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September 1997

Sunday, September 14 - Saturday, September 20

Date: Sun, 14 Sep 97 04:15:16 UT
Subject: HI

	I finally have the ability to contact you.  I tried in July and didn't have 
the program to talk or get information, but the DH went through the mechanics 
and here I am.  
	This summer I was shopping and we purchased a beautiful Bentwood model 66 
with a hand crank both are in 8 condition.  When went to the regester and the 
owner showed us another Singer and I haven't seen anything like it.  Black 
with the Singer decal on the front, inlayed mother of pearl flowers all over 
the head.  The cabinet was mahogony and it was a piece of beautiful victorian 
funiture that unfolded into a work area the front opened to expose the treadle 
and had storage in the front with drawers.  I was so overwhelmed by the sight 
I didn't write down the sereal number.  It was a shuttle but very small only 
1.25 inches?(its been a long summer)
	We had our moterhome with us and I would have taken it in a heart beat BUT he wanted $1200.  Can anyone give me some help?
	We went looking last weekend, friends said they had seen FW for $40. with no case,  had to see if we could find it.   Well they need alittle more 
schooling, but another Bentwood with original manual and no attachments not as 
good as the first and this had been electricfied.  It also had the manual for 
a 301 included.
	We also came across a 301 but it was black.  She wanted $125.  But not 
knowing I left it there...... any input? 
	Finally went to a church meeting and the leader had us introduce ourselves 
and say something good that hapened to us.  I mentioned the new SM and was 
offered 2 more they wanted to get rid of them, needless to say I will be 
picking them up next week!

Subject: Elna Lotus:
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 1997 00:07:37 

Interested in possibly contacting other Elna owners who might have extra
attachments.  What year were they manufactured?  My book does not have a
date in it.

Subject: FW Buttonhole attachment
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 1997 18:17:25 -0500

There has been some discussion here lately about black buttonhole
attachments -- are we talking the attachment itself or the case it comes
in?  I just opened mine up and sure enough it is black.  The manual shows
it in black on the cover.  Manual copyright date 1948, with a form number
and a date of 1951 inside.  No dates on the BH itself.

Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 06:37:21 -0500
Subject: Green FW

Dear FW Friends,
	It  was wonderful receiving messages from FWF friends after first
posting about my new mint FW.  Now I have a question (or 2).  My husband
cleaned the machine and I then oiled it as well as I could.  I did not
get a manual with the machine and wondered if I got all the places I was
supposed to.  Does any one know where I can get a manual for the 221K?
	Someone mentioned a diagram on the net for oiling - where do I find
this?  Does it also include directions for the K series of the 221?
	I was also wondering why I can not find the birth date of my fw. I
thought that calling the 800 number at singer would give me every thing
I wanted to know but can only find a 2-year span date.  The model # is
EY853960 and it is a 221k made in Great Britain. Can anyone shed some
light on the matter?
	This is my first FW and all this is new to me.  Any help would be

Subject: Rubber Foot Screw/Refinished Case
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 1997 20:37:05 -0400

Question and comment about a FW I found for my sister.  Question:
I was putting on new rubber feet and one screw will not loosen.  Have
tried WD40 and heat.  What else can I try without possibly stripping it?
Is it true that this part has no available replacement other than from a
parted out FW?

On a better form of stripping, the case for this machine had been
stripped to the wood and refinished. I recall someone posted about
a month ago saying her husband had done the same for her FW case
and I wondered what it would look like.  Having seen this one, I can
say that I like it very much and am thinking of doing the same to
the worst case in my small collection.  And it fights half the mildew
battle!  Lin 
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 1997 21:28:15 -0500
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 9/11/97

Patti from W.Va. said:

> I asked a question on 9/9/97 does anyone know the answer?  My friend has a
> 1200-1 Singer in a very old cabinet.  In the cabinet's top left drawer is
> what I think is a pencil box along the left side, and beside that on the
> front of the drawer is a box-like piece that has a black plastic circular
> "thing" with a hole drilled in it and it has a marble down in it -- anyone
> know what this was for?  She says as far as she knows the marble was in
> there when she got it.  

If this cabinet is the same one the 201 came in, it's an ink-well. 
Sounds just like the one in my 201 cabinet to me...

I my very own self said:

> There's a decal design
> that was used in the 60's, a very simple gold design, that I've heard some
> people call the "paperclip" pattern... 

Sorry -- meant to say "50's"...

Terri (typing-impaired )
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 9/11/97
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 97 05:58:58 -0500

For Patti 

I think I remember someone answering your question; perhaps you just 
missed it. I think whoever responded said that that cabinet was intended 
to do double duty as a desk, and the circular hole was for a bottle of 
ink. I suspect the marble was an "add-on" put there by a child.

I hope I'm recalling this correctly...I certainly won't mind if someone 
corrects me.

Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 08:27:36 -0500
Subject: Manual for Model 101

Any one have a manual or photocopy of an *OPERATORS* manual for a 101?
Singer sent me an *ADJUSTERS* manual which doesn't give basic threading
information; instead it gives "fix-it" information.   Basically, what I need is:
1- Flat side of needle faces left or right?
2- #1 should tell me whether it threads from left to right or vica versa
3- Horizontal drop-in bobbin - does the thread come off from the bottom
(counterclockwise) or the top (clockwise)?
If no-one has a manual I'd appreciate the basic threading info. above.
Thanks a lot.
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 09:48:43 -0500
Subject: Challenge quilt

Sharon  said:

> My only question now is what machine do I use for machine quilting? I have 
> a 1927 99 with kneebar that I haven't used yet because I still need to fix 
> it up.  I'm wondering whether the motor is strong enough to machine quilt. 
>  Any opinions?  What about an electrified 66 from the early 20's? 

I've used my 1920's 99 for lots of heavy-duty sewing, and it works just
fine.  (The machine might be 3/4 size, but I don't think the motor is!) 
Capt. Dick said:

> I*n spite of the last, this is attested as the very best way to clean
> out a motor.  Doing this and then installing new brushes is the
> equivalent of a new motor, allegedly.   It is supposed to be
> especially good in cases, common, where people have over oiled the
> motors to their detriment. 

This would probably work fine on a motor that is an add-on, but there
are some motors I think I'd hesitate cleaning this way, because there
are insulated wires on the inside.  (I'd test the fluid on the wiring
insulation first, to be sure it doesn't melt that -- but do it on a part
of the wire you don't need!)  I'm rewiring a 201 motor (the 201-2, which
has an integrated motor) because oil got into the motor housing and
melted the insulation on the wiring... in this case, cleaning the motor
where it was over-oiled would probably not help it run!  :-D

IN the past couple of weeks, I've had a *terrible* time getting through
to the Singer information line -- it's been bad before, but there were
several days when I sat on the line for *hours* listening to busy
signals and hold messages, and never got through.  (Thank goodness for
speaker phones, and being able to work while I'm waiting...)

But this Friday, not only did I get through fairly quickly, I got
someone on the other end who really seems to know what she's looking
at!  She was by far the most knowledgeable person I've talked to since
they moved to Tennessee...

Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 11:26:26 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: White Treadle and White Rotary Electric Manual

Hi fellow FWF!  Haven't posted for some time, but now have 2 questions.
 First, I have always wanted to own a treadle, since my dear dad bought me my
very own when I came to America at age 5.  I have an opportunity to buy a
"White" treadle.  Have not seen it yet, but was told the sm is in good
condition, no manual and cabinet needs restoration.  She wants $150.  IS the
White a good treadle? And what about the price?  Since I plan to own only one
treadle and will use it (we have lots of power failures during the day), I
want to make sure I'm getting a decent one.  Should I wait for a Singer
treadle to come along? Would appreciate any input from fellow FWFs.

Second, I found the neatest book this week, but since I don't own a White
rotary electric machine, I'm thinking of offering it for sale.  It's 5" x 8
1/2" x 1/2", published in 1928.  It's called "The Art of Sewing and Dress
Creation and Instructions on the Care and Use of the White Rotary Electric
Sewing Machines" including motor instructions for the new Martha Washington
Model.  The book is full of diagrams, photos, charts, etc. and has 102 pages.
 Has a great section of machine maintenance and how to use many, many
attachments.  Does anyone out there own a White rotary electric that could
use a manual or, at least, tell me what White machines this book went with?
 All the attachments in the book look just like Singer attachments.  A very
impressive book.  Has anyone ever seen one like this?  Thanks for any info on

Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 08:27:39 -0500
Subject: Finding Treadle Machine

Anyone have any leads on where I might find a basic working treadle in
decent shape in the Philadelphia area?  Brand is not necessarily important.
I've been searching for quite a while now and thought I'd turn to you "guys"
for help.  I assume shipping one would be astronomical!  TIA.
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 10:32:22 -0600
Subject: Becki's wish list- FWF 9/12/97


What is the model number of the red-eye for which you need bobbin plate and
narrow metal bobbins.

Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 13:07:36 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 9/10/97

Would send FW quilt if finished - still piecing.

Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 10:15:40 -0600
Subject: Re: Black Buttonholer (FW Fanatics 9/12/97)

Lisa, Andrea, Sharon, Elaine, Kris & FWF

I have that black buttonholer also.  It came in a dark maroon plastic case
with an imatation leather (godzilla ?) look to it and has SINGER on top. The
black buttonholer has the part number "160743 Complete" and had four cams
with it, the throat plate cover and extra screw.  Also has a box of extra
templates (3/8", 1/2", 5/8", and 15/16") in the box, as well as the big
screw driver with the loop handle.  The little green Singer box of templates
said they were for buttoholers 160506 and 160743. This attachment came with
my 301A that I purchased last month.  There was no instruction book with the
buttonholer, but the receipt where it was purchased from Singer Sewing
Machine Company in Galveston in 1958, was included.  The buttonhole
attachment was $9.95 and the extra box of templates was $1.00 back then.  I
haven't tried my attachments, either, but glad they were in the case with
the sewing machine and other green box of attachments.

Date:	Sun, 14 Sep 1997 01:21:30 -1000
Subject: Old Rosamond Cook Reference Book

To: Captdick
Re: Rosamond Cook's Sewing Machine Books

Hello-- This is the same book I'm using as a reference for the book I'm
putting together.  (Also the same resource I got alot of pictures from for
use on my page).  It was copyrigted in 1922, so it's probably expired by
now.  I read somewhere (it was a Fed Gov't web page) that anything that
was published at least 30 years before 1965 and wasn't renewed is public
domain.  I'm also thinking of making some (hardbound) reprints of it, but
don't know if anyone would be interested (it's all the same stuff on my
web page anyway).

Subject: unknown bobbin case
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 12:16:54 -0500

 Hi all, I was going thru a box of misc.. stuff from a thrift store ($1.00
for a mystery box of sewing stuff) and found a bobbin case, SIMANCO 105032.
Not sure of the 32 as there is a dusting of rust right there. Does anyone
know what this goes to?  A sewing buddy of mine has my FW so I'm unable to
check and see if it fits.  You can email me direct.
Thanks all!

Date: Sat, 13 Sep 1997 22:23:25
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 9/11/97

Hi all

I was gone this past week on a vacation to NC taking a knitting class.  I
also went aroung to all the thrift shops and flea markets....looking for
textiles, tools, tin ware and now sewing machines.  I came across a
wonderful find... 

an old Singer treddle machine ( no cabinet) but the sewing machine head has
a lovely pattern of Mother-of-Pearl inlay on it.

Does anyone know anything about the old Singer machine with the
Mother-of-Pearl inlay on it?  When it was made? How many were made, Where?
and is it worth anything?  Anything work be helpful.

Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 14:10:03 -0400
Subject: Needles?

Hi All,
	I am about to try machine quilting for the first time.  The machines I
am considering using are a 301, a 201 or a 15.  Which machine do machine
quilters recommend and what needles should I use?  I bought some Schmetz
machine quilting needles and I know they will fit a Bernina, which is my
last choice for this project.  TIA.

Subject: Success with the Elna
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 15:27:38 -0400

Hello Feathers,

My comments about not purchasing the little Elna Lotus last week generated
more responses than I've ever received from fellow Feathers about anything!
 Everyone said I had passed up a really great machine for a good price. 
Thanks to all of you, I went back today and purchased it.  I actually was
there bright and early yesterday (Sat.) morning and dealer hadn't opened
her booth.  So I waited around, went off to a craft show, came back and
still not open.  I was so frustrated!  I imagined I could see the outline
of the machine under her plastic table covers!  Went back today and there
it was.  She claims she had it serviced and the motor hums beautifully, but
there was not a bobbin in it and not threaded, so I am wondering if her
story of servicing it is true.  Nevertheless, it was a good enough price
that I could afford to spend some on it and still have a good little
machine.  It is the SP model.  
Cosmetically, it's a 8.5  I believe.

