that stop the bobbin housing revolving).
Then , very gently, tyr to turn the wheel. If it moves consider removing
the entire bobbin assembly (two screws on the main shaft).

With this off you can apply a little more heat and lots more WD40

To Marcia re Aristocrat

When the Japanese industry fired up after the war many small companies got
into the sewing machine business selling their products through large
middle-man companies of which Precision was one.
Until someone in Japan gets interested in research, I don't think we are
going to find out much about the post-war models.

To Kay re hand crank W&G

There's a picture of the European version Willcox and Gibbs on Maggie's web
site -- sadly in need of up-dating. Can't even remember the address but
there's a link from the ISMACS site at http://www.ismacs.net Please go look
-- it's the ultimate in W&Gs

Date: Sun, 03 Aug 1997 18:23:14 -0500
Subject: confusion, and more confusion

Hello all,
   last night I posted about finding 2 handcranks and how happy I was to
get them.  Today I have been looking through posts, and site trying to
gleam a bit of information, and am so confused that I am now dazed.
   The Singer has a Y at the beginning at the serial #.  I have read on
'net' that this means it was made in Turkey in 1925. Why ,then, I wonder is
it stamped Made In Great Britian on the underside of the machine.  Oops,
decal not stamped.  Sorry.  Anyway, hope you iunderstand my confusion.
  The other reads "NewChampion" manufactured by New Home Co.  I will call
Singer tomorrow, but where can I find info on this New home?  
  Can these be dated with any accuracy? Am curios about the Singer, where
was it really made I wonder?  And when??  Now that I have them, the elusive
infor is quite frustrating.  Guess many of you have suffered that?
Thanks, Viv.
Date: Sun, 03 Aug 1997 22:39:25 -0400
Subject: Singer Book

Hello Everyone,

        I am looking for a book put out by Singer in the 1920's called
Singer Art Embroidery and Lace.  If anyone should have a copy to sell please
contact me.  5thank you 

        My kind regards to all,   Larry
                    ***** Sincere / Amazon Update ******

Hi Everyone,. 

GOt the following this morning from Amazon.com.  Apparently they sent the same message to alot of us who wrote to them regarding the Sincere books for sale at their site as I have received over 20 copies from different FWF members.  I'm only going to post the message once, but I want to thank every one who wrote to Amazon & to thank the people a t Amazon themselves for listen to those of us who have already been burned.

Here's a copy of the letter received

Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 14:55:23 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Sincere's Sewing Machine

Thank you for writing us about this.  We have removed the following
titles from our catalog:

Sincere's History of the Sewing Machine ISBN: 0926871692
Sincere's Sewing Machine Service Book ISBN: 0926871730
Sincere's ZigZag Sewing Machine Service Book ISBN: 092687196X 

If you check our web site over the next several days, you may still
see these books listed.  However, please rest assured, we have
initiated the process for their removal from our database.

Best regards,

Customer Service
2.5 million titles, consistently low prices!

Thank you Amazon!!

Sue T
Date: Sun, 3 Aug 1997 18:32:03 -0600
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 7/24/97

Hi everyone,
Every time I have had a problem with a FW someone has been able to help me
from this group. Recently I had a thread caught behind the bobbin mechanism
in my FW so I used my  first FW book to solve the problem and did just as
she said in the book. After I put it back together and put the throat plate
back on the machine will not rotate. It keeps stopping as if the finger I
put in the space for it on the throat plate keeps stopping it. I had done
this procedure before on another machine and didn't have any problem
putting it back together. I have the little screw at the 5 o'clock position
and take it out, then move the little lever straight down before I take out
the bobbin part. Then I put it back together in the same order. I wonder if
something else could be wrong, maybe I jammed something when I got the
thread caught down behind there. Anyway, if anyone can help me, answer me
at sueo@hlo.mntm.org  or on the FW Fanatics site so everyone can see the
answer, in case they ever have the problem. I have ordered my FW book II
from the Pickens and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. 

Date: Mon, 4 Aug 97 01:39:21 UT
Subject: RE: FW Fanatics 8/2/97

what is a singer pinker?
Date: Sun, 03 Aug 1997 22:26:44 +0000
Subject: Re: TERRY with sore fingers

Terry, I have had sore fingers, (split) for more years than I care to
remember.  What I use for my sore fingers is the inside of a banana peel
rubbed over my fingers.  I have tried everything.  Bag Balm did no good,
either did vaseline.  My husband read in the Parade section of the
Sunday paper that the inside of a banana peel rubbed over abrasions
helped .  So using my original logic I figured that if banana peel
helped abrasions it would certainly help split fingers.  It did and
does.  One of my friends has a friend who does machine knitting and the
yarn caused her fingers to split.  My friend told her about the inside
of a banana peel for split fingers.  the lady tried it and it worked. 
If I had only known about the inside of a banana peel when I had my
ceramic shop.  My fingers split and hurt so bad that I cried.  Nothing
ever worked.  I hope this helps.  This advice is from a former
Michigander.  Ruth
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 01:24:27 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: My Mother's Old Machine

Dear Friends,
I have recently received from my mother an older Singer, a portable, but it
weighs more than most compact Japanese cars.  The number on the front is
AH593124, and on the bottom it says, cast in the iron, SIMANOO  USA 22.  On
the bobin cover the numbers 32568 are stamped.  It runs like a dream (though
the light doesn't work) and I would be DEEPLY appreciative of any information
on its date of birth, model name, or operating instructions (though it's easy
to figure out).  It'll never take the place of my FW in my heart, but it was
my mother's and it needs to be used!
Please respond directly to me at Beaubradly@aol.com as I don't always (don't
stone me) have time to read every FWF post.
Thanks in advance!
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 00:29:32 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Singer VS#3 and IQF in Houston

Eula said:

: > To Eula re 3VS
: > I get a little confised over these numbers . I'm guess ing that what
: > you have is a Model 28. Please confirm that there is a bell-shaped
: > inspection cover at the head.

: Graham--yes the bell shaped cover is there.  Any clues as to why they
: are telling me it is a 3VS if it is a 28? 

I've seen a couple of VS#3's in shops, Barb in Friendswood has a machine
Singer says is a VS#3, and I've corresponded with a couple of other people
who have described their VS#3 machines to me.  The #3 seems to bear the
same relationship to the model 28 as the VS#2 does to the model 27 -- it's
an earlier version of the same machine, or maybe VS#3 is just an earlier
designation for the machine. They date from before 1900, just like the
VS#2, and are 3/4 size, just like the 28 is the smaller version of the 27. 

It's not just the Singer records that designate them a VS#3 -- I saw
one in an antique shop that still had the original attachments box
(cardboard instead of the wood puzzle box that came with VS#2 & model
27 treadles) and the box was labeled as belonging to a VS#3 machine. 
The ones I've seen have been handcranks, including Barb's.  

Peggy   said:

> There are shuttle buses to all QF-designated hotels.  Please use common
> sense and do not plan to walk back and forth at night unless you are in
> a large group.  Remember, this is the fourth largest city in the US.

Actually, it's the third largest city now...  we passed Chicago up a while
back...  Walking after dark near the convention center is not quite as bad
as walking after dark in New York, but I would agree, as a fairly
adventurous native -- take a taxi or the shuttle unless you're in a group! 

Maybe if we start planning a little earlier this year, we can get a few
more of us together.  I'd be happy to host a gathering, if transportation
for out-of-towners isn't too much of a problem.  (I don't live in the
downtown area, but I live close to the 610 loop, which isn't too far...) 
I'm open to suggestions -- anyone with good ideas, please let me know!

Also, I spotted a few machines this weekend in the Meridian, MS area --
there's an antique mall just off the junction of hwy 19 and 59 that has
several interesting machines, some for prices that aren't too awful.  I
womanfully resisted the temptation...  the minivan was too loaded down,
and despite all the obvious benefits to strapping the children to the roof
rack to *make* room (we were getting close to the end of the trip, and the
kids had reached the "he *looked* at me" whine stage)  we decided in the
end that we just didn't have enough bungie cords available to do it
properly.  So all those machines are still there, waiting for the next
fanatic to come along... 

Date: Sun, 3 Aug 1997 21:41:09 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Auction Addiction

I have become hopelessly addicted to going to any auction within a 75 mile
radius which just might have old sewing machines, attachments, pincushions,
buttons, sewing chests, etc for sale.  It is so bad that last month  when I
knew that I couldn't go to an auction for about 10 days because I would be
out of the country I went to 5 auctions in one week.  It pays off.  Yesterday
I went to one in the middle of nowhere at an old farm and came home with a
model 128 serial no. AA in a bentwood case and a matching table .  The table
had a cut out that the bottom of the bentwood case just fit into.  It was not
a card table but a piece of furniture that the top measured 18 x 33 and the
height was 30 1/2.  It had one drawer on the left and the bottom of the cut
out ( which was finished wood like the top) had an interesting arrangement
for raising it to table height so that when the machine was removed it could
be used like a regular table.  The machine came with all its attachments and
an oil can which fit neatly into the bentwood dome.  There were no markings
on the oil can ( it is a round dome) but it was an exact fit in the bracket.
 The foot pedal was rather odd.  It had an extra lever attached that could be
swiveled around.  Is this a pedal that can be used both as a foot or as a
knee pedal?  It was missing its bottom plate and the wiring is very old so I
haven"t tried to use it as yet.  What did I have to pay for this find? $4.00.

Date: Sat, 2 Aug 1997 15:21:14 -0700
Subject: Re:Treadle Machine

Captain Dick and All,

I am interested in purchasing a treadle sewing machine, complete with
cabinet.  I live in southern California (San Fernando Valley area) and
have only just begun to look for one. I have seen both a White and a

The White was a Family Rotary model with several parts missing. Although
Captain Dick assured me he could supply the missing parts, I am currently
 passing on this one. The cabinet is tiger oak, completely restored and
refinished and is gorgeous. This machine is in an antique store and the
price is $495.00.

The second machine is a Singer 27  with a K serial number  in a cabinet
number 5; seven drawers, embossed,  with original finish (read that as
very ugly, dark, in definite need of some veneer repair and a strip,
sand, and refinsh job). While the machine was intact and included a
puzzle box, extras of the funny little bobbins, a black metal box with
additional attachments, an instruction book (the book was for models
127/128, but judging by other factors, I think the machine must  be a 27)
The needle was frozen and would not move. The wheel and treadle moved
easily, but the needle wouldn't budge. Also, the presser foot lever did
not work. It just came back down but nothing moved.  Is the 27 a
difficult machine to find parts for? It had those funny little bobbins,
and had some fancy floralwork on the face plate and on another plate on
the back that swiveled to oil it)  and some decals with birds on the
front of  the head. The slide plate went toward the front, the bobbin
winder was on the right front below the primitive know stitch adjustment.

The owner was firm in her $300.00 asking price. She based this on the
following:   a local antiques store had a plainer cabinet that they were
asking $200.00 for. Since hers had a machine head (even though it didn't
work) she added on $50 and the cabinet was fancier (even though the
middle drawer was falling apart ) she added on another $50.   She felt
that if no one wanted it at $300.00 she'd hold onto it for another 5
years so that it would be an "antique" (i.e. 100 years old) instead of
"just a collectible", and she'd be able to get even more money for it.

I need to know if any of you are aware of any treadle machines availble
for sale at a "reasonable" price, or if you feel that the above prices
are in line with the product? I know that treadles are available in other
parts of the country for less money, but am not sure of the feasibility
of shipping one. I would like it to be a working machine as well as a
"nice" piece of furniture.

Nancy "four fingers"
Date: Sun, 03 Aug 1997 21:49:58 -0700
Subject: Grand Union #30

My husband and I have purchased a sewing machine at a flea market. 
> We are trying to find out any information about the machine such as
> year of manufacture, value etc.
> It has a long rectangle plate which houses the bobbin.  The bobbin
> appears to be a vibrating shuttle type.  The top half of the plate
> has engraved "The Grand Union Co. 311 3rd Ave New York" and
> vertically "5092522".  The other half shows a list of needle sizes
> and the type of thread to be used for each.
> If you can help us out or know anyone who may be able to help, we
> would really appreciate it.
> Thanks,
Date: Sun, 3 Aug 1997 23:07:54 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 8/1/97

To Puck,

Thanks so much for the plug on the San Diego Quilt Show!  I'm here to tell
you all
that I've been in the quilting "world" now for 13 years and have seen many
shows and our SDQS ranks right up there with the BEST! (Of course the fact
that I'm a native San Diegan may have a mark on this! )
I concur, the owners of the Miscellany business are delightful people. I have
business with them several times in the past when I was trying to find good
fabric. Last year at the show I checked and they still were carrying
feedsacks and alot of great oldie quilting items. I'll be sure to check out
that machine this year!!! Of course, I'll have to race my friend Shannon
there. Oh, look for her corner by the stage.
She's planning on wearing a feathered hat???? I can hardly wait to see this
Look for me too!  I'll be wearing a couple of Blue Jay feathers somewhere on
I was in the mtns this weekend and was lucky to find these 2 feathers for
next weekend. Greeting to you all no matter where you are!
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 09:15:03 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 8/2/97

Hi all!
  My dear Dad, who does all my "scouting" for me, called this morning to say
he found his first 301.  It is black, no power cord or foot pedal.  He says
the machine is in rough shape.  We are wondering if we should pick it up for
parts.  For $6, what do you think?  I told him to check for a bobbin case, if
that is there, he will definitely pick it up.  I wasn't sure if there is a
demand for other parts.  Thanks for your opinions.
Subject: FW Belt
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 10:26:08 -0400

Feathers, in a recent too-long post, I mentioned that my 2nd FW has a brown
lugged belt and that SM man said these are the best.  Would someone please
respond as to whether this is true and whether it devalues the machine as a
collectible if it has this different looking belt?


