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Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 11:33:03 -0800
From: sakimball
Subject: Replacement Seam Guide


I've been lurking on the list for several weeks now while doing some
research on featherweights.  I believe I saw reference to an after
market seam guide and would like to know how to obtain one.

Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 10:44:21 -0700
Subject: happy hunting
From: Marcia M Hischier 

Hi all!  We were poking around Santa Barbara and found a good buy (I
think) on a FW at, of all places, an antique mall.  We spotted a circ
1954 FW in case with all original attachments, a zig-zagger and blue
manual tagged  $225.00.  We paid $200.00 and the clerk held the machine
while we continued shopping saying the owner had only set it out 10 min. 
before. When we came back to pick up the machine, she said the owner's DW
had just called and told her to pull the machine off the floor because it
was marked too low.  Too late!  We brought her home.  She ran a little
sluggish in the store, but after removing a thread jammed in bobbin case,
removing lots of lint and a little oiling, she runs like a champ; case
and machine in beautiful condition, all decals intact with only very
minimal light etching on the japan finish.  So, what do I need 2 FW's
for?  This is the most expensive mailing list I've ever been on!

From: LindaBKM
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 16:00:20 EDT
Subject: Fwd: Service Video
Hi everyone,  I have enjoyed the info and comments from you all for a little 
while now.  I have been looking for a FW seriously for only a short time.  My 
friend found one and purchased it for me recently. I paid full price for it, 
but my own DH feels that this mint condition FW and I deserve each other, so 
I don't feel bad paying my friend for it when she delivers it in a few weeks 
from down south.  I can hardly wait.  Anyway,  I was interested in the 
service video offered by bobobobo a few weeks ago.  I called him, 
and was convinced after our talk that this video was worth the call to 
inquire about it.  It arrived within a few days, and after looking at it, I 
had to tell you all that it is worth the investment.  I do what little my 
Elna Club needs for service, so I felt that after watching this video I can 
also maintain my FW (oh, I love the sound of that).  The video is very 
comprehensive.  I have no connection with Jim in any way so this plug for the 
video is just because I feel it deserves some praise.  It covers the 221 and 
the 301.  Now the 301, after seeing the video, seems like a machine I might 
have a nice home for.  If only there was time to do all the sewing I think 
about doing.

Cold here in SF Bay area.

From: "Kay Rutherford" 
Subject: Fw: New Feather
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 16:03:34 -0400

Hi Feathers:

I just recently joined FWF and think the networking is great.  I can =
hardly wait to "open"' my mail in the evening.  I have been especially =
interested in the eBAY notes, since I have ordered several items.  Word =
to the wise if you are ordering from Canada, the shipper has to ship it =
express (which includes the customs charge).  My most recent shipper =
only paid for freight and I received a bill for the customs charge from =
UPS.  He may have not known this, but I have a feeling he did know.  The =
next time I'll know enough to ask first and this may save you some =
hidden charges also.

Kay in W.Va.

Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 23:01:18 -0700
From: T&JWilson 
Subject: Marsha's New 401a

Marsha,  Motors are pretty easy to take apart and clean out.
It is pretty tough to explain it all.  Any chance you have
some one around that is handy and can show you how?
Long ago DH got tired of helping with motors and
taught me how.  It is really easy, just messy.  I wear
those throw away gloves and that helps.  It is really
fun the first time you put a motor back together, plug it
in and it works!  (I know,  I don't get out enough ; )

Please visit my Sewing machine web page and parts drawer at:

Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 17:38:42 EDT
Subject: Metal Sewing Machine Bases

Hi All;

I stopped in today to see my local sewing machine mechanic.  He showed me a 
couple treadle bases, rough, that he has for sale.  The cost he quoted is 
high, but he will, I think, negotiate.

He is located in Woodland Hills, Ca.  Which is in the far West end of the San 
Fernando Valley   He might even have heads for them.

This man does work for stores all over this, and the two adjacent valleys, 
Ventura and Santa Clarita.  He is a great talker, and really knows his stuff.

He has shown me several Featherweight's in the last few months that people 
have bought from Ebay, and brought in to him to fix.  I would truly be afraid 
to buy one that way after what I have seen.

I would be happy to share his phone number with any one interested.  He is 
from Peru, and though his English is perfect, he goes a mile a minute.  For 
this reason only, I would suggest that any one contacting him be prepared to 
come see what he has in person.  He is in and out all day, and goes to 
training schools put on by the major sewing machine manufactures here and 

A fascinating character.


From: "Doug Marlow" 
Subject: Re: Fashion Disks for Singer 306?
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 08:12:59 -0400

Bob Bannen sold me a Cadillac of a Singer...a 306...it was all he said it
would be and more.  Hat off to Bob.  It came with a number of Fashion disks
but the numbers go up into the 20's so I know there are some that I don't
have.  Any leads on where I might find more for this model?  Thanks (a very
happy) Doug


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