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October 1997

Sunday, October 26 - Saturday, November 1

Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 16:53:00 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Gold A.P. Letters on FW Motor

Hi Fellow FWFantics!  
I have a FW and just noticed something different about it compared to my
others.  On the back of the motor, to the right of the red "S" (for Singer),
in large letters are the initials A. P. in gold.  Does anyone know what these
letters mean or stand for?  If anyone knows the answer to this, I would be
grateful to know as it has me puzzled.
Diane from Montana where winter is here, way too soon!

Also, to the person inquiring about FW case latch problems and repairs,
contact Glenn W
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 13:35:22 -0500 (EST)
Subject: The Free Treadle

Hello Fanatics,

Yesterday I purchased my first treadle.  It is a "Free No. 5" with a serial
number of  C97654, had gold and green decals of leaves, peacocks?, eagle? and
says Rockford, ILL.  

I think it will run, it has a belt and oscillating shuttle, quite a few
attachments in a purple velvet lined black metal Attachment box.  It is a
flat top where the machine comes up as you flip the lid to the left.  Six
drawers all with their handles.  It's a little dull but it only cost $40.  I
couldn't pass it up for that.  The cabinet is in pretty good shape, just a
little shining up is needed.

Any information on manufacturer, how to date it, manual copies, care and
feeding would be appreciated.

Thanks again to all for your help in the past.  

Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 10/14/97 

Hi Feathers,
How does one replace the red felt oil wick?  My 99k has its oil wick
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 00:06:44 -0500
Subject: Old machine sightings...

Millie   said:

> AMC showed THE ROSE TATTOO last night, in which Anna Magnani plays a
> seamstress. For much of the movie, she sits doing hand sewing at a
> treadle sewing machine but never actually treadles. I could not detect a
> name on the machine but it looked very Singer-like, maybe a model 15 or
> 66.  Gee, is anyone keeping a list of movies in which machines have been
> spotted? Seems like during the past 3 years dozens have been reported??

Reportedly, there is a Singer New Family that lives only a few blocks
from me that is now famous -- it is owned by the sewing machine guy in
Meyerland and was borrowed by the people who made Evening Star (the
sequel to the movie Terms of Endearment.)  Still haven't seen it, so
don't know if it made it off the cutting room floor...

I'm always spotting them, though -- there was the This Old House episode
where they're touring the prospective Old House, for example.  This
house has NO furniture in it, but when they're going through one of the
rooms, there is a treadle machine in one of the corners -- and NO ONE
mentions it!  Never mind that it's the only piece of furniture in the
place -- sticks out like a sore thumb!  Never did hear the story with
that sewing machine...

And when I saw the foster mother in Angels in the Outfield sewing on a
Singer cabinet model... well, I *knew* she was a good foster mother...

Pat   said:

>  It's number is AC which per Capt Dick should be about 1928.  It has a round
> horizontally mounted bobbin but the stitch length is only a knob on the right
> front with no markings, no reverse, Egyptian face plate, very pretty gold
> flowery trim, belt driven, Singer silver color attachment light on rear.
>  Anyway it did come home with me and I'm not even sorry for missing the
> treadle.....3/4 heads were 28,128,99. 

True -- but the 28 & 128 are vibrating shuttle machines (bullet-shaped
shuttle that moves in an arc from front to back.)  My money's on the

Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 19:35:59 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Griest

In a message dated 97-10-26 19:30:35 EST, Sue McClure wrote: 

>> And here's another bit of trivia for you: how do you pronounce GRIEST??

I have always pronounced it like Priest.  Is this not correct? 

Date: Sat, 25 Oct 1997 20:58:08 -0400
Subject: New find

We have found an unusual singer but don't know anything about it.  It is
a black 206K made in 1953 and is in very good condition.  It has a bar
running across the back and some different controls on the front.  Of
course, there is no manual for it. If any one can help on information or
has a manual, we would appreciate your assistance.

Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 10/23/97
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 16:03:03 -0600

I just wondered if anyone else had a problem reaching  ?  I tried at least a dozen
times but was unable to reach it.  I am interested in any, and all sites,
that offer Featherweights for sale.  Just as a side note, I must share my
wonderful find at an antique auction last night.  I got an old Singer
treadle machine (model 66-1, I think from information I found on one of the
internet sites and it was made in the early 1900's) It is in excellent
condition and the decals look wonderful!  I am trying to find a new belt
right now and once I get that I will know for sure how well it works (after
a good cleaning).  The cabinet is in really good shape but no extra
attachments.  I got this beauty for $85.00!  I thought that was a steal! 
Now, if I can just find my Featherweight I'll be content (for a little
while anyway).
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 18:41:21 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Penney's catalog toy machine

  Sorry for any duplicate posts since I know some of you are on multiple
lists, but really had to get this off quickly.  I bought one of the little
black toy machines that are in the Penney's Christmas catalog for my
granddaughter because my daughter said it was ALL she was asking for this
year. I should have known better.
  No 8 year old (or 55 year old for that matter) can thread this thing. Just
so you are forewarned. I took it out of the box today to check it, not
wanting to wait for a Christmas morning fiasco. Thank goodness I did. First I
wanted to put batteries in it and it had a little sliding (I thought) panel
on the bottom where they go. No instructions, no instruction booklet...  I
soon discovered that you need a tiny phillips screwdriver to loosen it before
you can open it...did that, installed batteries and repositioned the cloth
they had left in at the factory. Pushed on foot peddle (it's really small!)
and nothing happened. Tried everything to make it sew, but bottom of chain
stitch isn't working. Removed cloth and snipped thread; suddenly it was
UNthreaded.  O.k., no problem I can thread a needle, right?  WRONG!  The
presser foot is so big and doesn't raise very much anyway and turning the
wheel to get the needle up never raises the "eye" above the presser foot. I
even tried using a needle threader, but the eye is so small it wouldn't go
in!  My daughter will disown me if I give her daughter this machine. It'll
drive her nuts!
  So, buyer beware.  This thing is going back to the catalog store tomorrow!
 I guess I should have known; I remember a similar disappointment with a
small machine we got years ago for one of our daughters. But, this girl
really wants a machine!  What should I start looking for?
  I know I saw a post (deleted now) recently about getting a used machine for
a child, but stupid me can't remember anything that was in it. What we need
here is a very simple straight stitch machine....help me friends!

disappointed LouAnne
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 19:54:37 -0800
Subject: Re: Penney's catalog toy machine

. What we need
> here is a very simple straight stitch machine....help me friends!
> disappointed LouAnne in California
> :>(((((((

:) LouAnne,

There is a sewing machine website called ISMACS that I had till 5/6 wks.
ago. My bookmarks disappeared one day. Anyway, on it(I beleive this is
it) they had a whole list of collectable childrens machines. I had
wanted to get one for my GD too. They were up around 70-120 range.
Clean, repaired and ready to use. Try a web search or post out to the
list. Someone is sure to have the addy. Hope this helps.
Subject: Re-wiring/Restoration Instructions
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 09:30:08 -0800

Hi, all;

I promised I would have my rewiring material available by this time,
but unfortunately got involved with moving a piano and am waiting for
my back to forgive me before I can spend much time at the keyboard.  
The work concept has grown.   I will be including my instructions on
re-belting treadles, retro-fitting heads from electric to treadle,
making a "universal all brand cabinet top", cleaning machine heads,
and a bit about light duty cabinet restoration.   No big secret
here... I'm making it thicker so I can charge more and support my
addiction!  Addicts have no shame!  Seriously, all of this info is
stuff I have been passing out piecemeal, and accumulating for
inclusion in a much larger updated Guide that I plan to get out next
year.   However, that's a goodly ways off and folks keep asking for
the information, so I am trying to see what I can do to make it
available right now.   Watch for announcement on the FW For Sale list
in a week or two, depending on the back.

Captain Dick
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 09:16:34 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Christmas in October !

Hi Feather lovers,
Well, had a find this weekend.  Picked up a 1956 model black with case, book,
attachments, key, bobbins, oil can (empty), lube, in condition 8++ all for
the low low price of $75.  Can you believe it??  That makes # 6 for me so I
guess you can say I'm definitely a fanatic!!  I'm writing to brag about it
because first of all I can't believe it and second of all those of you out
there thinking you'll never find one KEEP LOOKING!!  When I found it I was
shaking so much I could hardly write the check.  
It made my weekend.
Happy Hunting to all,
Joyous Joy
Subject: I'm looking for a Featherweight machine.
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 19:12:02 -0500

 I'm looking for Featherweight machine in the Raleigh Durham area.  Does any one have one to sell?  Any recommendations comments etc.  are welcome.  I went to a quilting class, which had four in it and now I must have one!


Date: 25 Oct 1997 23:06:22 PST
Subject: special find

To all,
     Now it's my turn to do the "sewing machine dance" (I almost
actually did!!)  My girls and I stopped in at our Value Village thrift
store this morning and I headed right back to the furniture/applicance
department to see if they had any Singers.  As I approached the jumble
of stuff, I noticed a sturdy wood-topped card table, and then I saw the
outline of the cutout on the table top!  A featherweight card table for
$7.99!!!  Most of the varnish from the top is worn off and there are a
few scuffs, but otherwise it is in good condition--no rust on the metal
legs.  I had only seen pictures of these and didn't realize how sturdy
they are.  My black AL Featherweight fits perfectly, and we used the
table to play games this evening.
     On the floor next to the table, I spotted a Singer bentwood case
and found an AD 99.  The kneebar and the power cord were laying on the
floor nearby.  This machine is a little rough--obviously had been used a
lot.  The decals on the bed and the shiny chrome on the handwheel are
worn, and the enamel on the front edge is chipped.  The varnish on the
case is almost all gone but the Singer decal is still there.  The motor
controller didn't work, but with a little tinkering, DH got it going.  I
oiled it and it runs well, making a nice even stitch without much
adjusting of the tension.
     I paid more than I usually allow for the machines I collect, ($40),
but I was intrigued by the motor controller under the plate at the right
side of the base.  I have a 128 that was converted to a footpedal, so I
always wanted to see what went in that space.
     I will probably leave the table up for the next few days so I can
admire it.  I never thought that I would ever see one--much less find
one I could afford.

Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 23:03:52 -0500 (EST)
Subject: SM Happy Dance

Hi Feathers,

Had a very good sm week...got my long  wanted Rocketeers (a 500a & 503a) from
GWillie , found a jetson button holer, some cams for the rocketeers and a
wonderful W&W attachment puzzle box. Found 5 tsms & a marvelous Singer chain
stitcher in a treadle cabinet that is to die for. No "Birthday FW" ,but a
very good week 

Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 23:36:12 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Challenge

Hi fellow feathers,

It is done. I have finished my quilt challenge. DH took pictures today, so
off to the one hour tomorrow and back from the real professional in several
days. I plan to scan my best pictures and mail them, too, just to be on the
safe side. I hope many have completed their challenge quilt. I am really
looking forward to seeing them all very soon.