Date: Mon, 04 Aug 1997 10:30:04 -0500
Subject: Domestic Rotary machine

I am certainly a Featherweight fan.  I learned to sew on my mother's FW
and I still work on it when I visit her.  I have yet to find a
buttonholer that I like as well as the attachment on her FW.  

My question today is for a friend.  She was given a sewing machine by
her grandmother-in-law.  It is a Domestic brand machine in a table and
the head says "Domestic Rotary" on the front.  It has two spindles for
thread and a tension mechanism unlike any I've ever seen.  Instead of
being a numbered dial on the front, the tension mechanism is on the left
end of the machine.  Getting the needle thread through it is rather
Byzantine.  I have no idea how to adjust the tension.

The machine does only forward and reverse stitches.  The stitch length
indicator (a screw-lever type similar to one on a FW, except that
reverse is all the way down) is numbered 1-6 with a dash for 0 stitch

Can anyone tell me when this machine was made and where I might look for
a manual?  Thanks.

Subject: Do you need a Singer 66-1 manual?

Hi, Fellow Feathers!  I have an extra copy of the Singer manual for their
treadle model 66-1.  If you are interested, please e-mail me privately.
Date: Mon, 04 Aug 1997 09:55:36 -
Subject: handcranks

Good morning all.  I called singer and New home this morning and have the
dates for my 'new' handcranks.  The singer is a 99K make in 1922 in
Scotland, and the NewHome was made in 1917. Approximately they tell me.
I can get a copy of a manual for the Singer but not the New Home.
My problem here is that the NewHome is a shuttle type bobbin(excuse my
ignorance here,I have never seen one before) and do not know how to operate
it or work on it.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Or does anyone have a
manual that could be copied, I will glady pay for copying and postage.  

Date: Mon, 23 Jun 1997 13:40:58 +0000

I need information on sewing machine models 222, and 222K1.  Anything 
you can provide from pricing to general info would be great.

Please e-mail it to me
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 14:28:59 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: 301, Bell and High Arm Windsor

To FWF's:  Have not posted in awhile.  To the Halls and Shannon Grant, I owe
an update on the stuck 301.  I mistakenly thought that the timing was
limited to a needle problem, i.e. with needle inserted it's timing would be
off.  In fact the timing can be off when there is no needle.  Seems basic
now but at the time I could not figure why the machine would not complete
its full revolution.  Now I know.  It took a slight adjustment of the
rotating hook by loosening the set screws.  There are instructions for his
procedure the Adjusters Manual for Singer Sewing Machines, Machine 301.  My
copy came from Chris.

Am still looking for an instruction manual, original or copy for the New
High Arm Windsor.  Graham ???

Recently picked up a Bell Portable Sewing Machine, a little green model,
that comes in a small briefcase.  The machine, instruction manual and all
Greist attachments are in excellent shape.  When I picked it up there was no
foot control.  The person who had it said they had the pedal and would get
it for me.
The foot control that showed up is a cast iron foot shaped pedal that weighs
as much as the machine and case.  From the picture on the manual it is
obviously not the original pedal.  Now I am looking for an original Bell
Foot Control.    Any help would be appreciated.

Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 11:27:24 -0700
Subject: Thanks

Dear Feathers,
   Thanks for all the help in obtaining latches for a 221 case.  Your
response was even more than I had hoped for.  Thanks again.
Date: Mon, 04 Aug 1997 05:16:40
Subject: check out our new website fws.

fws; unable to comprehend the twentieth century but i have a techno nephew
who has been building me a new website and its look good, but remember we
at this store understand very little of this modern techonolgy, and use a
manual typewriter, anyway, its a modern world, mike.
*    Woodstock Sewing Centre       *
*                                  *
*  http://www.oxford.net/~mikeh    *
*                                  *
Date: Mon, 04 Aug 1997 17:23:34 -0500
Subject: unlurking

I think it's time I quit lurking and told you all what a wonderful list
this is - since I started reading it, six old sewing machines have
followed me home!
I have a couple of questions:
I bought an Admiral Deluxe Precision sewing machine, the plate on it
says "made in occupied Japan". It's a standard size head, kind of like a
Singer 66, but the bobbin assembly is vertical instead of horizontal. 
It is oscilating, not rotary.  The parts underneath are stamped
"Brother" so I assume it was all made by Brother.  Is there someplace I
can find out more about this machine?
There is a machine that will be coming up for sale at our church's
garage sale in September that I'm wondering about.  I haven't seen it,
but my son who works there says it is a "Domestic" (Montgomery Wards?)
and the manual with it is copyrighted 1925.  It's in a black wooden
case.  Does anybody know anything about this brand?

My finds lately include a Singer model66 redeye treadle from 1911, two
99K's from 1956 and 1957,  66's from 1922 and 1930, and that Admiral.  I
would like to find another treadle.  Haven't ever seen a FW but I'll
keep looking.

Thanks for any help you can give me -

Subject: Questions again!

Ok...I saw two treadle machines at an antique store and I have the
numbers if anyone is interested, e-mail me for the location.  I have
recently seen ads for green featherweights.  Is there such a thing?  I
thought they were black, white or tan.  Is the green machine a different
number and heavier?  I pray at night that the featherweight will send me
a machien to care for.  I want one soooooooo bad it hurts.  Since I have
two daughters beginning college this year I will have to luck up on a
bargin.  Thanks for the help.
Subject: Re: sightings in Luray, VA
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 19:28:00 -0400

I saw the same featherweight in Luray about 2-3 weeks ago.  It was nice,
but I thought the same thing as you did.  Where are all the quilts in this
old town?  I was amazed.  Didn't see any treadles, though I am looking for
one.  (The fw was too high for me right now.  I need one of those $50
garage sale finds.)  The local Salvation Army had a treadel for $100 this
week, but it was pretty sorry.  Cabinet needs refinishing, all crazed and
some undershelving needs repair.  The head has some rust, although it did
work.  I don't think I can pay $100 for a "project".  Got enough of those
already.  Some of the antique shops want $200 for the same kind of
"project" and some were even worse than this one.  

The way someone put it to me was "Every home had one.  They're not that
rare."  But one in really nice condition IS  rare and dealers are marking
them way up knowing they can sell them.  Bet if I found one that I didn't
have to do anything to it would be $250 or more.  I want one that really
works.  Don't plan on collecting 6 of them and reselling them.  I am
convinced that if I wait long enough, I will find one on my terms.  I can
live without it if I don't. 

Have a good evening, all.

Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 16:43:18 -0700
Subject: FW carrying case with strap inside

I have one of the nylon FW cases that 'mjom@ix.netcom.com' was looking for.
I finally got time this weekend to get it out and see who made it.  The
label says:

     A'Bout   800-441-9168   P.O. Box 2294, Mt. Pleasant, TX 75456

I'll describe it in detail, so you can see why I like it.  It's a very
sturdy case made of nylon packcloth.  It has foam padding on all sides,
dense foam about 1/2 inch thick.  There's a strong piece of masonite
inserted in a pocket on the bottom, to support the machine.  There are both
a shoulder strap and a pair of handles on the top.  The webbing for these
straps goes all the way around the bottom of the bag.  The zipper opens the
top and one side of the bag.  There's a nylon webbing strap attached to the
bottom on the inside of the bag, which goes up around the bed of the
machine and fastens with Velcro.  You can also leave the machine in its
regular case, and put the case inside the bag, if you like.

Date: Mon, 04 Aug 1997 21:19:53 -0400
Subject: I Just Bought A Featherweight!!

Hello all:

I had this most incredible feeling this past Saturday that
if I went to look at Pawn Shops that I would find a
featherweight.  I'd never actually seen one so I didn't even
know for sure what I was looking for.  Believe it or not,
the third store I went to had one behind the counter.  The
man said it was his wife's and they got divorced and she
said she didn't want it.  He had purchased it for her about
14 years ago and it sat in their closet for those years with
very little use.  It looked wonderful.  He was asking 225.00
including tax, but I managed to talk him down to 215.00.
Not a lot, but every bit helps.  At first I was afraid that
I had paid too much for this machine, but after looking on
the internet, I found that I probably made out like a
bandit.  What do you all think?  According to the rating
scale that I saw on line, I would rate the machine between a
8 and a 9.  It has a few minor scratches that you can only
see when the light is on the bed of the machine from use.
It sews wonderfully.  It had all the attachments that were
in the book plus the original book which looked barely
used.  The case was in great shape with the exception of one
clasp was broken.  Let me know if you think I got a good
deal or not.
I do love this little machine!

Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 21:41:51 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Split fingers!

Hi everybody,

I wish to thank everyone that gave me information on how to "fix" my split
I have been given information on using bag balm, super glue, using an emery
board to keep the calacus (sp?) down and using liquid bandges.  Such great
information.  My DH (dear husband) will appreciate it too.  His fingers crack
all winter long.  Worse than mine.

Thanks everybody.  Your a great group!

Subject: FW find of the day
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 21:57:39 -0500

Hi fellow feathers!

Well, I think I got the deal of the day today! Had to go to Wausau (the 
nearest town of over three thousand people :) ) and on a whim decided to 
stop in at the Salvation Army to see if there was any furniture worth 
refinishing. I ended up buying some magazine holders and the DH found a 
couple of good records to add to his cherished LP collection, but no good 
furniture. Oh well....we headed out the door, and  my DH held the door for 
a lady who was coming in.  And she was carrying THE LITTLE BLACK CASE!!!
Well, I dropped my magazine holders on poor Ken's toes, and headed back 
through the swinging doors after her. She was at the counter, filling out a 
donation slip, so I stood behind her, trying not to dance or hop up and 
down TOO much.
I think she might have made it back to the door before I wrote the check, 
I'm not sure. My hand was shaking pretty badly...
I think she might have gotten to the parking lot before I had my new baby 
under my arm.....oh, the price? Forty dollars!!!!

I've just finished cleaning it up--it's beautiful---probably the nicest FW 
I've ever seen. It's an AL--I think that's about a '54 or '55, but I don't 
have the numbers handy. It's been greased and oiled, and there are traces 
of wax in the cracks, so obviously it was well taken care of. What puzzles 
me is why anyone would give away such a gorgeous machine. Didn't they 
realize what they had here? I guess their loss is my gain, but I can't help 
wondering at my luck.

Also in the case were all of the regular attachments in the box, a slightly 
used lube tube and box, a manual, and a manual for the stocking darner. No 
stocking darner attachment, but at least I have a manual for when I finally 
find it! Anybody need a copy of the manual?

Subject: New Featherweight Book

Just got my copy of Nancy Johnson-Srebro's new Featherweight book -- I had
not purchased the old one as I only got my Featherweight last week.  Read
the new book from cover to cover today.  It's quite wonderful and well
worth the price --$15.20 from Pine Tree Quiltworks.  They got it to me in
two working days via U.S. Mail.
I got my new Featherweight to a mechanic today who said I needed to replace
the bobbin case (pricey), but said my machine is a beauty that probably was
used infrequently as there are no scratches or worn areas on it at all.
Now it just hums along beautifully.
Thanks for all the help regarding the buttonholer.
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 21:08:47 +0000
Subject: SM Museum tour

To all DFW FWF:

I've been working on getting a group together to go to the SM museum 
in Arlington.  I now have all the details ironed out.

I have talked with Frank Smith at the SM Museum and arranged for 
a tour on Saturday, August 16, at 1:00.  He's a very friendly man
with lots of wonderful knowledge.  He says he now has gottem his huge
SM out front to sew, and he has three one-of-a-kind machines.

Admission is $3 per person.  According to Frank, most collectors take
about 2 hours for the tour.  We are allowed to take pictures of a wall
or grouping of machines, but we are NOT allowed to take close ups. 
Frank wants to write a book, so he understandably wants to save close
ups for his book.

Directions to museum: (from Dallas) From I30, go south on the Cooper
exit (exit for UT Arlington).  Take a right at the red light on Abram.
 The museum is at 804 W Abram St. Two blocks down and on the left. 
You can't miss the HUGE SM out front.

If you want to join the tour but haven't contacted me, please do so 
soon.  Please also include your phone number.  I'm leaving Oregon for 
Texas on the 6th, and I will have a hand-held computer for receiving 
emails, but sending a long email back isn't easy.

Date: Tue, 05 Aug 1997 00:51:22 -0500
Subject: Amazon.com

I emailed Colleen Byrum (?) yesterday at Amazon and told her how
disappointed I was that a company I particularly like and used was offering
the Sincere Books for sale.  I received a very nice message back from her
this morning stating that the books would no longer be carried by them even
though it might take a couple of days to get them off their list.

