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November 1997

Sunday, November 23 - Saturday, November 29

Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 22:42:41 -0800
Subject: "black" attachments, and other recent finds.....

I've been poking around in the shops between bouts of doing battle with my
thesis advisors, and have come up with a few small treasures.  At one shop
I found a box of miscellaneous attachments that included a metal tube of
lubricant and the usual assortment of binders and stuff as well as my first
adjustable hemmer.    I picked up an original manual for my 201, a Singer
Student Manual,  and then a day or two later, I found two "black"
adjustable hemmers and a "black" seam guide.  I seem to remember that
someone on the list was trying to assemble a set of black attachments to go
with a blackface FW.  If the hemmers and/or the seam guide will help, let
me know, we'll work out a deal......

I've seen a few overpriced machines, and a few moderately priced ones in
really bad shape. Well, they'd be moderately priced if they were in good
shape; as it is, they're overpriced.   Nothing  at all tempting, but I keep
looking.  It seems that all the dealers around here feel that any old
machine is worth $125 or more.  I'm stacking up sewing projects so that
once the thesis dance is finally over, I think I'll go into hibernation and
sew until my eyes cross.

Regarding the replacement belts for the white FW.......  My white FW came
with a smooth white belt which was still in good condition, but I wanted to
replace it before I really started sewing on it.  The choices I had to
replace it were the knobbed belts in black or  "pink" (I wouldn't call it
"red"; it was more of a translucent peachy pink color).  When I asked, the
guy said that the smooth white ones were no longer being made.  He said
that the smooth belts were replaced with the knobby ones because the smooth
ones tended to slip.  This was at the local " Singer Service Center", not
at an independant sew& vac shop.  I went ahead and replaced it, but kept
the old one so that if I ever want to display the machine in it's original
condition, I can put the belt back on.

Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 15:00:39 -0500
Subject: Simple Green

To the person asking about using Simple Green to clean SMs,
	I have used it on two SMs, one is a Singer 500 And the other is a circa
1913 treadle with the Sphinx designs.  It worked great on both machines,
and did not damage the machines at all.  I don't know if I would try it
on a machine with obvious damage to the finish, lots of crackling, or
flaking decals, but it definitely removed decades of thick, black grime
in much less time than other cleaners I've used.  Also, I wiped the SMs
thoroughly with plain water after using the Simple Green, dried with
blow drier, then applied a very light coat of SM oil to all of machine.  

Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 15:11:29 -0500
Subject: Re: Cleaner "Simple Green"

> I remember reading in the past about "Simple Green" to clean your
> machines,
> and that it wouldn't harm the decals....but, great for getting thru
> the
> grime!  Is that info correct....I just bought some cleaner and wanted
> to
> clean up the  66 red-eye, but wanted to make sure I remembered
> correctly?
> Ann 

    I used Simple Green on a 1920's-ish Red Eye.  It did a great job of
removing the green and red decals, and turned the gold decals silver
8^0.  It also seemed to soften the finish on another machine I used it
    On the other hand, I've used it to clean some machines with no
problems.  When it works, it works good. I had been working on a TSM for
days, trying to gently "flake off" the dirt...the Simple Green took off
all the grunge in minutes, with no noticeable effect on the decals.
    Try testing it out on a small spot first before committing; I still
feel pangs when I look at my 66.

Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 23:46:53 -0500 (EST)
Subject: white belts

My white FW has a badly worn white belt that's ready to tear any day now.
Sounds like I won't be able to replace it with a white one. DH says he has
seen red ones, they're like red clearish rubber.  Guess I'll take what I
can get, even though it will look yucky. Anyone have a good source for
replacement belts (any color)?

Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 16:44:25 -0800
Subject: Wanted Viking Toy SM

WANTED:  Husqvarna (Viking) toy replica of the Husqvara 1100 sewing
machine.  It was made in 1990 by Martin Fuchs Co.

Please e-mail me with condition and price.
Subject: 301A
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 21:29:32 -0600

Hi All,  I am new to the list so I don't know if you would be interested but I'll brag anyway.  I went to a flea Market today that I go to all the time and found a 301A for $25.00. It is in very good condition, has a buttonhole attachment, regular foot, zipper foot, and what looks like a  button foot or mending foot. I am very pleased with my find. I didn't have a small machine. I have a Viking #1+, a Pfaff 1473CD, and an old Brother that is so heavy I can't carry it. However, it will sew tarpoline.
Sorry to go on and on. I'll do better next time. Bye for now, Jaci
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 20:14:59 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Fwd: English Do The Chicken Test

Dear Graham & Feathers,

Thought I'd pass this bit of humor along.  Really do appreciate all the
sharing of hints on the FW's and Graham, appreciate your input and knowledge.
 Just having fun..........


>> Fowl play . . .
 ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
 >> True story, as heard on "Late Late Show with Tom Snyder" 3/3/97:
 >> Scientists at NASA have developed a gun, whose purpose it is to launch
 >> dead chickens. It is used to shoot a dead chicken at the windshields
 >> of  airline jets, military jets, and the space shuttle, at that
 >>vehicle's maximum travelling velocity.  The idea being, that it
 >>will simulate the  frequent incidents of collisions with
 airborne fowl, and therefore  determine if the windshields are
 strong enough.
 >> British engineers, upon hearing of the gun, were eager to test the gun
 >> out on the windshield of their new high speed trains.
 >> However, upon the firing of the gun, the engineers watched in
 shock as  the chicken shattered the windshield, smashed through the
 control  console, snapped the engineer's backrest in two, and
 embedded itself  in the back wall of the cabin. Horrified, the
 engineers sent NASA the  results of the experiment, along with the
 designs of the windshield,  and  asked the NASA scientists for any
 suggestions. >>
 >> The NASA scientists sent back a one sentence response:
 >> "Thaw the chicken."
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 07:04:02, -0500
Subject: "new" machine

I'm very excited about the machine I bought this week. It's "only" a
model 99 (I know this is not a particularly difficult machine to find),
but I'm a fairly new collector and I don't (didn't) have a 99 yet. The
machine is in reasonable shape and with a little oil runs smoothly.
Decals are worn, looks like a well used machine, but is from the early
20's so well used is okay by me. It is in a different cabinet than I
usually see. It looks more like a small phonograph cabinet. The machine
is both a treadle (with the belt still there and usable) and an electric
. The electric motor is an add on (strapped around the pillar), but
probably an early add on. The treadle is entirely inside the cabinet.
The front of the cabinet is hinged on the middle of the left end and
opens 180 degrees to become the brace when the top of the cabinet is
opened. This left section also has a little shelf and a drawer under the
shelf. There are numerous attachements, needles, oil can (the green oval
kind), and the original manual. The foot pedal for the electric motor is
the looks-like-a-foot kind. Wood on the cabinet needs regluing in a few
spots and everything needs cleaning. But I'm quite thrilled with my $50

Subject: Hand crank
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 06:50:46 -0800

Hi fellow FWFs, I need the tension assembly for
a 1917 model 99 hand crank singer. I also need
the flat knee control for another model 99.
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 08:46:31 -0600
Subject: Diatamaucious Earth

"FW odor: caused by mold. He recommends diatacious earth (sold under the
name of Nature's Remedy, or under other names) obtained at a pet store.
Absorbs moisture and thus kills the molds. Put it in the FW box. (no
affiliation to product disclamer)"

To Lynn,
Be care with this it is made from ocean coral(gound super fine) so it
contains MUCH salt and could cause corrosion.  It's used in swimming
pool filters and I use it to dust plants and a general yard dusting to
kill bugs, fleas etc.  It kills by dehydration and is very effective,
also "safe" versus toxic pesticides.  It is FDA approved and applied 10#
to one acre for crop protection bug control, so a little goes a long
way.  If they are now making it in pellets, that might be safer for a SM

Subject: Viking history
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 11:57:28 -0500

Sorry for the cross post, but thought this info would be of interest to
both groups (it's hard to know where to draw the line??). In looking
through some old magazines, discovered a very interesting ad from Viking in
a Spring 1989 issue of American Quilter magazine. Says they were
celebrating a 300 year tradition of manufacturing since their factory in
Sweden had been in continuous production since 1689 by decree of the King
to produce flintlock rifles for the Swedish Army. It then goes on with
small photos of some of the machines they've made over the years:

1872 - The Northern Star their FIRST sewing machine (which looks awfully
like a W&G clone to me!)
1903 - the Husqvarna C.B. (looks much like a Singer model 15) which was
produced for over 50 years
1953 - The first sewing machine with a jam proof hook (this one looks a lot
like the Elnas of that period)
1971 - the world's first sewing machine that never needs oiling (similar in
design to the early Bernina's I've seen) 

Hope this info is of interest to some of you - I always enjoy finding out a
little more about the history of these great machines! Talk with you again
soon. Sue 
Subject: Help please! Wanted Singer treadle.
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 11:57:48 -0500

Hi everyone!
I am putting out an all points bulletin for a working Singer treadle complete in condition 7 or better. Hopefully located in  Arkansas or within driving distance of that state for a pick up in time for Christmas. Trying to make another's  dream come true! Please write me ASAP if you think you have one to part with and might be willing to either ship or arrange a pick-up for. I'd appreciate it!