Happy Quilting and Collecting,
Subject: Houston Quilt Show and FW's
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 21:33:40 -0600

Had a great day at the Houston Quilt Festival on Friday -- legs and feet
ready to fall off when I boarded the bus back home-- missed last year so
this year was twice as much fun.

Saw more FW's than have ever seen under one roof before.  Think the entire
universe has gotten the message, and some of them are plumb out of the
universe.  I saw three free-arms-- didn't catch the price on one.  Another
was $1500 and the one that nearly gave me a heart attack was the one for
$2250. I have loved Featherweights since (I guess) the day I was born
(since the one I learned to sew on at age 6 has a BD of 15 days before I
was born) but if I won the lottery tonight, I cannot imagine paying $2250
for a FW free-arm.
Where will it stop??

When it comes to the price of FW's I have to revert to my real estate
years, and the definition of market value-- "the price paid by a willing
buyer to a willing seller, with both parties knowing everything there is to
know about the property (merchandise), and neither being under any pressure
to buy or sell!"

Anyway, Houston show was great fun -- I always miss something that I
intended to see/do, and therefore I missed some booths I planned to stop
and visit in.  The panic of "I may not get all this done" sets in.  Thought
the show arrangement was a little harder to deal with -- the display quilts
were kinda hard to work into the up-and-down the aisle of vendors -- at
least for me.  Food arrangement was much better, and it seemed like the
bathroom lines were shorter -- of course some of us chased the men out and
commandeered the mens privy.

And Pearl is looking better everyday.  Her mechanics are smooth as silk.

Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 05:55:22 -0800
Subject: A 1909 Singer

To All:

I went garage sale-ing this past weekend. In an estate sale in an old
1910 house in San Diego, I found another treddle. It followed me home.
The seriel no. is G04060405, which indicates that it is a 1909. I'll
call Singer today to find out its exact day of mfg. and the model. I
guess it is a 66? Or is it a 115? Anyway, it is about a 7 condition with
great potential to bring it up to an 8 or 9. It works, has all the
decals in good shape. It includes about six bobbins; an old original
book on a Buttonholer, but there is no buttonholer; and it has a whole
bunch of parts or attachments that I don't know anything about.
I just like to resuscitate these old "people" and give them new life.
They can tell us lots of stories about their lives while they served as
sewing machines.
The cabinet is about a 6, but I will have to refinish it. Someone had
attempted to refinished it with a horrible result, years ago. The legs
will need repainting. This will be my second one to refinish. It takes
hours and hours, but it is worth it to bring to life one of these
"historical documents". Oh, yes, I paid $45. for it. I guess that is
good. The last one I bought was a 66 and built in 1919. I paid $20. for
it. It was in the same shape as this one. I brought it up to a 9+ and
sold it for $295. in a week. The amount of work that goes into them does
not justify the price one gets, but the therapy is greatly satisfying. I
have made a rule that I will not buy one unless the decals are in good
condition and their is great potential to bring it up to a 9 or better.
I can hardly wait to get started on it. It has been assigned a bed in my
sewing machine hospital. It awaits cosmetic surgery and love and care.
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 10:39:39 -0800
Subject: Wanted

Anyone have a manual or copy for a Minnesota model H ? This is not the
same as a model A or C. 
Subject: questions
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 10:22:37 -0500

 Seems like an awful lot of the notes to the digest lately are people
asking various questions about their machines - and I seldom seem to see
answers to those questions! Could be that the ones who DO answer do so
privately, but if that's the case, think it might be a good idea to send a
carbon copy to the digest as well - so we ALL can learn! I know I've gotten
a lot of info from the answers from people such as Graham, Captain Dick and
Terri Carl (and of course lots of others!). I still think we need some sort
of FAQ on the various topics that seem to be asked repeatedly by newcomers
- only don't know how those are done in other mailing lists. Any ideas? Sue
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 01:27:45 -0800
Subject: misc.

Just back from a nice weekend antiquing in VT. Greetings to Carol and
Jim at Quilt-a-way in Westminster VT, just off I-91. We had a nice visit
at Carol's shop and have to report that her fabrics are top quality at
bargain prices! I plan to visit again! Not too much seen in the way of
machines, but lots of great antique shops in the state.

Now, I did not have time to report on my 'coup d'etat' of last week, so
here goes....I had some stuff to take to the Salvation ARmy and so I
carried the stuff into the back room at SA and, as I turned to leave,
asked if there were any sewing machines in the store. NO was the
response. I spy a small black case on the floor and ask, what about this
one? Well, the fellow was stunned to think that there might be a machine
in the box and he opened it up to check. Sure enough! A black one, nice
condition and lots of accessories. Then I ask, how about that one?
Pointing to a 2-tone tan box right next to the black box. AGain he opens
the case and, voila, a TAN Featherweight!  After he carried them to
checkout, I paid SA prices (what a change!) and quickly hustled them
both to my car.  I still am in shock as I had never even seen a TAN one
before!!  Great condition too. Lucky me!

Maybe this is why I was not disappointed by finding nothing good in VT,
I am still enjoying last week's finds!
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 01:55:58 -0800
Subject: machine sightings

Well, I just finishing writing that there were no interesting machines
in  VT, but then remembered that there is a very early Singer treadle on
the first floor of a big old mill/marketplace in Bridgewater VT.
However, it was found in the mill when restoration begain and is not for
sale, display only.

Then there is a GE Sewhandy in Deerfield MA. Black carry case but
missing cord and somehthing else. $195. I'll direct you to it if anyone
is interested...

I did see a few White Rotary machines, some never-before-heard-of
brands, a 99-13, etc. Not a FW anywhere.

Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 10:00:52 -0800
Subject: Bernina

Dear Fellow Feathers,
I love my FW for classes and piecing but I would like to PURCHASE A USED
BERNINA.  If any of you have one for sale, please E mail me privately.
 I might be able to come pick it up.  I travel a lot.      Judy 
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 10:17:28 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Singer Buttonholers

I was in a junk store last week and found a Singer buttonholer, black, in a
wine or cranberry colored plastic box with a snap closure.  Looked pretty
old.  Anybody know what it goes to?  They wanted $9.

They also had a FW for $239, pretty used looking, and the case was shot.  It
was in a glass case, but they said it worked.  

I want a cabinet or table for my FW.  Anybody got a line on one?

Thanks -- this is fun!

Date: Mon, 27 Oct 97 14:47:56 +0000
Subject: auctions

So many of you seem to find interesting machines or related sewing articles
at auctions.  I rarely see auctions advertised in my area of central NJ.  I
know of only two.  How do you find out where auctions are held?  Is there
some kind of guide or newsletter or directory?  Is there a list on the net?

Thanks for any hints, and I promise I won't be at too many, bidding against you.

Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 18:06:12 -0800
Subject: white FW pricing

I noticed this week a reference to a white FW sold on ebay recently, and
if the FWF was referencing the 'affordable white FW' which I sold on
ebay for $200, it should have been noted that the machine was without
carry case, without bobbin case, and without any other accessories. Also
the paint had numerous chips.  This is not your average white FW. 
Thanks, Millie
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 18:45:03 -0500
Subject: Singer Featherweight Parts - Help!

Hi,  I'm hoping you can help me find a screw for a bobbin case #45750
for the Singer model #221-1.  It's my mother's machine (she's had it for
forty years or so.  Can you point me in the right direction.  I would 
certainly appreciate any assistance you can give me.  Thanks!  You can
email me or call me 
Subject: 99 or 99K??
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 19:20:25 -0500

Could someone tell me the time difference between the Singer 99 in a
Bentwood case, and a
Singer 99K in the grass & vinyl case??  Seems like there must be a huge
difference, but the
numbers are so similar.	

Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 15:23:18 -0600 (CST)
Subject: c3-120

I have a featherweight, dreadfully in need of repair.  I notice c3-120 
on the motor.  How could I get more info about it?  The local person 
here (Salinas, CA) says it can't be repaired-I've forgotten now what he 
said was the problem.  So, any suggestions?

In advance, thanks.

Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 09:08:30 -0800

I have a 1871, Singer Model 12, with the Fiddle base, need a needle
holder for this piece if anyone has one for sale or knows where I can
obtain one I'd be most grateful.  Thanks
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 09:08:55 -0800

I understand how the gal feels about reserves, but there are many of us
who reserve just to protect our investment; I presently have a FW on the
boards which had a reserve of $225 which I feel is reasonable.
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 09:09:32 -0800

I am new to FW and just saw a posting which mentioned a gentleman named
"Bob" something had replacement decals, can someone please drop me a
note as to how to contact this person about decals.  Thanks
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 09:46:05
Subject: Re: Canadian Singer 1-800 #

Hi everyone:

A few weeks ago someone posted the Canadian 1-800 # for Singer.  A few days
later someone else posted a note saying something about not getting
through.  Has anyone successfully received dates of their machines by
calling a Canadian Singer number with their serial numbers?  A friend of
mine called the Singer Company number (not a 1-800 #) I think in Quebec,
but they didn't know anything there.

It would be wonderful to be able to call myself about machines I find, so I
don't have to bug you guys all the time to call for me.  I'm very grateful
to Bill Mitchell for being so helpful for me with dating some of my
machines.  He so kindly offered to call the Singer Co. for me.  But, it
would be great to be able to do it from Canada.

Anyone have a successful experience?

Thanks a lot.

Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 09:38:46 -0500
Subject: The challenge

Hi all!
Yippee! Just had to share with you all that I finished my challenge last
night.  Thank goodness! : )
Photos will be on their way to Sue T. shortly and I will rest. zzzz.....
Linda H
Subject: WANTED:


1.  2 Pre-war foot controls for featherweight.

2.  Full tray for featherweight case (type 2 tray).

3.  Featherweight case only.

Please e-mail if you have any of the above items for sale.

Subject: Elna Bobbins
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 08:40:57 -0500

To the Feather in Ontario who requested the Elna bobbins:

Please let me know if you received them--I have accidentally erased many of
my messages and no longer have your e-mail address.  They were mailed about
a week ago.  Hope they work for you.

Subject: Re: bobbin problem
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 97 07:41:11 -0600

Chris V. said...

>This problem is 
>(favorite  word  here)  exacerbated by careless stitches who remove the 
>thread  out  of  the case by ripping it out backwards.