Instead of flaming her we should thank her for doing it.  
Date: Mon, 04 Aug 1997 17:49:20 -0700
Subject: "Sincere" Sewing books

Hi all,
I haven't posted in quite a while, but I'm still alive and well and
reading the mail every day. I am also one of the folks who got "burned"
on the order for the reprints of the "Sincere" sewing books. After
reading that these same books were now listed for sale on Amazon.com, I
was extremely irritated and fire off a missive to Amazon to inform them
of the sordid history of this book reprinting. I was pleased to receive
the following e-mail today:

orders@amazon.com wrote:
> Thank you for writing us about this.  We have removed the following
> titles from our catalog:
> Sincere's History of the Sewing Machine ISBN: 0926871692
> Sincere's Sewing Machine Service Book ISBN: 0926871730
> Sincere's ZigZag Sewing Machine Service Book ISBN: 092687196X
> If you check our web site over the next several days, you may still
> see these books listed.  However, please rest assured, we have
> initiated the process for their removal from our database.
> Best regards,
> Customer Service
> Amazon.com
> http://www.amazon.com
> 2.5 million titles, consistently low prices!

Needless to say, I am thrilled, and quite convinced that my e-mail to
them was one of many. 

Thanks for your attention,

Date: Tue, 05 Aug 1997 05:33:14 -0500
Subject: Amazon Books

Found Amazon Books at the address given a few days ago and wrote to ask Colleen how she planned to extricate the books from Bobbie, as I would like to follow her lead and get mine, too.  Colleen answered promptly that the books were being dropped from her listing.  As with any web page, give the change a couple days to show up, but they will NOT be offering the books for sale.

Date: Mon, 04 Aug 1997 19:30:24 -0400
Subject: found in garage sale

got my second treadle machine.  this one turned out to be a model #27, 
birthdate of 6/20/03.  has egyptian decals, very ornate case with two
drop-down drawers on each side.  i am restoring cabinet now....machine
next.  need manuel. .....the treadle rod connecting wheel to treadle is
wood, which is a first for me.  like to know where to get manuel and
approximate value if i should want to sell it.  located in eastern va.
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 22:05:30 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Stems & Stencils

Hi All!

To Jane: The fact that your buttonholer is stamped "straight" means it
will work on your FW.  It's "twin" for the slant-needle machines is
stamped "slant".  Unfortunately, I can never remember which serial number
(490500 or 489510) is which.

We went to the Dublin (Ohio) Irish Festival over the weekend and had a
great time listening to great ethic music.  One of the exhibitors in the
Cultural Area was a quilter named Mary Butler Shannon, who hails
originally from County Tipperary.  She is, naturally enough, into Celtic
Quilting in a BIG way.  She has a selection of geometric and
Celtic-Knot-type borders that I have never seen before.  I assume these
are her own designs since "(c)SHANNON" is cut into each stencil (guess
where I spent my money that day...)  I don't know whether or not she has a
catalog, but her business is (posted with her permission): Butler's Bee
Quilting Designs, 41 Pleasant Avenue, Bergenfield NJ  07621
(201-385-7624).  I believe this is her shop address, and based on what she
has on exhibit if you're in the area and can stop by, you won't regret it.
 If any of you stop buy, tell her the woman she talked to in Dublin, Ohio,
sent you there via the internet.  I'd like her to know I kept my word.

Graham, I second the motion about the cigarettes.

Happy stitching!

Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 21:17:33 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Adopted my first FW

Hello everyone--

Last week I tripped over a little FW in an antique store here on LI, NY
(where antique prices are high) and got it for $50.  It is from the mid-50s
as far as I've been able to tell so far.  It needs a new controller and a lot
of TLC, but I look forward to putting her back into active service.  I was
hoping that you all could help me to proceed with the restoration process.

There is a moderate amount of rust on some of the exposed metal:  feed dogs,
bobbin case, needle shaft, etc.  Is very fine steel wool ok for rust removal?

The flip-down table seems to have a clear finish on top of the black lacquer
that is crackling off. If I remove the clear finish, the gold design on the
table will come off with it, but I can't sew with all this loose glaze
everywhere.  Any suggestions?  There is no glaze on the bed of the machine
itself, just on the flipdown.  Can I get replacement decals?

The most serious problem is a firmly stuck bobbin case.  The bobbin turns,
but I can't pull it out.  The little flip out lever not pull to full
perpendicular position.  I have removed wads of jammed thread with the
tweezers but it is still stuck tightly.

Is there a solid state controller that will fit the FW, if so where can I
purchase it?  My husband, an electrical engineer, is not terribly
enthusiastic about the variable resistance approach to motor control that the
original equipment uses.  Also, the controller that came with the machine is
not working. (I swapped it for a trial with another FW at the antique store
to determine that the motor is working).

Thanks in advance for any enlightenment you can offer.  I really love this
little machine and can't wait to sew with her.  She reminds me of granny's
old black singer that I learned to sew on thirty five years ago.

Date: Mon, 04 Aug 1997 18:25:27 -0500
Subject: Free manual & Amazon reply

Grace, you mentioned Singer sending you a free manual for your
99K.  Is it a photocopy or the real thing?  I have a 99K with
no manual and am wondering if I should call for one.  Also, any
insight into why it might be free instead of $5?  And does this
offer hold for other models as well?

I emailed Amazon books about my dismay at the offering of the
Sincere sewing books.  They replied that even though the books
may still appear on their website for awhile, they have actually
been removed from their catalog and distribution list.  

Date: Mon, 04 Aug 1997 23:19:13 -0700
Subject: W&W Treadle anyone interested?

I was in a local antique store today trying to sell our electric 1940
Mod. 66 (hint).  When I came accross a wheeler and wilson or was it
wilson and wheeler(?) treadle for sale.  The store owner is asking
$250.  It appears to be in decent shape and she says it sews, I didn't
actualy try it.  It had some attatchments, binder, ruffler and a few
others and an oil can that resembles the old mechanics oil cans.  I have
the serial number here somehwere hold on and I'll find it.  OK I'm
back.  The serial number is 3046776 and near the serial number it was
marked D-9 (model number?).  As much as I would love to have this
machine right now I can't afford it.  If anyone near Merced, Fresno area
of California, or if any of you are heading to Yosemite National Park
and are interested in this machine let me know via email and I'll give
ya directions to the shop.  I do not know the shop owner personally so I
do not know if she'll dicker or not.  If any of you can give em more
information as in date of man. it would be appreciated.  It was in a
beautiful cabnet, lots of scrollwork like the four drawer  singer that
our mod 15 is in but WW case is fancier.  If any of you are heading to
Yosemite National Park and aren't interested in the machine email me and
I can clue you in to some of the better sites to see.  I grew up near
the park and was a horseback Guide there for 6 years. 
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 97 14:05:36 UT
Subject: 401

Hello all...seems I purchased a 401 card  table at flea market the other day..
can anyone tell me if there is a difference between a 401 and a 401a?Now I 
have a card table and no machine..what to do??
Subject: Sincere books
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 16:49:44 -0800

The Sincere books have been removed from the Amazon.com list of books to order.
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 97 14:09:43 UT
Subject: card tables

Can anyone tell me how many different card tables where made by Singer and 
what machines they where for...
and also does anyone have Chris's web site address ( the one who sells the 
1/4" foot)
Subject: Sincere Books
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 1997 09:58:57 -0400

I got some e-mail from Amazon books today that said they are removing =
the listings of Bobbie Kopf's Sincere books.  They said that we may =
still see the listings for a few days, but the process of removing the =
books from their database has been initiated.

Date: Tue, 5 Aug 1997 09:59:56 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Sincere Books

I wrote to Amazon taking issue with their offering for sale "stolen
property". I have their response today, "Thank you for writing about this. We
have moved the following books from our catalog (the three books are listed).
 If you check our web site over the next several days, you may still see
these books listed,. However, please rest assured we have initiated the
process for their removal from our database."  I guess we have to stay tuned.
Subject: Thought for the Day
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 1997 09:10:12 -0500

Hi All,

  Just thought I would pass this on.

  Whenever you have the opportunity to purchase a machine for your

  If you buy it, you will immediately be presented with a much better
example at a much lower price.

  If you pass, you will never find another in as good condition at anywhere
near the price.

Date: Tue, 5 Aug 1997 10:30:03 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: A white one?!


Last week-end at an Estate Sale, I purchased a white FeatherWeight in mint
conditon.  Complete with a intruction manual and attachments.  It runs like a
champ, the only thing missing is the emblem on the front. I know from the
manual that the copy right is 1964, how ever, I can not find any other
information regarding this little white treasure. I was wondering if you know
where I can find out more?!

Thank you for your time.

AOL- LorisKay
Subject: Singer ads
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 1997 10:09:40 -0400

I was recently making copies of some ads from early Needlecraft
Magzines (which were kindly lent to me by Beth Brandkamp) and found
the various Singer ads interesting (as I always DO!). For example, in
the ad for Oct.1926, I learned that the book Shortcuts to Home Sewing
was offered FREE just for asking! The Dec.1927 ad spoke of the "new
Singer Electric"( which still however had to be plugged into a light
socket!) and advertised the new sewing book How to Make Dresses for
only $.25! Feb.1928's ad featured the portable model 99 as being able
to be carried in one hand and set up whereever you wish, but also
advertises treadle machines for the non-electrified home which could
later be equipped with a Singerlight and Singer Motor when your home
was wired! The Dec.1929 ad gave you a choice of free booklets
(regular price $.25): How to Make Draperies, How to Make Dresses, and
How to Make Children's Clothes - along with a plug for trading in
your "old-fashioned" sewing machine for an allowance on a Singer
Electric. By Apr.1930 they were offering free home sewing courses
with a complete set of the Singer Sewing Library being given with the
purchase of a machine. And two ads from 1932 featured the Singercraft
guide and included articles on how to use them for various projects.
Just thought others might also find this info interesting - I think
they provide a fascinating picture of the changes over the years! 
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 97 10:44:24 EST
Subject: Keepsake Q'g
     To:  AC, who requested Keepsake Quilting info:
     Physical location:
        On the northwestern tip of Lake Winnipesaukee;
        Route 25B, Centre Harbor, NH
        At Senter's Marketplace (left at first traffic lights
                in town from west)
     Mailing address:
        POBox 1618
        Centre Harbor, NH 03226-1618
     Phone:  1-800-865-9458
     Fax:    1=603-253-8346
     You'll love it.  Allow LOTS of shopping time.
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 1997 10:01:57 -0700
Subject: Re: FW For Sale - Week Ending 8/2/97

  Is the Item - 489500-Buttonholer in green Jetson case the one with
small feet on the case, case being plastic? Just curious, as I have one,
with no use for it, and wondered if the term Jetson was what I should
call it! If you have more buyers for this than you need, please send
them my way - I would love for someone who can use this to have it,
rather than letting it collect dust in my sewing room!
Subject: Amazon/Sincere

Searched for Sincere books on Amazon and they're not there -- Peter said
Amazon removed them after he published information on the web.  So if you
e-mail colleen, don't flame -- thank Amazon for responding (even if belatedly).

Subject: Misc.
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 1997 10:10:28 -0700

Hi, all;

Well, first off, I am always one to hedge my bets, and attempted to
follow up through Amazon to "re-order" the Sincere books... just in
case.  Received an ackowledgement two days ago, then today received
We have attempted to contact the respective publishers by phone, and
sorry to report that the following titles are in fact NOT AVAILABLE
at this time:

   William Ewers, Hal Baylor "Sincere's History of the 
	Sewing Machine"

   William Ewers "Sincere's Sewing Machine Service Book"

These unavailable items have been deleted from your order.
Your credit card will NOT BE CHARGED for these items.

We expend significant effort keeping abreast of prices and
availabilities, but our reliance on publishers for information
about the books they print guarantees that, occasionally, our
database will not reflect all changes.

Your order has been cancelled.

Thanks for shopping at Amazon.com Books, and we hope to see you


Customer Service Department
Amazon.com Books


So, so much for that....

Got a call from a friend who had spotted a Model 24 hand crank, very
old, in varnished wooden base at an antique store in a small town out
in the country.  Went out yesterday on a beautiful day to look at it.
 Made a lovely outing for Mrs. Captain and I... including a great
English tea in a little Tea House.  However, the Model 24 turned out
to be an Automatic from about 1910.  It was complete, but somewhat
rough, and I felt overpriced at $400, so it is still there.  I have a
really beautiful Model 24-80 electric, so I didn't feel inclined to
add the Automatic to the collection.

Someone who had a house name National has bben in touch with me and I
copies my generic National manual for them.  Mine is getting to the
point I don't want to copy it or handle it much any more, so I made
ten while I was at it.  If you have one of these generic nationals
and want a manual that will PROBABLY cover everything you need to
know to use it, I will send a copy for $5 postiage included.  There
were a lot of variations, especially in stitch length control, but
mostly the data is usable on the models I have seen.  Includes a
great parts price list.

 Sorry for long post but thought many would be interested in the
latest installment in our continuing soap opera

Captain Dick
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 1997 10:14:44 -0700
Subject: I found one!!

