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From: Amy Patterson 
Subject: T&S 640 Controller
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 09:19:48 -0400

RE.  Touch & Sew 640 Foot control:   If anyone has a good inexpensive fix, 
please tell us.   The 640s must be outliving their foot controls.  I also 
have a good 640 machine in need of a foot control.  I've searched for a 
used one to replace it, but have not found one.  There is an aftermarket 
replacement available for $75 - $100.  Apparently other Touch & Sew foot 
controls can't be substituted.  The controller for the 640 has the 
fast/slow switch on the foot control itself, and a 5-prong connection to 
the machine.

Amy Patterson

Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 17:57:19 -0500
Subject: walking foot for 301
From: Shelley R Serby 

Hi All,
A few weeks ago, I ordered a walking foot for my 301 from Chris at
Stepping Stones Quilts.  I have no affiliation with him at all but let me tell 
you, after going through
4 of those feet, HE HAS THE RIGHT ONE!!!  I'm so thrilled with it and so glad
to find one after so much searching, trying them, returning them, etc....

So, if
you're looking for a slant needle walking foot, Chris is the one to contact!
Great service too, I might add!!!!!  THanks Chris!
Shelley in IL

From: "Woodstock Sewing Centre" 
Subject: my two cents worth
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 07:57:44 -0400

Dear fws; its mikeh again spouting off, spoke this week to a fella going =
to guatamalla, hope thats how you spell it, close enough. He and his =
wife are moving permanently there, they belong to a organization called =
i believe the arm of jesus.  They are going to start and run a home for =
street kids to provide a permament home to change their lives and =
retrain them to have a better life, automotive and sewing training will =
be part of the studies. I was looking for a speaker for the mens =
breakfast of our church and now have a another person that wants a pile =
of old sewing machine by the end of june, had already promised to fix up =
approx 20 to 30 old machines for the other missionary to load up in a =
truck and now this fellla would like about 20, me and my big mouth. Well =
you gotta admire them, its one thing in those countries people really =
appreciate a sewing machine, lot more than the average joe in north =
america ( excepting us sewing machine addicts). Remembering seeing a =
photo of a poor lady in mexica living in a tin and cardboard shed, and =
her proudest possession was her treadle sewing machine that is how she =
clothed and fed her family was with her talent and machine.  The chap =
who ran the local variety store bought a little 99k in a bentwood and =
his elderly momma from korea who was 85 sat on the floor and ran that =
little machine for hours sewing clothes for her grandchildren while she =
was visiting, they say it  made the difference for her was she was =
visiting and she wished she could have taken it home, but it weighed too =
much for the long expensive flight to korea.=20

Well this week we bought a neat little singer hand pinker, a long bed =
301singer and a parlour cabinet electric yes that right a original =
parlour style that was meant for electric, and a nice clean pretty =
singer treadle and=20


Well better get up have a load of machine coming in, and a trader coming =
for a machine and it feels like it could be a busy day mikeh

http://www.oxford.net/~mikeh      =20

From: "gladys sheetz" 
Subject: Battle of the Sewing Machine
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 12:11:02 -0500

i just discovered this link to Library of Congress.  You can search for
things by using a key word.  Get photos, and manuscripts/stories containing
that word.  I put in Sewing Machine and you wouldn't believe the list.
Some were stories containing the word sewing machine.  Use your imagination
and get all kinds of things.

Battle of the Sewing Machines   Music.....no sound but 10 pages of music =
you can play it.

Gladys  (In.)   

Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 13:53:42 EDT
Subject: Now I truly Believe

Dear All,

Now, I truly believe.

There is a "happy dance" going on in my house.  As some of you may have 
guessed from my warning about the Hepatitis C epidemic, things have not been 
the greatest around my house for the last 2 months, capped off by my DH 
having some kind of an allergic reaction to something and turning into the 
red reptile skin on the upper part of his body man. He had to stop taking his 
HepC medication  that was making him feel good.  A skin biopsy yesterday to 
try to find out what is the cause.  