Now I have 2 FWs, the Elna Lotus, and a Sears about 1 1/2 years old that I
bought before I got "into" collectible SMs.  So now I need to get rid of
something, and I'm thinking perhaps I should get rid of the Sears. 
Wouldn't the  Elna be a superior machine to the Sears since it zig zags and
does blind stitching (the only reason for needing the Sears)?  I know the
newer machines are not held in high regard (understatement), but I'm not
very well informed about the relative power, etc.  So anyone who would like
to make a suggestion, please feel free to give me some advice.

Thanks for your support--would have let the Lotus get away without your


P.S.  Some of you may remember my having an old Elna Supermatic that was
left behind in a house DH purchased.  Well, I brought it home and cleaned
it a little, but motor sounds really strange and no movement.  I will
probably give to GoodWill.  Does anyone in Jacksonville area want it to
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 16:48:08 -0400
Subject: Re: Black buttonholer

To Lisa etc

I, too, own a black Singer Buttonholer 160506. It was purchased in 1948 by
my mother for use on a FW 221 which she had given me that year when I was
16. The buttonholer is black metal with a white stripe on each side. There
are 5 metal cams, a throat plate cover with slotted screw in a green
plastic box with "godzilla" finish. The instructiion book, 6" by 3", is
about 30 pages!! The buttonholer is listed for "use on Singer Lock Stitch
Family Sewing Machines." It gives oiling instructions and parts are
illustrated and numbered for reordering. Copyright 1948. I would be glad to
copy the booklet for cost.

The FW 221 is still in use and in excellent condition. I love it.

Subject: pictures of FW cabinet
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 13:50:53 -0700

I just finished putting up lots of pictures of my FW cabinet on my web page:

Its link is under the card table category.  Hope everyone enjoys it.

Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 15:07:16 -0500
Subject: Lydia Pinkham's Tonic

To Blessed Be

In the early 1960's while in college I had a Marketing class that had a
case study of why Lydia Pinkham's had lost their market share and what
possabilities Pinkham's had in regaining their market share.  Learned lots
about the product.  Some time later I saw the product on the shelf of a
local pharmacy. Don't know when Pinkham's quit the business.

Another product that contained lots of alcohol was Serutan.  That's Natures
spelled backwards.  It was a tonic for classics to get going in the A.M.
It was something like 90% grain alcohol in a concentrate of prune syrup.
REALLY got the old folks going (in more ways than one) every morning.

My farther was a pharmacist and told us about many "patent medicines" that
were full of stimulants or depressants for people to get a buzz off of.  He
would not stock the products he considered barely better than snake oil
including Pinham's and Serutan.
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 13:10:29 -0700
Subject: Featherweight table

I read somewhere that you could glue felt or leather onto the four
prongs on the FW table so the machine will not be scratched when it's
set down into the table.  On the table I recently purchased the four
prongs have a metal piece which fits in a hole at the top and bottom
of each prong. The leather pieces then fit overtop of the metal piece
and at each end the metal piece is bent over to hold the leather
I recently replaced the leather pieces and it was very easy.  Just pry
open the metal piece, slip the leather in and press the  metal back
together.  The leather pieces are held in securely and don't slip or
slide around.  Is this something that is on all the tables?  I hadn't
heard this before that's why I'm wondering.  

I'm looking for a BLUE featherweight manual copywright 1955.  If you
have an original in very good condition for sale, please contact me.

Happy hunting....Kay
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 02:50:01 -0700
Subject: treadle head without cabinet

I found a beautify machine head today.  It is the "red eye" and the 
decals are just about perfect.  It is only the head and I don't know if I 
could get it to work without finding a treadle. For example is it possibe 
to attach a hand crank?  I am not mechanical but it was really pretty and 
$25.  It seems a shame to let it go to waste.  Any suggestions?  It is 
also missing the sliding plate under the needle.  It uses a round bobbin 
and is a full size machine.  It was made in the 20's according to the 
Subject: FW finds
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 19:07:13 -0500

Hello All:

My funny little DH was so excited on Friday September 12,
to tell me of his exciting discovery.

He was browsing thru the want ads (he doesn't apparently
have a real job) and saw a little ad that read "miniature Singer
sewing machine" and a phone number.  Well, he calls the 
number and the elderly lady tells him it is black and replys
"yes" it has 221 on it.  She also tells him it has a "bridge
table" with it.  

Long kind of short, he high tails it to her house and finds a
great FW and FW table both in good condition (haven't mastered
the ratings yet, but probable both at least an 8.)  And, oh, by the
way, she has another black FW and table also, does he want
both??  The asking price for two FW's and two tables was $450.00.

He took them and was so excited to tell me.  Now we have two
1952, two 1936, four 1950, two 1956, two 1948, one mint green, 
and one tan.  Also one red and one green SewHandy.  We also
have a tan and black FW and one FW table in a little antique mall
in Winnesboro, Texas.   All because I said I would like ONE about
two years ago.   Now the hunt is the good part.  

What a DH!!!!!!!!

Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 19:34:06 +0500
Subject: O & M Special - 1878 - 119 years old

Can someone out there clue me into what this is worth.

It has all the attachments & more!!

The instruction book, cast iron base, when you pull up the top the
sewing maching automatically comes up, I have spools of thread that is
on some kind of metal, real small!!

Please help!!
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 21:24:03 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 9/12/97

I've been experimenting with doing free motion work on my FW.  And
discovered I can't!  At least not the present way I'm doing it, which is
to cover the feed dogs.  I'm using the regular presser foot and it just
doesn't provide enough play to allow me to move the fabric around.  (Of
course the fact that it doesn't allow any "play" is probably the reason it
provides such a great straight st.  Anyway, is there a special foot I can
purchase (like the darning foot on Berninas) that will enable me to do
free motion stitching?  Or is there someway to change the pressure on the
fabric?  I don't want to be messing around with things that shouldn't be
changed.  Or should I just give up the whole idea?  TIA, Sally 
Subject: Golden Gate Singer FW
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 23:50:26 -0700

Hi, all;

I just finished posting pictures of the Golden Gate FW and the 201K
hand crank up to the Special Postings page.

Captain Dick
Subject: Singer Creative Touch "Fashion Machine" 1307
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 11:26:00 -0500

Hi Everyone,
I have a Singer Creative Touch "fashion machine" 1307 that I bought used
and am now interested in selling (I just up-graded).    Metal-bodied
machine with a strong motor w/2 speeds.   It was made in the 70's-- I'm
suspecting from the manual, when Singer was located in New Jersey.   Can
anyone tell me about this machine?    (EG; any of the history,
approximate selling price, etc.)   Please email me directly, since I
don't have access to the FF list.
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 12:48:56 -0400
Subject: GE Sewhandy Date?

I stopped at a garage sale Friday and found a green GE Sewhandy Model
A,  case, Greist attachments,  two piece "silver" oil can manual and
all.   For this little beauty,  I paid $40.  It is "cute" and sews
great, once I figured out the bobbin case and how to thread it.  Does
anyone have a general date, for these or know if there is someplace to
call like Singer?  I read  in Nancy Johnson-Srebro's book that it
predates the first Featherweights, but the machine, and manual have no
dates at all.  Just curious.. The plus in all of this was that I had
just left the Dr's with some downer news, so I got to spend $$, always a
mood lifter.  Then, the woman selling it was my 11 year old's  preschool
teacher  from a city, 20 miles away.  We all had moved to different
cities, and here  we meet, small world!
Subject: Machine sighted
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 17:58:53 -0400

Dear feathers,

I found my (first?) featherweight two months ago at my local Singer dealer, for $250.  About a 7 on Graham's scale, came with a case which is very beat up.  Stopped by today to pick up some more bobbins, and saw a 222K free-arm convertible in his window.  Don't know the asking price (the guy was out) but if anyone is looking for one of these machines I'll check.  It appeared to be in good shape.

He also had, for $60, an older-looking style Singer, but it had a Centennial medallion.  That ugly black matte finish (is that the godzilla?).  I can see I need to send for Capt. Dick's field guide.

I have learned so much from you all.  Please let me know if I can help you with either of these machines.

Date: Tue, 16 Sep 97 02:39:34 UT
Subject: And the winner is.....

DH and I have been having a friendly competition as to who can find the best 
SM deals.  Its usually him, because he likes to barter more than I do, and so 
far his best deals have been a 99K for $15 and a Little Queen TSM for $8 - 
this week however, I got a 128 complete with the knee bar and manual for $10 
and today I got a "Miss Durham" TSM for $2.99.  My son got the best deal of 
all though - a FW Case free!  He found it in an abandoned house, filled with a 
bunch of junk, and said - "Hey - my Mom needs that case", so home it came 
(minus the junk).  I needed one for the FW that I got with my FW table.  I 
asked him if he saw the machine anywhere. He said no, but the place was piled 
high with junk, so the people who are cleaning it out are going to look for 
it.  The case was in rough shape, but nothing some elbow grease and sunshine 
won't clean up.
While on vacation we picked up a handcrank machine labelled "FIBRO".  It looks 
suspiciously like a Singer, right down to the decals, and the bentwood case.  
Anybody know anything about this make?
Subject: Quilt Show - San Antonio, Texas
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 01:06:20 +0000

Hi Feathers,
If any of you will be out and around San Antonio, Texas on Sept. 19-21, drop
by the greater San Antonio Quilt Show titled "A Victorian Texas" at the Live
Oak Civic Center.  It promises a great time for all with over 200 quilts on
display (some made by men and kids) and 40 vendors.  While there, look for
the "Suncatcher" booth and see the Featherweights, Toy Sewing Machines and
other goodies.  If nothing else, just stop by and say "howdy" as all
friendly Texans do.
Barbara and Fred 
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 21:07:05 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: FW For Sale - Week Ending 9/6/97

Help!  I picked up an old Kenmore from the trash yesterday.  It's green,
really heavy duty.  was in a cabinet, but when I went back to rescue it, the
cabinet had already been taken.  The top flips up to accept cams--does anyone
know if they're still available?  By the way, it's a 158-16530!

Thanks for any help you can give me!!

Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 22:23:52 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: New William Treadle

Has anyone heard of a New William treadle, patented in 1889?  Where was it
made? Is it quite common?  Thank-you.

Subject: Pricing
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 10:03:40 -0400

I thought I would add my two cents to the recent discussion on
prices/values of our machines. I think it's only natural for
newcomers to the collecting world to want to know how much their
machines might be worth - I know I always turn to Glenda Thomas's toy
books when I get home with my new treasures hoping I've found a great
bargain! And I also am much more attached to my FW that I paid $35
for than the ones I paid $200+ for - it's such a nice feeling to have
discovered something like that - I compare it to discovering buried
treasure! The problem that arises is that prices on something like
old sewing machines is anything but predictable - there are SO many
variables involved (condition of the machine; what attachments, etc.
it comes with; what area of the country you're in; and on and on!).
Which is why prices vary so much I guess - the DEALERS don't even
know what they're worth! I personally enjoy hearing what prices
people have paid for machines (or hearing what sort of prices they
DIDN'T pay!) - think every little bit of info we can gather on this
sort of thing helps to make us more informed buyers in the future!
And I don't think we should condemn people for asking how much their
"new" machine is worth - they only want some reassurance that they've
done well!  Sue 
Subject: Re: godzilla definition question
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 09:46:45 -0500

Kathy  asked:

> What exactly is a godzilla finish. I've heard it referred to, but cant
> seem to figure out what it is.

It's a matte finish that has a rough texture. Very flat, not shiny at all. 
I've only seen black godzilla myself, but I seem to recall hearing of a
green godzilla as well (possibly not a Singer, however).

I have a 128 in black godzilla... some folks think the godzilla is ugly,
but I find it interesting and even kind of attractive.  My 128 has a
regular lacquer finish on the handwheel.  the throat plate slides, face
plate, and cover plate for the access holes front and back are the
blue/black metal as opposed to the regular shiny-bright finish.  I've
forgotten the technical term for that sort of metal finish.

Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 11:04:50 +0000
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 9/13/97

Hello FWFs,

I've read several posts about Singer pinker attachments, and wonder 
if anyone could tell me how to attach and use one.  I have a nice one 
that came without a box or instructions, and don't have a clue about 
what to do with it!!