Hi there-

I still can't quite believe it, but I found my FW!  My DH and I went to 
the San Juan Bautista Antique Show, along with our 2 small children.
Wow, there were antiques (and people) galore.  We set out on our mission:
browse at nothing...look for FW.  After a half hour, the kids started in.
"I'm hungry", "I'm hot", "Can I have that?".  We decided to incorporate 
the "Evelyn-Woods-Speed-Reading-Dynamics" method for finding the elusive 
FW.  Within 10 minutes we found one.  Pretty well used, no bobbin, no 
case, $325....so my DH asks, "do you have the case?"  It's behind the 
table on the ground.  In mint condition are:  the case, the box of 
attachments (all 6), 2 keys (they work!), motor lubricant in box, and the 
manual.  The wife had the bobbin and case...perfect.  We plugged it in 
and it was music to my ears.  The price was firm, as the husband had an 
original price of $350 on it and the wife replaced it with $325.  OOOPS!
I took my new baby home, and spent 2 hours cleaning and oiling.  Fiddled 
with the tensions, loosened up the belt....voila!  Beautiful even 
stitches; just what I was looking for.  I called Singer yesterday, and 
her birthday is June 1, 1950.  I asked about the emblem that says 
"1851*1951" and was told it's a Centennial - Bonus!!  And the best part?
My DH says, "you know, just because you found one doesn't mean you should 
stop looking.  You might be able to find one that's even nicer."  What 
more could a girl ask for?  (another FW, perhaps???)  I just need to lube 
the motor, and she should really purrr.  I love her and am just thrilled.
Happy hunting, from Kris 
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 1997 15:36:18 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Vacation Find

Just returned from our annual trek to visit DH's family in Minnesota.  Toured
the antique shops and consignment shops. Found a wonderful Davis treadle in a
sold oak, carved (not pressed) wood cabinet.  Very hard to leave that one
behind but DH wasn't willing to leave any of the luggage in Minnesota so we
could haul the machine  back to Maryland!  :-)

I did return with a machine I found in a consignment shop.  A beautiful 66.
 I already have one but this is an electrified treadle head.  It's the model
with the beautiful Egyptian motifs in red, yellow, and green on it.  Just
about all of the design is intact and the only wear is on the bed but that's
not too bad!  Whoever electrified it put an ugly tan New Home motor on it but
it does have a shiny Simanco light on it.  Don't know why they didn't put a
Singer motor on as well.  Called Singer for a date and it's 6/2/09!  My 11
year old son was really impressed by it's age.  He's well on his way to
Fanatic status! 

BTW:  I also had to run up to my Singer repairman's shop today - needed
vacuum bags.  He has a FW for sale.  He was going to call me as he knows I
belong to several quilt groups.  If anyone is interested he's asking $450 for
it.  Most of gold is there.  It's the diamondy type gold trim.  Blue ring
around Singer logo (Centennial?).  A couple of scratches on the bed.  Comes
with manuel, case, attachments.  It's birthdate is 2/27/56.

     If interested his name is Doug.  He's in Crofton, Md.  Phone # is (301)

Better get off this computer.  I heard thunder a few minutes ago!  TTYL

Subject: RE: FW Fanatics 8/2/97
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 97 12:52:00 PDT

Re Latches:
Contact Glenn Williams gwillie37@aol.com   He has all sorts of goodies for 
your FW at very reasonable prices. (No affiliation, just a very satisfied 

Date: Tue, 05 Aug 1997 18:30:36 -0600
Subject: Centennial 128

I saw a Centennial 128 today with serial # JC (made in Canada).  I didn't
know that the long-bobbin machines were made into the 1950's.  This machine
had the initials "M.R." both below the Centennial plate and below "Singer"
on the arm.

Date: Tue, 05 Aug 1997 22:12:39 -0500
Subject: WANTED: Darning Hoop for 222K

Would like to acquire the special darning & embroidery hoop (# 171074)
that is used with the darning foot for the 222K freearm FW.  It is the
one shown on pages 92 and 93 of the 222K manual.  If anyone has a hoop
like this they would like to sell, please e-mail us .  Now have two freearms - love 'em.

Frank & Betty
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 1997 23:36:54 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Had to tell this one....

Yes there is a table fairy.  I have been wanting one to fix up and use.  Well
I got a referral about a cabinet model that was ho hum.  I remarked that I
was really looking for those cute little ones in a black box with the folding
table.  Oh really says she, I gave mine to a relative.  I ask if she could
get it back.  Oh sure, she only needed it until she could get a good machine.
 I called tonight and she told me that her other relative thought it would be
too much for me to drive about 60 miles for the other when she had hers her
and would love to sell it.  Well no moss on this old rock,  I got there and
the table and FW were 1936, the cabinet was a 28 in 1935 AND she threw in the
other FW table that was not in good condition.  I now have the brown metal
and black wood FW tables.  

HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY  Husband even got caught up in my dance.

BTW I am still getting her to contact the one 60 miles away.  Since she acted
like she took me to the cleaners she is wanting to find her other one that is
somewhere in her house!!!!   HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY 

Blessed Be
Subject: RE: FW Fanatics 8/4/97
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 1997 23:55:13 -0600

Date: Mon, 04 Aug 1997 09:55:36 -
Subject: handcranks

Good morning all.  I called singer and New home this morning and have the
dates for my 'new' handcranks.  The singer is a 99K make in 1922 in
Scotland, and the NewHome was made in 1917. Approximately they tell me.
I can get a copy of a manual for the Singer but not the New Home.
My problem here is that the NewHome is a shuttle type bobbin(excuse my
ignorance here,I have never seen one before) and do not know how to operate
it or work on it.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Or does anyone have a
manual that could be copied, I will glady pay for copying and postage.


I may be able to help here!  I have a New Home treadle of just about the 
same vintage.  It is also a shuttle.  Email me and I'd be happy to see 
about sending you a copy of the manual I have.  I'm sure you could get many 
ideas from it!  Frankly, I prefer the shuttle bobbin to a round bobbin.  It 
seems to hold more and doesn't seem to run out as fast.  However, New Homes 
use a different bobbin length than older Singers.  (At least mine does!)  I 
have had difficulty finding them.  The best I've found are 1/8" short.  The 
1/8" makes a BIG difference in whether the bobbin is wound correctly!

Date: Tue, 05 Aug 1997 22:14:38 EST5EDT4,M4.1.0,M10.5.0
Subject: RE: FW For Sale - Week Ending 8/2/97

Please someone explain the difference between 301 and 301a (and between
201 and 201a and the same for 401 and 401a if applicable. ) We all need to
remember that NOT ONLY new people to the list are baffled by some of the
terminology!!! thanks. SusanK
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 1997 22:16:32 -0500
Subject: cleaning question

hmmmm.  I know this question has been answered somewhere on this group, but
please forgive me for asking it again.  My eyes are a bit blurry trying to
find the information.

66-1 treadle.  How do I clean the working parts like the bobbin case,
tension disks, bobbin winder etc?  Don't want to ruin it .  It is working
now, but absolutely filthy.  Gunk gets all over threads.  Ick.

Where can you find the 'shorter' bobbins to go in this machine?  I bough a
few at the dealer here, and they don't fit.  Too tall.  Fortunately I have
one that was stuck in one of the drawers!

One last ?....the cabinet has drawers on each side and something that used
to be in between them.  Wonder if it was a tilt out drawer?  The wooden
bracket (?) are there but not the 'thing itself'.  Is it possible to find a

oh, at same store where I found my handcranks, they had several treadles,
or so I thought until i looked underneath....pretty cabinets on cast iron
legs...no machines, how sad.

Thanks for any information ya'll can give me,
Subject: Wax!?!!?

>have the numbers handy. It's been greased and oiled, and there are traces 
>of wax in the cracks, so obviously it was well taken care of. What puzzles 

Hi Feathers,

I don't mean to sound really stupid here, but why does wax in the cracks 
say that a machine was well taken care of????

TIA for answering my question 
Talk soon


Anybody who tells you that getting thin takes "about a week" is lying. -- 
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 1997 23:01:22 EST5EDT4,M4.1.0,M10.5.0
Subject: RE: FW Fanatics 8/4/97

Another product good for split skin is "New-Skin" Liquid Bandage. It wa
recommended by my pharmacist. The stuff smells like acetone, but it does
form a crust and seems to do the job. It is INTENDED for use on human skin
so presumably is less toxic than the cements and glues. Sometimes I just
have to resort to putting a bandage strip on the finger which is split to
hold the split sides together. Seems like no matter how much cream you
apply, our heated homes and our use of drying agents like soap leave our
skin prone to splitting!! (What a conversation topic for the hot and humid
days of summer!!)...

Please the person who advertized the PICTURE book for identifying Singer
sewing machines....is it available yet? thanks. SusanK
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 1997 21:53:53 -0500
Subject: New FW owner

I just purchased my FW a month ago- I haven't called for it's birthday
yet.  This week I have been working on a quilt for my daughter using the
FW...it is so much fun!!!  I do have a question...how often do you oil
it, and what kind of lubricant do you use???  Is regular Singer sewing
machine oil ok???  

Sometimes I almost worry about using it- it's like I want to save it. 
Other times I feel almost honored to use it- I keep thinking of all of
the other projects that it has worked on...(guess I'm a sentimental
fool, right???)  Wouldn't it be nice if our FWs could talk and tell us
their history????

Thanks for reading...    Mary
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 1997 21:29:10 -0400
Subject: Amazon

I'm sure many of you had the same message that I received on Monday from
Amazon.  The Sincere books have been removed from their list.  Evidently
they heard from a lot of FWFs!

Date: Wed, 06 Aug 1997 11:12:15 +1000
Subject: Quilters sore fingers 

Speaking from experience  one of the best  remedies for quilters fingers is
Neutogena Norwegan formula hand cream  this is not avaliable in Australia
and I have to get it sent to me from the States but I find it by far the
best and easiest remedy 
Date: Sat, 02 Aug 1997 08:53:13 -0400
Subject: Need Help and Information

This message has been cross posted to ISMACS and Featherweight Fanatics.

Between my mother and I, we have a 201 AL, 221 AJ, 185K EP, 328K ES,
401A NC, and two 66 G.

I need help cleaning these machines. On the insides, I use WD-40
 to clear away the gunk and then oil liberally with SM oil.  Most of the
outsides have cleaned up nicely using dish detergent and WD-40, but
there are several spots that are still grimy.  I have let the WD-40 soak
on these spots will little effect.  Any recommendations out there on how
to deal with this without scrubbing the enamel and emblems off the

I also need help finding general information out about these machines. 
Liz Richardson is sending me a copy of the book for the 66s. (Thank you
Thank you Thank you) I need various parts for these machines, but I am
going to check out the local SM man first.  My mom wants some more cams
for her 401a and I would like to find some for my 328k that I just
picked up.

If anyone has any information they feel like sharing please e-mail me. 
Thank you one and all. Keep posting because I love to keep learning.
Date:	Wed, 6 Aug 1997 11:02:58 EDT
Subject: I'm moving!

Well, it's official! I'm moving from Princeton NJ to Fremont CA at 
the end of August. My last day in the office, and thus computer 
access, will be Aug. 15th so I will be off line from then until I can 
get settled out there and reconnected to FWF. I know I'm going to 
have withdrawal symptoms! Just to show you what a FWF I can be, I am 
leaving furniture behind just to make room for three treadles, half a 
dozen "portables" and twenty toy sewing machines! Those movers are 
going to work for their money! I won't unsubscribe until 5:00pm on 
Aug. 15th because I don't want to miss a word of this list. I hope to 
meet up with those FWF in the Bay area and am looking forward to 
being a "regular" at The Quilting Bee in Mountain View, CA. (Did you 
know that they have a large collection of toy sewing machines on 
Wish me luck driving cross-country with a large dog taking up the 
back seat and, oh, yes, my Featherweights in the trunk!
Mary Anne
Subject: RE: FW Fanatics 8/4/97
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 11:44:25 -0400

Selma ...

Your table is a Singer combination table No 301 for Singer 99-13's and
128-13.  There is a picture of it on the ISMACS homepage under Singer
cabinets #301.  I also have one but I paid $57.00 for just the table.
Yes, it is a great table.  My 128 fits into it.  I don't have a foot
pedal but have a knee bar that is inserted into a small hole at the
right lower edge of the machine base.  I bet your pleased with that
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 11:50:32 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Book Wanted

I'm looking for a book and wondered if anyone has one for sale.  It called
"Singer Sewing Skills Reference Book".  It's 8 1/2" x 11", soft covered
(apricot-melon color), published in 1955, about 1/4" thick, contains 56 pages
and price on cover is printed 95 cents.  Please email me if you have one
you're willing to sell.  Thanks.

Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 11:54:07 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: FW Coverplate

What is the purpose of a FW coverplate?  I'm assuming it covers the feed
dogs, however, what is the purpose of doing this since I thought the FW
didn't have enough "power" to free motion quilt?  Is there any other reason
you'd want to cover the feed dogs other than for darning?  Just curious.
Date: Wed, 06 Aug 1997 20:00:40 -0400
Subject: I bought my first FW.

Hi all 
This is my first posting since I joined this list.I am finally the proud 
owner of my first FW.It is a Singer No.27-4.It is in a beautiful ornate 
cabinate has all of the orignal attachments and the beautiful wooden box 
 they came in.It was patented in 1882.I even have the origanl 
instruction manuel and a brief history of it very first owner. I am 
really proud of it.You could say I am walking on sunshine,I am going to 
polish it up and see if I can quilt with it .It works perfectly,but I 
sure don't want anything to happen to my beauty.I waited along time to 
get it.I feel like a new mom!
Subject: 600 touch and sew / speed control
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 16:13:48 -0700

Sue & Gary 

The 500, 600 touch and sew machines are a love hate sort of thing. They
seem to sew great, sound good and generally are "a good thing"... unless:
If they give you trouble it will be gears or the bobin/bobin winder. When
this happens save money and throw it away! 

