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From: KeGaR
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 14:03:04 EDT
Subject: Black & Blue cases & mystery attachments

We made a neat find last week at a rummage/moving sale of an elderly man.
It was the buttonholer in the black case (no instructions tho.) and the 
Singer attachments case.  First one I've seen.  It's blue vinyl(?), about 
91/2 x 10 1/2 inches & 4 1/4" high.  It has a slide button type latch & 

Inside there were several goodies; the pinker which attaches to the machine, 
zig zagger, picot attachment,  blind stitcher in the box with instructions, 
extra box of buttonhole templates, the craft guide with instructions, the 
manual for the stocking darner, but no darner in sight, same for the Singer 
ripper & threader  :-(.

There's also something which looks like a heavy duty craft guide  #121254

There were 2 long bobbins in the box, so I assume these were for a 127/128.

There are some of the usual feet but a couple I've never seen before & 
haven't been able to find out what they are.
One is #121253;  This has a needle hole in the middle & a long slot on either 
side of the hole.

the other is has more than one number on it--35135, 121717  It has a left toe 
& a lever on the back.  It almost looks like the edge guides fit into it.

Also one #36067  (I think)  It also says 3/16 on it.  I think it might be for 
attaching braid, by the looks of the needle hole and the slot.

There are also 3 different size L shaped edge (?) guides, but I don't know 
what feet they go on.35006,35004, 35003 

We asked about the machine, but the women running it said that it wasn't 
around--maybe got traded in for the no name zigzag which they also had for 
sale.  Darn!  I imagine that some of the missing pieces might have been in 
the sewing stuff, but there wasn't much of that around that we saw.  They 
just put the old Singer stuff out hoping that it might be of use to somebody. 

Anyway, we were tickled pink with the goodies.
I haven't been able to identify the mystery feet on the lists I have.  Does 
anyone else know what they are?
Gail R
in NE Wis.

From: "Karen Moss"
Subject: 306's
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 14:42:53 PDT

Well, I have a 306 which I've been keeping purely for sentimental 
reasons because it was my grandma's.  She always thought it was a pain 
to use and had quit using it probably 20 years ago...when I finally 
got it, I cleaned it up and oiled it and it ran like a dream.  Then I 
just put it away because I believed what she said about it being a 
pain.  Now I see all of you guys talking about the wonderful old 306 
so I guess I'll have to get it out and give 'er a spin!  Maybe I have 
a treasure and don't even know it.

And somebody asked about the 401's.  I have one and love it.  Got it 
from Larry Black in Kansas, who shipped it to me in such great shape 
that it was useable the minute I put the cabinet together.  I pieced 
an entire quilt top on it and was thrilled every second.

And of course, my favorites are the 301's.  What a great little 

I'm going to try the 306 tonight, I swear I am.

Karen in Tucson, where it is getting hot enough to need the A/C on in 
the house.

From: Ray Hettinger 
Subject: Visualizing and the Happy Dance
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 23:14:51 -0500

Hello everyone,

For those Texans who were unable to attend the SM meeting in Roundrock 
at Marie's house, you missed a real treat.  It was so wonderful to meet 
some of the folks who post to the various digests.  Thanks to Marie and 
her family for hosting the get together.  Meeting Captain Dick was a 
hoot!  Such an interesting guy.

Now for my story.  I read daily with envy all the happy dance stories 
and wonder, "Why can't it happen to me?"  Bill told us to visualize.  
Well, last week, while talking with a friend at work, she said, "You 
collect sewing machines don't you?  What do you do with all of them?"   
I said yes, and before I could tell her what I do with all of them, she 
said, "I have my mother's machine, and I don't use it.  Maybe you would 
like to have it."  Then she started telling me about it.  You know how 
the story goes.  Her mother got it while living in Japan in the late 
40's, it was a Singer, a knock off she thought, in a brown box, etc., 
etc.  So I began thinking it was probably a 99 if it was even a Singer.  
She ended by saying she would bring it the next day.

At home later that evening, I was telling DH about the conversation and 
told him about Bill's visualizations.  And I started thinking how 
wonderful it would if it were a FW.  I also thought how silly I was.

When I got to work the next morning and opened my door, the the good 
fairy had already been there.  Sitting on my desk was that "black box."  
I squealed, I jumped up and down.  I acted downright crazy.  Yes indeed, 
it was a beautiful FW.  About that time, my friend walked in smiling.  I 
told her how wonderful it was and that I needed to pay her something for 
it.  She said, "How could you pay me for this?  Just take it and enjoy 
it."  I did, and I'm still smiling.  Now just because of the FW, but 
also because of the "gift" from a friend.=20

Gayle in Austin

From: "Audrey Cameron" 
Subject: Elna Sp
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 14:44:31 +0100

Does anyone know any thing about an Elna Sp? I also need a manual.
Audrey Cameron in Lincolnshire,England

From: Msmjem
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 10:35:36 EDT
Subject: Need some fresh ideas!

Hello Fellow Feathers - 

Imagine my surprise when a member of the local quilt guild approached me in 
the supermarket the other day and asked me if I'd like to be president of the 

Seems that the current president has stepped down, and my name came up among 
several of the members....Me, "the sewing machine lady."

At first I thought of the old joke..."If nominated, I will not run....If 
elected, I will not serve."  But, I told her yes, I would do it.

What I would like to ask you, my fellow quilting feathers, is for some fresh 
ideas.  This is an old guild and they have, over the years, done just about 
everything.  Many of the members are bored and come to the meetings, but, 
unfortunately, don't ever participate.  For example, when I gave the program 
last year on how to clean your sewing machine, especially the FW, only one 
brought her machine, although most of them pulled up a chair and listened and 
asked questions.

