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Saturday, January 3

Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 00:42:09 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Cleaning the Gunk

Hello and help!

I know that everyone has discussed removal of the black layer of gunk many
times before, but....I just found a Model 27 treadle that has this beautiful
floral design underneath. After all the searching...this beautiful machine,
in essence, found me.  In the past few months I have found treadles in awful
shape for $50 and near perfect ones in antique stores for $300 to $400.  The
search seemed futile.  Today was a very strange day indeed. On a whim I
stopped at an antique store out in the country, off the beaten track (NW
Arkansas) figuring I had nothing to lose.  Well the owner of the shop didn't
have any...then said to hold on a minute while she called her neighbor.
Turns out the neighbor was the local treadle queen.  Her home was furnished
with them (almost), each of them in one state of repair or another.  None
were used as tables.  She wasn't ready to part with most of them, and the
one available was not what I was looking for. Elgin? She would show me the
Singer she had out in the barn this spring. The barn?  Next phase to the
story...I get home and DH said a guy called, via the local sewing machine
repairman, and said he had " one of those pedal sewing machines he needs to
get rid of" Soooo, after burning rubber to get there, I know have my model
27 in a 7 drawer cabinet number 5. The price was decent and my search is
complete right down to the grapes on the face plate! 
A special thank you to Graham and Jim at ISMACS,  Charles Law, Captain Dick
and a few more learned people, without your websites I wouldn't have had one
iota of what I was looking at.

Life is good...  :o)

Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 12/31/97
Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 09:51:34 +0000

To Paul re Boye shuttle/needle dispenser

If you don't find one before, 'phone me from Jan 27 in Las Vegas where I
will be selling off the Marvin Tabic collection. Think there is one
available but won't be sure until I get there.
 702 382 9866.

Date: Fri, 2 Jan 1998 14:14:37 EST
Subject: old sewing machine identification

Hope this approriate....

Buddy of mine bought an old machine at a flea market..

All the info we can get off of it says "Greist Mfg. Co." (we think... it's
really tought to read), the patent date is 17 Dec 1895 (for sure), and the
number "2963666" appears stamped on a metal piece...

Not much to go on perhaps... any help appreciated!!!
Date: Fri, 02 Jan 1998 18:39:32 -0800
Subject: Singer New Family Treadle

My husband bought me a Singer New Family Treadle today.  It's shown in
Carter Bays Encyclopedia of Early American Sewing Machines on Page 173.
The last patent date on the machine is Oct 9, 1855.

I could find no serial number on the machine or treadle.  Is there
one and where should I be looking?

The machine came with no attachments or manual.  If anyone has any of
the following items, please contact me. I'm in desperate need of knowing
how to oil and clean this baby up.

1.  A manual for this machine - original or copy.
2.  A list of what attachments which should have come with the machine
and their numbers or attachments for sale that fit this machine.

Luckily I did get the shuttle with it.  Most all of the decals are gone
but she sure is nice.  Any help would be very much appreciated.  

Date: Sat, 03 Jan 1998 10:47:18 -0800
Subject: Boyle needle case for Christmas!

For Christmas my DH gave me a gorgeous Boyle needle case.  It is intact with
its wooden base, metal name plate, all the lettering and writng intact!  I
can't believe ha found it and actually knew what it was (he is still in
training in the antique sewing area!)  My question is: Is there a way to
clean the dirt and grease off the metal portion of the case without damaging
the lettering.  I would rather leave it the way it is than damage it but it
is really dirty. Also, does any one know what these things are worth
(general ballpark)?  I'm just curious!  TIA for all your help and knowledge,
I really enjoy this list!  Kathy
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 1998 21:41:00 EST
Subject: trade cards

