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Monday, January 12

Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 04:53:11 -0500
Subject: White Treadle Finally Done!

HI All!
Forgive the posts to both digests, but I did want to share this with
Should you have time and inclination, new photos are up of all my
machines on the Heminway home page, as well as a newer, easy to use
Frames Version.  If you click on most of the images, they get larger. 
Please do stop in to check it out, especially the White Treadle that has
recently been completely restored at:
> http://www.frontiernet.net/~mljjhem/index.html

Subject: Re: Singer Skirt Marker
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 06:28:52 -0600

I'd say these are old!  My mother used one on me when I was in elementary
school and that was  50+ years ago.  They may have made them longer but
later she had one like you find today with a place that you pin through. 
Think Dritz or someone like that makes them.  But I can tell you one thing
--- I *hated* standing there and turning around when she told me, waiting
to get a hem marked.

Subject: Olympic Peninsula
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 09:02:42 -0500

Like Elaine, I will be in the Olympic Peninsula area, but in May.  If you
have information for Elaine, would you please forward/copy to me also?  In
addition to SMs, I always look for old tube radios and old transistor
radios and microphones for my son.  Thanks for any information.

Subject: Re: Megan Strohschein FW Fanatics 1/9/98
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 09:30:01 -0500

Megan, I own a 301 (birthdate: May, 1951) and a Singer Touch & Sew (which I
HATE).  I, too love my 301.  To the person who asked if you can quilt "in the
ditch" and free-motion, YES YOU CAN!  I even did some trapunto quilting on
mine.  Had some problems initially (stupid me, forgot to LOWER the presser
foot!) but, that could have happened on ANY machine.  The instructor I took the
class from at first made fun of my machine (even she didn't see that the only
problem was the presser foot) and said "I told you to bring a machine in GOOD
working order".  I'll never take a class from her again.  I have oodles of
attachment that came with my machine including the complete manual and my
little green box.  My machine is black - my case is the tan and brown one that
actually was for the tan 301.  I have found that because my machine is a slant
needle, I can use all of the feet that I had for my Touch & Sew.

The only problem I have with my 301 is that sometimes the bobbin thread jumps
out of the bobbin case hook.  Is this common to the 301 or is it something I
can fix?  Also, I had the opportunity to buy a zig-zagger attachment recently,
and the SMR guy I deal with told me I didn't want it because it would scratch
up the finish  on my machine.  Is this true????
Subject: 319w
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 11:14:24 -0500


	I was at a friends house last night and noticed a sm
cabinet under her Elna.  I ask what was in it and her daughter said an old
Singer.  She got her mother to let me see it and it was a 319W.  It was
rather bulky looking and had levers on the top to pull up and had a zig zig
thing on it similar to the 206.  She said it has cams and does different
widths of zig zag.  I was wondering if anyone could tell me when this was
made and if it is an industrial model since it is so big looking.

TIA   Tina
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 13:10:47 -0500 (EST)
Subject: WTB: items


  I would like to buy the following items. If anyone happens to 
have some one or a spare for sale - Please to email me privately.

15-91:      bobbin case and a bed-slide plate

15 or 201   needle plate and the bobbin tension disk assy., 
              item attaches with one screw onto the bed 
                directly underneath the bobbin winder.
201:        bed-slide stamped metal spring clip -or- a complete 
               bed-slide ( with the spring clip attached ). 

WHITE transverse shuttle manual - or xerox copy - s/n 1637087 
       - last pat. date on top bed slide Mar. 11, 1890 -
    Thanks for a great ListServ and mucho mucho daily Joy !

Subject: Re: Machines damaged in Shipping
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 08:13:13 -0800

Mari wrote:  >>Because I had just received a damaged Singer 24 handcrank
from another vendor 2 months before>>

I wonder how many have received machines damaged in shipping?  Last year I
received a Bernina 830 that was "Totaled" by UPS.  I was so disappointed
that I have been hesitant to buy by mail again.  Wonder how many others
have had similar experiences?  What has been your experience in collecting
damages from the delivery service?

I have received machines from Glenn   without problems, he
does an excellent job of packing, and the machines I have received from him
have always been as described or better.

Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 14:59:42
Subject: Re:  Singer skirt marker

For Diana:

Just caught your post about the Singer skirt maker.  When I returned from
shopping this afternoon, I found a large plastic bag full of wool pieces,
old metal zippers, garter belt and bra repair kits!, old polyester fabric
scraps, etc, in between my door!  I have yet to find out who dropped it off
on me.  Most of it will go in the garbage, I think.

