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Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 09:17:31 +0100
From: graham forsdyke 
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 4/3/1999

To Moonsage re e-bay tossing off offenders.

Nothing to stop then joining again with a different e-mail address and a
whole bunch of friends ready to boost the feedback rating.

To LYS re 221 part

Sounds like you are describing the bevel gear flange. Never heard of one of
these breaking but I have the part if you need it. Fitting is a
straightforward but fairly long job involving removing the top shaft.
Timing would need to be re-set afterwards.

To Myra

The 99 was a great little workhorse but not a Featherweight. It was
introduced in the UK in 1920 . Your EN machine is a 1958 model.

Although the machines was made in the UK, the motor was made in St Johns
Canada - thus the two different countries of origin.

North America, unlike most of the rest of the world uses 110 volts as a
standard power source except for some items such as washers and air-con
units where more power is needed.

Graham Forsdyke

Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 13:30:32 -0700 (PDT)
From: quilt writer 
Subject: Re: Wanted - Needle Clamp Screw


If anyone has access to a needle clamp screw that fits snuggly into the
outside area of the needle clamp, I would love to buy it from you. I am
missing one on my FW and it is causing my machine to get out of timing.

Please help if you can. 

From: Ajwcjp
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 15:12:42 EDT
Subject: Touch'n'Jam Jamming!

	There's been some great info about Touch and Sews here lately, so I 
am bringing you this problem: A friend of mine, who never used a sewing 
machine but wanted to learn quilting, was talked into buying a 1969 model 648 
Touch and Sew (in a nice table) for $60 at a garage sale (She failed to call 
me, first). Seller swore it worked great. Indeed, it does, when you use a 
preloaded bobbin. But we can't seem to wind an empty bobbin. Either the 
thread breaks; or a small knot of thread forms underneath the bobbin,  and 
then the thread breaks. I have fooled with it as much as I dare. Done 
everything the manual suggests (checked threading, checked bobbin intactness, 
etc.) to no avail.  My best guess is that the failure has something to do 
with the target-shaped (red and white concentric circles) 'bobbin button' 
that you are supposed to push to the left---the difference between left and 
right is virtually nonexistent with this button. But I'm not sure. 
   Does anyone have any insight into this situation? What can we try, before 
we go to a professional? My friend  has lugged this machine across the 
country twice while moving, and feels that she MUST get it to work! She's a 
grad student, without a lot of extra  cash to burn. I've informed her (thanks 
to great info on FWF)that model 648 has plastic gears and therefore its days 
are numbered anyway . My snobbish fatalism does not impress her. Is there 
hope? What should we try? Any advice appreciated!
Many thanks,
Cathy in S. Cal.

From: Bufflett
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 16:59:21 EDT
Subject: 319W


  I was running around on my day off and went into a Salvation Army Thrift 
Store.  They had 5 portable sms, and when I opened the top to a neat-looking 
grey suitcase, I saw the infamous 319W, with all the levers on the top.  The 
shape and handle reminded me so much of my 301, and the levers and color 
reminded me of things I saw last nite on "Men in Black" that I just had to 
bring it home.  I got it to run in the store, but I don't have a clue how to 
use the levers and dials.  Does anyone have a manual copy I can buy?


  Linda in Va. Beach

From: HMMQuilts
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 17:35:09 EDT
Subject: Re: need parts!

Could someone out there help me with a 66 in need of a power cord?  Also the 
plastic part the cord plugs into (it's chipped)?  This machine is in 
beautiful (at least 8 as to paint and straight-line decals) condition in a 
not-so-pleasing 50's style bleached wood cabinet...I will check to see if one 
of my other cabinets is authentic and switch it over.   Then there's a black 
longbed 301 in an okay cabinet...the machine is shiny and decals perfect, but 
the pedal needs rewiring (looks as if a pit bull used it for teething ).  
Can't wait to find time to lube both and try them out.  I have Griest 
attachments for the 66 but need a set for the 301 and manuals for 
both--preferably originals!

Bought both machines (as well as a trapezoid case for a 301 shortbed) at an 
antique shop in MA.  Saw a beautiful treadle cabinet with a Wheeler in 
it...machine in rusty condition...in another shop.  Saw a bunch of little 
cabinets made out of treadle drawers in another shop....felt like I was in a 
graveyard!  Sad...where did all the lovely machines go???