If I can't figure it out, I'll probably just sell it!


Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 20:23:37 -0400
Subject: The challenge & much fun

To Linda - I am entering a quilt in the challenge & will soon be
taking the required pictures. Pieced on a 1924 Red Eye treadle-A 1924
pattern-Some 1924 antique fabrics & repros. Hand Quilted. And yes, I
would agree to sending it to the quilt show for display.

To Grahm- Have you ever heard of a Hexagon treadle? Any info appreciated

To anyone who wants to listen- Been looking for a black 301 for 3 yrs.&
finally found one at an auction for the unbelievable price of $25. No
one bid against me! In excellent condition & complete w/manual &
attach.,buttonholer,blind stitcher, zigzagger. Am doing the happy dance!

Best of all through a recent posting about mangles I've met 2 new FWF'rs
and what a nice bunch! Sat. I met and spent 2 happy hrs. w/a local FWF'r
that I had only 'talked' to on the internet! Looking forward Tues.to
meeting for the second time, one of the first two! Such nice people & I
appreciate each & every one of you. Who else would understand this crazy
addiction!!   Ruby
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 12:42:04 -0800 (AKDT)
Subject: Captain Dick's find

Great going Captain Dick!  I do love to see fables come to life.  Well,
guess it's back to emptying the garbage and weeding the lawn for me.
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 14:11:18 -0700
Subject: Sightings

recent stuff:
I was out antiquing a week or so ago, and found a Singer tabletop pinker,
in the original box, with the instructions.  It followed me home, of
course.  A few days later I was out and stopped in at an antique shop In
Roseville (CA), and found the triangular ended keys (three of them!!) for
my Model 12 cover.  I also found 2 of the skeleton keys for the drawer on
the Model 12.  The same key fits the cover on the German model 12 clone.
I'm still looking for a square ended key for the Jones cover (anyone have a
spare?).  I've seen a few machines, none that I've been interested in
buying, though.  I kind of reached critical mass with the model 12 I bought
from Captain Dick.  Until my friend buys the White Rotary treadle currently
sitting in the hallway, I can't fit one more machine in here (well, if a
really nice pre-1870 handcrank model 12 or pre-WW2 FW came along I could
probably find a place to hide it- like in the back of my car),  but short
of a REALLY special machine, I can't  buy, so I just look.

Was out today, and stopped in at Cordova Sew and Vac. in Rancho Cordova
(near Sacramento, CA).  Lots of machines- vintage and antiques.  A couple
of Featherweights, a bunch of Singer handcranks and treadles (including a
model 12), a Bradbury (?-the decal with the name was worn off) fiddlebed
handcrank, a pinker,  2 miniature Singer chainstitchers, I think there's a
Florence head (at least there was the last time I stopped in), a Wheeler
and Wilson, and a bunch of other stuff.  Most of the machines are for sale
(I didn't look at the prices, I was just looking at the machines- I'm NOT
buying another machine, I'm NOT buying another machine), and they all
work!!!.  If anyone is in the area, it's worth a stop.  No affiliation and
all that, I just have found them to be helpful, and wanted to make sure
that the  newer FWF's in the greater Sacramento area knows that there are
places where we can see some of these machines without having to hunt all
over town.  Since the machines are out, where you can see them, it's a good
place to try out Captain Dick's Field Guide..........

Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 13:18:20 -0400
Subject: Antique Show

Hi Feathers I said I'd let ya all know when the Atlantic City antique
show was. It looks like the 18 and 19th of Oct. I believe its right on
the board walk if anyone else on the net knows more about this please
let me know. They have a great assortment of antique sewing machines
well worth the trip!!!! I'm sorry I missed last yrs. For you feathers
who are out of state this show is Atlantic City N.J. Maybe I'll see my
Shaw & Clark I just sold. Thanks frish
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 13:05:04 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Houston Quilt show

Hello All,
I just wanted to drop a note about a friend of my 
family who will be a vendor at the Houston Quilt
Show.  His name is Wayne Arnold.  He lives here
in Victoria Texas (where I live!) and he will be
selling featherweights at the Houston Quilt show,
in October.  Very nice man, very reliable.  My
parents, who also sell featherweights, have
purchased featherweights from Wayne.  If you go
by his booth and buy one, tell them Gail sent

Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 13:32:30 -0500
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 9/12/97

I generally lurk on this board, and have for about a year and a half
now, but I have to comment to try and prevent injury to someone. 
I just read Saturdays FWF digest and it was mentioned that someone might
use "Brake Free" to clean sewing machine motor. It certainly will
degrease and break up even heavy grime deposits, but I have to strongly
advise against getting this product anywhere near a heat source, such as
a hair dryer.
These products have a very low flash point, which is why they evaporate
so quickly, and are HIGHLY FLAMMABLE. DO NOT get this product close to a
source of ignition!
Also, they do not "dry to a powder". People think there is a residue
because when they get a product such as this on their hands and fingers
the flesh turns white. What is actually happening is the oils in the
skin is being removed, and even the top layer of fat cells are being
destroyed. This whiteness goes away as you rub it because you are
rubbing in oil from undamaged skin.
Another point from personal experience. I had some electronic equipment
housed in a plastic case that I was using on my vehicles. I
inadvertantly managed to get the leads and connectors dunked in a bucket
of waste motor oil. I was loking for ways to clean this junk off and
thought I would use this aforementioned product to degrease the whole
mess. Well, the oil came off admirably, but the plastic housing turned
soft and tacky, and remains so to this day. I don't know what the
composition of old sewing machine plastic is compared to modern
plastics, but this should also be a consideration.
Environmentally, using this stuff to clean SM motors is equivilant to
sprinkling diesel oil along a fence line to kill weeds. It will work but
it's over-kill.
But, if you just must try this stuff please use the following
Spray it outside, making certain you are up wind. Use a bucket of clay
cat litter to catch the run off - this stuff will kill your grass or the
grease will stain your driveway. Wear protective rubber gloves. Don't
inhale the fumes. When you have finished spraying rotate and shake the
motor to allow any pools to run off. Then set it on a piece of cardboard
to dry. Leave it outside for at least a couple of hours, then you could
let it sit in a garage until it has dried for a couple of days.. longer
in cold weather.
Most of all, keep it away from a source of ignition!
This stuff has a low flash point and evaporates fairly quickly, but I
imagine it impregnates the windings of the motor and "seals" itself
within. This is probably why there is a possibility of smoke and burning
unless you heat the motor up before installing it.
Good luck,
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 21:29:46 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: 6 Featherweights

I just have to tell someone.  There was an advertisement for an old Singer
for sale in our local paper, $35 CAN.  I call and the lady says it is at her
grandfather's place which is about 1/2 hour drive from her place.  She will
pick the machine in the morning (her son has to give her a ride) and give me
a call.  I wait.   Finally at suppertime that night I call her.  She got to
her grandfather's place and had forgotten the key to get in.  She will go in
the morning and then give me a call.  I call several times during the day
and there is no answer.  Well, at least no one else can get a hold of her to
buy the machine.  At suppertime I get an answer.   You won't believe it.  A
dealer had called her at 10 a.m. and gave her a ride to the place. Lo and
behold they find 6 Featherweights in mint condition and the dealer buys all
6 for $500 Canadian.  I can't believe it!!!!!  I only wish I had thought to
offer her a ride to the place but I didn't want to be too pushy.  Just
thought you guys might understand how I feel!   What a disappointing day!

Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 22:32:56 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 9/13/97

To Captain Dick - Loved your FW story re: San Francisco FW.  Congratulations!
Subject: Fla. trip
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 20:47:11 -0700


this is kind of a last call for interest in my making any kind of
presentations/visits to groups on my Nov. Fla. trip.   I have to
start firming up reservations and stuff.  Right now, looks like two
possibilities.  If you have a group that would like a presentation or
class, especially in the SE Fla area, let me know.   Class or no
class, would love to meet with some Feathers while in N. Miami Beach.

Captain Dick
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 22:14:41 -0700
Subject: 500 Manual

Hi Feathers. We are looking for an instruction manual or a copy for a
500A. Be glad to pay expenses, postage etc.  Jack 
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 23:03:00 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Shipping Questions

Hi Group

I thought I would turn to you all for help with a large item I need to ship.
In the past people here have shared what works best for shipping the large
treadles and I need some one to tell me if there is a good shipping  company
out there and a good place to get it packaged. I live in Tucson, Az.

My friend from Calif bought a large toy firetruck which is 51" long by 32"
wide and is 23" high.  That is the size before packaging.  I have called
several places here in town and they want anywhere from $80 to $120 just for
packaging, and then up to $200 to ship it.

Has anyone shipped items this large? Like a treadle maybe?  What are the
best companies for shipping and for packaging?  Is any one driving from
Southern Arizona to Southern California any time soon?

Thanks for your help.

Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 06:06:45 -0400
Subject: Morse Super Dial; 2 Model 66 SMs

Hello all:

My boyfriend's dad wants to try sewing on an old Morse Super Dial SM (s/n
There is no manual and the SM needs a new belt.  Does anyone have a
manual for this SM?  It may be a Super Dial II.  Would a belt from
another manufacturer  work?  Any advice will be appreciated.  I don't
know how serious he is about sewing but  he's  
starting to look for old  SMs for me.  He likes to tinker with old vacuum
cleaners so maybe he'll start tinkering with my old SMs.  :  )

Also, within  the last week I've bought two old black Singers, a 1950 AJ
and an 1930(??) AB which the Singer hotline says are both model 66s.  The
AB SM came in a wooden case with Singer on the front and a handle on top.
 It has the red-eye decals. It doesn't have a foot pedal with it ...will
have to take a closer look at what it needs this weekend.
I will probably call the Singer  hotline again  to doublecheck the serial
I read somewhere that Singer will send out manual copies...is this true?

Thanks for your ongoing information and help.  This mesage will be sent
to both the ismacs and fwf  lists so please forgive  me if you see the
e-mail twice.

Subject: Singer in the movies
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 97 06:14:55 -0500

Good morning....

Last night my SO and I went to see the movie "The Mimic" (yes, we will go 
to almost anything... the nice thing about seeing so many silly movies is 
that the really good ones seem even better!).  At one point, when a 
character was trying to escape from an underground area, he found some 
sort of box to stand on.  Not high enough to reach the hole in the 
ceiling. He groped around, found something big and heavy, plopped it on 
the box.  Now, this scene was pretty dark (isn't it always, under the 
streets of New York, in a horror flick?).  But I thought I saw the face 
plate area of a sewing machine glint in the bit of light in the scene.  I 
leaned over to SO and said, "I think that's a sewing machine."  Then the 
character climbed on it, and it was easier to see.... and yes, it was a 
sewing machine but an industrical model, I thought.

Of course, the character was able to climb through the hole....almost.  
Had to reach across the floor above (he was hanging in the hole from 
armpits down).  Kept grabbing for a cord, apparently attached to 
something heavy.  Got it.  Pulled.  Camera pans to far end of cord.  YES 
a big ol' industrial sewing machine. (SO says, "Huh.  It WAS a sewing 
machine."  Like he could even CONSIDER doubting me....) Character tugs 
again on cord. Sewing machine (on table or cabinet) slides closer.  I can 
see that it's a Singer. Another pull, closer view of machine... it's a 
241-1, according to the little brass plate.

Wow.  Cool. Another Singer in the entertainment media!  I wonder if it 
was something made for the film, or an actual old machine?

And no, I'm not going to tell you if the machine saves the day. Go see 
the movie. It's ridiculous, totally strains one's credibility, but hey.  
Why not escape from the real world for a couple of hours? :)

Subject: MORE new machines
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 07:19:06 -0400

I'm sure you've all long ago decided that I'm totally insane, so I
won't try to justify my latest purchases - just thought you might
enjoy hearing about them! Don't think I told you about the 306 that I
bought through an ad in the paper last weekend - it came in a blond
desk cabinet and had all its attachments and a few extras. Funny
paint: the body of the machine is godzilla tan while the rest of it
is shiny tan paint (they don't REALLY match). LOVE Singer's early
approach to zigzag sewing, but it sure is hard to figure out how to
work it! THEN yesterday I received another machine in the mail: a
green model 319 that I got through a friend in AZ. Talk about early
zigzags: the "piano" type keys on the top of this machine are just
too cute for words! I read in the manual copy that the cams could be
turned to face the machine so the pattern could be reversed - since
they were just flat plastic and not with a top like the later
varieties. My Singer collection is getting more complete all the
time, but there are a few of them I still don't have - so of course
I'm STILL looking! Sue 
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 07:11:03 -0400
Subject: I'm Back!