Subject: Wallpaper
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 10:57:19 -0000

To Meg,
I'd love to change my wallpaper, but cannot locate Cynthia England's site. 
Could you give specific details. I'm relatively new on the Internet and
still have lots to discover.
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 10:29:37 -0800
Subject: sewing machine repair

This is not quite  in Seattle but it is worth the drive to Port Townwend to
get your SM repaired. Try Bergstrom's Sewing Center, Steve is the best!If
you go to him you will have a fun day in a pretty little town.
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 13:53:47 -0500

Dear feathers; lets try this again have been hard on poor sue sending the
postings to the wrong place my gurus put the wrong address in my directory
and that is the only way I know how to mail so got a lesser guru to change
this so hope it works. 
 Well got hold of the most perfect white fw ever seen north of the border a
9 on anyones chart and a 10 on us weak bender sorts. a mint book , mint
case, mint attach box, no scratches nothing so pretty wont touch it. nice, 
got hold of at least couple other black 51 fws, luck is holding out, 

Planning to hold in two weeks a xmas open house, including our mini museum
in basement on a sat 9-3 so any local fws come over to WOODSTOCK SEWING

I want to thank everyone who has ordered a THE BOOK sales are going well
and I am very pleased, am in process of making at least two more period
book available e mail for more details. 

Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 13:32:03 -0600
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 11/21/97

Meg writing about her enjoyment of creating Wallpaper from images 
found on sites she has visited, reminds me of what I set up for my 
wife, Jona, a Screen Saver that uses the JPEG, GIF, BMP or PNG images 
stored in any directory.  Jona will save the images she finds, as she 
browses the net, and will then move them to a specific directory.
The Screen Saver points to that directory and displays all  her 
favorite images.  She won't use any other screen saver now, even her 
former favorite, a fish aquarium. Now she has sewing machines, toy, 
exotic, and every day, not mention sewing cabinets, all moving 
across her screen, tempting her to want even more machines!

Here is information on where you can find it if you'r interested.

JPEG Screen Saver (shareware) at:


We are not associated with the author in any way, just enjoy the 
Regards, Ben 
Subject: Alpha Sew Foot
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 15:37:23 -0500

Where can one purchase the latest version of the Alphasew Foot for a FW? 
If someone has already said and I missed it, I apologize.  

Also, my neighbor has a 66 and it is a red eye, or what I think of as a red
eye.  According to the number and Capt. Dick's book, it was made in 1909. 
Yet it is electric and in a very nice cabinet, not a treadle.  Has it been
"modernized" or am I wrong about the date?

I had been "watching" a little 99K and talking myself out of it for months
(Sue McClure, remember we talked about this one) now and when I went back
Friday, alas it was gone.  Saw another at the flea market today but case in
really bad shape, for $79.  Dealer thinks I'M an expert on SMs (how wrong
can you be?) and I told her I thought that was a fair price given the
condition of the case.  She said it worked well.  The gold was in good
shape.  Do you think I was right to tell her that is a reasonable price?

Thank you,

Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 13:47:56 -0800
Subject: Controller

Hi All. We have a problem in a controller For an EV FW. It is either off
or full speed with such a very small difference in between that it is
almost impossible to useit at a slower speed. So what is the slotion to
this? I have tried adjusting it but it makes no difference. 
	In the past 3 weeks I have gotten a white FW and spotted 3 high priced
treadles. 1 is a ModelAA by Davis in a 6 drawer Cabinet. Sm is about a 6
and the Cabinet ( oak) about a 7. $275. #2 is a Minnesota in a 7 drawer
(oak) cabinet. Sm is about a 6 The cabinet about a 7. $335 #3is a Redeye
66 in a 4 drawer Cabinet. Sm is about a 6 and the Cabinet about  a 6. Oh
yeh, #4 is a reliance in an oak 6 drawer cabinet. The guy tried to make
me believe that there were only 4 of these cabinets made for promotion
in 1909 and was worth $1250 but he would take $450. They still have
their treadles. If anyone is intersted contact me. They are in the
Central Calif. Coast.    Jack
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 17:51:36 -0800
Subject: FW potential!

I MIGHT have the opportunity to buy my very first FW.  WHAT do I look for
when I go to see it?  I know I want one, but I don't know the first thing
about them!  HELP!
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 18:46:37 -0500 (EST)
Subject: first post

Hello all!

I'm new here. New to sewing too, after a 35 year hiatus - last thing I made
for myself was a skirt in 8th grade Home Ec.  Found a Centennial FW in a
thrift shop, and bought it and boy, am I happy!  Now, I have to learn how to
sew. A friend and I made the first project on it - took the two of us two
days to make two curtains for her baby's room.  The FW is not scary - simple,
plain, pleasant, cute, friendly -had gotten myself a big (for me) new machine
- a Pfaff 6085 - and it whizzes too fast for seam-challenged me. The next
step will be to get over my fear of cutting fabric.

Now that I'm thoroughly hooked - today in another thrift shop found an old
Japanese "portable" machine for $35. It had a screwed on plate labelled
Abraham and Strauss (a now-defunct department store in Brooklyn, NY), is
1950's cream and turquoise, straight shank, weighs a million pounds, labelled
Model 1630, has a box of Greist attachments, very clean machine, case a mess,
has some pre-set zigzag widths, a button for reverse,  separate buttons to
drop and raise the feeddogs.  The bobbin holder thingee was loose in the
bottom of the case, as was what looked like a ring-like metal thingee to hold
it in.  Had a sliding throatplate to load the bobbin from the sewing surface
if you have very skinny fingers. Had machine and attachment manual
(attachment manual dated I think 1957). Does anyone know who made this
machine? It it interesting?  Is it interesting and/or useful enough to own?
 It looks like it would run - at least the needle goes up and down - couldn't
plug it in, and bobbin holder...

Glad to be here, and I've already learned more on this list than I did from
Miss Manganaro, the Home Ec teacher!

Subject: Viking 6030
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 19:26:02 -0500

A bit off topic, but can anyone tell me how to find a similar bulletin
for Vikings?  I've just bought a Viking 6030 but can't obtain even a copy
of a manual from the company.  (I can find a Pfaff group, but no luck with
Viking.)  Any suggestions about where to post a request to purchase
a manual copy would be appreciated.

Thanks to Mike , Sharon , and Richard for help with my last set of questions, and to Sue for making it possible.  

Subject: Hand crank
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 16:30:36 -0800

Life is just sew,sew short....make it pieced with love and kindness.
I just bought a hand crank CM #122 Gamages (Or Gamajes).  It's little like
a FW in size and is in a wooden  case similar to the bentwood boxes.  I
can't find anywhere on it when it was made or where.  It has a shuttle
bobbin but it runs in a horizontal direction.  The crank turns very easily.
 It was originally marked at $187 and has been reduced several times down
to $50 and then there was the added surprise of getting 10% off of that
price.  My DH isn't thrilled with another  machine but it's my first hand
crank and it's  cute.  It has gold and red flower decals.  Has anyone seen
this machine  or do you have info on it?  I saw several Fw's $600
(centenial), a $450, and a $495.  I saw alot of sewing notions and another
Singer (128?) that had a hand crank that was $100 and in a bentwood box.  
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 16:34:51 -0800
Subject: Singer Featherweight

Have an old Singer Featherweight in excellent condition and works the
same.  Would like to pick up a replacement belt to have on hand.  It is
a 22l.
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 19:07:29 -0600
Subject: site

Hi, I was wondering where to find Cynthia Englands page.  I would like
to see something other than the plain ole windows background.  Sounds
like it would be neat.
Thanks ...JoAnn
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 09:48:02 EST
Subject:  NOTE 11-24-97 09:46:39 AM

Terry re. walking feet not working on Singer 301s.  I encountered this problem
in a recent machine quilting class.  While the walking foot I had bought to use
on my 301A went on just fine, the needle didn't want to go down, and the foot
wiggled although it was screwed on tightly.  Then, when I attached the darning
foot, at first everything went along splendidly but then the stitching became
noisy and erratic.  Finally, no stitches were forming.  Pretty embarrassing.
Does this mean my 301A is just another 'pretty face'?
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 12:16:35 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Helppppppppppp

I crashed and burned the other night and lost all my addresses.  I need
desperately the following people to re-send their notes.

