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Tuesday, January 6

Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 01:12:17 EST
Subject: FW and berninas

>I've also wondered how many people who own FWs also own Berninas? >

I am not one of them!!!  I have a Pfaff 7550 and I love it!!! Sorry, bernina
fans, but i wouldn't own one. I have a built in needle threader AND a built in
walking foot. 

I have one FW(1955) that I have had for almost two months. It does a good
piecing seam. And yes, taking my Pfaff to class is a job and a half. Dang
thang weighs almost 40 pounds nekkid. The FW in a loaded case only weighs

I learned to sew on and old singer. Looked a lot like a giant FW. GRamma had a
kenmore and my mother bought me a used White when i was 14. Still have it.
Giant motor. 

I machine quilt on my pfaff and just about everything else too. Trying to get
a a feel for the fw. Haven't quite got it, but I am close. :-)

I have my first class this month.....how to maintain your featherweight
I can't wait!!!!!!! I get to get all greasy and get to know my machine really

Date: Mon, 05 Jan 1998 10:36:38
Subject: Re:  301A

For Pam:
Just catching up on some older digests on FWF and saw your post about the
301A.  I too have a 301A and love sewing on it, actually more than my
featherweight.  I bought the 301A at a thrift shop without the bobbin case,
but I just share the case with my two FW's.  I had a thread jammed in my
222k and couldn't get it out, so I hauled out the 301 and while sewing on
it, really fell in love with it.  My $600 Omega machine is sitting idle
most of the time.  The only time I use it is to mend something that I need
zig zag for and for machine quilting as I have a walking foot for that
machine.  I need to hem up some jeans this week, and I'm going to try it on
the Model 115 treadle!  

Yes, we got the model 115 converted back into a treadle thanks to parts we
got at Mike H's.  Can't remember if I ever posted this to the list.  She
sews like a dream and I can still sew on a treadle.  I learned on my Mom's
and it's amazing how quickly it comes back to you!  I haven't sewn on a
treadle in 25 years!

Another question:  Does anyone have a zig zag attachment that would fit on
a later model 15 machine?  I believe it's a model 15-91 (or 15-90...we have
both, and I keep forgetting which one is which, but I imagine it wouldn't
make any difference for a zig zag attachment!)  We cleaned up and repaired
this machine and are selling it to a friend, but she would like to have a
zig zag attachment for it to do mending on it.  Anyone have one that would
fit that would be a reasonable price?  

Thanks a lot.

Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 02:12:41 EST
Subject: oils and machines

I use "3-N-1" or Singer.  As for lube, I use vasoline if no singer is
available.  Just get the good stuff and not off brand.  

I will not own a machine that does not have the potential of working.  I use
them all to keep them loosen up.  May get a new one but it will be fore
scanning my designs and not for the sewing.

The 201 are not hard to find.....get the part number or take one with you.  I
see them all the time at the stores and they are not expensive.  Let me know
if you cannot.

I collect the ones with the machines and then put them away with the
attachments.  The only strong one I have found were in a set at the auto parts
store.  Some of the screws are really tight and you will break the old
screwdrivers.  The whole set was not much...less than $7 and had 10 with half
phillips down to some very small sizes.  Being for use in autos they are

Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 12:22:18 EST
Subject: help

I have a singer sewing mach ser.h1216408 date 4/29 1907.Made in eliz.n.j..
          It is black and gold with ornate flowers all over.No chrome bal.
wheel.No numbered tension knob or stitch indictor?Right now it is in a plastic
case and being used every so often Is ther any value?

                                                  Thank You
Subject: This and That

Happy New Year to all.

Capt writes:
  "In the new year, Captain Dick will try not to commit to
so many projects they become burdens, rather than joys, and will take more
time to smell more flowers..."

I would say that is a very good idea for all of us to consider.  Take more
time and hurry less often!