Okay, so how *do* you remove the bobbin thread from the case?  Seems to 
me backwards is the only way the thread will come out, unless (light is 
dawning here) you carefully remove the bobbin, leaving the thread in the 
slot, then cut the thread, then pull the thread frontwards.... is this 
the right way?

Subject: Re: Fat quarters
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 97 07:41:14 -0600

Betty asked:

>By the way,
>I'm not a quilter, just a wannabe.  Would someone please tell me what a Fat
>Quarter is???

A regular quarter yard of standard width quilting cotton is 9" x 45".  A 
fat quarter is the same number of square inches, but is 18" x 22.5". 

Lisa , who has far more fat quarters (and eighths and yards 
and halves...) than she will ever need.  But then, what does *need* have 
to do with it? :)
Subject: Bell, Appreciation for great group
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 97 09:25:47 -0600

Just thought I'd follow up on my request of several weeks ago for a manual for 
my Bell portable.

I instantly received two offers of manuals.  Now have a copy of one in my 
possession thanks to lar m'lee quilting!

While I've really enjoyed the list and *greatly* appreciate the copy, I have 
also been exposed to the dangers of this list ;-).  Santa is bringing a 301A and
my mind is racing about lots of other possibilities.  What,you ask?  I realize I
can't tell you that or I will never get the next master's degree done or pay my 
half of the mortgage.  So for now I'll repeat the mantra "all I want is an MS, 
all I want is...ok, an MS."

Back to pleasant lurkdom,

Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 12:51:14 -0500 (EST)
Subject: need help with 306

My son brought us a 306 in so-so condition (that is not the Forsdyke scale.)
The bobbin case is missing.  I thought about the cases being
interchangeable between the 301 and the 221 and was about to try a 221
bobbin case, but I chickened out.  Don't want to get it stuck in there. 
Does anyone know if it would fit?

Since it isn't in great condition, we may just take off parts and junk it.
Should I just save everything that will unscrew or pry off?

Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 01:00:10 -0500
Subject: New Chat Room!!

Hi everybody!
Long time no post but I have some exciting news! My brother has set up a
virtual chat room for us all linked to my website for 24 hour a day
Virtual chat!! Please feel free to stop by any time and chat with other
FWFs or toy collectors about your collecting addiction. Your brouser is
all you need, no programs to download! Just click the link and sign on
for the first time.Many different options available to use and I will
need to learn them all myself.
I thought this would be a great place for people maybe looking for quick
answers to questions or just to "talk" with your friends and make new
friends on a rainy day. You can add pictures to your posts or
attachments, links, whatever you want.
I will check in throughout every day and am available for questions
anytime.So come on over  when you feel like a little friendly sharing or
company.Like I said........24 hours a day!

You can find the link located on my home page for MAGSRAGS Vintage and
Antique Sewing machines located at:

Hope to be talking to you!
Date: 28 Oct 1997 11:29:58 PST
Subject: 319W

To Amelia,
      You had found a 319W and asked about the one-piece throat/slide
plate.  I had written a short time ago about my 306W which has that
plate.  It also takes a "different"
bobbin, similar to a Class 15, but slightly larger in diameter and not
as deep.  I found that the bobbins and  bobbin case from my Riccar
industrial were the same size as what my 306W needed.
      With the 5 built-in stitches, the 319 must be a step up in the
206/306 family which were the first zig-zags Singer produced.  Are the
cams made of flat black plastic about 1-1/2 inches in diameter and 1/8
inch thick?
      I also have a 328, a front slide plate, class 66, low shank
machine (someone on the list once said it looks like a tractor) that is
very plain, but sturdy.  It uses the same cams as the 306, but has no
built-in stitches other than the basic zig-zag--an economy model,

Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 10:37:48 -0800
Subject: singer box top

I have been told by numerous people that your site was the place to find
what im looking for. however, your home page does not seem to have a
place where you can post what your looking for. I would be very grateful
if you could somehow let people know that im looking for a singer box
top, wooden, with raised wood letters that say singer on the front. it
is the only piece missing to my great grandmothers machine. 
anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated.
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 10:44:41 -0800
Subject: wanted singer box top

I am looking for a singer wooden box top which has singer in raised wood
letters on the front. please e-mail me if you know where I can find one.
it is the only missing piece to my great grandmothers machine. 
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 23:37:15 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Book on 221's

HI to all,
I saw the new book by Nancy-?-Johnson?  at Faye's in August.  I called the
Singer stores in town & they don't have it.  Can anyone help me find it ?  I
can get the authors name off her first book.  I need to know the title & any
publisher's number etc.
Thanks,  Joy 
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 11:58:40 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 10/25/97

In a message dated 97-10-28 08:56:09 EST, you write:

This is something that bugs me:  somewhere on the 'net in the last few days
I have read about someone who had a Singer machine that had a
throatplate/slideplate all in one--such that when you got ready to do
anything to the bobbin, you had to lift the head of the machine.

The 206K and the 306K both are that way. I learned to sew on a 206 and I was
amazed when I grew up and found other machines don't do that.

By the way, does anyone know how to get the needles for the 206 and 306, both
machines use 206 x 13 needles. My Singer dealer didn't even believe me when I
told him I needed a non-standard Singer needle until I showed him the manual.

Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 13:39:06 -0500
Subject: post

Hi All...
I've got a friend who's looking for a Bobbin Case and Bobbin for a Singer
model #115-4. Any one have a spare they'd be willing to sell or barter?

Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 09:34:51 -0600 (CST)
Subject: German-made Singers, etc.

Dee  said:

> ...  Have you ever heard of Singer machines being made in Germany?  I
> called Singer to see if they had any information and the only thing she
> could tell me is that Wittenberg, Germany, began making machines January
> 1, 1908, but the company did not keep good records so they have no
> information on the year this one was made. 
> There is a book (in English) with it and it says it is a 201-2, but
> there are some minor differences.  Also, since it was made in Germany, I
> would think the manual would be in German.
> Does anyone have any information on them or seen one?

I do know that Singer machines were made in Germany, and your serial
number is consistent with those made there.  If the machine you have
matches the one pictured in the manual, you've probably got a 201-2.
(Some things to look at:  the location of the tension mechanism and the
bobbin configuration; also, the 201 was a rotary machine, so if you look
underneath, you'll see a couple of round enclosed gear boxes.  The 201-2
also had an attached motor with gears that drive the machine -- if you
were to take the balance wheel off, you would see the gears.  (Not that I 
recommend doing this if you don't have to!))

I don't find it unlikely that the manual would be printed in English --
these machines weren't made just for German consumers, but for export as
well.  This one could have been intended for an English-speaking market.

The 201 was made starting in the 1920's, but I don't know when the first
201-2's were made.  All of the ones I've found have dated to the
40's/50's, though.

JE said:
> I am looking for any ideas on how to remove that light coating of rust
> from attachments.  Can anybody help?

Soak them in Liquid Wrench, then clean them off with very fine steel wool
or emery cloth.  It's tedious, but the rust will leave some pitting, even
if it's a light coat...

Graham said:

: To Dan re Speigel
: This was not a manufacture in the true sense. I do not know the company
: but the chances are that the machines were made for the retailer by one
: of the large manufacturers.
Spiegel is (and has been for a long time) a mail-order retailer.  When I
was a kid, we got three mail-order catalogs to peruse when compiling our
Christmas lists: Sears, Penneys, and Spiegel.  So you're absolutely

Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 19:18:06 +0500
Subject: where to get feet pads

Where can one get the felt (?) pads that are at the 4 corners of FW? Mine are
a mess & half gone.
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 16:27:29 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Need zigzag instructions

Does anyone have instructions on how to use Singer ZIGZAG attachment 121706?
 I picked up the attachment some time ago and it doesn't have any
instructions.  It doesn't use cams and I have no idea how to use it.  Help.
Subject: Fat Quarters
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 19:54:48 -0500

Thanks to all who responded to my question about what are Fat Quarters.  I
got eight replies!  If you ever feel lonesome for some e-mail, just ask a
question on this digest and lots of kind people will take their time to try
to help.

Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 01:08:07 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Thanks To All


Just wanted to thank all of you who have so kindly given of your knowledge re
the white FW that Singer called a 99K .  I am convinced that they are in
error.  Cleaned it up, put a little grease and oil in appropriate places, and
took her out last week to a guild workshop where we all got together and made
Christmas stockings to sell to support our Teacher fund.  She performed
nicely and was admired by all.  Considering her condition when I rescued her,
it has probably been awhile since she had so much attention.  

Thank you again for all your help.

Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 02:15:08 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re:  FW Fanatics 10/26/97   206

We have found an unusual singer but don't know anything about it.  It is a
black 206K made in 1953 and is in very good condition. 

The Singer 206 was made in 1953/54. I read somewhere that it was Singer's
first attempt at a zigzag machine but it was a sales flop. 
My mother bought mine used when I was 2 years old (1956). It takes an unusual
bobbin and supposedly needs different needles   (206x13), most people seem to
be able to use modern Singer needles on it. Take the bobbin case with you
when you go to the Singer dealer to buy bobbins. That is the only way I have
been able to convince them that I do not want a 15 or 66 class bobbin.

Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 19:11:44 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 

Pleasure doing business with Glenn Williams from Fla
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 09:46:03 -0600
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 10/27/97

Karen said:

> Could someone tell me the time difference between the Singer 99 in a
> Bentwood case, and a
> Singer 99K in the grass & vinyl case??  Seems like there must be a huge
> difference, but the
> numbers are so similar. 

The model number, 99 (with or without the "K") refers to a specific kind
of machine -- it's a 3/4 size class 66 machine.  That simply means that
it has certain features in common with other class 66 machines, like the
model 66, 185, 192, and so on.  (One of those features is a drop-in
bobbin -- called a class 66 bobbin! -- which you can easily find in
almost any fabric store that carries bobbins.)  The "K" behind the model
number means that it was made in England.  

There are several versions of the 99, just like there are of other
Singer models.  The 99-13 was one of the earlier ones; the stitch length
mechanism on it is a big (about 1" diam) thumbscrew on the front of the
arm.  The 99-28 and the 99-31 both had levers for stitch length instead,
and came later.  I think the 99-31 had reverse, but I can't remember if
the -28 model did.

Also, at different times, different cases were sold with the machine. 
So the case you have may or may not have something to do with which
version of the 99 you've got.

In any case, in operation, it doesn't really matter very much whether
you have a 99-13 or a 99-31 -- they use the same bobbins, needles,
presser feet, etc.  And they probably sew very much the same, too!

(By the way, I think my 99 is still about my favorite machine to sew on
-- don't know why, but I really love it...)

Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 11:13:53 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Hey they are there!