For the Singer dates on your machine

I mailed a book to Judith and I want her to contact me before she sends me
anything back.

If I have not answered your note re-send.

Sorry but I was cleaning out a major file and deleted some RAM that is vital
to the computer.  Limped along trying to save my notes and mail......gone.
Subject: Caution !
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 15:19:52 -0500
Hi there Fellow Feathers,
I felt I had to share this with everyone.  My wonderful, dear little FW would not stitch for me.  I've taken her for granted for so long, and I rely on her
implicitly.  Nobody else had touched her but me,- as my grandchildren are now back to school (the teacher's strike now over).  I found the whole situation quite depressing as I thought I knew all my machine's foibles so well.  Everything seemed to function as it should. I had the little finger on the bobbin case in correct position,- needle went up and down but just did not pick up the bottom thread.  Racked my brains as to what could be the cause. Recently I'd acquired a buttonholer, and was delighted at the way Claire (my FW) made
buttonholes,- so effortlessly.  I was just to the point of taking the top thread tension assembly apart, (a daunting task) when I decided to try yet another machine needle.  This time I thought I'd see what the instruction book said about this simple procedure.  Bingo,- thats what the problem was.  I'd got the flat, on the shank of the needle on the right side instead of the left.  It was just that simple.  Claire is back in stride and I am delighted with her once more.  Sorry to be so long winded,- you can tell I'm lonely.
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 15:04:02, -0500
Subject: oops

In a message sent yesterday I described my "new" machine in an enclosed
treadle cabinet. But I must have been more tired than I thought because
I said it was a model 99 when it is really a model 66. Maybe I was
standing on my head when I typed the original message. Sorry for any
Subject: my latest machine
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 11:06:09 -0800

I went to the one and only estate sale this weekend and spotted a BEAUTIFUL 201 in cabinet with manual, attachments in box, blindstitch attachment with manual & in box, tons of bobbins, and lots of old Singer needle packs.  I was very disappointed to see that someone had already bought it (the price tag was missing, so someone was paying for it), as I've been wanting a 201 in better shape than mine.  Then, a lady told me that she saw a sewing stool in the garage that probably went with the cabinet, so I raced out there hoping it was being sold separately.  I found it under a ton of cat books (something else I love) and started looking around to ask someone if someone had claimed the pile.  The first person I saw was my DH!  He was the one buying the machine AND the cat books!  Seems I stumbled onto one of my Christmas presents!

We both agreed that we should leave the cabinet behind, and as I was getting the SM out, a young couple expressed interest in the cabinet for her to put her newer machine onto.  I told her we were leaving the cabinet and that I was sure the estate people would sell it to her.  Than, DH said to just give it away since we already paid for the whole thing ($75) and it all belonged to us.  Why didn't I think of that?!  The machine with accessories and the stool was worth more than $75 to me, and the couple looked like they didn't have much money.  So we all left happy.  I decided to pay for the machine myself since I'll probably sell my other 201 anyway and since I like being surprised on Christmas 
day instead of knowing what I'm getting.

Don't I have a wonderful DH?

Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 19:47:44 -0500 (EST)
Subject: model 192k

Hi I am looking for any information on how to get a manual for model 192K 
Singer sewing machine.  I  am looking for info on how to thread machine 
correctly and any other information pertaining too..If you can help me I
appreciate it..Thank you...Amy 
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 20:29:09 -0800
Subject: Found at an auction

Hello Feathers
At an auction last Friday I got a very unusual hank crank machine. The
name on the machine is NAUMANN. It was made in Germany and is of unusual
quality. It appears to be quite old. If any of you have any information
on this machine I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks Jim
Subject: Getting acquainted
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 20:37:19 -0600

I'm not new to quilting, but new to Featherweights, and have just acquired my first.  Might this be the place to find out the year that my fw was made? 
The Serial # is AF 331445.   Any help with this would be appreciated. 
Thanks,  Barbara 
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 09:07:51 -0500
Subject: White belts and Simple Green

Dear Fellow Feathers:
Several people posted to this digest and others e-mailed me privately
about their White FWs with white belts.  The good news is that there are
lots of White FW's out there with white belts, the bad news is that no
one has any white replacement belts.  Should anyone come across them
ANYWHERE, please post to this digest so all of us who want them can
purchase them!  I guess the original belt on certain years of White FWs
was white, and other years was that reddish/orange color.  So, for those
of you who have the white belts, protect them.  It's been suggested that
you remove the white belt and replace it with a black one, to preserve
the white one.  I'm not sure if I'll do that or not, but thought I'd
pass it on.

Ann  posted asking about Simple Green for cleaning
machines.  DH and I have had very good luck using it.  As it's a
de-greaser, it has really been wonderful removing built up dirt and
grime that can accumulate over the years.  This product should be
diluted heavily and only a mild solution used.  Always test any product
such as this on a small and out of the way place on your machine before
continuing.  I've heard reports that some people have had bad luck with
Simple Green and that it took off decals.  Decals are delicate and one
should always use the most gentle touch, perhaps with a cotton ball(or
bud, as Graham calls them).  This did not happen to us, but I would use
any product with caution, as many machine's surfaces differ so greatly. 
We have also had great success with diluted ammonia and warm water with
an old toothbrush on the "silver" metal surfaces of machines, then dry,
and buff with the finest grade steel wool you can find.  We polish the
machine with Meguires automotive polish afterwards.  They always look
tremendous when finished!  I love the grape vine scrolled plates after
we've done them up, very elegant!
Happy Thanksgiving to all who live in the USA.  Enjoy and give thanks!
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 11:44:55 -0600
Subject: Wanted

Does anyone have a FW born in 1946 that you're interested in selling?  I'd
like to have one made the year I was born. (Even better if it's the month
of November. Even better but probably impossible, the 29th.)

Also I'd like to buy the Quilt-in-a-Day book on Amish quilts by Eleanor Burns.

Subject: wanted - size 24x1 needle
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 97 09:21:25 -0500

Hello again,
I recently purchased a little Singer model 20 that
didn't have a needle, nor the screw that holds in the needle.
Could the person who in the past has said that they
could get 24x1 needles please contact me?

Also, does it take a special screw to hold in the
needle, or is it a common size that I can find locally?

Date: Wed, 08 Jan 1997 02:29:05 -0800
Subject: Blew My Mother Board

My computer has been down for a week with the Mother Board sent into
orbit around the moon. Have a new mother board installed on my extended
warranty. Thank God for the warranty. Now, the mouse doesn't work, and I
have figured out how to use the "stone age" method of sending this
message to you all. I miss the FWF. Compaq Tech Support tells me that my
Serial Board is also out, so they have to order a new one and it won't
come in until after Thanksgiving. I never thought that I could miss this
computer like I have this past week. 
I found a "Spartan" by Singer Manufacturing on the weekend. It is about
a 9+ machine. The portable case bottom is about a 5. I glued it back
together and am going to repaper it with something that looks like what
was on there before. I bought it for an irresistable price. 
Does anyone know anything about Spartan? Can you tell me anything about
it. The serial number is underneath the machine head bottom plate. It is
all black including the wheel.
I hope I can learn how to retrieve my mail until I get a new Serial
Board. I must have 300 messages by now.
Happy Thanksgiving and Feather Day. 
Subject: RE: FW Fanatics 11/17/97
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 12:08:48 -0800

from SuEllen 

I wanted to share with you a book I found today in an antique shop.  Its
title is "The Mary Brooks Picken Method of MODERN DRESSMAKING"  by Mary
Brooks Picken, Dressmaking Editor, Pictorial Review.  It was published
by the Pictorial Review Company, New York City, and copyrighted in
1925.  There is a full page picture of Mary on Page 2.  On page 9 are
two pictures of a woman sitting at a modern electric sewing machine in a
cabinet that looks like a Singer cabinet except for is stretcher base. 
The cabinet's top opens in the middle and just the leaf to the left has
a support.  The machine has a small fly wheel, a light in the back, and
a small round motor (with a circular emblem) mounted on the "elbow" of
the sewing machine arm. There is no visible belt nor is the upper
tension on the end of the machine.  What kind of sewing machine do you
think this is?  The pictures only show the back of the sewing machine.
Would Mary have used a non-Singer?  