Sue M asks about Bernina and FW's.  I have 2 FW's, one black and one
white.  I have spent a lot of time using the white one for piecing and
taking to class BUT then I met the 301's.  I now have 2 black one's, a short
bed and a long bed and use them instead of 221 as the are more accurate for
piecing and I love themmmmmm. Have a 201 that I need to start using for
machine quilting but still rather do hand quilting.  I also seem to be in a
minority on this group as I have a Viking #1 that I use for fancy work,
machine applique, and most garments. When I started bringing machines home I
had to convince my DH that each one has its own special use and I do believe
that....As for my treadles, I just plain like to use them every once in a
while....I started sewing in jr high school on Singers and my mom had a
singer, probably a 99 (its been so long I can't remember) that I used until
I married and them I used my MIL RUBY treadle. That was a good old machine.
I think my first purchase was a 401 with knee control.  Put a lot of miles
on that baby as had 4 girls and made most of their clothes...Had a White
briefly and then purchased a Singer 2001 electronic.  Used her for long time
and gave her to friend who is learning to sew.  I do love my Viking but the
old Singers are SPECIAL!  Sorry this has gotten rather long!

Does anyone have a manual for the Singer clamp Pinker's.  Have one and would
like to have some information regarding them!  A copy would be great and am
willing to pay cost.

Also, how many quilters have carpol tunnel ?  Thats the only reason I am
trying to learn machine quilting.

Thanks for listening!   Pat
Subject: 1891 Trade Calendar
Date: Tue, 06 Jan 98 08:48:41 -0500

I just received an e-mail from Connecticut Needlework on the web and they
have now located an 1891 J & P Coats Trade Card and put it on their website.
 You can go to the following address and color-copy the card, have it
laminated and use it for your 1998 calendar. (Both 1891 and 1998 calendars
are identical.)  The website owner actually just found this card at an
ephemera show (antique paper products) last Saturday.


Thank you to all the FWFanatics who wrote to me trying to help find such a

Subject: Reply to Aaron - 201 bobbins
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 10:55:10 -0500

In Response to 
>Hello, my name is Aaron. I have already received allot of help from
members of this group. I was hoping that someone in here might have some
extra bobbins that they could sell me. My father says that they have to
be the ones that only have one hole other than the hole in the middle. I
have no idea why, but you all might. Thank you very much.


Your 201 uses a class 66 bobbin which has a little hole near the big hole
in the center to accommodate the bobbin winder pin.  It's OK if it has
other holes in it.  The shape of the side of the bobbin is somewhat convex.
 You can buy these at WalMart.

Date: Tue,  6 Jan 1998 11:28:47, -0500

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I finally picked up my Frister & Rossman Treadle machine in a lovely 
oak cabinet with two curved drawers, one on each side and a spring 
loaded drawer in the center that pulls down.  The machine came 
complete with a metal box of attachments and an original manual dated 
1931.  The machine runs and is in a condition 7 but the cabinet is 
beautiful and is in condition 9.

In reply to Sue, I have a Bernina 1120 that I do most of my sewing on 
at home along with my Pfaff 1475CD, but when I travel to quilt shows 
I use my trusty Featherweight to demo on.  The first machine that I 
sewed on was a Singer although I don't know what model it was.  When 
I graduated from high school my step mother purchased a portable 
Necci for me to take to college with me and I used it for a while 
before selling it and buying a newer Singer that used the cams.  BIG 
Mistake!  That machine went at a garage sale after I purchased my 
first Featherweight.

My two cats learned long ago that my sewing room was off limits and 
the door was always kept closed to keep them out.  Now my sewing room 
is in a seperate building and the cats are house cats and never come 
out here.

I saw a Kneebar for a 99 up on ebay (#3895236 and closes on 1-12-98)  
if anyone is interested.

I really enjoy reading the information provided by all the experts on 
this list and special thanks to Sue!