Hello All!
Re: Bob C , Still having the FWF get together
on November 7th?  Well Mom and Dad (Deloris and
Deloris ) will be in Baltimore that weekend
I believe.  Give em a call!!

All of your FWF's that went by Wayne Arnold's booth
and mentioned you heard about him on the internet,
he got quite a kick out of that....Thanks!!

Come by my site and see the changes!

Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 12:28:27, -0500
Subject: oxygen chambers for musty smell

         You write---- The tip on removing the smell sounds great - I
have several FWs  with that smell.
 Now, where do you find these chambers to change the oxygen level?!

My suggestion would be to look in the yellow pages under Fire/Flood
restoration and just ask about their use of these oxygen chambers. Would
think most in this business would use the same techniques. I'm sure they
have had many unusual requests before with people who's valuables(
something other than a FW ) have taken on that nasty fire smell.
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 12:36:37 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re:  FW Fanatics 10/27/97

Sue  , your post regarding the FWF need for a FAQ was wonderful.  As a
devoted FW owner and long-time lurking list member, I must admit that I know
very little about Featherweights, even though I'm sure I know every cog and
oiling point in my own dear machine.  Although I learn a great deal on this
list, I'm still often unclear about much of what you all discuss and am
hesitant to ask you to go over old territory.  So here's my vote:  I'd love
to have a FAQ!  
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 13:15:12 -0500 (EST)
Subject: replacing the red oil wick

My local sm repairman says to buy regular felt...and cut it in a little
square and then stuff it inside the spring----he says that is what he
does....I need to do this to a couple of machines, but haven't tried it yet.
Just thought I might pass his tip along.
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 11:22:52 -0800
Subject: Singer 401A 

I have recently purchased a Singer 401A in great condition.  However,
after taking the time to go through everything I find a few things
missing and am hoping to find someone willing to part with them from
their stash:  Cam #2, the Special Purpose Foot, and a Slide Plate
(present one works its way off when machine in use).

I appreciate hearing from anyone who can help me out. 

Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 15:19:14 -0500
Subject: FWF Challenge

HI All:
Should you be sending photos via computer vs. mail to Sue T. for the
challenge entries please use the following address:

> sue@ox.ttsw.com

Thanks to all!  Keep those challenge entries coming in.  Sue advised
there are 8 so far!!!!!  Good luck to all.
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 21:08:19 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Linda in Northern N.J.

HI to all,
Saw Linda's request to see the "red head" Singer.  I noticed some of you call
it the red eye.  In a great book I checked out at the local library it is
referred to as the "red head as called by the Singer Co.".  It is a real good
book called "Sincere's History of the Sewing Machine".  If you are a history
buff you'll enjoy it.  It tells about all the different brands & how they
came to be & has a special slant on Singers.  It is out of print but would
make a great gift for someone you love who loves machines.  
Linda, on page 139 in Helen Lester Thompson's book "Sewing Tools & Trinkets"
there is a great picture of one.  
Bye for now from the state of confusion known as my house,  Joy 
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 17:57:40 -0800
Subject: Toy Machines

I was at the Antique show in Portland last weekend and they had a toy
Ideal treadle with machine in beautiful condition.  I asked the price
and it was $3900.00.  Is this machine that rare that it would rate
that type of price?  I realize some Toy machines definitely are very
rare and rate high prices.

Can anyone tell me about the machine, it's rarity and what to look
for when purchasing such a machine.  This definitelyw was a beauty.

Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 08:59:31 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Weekend buy-help

I'm coming out of lurkdom to ask a question about a 503 that I purchased this
past weekend.  It's in good cosmetic condition--an 8+ or 9 and seems to have
been used very little.  There are problems, however.  The spool spindles are
gone, and the bobbin winder is 'sick'.  It was 'frozen', but DH freed it up.
 Now it does not 'hold' in the winding position and slips back into the
sewing mode.  Is it difficult to take this apart and put it back correctly?
 Are there directions somewhere that I could follow?  I am not 'SM
Challenged', having repaired my 401 these past 40 years.  However, I have
never run into this problem.  The rubber 'donut' that drives the bobbin
winder on the 503 has deteriorated, but since the needle engages after
awhile, I don't think this could cause the problem.
This weekend was productive for spotting sms, but the  301's and 221's elude
me.  I did see a 128 (1937 according to Singer) in a bentwood case, but
passed.  DH wants me to go back and get it.-------Maybe.
TIA for info on the 503.
Subject: visitors
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 19:45:55 -0800

Hi, all.

Have had a couple of really nice FW visits.   Kathryn and
family, f came by awhile ago and spent about an hour
here, and today Lorie  and Sharon  came by.  
They spent even longer and we had a great time.   Think I dragged
half the machines in the basement out to show them off... to say
nothing of the 37 in the sewing room and a few scattered about the
house.   They made me count the machines and I feel wonderful... I
thought I had hit 100, but I have only 80 (plus, I am sure an odd few
that were sufficiently in hiding that we missed them).   Must now run
out and buy some more!

Seriously, if you're in the area, I love visitors, so don't be
bashful about calling and coming by.

Captain Dick
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 06:42:19 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 10/25/97

Hi Feathers,
I had the  pleasure of meeting Sue  the other day.  She lives not too
far away, and I had contacted her in search of a buttonholer for one of my
machines.  She kept warning me about how many machines she had but I didn't
believe it until I saw her sewing machine display in the bathroom as well.
 It was so  much fun to see her collection; mine is so tiny in comparison.
 I'll never feel guilty again for buying these guys ( in a fit of guilt
before finding you folks, I sold 3 machines at a garage sale last year.  One
was an Egyptian, another turned out to be a Rocketeer, although I didn't know
that at the time.  Bummer.  What's done is done, but never again!)

Seems like winter's almost here.  Good sewing time, even though the estate
sales and garage sales seem to be winding down!

Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 21:57:43
Subject: Another SM

Hi Folks

Well I haven't had the time to go looking for SM. but I guess I have
instructed my MIL pretty well.  She came home last week with a nice find.
She found what I would call a converted treadle machine.  It is a singer I
think a vibratory #2 serial number 13082742.  It has a ugly finish which I
guess is the gozilla (sp)
finish that folks talk about.  There is no decals much left on it, but you
can see where it use to be.  I was wondering if the decals didn't hold us
as well on this of finish as the smooth?  DOes any of the experts out there
know about that?  It has a singer motor and a light.  It is in a case that
you see a lot of machines in.  Box with a  handle on top.  I need to find a
reprint of the old Sears or Mongomery Wards cataloge to see if what the
conversion kits looked like.  It also had attatchments with it (lots) and
they were all Singer.
Anyway she was really pleased that she bought it for $10.00 and it runs
like a charm.  I do't think I have seen a machine whit such even tension!!!

I now have at least a dozen machines and still no Feather weight.  But
since I got my wonderful little 301 in the case with everything with it, I
am quite happy with that.

I have been taking pictures of my machines and placeing them in a book.  I
list where I have gotten then, how much I paid for it, the serial number,
what came with the machine, model number and any other info that will be
helpful to me.  I wasnt to knwo all the model numbers of the Singers by
sight and have a idea of what they are worth.  I thik this will help myself
and others who are in search of those sewing machines!!

Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 06:53:52 -0800
Subject: ISMAC

To All:

I seem to have lost the address for ISMAC. How does one join the group?
Subject: Bobbin case screws
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 10:35:03 -0500

Stepping Stones Quilts, which advertises on the weekly FWF "Featherweights
for Sale" post, sells bobbin case screws for the latch and tension spring. 
They have a home page and a reasonable price list. 

Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 22:08:32 -0800
Subject: FW Repair

To Barbara . I tried to contact you but could not get thru. For help
on your FW I suggest you contact Jim S  in Chico. E-mail him . He will steer you right. Jack
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 22:15:32 -0700
Subject: Singer # from Canada

For Jacqui ,

My cousin called the Canadian Singer # in Quebec for a manual for her old
treadle machine but they couldn't help her with the birthdate. When I found
my fw this summer, I called the American Singer # and found out the
birthdate, with no problems at all. Call the number in the U.S., it's a
toll free number, even from Canada and you  can find out about your
machine. It's worth it!

Subject: Feb In Fla
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 04:26:52 PST

Hi all, we are arranging some FW Care workshops for the Tampa and 
Orlando Florida areas for last of Feb. first of March and am hoping that 
some of you FWF will want to attend. Glen   is helping in this 
effort and we are hoping to do at least two workshops in both locations 
and would be willing to do one in Nashville or Knoxville on the way down 
from Michigan. Other locations  in these vicinities will be considered 
upon request. Check out our web page in a day or two and we will have 
the exact location for the one in Tampa with the others to follow. Fees 
for the workshop will be provided upon request.  
Millie I am jealous, you always find the good stuff. Nancy 
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 09:10:28 EST
Subject:  Carter Bays

Someone just gave me a copy of an article from The Wall Street Journal about
Dr. Bays.  It seems he is "thinking of cashing in" his collection which the
article calls ". . . the best private collection of early American treadle
sewing machines in the world, according to Graham Forsdyke, secretary of the
International Sewing Machine Collectors' Society, in London, . . .  "
Looks like we are talking megabucks here, folks.
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 10:14:48 -0500 (EST)

If anyone has filled out a Featherweight survey in the past two weeks,
please fill it out again. The survey form was not working properly from an
unknown date until 10/27. 

Thanks and Happy Featherwieghting,

Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 18:46:55 -0500 (EST)

Hi Feathers

Have been talking to a few  Minneapolis feathers & we thought we'd put a
feeler out to see if  any Mpls members would be interested in a Holiday
gathering? It would be so much fun to meet all of you. Let me know what you
think of this idea? We're trying to get an idea of the numbers so we can
plan. We could even bring "show & tell" or do a swap.

E-mail me  

Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 06:08:00 -0800
Subject: Re: Domestic

> Hi,
> We bought a Domestic at a garage sale last summer which soounds similar to
> yours for $50.  Someone had done some work on it, and it looks very nice;
> there is a piece of veneer which looks like it was replaced.  There was a tag
> on the machine for $125.  I believe the people may have had it in an antique
> mall at one time.  It included all the attachments, too.
> Gail


How old is your Domestic and what is the background on it? Where were
they made? Were they before Singer, etc?
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 09:15:58 -0500
Subject: Lady's Circle Patchwork Quilts

Just finished reading an article on page 6 of the December issue.  Mae
Connors of Falls Curch, VA was inquiring about acquiring a
Featherweight.  The editor 1isted Ken Jansen of Crafty Corner in
Worthington, MN and suggested a class in the Care and Feeding of your
Featherweight offered by Bill and Nancy Behrman.  Two pictures of black
Featherweights and on picture of a Singer treadle with a dark oak
looking cover with what appears to be maybe caning on it.  I don't know
enough about the treadles to tell you anymore.  What AMAZED me is they
did not mention ANYTHING about the Featherweight Fanatics.  I will write
a letter to the editors mentioning this as a fantastic resource.
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 10:50:42 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 10/28/97

In a message dated 97-10-30 07:07:34 EST, you write:

>My son brought us a 306 in so-so condition (that is not the Forsdyke scale.)
>The bobbin case is missing.  I thought about the cases being
>interchangeable between the 301 and the 221 and was about to try a 221
>bobbin case, but I chickened out.  Don't want to get it stuck in there. 
>Does anyone know if it would fit?