I also have this book.  If you look closely at the SM on page 9, you'll notice that the arm says "The Free," so this machine isn't a Singer.  Maybe she wasn't working for Singer in 1925?

Subject: current status
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 09:21:39 -0800

Hello, from a very worn, weary and discouraged Captain;

I continue to have, and fight, the computer problems.   This morning, I
have managed to get the mail server working, for how long, who knows?

I did get mail down last night.   I couldn't read it on screen, but could
print it out.  I will try to respond to those I can today.   However,
please be advised that I have lost all lists of addresses, lists of people
I had sent things to or was expecting things from, lists of people I was
going to contact with further info, etc.   Also, because of the nature of
the virus problem, I can most likely never again use any disk that is left
from the old system, which means I have lost all files of books, articles,
etc.  My plans for another book are on indefinite hold, as I am simply too
discouraged to try to recreate all that I had done from a total fresh

My web pages are still up.  However, I cannot access any web site (I can
access, I just can't read the results...)

If there are any folks to whom I was supposed to have sent manual copies
who have not gotten them, please let me know.   Hopefully, an email will do
it, but knowing the problems I am having, I invite you to call me.  I think
I have mailed manuals to everyone I had said I would, but if you think I
may have missed, call me.

Many people had posted questions to me.   My ability to handle mail is now
very limited.  If yoiu really have questions and want an answer badly, I
would suggest you call me:  206-784-0883.  Please remember the time
zones... we don't get up around here till 9 am  most mornings and calls
early than that are a bummer.

I am setting up a new computer system, with all new software.  Hopefully, I
will start to see some daylight in a week or two and be able to get active
again on regular mail.

Captain Dick
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 20:44:33 -0500
Subject: WANTED

I am interested in finding an ELNA LOTUS and an ELNA SUPER.  Please 
e-mail me
Subject: Book for 27
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 97 11:40:00 PST

Hi all,

Am looking to purchase an original (or photocopy) of an instruction book for 
a 1897 Singer 27 treadle machine. Have no idea about needle size, how to 
wind those funny skinny bobbins, etc.
Also need the instruction sheet for the puzzle box.
Need to know where to oil and/ or lube so I can get it up and running. etc. 
Hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving!

Subject: question
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 19:48:19 -0800

I have a friend at work that is looking for a Featherweight table.  I have found some pictures of them (table model 308 or 312) but I cannot find any info on where to purchase one.  Any ideas?

Thanks for your help.   ---Lori
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 23:30:07 -0800
Subject: SPARTAN

Hi, all,

I have my new mother board, and am I happy. It had been down for over a
week. I went to a garage sale last Saturday and bought a Spartan, Singer
Manufacturing Co., Made in Great Britain, sewing machine. It is a
portable. Cute as can be. What is it? I heard someone a while back ask
about such a machine. I never saw the answers to her question. Perhaps
the group answered her directly.
This machine head is a bout a 9.5 and the lower part of the case is
about a 5. The paper simulated white leather is torn and water stained.
I suppose that I could repaper that portion and make it a 9 all around.
The machine runs very well. The young, about 45 year old, woman said she
just wanted some Christmas money and sold it to me for $30. I could have
bought it for less, but didn't have the heart to deprive this lady of
some chritmas money. Is this a good price? Does any one know the model.
The serial number is on the underside of the flat part of the head
Subject: 301/401 walking foot
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 06:05:24 -0500

After reading the recent note about walking feet for these machines,
thought I'd seen if there was anyone out there who could help with my
problem. I purchased a walking foot for my 301 but when I tried using it
for machine quilting, it just didn't seem to move the fabric at all - as
though it didn't really fit properly! Mine came in an orange box numbered
421333-451 and says Even Feed Foot/Slant Shank/Made in Taiwan - with no
marking that I see on the foot itself. I also own another walking foot that
I bought at a JoAnn Fabric store once - before I even OWNED a slant needle
Singer! It was one of those "so cheap I couldn't resist" sort of things
(after having just paid $70 for my Bernina walking foot!) - this was $4.97!
It DOES have the Singer name on the foot, the item number is partly gone
from the price sticker only 41233..461 is visible, and it IS for a slant
needle machine, but it doesn't seem to work either. The feet look VERY
similar - same width and feed dogs as far as I can tell. So if anyone has a
walking foot that DOES work on these machines (and I suppose since the feed
dogs are different, there would be two different feet I would need?) I'd
really like to hear about it - I do a LOT of machine quilting! Sue
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 06:35:48 -0600
Subject: Singer Trivia

Hello everyone from Greg&Mary!

Here is our contribution to the Singer trivia:
Durring WW2 Singer did a limited production run of the (originally a
1917 COLT design) 45cal automatic pistol, the US military's standard
issue sidearm until the 1980's.  These Singer 45's are now highly prized
by collectors, selling for more than $5,000 for one in good condition.

Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 13:42:45 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Drawing Room Cabinet

To Sue:

Had the same problem with my parlor cabinets...couldn't get the machine back
down into the cabinet.

I finally found that the top two front doors on the cabinet were just open
far enough to form a ledge for the sm....try pulling those  2 doors toward
you (all the way closed).
Then , gentle pressure on the sm should easily lower the machine back down
into the cabinet.

This worked for me....let's hope it does the same for you!


Subject: Neighbor's Husband!
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 15:20:51 -0500

Well, the saga of my neighbor continues.  Remember, I didn't know until
about a week ago that she had a Featherweight!  Then discovered her "other"
machine is a red eye.  Anyway, today I stopped to congratulate her husband
on finding the FW for a very good price at an auction.  He goes to auctions
and estate sales, etc. like most of us but is not a SM collector.  Well, he
wanted to show me another SM he knew nothing about except it was unusual
and he had it in a storage room in their carport.    

As he brought it out and began to open it, I suspected and was amazed to
see that he had the Elna grasshopper!  He asked me to make him an offer on
it--said he was getting ready to take it back to the auction if I hadn't
mentioned  SMs,  to resell it, since his wife had no interest in it

So I hope you can help me, Featherweight Friends.  SM appears in an 8
condition, case possibly 7 or 8.  It has some attachments--haven't checked
that out entirely and something like a folded up flyer (is that the
manual?).  BUT the missing component is the foot control.  I thought
perhaps I could take off the control on my Lotus and just ry the motor
before making an offer, but I think the Grasshopper has only two prongs and
the Lotus has three--am I right, or did I not look carefully enough?  

I would really appreciate any advice on what is a fair price to offer him,
keeping in mind the missing foot control and no way to "test" motor.  I
will of course take a closer look before making an offer.  Knowing my
neigbor, I estimate that he probably picked it up for $50 or so, maybe even
less, since he paid $75 for the FW in good condition and had some idea what
it was when he purchased it.

Please e-mail privately or on the digest.  I appreciate any suggestions.

Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 23:36:45 EST
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 11/21/97

What is Cynthia England's Web Site.  Thanks in advance.
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 11/20/97
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 00:06:45 +0000

To all

True story Series two number two

I'll call this bride of the desert

We antique dealers get around and sometimes when in uncharted territory
we employ a local expert to ease our searching.

Thus it was that three dealers took advantage of a cheap air fare and
found ourselves in Morocco. Our first job on exiting the airport was to
find a guide.

Believe me, dear readers, this is not difficult. The slightest
hesitancy in pace guarantees a swarm of wannabee guides promising
everything from the best hotel, snake charmer or the pleasures of a
virgin sister.

We picked up a likely-looking lad of around 30. Never discovered his
name but a small portion of it sounded like Ben so that was good enough
for us.

It was a little difficult to convince Ben of his duties over the next
three days. No we didn't want to buy wacky backy, nor sample the
delights of his young sister or, come to that, his brother.