Dear FWF,
I have not posted nor read a digest in some time as I have been moving
from south Florida to the Tampa Bay area. (My husband job was
transfered)Was so excited to see a FWF digest in my e-mail this morning.
I found a FW this past weekend early model in great shape that has a few
differences that I have not come across before. It was jammed with
thread and when I went to remove the gib screw and gib I noticed a wire
that acts like a spring and would not allow the gib to slide open like I
have always done to remove the bobbin base case. Also the tension
control (all chrome) had a lot more pieces than I am used to and was a
dickens to figure out. I was able to get both apart cleaned and back
together and she sews beautifully but I am wondering if this must be the
oldest FW I have ever come across. It is a scroll plate and the original
manual has a 1935 print date on it also has the chrome front mount
bobbin winder guide. I am amazed that although the finish has some pin
scratches and slight marring that the ornate gold decals are 99% intact.
The case is the lift out shelf with the green lining and it too is in
excellent condition aside from missing its handle. Does anyone have any
info on when Singer stopped using this bobbin case type and tension
controller. There is nothing about these types in Nancy's new book. 
Anyway, I am glad to be back on linne and recieving my digests again as
I missed all of your input!
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 11:08:02 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: unknown bobbin case#105032

My Singer 206k has the same bobbin case #105032. From the picture in the
manual for the 306 it looks like it uses the same bobbin case also. It is
definitely not the same bobbin case as my 301, so it would not fit the FW.

Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 08:34:21 -0700
Subject: White Feathers

I have noticed recently that the pricing on White F.W.'s are higher than
the black F.W.'s. Anyone know why? Are they becomming more collectable?
The black gear drives would seem to me to be more of a workhorse, and
the white machines being belt drives I know make a very beautiful stitch
but would not handle as heavy of fabrics as the black machines. Why are
the prices higher on the White F.W.?
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 19:24:10 -0700
Subject: FW and Spartan ?

Hi Feathers- Taria here. I picked up a FW that has an 
oddity I havn't noticed before. The pressure reg.,several 
screws,bobbin winder thread guide and the part that hold the 
needle are all black. Doesn't appear to be the blue-black, but
black. This is an AK,Singer dates 7-'50. Not a centennial. 
Anyone familiar with this? I also picked up a 'white' FW
that is a EY. Singer can't date and the only thing I can 
figure out is it must be a fw that was very near the end of 
the line. Copyright date is '64 in manual! 2 FW'S in 2 days.
I bought a lotto ticket too, but no win on that. 
Another question, did Spartan's come in cabinet's?
Thanks for all the help. 
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 23:29:40 -0400
Subject: New Featherweight

I had an incredible find this weekend.  On a whim DH and I stopped in
one of our favorite haunts this weekend and he found the "black box" we
all look for.  He found me and called me over to see a 221 and
unfortunately someone else was looking at it.  The husband wanted to buy
it, but the wife said she already had 5 SMs and didn=92t need any more.
He kept admiring it and expressing his desire to purchase it. 
Fortunately for me she prevailed.  We kept "looking at something else"
nearby until they left.  This machine is a beauty!  It looks like new. 
Everything on it was shiny, even the bobbin case.  It is an AF series
(1938).  The case is perfect except for some wear on the handle.  It has
all the attachments,  both screw drivers, manual, original oil can (cap,
no scratches or rust), 5 extra bobbins, lube tube, two keys in original
envelope  It appears to have had very little use.  She does have a
service sticker on her.  She is so clean and shiny that she looks brand
new.  Even the medallion is bright and shiny.

The bonus is it also has almost every attachment and accessory
imaginable complete with their boxes and directions.  A navy blue
accessory box was included.  It is 11 =BD by 9 by 4 inches with a latch
and handle.  Inside the lid is a colored chart of labeled pictures of
the results of  using accessories.  The top row shows GAUGING, BRAIDING,
SINGERCRAFT.  This box is fabric covered wood with a fitted interior of 
seven compartments.  One looks like it would hold the Singercraft
accessory.  The goodies in this box are as follows:
Automatic zizgagger #160985 in box with manual, Singer stitch patterns
#161008 (4 cams for zizgagger), zigzagger #121706 (all metal, blue black
and nickel) and manual (copyright 1937, 1938, 1939), hemstitcher #121387
in box, no manual, feed dog cover #121392, Singer gripper #121318 in
box, Singer seam ripper and needle threader in envelope package with
directions and extra needle threader hooks #121634, Singer universal
needle threader 121632 in original package with directions and price of
15 cents, black wooden handled tracing wheel, sock darner hoop and
circular spring (clamped around a sock with a hole in it), quilting foot
with guide #35932, tucker 36583, adjustable zipper foot #160854, black
right and left toe corder feet #125035 and #15429, cloth guide #25527
and thumb screw, blind stitch braider #121614 with a sample of braid and
fabric in it, mystery foot 121253, and two other feet with 1/16th marked
on the top of them #36?39 and #96067.  Does anyone know what these feet
are used for?

Next there is a buttonholer (#160506) with a box of extra cams in a
green plastic case complete with manual and cover plate and screw.  And,
last but not least, a machine operated pinker #121379.  In the
Featherweight tray are 8 green packs of needles.  A bonus Singer booklet
entitled "Student=92s Manual of Machine Sewing" and a little booklet from
Hiawatha Elastic Sewing Thread on using elastic thread were also in the
tray.  I had no intention of buying another FW as I have a very nice one
from 1956 and too many other Singers.  This one was so perfect and
beautiful and had all those goodies with her and the price was within
reason.  Have any of you seen this accessory case before and, if so,
what came in it originally?

Subject: Advice for New Collectors
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 15:17:52 -0700


someone just posted me asking for advice that I would give to a brand
new collector.  Since we get frequent new collectors, I decided to
share my advice:


Glad to make your acquaintance.  Some thoughts, in no particular
order of significance:

You need contacts and research material.... as far as contacts go,
the ISMACS list is good.  You should also be on the FW (Featherweight
Fanatics) list.   If you are not on it or don't know about it, either
do a search under Featherweight or go to my web site and go to the
links page and you can get there from there.  Do sign up for that

Buy a bigger house.

Check out collector pages.   I bought a big box of special color
printing paper and I actually print out all the sewing machine home
page pages with pictures and put them in a note book... takes lots of
time and the paper is expensive, but it's worth it.

Get books.... there isn't much out there, but get what there is...
mine, Carter Bays, Slatens (in spite of Grahams dislike of it), and
stuff that's out of print when you can find it.

Buy a bigger house.

Get a grasp of the basic types and mechanisms.  Start by trying to
get an example of each type... 66 ... 99.... 15.... 201... 301....
401.... 500.    Don't worry about the variations within each type,
and don't mess with anything much after 1960.    

Figure out where in your house cabinets would look good as end
tables, where you might be able to put a treadle and have it
contribute to the decor rather than detract from it.

Buy a bigger house.

Learn to do clean-up work.

Decide whether you want machines to use or machines to show.  If the
latter, be strong... resist the poor condition machines.

Buy a bigger house.

Hope all this helps.

Captain Dick
Subject: desperately seeking
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 13:18:26 -0400

At an estate sale over the past weekend, I was thrilled to find in the 
basement of an old house, very dirty but otherwise in fine shape, an old 
domestic sewing machine with the box that fits over the machine.  I've 
started cleaning it up and have found that the wood is responding 
beautifully to just some old english scratch cover rubbed in with a soft 
cloth.  I'm looking for some advice on cleaning up the wrought iron, and 
the foot peddle is very badly scuffed.  Should I repaint?  I'm also looking 
for any info available on this machine.  It is stamped with the patent date 
1887 and the under side of wood is stamped with the no. 467.  There are 
also some other numbers a little more difficult to decipher.   Everything 
seems in fine working order except the machine does need a belt.   I've 
been two days on the net trying to find anything and the closest I get is a 
picture similar to mine on the "Online Antique Sewing Machine Resource" 
website.  The domestic pictured there looks identical except mine has six 
drawers, three on each side.   I would very much appreciate any info you 
can give or any referrals about the company, the machine, and the value.

Thank you in advance for your help,

Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 19:48:48 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Reply

Hi Betty (in Jacksonville),
I was sad to hear that you will have to part with the Elna Supermatic.  I
have one that I bought new somewhere between 1965-67.  I love it and it
remains my favorite machine (as it was my first child, sewing machine, that
is).   It has always performed beautifully for me and remains so until this
I remember well the day I bought it.  I went down to So. Cal. to vacation
with my cousin.  On the way to the beach that day, she wanted to stop at
several sewing machine shops as she was in the market for a machine.  I was
not, by the way.  We looked at several different machines and then saw the
Elna!  It was so futuristic in comparison.  I think its outward design still
has a modern look.  Anyway we were both "in love" with it but decided to
continue on to the beach and "think about it."  We were at the beach about 10
minutes and couldn't wait to get back to the store to buy our Elnas.  We
forced ourselves to eat our lunch and then scurried back and each bought one.
 She bought hers in a cabinet and I bought mine as a portable and lugged it
home on the airplane with it sitting at my feet.
At that time, it was popular both in Hawaii and So. Cal. for people to set up
shop making bikinis.  You could pick out the material (usually Hawaiian
prints) and they would sew it there and you could return later in the day and
pick up your suit.  My cousin's boyfriend (her husband now of 29 years)
kidded us that we could take our machines and set up a bikini shop on
Catalina Island.
Oh, sweet youth!
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 13:50:59 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: scavenging in Ontario

I'm going on a trip in a couple of days to Toronto, Belleville, Peterborough
and Kingston, Ontario to visit relatives.  Are there any must-see sewing
machine and/or quilting hang-outs?  I'm dreaming mostly of a junk store where
I'm likely to find a FW222 free-arm for about 20 bucks (Canadian dollars, of
course!).  I'll be traveling with my mother who is NOT a collector of sewing
machines, so my ability to spend serious time searching will be hampered.
 Another of my obsessions is genealogy, so I'm mostly interested in searching
for dead relatives while my mom visits the living.  So, if anyone knows of a
sewing machine graveyard situated next to an actual graveyard, that would be
TIA for any tips!

Mary Ann 
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 23:00:49 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Need help ID'ing feet (not L and R!)

Hello fellow feathers,

Can anyone help me identify two feet I have for my Singer 401?  They were
purchased separately during the time of the 400 series by someone I know and
she passed them on to me to use on my 401.  She did a lot of sewing, and
purchased many extra feet and cams to use on her 403.  

The feet in question are (to the best verbal description I can use!):

#16169 Singer, Gr. Brit.  This looks like the button foot that came with the
403, but has longer "toes."  It reminds me somewhat of the open buttonhole
foot I bought for my White back in the mid-70s, but the toes are shorter and
stubby like the Singer button foot.    

#161921 (I think), Singer USA.  This looks like the zipper/cording foot but
only has the cut out on the right side.  There is a "knob" on the "toe" (kind
of looks like a trailer hitch!?!)  and has a wire coming out from this knob
and running along the right side of the foot, past the cut out.  The wire is
about a half inch long.  This foot has a slight hinge at the angle of the
foot (so that the toe area flexes upward).

I hope someone can help me identify these feet.  

Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 23:23:18 -0700
Subject: Black case for black buttonholer, kneelevers

STOP!!! WAIT!! Before anyone else posts to say that they too have a
black buttonholer, please understand that it is the BLACK CASE which was
mentioned as being unique, not the buttonholer. Usually the case is
green or maroon...I have one and I think that 5 others also reported a
black case....

DH brought back the kneelever. The machinist wanted $50 each to make
them. He will try another fellow to see what his estimate is... Today I
saw a 99 portable in a case which was in a table (note: the machine is
not taken out of the base but the whole thing drops into the table.
Anyway, it was a knee lever 99 and I pulled out the knee lever to
examine why it looked different. Well, it had the round end, but then
was about only 14 inches long and straight, except at the tip where it
curved slightly to accomodate the knee. Now, this style of knee lever
would be less expensive to make and work the same as the more common. I
can see where you could not push the base of your machine away from the
edge of the table, but other than that I don't anticipate a problem. Any
input on this????

Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 15:43:18 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Re: Captain Dick's find

Okay Captain Dick, what I want to know is
which leg and which arm did you give for your
Exclusive 1940's Golden Gate Fw?  Or did you 
say that you were leggless, and armless now?
Congratulations on your find!

Gail (I'm jealous!!)
Subject: 185J
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 18:53:27 -0500

Hi All!
	I found the cutest little green Singer machine, 185J, made in 1959.  Does
any-one know about this machine.  It also came in a cabinet - good shape. 
I have the machine cleaned up, and is running great.  I have run out of
room for more machines, but how can I pass something like this for $15.00. 
However, does anyone have a manual, or a copy I can purchase???  TIA
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 07:50:39 -0400 (EDT)

Dear FWF:

I need information on a treadle machine with the name MINNESOTA on the front
of the arm.  The table has three drawers on each side with ring pulls.  I am
considering buying is for $100.00 for the cabinet alone!  The belt from the
treadle to the machine is missing and I didn't try to turn the machine wheel
to see if the mechanism worked.  It was crammed behind and under other
furnishings and hard to reach. 

I would appreciate any information on the brand name or advise on what to
look for as I consider the purchase. . . more for the table/cabinet than the
machine.  (I need a spot for my Centenial FW to nest!)

This group is fascinatingly informative and I have enjoyed the information
shared over the past few months.  It is exciting to learn of other's
adventures and discoveries and I dared to think that I would discover

Thanks for "listening".

Subject: re: 401
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 02:24:49 GMT

I have been given a wonderful gift, recently, an old Singer 401.
Unfortunately, it has no manual, and although I was told that it had
been serviced, the machine would not make a stitch.  My dh and I have
tinkered with it, and it seems the stitch making mechanism was not in
the proper position (under the bobbin case).  We now have moved it to
where it now grabs the top thread which in turn grabs the bottom
thread in order to make a stitch.  Unfortunately, it doesn't happen
every time. 

In looking at my needle (the only one that came with machine), I
notice that it is quite short compared to my regular needles.  

Question:  does the 401 require 'special needles'?  If that's all it
is, then I can save myself $50. for a service call!

I really appreciate any help and information I can get with this
machine.  TIA

Subject: Singer Sewhandy TSM
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 05:44:32 -0400

I'm sending this note to several groups I belong to because I think
it might be of interest to people in all of them! One of my TSMs is a
 black Sewhandy in the 301-like suitcase - it's similar to plate 370
in Glenda's book, but with a very interesting difference (at least to
me!): ALL the places that are usually chrome on the other model 20's
are BLACK on this toy - including its tiny seam guide! I assume that
somehow relates to the shortage of metals during the war, which
resulted in the black attachments like I recently found, but I'd
never seen a TOY like this one. This machine also says Made in USA
under the emblem on the front - another difference between it and
plate 370. Too bad there are so many variations - AND that I want to
own them ALL! Sue 
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 10:44:17 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 9/14/97

I would like to buy this book as I have purchased a White Rotary Electric,
that I am trying to fix and make it work.  I have no manual available to me
to tell me anything about how this machine is supposed to work.  I have just
located a replacement motor for it, so I have a start, but a manual would
make it so much easier.  I would like to offer you $10.00 for it, plus shpg
of course.
Please let me know.
Subject: Brunswick Sewing Machine
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 17:46:21 -0700

Hi! I was recently given the above machine and it's a Model E. It says it's
made by Wards but I notice they are also made by Eldredge. Under the throat
plate, are the numbers 3408228. Any idea as to age, value or how to thread
this machine? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 21:59:56 -0400
Subject: Stitch Back in Time

Don't know if the Stitch Back in Time in Lubbock, TX is on line but they
have an 800 number if that will help.  It is:  1-800-352-1174.  I ordered a
hand crank from them and they were very nice and helpful.

Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 10:58:16 EDT
Subject: Quilt Blocks

Am looking for quilt blocks with themes that were popular during the 1930s such
as colonial ladies and/or floral baskets, either embroidered or appliqued.
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 23:17:44 -0500
Subject: FW Rescue

 Captain Dick:  I loved your story!!!  (For that matter, so did DH and DTS!)

Hi all,
Still coming down after two weeks of wonderful buys and sightings, but the
latest is my favorite.  I went to an estate auction Saturday advertising a
portable Singer.  I actually had 301 on the brain, since I had already
bought a beautiful FW that week, but after searching the whole place over, I
finally spotted in a cardboard tray a brown FW!  No, that is not as in tan
FW....That is brown, as in
Perhaps that is why the only other person bidding against me was the clerk,
who apparently had an absentee bid.  Had it not been for her, I think I
would have got it at $3, but I had a hunch it was sound underneath and
gladly went to $21!    So I'm walking around numb with my new baby under my
arm, just happy  to have the foot controller and bobbin case with it and
dreaming about nurturing it back to health, wondering if it would be safe in
the trunk,  when an attractive  woman steps up to me and says, "You know,
that used to be my machine.  I made all my 4H projects  on it.  I have the
case and accessories at my house if you would like to have them."
(duh....let me think about that one!)   She says case is *falling
apart*--maybe a candidate for one of those refinishing jobs?  Should have
them soon to find out!
Plus....she is a home ec (90's PC translation: family sciences) teacher,
tips me off to a box in the garage that's got a bunch of Singer teaching
materials in it!  A most excellent day.  Oh yes...I'm having a ball cleaning
the gunk off and out of this machine (yes, it runs!) and watching the
transformation.  If I can get it healthy and shiny again, it's going to end
up under the Christmas tree of a friend who can't really afford *the going
rate* for one...

I love this hobby!
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 21:34:46 -0400
Subject: Need Elna "Stella" Side Panels

Wife has a friend who recently acquired an Elna "Stella" sm.  She is
looking for the 2 long side panels (plastic - ivory).

If anyone out there has these items, please let me know, and I will get
you together.


Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 9/14/97
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 97 20:03:12 PDT

Well, my collection is really growing!!!!!!  I picked up another Free Arm FW this weekend.  While my DH and his brother and SIL went to a woodworking show in Novi, Mi (near Detroit), I headed east and met Lloyd Askew, who flew into Chicago and drove 1 1/2 hours out of his way to deliver the Free Arm.  It's a really nice specimen.  It came with part of the darning hoop -- the outside 'slide split ring'.  Now all I need is the inner 'solid ring', and I'll have all 3 parts, the darning hoop (2 parts) and darning foot (came with my 1st Free Arm).

I've also passed the FW Fever along to my DH.  He comes home from the woodworking show with a FW under his arm.  After the show, they stopped off at an Antique show in Utica.  He saw a wonderful old FW that came with EVERYTHING.  I don't think this woman threw anything away.  It had the manual, needle packet, oil can, motor lubricant in the box, 2 keys, 8 bobbins, and all were in wonderful shape.  It also had a buttonholer, with the extra box of templates.  The case is in excellent condition, a definate 9.  The machine, however, was well used.  I would have to call it a 6 - 7, but it works wonderfully.  It does need a good cleaning up, though, and some oil (no wonder there's so much in the oil can -- it never made it to the machine!!!).  Since this machine is in the worst condition of all that I have (6, including the 2 Free Arms), this one will probably become my 'quilt class' and everyday use machine.  I'm going to try to keep all the other stuff in good condition, though.  I'll carry it back and forth to class in another case that's more well-used so it doesn't get too beat up.  Based on the serial number, the machine is from '52.

I do have a question, though.  In the compartment with the bobbins, etc, there was this metal thing.  It's kinda the size and shape of a flat toothpick.  On one side is stamped 'arrow'.  The other side has a little 'hook'.  Does anyone have any idea what this thing is?????

Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 18:12:29 -0500
Subject: Washington DC weekend

Hi everybody,

Just had to share my observations on this past weekends "antiquing" in
Washington DC area.  It was wonderful, but no sewing machines.  Lots of
iron treadle bases, but no heads.  What's the deal up there?

I was hoping to run into a FW.  No luck.

Had a great time anyway.  Did many of the touristy stuff....need more time
to see it all.

Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 20:38:28 -0400
Subject: Singer Treadle

Thank you for all your help about getting my treadle to sew.  I have it
sewing, but it seems slow.  I have never used a treadle before so don't
know how fast it should be sewing.  It is quicker than piecing by hand,
but not as fast as sewing with my fw.  Is this normal?  It has a nice
stitch and I want to make a small Christmas Sampler quilt on it.  I have
pieced one square and it looks nice.  DH said it probably does go
slowly, and that is why electric machines were invented.  Your input
would certainly be appreciated.
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 09:12:21 -0400
Subject: a machine's worth

Hi all!

Just an additional comment:

Sue  wrote:
> And I also am much more attached to my FW that I paid $35
> for than the ones I paid $200+ for - it's such a nice feeling to have
> discovered something like that -

I agree, I paid only $20.00 for my White FW at a yard sale and I seem to
have more "happy" thoughts about this machine that my other expensive
FW.  I am tickled pink that I found myself such a deal - that's part of
the fun.  I always would like to think that a machine I bought is
somehow worth so much more.  The expensive FW is now put away to
"preserve" it, the $20.00 one gets daily use and boy is it ever fun!
Subject: Worth of Machines
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 09:09:39 -0400

To Sue  

Thanks for your comments on wanting to know the worth or value of our SM
finds.  I agree that a part of the collector personality/mentality, is the
pleasure in finding a bargain.  Those of us who have been on the digest for
quite some time know that the question of "worth" raises the hackles of
some, but newcomers have no way of knowing that.  Let's be kind, even if
someone doesn't phrase the "worth" question correctly!

Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 10:17:10 -0400
Subject: slow treadl

Hi Feathers,
Last night I posted regarding slow treadle.  Decided this morning I must
be missing something.  Went over whole machine, re-oiled. etc. tried
treadling without thread in machine, all of a sudden noticed some white
thread popping up through the feed dogs, removed throat place, and in
between bobbin mechanism and underside of feeddogs is a  big thread
clog.  Got out treezers, removed clog, threaded machine and guess what?
She is sewing wonderfully so guess this dilema is solved.  I am so
Treadling Linda 
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 11:31:58 -0230
Subject: Help...help.......Please

A friend of mine has an old sewing machine he believes to be about 100
years old. However, we can't seem to find any information on it.
It's called IDEAL..........#3844097
It's believed to have been bought in the French Islands of St. Pierre,
of the coast of Canada.
Would greatly appreciate any light you could shed on this subject.

Thanks, Bob
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 10:55:12 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 9/15/97

Hi fanatic friends,

I need a manual for a treadle, Model 66, SN-AA181449, mfg. in 1924.  It's in
good condition and I found a cabinet (which held a very nice head, I think
Singer's said the date was 1906, and had always been in the same family) -
however, I needed the cabinet because the 1924 head has great sentimental
value.  I, of course, would prefer an original manual but will settle for a
clear copy and will pay for postage, copying, etc.

We soon will be moving from Indiana to Wisconsin and I'll be posting a few
items on the For Sale List.  The above head will be one and I do have a very
fine 201 in a desk cabinet - a dark reddish color - the cabinet, although
very sturdy, would need to be refinished.