Rhetorical question, of course...the bases are now under tables at a local 


From: Mrgavio
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 17:29:27 EDT
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 4/1/1999

FW Brushes - I would also like to hear some info on the brushes.  A friend 
was cleaning her machine & turned the "screw" that covers the brushes - & the 
"screw," which seems to be made of a fragile plastic, broke and then would 
not hold the brushes in.  She took to a Singer dealer who replaced the 
brushes, but not the screw.   It's still taped down.   If I send her FW#, 
would any of you have a replacement part?  Thanks, KS Mary

From:  (CaptainDick)
Subject: April RITA
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 15:53:41 -0700

Hi, all;

For those who are not TO'ers but are following Romance in the
Afternoon, the April episode is up... go to The Soap Factory on
the map and follow the links from there...

Also, the revised second edition of the Field Guide to the
Identification of Early Singers is at the printers.   It is
expected to be here by the time I get back from my trip down south
(early May), and I will announce definite availability and price
on the web site, the TO Flea Market and FW For Sale at that time.

Captain Dick

web site:  http://www.captndick.com

telephone:  206-784-0883
land mail address: 2631 NW 95th St., Seattle, WA 98117

Tagline:   What famous golfer loves to drink wine:   Litre Vino

Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 20:18:30 -0700 (PDT)
From: quilt writer 
Subject: Wanted - Needle Clamp Screw

If anyone has access to a needle clamp screw that fits snuggly into the
outside area of the needle clamp, I would love to buy it from you. I am
missing one on my FW, and it is causing my machine to get out of
timing. Please help if you can. 

Date: Mon, 05 Apr 1999 10:36:17 -0700
From: "Sara A. Gardner" 
Subject: Singer cabinet

I have my MIL's 66.  It is in a very nice cabinet/table
which we had refinished.  The wood is probably walnut and
finished out just lovely.
Yesterday I was at a "garage" sale held in the back room of
an antique mall.  All the participants brought in anything
they wanted to sell...antiques or junk or garage sale stuff.
There is the same table, but the finish is terrible, and I am
not a good enough wood expert to tell what it might be.  Were
all these tables (ca 1947) made of the same wood?  They were
asking $20 for it.

Sara in Grants Pass, OR

From: explorer
Subject: Stitch
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 07:59:18 -0700

Hi Feathers,

I am a fairly new owner of a featherweight.  Had a piece of thread =
caught under the bobbin case and took it apart according to the Sebro =
book and cannot seem to get it back together correctly so it will sew.  =
Everything appears to be back together but will not sew over five =
stitches and the thread bunches up on the bottom and becomes tangled.  =
Does anyone have any suggestions.  Thanks for your help.

Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 04:23:03 EDT
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 3/8/1999

In a message dated 10-3-99 5:45:56 AM EST, FWFanatics@ttsw.com writes:

<< medonel >>
Hi,  I have my mother's featherweight which was made in 1935.  It has no 
markings as you described you expected on your aunt's machine.  Just turn the 
tension knob slightly left or right till it is adjusted right.  I know this 
is late and you probably received many answers, but I am trying to catch us 
most of March FWF messages.  

Fran Muller in Whittier, CA,
where the irises in my yard have many, many buds.
Besides genealogy, cats and sewing, did I mention I love and collect irises?

From: Amdezo
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 00:12:52 EDT
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 4/1/1999

A guy from our church gave me his mother's old Elna Supramatic today, it is 
broken somehow inside, a gear he thinks.  I wonder if it is something I will 
be able to do, or can I take it to have it fixed or is that impossible too?  
IT sure looks cool, I've never seen one of these "in person".

Did anyone see the 201 Featherweight for sale one ebay?  The starting bid is 
$1000!  It is a beautiful machine, but do you think they LIFTED IT?  
Shouldn't qualify as a featherweight by that alone!  I guess I won't bid on 


From: Amdezo
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 00:12:52 EDT
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 4/1/1999

A guy from our church gave me his mother's old Elna Supramatic today, it is 
broken somehow inside, a gear he thinks.  I wonder if it is something I will 
be able to do, or can I take it to have it fixed or is that impossible too?  
IT sure looks cool, I've never seen one of these "in person".