I have a "SOFT METAL THEORY". I believe that if something goes wrong the
machine changes the shape of the parts so things never go back exactly
right!  The old machines didn't do this. Most all singers after the 500
have this problem but many models share design features with the older
machines and may sew as well.

ON SPEED CONTROLS FOR CHILDREN.  One option for boat or non electricity
operation is to use a stearing wheel spinner (try a tractor supply) on a
spoked hand wheel. The wheel might come from a junk machine.  This does not
offer the gear reduction that the real hand crand adapter has. (I think the
hand crank on many brands of machines had a common source and are the same

A fixed resistor properly mounted and vented can be combined with an on off
type foot switch to give a single speed operation. The value of the
resistor determines the speed. Varriable voltage transformers used to be
common to provide a wide range of voltages. Solid state speed controls that
use a knob to control motor speed are available in woodworking stores and
might be combined with an on off foot switch to give a fixed slow speed for
a handicapped or youthful operator. I prefer my 401 to the featherweight
because mine runs the slowest of any machine I have. My White Feather is my
fastest non commercial machine.
Date: Wed, 06 Aug 1997 19:25:29 -0500
Subject: I goofed

Hello all,

I have a confession and a question.  Last nite I posted a question
regarding the cleaning of the bobbin parts and tension disks on my 66 treadle.

This treadle was one I aquired about a year ago, and was thrilled to have
it, and still like it, as it sews nicely.  Now that I have seen more of
them in better condition, I did not feel so timid about poking around it.
It is so nasty and dirty.  There is a brown film all over the thing.
Didn't really take note of it before, and haven't worked on it on months.
Just put the needed parts on etc.  Ok, so here's the thing.  When I tried
it out, there is a gunky brown the gets on the thread, and fabric.  After a
bit of investigating, I now suspect it to be very old nicotine.  that funny
color, you know?  I was so disgusted, that I took cinch ( a commercial
cleaner )to it. Haven't gotten to the internal works yet.  Seemed to take
the brown gunk off, but know I made a mistake.  Before I go any further,
does anyone have any suggestions?  The machine and cabinet are way down on
the ratings scale, but I like haveing it, and does sew well.  My handcrank,
on the other hand, is beautiful, and I won't touch it!

Is there a site on the net that describes how to clean, and I mean CLEAN
these machines without damaging the finish?

Date: Wed, 6 Aug 97 12:11:19 EDT

I am just beginning to learn about the problem with the Sincere books. 
I also sent a check to Bobbie last summer for a set of the books.  I 
had been assuming it was just one of those cases where publication took 
longer than expected.  I am leaving town for vacation tomorrow so I will 
not have time to write to the Arizona Attorney General's Office before I 
leave but will when I get back.  Is someone keeping a list of people who 
sent checks but did not receive books?  
Date: Wed, 06 Aug 1997 20:55:48 -0700
Subject: Some Questions...

Hi there,

I have been learning a lot about my FW, and so I have a few questions 
that I'm hoping all you pro's can help me with!  I called the Singer 
Service Center to ask for their recommendation on what brand/type of 
motor lubricant I should use.  She barely let me complete my sentence 
before telling me NOT to put anything in the motor case.  She suggested 
waiting until the motor begins to start slowing down, and then bringing 
it in to them to have the motor taken apart and cleaned, etc.  Does this 
sound like the best thing to do?  I had been so worried about not using 
it until I lubed it.  Now I'm totally confused.  She also said there are 
no replacement motors, yet a friend of mine told me that many sewing 
machine stores have verbally given her a 1 yr. warranty on any FW motor.
I hope somebody can straighten me out with this motor business.  Also, I 
called the person I bought the FW from (to express my happiness) and he 
mentioned he has a FW table for sale.  $125-150 or something like that.
Having only seen a picture of it in the manual, I'm wondering if they are 
good to have.  They look king of "leggy" to me. Are they nice?  Also, 
here's a silly question, but I gotta ask it, is it ok to leave the 
machine plugged in?  The manual says to always unplug the machine, but if 
you could see where my plug is, well, you'd understand my desire to 
always have it plugged in.  That's all for now, thanks in advance,  
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 97 05:38:19 UT
Subject: RE: FW Fanatics 8/5/97

I found a sears kenmore model 1303 manual in my garage this evening.  Anyone 
Subject: Snoopy Dance
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 11:17:05 -0700


Can't say this is a find... more an "it came!"   I've been waiting
for a very special machine from Mike Hulet at Woodstock Sewing Centre
in Toronto, and it came yesterday.  It's a special badge 15-88 from
the Canadian National Exposition of 1939.  (Will get pictures up
soon)  It had work to be done before it could be shipped and I told
Mike to give it low priority due to the problems he was having
getting the new showroom and truck under control, so it took a little
while (which I assured Mike was NOT a problem).  Anyway, it's here
and I love it.  It's gorgeous and runs beautifully.  Mike included a
perfect condition book and set of attachments, as well as a very old
all chrome Singer buttonholer... a big, massive all metal one unlike
any I've seen before.

Now I can get out the 1930's fabric and get going on the challenge

Just for the record, everyone, Mike is what we call "good folks" down
home.  I've had a couple of people ask me about doing business with
him, and I recommend him highly.

Captain Dick
Date: Thu, 07 Aug 1997 08:04:27 -0400
Subject: 401 Manual

Hello to all.  Can anyone help me out again. I am in need of a manual for a
401, a copy is fine.  Please let me know.  I am also interested in two sets
of attachments for the 401.  Thanks in advance.

        My regards,   Larry
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 1997 08:15:16 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Singer Cabinet #65 

>In the meantime, however, can someone tell me what kind of wood is in
>the Singer Cabinet #65?  The one I just got has been antiqued, blue wash
>white (kinda looks like faded jeans) inside and out.  

We have a #65 cabinet (which needs some restoration) and it is a mahogany

Date: Thu, 7 Aug 1997 08:34:51 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: WANTED: Darning Hoop for 222K

Hi all,

  I, too, am looking for a darking hoop for the 222K, so if anyone has one to
sell, please e-mail me!


Date: Thu, 07 Aug 1997 09:57:09 -0700
Subject: Singer 201

Hello, Feathers!

With the help of Capt Dick's sm guide I found and bought a 201.  I'd
never even come across one before, though I've been collecting for

She's a Centennial, condition 7 (minor enamel chips and gold wear).She
doesn't purr--she hums!  Love it--have never heard such a quiet
machine.  She didn't come with a straight stitch foot or the screw that
secures it but her sisters (128, 15's and 66) are always happy to

She was in a cabinet with a bar near the floor for a foot control and
came with a little bench seat for storage.  These were both in pitiful
shape--veneer a mess!  

Her tension is a bit off and I feel I may not have threaded her
correctly or missed something with the bobbin.  Does anyone have a
photocopy of a manual for sale??

Date: Thu, 7 Aug 1997 11:15:07 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 8/3/97

Hello!  This is my first time to come out.   I've just been enjoying reading
all your info and noticing the helping friendship you have for each other.  
I've become a FW owner for the first time just in the last month.  While
being out in the country of Tenn & Ky I decided to take a look for a FW.
 Being new at this I think that I have had incredible luck.  I have 2
daughters and wanted one for them also.  First I went into a Singer shop &
they had 1. The people there said it was being held for someone.
 Disappointed (but leaving my number ) I pulled out of the parking lot.
 Across the street was a pawn shop, I thought, why not.  There sitting on a
neglected table sat my first little black box. I got her for $175.00.  Then I
was hot!  Onward to the next little town.  Checking out a bunch of antique
shops I found one.  I sat on the floor of the store and started checking her
out. Played with this one for a while and she became #2.  She is in better
cosmetic condition, with the original black case,manual, little green Singer
box with included toys.  In walks another lady with her husband and says, "Oh
look, there's a machine like mothers".  And she is on vacation but would like
to sell her moms machine, I'm to call her if I am interested when she returns
home.  Eventually I get the machine from the Singer shop because the lady
never comes for it.  It is a gorgeous machine an older one, 1938.  She runs
so beautifully and smooth (do you get the feeling that I am addicted!).  :>)
On my ride back home I get to my mother in laws and we take them all out and
start playing.  Everyone is smiling with all three purring away.  I left one
for my mother in law, she is an incredible quilter and just loved the
Yep, when I got home I called the lady I met in the antique store and number
4 is on its way.  It's suppose to be in great shape loved by its one owner
who has oiled her up 15 years ago & set it in its little box and then retired
herself.  Surprised that this sentimental piece could be given up by the
daughter, her mom even made her  wedding dress on it.  The daughter won a 4H
prize with it.  I will love it that much more for knowing part of its history
and knowing how much happiness it gave to this family.
Whew, sorry for taking up so much room.  Thanks!  Patty
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 8/5/97
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 97 12:01:42 -0400

>Grace, you mentioned Singer sending you a free manual for your
>99K.  Is it a photocopy or the real thing?  I have a 99K with
>no manual and am wondering if I should call for one.  Also, any
>insight into why it might be free instead of $5?  And does this
>offer hold for other models as well?

I'm not sure why it is free .. I ran across it on someone's website about 
a week ago and called and asked about - but mind you, I did see a website 
the next night saying it is $5 for a manual .. I am not sure if it is a 
copy or the real thing - I guess that I will find out .. I have been told 
that they are copies that aren't very legibile >not by the company>.  She 
did mention that they do have books for the 99 still and that is why they 
are free   it didn't make much sense then and I was bouncing off 
the walls still about my find  

You can call and ask them about it being for other models - I never 
thought to ask even though I don't have a manual for my FW yet - waiting 
for the new one and I have a manual for my 'newer' Singer already ... 

I'll post a message when I get the manual and what type of shape it is in 
.. I am expecting a copy though - I'm just hoping it's legible ... It'll 
be coming to my new house and mail takes a bit longer to get to Canada 
from the states .. maybe a week in total ... 

My computer is being packed up on Friday afternoon and won't be back up 
and running until maybe wednesday of next week ... 

I *HATE* moving - but this house is bigger and I get my sewing/computer 
room!!!  YIPPEE!!!!

Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 19:16:51 -0400
Subject: Vacation finds

Hello all:

I just got back from a fun camping vacation in Cooks Forest, PA.  When we
weren't communing with nature we checked out several garage sales, flea
markets, and an auction.  Had a great time and found some treasures.   

I saw a nice featherweight and while I drooled over it, I dragged myself
away, just a little depressed.  I  can't pay  $350 for one, right now. 
Plus, I haven't  tired of the quest of finding a real bargain yet.  

Later that  day we stopped at a large, dusty  garage crammed full of old
stuff.  I took a quick look around, then went outside, still thinking
about the featherweight.  Then my brother-in-law called me back  to look
at a little black sewing machine he'd spotted.  No, not a featherweight
but a 99-31 (AM045168), which I got for $5.00.  I was so thrilled.  The
seller said that there was a green Singer box around  with some
attachments in  it that I could have if I found it ...which I did!   Not
sure if they'll work on the 99-31 or not.   He said  one time he sold a
sewing machine to a guy on a motorcycle, who took it home on the bike to
his girlfriend in New York.  (It was probably a FW!)  Anyhow, I love the
99-31 but it's a heavy little thing.  It is missing the slide plate
...does anyone have an extra one?  I also need to replace the light bulb.

I saw several other SMs and also purchased a  Free-Westinghouse (AL
3489091) which I know nothing about.   Does anyone have a manual for
and/or know anything about this one?  

And I bought a bunch of fabric from a woman who was trying to clean out
her sewing room...so I had to help her out.  I bought an armload of
brightly colored poly blends that I can use for backing  wall hangings,
tree skirts, etc.  What fun. 

Sorry to ramble on but knew you 'd understand.  Take care all and happy
SM hunting and quilting.

Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 8/2/97
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 1997 07:58:45 +0100

To Eula re VS3/ 28

For some reason Singer in the USA used, at retail level, a different set of
model numbers than the rest of the world -- and also to that which was used
within the factory.

Guess some high-powered exec decided that the American public could relate
better to Model VS3 than to Model 27. Beats me.

To Kris re Wheeler and Wilson

Did you miss a figure off the serial number 259772 dates the machine at
1866, long before the No 9 was thought of. Only you know the value of your

To Margaret re flames

No cigarettes--- and cut down on the tea?

Guess carrot juice is OK, huh? (g)

To Eula re 185

The 185 was produced from 1958 to 1964 and was basically a cometically
re-vamped 99

To Valerie

At $350 and condition 3-4, the New Family  is well over priced. These
machine were literally made in their millions and there are still a lot

To Steve re 319

The 319 was a zig-zag machine with pattern discs built in the late 1950s
and early 60s

To Collene re AA  machine

Your Singer was built between 1924 and 26. Ring the number at the bottom of
this digest for a more-accurate (hopefully) date.

To Viv re New Home

Call New Home on (201) 825 3200.