Subject: FW Fanatics 9/7/97
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 10:36:00 -0640

HI Folks,
To the new FW owner who asked if it's normal to send hours just looking
at the FW, my answer is YES. Several weeks ago I was poking around the
dining room trying to find a new centerpiece and hit upon the idea of
using my FW on a small quilt with a pretty teapot and bud vase. It looks
terrific and allows me to gaze at my FW as I play on the computer.
Someone else asked about the Singer Genie as being the Singer response
to the Elna Grasshopper. I'm not sure that the Genie was meant to
compete with the Elna, but it's a very groovy little machine. I have
mine in Florida stored for when I'm on winter vacation and I really like
it. Another FWF wrote that her Genie had traveled all over the US with
her while she was in College and was still her favorite machine. I have
all the orginal parts and they include a plate to put over the feed dogs
for freemotion sewing. My machine has pop art orange and yellow flowers
on it, did it come in different colors?
Does any one know why the Singer Spartan has a retangular 2'X1' hole
under the fly wheel? I asked this before and got a response from another
Spartan owner that her's had the same opening, but she didn't know the
reason for it either.
Thanks for your help.
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 10:33:05 -0500

I've been enjoying reading on the Internet about all
of your featherweight adventures and wondered if
any of you could help me out.  I have an old treadle
machine that I bought 15 years ago just because I
liked the look of it and the cabinet.  The name on
the machine is Windsor - I've done some asking
around but no one seems to have heard anything
about this name.  Any information would be
appreciated - let me know if trying to get a serial
number or any other information from the cabinet
would be helpful in identifying this machine.  I don't
always have time to thoroughly read the
Featherweight Fanatics digest so please e:mail
any information you have to me: 
Date: 18 Sep 1997 09:10:02 PST
Subject: RE: 101 needle and bobbin/White treadle

To Judy ,
      On my 1920's vintage 101, the flat side of the needle faces right.
 (If you remove the needle holder, you can see the slot in the needle
bar where the flat side of the needle fits.)  The needle then threads
left to right.  For bobbin threading, I hold the bobbin with the thread
coming off the top, toward the left.  Lay the bobbin in the machine and
hook the thread through the inside slot of the bobbin case and pull
toward the back of the machine.
      I have no manuals for any of my old Singers, except the 401 that I
received intact from a friend in the 70's.  I've had to do some careful
experimenting with needles and threads to figure out how they go.  If it
won't form a stitch, try whatever you're testing in the other direction.
 I have learned a lot by inspection and trial and error.  It's good for
your problem-solving skills.  (We homeschool, so I'm keyed into this

To Diane,
      My first treadle was a White Rotary in pretty rough shape (given
to me--I wouldn't have bought it.)  My advice is to see and use the
machine in person before handing over any money.  My White had a
worn-out upper tension with a broken part (as well as being ugly and
missing all the decals), and I replaced the machine head with a pretty,
working one that I found at a thrift shop.
      I personally would hold out for a Singer if I was paying real
money for it.  No complete treadle has come my  way in the condition I
would like and for the price I am willing to pay.  I have a beautiful
66-1 Redhead treadle head and  a treadle base that I'm hoping to get a
top made for, so I can treadle with my Singer.
      Also, if you do decide to get the White Rotary, hang onto the
electric White Rotary manual.  I got one with an newer electric White I
bought to salvage the bobbin case from, and found it told me all I
needed to know about threading the machine and the bobbin case, as well
as using the accessory feet.

Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 12:11:56 -0400
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 9/16/97


Just had to share my latest find (as if I need anything else to haul
overseas :)). I just bought a large framed picture of a woman sitting at
the first home use Singer. You can see a picture like it at:


This is from Judy Godwin's home page. I understand Singer gave them to
all their dealers at one time or another. Anyone know anymore about

Thanks, Katy
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 09:28:13 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 9/12/97

Re the 1200 cabinet question.  I, too, have a model 1200.  However, it
only has one drawer on the left.  Perhaps the hole was drilled to hold
a tool upright - such as scissors, or seam ripper or whatever.  The
marble may be just to cover the hole so nothing else falls through it.
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 9/13/97
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 11:04:17 -0700

Graham wrote:  Try White at 1-800 631 0183. I'm told they are very good
over old spares.

I called that number and got the New Home sewing machine co.  The operator
said they did not have "White" information.  Is there another number for
the White Sewing Machine Company.

I have a treadle that I need the mechanism that fastens in front to keep
the head from tipping back when I fold it into the treadle base.  When I
left the leaf, the head automatically folds down, and tends to tip
backwards because the fastener that goes in front is missing.  Any info on
how to locate this will be greatly appreciated.  TIA

Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 14:03:52 -0500
Subject: Jones

Went back and got the Jones 'Queen Alexandra' machine in Austin that I
asked about last week.  It's beautiful -- the gold is great, except worn
off on the top where a spool of thread was.  (Got 25% off the asking price,
so I thought I did well.)  Thanks for the tips about where to find info on
the Jones!

Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 15:43:13 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 

Nobody told me this group was so bad.  I have gone from one machine to eleven
machines in six months (only two are FW). Price range is from $25 (FW with
bobbin case) to $225(FW without bobbin case) and includes anything between.
 Worse than finding space to put  these old machines is that I have to
refinish the oak cabinets.  That has lead to another ?hobby.   Oh,well.  It
may not be cheaper than drugs but it is just as much fun.   Mary 
Subject: When it rains...........
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 16:04:18 -0600

  Today I went to a lady's house and in her garage she had 40+ handcrank
sewing machines from England. A family member shipped his collection to her
to sell.  They were all in bentwood or coffin-lid cabinets and were $150
and $250.  I got a Frisker & Rossmann transverse shuttle with good decals
#1585015.  Is there any info out there on this brand of machine?
   I also picked up a 201 in a combo writing desk/sewing cabinet with a
little drawer with pen and ink holder inside. Needs refinishing but the
head and wiring are in great shape, very smooth action.  Someone e-mailed
me a while back about a copy of the 201 manual but I lost the post, can you
mail me again, please?  
   I also got a possible lead on a tan FW.  A friend's mother had one but
wasn't sure if she still had it-------offered her $$$.  I'm following up on
that one.  
   All this after I just maxed out my charge card on the C&D for my Viking
#1+.  If I may quote from the infamous Ace Ventura  "Somebodee shtop me!" 
But, hey, my birthday's coming up.
   Oh, and by the way, I sold my Field Guide to the woman with the
handcranks so I need to buy another.  Are there any left, Captain Dick, and
how much are they again? (I checked out the pic of the world fair FW and I
am impressed and happy for you.)
   Wow, I'm never this long-winded,
Subject: re:when it rains.......
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 17:47:32 -0600

Correction: handcranks:  where I wrote 'cabinets' please insert 'cases'. 
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 20:35:57 -0500
Subject: New Finds, Qs & A's

Dear Feathers

Just back from a wedding in Binghamton NY where we met some new friends and
renewed old acquaintances. A quilt shop owner we met had just purchased her
first FW at an auction and was tickled pink when we indicated an interest
in the machines. Just had to share it with us.  She said she bought it to
find out what the mystique was all about.  I hadn't meant to be snooping
but did catch a glimpse of it through a partially closed office door. FWF
or what!

Later we found an old shop, more like a museum than shop, with a host of
machines not for sale.  Kept asking, "Is this one for sale?" ,  "Nope."  ,
"This one?", "Nope." , "This?", "No."  Yikes just about pulled what hair I
have left out.  All the machines collectible and in what appeared to be
working condition.

Finally saw a crinkle finish 128-32 Centennial and it WAS for sale. Agreed
upon a reasonable price (certainly not WWW FW territory) and brought it
home. (Note to Moonsage, I don't want any old cigarette gunk on my machines
and clean them thoroughly with warm H2O, mild soap and the greatest of TLC)
When cleaned up I noted a couple of things on the 128, black throat plate
at the back, while the front throat plate was chrome . Not matching.  The
hand wheel assembly is enamel whilst the rest of the machine has the nice
crinkle finish. (Just can't seems to call such a nice finish godzilla,
conjures up an image of a giant mutated 128 crashing though tacky little
sets spewing flame from its...well now, come to think on it,  where would a
sewing machine spew flame? Darn, the allusion was going so well!)  Is this
mix and match paint scheme original? Someone else mentioned their 128 was
configured similarly. The decals match the illustrations in the Singer
Inst. book but on enamel. Hmmmm. Sews well though. Need to replace the foot
pedal wires. A little too erratic, hesitates.

Someone asked what the shiny black finish is, I believe it is termed a
Japanned (there is some history here)  finish and is black enamel paint
baked on.  These days enamel is rare because of the new anodised finishes.
( and preponderance of plastics)

About these buttonholers, we have a black one with all cams and a book of
words but it came in a wine coloured case?  Is this a case of case envy, in
case I didn't catch the chase?

Our White FW is gradually, and I mean gradually, being done.  Took some
dental probes to remove rust from around the set screws. 1200 Grit silica
carbide paper on the steel parts, roller bearings and sleeves...

Have Fun!
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 21:25:26 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: The six that got away....

To Sandy U. who missed six featherweights by a hair....

I think I would have sat down and cried. For a long time.

Next time, you will be lucky.

Subject: 201
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 21:26:56 -0600

   In my earlier post I mentioned a 201 I picked up from a thrift store
today.  When I put the original bid on it there was nothing in the drawers
but the foot control and the power cord.  When I got it home today i
realized the power cord was missing.  I called the store and she said, "Oh
yeah, I took everything out of the drawers and put it in the back" (bless
her heart). 
   I drove back over to the store and she came out of the back with the
power cord and a plastic bag of goodies:  Original manual with a date of
1934 on it. A zig-zagger in the box with manual. A ruffler, a tucker, a
black plastic box full of various feet, guides, bobbins, screw-drivers, and
an awl.  Three (1930s-40s) Happy Home needle books w/needles: one of these
needle books is a promotional advertisement to 'hire the deaf-mutes' and it
has the deaf-mute alphabet on the back.  Also the little glass ink jar that
fits in the desk drawer ink holder. An old yellowed book of quotes and
sayings and an old extension cord. 
    I plugged the (easy c8) machine in and it ran oooh so quiet and smooth.
 Now for the clean-up and refinish job.
   Can you tell I'm pleased?  Patty 
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 23:43:45 -0400
Subject: Pinker

I also just acquired a pinker without a manual.  However, a Singer book
from 1938 called "Student's Manual of Machine Sewing" came with my new
1938 Featherweight and has a photograph of a pinker attached to a SM. 
The pinker attaches to left of the presser foot bar.  Remove the screw
with the spring and attach the pinker to the presser foot bar from the
left.  Fasten  the screw with the spring to the presser foot bar from
the right side, the opposite of the way attachments are usally
fastened.  The fork arm goes around the needle clamp screw on the needle
bar from the back.  You should remove the needle and lower the presser
bar lifter.  Crank away.  I just tried mine on my 128 handcrank and it
is great!  The cutter wheel rounds the "points" of the pinked cut. This
is much more enjoyable than using pinking shears.

Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 20:36:00 -0400
Subject: Survey update

Time for a survey update!

There are now 1390 Featherweights on the database reported by 770 people.
The top 8 Featherweight owners own 34, 24, 17, 14, 13, 10, 10, and 9
machines. Two of the top owners aren't even on the net. 636 owners have one

The following states have reported the most FW's: California=188,
Oklahoma=80, Virginia=78, Washington=62, Maryland=53

The following countries have also participated: Canada=96, Australia=15,
U.K.=5, New Zealand=4, Taiwan=1, West Indies=1

87.9% are standard black 221 or 221K 
7.4% are white 221K
3.3% are freearm 222K
1.1% are tan 221K or 221J
0.3% are wrinkle finish black 221

10.1% of the standard black 221 or 221K have an Anniversary medallion.
3 machines have medallions commemorating World's Fairs.

18.2% have the oil can
58.9% have most or all of the attachments
48.3% have the manual

2% of the machines are still owned by their original owners.

In the past five years:
22% of the standard black 221 or 221K's were purchased for under $100
18% of the standard black 221 or 221K's were purchased for $101 - $200
31% of the standard black 221 or 221K's were purchased for $201 - $300
20% of the standard black 221 or 221K's were purchased for $301 - $400
7% of the standard black 221 or 221K's were purchased for $401 - $500
2% of the standard black 221 or 221K's were purchased for $501 - $600

In the past five years:
24% of the white 221K's were purchased for under $100
24% of the white 221K's were purchased for $101 - $200
33% of the white 221K's were purchased for $201 - $300
12% of the white 221K's were purchased for $301 - $400
6% of the white 221K's were purchased for $401 - $500

The 10 tan machines with known prices range from $100 to $550, with the
average being $315.

The black 221's and 221K's with the Anniversary medallion average $268
compared to the standard black machines with an average of $244.

The Freearm 222K's range from $40 to $1500 with the average price paid $615.

Less than 5% of the machines reported have a card table.
Less than 1/2% of the machines reported have an oval cabinet.

The list of known birthdates has been updated on my webpage to include the
number of Featherweights reported for each allotment. 
The address is http://www.erols.com/santilla then click on the birthday cake at the bottom of the page.