However, there was a red metalSinger skirt marker in the bag.  I just
brought it to the computer and I'll try to describe mine.  I think there's
something missing from this thing.  It's a square, red, metal can with
chalk inside it.  It has a metal screw top.  On the left side is a flat
"spout"where the chalk comes out.  On the right side is a metal clamp?  A
"strip of metal attched to the can with two rivets and one side of the
clamp bent inwards kind of like a triangle.  Out of the screw lid is a
little rubber hose (there is a spring at the bottom of the hose where it
attaches to the lid).  At the other end of the hose is a little metal
"eye".  Is there supposed to be a rubber squeezing "thingie" (my vocabulary
just isn't great enough here!) on the end of that hose.  Hope that makes
sense.  It is cute and is in good shape.

Can anyone tell me anything about this?

Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 17:27:18 -0500
Subject: Re: My big find/various questions

I spent Saturday antique-ing in New Hampshire.  I picked up a couple of
cheap tin/plastic toy there, but mostly just gaped at the overpriced machines
in the stores e.g. a Model 66, condition 6 and  missing parts, with the gray
cardboard carrying case for $200.  I decided to stop at a used-whatever shop that I spotted on my way home.  It's a typical junk shop; an old dilapidated gasoline station, semi-stable piles of junk, 12" paths snaking through the lot.  Under a pile of wooden orange crates, I spied what looked like a Model 68 FW cabinet.  I restacked the crates to get a better look, and, lo and behold, the oval top lifts off, and there's the familiar rectangular hole in the top.  The price sticker said (drum roll, please)......$24.  
The owner saw my interest, and started a sales pitch to convince me to
buy the cabinet (as if I weren't already rushing to get the money out of my
purse).  I paid without quibbling, crammed the cabinet into the back of my Camry (no easy feat, since I couldn't figure out how to knock it down), and floated back to Massachusetts.

I looked it over better when I get it home.  The good news is it's in
nice shape; solid, no warping, and has the spool rack, oil can holder, and little shelf/drawer.  The bad news is:
   1. It needs refinishing or a good squirt of Howard's.  The varnish is
gone on about 60% of the cover, but  thankfully, no big dings in the wood.
   2. It looks like someone modified it to fit another machine.  I can't
find any of the metal  support bars that NJS describes.  Rather, there are two
pieces of 1x4 screwed into the underside, and,  for whatever reason, they've notched in some of those sewing machines hinges that you usually see on the Singer portable cases.
  3. I don't own a FW that fits.

I can handle 1 and 3 ('tho' I think I should find a $25 FW to complete
the set correctly 8^)), but I need some help with 2.  Is this really a FW cabinet, or did they make a variation for the 201 or some other machine? How big is the opening in the top of a real FW Model 68 cabinet?  Could someone please describe the support bars in more detail, or send/post a picture of the opening?

I also bought a strange, cast iron hand crank here in Massachusetts.  It
was labeled as a child's toy, but I believe it's one of those generic New
England-type machines from the mid/late 1800's, but I don't have my own copy of Bay's book yet. It has a strange, curlicue type of arm, similar to the Hancocks TSMs in Thomas' Book II, but the dimensions are more like 9x7x5.  It's got lots of brass parts, an extremely thin presser foot that looks like an upside down feed dog, and two spool pins.  The needle screws into a "plate" instead of a shaft.  I don't have a clue on how to thread the thing, much less get it running.  Does anyone have any more information on these kind of machines, like threading diagrams, needle sizes, etc. that would help me?  Thanks.

Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 19:59:27 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 1/10/98

Hi ALl
Have an old Davis treadle and need to locate some "general use" feet for it.
Nothing fancy (i.e. ruffler, etc), just open toe, etc.  Please  email any
info. Thanks.  Rod
Subject: RE: FW Fanatics 1/7/98
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 98 10:36:00 PST

Hi Fellow Feathers!
Two questions I need help on.
#1.   Can anyone tell me anything about a machine called Western Electric? 
It is a black portable in a bentwood case. It has a foot pedal shaped like 
the sole of a shoe and appears to be about a  1930 or 40  issue. It runs and 
has a black metal box of feet. I didn't see a serial number on it. The 
bobbin winder is located at the base of the head on the right front. Can 
anyone tell me who made this machine?

#2.   Can those of you who are experienced collectors help out a newbie 
regarding which models of Singers are more collectible (other than the 
FW's). For someone with limited space and finances, would it be better to 
hold out for a 201, or should one pick up other models such as a 15 or 185? 
I only have 2 FW's, and a VS#2 treadle. Whatever I collect I would like to 
be able to use. I am a new quilter, and while I mostly use my Bernina 1080, 
I would like to be able to use anything I collect. Since space does not 
allow an abundance of machines, I need to know which would be most suitable 
for a very small, beginning collection.

Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 21:17:25 EST
Subject: 201-2 Singer

Went and looked at a singer 201-2 #EE887986 crinkle finish made in great
It's in a table with a bench with 4 drawers down the side the accessory are
still in the tissue paper in the box and the book is in perfect condition.
The drawers are full of old stuff.  She didn't have a price on it but wanted
to know if it worth collecting.  Was looking for a F.W.


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