The bobbin case on a 306 is not the same as the bobbin case for the 301/221.
The 306 bobbin is smaller in diameter and taller than the 221 bobbin.  The
306 bobbin case is part number 105032, it was also used on the 206. The
bobbin for this machine is available (usually by special order) from the
Singer dealer.

Subject: Oil Can
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 16:10:24 -0000

Hi - I don't have much opportunity to find FW things around here but today
in the local market I found an oil can. It's about 5 inches high, silver &
has Singer stamped on it. Wow! I paid about 75 cents for it. 

Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 11:25:59 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Oil "spider" for 101 and 201

I had to redo one as some one had opened the machine before I got it and the
fragile spider was missing some of the  wicking.  I used a shoe lace from a
tennis shoe.  It was the same size and I carefully worked it into the medal
holders and pan.  It works!   Not the original part but at this point
desperation breeds innovation.  Hmmm....wonder is the Nike company would use
this in an add..."just sew it"

To get to e-Bay
http://cayman.ebay2.com/aw/listings/list/category114/index.html  this will
have you at the sewing area.  Move down the screen until you see a line of
numbers.  These are the pages.  Want to see what is about to close?  Put your
cursor on the last number and click.  

I saw the white one too.  It was not in great shape but it was white.  I was
amused that it was for 200 when the black one was at 500.  Ah.... I am never
out of amusements as long as there is the web.

As for the saying about price....that is exactly the way it is.  When there
is an auction I will bid until I hit my limit  (about 50 past DH haveing a
coronary) and that is that.  I will bid against anyone on net, at the real
thing same goes unless the other person and I have an agreement about it in
advance.  I have held back only to have them bid against me when it was the
one I wanted came up and they had already gotten me to hold off on their's.
  On the net it is automatic and I set my limit and leave it.  You
have no way of knowing who is bidding.  Wait for your buddy and both of you
may lose.  I only bid at the last minute.

Blessed Samhain to all
Date: 30 Oct 1997 08:56:24 PST
Subject: needles for 306W

To Denise ,
      Have you tried regular 15x1 needles in your 306W?  My 306 had been
retimed(?) or adjusted so that it takes regular needles.  I had bought
mine at a thrift store and didn't know any different until a sewing
machine repair man mentioned it when I took it to a 4H class.  So--if
you can't find needles, maybe you can find a competent repair guy to
adjust your machine.

To Marilyn ,
      My 306W was also missing its bobbin case.  My sewing machine man
had one that fit, but it cost $30 five years ago.   It may or may not be
worth that much to you.

Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 07:27:59 -0800
Subject: I am in trouble

Okay feathers,
I am in big trouble, and need some advice.  I was working on a quilt top
yesterday, doing some satin stitching, and my Pfaff 1471 started slowing
down, and down, and down, until now it barely moves.  This is terrible
timing, cause I am stacked to the top ;with projects that need to be
finished (other peoples).  I have to finish that quilt, finish 20 pairs of
pants, a wedding dress, 4 bridesmaid dresses, a doll that needs to be
dressed, etc. and not including Christmas for my family.  The nearest Pfaff
dealer is an hour and a half away.  Any one have any ideas about what the
problem might be, or how much it might cost to repair.  I do have other
machines that I can do some work on, but they all just straight stitch, and
I really need the zig (especially to finish the satin stitching, and to do

BTW  I am getting a FW.  It will just be a while.  My aunt has a mint
condition AJ Centenniel that she is going to give me sometime.  It has all
of the original stuff with it including the short oil can, and green
cardboard box.  The case has a few little tears in the fabric, but
otherwise is in excellent condition.  She also has another FW, older (AD)
but not in as good shape, and nothing with it, not even the right foot
pedal.  I would love to have it too, but my sister gets it.

The other machine that I was looking for a bobbin winder for is a 127, so I
am still looking for that.

I just read the post from the person that had a SM  made in Germany.  I
never noticed before, but my 201 must be that too, cause there is no belt.
It has an attached motor, and little round gear boxes underneath.  I don't
have the manual, or any attachments to it .  My neighbor that gave it to me
is still looking for all of that.

Thanks for all of your help, and advice.  I really enjoy this list.

Bev Mc
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 12:30:34 -0500
Subject: refinishing a treadle

To Ingrid  :
I'm ashamed to admit that I've been so far behind on my digests (but
catching up finally) that I am posting in response to your post of Oct.
18th.  But, since then, I've seen no other responses to your request for
information, so I thought I'd answer.  Better late than never!
I got an old White Treadle in a cabinet for $30.00 (through Sue McClure
in Albany - thanks again, Sue!).  The machine was, and is, in pretty
rough shape, having been painted over flat black with a brush.  After
determining that the machine originated out of Pennsylvania, we
determined that it had been Amish owned, as it's owner deliberately
covered all the "fancy" goldwork.  We haven't decided what the fate of
the machine will be, after all this time, and there it lies in a box.

But, DH decided to refinsh the treadle base and cabinet.  May I say that
he did a tremendous job and he cleaned the base with a wire brush and
re-painted it with Rustoleum paint.  It gleams and shines.  Yes, he did
re-paint the WHITE name in gold, as that is how it originally was. 
There are those who would not agree with this, but it came out lovely
and I do like it ever so much.  He did a beautiful job on the wood, it's
finish is several shades lighter now.  It's now an ornamental table in
my bedroom, waiting for a machine to go inside.  I looked and looked for
a White Treadle, as that was like what my Grandmother owned.  This isn't
exactly like hers, but very close.  BTW, Nancy B., do you still have the
old Shuttle operated White, and do you still want to part with it?   I
might be ready.....  Again, I wouldn't recommend refinishing an
extremely old and valuable machine, but this was $30.00 and it wasn't in
the greatest condition.  I would NEVER have refinished mt Wheeler and
Wilson from 1864, no way!
At any rate, hope my info was helpful.  Just finished reading a digest
today in which a comment was made about not posting ANSWERS to all the
questions asked, so I thought I'd take the plunge, even if this is to a
very old question.

Also, to David B , I might have the needle bar for the 66 you asked
about on Oct. 18th.  If you still need one, e-mail me privately.

Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 10:42:02 -0800
Subject: Unmoveable screw - Help!!!

Hi, Feathers!
   Just back from Houston - with a busload of quilters - and one just
called with a dilemna - perhaps you can help me help her. She has a FW,
and we talked at length about them on the 10 hour drive down and back -
especially the importance of cleaning, etc. regularly. After recovering
from the sensory overload, and the credit card meltdown, she decided to
really clean her machine and ran into the problem of not being able to
loosen the tiny screw that holds the bobbin case housing in - WD-40
applied and allowed to sit overnight did no good. I even drove over to
see if I could help - that baby won't budge!
   Now she is certain that not being able to remove that bobbin case
housing because of that little stubborn screw will one day mean big
problems ( thanks to me and my big mouth!)
  Please Feathers, we need your advice here - and soon!( We just know
dust bunnies, tiny pieces of thread, and who knows what other
unspeakable creatures are lurking back there that need to be dealt
  Thanks in advance!


(P.S. - She now has the cleanest machine I've ever seen, except for that
small area, and I think there may be more FWF's from Arkansas joining
the list soon - Yea!!!)
Subject: Postings, new machine, and quilt challenge
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 12:47:44 -0800


first, re direct postings.   This is something I have really wrestled
with.  I make an average of at least 6 to a dozen direct responses a
day to FW and ISMACS.   Some days it's quit a bit more.   I just
don't feel right seeing the lists come out, and there are bunches of
messages from me.   Anyone I respond to who thinks the response is
worthy of sharing is certainly welcome to do so.

Have developed an interesting way to get some machines... I do free
performances for several homes for retarded adults (mentally
challenged if you are being pc).   They also need sewing machines in
each living set-up to do minor repairs to clothing.  I have
established a good enough relationship that they know what I do with
machines.   I have told them that anytime they get an old machine
(and they do get them donated to them), I will be happy to take it
and give them a newer machine with zig zag, etc., all freshly
overhauled.   I keep an eye out in sales for the 1960's Japanese
portables, and try to always have one or two around in good shape. 
This has brought in a couple of machines.

Yesterday I did one of these switches and got a nice 1930's Kenmore
(White).  It's the typical White Rotary, but in a modern enough model
to have reverse.   Has a bunch of bobbins and accessories with it.  
It's an interesting casting.   The arm is octagonal.  I had a
Franklin just like this awhile back.   Nice thing about this machine
is it's made of alloy, and quite light, and also came in a largish
very well made wooden carry case.  Neat.

I had previously sent challenge quilt pix to Sue, but apparently to
the wrong address, so sent another batch off today.   Am spending the
day catching up to the group I am leading through a mystery quilt.  
They are almost all done with the top and I hadn't started my own
yet.   Mrs. Captain is off to a Presbytery meeting this afternoon and
choir this evening, so I am setting up the FW table and the Golden
Gate in front of the tv, lining up a bunch of bad scifi movies, and
am going to wade into it.   I hate to admit this, but I have never
used a FW for quilting before!   Should be fun.

Captain Dick
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 10/25/97
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 23:46:28 +0000

To Gay re Minnesota

These machines were made by a whole bunch of different companies at various
times for the Sears Roebuck company. Could be Davis, New Home, A G Mason or
Standard. I do not believe that any serial number records  have survived.

The Belaire is easier. This was a National product.

To Chris/Cheryl re aluminium oxide problems

Now I'm not guaranteeing this and I'v never tried it but I've been told
that the oxidisation inhibitor used in anti-freeze for aluminium engines
will halt the problem. Theory is that you paint it on, wipe off the surplus
and let things dry.

One thing's for sure, the bed plate won't crack in cold weather.

To Chris re Green/white FWs

I like the white turning green theory . However Singer advertised this as a
pale tourquoise colour which suggests that if there was any colour change
it was the other way with the green fading to white over the years with
some whitening quicker than others -- exposure to sun perhaps.

Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 10/26/97
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 23:46:56 +0000

To Pat

You will find some information on Free at the ISMACS site

Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 19:41:58 +0000
Subject: touch up paint

Has anyone found an automotive  touch up paint (the ones in the nail 
polish like bottles) that matches the standard gloss black finish on 
Singers? If so, could you post the manufacturer and color code.

Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 19:49:51 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Thank you All!

  Thanks to all who've responded to my saga with the Toy Sewing Machine (TSM)
for my granddaughter. I've received so many posts, I cannot begin to answer
you all. Plus, my aol e-mail has not been working the past day or so. Don't
know what that's all about, but am getting used to these glitches. You are
ALL a great bunch of people and have been so giving and helpful.
  I returned the little TSM to the Penney's catalog store here and while
there the ladies on both sides of the counter related tales of their
childhood machines. I guess I was lucky; I had a nice little one that worked
pretty well in the early 50's. I DO remember going thru this w/my middle
daughter. Memory must have been in the dead part of my brain when I made this
  Anyway, today I just happened to walk into the Salvation Army store right
after someone had brought some things in to donate. Guess what was sitting
there?  Well, no, it WASN'T a FW. That would be too good to be true. But, I
need help deciding what I've got here. As it cost only $15 (!) and it appears
to work well, I can't have gone too wrong.
  Machine is beige and called a Morse. It is a model 595 SE and the serial
number is 6942.  It has a push button for reverse and does several sizes of
zig zag as well. Everything seems intact....cord, foot pedal w/cord, needle,
bobbin case w/ a bobbin. It even came w/ a full bobbin AND a spool of thread.
Looking at the outside of the plastic (beige also) case I was fearful,
because it is Mega-dirty. But, nothing that won't come off w/soap and water.
I think this machine has been stored a very long time in someone's garage.
(We don't have basements here in California!)  Inside it is in what I would
call pristine condition. It has a few pin scratches on the chrome throat
plate, but doesn't look as if it's been used very much at all. It has a
double spool holder and the red felts are still there.  I'm not sure I've got
it threaded right, but I did get it to sew a bit in the store before
something tangled.
  So, help me here. Has anyone got the same machine? It came w/no attachments
or  manual, so has anyone got one they could copy? What about feet and
attachments, buttonhole and other? Are there some compatible ones that will
fit?  I'm not going to tell my daughter anything about this until I hear from
some of you. I'm sure though that it's worth more than the $15 I paid for it.
If I kept it, I SURE couldn't use it for classes though; unless I bought a
handtruck....it's HEAVY!
  Thanks in advance!
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 20:54:42 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 10/26/97

One of the guys I work with just brought me in a sewing machine head that he
had sitting in his barn.  Turns out it is a model 27, with the large spoked
flywheel and the Egyptian decals.  It needs some clean-up but all of the
parts are moving.  My hopes are that I can turn it into a pretty and useable
machine; one which I can take to school as a model of an older machine.  I'd
like to put a handcrank on it and was wondering if this would be feasible (I
had spoken with Mike in Canada via this board a while ago, but probably
wasn''t specific regarding which machine I'd put a crank on)  I figured I
could also use it on heavy materials and leather as well.  Plus, I'd like to
build a bottom for it, so it would be sort of portable (it was originally a
treadle--I have some of the other parts but not the whole cabinet as the iron
part was sold to be the base of a table.

So, could someone give me some suggestions as to how to clean up the decal
without ruining it?  Also, would WD 40 work to remove some bits of rust here
and there?  A long time ago, I tried to clean an old head with something and
it was too caustic, ruining the decal.    I did call Singer, and the machine
was manufactured on December 5, 1899, I believe (one of those latter years of
the century)

Thanks for your help!

Subject: Singer history (was "German-made Singers, etc.)
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 21:01:26 -0500

Previously stated:
>The 201 was made starting in the 1920's, . . .

Hate to sound like a nit-picker, but I don't think the 201 was around in the
20's. From Sincere's History of the Sewing Machine:

"Singer followed the Model 221 with the ultra-smooth model 201, which they
introduced at the Texas Centennial, in spring 1936."

So, I guess that that means that the 221 and 201 are "sisters", and that
Capt. Dick has something to look for for his "special badge" collection.

- Clay in "Spring again" NJ

PS - We also have a German-made 201. Ours is a treadle in a simple,
drawing-room style cabinet. (Kinda square with one big door in the front.)
Subject: help with 306
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 21:16:22 -0500

Marilyn  :

We also have one of these. Got it at a flea market for $40, took it out of
the ugly homemade wood base, cleaned it up, and put it in a 40 cabinet. Your
221 bobbin case will definitely NOT fit. Not only that, but it takes
different bobbins than 221, 15, or 66. A local dealer who does a lot of
trade in industrial machines sold us bobbins and needles, and showed us the
bobbin case he sells for about $40. Don't scrap that baby for parts. IMHO,
it's one of the best zig-zags that Singer ever made. I especially like the
fact that I can change stitch widths without having to mess with the
tension. And, you can reverse the stitch pattern simply by flipping over the
cam. True, 306-class discs are not easy to find, and not inexpensive (as
much as $12 each) but at least two Singer dealers in our area have them.

Just my 2cents worth,
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 08:10:21 -0500 (EST)
Subject: first time post

Hello from a first time poster. I have been reading and enjoying the FW F for
some time.  Have in my collection l6 black FW's of which there are two sets
of twins.(AK99487l and Al005434) Born 8/ll/52. The other two are (AJ8l5163
and AJ806470) Born 8/22/l950. The AJ8l5l63 is a Cenntenial model. Also have
two white ones. Have 2 tables, full sets of attachments, including one sewing
bird/clamp Simco(121318) from Singer and one antique brass sewing bird. Still
searching for freearm model and a tan FW. These  are fine machines to capture
the attention of young children. Three year old granddaughter is already
sewing with adult supervision. She claims both a black one and a white one as
her own. 
Bobby and Judith*
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 17:59:39 -0500 (EST)
Subject: help identifying table

DH has put the word out that we are looking for a sewing machine folding card
table with a cutout.  His boss found a table with a cutout, unfortunately,
not a FW table.  I've never seen one of these though and I'm wondering if it
is for a specific machine or just a generic table.  

The top is made of wood measuring 18 x 40".  The cutout measures 101/4 x
201/2 and flips up instead of coming out like a FW table.  The space inside
for the machine measures 101/8 x 18".  It has a space that you would put the
cord and foot pedal through.  Underneath the table is a label that reads "
This Beautyfold Sew-Table is constructed of finest grade Birch Plywood.  To
protect it's furniture finish it has been coated with furniture wax.  Wipe
with a clean cloth."

Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 11:20:03 -0800
Subject: 99 vs. FW

Carole ,

I went through the same thing with my model 99 that I thought was a FW.
The proof was in weighing it. If it weighs about 11 or 12 pounds, it is
a FW. If it weighs about 20-21 pounds, it is a Model 99. The K after the
99, I understand, means that it was manufactured in Great Britan.
Subject: replacing red wick
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 13:31:09 -0600

 Hi all, regarding the red felt for the wick,  should you use real wool felt
or is the stuff they sell for craft use OK? I know it is not  wool butsome
kind of polyester or other man made material.  I found it sheds unlike the
real thing.

Subject: Status of New Book Project
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 16:40:44 -0800

Hello to all;

As always seems to happen with me, the simple project I started... a
wiring guide... has grown and grown and now I groan.

Just to bring you all up to date... I am now in process of putting
"Captain Dick's Comprehensive Compendium on Restoration of Old Tired
Sewing Machines".   This thing will obviously take longer than I
planned, but it will cover all of the following:  cleaning old
machines;  cleaning motors;  installing treadle belts; 
re-treadleizing electrified machines;  filling paint chips;  bringing
a cabinet's finish back to healt, short of actually stripping and
refinishing;  deodorizing FW cases;  building a universal sewing
table to fit all machines;  selecting an old machine with use in
mind;  re-wiring old machines, complete with diagrams; building
display boxes;  and, last but not least (and this is where the main
hang-up is right now)... making a new FW portable case.   I have a
bug or two to work out on that last item, but I want to include the
design for a really, really nifty case that will give you greater
security, greater mobility, and for those with allergies, do away
with the whole problem of the case with unkillable mold in it (you
just store it with a relative you don't like!).

Anyway, please be patient with me.  I'm getting back to work again
after the back probelm, but have to catch up on a quilt or two and
fit this in and around.   Incidentally, I am quilting our Christmas
tree this year!  Yep, tree and all!  No more messy putting up and
taking down.   Just get it out of the box and unroll it.   Tree will
be a design based on use of log cabin concepts... decorations are
buttons from old sewing machine drawers.

Captain Dick
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 07:27:31 -0500 (EST)
Subject: WANTED

1.  Sewing machines by the Free Sewing Machine Company (treadle or electric)
2.  Shuttle for the Free No. 5 treadle
3.  Long bobbins for the Free 

If anybody has any machines from this company for sale, please e-mail me!
P.S.  I would also like to thank everybody who responded to my post about
rust removal.
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 08:10:22 -0500 (EST)
Subject: first time post

Hello from a first time poster. I have been reading and enjoying the FW F for
some time.  Have in my collection l6 black FW's of which there are two sets
of twins.(AK99487l and Al005434) Born 8/ll/52. The other two are (AJ8l5163
and AJ806470) Born 8/22/l950. The AJ8l5l63 is a Cenntenial model. Also have
two white ones. Have 2 tables, full sets of attachments, including one sewing
bird/clamp Simco(121318) from Singer and one antique brass sewing bird. Still
searching for freearm model and a tan FW. These  are fine machines to capture
the attention of young children. Three year old granddaughter is already
sewing with adult supervision. She claims both a black one and a white one as
her own. 
Bobby and Judith*
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 10:01:52 -0500
Subject:  Spool pin on Spartan

I would like some advise on replacing the spool pin on my Spartan.  When
I purchased it at a used furniture shop the spool pin was missing...I
bought a metal pin at my local sewing machine shop and using epoxy
attached it to the top of machine.  I tried at first to jam it in it's hole, but it
wouldn't go in more than a millimeter and I chipped a speck of paint...The
epoxy did not hold and now my dilema has returned....if anyone can
offer suggestions I would appreciate it...Thanks!  Janet
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 10:18:21 -0800
Subject: English Pub w/ Sewing Machines

To All:

My sister told me yesterday that, a few years back, she and her husband
would visit a Pub in London where all the tables were Singer sewing
machine tables from which the patrons were to eat. Does anyone know of
that Pub. She says it was in the area around Pall Mall Street and the
location of the Old Curiosity Shoppe. There must be alot of sewing
machine cabinets around there, and if they are no longer in business,
there must be even more available?