Keep those surveys coming! (http://www.ttsw.com/FWFanatics/FWFSurvey.html)

Happy Featherweighting!
Subject: 403 A find
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 19:43:04 -0500

I think a found a good deal at at garage sale, 403 A machine, plus a 
bench full of goodies; cams attachments buttonholer and misc sewing
stuff all for $30. Been looking for one such old machine to do 
free hand machine quilting. Now that makes 6 machines.
I was fine with 1 Kenmore and 1 greaat Fw until reading the Fw Fanatics
mail everyday! Included in the bench is a green box similar to the FW box
attachments but  no brand name on it. On the end of the box is the number
16. Mean anything to you all. Inside , lots of various attachments.
Anyone interested? Will give to a good home.  Just pay for the shipping.
E-mail me directly, if interested.
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 02:46:36 -0700
Subject: Featherweight

I have a featherweight Singer machine that is in an original walnut
standing cabinet. It has the metal fold down platform that holds it in
position when it is up and ready to use. Just like the design on the
larger machines but in featherweight. The cabinet is a smaller version
with four legs for sitting down to sew. It has the knee lever for
controling the on and off for opertion. The machine is the original
black. It looks just like the ones that go into the black carrying case
but doesn't have the side fold down extension. It has, rather, the front
cabinet fold up and down in order to drop the machine down into the
cabinet just like the larger ones. It has not been modified; it all
looks original. 

Alan, the fellow in England, with the web page on Singers, suggested
that I post it on the FWF list, as it might be a rare one. The serial
number begins with AF, and he says is probably a 221 model built about
1936. In fact, Singer says that it was built on February 24, 1936.
The machine is in like new condition.

Bill M
Subject: Brown Singers
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 06:11:18 -0400

I apologize for again posting to two lists at the same time
(especially to those of you who are ON both lists) but I'm not sure
which group this would be more interesting to (if ANY!). I had to
make room in my bookcase for some new early Singer toys, so had to
find a place for my tan model 40K and my Trimhandy. I ended up
putting them on top of one shelf that holds my 400 and 500 series
Singers and think it's so interesting to see that the Trimhandy is
VERY similar in lines to the 500 ones while the model 40K is much
more like the 400s - but guess that's just a reflection of the date
of the machine's production. I DO like the "brown" Singers - but then
I seem to like them ALL for one reason or another!  Sue
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 10:48:39 -0400
Subject: pinkers...W+GS...WE

Hi to all,

I need a little help from anyone out there with experience using the
Singer table model Pinker please. A lovely person contacted me via my
home site and needed the instruction manual which another FWF has so
nicely supplied. She said the 2 she has bought in the past for making
doll clothes just aren't working properly. Any pearls of wisdom out
there I can pass on to her?? She REALLY wants to use them and I'd like
to help if possible.

I have worked at making my sm site a lot easier to load and jump around
in the last few days. It seems to take me forever to learn all the
differnt tools on my program and it is usually hit or miss and I miss a
lot! I'd appreciate some feedback as to whether it is faster to load and
sort through. I even put a comments page there if any of you'd like to
come on over and let me know what your think.

Western Electric:
I just yesterday received a new sm from Millie! I am so excited about
this one. It is a Western Electric portable in wooden case looking like
a Wilcox and Gibbs. Made by National going by the G.C. Rogers book. Just
beautiful and I am on a search for more hump backed machines like these
for my collection including the Eldridge. This WE came in an especially
neat inlaid wood carry case in great condition with accessories, manual
and needles. All seem so far to be identical to my W+Gs items.Please see
the pics I've put to my homepage and check it out.
By the way I have purchased I believe 5 sms from Millie this past 2
years and they've all been better than described. I even got a FW for a
quilting quild friend from Millie and she loved it. I give her my
highest reccomendations for speedy shipping and a great packing job.
Thanks Millie! :)

Wilcox and Gibbs:
Has anyone ever seen the W+Gs later model portable in a tan or light
color???? I have a manual showing a light colored W+Gs with a light in a
grass cloth covered portable case. Looks very 40s-50s to me by the
ladies dress but not sure. The sm sits in the base and stays there while
you use it. I'd really love to hear someone has actually seen one of
these or even better yet has one!

Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 21:59:35 -0700
Subject: Sightings

Hi All. In an antique store at the intersection of Hwy 101 and Hwy 166
in Santa Maria, Ca. There is a 66 Redeye treadle. The cabinet has 3
drawers on each side and is in nice shape. The machine is probably a 5.5
or a 6. $175. Also there is a 128 in a Bentwood case. The machine is
about an 8. The case about a 7. $175
	I need an instruction manual for a Free WEstinghouse Rotary type E. A
copy will be fine. will gladly pay for copying, Postage, etc.
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 19:43:15 -0700
Subject: Latest Find

Hello All
I have posted several times but never with this excitement. In responce
to an add I ran i just bougth a FW with the 1939 San Francisco
medallian. Just talked to Capt. Dick about what came with this machine.
Not only got machine(a very strong 9) but the original contract/bill of
sale,a letter from the finance manager thanking her for her purchase,a
free service coupon,a down payment receipt, and a receipt for every
payment she made, and an old Conoco oil can that says "Germ Processed
Home Oil" All this transpired on Oct 4 1939. There was an itemized cost
breakdown of all the parts she bought with the machine. The machine was
$131.25, the pinker was $5.60,the hemstitcher was $5.30,the zig zagger
was $1.05,the Singercraft  $.55, the Skirtmarker with stand was $1.29,
gathering foot $.55, edgestitcher $.45, with a total of the extras
$16.14. Her payments were $4.43 for 24 months, but she paid it off early
saving $4.73 in interest. Just thought this venture back in time would
be of interest, Happy FW hunting Jim
Subject: A great find!
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 22:14:30 -0700

Hi Fellow FWF!!

	I have had a great day of sewing machine acquisitions.  All of my husbands
friends now look for machines and sewing things when they go to sales &
auctions, a friend stopped by this afternoon with a Regina TSM made by
Mueller and said "the lady said if you like sewing machines, I have one in
a black case that has its own little table.  He brought me her phone number
& when I called I thought boy this is to good to be true.  Well I drove the
25 miles out to see it and YES!!!! Sure enough, it's a AL black FW with all
attachments, lube tube and oil can and even has the seam guide (which is
black) and the beautiful little walnut veneer table.  The only thing
missing is the the blank to put in when you don't have the machine in the
hole.  All for a meer $200. (this is a first for me, in our area I usually
pay $275 -$300 just for the machines)  So all of this just from a referral
by a friend.  So I guess that maybe I now do believe you and your not just
trying to make me feel left out with all the great prices you all seem to
get on these little guys.

Happy today in very rainy, windy, ,
Subject: odd 66
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 01:52:09 -0400

I saw an odd model 66 tonight, which I didn't buy. A co-worker is
clearning out her mother's house and needs to get rid of it. It is a
G6... serial number (so about 1916), but a godzilla finish and a reverse
lever. When I looked closely at the machine, I could see what looked
like decals peeking out under the godzilla paint (which also covered
some nice scrollwork on the faceplate). My guess is that when this
machine was electrified, they repainted it and updated it to add the
reverse function. The stitch-adjustment lever was a flat piece of metal,
curved on the end.

Anyway, I decided to let it go, since I already have two 66's. There is
another person interested in it, so I thought I'd let her have it. Have
I passed up something rare, or just something updated beyond
recognition? I told the seller that if the other person didn't take it,
I'd take it to save it from the trash.

Subject: Embroidery attachment
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 01:13:09 -0400

I found an embroidery attachment (#26538) at a yard sale for $1. It came
with instructions written in 1930, which indicate it is for 66, 99, 201,
etc. I can't seem to get it to work in my FW, and I don't quite have any
of the others set up yet. Just attaching & threading this thing is a
real challenge, but the sample piece that came with it makes it look
like it's worth fiddling with.

Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 17:50:19 -0500
Subject: New machines


Somehow my husband has become "hooked" on SMs ever since I bought a
beautiful white FW a few weeks ago.  I thought more FWs would be fine,
but he's gone off the deep end and has bought three machines.  Two are
Singers and one a Simplex.  Have any of you heard of Simplex?  It is
black with gold designs, has a box full of attachments, a manual for the
attachments, a manual for the machine and a warranty certificate dated
May 1952.  The motor works but the foot pedal needs some work.  One of
the Singers, a 15-90 from 1953-5 (according to internet info on dating
machines), has a manual, bobbins, and a tube of lubricant.  The other
Singer is turquoise, was made in Great Britain, is metal except for the
top piece and has a buttonhole attachment in a turquoise deco-like box. 
The woman who sold it said she'd gotten it in the 60s.  Any information
you might have on these machines would be appreciated.  (I managed to
talk DH out of buying another machine, thank goodness -- our kitchen is
somewhat crowded at the moment!)

I enjoy reading everyone's comments, learning about machines and hearing
of lucky finds.

Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 10:17:11 -0400
Subject: fw table

bright and early this morning my dh and i went to a garage sale at our
friends house they are downsizing and moving to their country home. the
first thing i spotted was a fw cardtable.i asked if they were selling it
she asked me what i wanted with that piece of junk?so i told her i have
a fw but no table.she asked how much it was worth i said i didnt know
for her to tell me how much she wanted?she said do you think $20.00 is
to much so i gave her the money then her dh came along and asked me how
much she ripped me off for the table i told him .he said for that price
i will bring the machine that goes with it and all the att. in from the
country and make it all a $20.00 deal.my lucky day .it was really funny
as last night i was giving my ds a ride to his part time job and he gave
me $30.00 which i didnt want to take as he has a hard enought time
paying for his univ.he said buy some lottery tickets i have a feeling
this money will multiply.i didnt buy the tickets but i have a feeling it
payed big
time.                                                             when
iam there can anyone help id 2 sm. one a simco#1386582 no other # an it
anywhere. the other one is a
white#1353155.                                  thanks in advance                                                          evelene
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 11:28:54 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Need help ID'ing feet

Foot # 161169 is a gathering foot

I think that # 161921 is the overedge foot.

Both of these are described in the manual for the Singer Golden Touch and Sew

Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 12:10:08 -0400
Subject: post

Hello Everyone...

For  Lisa,  re  "Mimic" - way scary movie! I remember the sewing machines, but 
didn't  see the model no on the Industrial upstairs. Hard to read these things 
when your eyelids are scrunched closed...

For  Priscilla,  re  Shipping  - You might try contacting a Moving Company and 
inquire  about  a  "500 lb. Mini". Or even find someone relocating to the area 
you  want  to ship the truck to and ask if you could include the truck as part 
of their household goods. Just remember to insure it!

For  Taria, re Spartan Cabinet - My Spartan came in a very inexpensive pressed 
wood  cabinet, with a very inexpensive metal foot control. Machine now resides 
in a portable case...

Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 13:04:30 -0400
Subject: A New York Friday Morning.....

Hi all!  I wrote this to a few people that I correspond with regularly,
and decided, everyone would love to hear about my lovely morning......

My latest estate sale!  
An ad for the estate sale appeared in the paper and listed, amongst many
items antique music boxes and sewing machines.  Naturally, I was
Well, I was the first car to arrive - a good sign!  But, I got concerned
that there were no signs of life at the home, nothing.  So, I sat in the
car and WAITED.  Soon enough, a few other cars pulled up and people
started just standing at the end of the driveway.  Well, these people
were obviously dealers, and all knew each other.  A mass decision was
made to go up and knock at the door, these people don't waste time.  A
frazzled young woman opened it, claiming she has a three week old baby
(why would she even think of having the sale?????) and had a difficult
night and didn't have a chance to set up yet.  She politely asked if
everyone (at least 15 people by now) would care to wait.  Then, she also
asked, is there anything anyone was interested in, in particular? 
Naturally, I piped up - the sewing machines you advertised.  She said, a
truck was on the way (from one hour North) with them and would be there
any minute.  Well, I thought about it and decided to wait, I'd already
made the effort to get there anyway....
Finally, the door opened and she and her DH started to slowly drag a
bunch of "junk" out to the porch - the dealers were crowding
(impolitely) into her home.  They were pushing in front of each other,
and just grabbing at stuff.  Unbelievable! A few made purchases.  Time
marched on, people came and went.  The "dealers" stayed, waiting...
Finally, about one hour later, this pick up truck showed up, the dealers
were like vultures....they were grabbing things off the truck while the
guy was still backing in the driveway - it was amazing.  One kindly
dealer, who befriended me, said (while pointing to me) this lady wants
the sewing machines!  Finally, the guy got out of the truck and started
to unload.  He looked over at me and said, sorry, we couldn't fit the
big ones on the truck (I was told there were a few treadles), I only
have one portable.  The aggressive Manhatten Dealer hovered close to me
- I was wondering, if it was a FW, would he dare to grab it out of my
hands????  Then, out of the truck it came - a lowly Bentwood dented case
99, about a C5.  It did have a kneebar, and was sort of complete, a torn
attachment case, no manual.  Well, I thought, a good parts machine,
probably I can get it for about $10.00.  But, when I asked the price, I
was told $75.00.  I left in disgust.  Partway down the driveway, I
decided to go back and make a lower offer, what the heck, I'd waited all
that time.  So, I left my name and number and offered her $15.00 (a very
good offer considering the condition).  She acted like it was totally
insulting saying that it was her mother's machine, it was "perfect" in
her opinion.
Well, all in all, I wasted two hours of a day I have compamy coming and
could have been getting the house picked up.  
 My day will come!
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 13:41:25 -0500
Subject: Montgomery Ward SM

Hello all,

Despite my 'swearing off buying until I find a FW', i picked up a
Montgomery Ward SM today for $5. Hmmmmm, why?  Thought I could use the
bobbins etc on my 201.  Don't know about that yet, but am curious about the
machine.  It has a classic head style, is electric and portable.  Made in
Japan, with foot control.  Is it possible to date the Montgomery Wards?  I
would assume, like Sears, that the machines are actually made by someone
else.?  Dangerous to assume, though.

