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Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 13:27:13 +0100
From: graham forsdyke 
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 3/30/1999

To Linda re ebay problems

If you have a friend who is an ISMACS member ask to see the current
magazine - has a lot about ebay

Graham Forsdyke

From: Moonsage2
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 21:55:35 EST
Subject: For your information.

O.N.T. Thread
I have had some questions regarding what the O.N.T. stood for on the spool of 
thread.  After many unanswered e-mails I found a woman who is a researcher 
and very versed in thread.  The answer is so neat that I thought I would 
share the note she sent to me with the list.

She wrote:
The O.N.T. at the end of thread stands for a trademark of Clark Thread Co.
for the first thread that had its fuzz singed off by a flame. It stands for
"Our New Thread."
Rose Marie Tondl, Ed.D.
Extension Clothing Specialist
Room 204 Home Economics Building
University of Nebraska
Lincoln, NE 68583-0802
Phone 402-472-6318
Fax 402-472-0640
And who says the web is just for talking!!!!!!!

If you have to vacuum the bed, it's time to change the sheets. 

From: "Bill Mitchell" 
Subject: Ongoing Saga of Wilcox & Gibbs in Need of Rescue
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 10:02:31 -0800

Dear Feathers,

Help is on the way. Teri Anzalone, a FWF, is coming to San Diego for a
holiday sometime around the week of April 5, and to help me with the Wilcox
and Gibbs delima. I am not sure whether Teri hales from Chicago or New York.
First we'll stake the place out, from a lunch room across the street, then,
I am going to march in that antique store with Teri and get an answer out of
the antique dealer, who doesn't want to sell stuff.
Perhaps it is a museum, and I thought it is an antique store(?) I will check
on that the next time I go in there. That could be why the Wilcox & Gibbs
has no price tag. Maybe, even, it was a dream I had. (More like nightmare).
I feel awake, now, though. Teri will awaken me, for sure, and we will see
about this W&G awaiting my rescue from the horrible museum, guarded by the
wicked witch and the warlock of San Diego. I shouldn't say stuff like that,
because they really are nice people; just don't move very fast.

Bill Mitchell in San Diego

From: "John & Nancy Tanguay" 
Subject: Questions-Feed Dog Cover Plate and Brushes
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 12:38:22 -0500

Hi Everyone
Moonsage mentioned she had a feed dog cover plate .  Is this part 
#32622?   Are they still available?
Also would someone please do a "How to"  item about brushes.  How to 
check them , when to replace and anything else pertaining. =
Just acquired a Beauty!!!   A 66-16 centennial with the simple gold 
decals and  in #72 cabinet.  The bobbin case was broken but I had one
from a 15-91 parts machine.  It needs the bobbin oiler wick,  How do I 
do this???   Needs a little adjustment but it cleaned up sooo pretty.   
This is my third centennial,  the others are a 15-91, (my Moms) and a 
FW,  from my SIL.  I'm Happy!!
Nancy-- in Maine where Spring has descended upon us.

From: "Sylvia Rogers" 
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 3/30/1999
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 06:14:51 -0500

Hi fellow Feathers,  I'm going to be traveling down to see my son in St.
Louis , Mo. Friday for a few days.  I'll be traveling from central Mi.
anyone have any ideas about interesting shops that might have FW's or toy
machines?  Thanks Sylvia

Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 22:36:42 -0500
From: Mildred Stokes 
Subject: Model 201-2 Singer

Hi all

I found a Singer 201-2 today at a moving sale.  The machine looks  greart.
Barely a scratch on it.  It has the Singer Plate outlined in blue like the
Centennial Featherweight.  The cabinet, except for a few scratches on thetop, 
is sturdy and in great condition.  I finally found one where my knees
fit under comfortably.  The serial number is AJ951190.  I paid 45$ for the
machine.  I hear that these are great machines.  Was this a good price?  

When I brought the machine home and set it up I could not get it to run. 

The light is working but when I step on the peddle I get nothing. I checked
all the connections.   I think the motor may be gone.  Is it worth taking it to 
repair and having the mortor replaced?  I can't believe this machine
is not working.

I also have at model 99 that works like a charm.  Which one is a better
machine to keep.  Could use some advice on this.

Sooooooooo disapointed.

Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 08:47:14 -0800 (PST)
From: Kent and Shirley Larsen 
Subject: Needed Singer 72W19 Manual and Bobbins

I need a copy of the manual and some bobbins for a
Singer 72W19 Hemstitcher.  If anyone knows of a source,
please let me know.

Thanks in advance, Shirley in Utah


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