Ben's job was to be at the hotel at 9am, climb into the back of the car
and direct us to antique dealers and markets.

It took him a day to get the message but soon he was performing well,
only the occasional mention of a sister  - he had one in every town we
passed through.

He was a professional guide and proud of it. Education had been limited
to back-street classes in basic English from an elder brother who now
ran a night club and probably employed quite a few of the sisters.

For the past 15 years Ben had haunted the airport picking up tourists
and guiding them to the best hotel, best taxi and best everything else
which provided a small kickback for an introduction.

Ben was a pretty happy and outgoing character. Due partly to his
natural joy at finding a three-day job although, perhaps, the
inexhaustible supply of strange-smelling tobacco which he smoked had
something to do with his disposition.

On long trips between towns we learned something of Moroccan culture
and with four men together  the subject of sex wasn't totally avoided.

He told us that he was "western civilised" and did not require his wife
to walk 10 paces to the rear but, yes, she was expected to wear a
yashmak to cover her face in public at all times.

Sitting at a roadside cafe with Hookahs and teapot bubbling we got a
little deeper into the sex business.

How, we wanted to know, did boy meet girl in such a restrictive

It tuned out that boy didn't meet girl at all.

Ben explained that when a young lad left school and started work he
would immediately commence saving all his spare cash for the
buy-a-bride programme.

When enough money had been collected the groom-to-be would approach the
father of an eligible girl, sit down and cut a deal.

Now we were getting really interested. Buying and selling we
understood. But we were keen to know the going rate the average father
would put on one unused bride.

Ben was a little reluctant to get into this one but eventually said
that the price depended greatly on the beauty of the girl.

"Yes, yes", we prompted. Our guide lowered his head in shame and
whispered: " At the time I didn't have too much money".

We never met the bargain-basement bride but making our big farewells at
the airport we rounded up all our spare Moroccan money and pressed it
into Ben's grateful hands. He stood on the tarmac waving as the plane
took off, leaving us wondering if we hadn't been a tad too generous and
whether previously-used brides were taken in as part payment on a new

Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 00:15:42 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Thanksgiving Message

Hope all you feathers have a Happy Turkey Day!!!!!!!

Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 13:48:31 -0500
Subject: Post

Hello Everyone...

For  Terry,  re: Walking Feet (aka Plaid Foot or Even Feed)... You're right in 
that  most  of the walking feet available for slant machines don't fit the 301 
or  404.  We  carry  feet that *do* fully cover the feed dogs on both machines 
(as  well  as  a  version  for the 221, 201, etc). Moreover, the 301 (and 221) 
require  that  any  of  these feet be modified to work on the machine, so they 
don't bind...

Also  for  Terry,  re:  White  Belts... I can confirm that the white belts are 
not,  at  this  time, available. I've got one put back for a rainy day... BTW, 
did  you  know that the white FWs also came with white spool felts? Got one of 
those too!

Chris  where  there's a 19 lb. turkey in the fridge 
waiting for tomorrow...
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 10:10:49 EST
Subject: I have a question

I have my mother's electronic table-model sewing machine.  It looks a lot like
the featherweights.  The serial number is AG 969634.  Is this machine
compariable to the featherweights which are so popular and used for quilting? 

Subject: Re:machine quilting with a 301
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 17:44:10 -0900

I have had the opportunity to machine quilt with several 301's and most are
great machine quilters.  In order to attach the slant needle walking foot
correctly, you need to remove the thread cutter and then it becomes possible
to attach the walking foot securely.  Some of my 301's operate very well
with a slant spring embroidery foot for free motion quilting, however,  I
had one 301 that wouldn't make stitches with this foot but did very well
with a darning spring.  Both of these are available from Softwear
Productions at www.softwearproductions.com.  The spring embroidery foot is
#384037 and the darning spring is #102574.  I have no affiliation, just like
their products and service.  So don't give up on your 301's for quilting--I
think they quilt better than my Bernina.

Mary Ann 
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 20:58:41 -0700
Subject: One Drop

Stop, don't mail those FWs and cases to Moonsage!!  I know where to get
One Drop.  I too had been looking for this fabulous stuff - but in the
wrong place.  I found it Tues. in Albertson Grocery Store, in the aisle
where one finds brooms, mops, vacumn cleaner bags, air freshener, etc. 
It will be hanging on a peg, cause that's how it has to be displayed. 
I've one dropped the case and machine and am also going to try the
diatomaceous earth.

Subject: W & G part wanted
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 23:20:57 -0500

My Willcox & Gibbs has a broken take-up (the little post that goes up &
down, and has a springy lever along its length): the little loop at the
top, which keeps the thread from popping off, is broken. If anyone has a
replacement to sell, in any working condition, please email.

Subject: Fw: belt for white machine
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 13:45:12 -0800

For all of you with the "white" machines.  Happy Holidays.  Wanda - Sequim,
I don't think they mfg. the white belts anymore but they do have the
whitish-off color lugged belts which would be better than the black one
for your machine. Good luck. Try Stepping-Stone-Quilts.
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 21:00:28 -0700
Subject: Flywheel won't loosen

On my white FW, I can't loosen the nut on the flywheel in order to wind
a bobbin.  How do you get one unstuck?

Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 11:27:14 -0800
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 11/24/97

To Sharon and FWFers,

I laughed about your estate sale story. That was the funniest estate
sale story I have heard. In telling my wife, MaryJane, the story, I
laughed until I cried. I could just see you running around in the sale
trying to get the sewing stool. And I could feel how disappointed you
were, when you saw the price tag missing from the sewing machine and
just knew it had been sold to some lucky person. Then, to find the stool
covered in cat books and finding later that your husband had bought all
the stuff and the cat books, too. That should be a story for the READERS
DIGEST. There are alot of garage salers who would enjoy that story.
I vote that story to be the funniest for 1997. Can anybody top it?

Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 09:21:58 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Cynthia England and a Request

Dear Feathers:

The Keepsake Quilter catalog, Volume 10, Winter 1997, lists the Cynthia
England Featherweight pattern.  It is #7690 for $9.00.  It doesn't say
anything about fabric.  Their telephone number is 1-800-865-9458.

I'm not sure this is an appropriate request, but I'm going to ask anyway.  I
would like to find an applique quilt kit.  I want one made before 1950, all
good-quality cotton and, of course, no missing pieces.  (Unopened package
would be especially great.)

Please E-mail me privately if you have one for sale.  

TIA, Marge 
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 11/20/97
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 00:06:49 +0000

To Linda seeking odd snippets of Singer history:

When the Singer Clydebank factory was  closed in the early 1980s the hands
of what had once been the largest clock in the world were cut up and beaten
into comemorative ashtrays. The rest of the clock's giant mechanism was
given to the local museum. It got in everyone's way for about three years
and them mysteriously dissapeared one day.
 I've made enquiries, of course, but I never found out who did the
underhand deal with the local scrap metal dealer.

Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 16:07:10 -0800
Subject: White Belts

To All White FW Owners,

Has anyone thought of calling Singer to see if they have white belts for
the white featherweights.  1-800-877--7762

If Singer does not have any, and if enough people call, they might start
to produce them.
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 09:06:06 +0000
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 11/23/97

You can get the Cynthia England "Featherweight" wall hanging from Keepsake 
Quilting in New Hampshire....that's where I got mine.  It's really nice.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 13:03:38 -0500
Subject: Singer History

Love the responses so far on Singer History!  Keep that great
information rolling in.  What fun!
BTW, I found a Singer coin this week in an antique shop.  It's
commemerative of the Singer Bowl at the 1964 NY Worlds Fair.  What was
the Singer Bowl?  I was at The Fair when I was 11, but have no
recollection of that exhibit.  I DO remember the Carousel of Progress,
General Electric's contribution which is now at Walt Disney World in
Florida.  I loved that and loved going to The Fair, but don't recall the
Singer part of it.  I will have a scanned photo of the Singer Coin up on
our web site by next week and will let y'all know when it's there!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 16:41:52 -0800
Subject: Lost Computer Info

Captain Dick and All FWF,

Let's all join together and support Captain Dick in generating the
energy, the desire and the motivation to re-write the information he
lost in his computer program on sewing machines. He definitely has a
gift of knowledge regarding sewing machine history and and technology.
It would be a shame if he does not re-gather the information he has in
his mind and contribute it to the world. That is the legacy for which he
is destined, I am sure. Form a prayer chain and let's get him back into
imparting his knowledge to us all and for the generations to come. Just
think, a young student and historians can look up what he contributes
hundreds of years from now. It is his legacy to us and future
generations. Come on, Captain Dick, just put down a page a day of your
knowledge. Before you know it, it will be all there for you to share
with the world.