Subject: wanted to buy
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 98 13:07:24 -0800

WANT TO BUY - -  attachments for a 66-1 SINGER red-eye, with the back 
attached presser foot. yes i know about swapping needle bars to use 
standard singer low shank attachments, but am not interested as i want to 
keep the machine original. i am most interested in a zipper foot and a 
Subject: which machine  do i sew on???
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 98 13:07:16 -0800

re: the question do we actually sew on our FW's or berninas....i have 
neither! and i don't quilt! HERESY!!!! boot me off the list.....:)
before it's motor control board went to hell in a handbasket, i sewed 
most everything on my Pfaff 1222, because i've never yet found a machine 
that would beat that built in walking foot. i sewed entirely without pins 
on that machine, and it was good for the custom leatherwork and corsetry 
that i do. certainly i'd love a Bernina, A) because they're incredible 
machines, and B) our local dealer (27th St. Fabrics in Eugene OR) is the 
coolest sewing store on the planet (IMHO!). but no one ever trades in old 
ones, and as far as money goes, well i'm currently living without indoor 
plumbing (but hey i have my net connection! priorites!) so a Bernina is 
out of the question, as is repair of the Pfaff. i mainly sew on my 
centennial 201 or my 301 when i want to do a project somewhere other than 
the sewing room....i don't do workshops or classes, but my freinds and i 
occasionally have a "stitch & b*tch" where we get together and do 
mending, clothes remodelling, zipper replacing...all those sewing jobs 
that are boring alone, but fun in groups while gossiping and such...:) 
the 301 is excellent for these jobs, as i can fit not only the machine 
and all it's goodies into the case, but sewing supplies as well. in a 
weak moment i had thought of selling/trading it, but have come to my 
senses...it was an omen that changed my mind, i found a  blueblack 
301/221 bobbin on the floor in goodwill....seARched for a matching 
machine to no avail...took it as an omen that i should not sell my 301.
i'd like to sew more on my W&G, but still waiting to get together money 
to order spare needles. i even sew on my 66-1 treadle for heavy nasty 
leather and denim jobs, and repairing camping gear and the like. i'm a 
muscular 200 pound woman with thighs of steel and sometimes a mere sewing 
machine motor just isn't enough to get through things like car floor 
now the Yule tree's down and i've decided to move my sewing area down 
from the unheated upstairs of this old farmhouse down next to the 
fireplace.......so darn cozy and little-house-on-the-prairie-esque maybe 
i actually WILL start a quilt!!!!
i dropped all my other lists...now i can really look forward to getting 
FWF again and participating. it's neat to see some new contributors as 
well as old friends. i think FWF is the friendliest place on the net!

Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 16:06:36 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Sue M's survey

I've been following FWFanatics nearly a year now, and have caught up with
the available archives... and wait impatiently for the rest to be available.
I've tried to respond a couple times, but I'll try again now (sure wish I
could figure out what I'm doing wrong).

I learned to sew on my mother's Old Home Treadle back in 1962.  I'd been
eager to get my hands on it for years but she kept saying "Someday."  Once
begun however I was unstoppable.  I always thought, being the eldest
daughter and the only one interested in sewing, that I'd someday own that

Then one weekend when I was grown and moved from home I came for a visit.
Upon taking my suitcase to my old room my first question was "Where is the
treadle?" Dad had gotten Mom a new electric sewing machine at last.  "Why,
you father pitched it on the burn pile the day he brought this one home."
was the reply, nobody wants those old things!

I'd been way too polite to ever say I *wanted* that machine but I certainly
thought it was understood.  Within the month my two sisters and I sat
together and made lists of what we'd like to have come the day they were in
the way!  In the end, that didn't help a great deal either.  Mom was a
listmaker and it was lost in the abundance of paper.

I've only become a sm collector this past year... thanks to FWFanatics!

'Patable in Nebraska where winter struck hard and stayed!
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 18:05:21 EST
Subject: FW bottom plate missing

We recently found a '47-48 FW that isn't in the best or worst of shape.  I
took it in for a checkup and tuning before using it.  When it came back the
repair slip says the bottom plate was missing.  I guess we didn't notice this
when we checked the serial # because we had never seen the bottom side of a FW

Any ideas where we can find one for this machine.  The repairman noted it
"runs great, sews great" and I would agree.  Should I consider it unusable
until I find another plate? 