Date: Wed, 06 Aug 1997 20:18:28 -0700
Subject: 301A

I just purchased a 301A. I had an ad in the paper for that little singer 
and had a guy call me this am...to meet me in the parking lot of a local 
burger place. Stupidly I went alone...well nothing happened but there I 
was looking (hoping for a FW) at a soft brown case and when I opened it 
there was a beautiful 301A...looked for the bobbin case it was there but 
of course I could not find out if it ran or anything...no electricity. 
Think the young man was selling me a pig in a poke. Well I bought it for 
$35 brought it home plugged it in and heard the motor running but no 
moving anything. When got out the blow dryer did that thingie clean out 
a bunch of slime, oiled the machine and it works beautifully. What a 
nice stitch.
Now I need a book, anyone have a copy they would send me. Also would 
like any information on this machine. I presume it uses the same 
attachments as a FW...is this correct?
Thanks in advance for all your help.
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 1997 13:05:54 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Finds

Hello,  been lurking for a while, this list is really interesting and I
wanted to share my find from this past week in northern Michigan.

I found a wooden sewing attachment box, about the size of an old glove box.
 It's oak and enbosed on the top is Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machines.  Rather
a neat box.  Inside are many singer attachments and a green cover
 instruction manual (very good shape) for a 101-3 & 101-11 with su motor,
"Lock stitch for Family Use",  dated July 1926.  This box came home with

I also found a Minnesota-Model A treadle in a very interesting cabinet.  It
was a golden oak cabinet about the size of a large end table.  Lift top opens
to pull up the machine head and then you open the full size door on the front
to reveal the treadle in cased inside of the cabinet.  Also two small drawers
for attachments in the base next to the treadle.  The machine had some gold
on the head and it looked like the bobbin (bullet type) and case were ok.  I
really liked this set up but so far unable to contact the seller to find out
if it will sew....I may follow me home on a later trip. It did have
attachments inside a black metal attachment box, that were a bit rusty
looking.  Very interesting.  Does anyone have any knowledge about the
Minnesota treadles?

Still looking for a black FW to go with my white/mint FW

Does anyone have information on where to purchase Nancy's new FW update?

Date: Wed, 06 Aug 1997 20:33:33 -0700
Subject: Sore fingers or anything else!

After working in a hospital for years and before I worked in a pharmacy 
which specialized in ostomy supplies, I have found on of the best 
healers and like overnight is a cream called "Sween cream". This is used 
in the elderly for bed sores, same as ostomy patients where you have to 
use something very gentle but something that works wonders...try it. You 
either have to purchase it in a pharmacy where they deal with ostomy 
patients or a hospital supply. This is great for diaper rash...like I 
said overnight, it really really soothes. 
Just another remedy! Maxine
Date: Thu, 07 Aug 1997 12:11:06 -0400
Subject: Repair of Featherweight


A friend has a 1949 Featherweight with a broken hook.  The new hook will
cost around $200.  Is there a resource of used parts for Featherweights?
Unfortunately part of the hook is completely broken off.  Otherwise the
machine is very clean and worth fixing.

I appreciate any ideas or info.
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 19:37:28 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: FW Workshops & Gathering @ Anastasia's Ann Arbor. August 9 & 10

This will be the last call for the Featherweight Workshops and Gathering in
Ann Arbor this weekend.

If you have an interest in attending either, please act now.  We need to put
the finishing touches on our preparations.  

If you are interested, please contact either myself, Rita or Nancy  immediately.

As they say on Home & Garden TV's "At the Auction"  FAIR WARNING, last call.

Hope to meet you there!.
Date: Thu, 07 Aug 1997 13:22:02 -0400
Subject: web sight update

Hi All!
DH just updated our home page to include some more machine photos, in
particular, the $20.00 White FW I was lucky to find at a yard sale a few
weeks ago.  Also, of interest, are new shots of several other machines
such as the 1864 Wheeler and Wilson #7, the early 1920's Wanamaker and a
few others!  Check it out at .
More updates to come in the near future!  For those of you who like
musical entertainment, you can click on areas to get music.  Some
computers aren't able to handle both the animated GIFS and the music at
the same time, so that will be your option!  Enjoy, don't forget to
check out our "just for fun" section - we had a great time with it!

By the way, got busy on my challenge project again this morning.  I need
some encouragement from you guys!  I'm suffering from the usual UFO (for
non-quilters - Unfinished Object) syndrome that hits me about 3/4's of
the way through projects.  Here I am, the one who proposed this lovely
challenge, and I think I'm lagging behind - help!!!!!  Going on
vacation, and "life" in general is really keeping me from just sitting
down at the machine/work table and "going for it", anybody out there
suffering from a bad case of UFO's like me?  Plus, I keep finding
beginnig other projects to be so much more entertaining all the time.  I
must have 6 other things going on at once already and just bought even
more fabric....that new White FW keeps calling my name and I'm dying to
use it instead of finish my challenge!  Please let me know how y'all are
doing with yours - maybe I'll start to get competitive urges!
Linda  - gotta go and get back to work!  The
handcrank and lots of fabric are waiting!  BTW, that handcrank is so
much fun to sew on, my lack of spirit has nothing to do with that!
Date: Thu, 07 Aug 1997 12:41:35 -0700
Subject: FW case parts


An acquaintance introduced me to a vendor at a quilt show because she is
looking for the top shelf to an early FW case and they thought I might
have the answer... Best I can do is to ask out in FWF-Land if there is
one waiting for a good home...Email me directly, please. 

One day recently I walked into an antique shop and the fellow who walked
in behind me asked the owner if she is interested in an old SINGER
sewing machine...Well, you all know the kind of visions that that
question can conjure up in FWF minds!!  I followed him outside and asked
to see the machine. Major disappointment!  An industrial SINGER that has
seen lots of use and a huge table to match. The dude paid $150 to empty
contents of a garage and this hunk of wood and metal was not at all what
he expected to find. Not a happy camper. Anyway, I tried to think where
he could take it but so few places want even portable machines, so who
is going to take a giant??

Thanks to all who responded with a treadle for my friend in Oregon. Will
be in touch on that soon..Millie
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 1997 14:18:50 +0000
Subject: Belated thanks to two Feathers

Just want to take a moment to thank Krisi  
and her husband Bob for their hospitality to the 
Washington, DC area FWFs. The get-together at her house on 
July 24 was wonderful.  Krisi's amazing collection of 
beautiful FWs and other machines was on display, and she 
had arranged a large room for visiting FWFs to display 
their own treasures or items for sale (Krisi even supplied 
price tags!).  Downstairs, there was a video commemorating 
the factory in Scotland.  Upstairs, there was a challenging 
contest  involving the various Singer attachments: 
contestants had to identify which attachment made each 
sewing sample.  Pretty tough! It was most of all a great 
chance to meet people like Deloris and Dale Pickens, and 
Zach Zacharias.  As people came and went, the display 
changed, and I was sorry I had to leave early for a flight 
to California. Thank you so much, Krisi, for all the time 
and energy that went into making your gathering a great 

I'd also like to thank Robin M  from whom I recently 
bought an immaculate Belair Bantam machine.  It was 
extremely well packed, and arrived in great condition.  The 
machine was exactly as described.  I would highly recommend 
Robin to anyone buying sight-unseen through FWF, and am 
thrilled to add the Bantam to my collection (it's a 99
look-alike, made in cast aluminum so it is lightweight ). 
Date: Thu, 07 Aug 1997 15:52:17 -0700
Subject: San Diego Quilt Show

This is really HappySocks. My email broke down and so far I can't fix it. I
can read your messages, I just can't send any, so my good friend Stevii is
sending this for me. She is a sm nut, too - and quilter extraordinaire!

Remember the San Diego Quilt Show FWF is Saturday, August 9 at 11am at the
back of the auditorium where the stage is. The show is held at the San Diego
Convention Center on Harbor Drive from Friday through Sunday. Hope you can
make it - it is a BIG wonderful show - and we can get to meet some FWF. Wear
a feather somewhere on your person, so we can recognize each other.
Date: Thu, 07 Aug 1997 18:12:59 -0600
Subject: What's this?

Grettings Feathers, Just returned from a very peaceful day of antique 
strolling. Went to a couple of antique stores across town that I don't 
get to often enough. I found an interesting little Singer gadget today 
that I'm not sure what it does. I'll try my best to describe it. It is a 
pocket tool, looking much like a pocket knife which the blades fold into 
on either end. On one end is a razor blade and on the other is somekind 
of a holder thingy. The gadget is green, says Singer on the outside and 
part no. 121634. The store owner thought from the patent no. it came 
from either the 30s or 40s. Anybody know what this tool is used for. I 
left it there for the time being until......1) I get feed back and find 
out this is really a cool gadget I can't do without; or 2) Just can't 
stand it thinking I can figure it out.  I think the price is alittle 
steep so let me know what it is.
  BTW, I am really poor about answering pleas about machine parts. 
Please forgive me I have to fight for the computer here.  Anyway, I 
still am parting out a 99 and a 66. Both are older pre-numbered 
tensions. Both have been bobbin slide donors but have other viable 
organs willing to offer for transplant. It you are in need of a 
particular organ, let me know and, between the two of us (you and me) we 
can successfully operate.
  Thanks for listening, Jacque 
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 1997 20:35:40 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: FW Carrying Case Needed

Hello FWFs

One of my customers wants another carrying case for her FW and can't find one
anywhere. I 'm giving you her address & phone number to contact if you have a
portable FW case to sell.

CONTACT: Jane Chandler
                  103 Chesire
                  Elyria, Ohio 44035

Thank You 
Linda & Ray's Sewing Machine Service
Subject: reproduction fw table
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 1997 20:48:13 -0500

Can anyone give me information on where I can find an address or 
email to inquire about fw table. I seem to remember seeing a post 
about someone making them again.
Thanks in advance!
Subject: Rust Removal
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 1997 23:58:34 -0400

 I've seen a few people asking about how to remove rust, and thought I'd
leak out my secret. I've had a couple of "vintage" (1970's) Japanese
motorcycles which have a lot of chrome and exposed steel, and used a product
called NEVR-DULL to polish all the shiny stuff. So when we got our first old
Singer, I tried on her. Beautiful! I use it to clean nickel, chrome, steel,
and brass parts. For instance, we have an old 66 whose handwheel edge looked
like all rust. The NEVR-DULL took off all the rust and shined the steel. (Of
course, it couldn't replace the missing nickel plating.) My favorite sm
detailing trick is to use this stuff on the needle and presser bars, which
always seem to look black from years worth of oil dripping down them. When
they shine, it just makes the machine look like new. NEVR-DULL is a wadding
polish, that is, you get a bunch of cotton wadding embedded with polish. You
tear off a piece, rub the article with it, and buff off with a soft cloth. I
should mention, I have nothing to do with the manufacture or sale of this
stuff, I just love it.

Well, enough ranting,
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 1997 08:25:21 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Cleaning

Viv said:

> 66-1 treadle.  How do I clean the working parts like the bobbin case,
> tension disks, bobbin winder etc?  Don't want to ruin it .  It is
> working now, but absolutely filthy.  Gunk gets all over threads.  Ick.

What I do is take everything apart, soak it all in Liquid Wrench, and
scrub all the little pieces with a toothbrush, then polish them dry with a
soft cloth.  If there's any corrosion, I use a very fine grade of steel
wool to smooth the surface.

Taking it all apart is the hard part -- well, half of the hard part (then
you've got to get it all put back together!)  The bobbin case in the 66
isn't easy to pull out unless you've done it before.  I managed to figure
it out without a book, but it took looking at the book to figure out
exactly how I did it.  If you can find a Singer service manual for a
model 66 (I think Chris Vagtborg/Stepping Stone Quilts is a good source
for these) it will help.  But as bothersome as it is, I'd recommend
taking it apart for a good cleaning -- lint tends to get packed underneath
it, and eventually it will affect the performance of your machine (not to 
mention making it *really* difficutl to get the bobbin case unjammed and
out of there!)

The tension mechanism is a lot easier -- just make notes of how everything
went together as you take it apart!  You don't have to deal with the
tension numbers or notched dials on the 66-1, so it's a lot easier than
with later machines.

In fact, I usually take off all the metal parts (faceplate, back plate,
all the screws, presser foot, etc.) and clean them separately, too.  A
soft child's toothbrush is very helpful when you''re doing this...

[and later Viv said:]

> ...  I was so disgusted, that I took cinch ( a commercial cleaner )to
> it. Haven't gotten to the internal works yet.  Seemed to take the brown
> gunk off, but know I made a mistake. 

Not necessarily -- if you didn't remove decals or paint, you probably got
away with it!  In fact, if you wanted to, you could probably use a
commercial cleaner like that on all the metal parts you take out.  I use
Liquid Wrench because a) it removes rust, too, and b)  if I forget and
leave things soaking for a few days, there's no danger of more rust
forming.  I wouldn't use Cinch on the paint, though.  But Liquid Wrench
ought to be relatively safe for the paint & decals, though.  Just to be
safe, test it first...  On more modern finishes (like the tan/pastel
finishes of the 50's) a commercial cleaner would probably be okay.  I'd
still test it first.

