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Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 10:07:01 +0100
From: graham forsdyke 
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 4/22/1999

To Nacine re reserves

..............">Sometimes people put a reserve on something, not really
knowing what the true
>value is.  Negotiation should always an option."

Now I'm even more confused.

You mean that someone puts on a reserve which is the absolute minimum they
will take (but are willing to take less). Another person bids the absolute
maximum they are prepared to pay (but are willing to pay more).. Then the
two talk and agree on a compromise where they both change their minds and
make a total nonsense of the whole business.

To Kat who asked:
................Graham:  what does  ISMACS  mean ?

Shame on you (G)

It's the International Sewing Machine Collectors' Society - first and
largest group of its kind in the world. Magazine. Auctions, meetings and
coming up the first full scale convention to be held in the USA.
Please go look at the web site http://www.ismacs.net

Graham Forsdyke

From: IndianClay
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 12:05:08 EDT
Subject: need attachment help

Hello all !

A month ago I got my first FW! Yippee! My "new" 221 is a series AL. The 
condition it's in is an 8. The carrying case is almost like new. The handle 
has electrical tape wrapped around it but that's OK with me. And I really 
love that musty smell when I open it! reminds me of the library I used to go 
to as a young student! :-) It sews a perfect 1/4" and goes over pins better 
than my Bernina. Been doing a lot of PP on it right now!

Anyway, the FW came with some accessories in a green cardboard box but I'm 
not sure if they "match" the FW. Maybe someone can advise me. Two parts have 
numbers that don't match the accessories list we have here at FWFanatics. The 
number on the box is "wrong" too. Here's what I have: Adjustable Hemmer: no 
#. Multiple Slotted Binder: # 160847. Gatherer: no #. Ruffler: # 86642. The 
box end says it is for Class 306 machines and the 3 is 160977. Are these 
useable for my FW? Should I go back to the woman I bought this from and tell 
her she gave me the wrong stuff?

Also, my friend just showed me the FW (model AG) she confiscated from her 
mother and her foot pedal is different from mine. It is sort of green. Mine 
is black and is really just a button to step on. Is mine a replacement or is 
that how my model came?

Thanks, Charane
Las Vegas,NV

Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 02:20:16 -0700
From: Jenien Ferguson 
Subject: EBAY buyers

Hi Feathers,
    I have noticed recently that quite a number of the FWs being offered on
EBay are being purchased by one individual.  When I tried to establish
contact, thinking the person might be a dealer with a shop that specializes
in FWs, maybe even in my own area, they became defensive and hostile and
told me to mind my own business.  They seemed startled to realize someone
could see what they purchase. 
    The price this person is paying wouldn't leave much room for mark-up at
the prices that seem standard here.  This person also buys parts.  Does
anyone have any idea where these machines are going?  My first thought was
overseas...  At least one Asian country I know of pays high prices for
traditional American goods.  Any thoughts?

Jenien Ferguson
Veneta, Oregon  

From: YTQuilts
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 19:23:18 EDT
Subject: White, mint green or white with a tinge of green to paint

Found a Featherweight today with fold-up extension of short bed.  Not 
free-arm.  It is more white with a tinge of green than plain white or ivory 
and its not mint green.  Serial # is PA227102  or PA2271.2.  I can't find it 
in any of my lists.  Can anyone help me.  The serial # is stamped right into 
cast iron (or what ever you call it) bottom on left side.  The case is two 
tone green (light and dark).  Would appreciate any help identifying it.       
Yvonne in Riverside CA

From: MCarey1670
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 00:05:05 EDT
Subject: Ebay descriptions which disclose reserve

Hi, Feathers--
	I cruise Ebay quite a bit trawling for sewing goodies, and at first I 
was completely baffled as to why someone would disclose the reserve price of 
the item being offered at auction.  I think I have figured it out, though.  
If someone wants to get a lot of people to look at the item, a good way to do 
it is to have a very low starting price (i. e., a price much lower than the 
seller would ever accept for the item).  The way that Ebay works, it isn't 
obvious from the item list that an item has a reserve; one has to look at the 
actual item page to get that information.  So, the low starting price (with a 
higher reserve which may or may not be disclosed in the item description) is 
a way to get more potential buyers to look at the item, which is, of course, 
the first step to becoming actual buyers.  It's actually a "Made you look!" 
type of game these sellers are playing.  I still think it's silly, and I 
personally prefer to be less devious and/or manipulative, but it must work 
for some of Ebay's sellers.
Mary Ann in Spokane
Ebay:  "sew-old"

From: "Doug Marlow" 
Subject: This ain't no Featherweight!!!
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 18:17:27 -0400