They've done fabric exchanges, charm squares, and even block exchanges and 
they are sick of them....no more, they say.

I am thinking of doing a couple of mystery quilts....I've found a couple nice 
ones on the internet that seem simple and easy....and have the blessing of 
the originator to use them for guilds.

I'd appreciate hearing any ideas that you have on how to pep up this bunch.  
Maybe some ideas of things your quilt group has done.

Thanks for any ideas you might have.

Oh, by the way, I found a Touch and Sew 626.  First thing I did was get it in 
to the service guy and he did a fresh gear job.  It sews like a champ and I 
love it.  It will give me several years of good service and I love the 
convenience of the wind in place bobbin.  The chainstitch feature is 
absolutely wonderful.  When I did the research a while back on the Touch and 
Sew machines, I didn't know which side of the fence to stay - those loving 
these machines or the ones hating them.  I know now.  I love my Touch and Sew 
626.  And, my best advice to anyone who gets one is to do your research, be 
careful in looking it over and be willing to take it first thing to a 
repairman for a gear job.  Yes, extra expense up front, but well worth it in 
the long run.

Bye for now - Elizabeth in Indiana 

From: Lee
Subject: Fw: 306 discs
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 19:22:04 -0700

To Maryanne in Spokane,WA:
Here are the disc numbers from my 306:
    I don't know why there is a jump in numbers betwee 05 and 08, but 
these discs are original to my machine.Inside the box which hold the 
discs is the number Form KA 318.
       My 306 was a 21st birthday present to me, and I always hated it. 
I had to spend so much time trying to adjust the tension, that by the 
time I got it to sew, my sewing time had elapsed.
      Then my daughter asked for it, and I responded it should be 
serviced first. In this tiny little town in rural Washington, I found a 
farmer's wife who used to work for the Singer Company! She got that 
machine to sew the way it had never sewn before, even when it was brand 
 My daughter loves it.
       Lee in Ellensburg, WA

From: DeniseCF
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 12:06:33 EDT
Subject: Singer Genie model 353

I am still looking for a handwheel for the Singer Genie. Does anyone have one?

Santa Clara

From: Jsmargiass
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 17:30:47 EDT
Subject: manual for model#99

I'm searching for my mom. She is looking for a manual on a singer sewing 
machine model#99, if anyone can help me please e-mail back asap. Or, if 
possible, contact my mother directly at:732-296-0021-Rosemary Kayne

Thank you

Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 15:39:22 EDT
Subject: I love a mystery.

Here is one for the Featherweight mavens (knowledgeable person)

I called singer 1-800-474-6437 this morning, and reached the usual very nice 
customers service person.  

I proceeded to give her the number from the bottom of my new/old 
Featherweight and ask if the badge was still available.  I was on the phone 
on hold for the longest time.  Then the lady came back and said that the 
number was for a model 328-K not for a 221-K.

I asked her to hold the line for a minute and I went and got the machine and 
read the model number off the end and the serial number off the bottom.  I am 
sitting there looking at what I identified as a Featherweight, being told my 
this person I was wrong.  I asked if she had a picture of this 328K she could 
describe it to me.  She said there was no picture in her records of the 328K.

Does any one know what a 328K looks like?  I have Sebro's featherweight book, 
and she identifies this as the 1964 White Featherweight.  

Nothing about my life is ever simple.

PatBergman, It fascinates me that I can be having so much fun doing something 
so simple.

From: "Alan Pritchard" 
Subject: Centennials
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 07:44:49 -0400

   I've had three AJ series FWs that Singer gives the "birthdate" of 
8-22-50. AJ931339 and AJ813002 have the Centennial emblem, but AJ793732 
has the standard Singer emblem.   I also have EF284597 (8-17-49) which 
has the Centennial emblem and a scroll faceplate.=20

JP in North Carolina

From: "Lee" 
Subject: Fw: San Francisco Centennial
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 19:21:38 -0700

Hi again feathers,
       I'm still looking for that elusive feather weight machine and am 
going to try try Bill's visualizing technique.
       I have read that there is a San Francisco Centennial 
Featherweight and was wondering if any of you out there own one or have 
seen one. A dealer I spoke with in Santa Cruz, CA, says he has been in 
the business for 30 years and has never seen one and doubts if they 

From: "William E. Palmer" 
Subject: Singer Model 99K
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 19:23:58 -0800

While attending an auction here recently in Alaska, I was looking for 
another Featherweight to add to my other one.  They didn't have one but 
they did have a real neat old Singer.  A model 99k.  It is a hand 
cranked machine. It came in the original case - a walnut domed top case. 
 It has the original manual and all of the accessories.  It works like 

What I am trying to find out is the value of the machine for my property 
listing. I called Singer and got its birthdate - Dec 1933.  Now how do I 
find out its value?

Can you steer me in the right direction ?

Thanks Tish Palmer

From: Amdezo
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 11:34:46 EDT
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 4/14/1999

RE:  free motion quilting

Recently I did a quilt on my newer machine (it has the rubber feed dogs) and 
forgot to put the cover over the feed dogs.  It really did a fine job without 
covering them.  I haven't tried it on a FW yet, but has anyone else?  It 
certainly would save us a lot of time searching for those covers if  it 
works.  I think I actually liked the way it worked BETTER than when I use the 
cover,  it seemed to sort of help move things with less jerky motions.  I was 
using a darning foot so things weren't tight in there, I don't know if it 
would be the same with metal feed dogs since they may grab the fabric better 
than the smooth rubber.  I'm fairly new to machine quilting, still practicing!


From: BobLaur82
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 16:43:32 EDT
Subject: Prices, please

           I'm writing for any info you have on Featherweights- prices in 


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