Hello to everyone and I hope everyone had a pleasant holiday and  wishing
everyone a healthy, happy New Year. I haven't posted for a long time, but did
keep up with the reading. I had never heard of trade cards before joining the
group. When I asked about them, being as gracious as sewing machine people
are, you told me all about them. I looked some up on the web and then I saw
one at a flea market for about $8. - $10. I didn't think they were
particularly attractive and didn't buy it. But, at least I saw it. Then, one
day, I saw a new "antique" store on an errand and felt something call to me.
It was a tiny place, atractively crammed with things. The first thing I saw
was 11 Singer trade cards in plastic photo album pagres. They were in perfect
shape and beasutiful. The best part, $3. each. I offered $2., but the young
lady said she couldn't negotiate, only the owner could, but everything was 20%
So, I got them for $2.40 each. When I got home, I took a better look and read
the backs. All depict people from other countries sewing on treadles or hand-
cranks. The people are all in colorful, native dress and the narrative is
quite prosaic. I have no idea of the date they were made and don't know how to
go about finding out.
We will be relocating soon 2000 miles away, so for now, I won't frame them.
When I do. I will put glass on both sides so they can be read. Ain't I lucky?

Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 06:58:05 EST
Subject: Re: Machine Usage

I have a Bernina 1230 (or maybe it's a 1260.  I'm not sure of the model
number.  We've just moved and I can't even get to my machines, let alone use
them -- but I do have a sewing room when all is settled.)  My Singers are two
201's, a 301A, a FW, a 99K, two 66's, one electric and one treadle.  Presently
I'd take the FW, the 301A, or the 99K to a class or a Bee meeting.  Until I
found the 301A and the 99K, the FW went to all classes.  However, I really
like the power of the other two now and I find the 99K is my favorite (but
very heavy for toting).  I use the 201's for piecing at home and one reason is
how quietly they run.  I rarely use the 66's, not because the electric doesn't
sew nicely, but it's used as an end table - and the treadle is going to occupy
a special corner in the living rm, more as a conversation piece.  The Bernina
is a fine machine and it's set up all of the time -- I use it mostly for non-
quilting sewing -- mending, putting in hems, etc.  If ever I were to start
sewing clothing again (quilting takes most of my interest and energy), I'd use
the Bernina.  Also, if I follow through with this year's resolution and learn
to quilt on a machine, I'll probably use the Bernina with its walking foot and
because it's set into a large surface table unit.  

I think this is an interesting subject and will enjoy hearing how others
actually use their collections.

Date: Fri, 2 Jan 1998 13:05:55 EST
Subject: Info wanted on FAVTA

Dear Feathers,

We just found a FAVTA. It is a small cast-aluminum machine which weighs 14-1/2
pounds and is a freearm. It is green and came in a small fitted suitcase. It
is sort of strange looking, but cute. The serial number is Z10478. I am pretty
sure it was made in Switzerland (at least the motor was). 

Anyone information would be appreciated. I have posted more information on the
ISMACS list.

Happy New Year Feathers!

Date: Sat, 03 Jan 1998 08:17:48 -0800
Subject: Sewing machine collection

Hello Feathers
Two days before Christmas a good friend,a feather,a quilt teacher, and a
collector lost her husband. Over the past two years she has bought
several of my choice machines plus several from other sourses. She now
finds it necessary to relocate and she has ask my help in disposing of
her collection. If you are interested in
featherweights,301's,15-91's,66's,hand cranks,treadles,ect. please be on
the lookout for my posting on the FW for sale next week. Once again she
never bought just a run of the mill machine, only very nice ones. If you
are in northern california it would be worth your drive to Chico to
look. Thanks and Happy New Year Jim 
Subject: Re: Singer Centennial 99-13
Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 21:49:18 +1100

Hi all
My DH has purchased at auction in Sydney Australia a Singer 99 -13
for $20.00 Aus. Can anyone give me anymore information on this machine
which bears the serial no EE 168120. I have a 222K in my collection . This
collection now numbers 2 and I hope will increase over the years
Date: Sat, 03 Jan 1998 22:12:29 -0500
Subject: Featherweights

 I have just read about
featherweights and am wondering why they are so good for quilting.  Do they
feed evenly?  Are the stitches superior to new machines?  

Thanks,   Bernice

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