Did anyone see the 201 Featherweight for sale one ebay?  The starting bid is 
$1000!  It is a beautiful machine, but do you think they LIFTED IT?  
Shouldn't qualify as a featherweight by that alone!  I guess I won't bid on 


From: Alice.Hayden
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 09:46:00 -0400
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 4/3/1999

OK, this is a great listing.   I admit it, I've bought through ebay.  I try
to becareful in examining what I'm shopping for and the only real
dissappointments have been 2 cases of mail damage (which the sellers are in
the process of making good on).  I have been really pleasantly suprised by
some purchases being even better than anticipated.

The neat thing about ebay is that I get to see things (and even bid on the
chance of owning them) that I've only seen in books or museums before.  Not
that I'm really addicted; but I now have 2 FWs (a Centennial & one from my
Birthday month/year) and a beautiful Simplex (with a blue bird and cherubs
and mop inlay in the gold scroll work & a beautiful inlaid veneer wood
case).   Before that when young (20 years ago) my husband & I drove to
Illinois and I found a beautiful treadle machine for $18.  I bought it and
my husband & the proprietor managed to dissassemble it and get the pieces
into the back seat of his Datsun B210 (VERY SMALL car) to bring it home.
For 2 or so years that was my only sewing maching & I made curtains &
clothes on it.  We have just finished an extension which I am now filling
with sewing machines.  Don't get me wrong, I love my Bernina; it just isn't
as pretty.

Back to ebay, I did find a few less than scrupulous dealers.  I won a bid
which didn't meet the reserve on a chipped FW with no accessories.  The
dealer's reserve was $75 higher than my 'winning bid' he said he would list
it again.  I noted that  while his 2nd listing did say that there was some
chipping he did not include the photo with the chipped edge.  And this time
the bidding exceeded his reserve.  So I say read between the lines and
examin photos carefully.

Alice Hayden

Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 08:33:47 -0700 (PDT)
From: Kent and Shirley Larsen 
Subject: Millenium Quilt Blocks

Hi all,
	I am starting a Millennium Quilt Block Exchange and
need some participants.  Please contact me directly,
and not through the list so as to keep list traffic
down.  Please use vintage machines only on this
project.  (I will also be posting this to TreadleOn.) 
Choose fabrics that represent your state/country.
	The purpose of this exchange is to have a quilt top
for the new millennium.  We will be using the basic
three strip 6  inch accurate unfinished block with an
unbleached muslin signature strip in the middle. 
Three fabrics are used, ABC, with B always being
unbleached muslin in the middle (just like the 1998
TreadleOn Block Exchange design for those
familiar--and if not, please see the link below).  All
fabrics must be 100% cotton, pre-washed and ironed. 
See Capt. Dick's site for help with block:


	Sign your blocks using a permanent pen with the
following info:  full name, city, state, machine used
in construction, and date made.  Place 60 blocks in
Ziploc bag on which you have written your name,
address, e-mail address.  You may send an additional
Ziploc bag of 60 blocks, but they need to be done on a
different machine and with a different fabric than the
first bag.  Mail these to me by SEPTEMBER 1 in a
priority mailing envelope and enclose a return
priority tyvex envelope with your address and
sufficient postage for return of your blocks. 
(Remember that 120 blocks will take more postage than
60!  Make sure you use stamps and not postage meter
stamping on return envelope.)  If you live outside the
U.S., contact me and other postage arrangements will
be made.  I will return your blocks by October 1
(sooner if I can).

Thanks, Shirley in Utah

From: "Bill Mitchell" 
Subject: Being Cautious Buying & Selling
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 09:10:53 -0700

To All Feathers:

I have been selling stuff on eBay now, since January, after our FWF, Nancine
helped me get on there,
and I have sold about 35 items. I have all good marks for treating the
buyers well and representing the items as they really are, including flaws,
and cracks and general condition. It pays to be up front on what you are
selling. I got carried away, and started trusting all these nice people. I
sent an item when the person told me that he had sent a money order. I
trusted him and mailed the item on his word. That was on 3/8. The M.O.  had
not arrived by 3/15, so on request, he said that he sent another one on
3/16. ( I should have been suspicious, when he did not hesitate to say he
would send another check right away.) It has not arrived, either, and he
won't answer his e-mail anymore. I noticed on his Buyer's Comments on the
eBay web page that he was dinged one other time for the same thing. He is
apparently a con man. He has had only four transactions total on eBay.
My father, who was a policeman, rest his soul, used to tell us kids, years
ago,  that a con man cannot be a successful con man unless he comes across
as a really nice guy, so beware of "nice guys". I fell for it, even though I
know this. This one only cost me $20 plus postage, so it was a well paid for
lesson, because I have sold other items for up to $350 on eBay and
collected.  Today, I will contact the eBay Cashier and ask that they debit
my charges for running that item. With that, they will contact this "buyer",
con man, and give him a warning. If he gets three warnings, he is removed
from ebay. Mine will be number two for him. He has only had four
transactions, to date. I told him in an e-mail that he is getting off on the
wrong foot. He had seemed so nice. He told me how his father was in WWII,
since he was buying a WWII item from me. We had nice chats, and he took me
in. I should have listened to my dad on that one. I'm awake, now, again, and
much more cautious. Not bad for only one out of 35 transacations. Most of
the buyers and sellers on eBay are pretty honest people like on FWF, but
they never announce when they are going to show their fangs and nick you.
Wait until you receive their payment, before you send the product. If it is
a personal check, wait until it clears before you send the item they
purchased. You can't go wrong. It is too bad that we have to use such
security, when almost all of the people are honest, prompt, and upright
people on eBay.
They warn that some sellers may get your check and not send the goods. Just
check their Seller's Comments before you bid on an item. If they have a
clean slate, you can pretty much trust that you will get your item you
bought.  eBay provides a contact to run an escrow on your goods, if they get
too expensive, and you don't want to send a money order and take a chance of
not getting the item.
The escrow cost $15. for the first $400. value. That is a pretty safe way to
do it. They are called Trade Safe. The buyer sends the check to them. They
hold the money. The seller sends the item and reports the tracking number to
Trade Safe. When Trade Safe is sure that the item arrived, they forward the
check to you less $15. up to $400. value. Over that, they charge by a
percentage. They are at  http://www.tradesafe.com/
You could use Trade Safe when you sell stuff on FWF, as well, because they
are an independent group. When you buy or sell a 221 or a 222, it would
relieve your anxiety.

Bill Mitchell, using the Moonsage Ethic and passing on helpful stuff that I
learn along the trail.
I returned the money and took back one item, out of 35, that the person was
not happy with.
I don't want anyone to be unpleased with anything I sell them. It really
makes me happy when they write back and tell me how tickled they are with
the item I provided for them.

From: "Lee" 
Subject: Wizard
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 09:47:28 -0700

Dear feathers,
      I have been lurking for a while and just recently joined. What =
wonderful information you all have. I don't have a featherweight as yet =
but keep looking and hoping to find one I can afford.I heard of one =
recently,  not a Centennial, one owner  featherweight and in excellent =
condition with all repair receipts from 1941, but the prices was $650. I =
mentioned I could get one shipped from England from Graham for less than =
that, but she wasn't interested.
      Have any of you experts heard of a Wizard Sewing Machine? A friend =
just came home with the Wizard from a yardsale. It is a cabinet model =
with a foot pedal and has a plate on the front of the machine with the =
number 2 JC 8857. Under the bed of the machine is the designation Z =
129524. The motor is called a Quality Brand Sewing Machine Motor.
     The machine did not have an instruction manual and so there are =
some mystery knobs she would like to know about.
       By the way for you chocolate people, ask your pharmacist if there =
is a "patch" to curb chocolate addiction as there is for those trying to =
stop smoking.
      From snowy eastern Washington state.

From: "Woodstock Sewing Centre" 
Subject: my two cents worth
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 06:59:46 -0400

Dear fws; I first need to continue to apologize for late shipping, we =
have had a mountain of things to slow me down, this things do not happen =
when you are up to date and nothing to do. They only happen when you are =
way behind, I am happy with all the repair work but cant believe that we =
have almost 40 sewing machines to repair for our customers, my church =
has me picking up the items for the charity auction on sat, and the =
other mechanic has had four days off and our camper was vandalized and =
my wife uncle  died on the weekend and thats why i havent got much done. =
Add easter and a sunrise service and a breakfast that i helped organize =
and the weekend was wild.=20

I started getting a little done on the weekend, but the post office isnt =
open today so the parcel might not get out for a couple of days now. I =
LOVE what i do, really do would almost rather do this than my regular =
business but after you spend nearly 20 years of your life getting a =
business known you just cant change your tune over night.=20

Well we are hoping to get caught up this week, half of a stand and a =
smaller treadle , a 99k and a bentwood and we should almost caught up . =
mikeh out=20



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