Ok, this time I'm really swearing off until I get a FW.   

Subject: New Resource Available
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 12:38:53 -0700

Hi, all;

I recently got a new resource book that I consider a gem.   Mike
Hulet (mikeh at Woodstock Sewing Center in Toronto) has gone to the
of having a reprint run of the old
Singer cabinet guide/manual/catalog that the stores kept.  
It's very fat... several hundred pages, folio sized and punched for
one of the smaller three ring binders (you'll need the extra fat
one).  This thing covers all of the the Singer cabinet styles,
treadles, etc.  shows every screw and part, with part numbers, lists
the machines that will fit in each unit, etc.   I would call it a
must for the serious collector. 

I don't know the exact price as I traded Mike for my copy.   They are
more expensive
than your average book due to large size and probably low number of
copies.  I have no interest in these, but sure would recommend them
if you want to know about cabinets and treadles..

Captain Dick
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 14:38:31 -0500
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 9/17/97

Hi FWFs,

If anyone needs a "Professional Buttonholer for Slant Needle Zig-Zag
Sewing Machines by SINGER" Part No.102577, I found one at the thrift
store today ($4). It is in the box, no directions, green, brown, and tan
plastic cams. If someone has an extra and wants to, I'll trade for a used
copy of Nancy Johnson Srebro's first book . 

I also saw a tan SINGER 237 in a cabinet. It was only $30 but it was in
bad shape (cabinet and machine), and it was not what I was really looking

That's all for now.
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 14:07:02 -0700
Subject: Card Table

Another Friday of Garage/Estate Sales.  Went to several estate sales
and found little odds and ends.  Looked like another "slow" sale day.

My husband decided to hit one more estate sale on the opposite end of
town.  It had been open all morning before we got there.  No sewing
machines but lots of card tables holding items for sale. Of course,
I had to lift every tablecloth to inspect the tables.  There in plain
view without a tablecloth was a sewing table.  How MUCH????  It says
sewing table plus sewing machine.  Where's the machine???  Well, no
machine but the table was $8.50.  We'll take it - my husband folded
in down and paid the lady on the spot.  Weren't sure what it would fit
but knew it would fit something.  

Got it home - my featherweight fit just beautifully in it.  It's a
model 308 with brown metal trim and legs.  I already have a model 312
so now I have a table for my pre-war and other featherweights.

Lucky me.....Keep on looking, they're out there!!!

Happy Hunting....Kay
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 19:00:55 +0000
Subject: FW Fanatics 

Hi Fellow FWF's,
September 29th  we leave Washington State and fly to Auckland, New Zealand
were we will be seeing our youngest daughter and DSIL after a year +.  We will
be in NZ between Oct. 1st and Nov. 9th,  traveling both North and South 
Islands.  Out daughter teaches school in Auckland but will be on two week
holiday while we are there. So both she and DSIL will travel with us part of
the time.  I would love to meet any NZ Feathers but I am not sure when we will
be where.  Please, let me know if there are any FWF's that  would like to try
and get together with us while we are in NZ .Sue, I will email you on Sunday
Sept. 28th to ask you to put my subscription on hold.  Until them I will be
saving one digest each day and printing it out to read on the very long plane
trip.  I will miss all the neat FWF postings.
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 22:34:53 -0400
Subject: Looking

Wife has a friend who recently acquired an Elna "Stella" sm.  She is
looking for the 2 long side panels (plastic - ivory).

If anyone out there has these items, please let me know, and I will get
you together.


Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 23:25:48 -0500
Subject: Musty

     Been following your conversations for a couple weeks now and just got
my first FW.  I am different as I wanted one for quilting.  My question is
how does one get rid of the musty smell in the case and machine itself.  I
took it in to our local Singer store to have it checked-oiled and set so
haven't even had time to really try it-But the musty smell is unreal.  I've
heard of everything from trying charcoal to pipe tobacco but thought I'd ask
the experts first before I try something. I am beginning to think owning my
first FW could become an addiction.  Please send me you remedies ASAP.
Thanks Pamela 

Subject: FW
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997 04:45:04 PDT

Hi all, someone wrote that the white FW are becoming more expensive than 
the others and is theer a reason. Well I'll be darned if I know, but 
supply and demand might be the culprit. I have never found a White FW, 
but I see them for sale on this list and have bought one via Maggie. 
Guess it's like anyhing else it's all in what you want the most. 
Bill and I have a few Featherweight care workshops scheduled here in 
Michigan the next couple months so if you live near Oscoda, Benton 
Harbor, Kalamazoo, or Plymouth check our web page for the details or 
contact me   Nancy
Subject: 222k
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997 07:48:10 -0400

NO, I'm afraid I'm NOT writing to report I finally got one of these
little dears (I can only DREAM!) - I wanted to ask if anyone knew how
come all the dealers who have them for sale seem to know just how
much they are worth?? I've found my share of FWs at reasonable
prices, but have never heard of anyone getting a great deal on a
222k. I can't afford $1000+ for one (unless I finally break down and
start selling some of my FWs!), but am still LOOKING for one in MY
price range!  Sue
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997 12:12:05
Subject: Re:  15J with plastic case

Hi Fellow feathers:

I haven't posted for awhile, but have been faithfully reading the digests
and trying to catch up after our vacation...amazing how much reading you
have to do after two weeks away from the computer!

We were at a yard sale this morning and found a really strange looking
sewing machine...actually the machine was fine...it was the case that
prompts my question.  It was a 15J model Singer which looked like it was in
good shape.  But the case was white plastic.  It was set right in this
white plastic base with the white plastic top that clamped onto the bottom
with metal clamps.  Somehow this beautiful black sewing machine with gold
scrolling (is that what the gold design is called?) looked so odd in that
white plastic case.  Is this the original casefor that machine?  Or did
someone happen to find one that fit?  The lady said that that's the way it
came (it belonged to her mother and this lady looked like she was about 60
or 65 years old).  She said it came with no attachments at all.  There was
an electric scissors with it.  They wanted $45.00 for it, would have
probably taken less.  I didn't know enough about the machine and thought it
would be too ugly to display as a collectors item in that plastic case.
Anyone know anything about that?  I'd love to hear from you.

This lady also said that she used tohave a featherweight that weighed a
ton!  Were there such things around, too?

Thanks for all the education you guys all give on this list.  I really
enjoy reading the posts.


P.S.  The snowman quilt pictured on this web page was pieced on the little
featherweight free arm machine that I bought at a yard sale this
spring...remember the one I got for $15.00 not knowing what it was?  It
sews like a dream and the 1/4" guide on the plate produces perfect
patchwork.  I just sewed some basket blocks on it to make a thanksgiving
tablecloth and all the squares were perfectly square!
To view my snowmen quilt, visit the following web page:
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997 15:08:20 -0700
Subject: Singer Gripper

Hi All,

Today I came across a Singer Gripper.  It's dated March 1935.  The
box states "An extra "hand" for holding material.  Handy for pinning
or basting.  Inside the instructions state "only a light pressure
on the lever (A) is necessary to hold the material in the gripper."

It actually has a clamp that you'd attach to a table then place
the material inside the gripper to hold it in place.  I would think
this would be a very awkward way for pinning and basting.

Has anyone used one of these or heard how exactly they are used?  The
part number is 121318.  

Happy Hunting....Kay
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997 19:38:12 -0400
Subject: Need help

Hi all,Is there anyone out their that knows anything about a old serger
called "Union Special" its deffinitly treadle and is a serger. My mother
has a chance to get one My question is, is it worth anything she asked
me to post this for her. Also how old it might be approx.. thanks frish
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997 18:03:36 -0600
Subject: 301 Table?

Greetings Fellow Feathers! Finally found a sewing table.  My goal this 
summer was to find a FW card table at a garage sale.  You should have 
seen me.  While everyone else was looking on top of the tables, here was 
me looking underneath to see if there was a cut-out in the table. I 
understand that a fellow feather here in my area did find one at a local 
sale for quite a reasonable price. 
  Monday I asked a local SM dealer if he had seen one.  He said he had 
seen and had one. I told him I wanted it.  He showed it to me, but from 
the size of the cut-out, I guessed it to be for a 301 long bed.  Well, I 
brought the table home to put my long-bed black 301 (Cher) in it.  
However the cut-out seems too long. The cut-out hole measures around 20 
inches. Also the depth is about 1/2 too big also.  There are two braces 
in the hole to hold up the machine. The brace on the right is square to 
the hole however the left brace is slightly askew.  How come?  It looks 
like it originally came this way. At first I questioned as to whether 
this was a Singer product but found a Singer serial number on one of the 
side brackets(136354). I searched on-line to see if anyone could help 
identify what machine this table is for.  Kristi Santilla's page 
informed me that the model of the table is stamped on the underside of 
the table and matches that on the cut-out piece. My model number is 678. 
 Can anyone help me identify which machine this table is for and why the 
braces are not evenly attached for holding my 301.  Thanks for your 
help.  Jacque
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997 20:25:20 -0400
Subject: What  A  Week.......!!!!!!

Dear All Feathers:

What a week I had; purchased 5 FW's and now I must admit, I'm
enthuised.  I have had 3 previously, but really, 5 in one week; hard to
match, I think. They are all true beauties and I'm admiring them daily
on my table. If anyone out there needs one, just contact me.  This is
addicting, when might it stop?  I guess there is worse things to invest
in. Look out, the hunt is on and here I go.

Subject: Knee bar adaptation

Millie, since the part will be a restoration, in the finest of museum
tradition (and the thrifty tradition of my Yorkshire blood) I vote to make
the part different from the original while still practical.  Choose a good
distance between the portable case and the table edge to allow for
bouncier machines to stay on the table, and go for it.

Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997 22:02:36, -0500
Subject: 500 Manual

To Jack and Carol r:
If it is a manual for a Singer 500 you need, send me your mailing 
address and I will send you one.  There will be no charge as I would 
like for another FWFer to have use of this manual.  I dont need it so 
it is yours.
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997 22:22:16
Subject: Singer 301

Hi all

I need advice!  I found a beautiful Singer 301 in an antique store.  It has
it's carring case, manuel, foot petal, attatchments.  It did have the card
table with it, but the guy sold it sperately...on pooh!  ANyway it looks to
be in excellent condition.  The man is asking $90 for it.  It this a good
price assuming it runs?  I noticed that this machine is pretty light in
weight, and the base folds up.  How does this model compare to the Feather
Weight?  Does anyone have a value on what these machines are worth?

Also are there any of you FWF located in the Atlanta, GEorgia area?  I was
wondering if there are anyfolks close to me?

Subject: Wheeler's Sewing Machines
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997 18:40:07 -0700

Yesterday I went to Wheeler's in Santa Ana, talk about being in Hog Heaven?
 I was just like a kid in a candy store.  I've never seen so many machines
in one location!  I believe that he has most complete collection of all the
sewing machines ever made, at least that I have ever seen.  Some are basket
cases like the "Baby Bernina" I was drooling over, but alas the motor is
toast.  He has parts for almost all the Singers, even foot pedals for
W&G's.  He told me he would like to sell his entire collection to one
person, so if any one has the $$ I'm spreading the word.  

The machine that I need the front clamping mechanism for is a White
treadle. Any one have a White they are parting out??

My collection is growing with the 201K I got from Shannon in San Diego
recently.  It sews like a dream, I've got the 201K's covered now.  Still
looking for a Centennial 201 though.  Went garage saleing today, only saw a
Brother sm, that I passed on. 	


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