When the San Diego Aero Space Museum burned down in 1980, all of us
historians were sick. It burnt up all those historical documents, the
old airplanes. The energy that was generated, by San Diegans, rebuilt a
better Aero Space Museum than we ever had. It is one of the best in the
world now. I like it better than the National Aero Space Museum.
Captain Dick is rising up like the "Phoenix From The Ashes" and
contributing a better book than what he originally had in mind.
"Where the sun shines on the deep blue sea"
P.S. I am going down to the computer supply store tomorrow and getting
the disketts to back up my Family Tree and other important documents on
my computer that I have been putting off.
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 12:31:10 -0600 (CST)
Subject: booklet

Dear Cyndy and Chuch , I would like a copy of your book for the green
GE and will gladly pay the $2, but I need an address to send to. Thanks.
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 13:34:24 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Singer history

Hi All!
Graham F. has some good history on Singer at the
www.ismacs.net site.  I have a smattering of some
history.  Everyone please have a safe and nice
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 23:43:34 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 11/25/97

To all of you that responed to my for sale Singer goodies, I am sorry I left
out the address:


I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Best, Kathy G.
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 23:32:11 -0600
Subject: Thank You For your Generous and Valuable Help

Hello:  I am happy to say that many helpful feathers responded to my 
dilemna about pricing my FW.  All the responses were very constructive 
and I am happy to report that I have sold the machine and table to some 
nice folks over in Arkansas. I will never again walk by a sewing machine 
without looking it over to see what it is!  Thanks so much.  Linda
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 01:20:56 -0500 (EST)
Subject: The Machine in Pickens Book

That is the Singer 101-11.  It was a package deal as even the manual shows
the care and use of the cabinet as well as the machine.  This was the first
machine Singer made that was to be electric only and not convertable.  The
plugs are unique and neat.  Each post attached seperatly.  

Singer sold machines and then you selected a cabinet or case.  In this case
the desk was divided off center of the top instead of the whole top being
opened to one side.  The cabinet is one of my favorite.  The 101 was quite a
machine for its time as the flywheel was very small.  No knockouts for
tredle.  Also, the lube for the motor is done by removing a screw from the
front of the head and then pulling the motor out.  Holds about a drum (55
gal.) of lube.....well maybe a little less....took a whole tube.  The 201 was
the next step and then the 301 was completely different.

Mine was from an estate sale and I could not believe that this was a package
deal until I got the manual.  Once I rewired the cord (the fittings slip off)
it was a dream to sew on.  The bed slips off and that is where the "spider"
is for oiling the parts under the bed.  You cannot reach the underside from
the uderside.  This one is definately a keeper.

Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 11:12:23
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 11/23/97

The NASA Chicken story is a real hoot.  Boy did I need a laugh and that did
My husband is a blacksmith and has lots of friends who are blacksmiths too.
 One fellow decided to make a potato gun.   He would bring his large gun to
the blacksmith conferences and shoot potatoes into orbit.  Maybe that what
is hitting the planes instead of the birds 

I am off today not to go to the malls, but to go to the junk stores to look
for SM!!
Subject: Thanks.
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 13:52:22 -0500

Hi all!
I wanted to give thanks to people on the list that have really been helpful to me this past week.

First Frank   for supplying me with a much needed bobbin for  W+W #8 and needles! Much appreciated!

Second to Frish   for swapping with me our 301 sms so we both got what we wanted!

To Larry and Mel for being kind enough to make available a nice treadle to someone having a hard time tracking down one for themselves.We sure made someone's Christmas wish come true and I am so happy about that. ;)

After being on this list now for about 2 years I have found everyone to be warm, and so willing to be  helpful to all who need it. I am happy to be a part of it all. A big thumbs up to Sue T. for making it possible. When you look back to the early days and still see the same people currently participating in this list ....it really spells out success in my book. I only hope we can continue in the same way indefinitly and keep on keeping on.

To Graham:
Well....... what can I say................your input I believe has made possible many things that otherwise we might have taken forever to find out for ourselves. Much appreciated is your time and effort and I speak for many I'm sure.

I want to wish all my old friends....and new found ones...........the warmest and safest of Holidays.

Subject: part needed
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 13:54:37 -0500

I received this plea from one not on the digest and wondered if anyone can help her out please. You can write to me if so and I will connect you with this person. Thanks!

My grandmother is seeking help on finding a part (the feed dog) for her
Singer Fashion Mate Model 239.... She contacted a local Singer company but
they said that they weren't making part for this machine anymore.  She is
82 years old and sewing is her lifelong hobby...

Can you help us in anyway to find someone who knows where we can get the
part for her machine?

Thanks for any help...



Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 18:30:05 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 11/26/97 - Resend

This was the economy modle for singer until well in the 1950s.  It is a basic
and good sewing machine without frills.  I would love to get one myself.

Check around the area for some sewing machine repair to have the cords.  I
have seen some strange cords used and they work!  One woman used a waffle
iron cord on the two pronges.  As for the price I do not know as that is a
personal thing between the 2 of you.  I would love to find one myself.  

Walking Foot
I have one like you described for my Singer Golden Touch and Sew.  Modle 768
I think...too lazy to go look.  It will not work on the older slant modles.
 But it runs like a dream on that machine.  

Got keys and handle from him for a case.  Good quality and fast service.  

"Girls kick butt"
Got one of the sweetest notes from a DD of one of us.  She and her mom has
gotten their FW to going and you could feel the excitement and pride in her
note.  I remember those times with my mom too.  Long ago.  It is up to us as
parents to expose the children to the proper use and repair of the FW and any
other thing that they will need in life.  DH took all of our "rugrats"
through a course on tire changing and car care before the learner licence.  

Each of us must be an example (guys too) to show EVERY child that taking care
of things around the house is fun and saves $$$$.  I do not believe in
letting them lose alone, but as you work they learn a lot more from you than
what you are doing.  Morals, ethics and fair play are not taught...they are
learned by doing with you.

Blessed be and happy thanksgiving
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 14:10:22 -0600
Subject: Re: Betty in Jacksonville. the missing foot pedal.


My elna supermatic didn't come with a foot pedal. Rather, it turned out
it had a knee control, a  heavy silver rod with a loop at one end.

I don't know if others out there have something different or not.  I'll
be interested to hear.

Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 16:53:13 -0600
Subject: various

The Spartan is a stripped-down version of the 99.  Nice machine.

I wouldn't pay a whole lot for a machine without a foot control, even
if it's a Elna grasshopper.  Maybe this is just me?  I'd figure it to be

something I'd buy for $15; tops $40 if I were desperate for a sewing
machine fix at that exact moment and I liked the neighbor.

I saw a post for a photocopied manual for White Rotary machines,
complete with attachment instructions, for something like $4.50 on
the digest several days ago.  Since then my DH prepped my disk
(I know, I know, but he meant well and I didn't lose a whole lot
I can't find again).  Anyway, would the person who posted that
email me, as I think I'm interested?  I've got a White Rotary in a
cabinet with lots of attachments, which I will never use and which
DH would love to see go, but I'd like to enclose a manual with it
when I give it to charity to increase the likelihood of its finding a
good home.....  I had my investment's worth of fun cleaning up the
machine and cabinet and making it run nicely......

Subject: My machine works!
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 20:44:15 -0500

Hi all, Just wanted to let you all know that the FW (a black one made in
1947) I bought a few weeks ago is now working well.  It was frozen when I
got it, despite the seller's claims that it was in working condition. 
After much WD40 it worked, but was sluggish.  Moonsage kindly suggested
adjusting the distance between the wheel and the motor to loosen the belt. 
That worked great, but the thread was breaking.  With the help of wonderful
manuals, diagrams, etc. and much encouragement from Moonsage some other
online friends, it is now working perfectly, just humming and purring,
making a lovely stitch.  