By the way, I've found that brown film on machines before, and thought it
might be nicotine, but I'm not so sure now... could just be very old
oil...  Be careful, though -- when it's mostly over the decals, it could
be the clear coat over the decals that has discolored and broken down
some. If you take it off, you might be taking off decals as well.  It's
a good idea to find an inconspicuous place where the finish looks its
worst to test.

> Where can you find the 'shorter' bobbins to go in this machine?  I bough
> a few at the dealer here, and they don't fit.  Too tall.  Fortunately I
> have one that was stuck in one of the drawers!

What you bought was probably a class 15 bobbin -- it will work fine for
model 15s, but not so well for model 66 machines.  Any fabric store that
carries bobbins will probably carry class 66 bobbins that will work on
your machine. I've seen them in metal and plastic both -- I prefer the
metal ones, but the plastic ones work fine.  (Class 66 bobbins also work
on several other machines, including the 99 and the 201.  If you find the
Singer package for class 66 bobbins, it will list the different models the
bobbins are for...) 

> One last ?....the cabinet has drawers on each side and something that
> used to be in between them.  Wonder if it was a tilt out drawer?  The
> wooden bracket (?) are there but not the 'thing itself'.  Is it possible
> to find a replacement?

It was more likely a wide, skinny pullout drawer that had long pieces on
either side that extended back to the wooden rails on the table.  It's
not easy to find them -- they tend to be one of those things that fall
apart first -- but keep an eye out.  You never know...

Ruth said:

> ...  However, New Homes use a different bobbin length than older
> Singers.  (At least mine does!)  I have had difficulty finding them.
> The best I've found are 1/8" short.  The 1/8" makes a BIG difference in
> whether the bobbin is wound correctly! 

One place you might look... if you ever run across an old Boye display
case, they also originally had a clip tucked into a slot in each of 
the segments that held bobbins.  Sometimes you get lucky, and some of
those old bobbins are still there...

and SusanK said:

> Please the person who advertized the PICTURE book for identifying Singer
> sewing machines....is it available yet?

Almost...  The supplement I planned to go with the guide has held things
up more than I planned.  But I'll post an announcement later today or
tomorrow with the exact cost, where to contact me, contents, etc.  If
you're on the list of those interested, you'll also get an e-mail about

Date: Fri, 8 Aug 1997 06:36:05 PDT
Subject: Introduction

	I just found out about this list a couple days ago, and want to introduce
myself.  I own a FW 221 from the mid-late 50's.  I don't have the
information with me at work.  It was my Mom's machine that she bought
shortly after they got married.  As I grew up and learned to sew on it, she
told me it would be my machine.

	I didn't take it with  me until after college and she still misses it.
It's the only machine I've ever really used.  My mom went through many
different machines that were not half as reliable as our little portable.

	My Aunt has a 221 that is older and in better shape, hardly used.  She has
the table and extension and she's putting me in her will for it.  

	I'm looking forward to seeing what goes on with this list!
	Mary Ann
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 1997 10:20:12 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Newbie says "hello"

Hello  Featherweights,

Am new to computors & sm's. but loving every minute of it. Allow me to
introduce myself & tell you I'm a quilter,teddybear maker & collector and I
love my four fw's.

Found  a Singer red eye in a parlor cabinet & a Singer Grasshopper
yesterday...YES!...alas,the day ended badly when my favorite fw blew it's
foot peddle..yup! ...on fire.No damage to machine,but now have to get a new
peddle.Next the light switch went on another fw...wow!..but I guess 2 for
two's not bad..I call it a draw.

Hope to get to know some feathers in the Mn area, as well as those of you on
Keep the knowledgeable info rolling in ..I love it!

Date: Fri, 08 Aug 1997 08:52:57 -0700
Subject: re: Need Help and Information

>I need help cleaning these machines. On the insides, I use WD-40
>to clear away the gunk and then oil liberally with SM oil.  Most of >the outsides have cleaned up nicely using dish detergent and WD-40, but
>there are several spots that are still grimy.  I have let the WD-40 >soak on these spots will little effect.  Any recommendations out there >on how to deal with this without scrubbing the enamel and emblems off >the machines.

I hope that anyone who replies to Renee will also post to the list. I'm 
probably not the only one who is new to all this and would like to learn 
more about how to clean a dirty FW.

Mary H.
Date: Fri, 08 Aug 1997 10:59:01
Subject: Congrats! Angel

Angel - congratulations on finding a FW - they are wonderful. Like having
your very own pet, there are responsibilities that come with it. So here
are some instructions for the care and feeding of your new family member:

1. You must name her/him. 
2. Feed her/him oil every 5 bobbins that are used up. 
3. Keep her clean, no lint allowed in the bobbin case or under the feed dogs. 
4. Don't let her play with bad kids. She'll get scratched, or hurt.
5. Don't make her work hard, i.e., don't "quilt" on her - could shorten her
life span.
6. Surround her with opportunities - cotton piecing, silk p.j.
construction, etc.
7. Get her some FW playmates: a white, tan, black, an older, younger, rare
or 		disadvantaged FW.
8. Take her on outings: quilt classes, friends homes, really socialize her.
9. Build her self esteem - brag about her to your sewing buddies.
10. Give her a safe, dry place to rest, when not sewing with you.

Good luck with your new buddy - take good care. Shannon
Subject: Book
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 1997 18:20:19 +0100

Just received my Featherweight book from Dale Pickins. It's wonderful -
like reading an
organized long list. Great read!

Date: Fri, 08 Aug 1997 10:23:47
Subject: San Diego FWF gathering

Hi All - I'm back. My email crashed - ooohhhh, pain. But, it's fixed, and I
understand how Sue must feel when she gets a glich - with hundreds of us
watching. I've learned patience.

Remember to come to the San Diego Quilt Show to meet other FWF on Sat, Aug
9, at 11 am, at the stage in the back of the auditorium. That's at the San
Diego Convention Center on Harbor Drive. Wear a feather. I'm making a
headdress today. See you there. Shannon 
Subject: RE: wax
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 1997 13:47:55 -0500

On Thursday, August 07, 1997 3:47 PM, Featherweight 

>>have the numbers handy. It's been greased and oiled, and there are traces 
>>of wax in the cracks, so obviously it was well taken care of. What 
>Hi Feathers,
>I don't mean to sound really stupid here, but why does wax in the cracks
>say that a machine was well taken care of????
>TIA for answering my question
>Talk soon

Hi Grace;

When I wrote that, I only meant that somebody had been taking care of the 
machine, in keeping it oiled up and cleaning and waxing the finish to make 
it shinier and looking nice. It hadn't just been stuck in the case dirty 
and linty.
Sorry for any confusion....:)

Subject: Cleaning, and an odd experience
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 1997 10:58:12 -0700

Hi, all;

Had a truly weird experience yesterday.  I took a nice roll of
pictures (finally) of some new stuff and took them in to be
developed.  Went back to get them, paid and opened the package while
the clerk processed my card.  Surprise!!!!!   first picture was of a
group of oil cans, and they all said "Singer" backwards!!!   Likewise
the machines... all had Singer in mirror image on the arms.  They had
processed the film strip from the wrong side.  I want to tell you,
seeing those machines with that on the arm was strange.  Needless to
say they reprocessed.  I will be posting some really nice pictures
very soon.

Re the endless question of cleaning.  Rather than sending my theories
yet again to an individual, thought I'd post them for all.

With one exception, I do not use or recommend any special cleaning
chemicals or agents.  I have yet to see any such recommended on this
list without seeing reports in a few days that someone else used the
same product with disastrous results.  It seems that there is a lot
of variation in paint formulas, decal composition, how the machines
aged, and exactly what is being removed.  I use kerosene and/or
sewing machine oil and a soft cloth.  What doesn't come off with
that, stays on.  The one exception is Goo Gone, which I use to remove
tape residue.  Have yet to see it damage anything.

These machines are old.  They deserve to be allowed to show that to
some degree, certainly in preference to having their finish damaged. 
The do need to have all old oil and grease cleaned off if they are to
be used, and alcohol and kerosene will do that.

Internally, I kerosene first, then Break Free and WD 40 if a machine
is frozen, and have seen no damage from that.

I have encounted several machines on which the old laquer has
yellowed and cracked.  I think this is frequently mistaken for
nicotene.  This can be very, very gently scraped off, but remember
that is going to leave the old decals unprotected.  That's why a
laquer was put on.  I don't know of anything that will reliable
disolve the old laquer without affecting the gold in the decals. 
When I say reliably, I mean on all machines.  Again, there are so
many difference.

Long post, and I'm sure many will send their own preferences.  Bottom
line is we all do what has worked for us, and have the list to
exchange our experiences.  Then whoever is reading has to make a

If I do an updated "Field Guide" next year, it will include several
new sections on restoration and maintenance.

Captain Dick
Date: Fri, 08 Aug 1997 16:31:19 -0400
Subject: Sorry For my mistake

I am sorry for posting that my No 27-4 was a FW .I am a newbie and  
don't have the knowledge or experience yet to know very much about them
Everyone was very kind to  give me this information.I guess what I have 
is just an antique,but it is my first one so I am pretty proud of 
it.Again I am sorry for my mistake.I am going to get some books on 
sewing machines so I can get  proper information.
Date: Fri, 08 Aug 1997 15:41:54 -0700
Subject: Supermatic help

Hi Feathers- I am looking for anywhere online that might
have some info on an Elna Supermatic. I know I have seen
one somewhere, but I can't find it now. TIA, Taria 
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 1997 18:56:36 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Case Handle

Hello,  I have been lurking for several months now & I would like to thank
everyone for the wealth of information I have learned.  My hunt for the
elusive featherweight began in March when my mother said rather wistfully -
I'd love to have a FW.  Having successfully purchased hers....the rest of my
relatives have quickly gotten into line.  I recently purchased a white one,
however, the handle on the case is missing.  Can anyone tell me where I can
get a replacement?  I would love to have one in green, but a cream colored
handle would work nicely.  Thanks to everyone for sharing their knowledge,
 how else are we novices to learn!!!
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 8/3/97
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 1997 23:56:36 +0100

To all re web site updating.

Cross posted to ISMACS and toy digests

Jim has been giving me heavy pressure to provide material up add to the
ISMACS web site. I am behind with this. At the moment I have to do my tax
returns for the past two years and start on the next ISMACS News. But I've
promised to send along a bunch of stuff before the end of August and Jim in
his webmaster role is quite capable of sending me hurry-up mail every day
until I get to it.
Any suggestion of quitting smoking will have to wait until the pressure is off.

Have just finalised sufficient detail for the ISMACS  May '98 convention to
send off the booking forms to the printer. Hope to get these to Nashville
in time for the meeting later this month.. They will also be with the next
magazine due out at the end of next month.

To Viv re serial numbers

The letter at the beginning of the serial number has nothing to do with its
factory or origin.
In fact your "Y" machine was made in Scotland  between 1920 and 1935 and  Y
covered 10 million machines. The following year Singer went to
double-letter numbers and changed every one million.

You can get New Home date information from the company (201) 825 3200

Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 8/6/97
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 1997 23:57:16 +0100

To Viv

I believe your New Home is the LN model and ISMACS can provide a copy
manual if you can't get one more locally. Mail me if we can help.

The longer bobbins can be shortened easily by an engineering shop if you
cannot find the correct items.

To Grace re wax in the cracks.

Wax in the cracks means the machine has been waxed, I guess -- but what are
these cracks we are talking about.

To Susan re Singer Recognition Manual

This is the picture book you are refering to. You'll find details at the
ISMACS web site  http://www.ismacs.net

To Mary Anne

Good luck with the move. When you get to see those toys at Mountain View,
be sure to tell us about them.

To Diane

I know quite a few people who use FWs for freehand embroidery and, with the
221 you would need to either remove the feed dogs or cover them.

Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 8/5/97
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 1997 23:57:39 +0100

To Michael

Wooden pitman shafts were quite common on some earlu machines
Can provide manual is you don't get a more local offer.
Value when you come to sell it is how many dollars you would rather have
than the machine.

Lydia et al re smoking

Just realised -- no one's said anything about my drinking......

To Joanne

Once the protective coating has started to lift you have to decide whether
to remove the rest and re-varnish or live with it. No decals available.
Any solid state controller of the correct wattage will do the job but,
whilst the variable resistance system is crude in the exreem, it works well
enough .

Try the hair dryer and WD 40 on the bobbin case.

To Kristine

$250 is about the going rate for a Wheeler and Wilson 9. Nothing very
special about the machine which was the last domestic made by the company
before Singer took over in 1905.

To Loris re white 221

Make in Kilbowie Scotland between 1955 and 64. Runs quieter than the black
version thanks to belt drive between the top and bottom shafts. Tacky
stick-on emblem often goes missing. Replacements not available. Has steel
extension table rather than the alluminium used on the black machine.

To Frank and Betty

The darning/embroidery hoop was made speficically for the 222 and offered
as an optional extra. Very hard to find. Most dealers, including myself,
will keep those they have to sell with "fully-loaded" 222 machines.

Glad you appreciate the 222 -- wonderful piece of engineering.

Date: Fri, 08 Aug 1997 23:31:53 -0400
Subject: Irons

Hello Everyone,

        Does any one out there know of a web site dealing withe collectable
and vintage irons.  the kind we unwrinkle our cloths with.  Thanks in advance.