I have been cleaning up the Model 66 (1923) that I bought last week. I
find that there must be a clear coat of varnish or ? over the black
paint. When the machine had sat in the sun over the years, the
ultrviolet rays make the surface kind of cloudy. I find that 0000 steel
wool and WD 40 (invented and headquartered here in San Diego) rubbing
very lightly, so that one does not ruin the decals, is effective in
taking it off. This makes the black finish come out deeper black and
newer looking. I am hand scraping the old revarnish finish off the wood
cabinet and find that it is walnut. That wood is really beautiful. I had
thought that they were all made from oak in the early days. I am
learning, step by step.
Subject: updates on web page
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 09:00:12 -0800

I finally got around to adding pictures from the SM Museum on my web page.  I also finally put up the text that accompanies the picture from 1917 showing how a SM works.  I have the text both on a page by itself and with the picture.  (The picture takes a LONG time to download.)


BTW, I'll be out of town for a little bit, so I can't answer email for awhile.

Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 09:24:54 +0400
Subject: Singer booklet

Hi, all:  It was great to connect so many names with faces at the
Houston Int'l Quilt Festival, and to see so many Featherweigts being
appreciated!  Was lucky enough to see the new acquuisition in Cindy
Reynolds' booth - a pristine 222!  Saw other 222s as well, some
retrofitted with new, non-Singer motors for use in the US.

I picked up a present for myself - an early Singer Catalogue of Machines
for Family Use, undated, about 4-1/2" high x 6-1/2" wide, with
profile/cutaway pictures of the "Five Distinct Types of Sewing Machines
Accepted all over the world as comprising the Best in sewing mechanism. 
They are:  Singer No. 27-4, Vibrating Shuttle Lock Stitch
      Singer No. 15-30, Oscillating Shuttle Lock Stitch
	  Singer No. 66-1, Oscillating Hook Lock Stitch
	  Singer No. 9 W 7, Rotary Hook Lock Stitch
	  Singer No. 24-50 'Automatic,' Single Thread Chain Stitch"

The booklet also shows 10 cabinet styles, and illustrates portables 28-4
and 24-51 (only 18 lbs.), and shows the attachments available, along
with the expected self-promotion Singer was famous for.

Anyone want Xeroxes?

Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 11:33:30 -0500
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 10/29/97

Hi everyone,

For those of you who quilt, you might find this interesting.  Go to:


Look under nostalgia designs and then stitch in time.


Date: 31 Oct 97 14:04:02 -0500
Subject: Greetings!

Hi Feathers!  I'm posting for the first time, but I already feel as
though I know many of you from reading this digest for the past three weeks.

I "know" Captain Dick because I enjoyed a very informative and delightful
telephone conversation with him.  He was a sweetheart to help me locate
an original FW bobbin case which I purchased from Glenn Williams.  As well,
I was lucky enough to attend my first International Quilt Festival last
week where I met, IRL (In Real Life), Xenia from Indiana and Phil from
Little Foot.  The vintage fat quarter given to Festival Feathers from Xenia,
and the FWF note tablet from Phil were very much appreciated!  And what
nice people they were too.  

I became a proud FW owner nearly four weeks ago when I purchased an "AJ,"
Centennial model at an estate sale.  Alas, the bobbin case had been
stolen from the machine during the sale, so that is how Captain Dick and Glenn
Williams came to save the day.  A lesson learned:  To try out a sewing
machine, do not simply plug it in, press the foot and note that the needle
goes up and down--as I did!  Thread it.  Since the stitched sample was under
the needle, it never occurred to me to question whether the bc was in the

I'm happy to say that today all is well my FW sews like a top.  It's a
great machine, between a 7-8, and came with all accessories--case (style
three), oil can, motor lubricant in a box, the original manual and many feet
including a buttonholer and zig-zagger.  Today I learned from Singer that
"AJ's" birthdate was October 26, 1950.  (Oh my!  Have I just given my
"baby" a name?!)

Allow me to recommend, with no affiliation, the new FW book by Nancy
Johnson-Srebro, Model 221: The Perfect Portable.  It's an excellent resource.

Thanks for the great info I read in this group.  Though you may not know
it, you have all been most helpful.   

Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 17:52:25 -0500 (EST)
Subject: White rotary info please

I was able to purchase a White Rotary black head and have no idea how to
identify it and purchase a reprint/manual. s.n. # FR 3209585 with "818 -
1" cast into bottom. The last patent date on the slide plate is 1913. If
anyone would be so very kind to share any info/guidance for me privately
by email I would be most appreciative. 

I wish there was a CAPT. DICK field guide booklet (I've read mine 7 times) 
for Whites Rotary - Made in USA. 

The White has a slotted flywheel, no rev., verticle bobbin and the entire
needle assembly, presser foot assembly and thread tension come off with
two big screws. When I first saw it at the Farm Mission Thrift Shop in
Boyntom Beach, FL (Hgwy 441) it was in an old cabinet which was rotting
away with no motor. Next time the head was by itself on a shelf @ $8-. 
The finish is gone off the back and the decals on the front are about 
70%, the face plate about 60% and the base about 40%.  Looks good in the 
book case & wondering if it's worth buying a treadle base for it ?

Anyway it cleaned up nice with Fantastik followed by a hose then gently
rubbed in some 10w30 to kill the white film oxidation from the Fantastik. 

BTW: They have a pretty green 185 in a nice cabinet with knee controller 
for $49-.

Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 16:38:40 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Did you see?

  I got a mail order catalog from Costco Wholesale today and on page 33 is a
Singer Classic Electronic Sewing Machine. It' s $99 and called a Model 25TC.
It's black like the FW, portable, and comes in a bentwood case. It's very
pretty.  Good deal?

Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 06:19:04 -0800

To All:

Yesterday, I found a little black box 3" x 6 1/2" and about 1 5/8" tall.
It has, in gold,"ATTACHMENTS", stenciled on the top lid and little gold
loop dee loops around the edges. Inside the box, the lid and bottom are
lined in purple velvet. There is a chrome bar attached in the lid to
hold sewing machine attachments. There is another chrome bar attached on
the bottom for holding attachments. It is full of Griest sewing machine
attachments. There is a pair of small sewing snips. I thought that it
might be Singer, but the bobbins are a little larger than Singer
Does anyone know what I have? What machine are the larger bobbins for?

Did I find something good?
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 22:46:32 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Chain Stitchers

Hi Feathers,

Found a wonderful Singer Treadle Chain Stitcher today. Don't know much about
these sms and it came without a manual,so am in need of help re identifying &
dating this sm....don't even know how to thread it. The lady I bought it from
says it's circa 1886,but who knows for sure? The cabinet is identiacal to the
one belonging to my 1911 sphinx (the later having 7 drawers,instead of 3) &
has a little(smaller)coffin top which is in very good shape...also need info
re needles? Help my fellow feathers!

I got my Other Little Foot from Phil and it's wonderful ! Have one of these
IMPROVED feet on my Pfaff,New Home & FW. Am eagerly awaiting the new Other
Litle Foot for my 301...Phil? These are the best quilting feet I've seen...do
try one!

Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 22:55:03 -0500 (EST)
Subject: e-bay reserve prices and questions

The only negative thing about the reserve is that I would like for the
bidding to start there.  I feel a little dumb when I make a bid and thinking
that I have made a most generous one I find out that I am waaaaaay off. Now I
realize that when I bidded on a machine for 5 and got it that I was going to
need to pay more but if I knew ahead of time how much more I would not
embarrasse the both of us.

I am pleased that now the reserve note is printed by the highest bid.  And
when it is met the note changes to tell you that it has been met.  

None of us would take an item that is worth a set amount to us and sell it
for less.  I do not expect the e-bay sellers to do that.  The effect would be
a lot of really neat items not being offered.  You do not have to bid any
higher than you wish and they can have the safety net.  Many here are quite
proud of the fact that they paid the asking price to individuals and did not
try to get it lowered is it was a bargin.....I see this situation as the

Answering questions:
I have mixed feelings about doing this online in the newsletter.  I looked at
my last listing where I did that and it was too long. Was what I did seen in
the same light as I saw it.  I answer a lot to the person asking.  

Is it possible to have an answer list?  We send our advice to that letter for
a question and then you have many giving their answers.  IWe do have more
than one way to make a Singer sing.  

I am not talking about a new question on a machine.  As new people come
online they need answers to something we may have covered earlier or
privately in a long reply.  Some questions are regulars...such as oiling,
cleaning and how rare is a Singer 500A.  I am not putting them down for
asking as I have asked the same myself.  We all want to learn.  Any idears on

Blessed Be on this rainy Samhain night.
Subject: Neighbor's FW
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 1997 13:31:18 -0500

To Capt. Dick

I never mind your multiple entries; they are almost always something I can
learn from.  Same is true of Graham.

My neighbor collects buttons and has gotten me a little bit hooked on them
too.  I go to flea markets and find what I think are some pretty nice
buttons, but then when I go to her house and see what "real" buttons are,
mine look like so  much trash!  She has some of the most beautiful buttons
and actually judges shows. But anyway, how is this related to FWs?  We
somehow got onto that topic and she casually mentioned that her DH had
bought one at an auction for her.  I looked at it and it was an 8+, both
case and machine, possibly a 9. He paid $75!!! for it. I told her that was
a real buy.  Anyway, imagine my next door neighbor sitting over there with
a beautiful FW and I didn't even know she had one.  Hers is exactly like
mine that I paid $200 for (same vintage).  

I like the idea of FAQ because sometimes you read something that is not of
interest to you and then later have the same problem/question, but no
longer have the digest to look it up. Once someone wrote how to test your
bottom tension by letting the bobbin case drop from your hand, for example,
and that was really a help to me in adjusting mine.

Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 23:47:10 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Smelly Boxes and a funny find

There is a product called "one drop" that gets rid of smells with 1 drop.  I
find it in the local grocery or Walmarts.  You use 4 drops (one in each
corner of a room) to get rid of paint smells.  It does not cover it, the
smells goes away.  I have heard that this is the same type product that
funeral homes used.  It does work on luggage and other enclosed areas.  I
have never gotten a case that smelled so I do not know about that.   It did
kill the urine odor on a machine base that I ordered and when it
arrived...whew!  Did not repair the damage on the bottom of the vaneer
seperating but the smell is gone.