I went to a garage sale today and they had two treadles.  One was pretty
beat up and not a name I recognized, the other was in a parlor cabinet but
someone had painted it brown and it wasn't in great shape either.  I passed
on both.  I went to an antique shop this afternoon with my daughter and
there was a Singer 31-15 Industrial in the back room.  It had a drawer with
a new box of needles, three additional bobbin cases and several bobbins and
assorted parts for the industrial table that it was on.  Another complete
tension assembly and the manual.  There was the post for the thread guides,
etc and etc and etc.  There was a price tag dangling from it that read $25.
I asked the lady about the machine.  She told me that it was one that had
belonged to a school for the deaf in downstate New York and the gentleman
who had retired from there several years ago gave her the machine.  I asked
her if she would consider less.  She told me that she had asked $50 last
season and had lowered it to $25 this season and that I was the first to ask
so I could HAVE the machine.  It had extra cover for the bobbin, neat lamp
that attached to the back,the Singer treadle for the clutch, the HUGE motor
on the back marked Singer, the switch box in the front,also marked Singer.
It looks like a butcher block top and weighs about that much.  I had my
small car so I could only take the machine and the drawer and contents.  I'm
going back next weekend with the van to pick up the table.  This man was
going to cart it off to the dump, can you imagine?  The book say that it
sews 2,200 stitches a minute.  That seems like a lot.  Can't wait to get it
hooked up.  Everything works and the machine seems very smooth when turning
the wheel.  Great find and couldn't beat the price.  Just wanted to share!



From: "Linda Harris" 
Subject: Chemicals
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 00:10:30 -0400

Hi All,
TR's comment about "Madison Avenue-peddled 
corporate chemical poisons" reminded me of when
I was in a consumer test group for new cleaning
products containing bleach.  When I asked if we
needed all that bleach and what it would do to the
environment, you could hear the sighs from the 
corporate observers...Considering how "silent'
most poisons are, it only makes sense to quit
using those that give you an instant headache,
congestion, etc;  And natural cleaners work
great.  For example, white vinegar is the only thing 
I know of that works on pets' urinary indiscretions.  
Don't ask me how I know...
Lin in FL  

Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 16:36:22 -0400
From: Dawna Layman 
Subject: item for newsletter

 Hello fanatic fans.  I mentioned some time ago that I was working on a
new list of 221s available and then due to computer trouble lost all the
email messages asking for copies of the list.  The list can be seen on
my web page at http://www.majolica-featherweight.com/singer.html.  or
send me your e-mail address and I will e-mail a copy to you.  I am
having a SALE by the way.  Thanks, Dawna majolica

From: Contierra
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 22:03:15 EDT
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 4/23/1999

Dear Bekibee and friends, According to my information, your machine is 
1928-1930. I have some of the old serial number series dates from Singer. I 
hope this helps you...Linda

From: GBeucler
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 17:21:48 EDT
Subject: moldy smell

Recently I saw a site that told how to get rid of the moldy smell in the 
Featherweight case, but I can't remember where I saw it. Can you help?      
Gloria Beucler

From: "StitchMaker" 
Subject: Help
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 16:57:39 -0700

I inherited a white/green 221K FW from my grandmother # EV784089 My =
grandfather (T.G. Robertson) bought it for her new years ago.  She =
wasn't into sewing so it wasn't used much, it still has the original =
belt on it.  About a year ago I was referred by someone (don't remember =
who) to a site that I keyed the serial No. and a list came on the screen =
with my grandfathers name and date etc. he bought the machine.  Like a =
total dummy I did not print this page out.  Can you refer me to this =
address so I can print out this page.  Thank You for any help you can =
give me.

From: "Wendy Nail" 
Subject: Great advice
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 19:30:13 -0700

Hi All,
    Thank you so much to all of you that have answered my last two =
postings with all the good advice.  I have learned a lot and am now =
drooling at the thought of owning my own featherweight.  I still haven't =
seen one in real life, though.  I have combed all the antique and junk =
stores within driving distance.  (That is, as far as I can get with a =
toddler in the car and be home before school lets out.)  I haven't seen =
one yet.  I have herd lots of rumors about them but they are always long =
gone.  Garage sales haven't started here in Wisconsin yet.
    I have started watching the postings on ebay to get an idea of what =
I should expect to pay when the seller knows what they have.  What I'm =
hoping to find is a machine that is of no interrest to the collectors =
out there and therefore attainable for me.  You know, scratched and =
pitifull without a case or book, but running well are prepared for good =
    Thanks again to all of you, I'm having so much fun on this list.


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