Thanks for the help.

Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 18:07:22 EST
Subject: Re:  Machines---Old vs Modern

I learnt to sew on an old Jones machine which had been electrified (it was an
industrial model and I remember that my father always had to lift it up on the
kitchen table).  It never worked right and my father didn't believe me until
no one would buy it!  When i was 16 I saved up and bought myself an Elna Lotus
which I am sad to say I sold after moving here because the 120 motor wouldn't
work right.  (I had bought the machine in England).  I then had a Pfaff for a
short time followed by a Singer Touchtronic 2001  for 15 years which never
worked right for quilting but made great buttonholes.  2 years ago I got a
Bernina which has revolutionised my sewing and I also got a FW shortly
therafter.  I use the Bernina most of the time but take the FW away as needed
and use it when Bernina is in shop etc. or just to exercize it!

Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 18:52:51 -0500

Hi!  I was wondering if anyone out there could help me find the 
value of an old Singer oil can.  I haven't seen one like this anywhere on
the net.  It is a three oz. can in dark green with the Singer emblem that
has a woman sewing and the S that says Singer Sewing Machines kind of
wrapped around her.  It has a red outline around all of the writing on the
front and back in the shape of a rectangle.  The unusual thing about it is
the neck.  It is metal and is bent down like a goose neck. It has a number
on the side in small print the # is 120861. On the other side it says
Remove spout cap-cut tip above thread to pour.

	I would like to know when it was made.  It is in very good shape.  I got
it in the bottom of a box of junk from an auction that I bought for $1.

	Also, last week I got my first FW.  It is 7 on the scale and runs very
good.  The lady had it serviced two years ago and put it away.  Needs some
cleaning but it is minor.  The case is in good shape except for a small
place where the fabric on the outside has come unglued. According to the
serial # it was made in 1950.  It is black, does anyone know what the value
of it is?  I paid $100 for it, did I get taken?

TIA  Tina
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 19:15:24 EST
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 1/3/98

>>  I have just read about
 featherweights and am wondering why they are so good for quilting.  Do they
 feed evenly?  Are the stitches superior to new machines?  
They are not superior for quilting but for pieceing and taking to class they
are great!!  Being a 1/2 size head they are light weight and very durable.
The new one is not in this class.  Only the staight stitch.

Good Machines
I had an interesting comment made to me offline the other day.  They were
under the impression that if the machine could not bar tack (back stitch) it
was a junker.  Well group what is your comments?  No I will not tell you who
as I have explained it to them and before I even ask what was for sale!!!

He is out of the toaster.  Some were wondering why I called him a tree
chicken.  Well what is a pet to some is lunch to others.....and I will not eat
chicken in some counties without the bones in it!

Subject: singer stool?
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 20:40:28 -0600

My friend needs some information regarding a "Singer Stool"?
Seems an antique dealer  received antique shipment from England.
Encluded were2 mahagony wood stools  somewhat like old organ or piano
 stool. The legs are twisted wrought iron with the name Singer in the 
metal. Has anyone ever heard of such thing? Is there a research book or 
web site that might be of help to her?
My same friend has 5 Fwsand the newest seems to run very slow and 
sluggist compared to the others. I know I have read somewhere on a back
post something related to this subject.
I would really appreciate any help for her.
Thanks so much.   
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 22:59:15 -0600
Subject: Oscelator vs. Rotary?

I resently was told by a sewing machine repair technician that rotary
sewing machines are more rugged when sewing than oscillating sewing
machines.  I want a machine that will sew through layers of material
including blue jean seams.  She also mentioned the walking foot as being a
good feature to have.  Do any of the"old" Singers have these features.  I
shy away from new machines and their technology.  I like the "solid" and
"simple" characteristics of the old ones. . .

What features does the model 99 have?  Does this model come with a knee
switch or a foot switch?

Terry P.

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