Date: Sat, 09 Aug 1997 15:05:00 +0400
Subject: Gift horse?

Hi, fellow Feathers:  Today the most improbable happened - someone
offered to GIVE me a Featherweight - and I refused!  Actually, the story
is more complicated than that, as you might have guessed.  There is a
man of my acquaintance, whose family quilts I store.   He reasons that
because I give frequent lectures on antique quilts, his family quilts
will get more exposure than if he stores them, and others may have the
pleasure of seeing them (quite right - they are great quilts).  Today he
said in passing that since his mother was in a nursing home and no
longer using her sewing machine, perhaps I'd like to have it.  When he
told me what he had I refused the gift, and proposed instead that I sell
it with the other machines I have, for his mother's benefit.  So...it
will be cleaned, serviced, and dated - and for sale August 23 at my next

Date: Sat, 09 Aug 1997 13:37:14 -0400
Subject: Vickers sm

I have just joined this forum and find I really enjoy it. Many yrs. ago
I worked for a sm dealer. When he retired and wanted to quickly unload
all his stock I helped him out by taking home our window display - a #8
Wheeler & Wilson, and a recent trade-in - a Centenial FW from Clydesdale
assembled in St. Johns P.Q.. It wasn't until now that I came to
appreciate how fortunate I was.  I hope someone out there can help me
with another machine I just aquired from my Aunt. It is an electric,
vibrating shuttle portable.  There are two decals, one is "Vickers" and
the other is "British made". The serial # is 74812342. A label on the
motor says " Ontario Hamilton Canada; Sewing Machine Supply Co.;
No.135328; Display Motor & Ace. Co. Ltd.; London England". I would like
to know how old it is and anything about who Vickers was.
Many thanks, Susan K. 
Date: Sat, 9 Aug 97 15:06:57 +0100
Subject: Sincere's book orders

Arizona Office of Consumer Affairs
Assistant Attorney General's Office
Consumer Protection Division
400 W. Congress, South Bldg. #315
Tucson, AZ 85701


Re:Non-receipt of pre-paid book order from BK

Dear Sirs:

I wish to register a formal complaint against BK, who has received
and cashed my checks for the following books and has not sent them to me:

  _____  copies of  Sincere's Sewing Machine History 
                       @ $24.95 
  _____  copies of Sincere's Sewing Machine Service Manual 
                      @ $24.95 
  _____  copies of Sincere's ZigZag Sewing Machine Service Manual 
 _____   shipping charge

                   @ $24.95
 _____  Special Offer - Set of 3  [1 of each title]
                         @ $69.95  no shipping charges

 _____  total

My check(s) was written on ________________.

Ms. K advertised the books in 1996 on an antique sewing machine
collectors list on the net.  I understand that she collected thousands of
dollars and did not pay the printer to obtain the books.  All the while, she
continued to indicate over the newsgroup that the printer delayed the
process and was promising that the books would be out very soon.

Please advise me if you need additional information.


Subject: Changes to Web Site
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 1997 17:06:32 -0700


I've been promising some new pictures, and finally got them. 
Centennial page had to become "Sewing Machine Collection... Featured
Items", but there are now a slug of new pictures there.  Several
Centennials, a special badge Candian National Exhibition, my new New
Family, a model 24, plus other stuff.  Also a couple of new shots on
teh special postings page... including a nice shot of the elusive
floating bird decal, which incidentally is not an eagle, but either a
seagul or an albatross.  What the bird has to do with the lightning
bold emblems is anybody's guess, but the bird is awful nice.  As
always, a long download, but I hope you enjoy them.

Captain Dick
Date: Thu, 07 Aug 1997 22:00:20 -0500
Subject: HAPPY DAY

Hi everyone!!!  I'm so excited I can hardly type.  I put my ad in the
paper under the wanted part for a "small portable sewing machine"  Had
just about given up on the ad.  When I got home today from the quilt
show here in OKC there was a message from a woman saying she had 2
machines that I might be interested in.  Gave her a call and yes she had
2 featherweights.  One was black and one white.  By then my heart was
pounding hard.  She said she would like to keep the black one since she
had learned to sew on it.  She didn't know how much she wanted for the
white one.  I told her I had $250 saved and she said that would be fine!
It took me awhile to get to her house but what a shock I got when I
walked in her house.  It was a beige fw!!!!!  It is a good 8 or 9!!
All attach. bobbins, book and a little silver oil can!!!!  I couldn't
hardly control my voice!  The case is in very good condition.  The
lining is pulled loose around the top in a few places;but that's
fixable.It's just as Nancy Srebro describes it in her new book.It's a
221J and the book is a 221K5.  I'm just so excited I had  to share my
wonderful find.  I'm going to set it with my blk.Cent.FW.  Oh, I saw a
singer pinker at the quilt show.  It is so neat.  They should still make
them.  The man there said he had 5 and only had 2 left.  $85 each.  Is
that a good price?  If any one knows please e-mail me privatly and let
me know.
Thanks for letting me ramble on and share my good fortune!
Date: Sat, 09 Aug 1997 15:08:15 -0400
Subject: 301 Slant-needle Singer

Dear Maxine:
Although the bobbin mechanism is the same as the 221,  222 machine, the
301 is NOT a short shank machine.  It is a SLANT shank/needle machine.
The needle slants toward  you instead of being straight up and down.
You therefore must look specifically for slant feet.
 Congratulations on your new sm.  One the features that I find great
about this machine is the ease in which you can lower the feedogs in
order to do free motion embroidery or quilting.
-- Enjoy.
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 8/6/97
Date: Sat, 9 Aug 1997 12:44:05 -0400

Mary, if it's any comfort to you, I feel the same about not using my FW.  I
found one in almost mint condition about 8 months ago, paid only $200 for
it.  I just love  it and put it away to keep like new.  Then I found
another one, not nearly as nice, about  a condition 7 and I paid the same
for it!  I plan to use it if I take up quilting when I retire next year. 
Both make a very nice stitch.

Someone on the FW digest had a good thought about that--she compared it to
people who restore/collect classic antique cars.  Some will polish it every
Sunday and once a year, put it on a trailer and haul it to a car show. 
Others will drive it every day to work, thinking its enjoyed most if used. 
She said there's nothing wrong with being either way--it's whatever suits
you best! And I agree.

Date: Sat, 9 Aug 1997 15:37:40 -0400
Subject: Bi-focals & Tension

Hi Feathers,'
Two good things happened today.  I got my book by Nancy on the fws from
Dale Pickens and I got my new bi-focals.
Well, I had thought my tension was perfect on my new fw (had it a month)
and saw it was not quite what it should be when I had my new glasses on.
I needed to increase the tension in the bobbin.  Now it looks good.  
I was lucky to get a perfect manual with my fw, but find it will be
better to use the references in Nancys book and have already written in
it about the tension.  I used reference from my Kenmore manual which
gives clear info about increasing & decreasing the tension.
First problem I had when I got the machine was
also in the bobbin, case had been taken apart and put together
incorrectly.  So from now on when I have a little problem I will always
suspect the bobbin as the culprit.
I think we should just let Graham have the tea as that is soothing and
perhaps just cut down on the cigarettes as that is also soothing to him.
I hope you are feeling well Graham.
I hope everyone looking for a fw finds one.
Date: Sat, 09 Aug 1997 18:02:51 -0400
Subject: Singer Sewing Machine ???

Hi all:

Just got back from the flea market.  Found an old Singer
sewing machine for 20.00 with a cabinet.  It's black with
oriental type design on it.  It says Singer Manufactoring
Company on the top of it and Singer on the front.  It has a
drop in bobbin.  I cannot figure out how to get the bobbin
thread to work with the needle thread.  Any suggestions?
This little round thing inside the bobbin area turns in a
half circle I guess but it doesn't catch the bobbin thread.
The serial number on the machine is:  G9084032.  I looked at
the Singer site and think it is from 1921-1924.  Anyone have
a clue as to what type machine this is?  Thanks in advance
for your replies!

Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 8/4/97
Date: Sat, 9 Aug 1997 00:01:22 +0100

To Sue

It's simply incorrect assembly of the bobbin case. BTW you do not have to
remove the throat plate to do the job.

To Ginny

A Singer pinker is either an attachment for the machine or a stand alone
device to produced a pinked edge to fabric and, in theory, reduce fraying.

To Beaureguard

Your Singer dates end of 1947 or start of 1948. If you want a more accurate
date contact Singer at 1-800 4SINGER

To Nancy

Please don't rush into buying a machine -- especially at the prices you
mentioned. Try advertising, local yard sales, thrift shops. Machines are
out there waiting for you to find them.

To the Kormans

Grand Union was a name used by a large retailer for machines  bought from a
variety of different manufacturers. You machine could have been made by
Mason, National, Standard, Davis plus a couple of other lesser names.
If you just bought it, its value is what you paid.

To Betty et al re belts

Lugged belts are superior as they allow the belt to hug the pully better.
But, yes, they devalue the originality of the machine so keep the old belt
with the machine and have the best of both worlds.

To Jenny

No recods for serial numbers etc exist for the old Domestic machine. A
history of the company has appear in the ISMACS News magazine and will
eventually be included on the web site. http://www.ismacs.net

Date: Sat, 9 Aug 1997 10:26:22 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 8/7/97

Hi,  Fellow Featherweighters:
I just wish I could find Featherweights at the bargain prices I've seen here,
but I'm still just ecstatic at my overpriced but
undervalued-by-previous-owner darlings.  At one flea market I adopted another
GE featherweight, the last one I brought home had no bobbin case (I will pay
the appropriate amount for said bobbin case if anyone has one to spare), an
almost-perfect Featherweight, and an absolutely adorable, much-wanted
"Portable No. 24-80" pictured on page 51 of "Student's Manual of Machine
Sewing" published by Singer as revised July, 1941.  All three of these
machines were lined up in one dealer's booth and each of them came in a true
Featherweight case.  But now I have a problem.  The 24-80 has no book.  I am
wild to get it up and running but I can't figure out how to thread it.  Could
someone please send me a copy of the manual by the fastest possible way?  I
will of course pay copying charges and next-day mail charges.  I've wanted
this electric chain-stitch machine ever since I first saw its picture in a
leaflet titled "Singer Electric Sewing Machines, Adv.No.2330, Copyright
U.S.A. 1923-1937."  

One more request:  If anyone has a Singer 20 toy sewing machine in a case
with a manniquin doll in it which they would sell, I would love to have one.
 It incorporates my two major hobbies: dolls to dress and a machine to dress
them, and I'm willing to pay or trade in proportion to my overwhelming desire
for it!  Please be kind to this true fanatic. Peggy
Date: Sat, 09 Aug 1997 12:48:58 -0400
Subject: good find

Hi guys, just thought I'd share my latest find its a 99k in a table been
wanting a 3/4 head table for a while now. Machines a solid 8 and came
with attachments. I saw this 8 months ago for 65.00 and passed on it.
Well today I dragged hubby out and took a ride back to that same place
and long behold everything was 50% off today yes even the little 99k.
Heres the serial #EH966779 can someone date it for me thanks I think its
50's by the gold work around the bed but nor sure.  And I'd like
everyone that I got burned by B.K. also with the Sincere books for
108.00 I ordered them last Sept. and got in just under the wire for
ordering (too bad I made it huh). They were going to be my Christmas
gift from my mom. What comes around goes around. God said "A person is
known by their works"   thanks frish
Date: 09 Aug 97 12:50:16 EDT
Subject: post

Hello Everyone...

Thought  I'd  share  my  latest  adventure with you guys. Dropped by an estate 
sale  today  on  the  way  to work and found a couple of SAD irons for $10 ea. 
While  waiting  in  line  to  pay, I looked in a small room and found a sewing 
cabinet  marked  $75.  The  top had a couple of glass rings and funny squiggly 
lines,  like  someone left a plastic bag laying on it for awhile. Opened it up 
and  found  a  pristine 503 Rocketeer! And the inside of the cabinet is, well, 
like  new.  Scribbled  my  name  on  a piece of masking tape and put it on the 
cabinet,  paid  for the irons and told the checkout lady that I'd be back in a 
flash  with  my checkbook and van... Came back and picked up the machine (with 
sewing  stool!)  and have just unloaded and inventoried everything. First off, 
the  machine  sews,  but  makes a fair amount of noise. Must have been sitting 
unused  for  some  time.  Found  the original attachments and set of cams with 
screwdriver  and  lint  brush.  Manual  is  near perfect. Hmmm, what's this? A 
small  cigar box - full of another complete set of lo-shank attachments! Now I 
can  flush  out  the  attachments  for  the FW I picked up the other day! Hmmm 
another  small  box - full of machine needles! Thirty-five envelopes of Singer 
needles  (3  needles  per)  -  all  unopened and unused! Wait, there's more! A 
bobbin  with  nine  holes  (eight  big,  one little)! Where have I seen one of 
these  before?  And a flat, stamped key! And the clincher - a Spool Spring!!!! 
Some where in that house lurks a FW... Stay tuned for the next installment!

...Chris where I'm glad the El Nino has arrived in the 
south  pacific  -  its  winds  lop  the  tops  off  the clouds in the tropical 
depressions  off  the  east  coast  of  Africa,  and  Mr. Gray of the National 
Weather Service has lowered the # of hurricanes forcasted for this year!

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