I bought a walnut 1928 Singer 66 tredle.  The bobbin winder had a new "wheel"
but was out of adjustment.  IF you held it the bobbin would wind.  The woman
that sold this to me was using the machine when I came to get it.  She did
not want to let me have the bobbin in the machine as her thread was on it.  I
finally got one bobbin from her..after she wound the thread on a spare spool.
 I started to adjust the winder as it is a pain to hold it and wind the
bobbin while tredle-ing.  Looked at it and the rubber "wheel" did not look
right.  Took it off and on the sidewall was "Tonka"....it was a toy car
wheel!!  The other one has worn out and she had used a toy car wheel.  I
found this to be funny enough to share with you.

Blessed Be
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 17:26:04 -0500
Subject: Sewhandy/G.E./Osann

Hi All!

        I've been having a conversation with another FWF about the Standard
Sewhandy/G.E./Western Electric/Osaan portable machine. We've compared a few
serial numbers and it's very interesting. I know quite a few of you have
these machines and I'd like to be able to compare more information. If you
have one please email me your:

Serial Number (include the letter in front of the stamped numbers)
Color of machine
Manufacturer of the machine
What does the face plate look like?
Is there a date on the back of your manual?

I'll post to the group with the results.
Subject: Purchase of a Featherweight
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 1997 09:24:38 -0500

I would like to purchase a featherweight for my mother.  She lives in 
Coconut Creek, Florida (near Delray).  Can someone give me an idea as to 
where I can find one?

Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 12:28:33 -0800
Subject: 206-306 bobbins

 There seems to be lots of talk on bobbins for the  206 and 306 lately.
The bobbins are available from Newark dressmaker supply
@1-800-736-6783.  They are $5.95 a dozen.   It wouldn't  hurt to take
a look at  the catalogue because the  fall/winter on has a scroll faced
FW           right on the front!
Has anyone else seen the Three Amigos movie with all of the old
machines?          (I know,  we will watch almost anything around here)
  Also for anyone who missed and wants to see the Feathers who met back
in      S.D. in August there is a photo up on my page.
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 01:41:40 -0500
Subject: Chat

Hi everyone!

Well for those having any problems getting into the chat room please
stop by this address for simple instructions I have written to get you
started. Believe me I was a bit confused at first too!
Go to:

There you will find what you need to know, and a link directly to the
chat page.
Please don't be shy and write me directly if you want to "practice" a
bit. I will meet you there if available. Once we break the ice we can
make good use of this site. You don't have to chat, but can observe also

until you feel comfortable joining in.

On another note I was the lucky recipient of a nice old Singer 6 drawer
Treadle model 15 last week. My DH's aunt left it to me! It is nice but
well used having the irredescent colored shell type design.
Also a good friend asked if I would adopt their mom's old Singer 201 in
desk with the whole enchalada! Now where to shift everything after the
last  major shift to fit in the 15 treadle. I now have  more "end
tables" than I could ever use in one lifetime. BUT...I did make one
treadle a receiving table in my front hall entrance.Good place to catch
the mail!  Using another W+Gs treadle cabinet to sew with my FW and it
is just great.
Where there is a will.....there is space!

Please see new additions to my web site.Located at:

Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 12:13:38 -0800
Subject: Singer Industrial

To All:

I just saw a Singer Industrial sewing machine at a garage sale near me.
I'm not into industrial types, but if you are, you can call and maybe
get it if you are nearby or ? It looks like a 9+. It is black and
mounted on a blond table. Singer is in gold letters on the head. No
fancy stuff. It has grey iron legs. It is a treddle that was
professionally coverted to an electric. The motor makes the treddle
pedal go up and down. Very nice condition. His wife has been using it
for quiet awhile. The husband said that he used one like this one for
making sales and signal flags in the Navy, I think. They said that it
must me about a 1927 or ? The number on the table part of the head is
W667044. There is another number farther up the head toward the wheel.
It is 111W105. They are asking either $175 or $165 for it. Their phone
number is 619-454-7316. I told them that I was going to go tell my
friends about it. It isn't likely that it will sell today in the garage
sale, so you might have a chance to grab it. This is Sat Nov. 1 at about
noon PDT.
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 17:42:32 -0800
Subject: misc

Greetings, a friend has a Singer GENIE and tells me that the fabric
feeds at an angle now, which is aggravating to her. Her Singer dealer
told her that this is 'normal'. It seems to me that this type of problem
was reported recently as a feeddog problem. Can the experts out there
elaborate? And could it be anything else?? I plan to look at the machine
and want to know exactly what to look for.

Not much these days in yard sales in New England! I did answer an ad on
an old Singer sewing machine. Turns out it was sold and I was upset
because by the description I thought I had missed an 1850's machine. The
woman said that she did have 2 other treadle bases and by her verbal
description they sounded like turn-of-century items. However, she lives
nearby so I made plans to visit her which I did this morning. 

Turns out that the Singer she sold was a turn-of-century, big treadle,
and the treadle bases are both Willcox & Gibbs, 1857 and 1860. I brought
along my Carter Bays book so that she could identify the sold machine.

The moral here is that the sewing machine 'layman' has no clue when it
comes to describing the machines and even when fed questions manage to
leave false impressions on what the items actually are. So sometimes it
pays to follow a gut feeling and check it out yourself. BTW this woman
is an antique dealer.

One more story: Early in the week the local TV station did a segment on
how easy it is for men to lure women into vans under false pretenses. 10
of 15 women left a mall with a grandfatherly-figure to be 'filmed for a
TV commercial'. Anyway, this was still haunting me when the phone rang
and a fellow said that he has a FW for sale. When I asked where I could
see it, he said that he needed to go to a bank nearby so he would meet
me there. I told him what vehicle I would be driving and he told me he
would be in a black (no, don't let it be a van!) van... Well, now I am
getting the creeps, should I go or not. And it is Halloween to boot!
Hubby was unavailable so I called my MIL and she was available to go
with me and my protective lapdog, Jake. Picked MIL up (she brought
pepper spray) and we drove to the bank, which turned out to be a pretty
busy parking lot. The fellow arrived and sure enough did have a black FW
in the rear of the van. Transaction completed..  The big question is, if
MIL had not been available, should I have gone alone?? Would you???

Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 18:40:17
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 10/30/97

I would like to know if this list has a list of titles of Sewing Machine
books. I have gone to my library and done a general search for sewing
machines, but I come up empty.  SO I need specific titles.  This
information whoul be nice to publish on the list for folks who are
interested...like me : )

I also got lucky today and bought a bentwood Singer.  Tee end plate and the
round back plate has grapes and grape leaves.  I am not sure what model it
is, maybe a model 28 according to Capt. Dicks book. IT is very ornate with
lots of decals and they are in good shape.   Only thing is I need the key
to be able to open and shut the lid.  Does anyone have one :-)
Serial number is...G9226645  Probally made between 1921 and 1923.

I also saw a beautiful seven drawer Singer 66 treadle.  Every drawer was
stuffed with old attatchments, spools and even the manual.  It was a
beauty.  The asking price was $175.oo.  Not I didn't get it, but I am sure
someone will!

Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 18:40:10
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 10/30/97

Captain Dick;

>I just
>don't feel right seeing the lists come out, and there are bunches of
>messages from me. >>

But you are so GOOD at it.  Speaking from a sort of newbie, it is great
that you do resopnd and with such informative information.  I for one want
to thank you!


P.S. I thought I had lost my little book I had gotten from you tonight.  I
tore the house apart looking for it.  Luckly I found it before I got too
cranky and started throwing thingd 

Date: Sat, 1 Nov 1997 19:11:07 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re:touch up paint

Hi to all,
This is for the request from Ted, I believe.  I use a paint from the Nissan
dealership & it is "code 505".  Also says on it "NMC Part No. 99997-50503".
I've used it a couple of times & it works nicely.
BTW.....the lovely FWT I got last weekend is older than I thought.  Today
while cataloging it I noted the serial number was AH not AM.  Looks like I
need those reading glasses more than I realized!!
Happy Hunting to all !!
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 17:27:44 -0800
Subject: Tight screw

Hi Becky. If you haven't already try Liquid Wrench on the screw Then
tap  on a screw driver lightly while on the screw. It might help. Also
you could try getting it real cold with dry ice. Heat also works but
might mess up the other parts.
Subject: Singer Model 24
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 1997 18:27:46 -0800

Hi all!

I haven't posted in a while now, but I'm so exicted about my find of the
weekend, I'ven been searching for toy machine lately, but at the show in
Portland last weekend I found a Singer Model 24, electric In very good
condition.  I sent to singer for a manual.  (By the way, it cost me $10
this time!! they said their prices have gone up due to so many
requests)Anyway, it's in great shape and I am so happy to have this new

Does anyone repair F/W cases here or near Washington state?  I have an
older F/W, AD serial number in good shape, but the case is a mess!  Any
help would be appreciated, as I need to fix this up before I can put it up
for sale.  Alsoa man contacted me regarding an ad I put in the paper for
machines, and has F/W parts for sale.  Bobbin cases for $45 and 4 original
tables for $150each.  His name is Robert Jorden and phone number is
253-588-5477 (his is not a computer person, so I'm passing this info along!
No interest here by the way as I have a table  already)

Happy hunting,  

Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 09:38:00 -0800
Subject: Singer model 15

I bought a 15-91 and the book recommends putting lubricant in the two 
tubes that seem to lead to the motor.  I think I read on the list that 
lubricant should never be placed in the motor.  My husband who is an 
engineer also voiced concern about the directions in the manual.  What 
should I do.  I don't want to hurt the machine. 
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 1997 23:03:48 -0500
Subject: Machine Identification

I haven't been around for awhile but I have a question that I just know one
of you guys can answer for me!  An acquaintance of mine recently bought an
old Singer, in a cabinet, with all the characteristics of the 127 as
described in Captain Dick's booklet.  She said she could not find a model
number on the machine but later found one (AF739402) which the Singer
people were able to verify was a model 127 "born" 12/31/40.  My question is
this...she says there is nothing on the head or bed of the machine but the
gold-colored oval Singer emblem and some black-on-black decals.  I have not
seen this machine.  Could this in fact be true or could they really be worn
decals, or decals cleaned with something they shouldn't have been cleaned
with?  Also, I have a friend who has a FW that she says has a black-on-black scrollwork faceplate.  I have not seen any discussion of this on the Digest but I do know that some attachments were a "gun-metal" grey (?around the war?), did some machines come with a faceplate made of the same "gun-metal" grey steel?  I do not know the year her FW was manufactured in although I have asked her to supply me with that info.  Any comments welcome.
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 23:14:06 -0500
Subject: Feed Dog

    I will be attending a machine quilting class and will be taking my
Featherweight.  I am a novice quilter and do not know if there is a way
to drop the feed dog.  If not, does anyone have a way to cover it?
    Thanks for your help!

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