After months of feeling happy for other people's "finds" today I feel happy 
for mine.  Got started for breakfast at my favorite Mexican restaurant.  
Really not feeling the greatest today.  After breakfast saw in the paper a 
yard sale near by.  This was well after 9:00 AM and usually I hear, "We had a 
sewing machine but it went the first thing."

Pulled up in front and started walking to the back when I spotted a green and 
white case that looked like a make up case.  Bent down, not an enjoyable 
position, and lifted the lid.  I casually asked the man, "How much is this 
machine?"  He answered, "Twenty-five dollars."  I said, "I'll take it," and 
sort of lifted it a little.  

Then my DH started looking in his wallet, $15.00!.  I called over to my dear, 
wonderful son, praying he had the needed $10.00.  He did.

You never saw a sewing machine go into a trunk so fast in your life.

Well, we are now home.  A receipt for a service on the machine in 1986 for 
$40.00.  The light and the motor work, and it has the bobbin and the holder.

I notice that the oval Singer Badge is missing.  Any for sale? Other wise I 
will  just love it as it is.  It is about a 9 on the machine and 5 or 6 on 
the case, big deal!

Must get off the computer and try to find where in a fit of neat and tidy I 
put away my oil and lube, and get to work on this beauty.  

The serial number is EV941073.  Oh! did I fail to mention that the machine is 
the white with the green tinge?  I was so busy mentally doing my happy dance, 
I may have not.

Good luck to all of you out on your quest.  Seek and ye shall find.  My faith 
has been reaffirmed, again!

PatBergman,  Picture this, a lady that doesn't walk to well, doing an 
esthetically happy dance.  That picture should brighten your day.

Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 19:15:12 EDT
Subject: One Great Big Thank You.

Dear All:

When last I wrote I was giddy and doing the "happy dance" with my new/old 

Reality has set in.  I am very proud at what I just finished doing, and I 
know that many "thank you's" are due.

The lady said "it ran".  Lady was wrong.  I came down to earth and realized 
that I would have to clean up, lube and oil this little jewel and take her 
for a spin.  Got out my supplies and started in doing all the things I 
learned in "The care and feeding of your Featherweight" class.  

Got the white/green darling all cleaned, oiled and ready to boogie, and 
nothing happened.  I put a call into my local sewing machine guru and his 
wife informed my that Juan was our of town until Monday.  Drats! 

Now who among us is that patient?  So, drawing on the past advice of 
Moonsage, the Captain,  Mikah, and that Lovable Wooley English Gentleman, (EV 
was made in England in 1964, they are mates) I figured, nothing ventured, 
nothing gained, I narrowed the problem to the bobbin area, and the needle 

I checked the book, the bobbin holder was not in the right groove, and I saw 
a wisp of thread coming from where it did not belong.  I went and got my 
dental tool and my tweezers, went in and started working thread out from 
behind the bobbin case."It Works" my right eyebrow, the thread was packed in 
behind those little holes around the bobbin shaft.  Got that out and then 
tackled the needle.  A new one.  I couldn't figure out what went where with 
it,  so I went in to my treadle drawer and got an old/new Singer needle.  
That one I knew how to insert. Put the old/new needle in.  Has any one else 
noticed how much smaller needle holes are these days? Well, anyway, with the 
help of a needle threader, I got that machine threaded and plugged her in and 
pushed down on the pedal.  It ran like a champ.

Now I know that this is not a jewel among machines, but it is little, it is 
adorable, it is a Featherweight, and I am so happy to have it.

This machine will be a very welcome addition to my small collection.  

This forum, the FWF group, have given me the confidence, the knowledge, and 
the pleasure of sharing their knowledge with  me that enabled me to do this 

Thanks Fellow FWF'ers.  I can not express the gratitude I feel.


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