I learned how to take out the bobbin case to look for threads, etc. and how
to make adjustments to the tension mechanism.  Didn't have to take it
apart, but would have if needed.  My DH, who works on my treadles and other
old machines, gave up on this one and was going to have me take it to the
local dealer.  I was adamant that I was going to give it my best shot, and
I am very satisfied today.  I should be able to do nearly everything needed
with this machine, unless it's a broken part, and maybe even then.  I told
my DH  that he could continue to take care of the other machines, but I
will handle the FW myself.  He was surprised that I did this, but pleased,
of course, that we won't have to be paying the dealer for FW problems.

Moral of this story, is:  Have faith in your own abilities.. you can do
this stuff, too!  With the wonderful diagrams and tips available to us, we
have the knowledge we need to handle this.  Moral No. 2 is:  We have some
wonderful, helpful people on this list.  What a great resource! 
A big "Thank You" to people who love to share their knowledge to help
others.  (Hi, Moonsage.)

I am looking forward to making my next batch of quilt blocks for a swap on
my happily humming little FW.  

Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 21:56:33 -0400
Subject: quick question

I found your great web site for fanatics like me. Please direct me to a
vendor for featherweight parts. Can you help?
Subject: Toy Elna
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 1997 11:36:48 -0600

Hi Everybody,

I just recently found a little toy Elna that I thought maybe one of you
might know something about.  It looks much like a handcrank miniature of the
Elna "grasshopper," olive green, free arm, and all.  It also has a Swiss
music box inside that  actually plays Blue Danube.  On the front it says
"Elna Junior" and then toward the bottom it says in small print "made in
Geneva Switzerland."  The serial number is a bit difficult to read, but I
think it is 110967.  It didn't come with a case or manual, but it is still
in excellent condition.  Do any of you know anything about this machine?
I've checked several sites on the Internet and have seen nothing about a toy
Elna at all and I don't have Glenda Thomas' book.

Thank you to all of you for sharing all of your information.  I have a few
antique machines and love learning more about them form you posts.  Of
course, I have a little featherweight that I treasure.

Happy Holidays!

Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 21:05:45 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Wanted

Looking for attachments to a 1956 Featherweight, as well as a cost of a 1956
machine. I have been quoted $395, with case, no attachments, but in excellent
condition. Is this good?

Subject: Cynthia England FW pattern
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 08:06:05 -0500

Just had to add after reading the notes about this pattern that while the
picture of the quilt looks LOVELY, I wonder if many people are persistent
enough to actually MAKE it! There are a TON of really small little pieces -
no doubt the end product would be worth it, but I don't imagine mine will
ever get sewn! Saw a note in an article about the designer that her
technique was almost like paint by number - and I'm beginning to wonder if
I should try THAT approach! Sure would be easier than trying to do it in
fabric! Or maybe good old Wonder Under??  Sue
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 08:59:15 -0500
Subject: Looking for Featherweight Sewing Machine

I am searching for a good working condition machine not a "collectible" 
am not interested in appearance only good mechanical working condition. 
 Since I travel alot and take classes this machine is ideal for me.  
Please see if you can help me.  
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 09:14:24 -0500
Subject: Re: England Design Studio

Hello everyone:

While in Houston for the Quilt Show I visited Cynthia Englands booth.

I purchased several patterns plus the fabric kit for Stitch in Time.

Address:  England Design Studios
                803 Voyager
                Houston, Tx 77062
 Phone:  281-488-3936
 E-mail: http://www.engladdesign.com
 Fax: 281-286-1880

Stitch in Time is $9.
Fabric kit for Stitch in Time is $18.

You can view all of her patterns etc at her web site.

Have fun.  (no affiliation of any kind)
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 09:24:23 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: should I but a FREE treadle for $113.00 ?

Dear Feathers,
I found a FREE treadle in good condition at an antique dealers.  He had a
price of 225 on it but wanted to sell and reduced it to half that.  It is in
an oak cabinet which someone partially sanded and would need refinishing.
 Its drawers are curved/rounded on the sides of the cabinet.  As you pull
open the top, the machine comes up.  The decals look to be in good shape, but
dirty, so its hard to tell for sure.  Is this a good buy for  $113 ?  Please
respond privately so I'll get your opinions ASAP.  My husband offered to get
it for my birthday.  It would be my first treadle, and I'm not even sure how
to get it going forward, rather than forward and backward as it did in the
shop when I tried the foot pedal.  Thanks in advance.

Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 08:42:00 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Singer Dealerships

Hi All,
You've probably heard this before, but I hadn't.
My parents were visiting me this holiday, and
we (of course) were talking about their FW
business.  Brother had asked if Dad had ever
met any Singer Dealers or Singer Salesman. Out
of this discussion came and interesting tidbit.

At the time when Singer "owned" the stores and
the employees (pre-franchising), whenever one
traded in a treadle, featherweight , or other
older sewing machine for a new one--the Singer
Salesman--in order to get "credit" for the
sewing machine.....had to.....throw the
sewing machine against the wall.  That was the
only way that they could get credit.

Now, some of those Salesmen/Owners of stores,
would take out necessary parts prior to 
*smashing*.  They'd have their bashed sewing
machines lined up in a row, for when the
district manager came by, for their credit.

Singer did not want to be in the "used machine"

Now when the franchises came into play, the
rules of the game (fortunately) changed.

Eya later FW's Fanatics!
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 06:57:06 -0700
Subject: wanted

I just found your email address and very interested in what you have to
offer.  I am interested in finding a motor for Singer 128-23 (Vibrating
Shuttle) machine.  Don't know if this is considered a FW but looks like
what you all seem to describe.  Inherited it from my mother in law when
she died.  I have used it, but tension seemed to go funny and then motor
burned up.  Very interesting machine with needle like bobbins.  I am
also needing a manual for a Merritt 8734. How do I find replacement
manuals? As of this writing have not subscribed to  this mail list, so
please use the following.
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 12:05:01 -0500
Subject: fw extention table

can onyone tell me what to look for in the extension table for the
cardtable for our fws.how does one know that it isnt a regular
cardtable? just wondering how many i may of passed up not knowing what
the tell tale signs are.tia evelene
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 13:10:48 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Elna Supermatic

Does anyone have a source for an Elna Supermatic motor pulley?  

Does anyone know the Elna part number for a Supermatic motor pulley?

I've been able to locate cams for this machine, but so far have not been
successful in finding a motor pulley.  The machine runs well but it VERY

Thanks in advance for any help.

Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 13:23:36 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 11/27/97

Deanna and others
Glad you found the One Drop locally.  I am sure that it is everywhere, just
not that easy to find until you see that first bottle.  I have not had any
offers to trade a FW for a bottle of it but I will watch my mail.  If anyone
absolutly cannot get it and the name of the company supplied does not
help....I will send it to you if you pay the postage and the cost.  The stuff
is under 3 US and shipping should not be over 3.  If anyone is interested I
can get exact numbers.

Another Trade
Talked a woman who was giving me a New Home cabinet to let me have the tredle
bottom for a Singer that I have.  She liked the Singer better.  I got the
whole New Home (circa 1881) for the deal!!!  Needs more help that you can
imagine but it is with the attachments and tin.  Cabinet not too bad shape.

Blessed Be
Subject: kind of an update and thanks (long message)
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 10:22:48 -0800

Hi to all;

This is kind of an update, and a very special thanks to Bill  for
the touching post he put up.  I do appreciate all your support.   I am
still having problems... more than before in one sense.   i bought a new
computer, but am having some startup problems with it as well.   Nothing
major, just beyond my  "buy it and drive it" knowledge level.   the people
that built it are going to straighten that out today, hopefully.   Once i
have the new system up and running properly, we are going to kill hte old
one and start it over.

I now have every virus protection and utility known to man, and all will be
running.   One current surmise re the source of my problem is that I may
have gotten a corrupt cookie (Activex or Java) from a web site.  
Apparently this is starting to become a problem.   With all those little
sound bite and animation cookies out there, if one of them goes bad, it can
really foul things up, and usually will not be picked up by a normal virus
scan.   There is a new type of protection specifically for this.   The
McAffee brand is called "Web Scan" and runs along with their Virus Scan.  
I imagine other brands exist as well.   I do know that I have been advised
to set my browser so that it will not accept any cookies, period.   This is
a pain, because you have to stop at each one and tell it to go away.  I had
mine set this way for awhile, but I discovered that some web sites have as
many as 30 cookies and it got to be a real pain telling each one to go
away, but it is certainly preferable to the kind of problem I have had.

I have had offers to virus filter my book disks through someone else's
system.   (i.e. I will email the date from my already questionable machine
to their',s where it will be accepted through a sophisticated filter
system, converted to new files, then sent back to my new machine)   If this
works I should be able to save most all of the data, though apparently it
will have to be reformatted.

Other than all that, wasn't it a great play, Mrs. Lincoln?    Seriously, I
have picked up another GE Sew Handy, this one with the GE logo end plate.  
This was a blessing from another feather who mentioned it here, gave me the
phone number and I bought it from an east coast antique store.   Also got a
Spartan, finally.   

I have been in and out of the list so much, I have lost track of the quilt
challenge.   Did the quilts get posted?  If so, where:? I would need to go
to someone else's house to see them, since I can't access web sites yet,
but I would like to do that.

 Captain Dick

Note:  I continue to experience severe computer problems.
Most email will probably get to me, but I may not be able to
respond.  If your message is urgent or important, you may
want to telephone.  Please remember the time zones!  Between
late rising and my morning walk, I am usually not available to
the phone until after 10:30 a.m.
Subject: one drop
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 15:04:04 -0600

To all of you that might be interested, you can find One Drop Deodorizer (great for old cases) at Walmart in the kitchen and bath deodorizer section. Jaci
Subject: Elna Grasshopper
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 16:16:05 -0500

Need to write and thank all of the kind Feathers who wrote to tell me that
the Grasshopper should have a knee bar.  I was in such haste to get a
message up that I carelessly said "foot control" missing. It does have the
knee bar but does not have a power cord.  Then, I have since looked at the
machine more carefully and realize it is for European current, so that
means a converter will be required.  

Thanks for all the input and if you have any additional advice or
information for me, I appreciate it.

Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 15:37:50 -0600
Subject: case odor solutions

Inspired by the posting about diatacious (???sp???) earth, I went to the local pet store looking for Nature's Remedy.  Didn't find it; however, I did find a totally non-toxic enzymatic spray called Nature's Miracle that is guaranteed to remove pet stains and pet odors completely (and all organic stains and odors).  Needed it anyway for our pets (side note: works just as well as the expensive stuff I'd been buying at the vets, and costs waaaaay less).  Sprayed the inside of two cases thoroughly, and it works faster and better than anything else I've tried.  It has to reach the source of the odor, which means soaking, but I figured I could re-paste any paper or fabric that lifted.  It was probably a minor mistake to soak the paper-like fabric hinge on one of the cases -- dried
a little crooked, and I don't think the case top closes quite as well as it used to because of that.  Otherwise, though, it worked great!  I just left the cases open to air dry, which they did pretty quickly, and nothing lifted so I didn't need to re-paste.  This stuff says it chemically changes the source of the odor so it can never come back.
I replaced the odor-eater's foot thingies in the cases, as I don't think absolutely all of the musty odor is gone forever.  The odor-eaters got rid of some of the smell, but not nearly the amount or as quickly) as the Nature's Miracle.
I absolutely did not like the fabric softener sheet treatment inside the case.
Of course, I made the mistake of using a sheet from a box DH had purchased,
that had an odor I don't care for.  It just added an awful, cheap perfume odor
on top of the musty odor, and I nearly keeled over when I opened the case
after a couple of weeks!  For months afterward, the case reeked of that perfume, even though I removed the softener sheet.  I also want to try placing a case in a warmed oven (turned off, of course) to try heat-killing any odor-
causing mold the Nature's Miracle couldn't reach.

The pet store also had a couple of odor-eating products to sprinkle in the bottom of cat litter boxes.  Anyone tried this?  I didn't buy because it said they were good for only a month or two, and the one that didn't come in a packet would have to be encased in a cloth bag, I think.

Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 16:05:09 -0600
Subject: bragging and thanking

I just have to brag about my 7-year-old daughter, and thank everyone (I remember Captain Dick, especially) for telling me how to go about ordering a hand crank for my portable 99.  What with vacation here, and having enough time to do it, I set the machine up yesterday on my wooden typewriter/serger cart and helped my 7-year-old learn how to use it.  She pieced her first quilt top!  Strips of fabric sewn together to fit about a 15" babydoll.

This was a child interested in machine sewing, who rejected electric machines because they frightened her.  She liked sewing on an old head I have, just turning the flywheel by hand.  The handcrank works wonderfully, as it allows her to go fast (by her standards) as well as slow.  She really likes the control she has with the handcrank.  Anyway, I checked every strip before she sewed it, helped her hold down the threads at the beginning, etc., ironed the strips as she completed them.  In short, I spent a lot of time running over to help her as she sewed, and believed this was going to be my lot for a long time to come. Wrong!
As it turns out, she decided she wanted to make pouches for Christmas gifts today.  She scrounged a pretty piece of fabric from my sewing area, asked if she could use it, and a little time later presented her Dad and me with our own personal pouches!  I must have taught her well (I'm proud of myself, as I am not well known for the virtue of patience or the talent of teaching), because the thread never jammed or got unthreaded.  I watched her on one seam, and she raised the needle, positioned the fabric, lowered the presser foot, held down the threads, and sewed like a pro!  At the end, she raised the presser foot, pulled the thread back, and snipped the threads close to the fabric.

For anyone interested, I think two things helped a lot.  One was drawing black lines on a sheet of typing paper and having her practice sewing on the lines, with an unthreaded needle.  She could immediately see how well she was doing, and her sewing improved greatly from line #1 to line #8 (couldn't get her to do any more).  The other thing was that I cut a 1/4" wide 2" long piece of molefoam plus and taped it to the silver plate so it measured a 1/4" seam.  (I do this for my own quilt piecing too.)  The molefoam plus is better than molefoam because it is a lot thicker, and makes a really nice edge to butt the fabric against.  (You can buy molefoam plus in drugstores, near the other foot cushioning products.) 
I have had complete success removing the adhesive by softening it first with a hair dryer.  Never put it on the black part, though, because even if you can completely remove the adhesive later, you will lose some of the shiny varnish and will have dull paint where it was.  (Ask me how I know....)

Subject: Great Response
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 14:41:21 -0600

Greetings to all of you FWFers who responded to my question on "dating" my new FW.  I got many good and interesting answers, and will be calling Singer on Monday and waiting my turn for an authentic dating of my beauty.
The Featherweight book by Nancy Johnson-Srebro (sp) was recommended and I thought I could call that up from Amazon and make a quick purchase.  But no luck.  Can someone put me onto the book directly?  I need a good reference book if I am to learn to speak "featherweight."
Thanks.    Barbara 
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 18:00:29 -0500 (EST)
Subject: 99

Well, I've got it bad.  Bought my second old Singer today at a fancy flea
market.  A 99, serial AM, the head in utterly perfect condition for $75.
 (Don't care too much if I overpaid [did I?]) The case is somewhat beat up,
as is the foot control, but even the light works, no rust, no pin scratches,
almost no fluff inside.  Figured out how to thread it - I think my Mom must
have had the big brother version with the knee control, since it seemed that
I had some kind of motor memory about putting the thread down the little
holes on the striated plate, and putting the thread in left to right (did
look at how the needle was put in, though).  Squirted some oil in the obvious
places, and the thing goes like a tank. If I don't guide the fabric, though,
it pulls the cloth to the left.  What do you think it is? Missed lumps of
fluff in the feed dogs?

No manual though - would appreciate a copy, if someone has an extra to sell,
or would be willing to make me a copy (happy to pay for costs and your
trouble).  Also, would like to know what series attachments and needles would
fit it - same as FW or different? How do you wind bobbins - do you use that
the other little (stationary) arm on the front of the machine? And, any magic
hints about caring for and using this sturdy little guy would be greatly
appreciated. (individual e-mail to: doccorwin@aol.co, if you prefer).

NB: didn't get the model 1630 Japanese something or other I saw - way too
heavy and big.  Am gonna stick to Singer portables that I can lift, if not

Next stop - pillows!
Thanks to all,
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 19:53:04 -0500 (EST)
Subject: World's Fair Singer exhibit 1964

Hi All,

You mentioned the exhibit at the World's Fair.  I do remember going and what
impressed me was the free-motion work that the girl demonstrated.  I think I
even went home and tried it and just couldn't master it.  Now that I started
quilting and with the help of the right foot I am having fun doing it.  

Love and Joy  Madge 

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