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Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 11:06:10 -0500
From: "Jeffrey E. Froyd"
Subject: NEW 301 Website OPEN!

I am happy to announce the opening of my new 301 website, integrating =
the survey form, latest survey summary, prices paid summaries, dating =
information, as well as other goodies.  Please note that the photo =
gallery is not functional yet (but I thought you all would want to see =
the REST even while the photo page is under construction!)   I =
appreciate everyone's patience in waiting for this update and expansion, =
and HOPE that now that I have the groundwork laid, it will be easier to =
update and add.  As is true with most web sites, I will continue to fine =
tune this for some time, I'm sure.  The URL is:


Hope you all enjoy it.  Thanks for all the great participation!

Joy (a month behind in digests while working on this project!)

The collection of 301 data goes on, and you may still fill out the 301 =
Survey at:

From: "Bonnie" 
Subject: Recent Finds
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 10:51:11 -0500

Hi!  Well, I'm back from Sunny Florida, and glad to be home, even if it is
supposed to rain all week.

I have found a few interesting machines lately.

[SINGER 101]  It was in a terrible Queen Anne cabinet.  Since I was in
Florida, and someone else was interested in the cabinet, I just took the
machine.  It is missing the sliding bobbin cover plate.  When I tested the
motor, it didn't complete a circuit...so it will probably be a display only
machine for a while if not indefinitely.  Does anyone have comments about
the 101.  It was the first one I had seen.  It is dated 12-17-31 on the
bottom (cast in the metal).  (Free)

[MEISTER]  Ft. Leavenworth has a huge yard sale twice a year.  I was late,
but found a German "Meister" zig/zag machine from 1954.  It has most of the
attachments in the original tin case, the translated instruction manual, and
the original warranty with date of sale, original owner, etc.  It was
prepared for export simply by covering the German place of manufacture with
a sticker which reads "Made in Germany".  This is my first boy (machine).  I
was joking with friends that now they REALLY know why I'm always picking up
machines and looking underneath!   I'm sexing not checking serial numbers!
It is not overly heavy but just looks more masculine than the sleeker
Singers. ($5.00)

[NEW HOME model AHC]  This was hiding under a clothes rack at a local
thrift.  When I opened the accessory box, the original hang tag for display
at the dealer was still there!  Well, I just had to buy it.  It's now on
display with it's original tag...looks like new...well, up on top of a
cabinet it does! ($10.00)

[BROTHER FESTIVAL 461]  This has turned out to be the most popular machine
in my display at the quilt shop.   It is the most incredible flamingo pink
or shocking coral that you can imagine.  It really stands out from among my
more sedately colored machines.  Does anyone have information about this
machine?  It came sans instructions with just a few accessories.  It runs
but I haven't had time to adjust anything...I just gave it a thorough
cleaning and waxed it before putting it in the display.  This was the first
machine I've bought that I didn't care whether it would ever run or not...it
was just too cool .  I am now way past the point of no return!  ($10.00)

My husband visited the shop to see my collection.  He looked up to see all
the machines on display and got a really strange look on his face.  He
looked at me and said, "Are all these yours?  Where have they been?"  I told
him I'd had them stuck here and there around the house and that he HAD seen
most of them before.  He just had never seen them all in one place, so this
was quite a shocking revelation to him!  His final comment was "You're going
to leave them here, right!?"

"Of course," I answered.  "Then there's room for more machines at home!"
His eyes just sort of rolled up into his head.  It must be hard on a
neat-nick to be married to a packrat!

Well, it's good to be home and at my own computer where I can enjoy my
morning coffee reading FWF!

Near but not inside Leavenworth

Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 07:52:35 -0500
From: GrandMel 
Subject: UPS

Well Ruth in PA/ I live in CT.  I had a very very BAD experience with
UPS and it was something.  I took a package out to UPS office in person
to ship. The package was all packaged and they proceeded to tear it open
and repackage it in front of me.  They were very rude and the whole
experience was a nightmare.  We too have no local number to call to
complain, though I found one and use it periodically now.  I have sat in
my residence literally waiting three weeks for a package after it had
arrived in town because it was not delivered.  Noone would account for
where the package was.  I wrote to UPS "Central" and got no worth
response except to talke to the manager here?  They will not take
responsibility for their own negligience.  Now I allow folks to ship to
me UPS only when there is no other real choice for various reasons.  So
about twice a year I have to sit and fight with them some more.  The UPS
delivery person I have now refuses to use my street address entrance and
comes to a back porch and leaves the package outside where I have to
look for it.  They will NOT cooperate with me.

On the other hand, now the bulk of my packages come Priority Mail USPS. 
The gentleman who delivers those packages comes to my door within ten
minutes of the same time daily (regular as clockwork) IF he has a
package for me.  He is very good.  He will even pass the time of day a

Right now I am waiting on a package which was shipped ten days ago UPS
from New York.  Waiting for the sender to confirm the shipping number
they gave me AGAIN...but no luck so far.  I really hate going through


From: "Bill Mitchell" 
Subject: USPS Mailing Time Frame
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 10:53:03 -0700

Ruth, USPS Employee, %FWF,

I tried to send e-mail to you directly, but the mail came back as

I am a FWF. Read your message about USPS. I love our postal workers, here in
my Post Office at Pacific Beach 92109, San Diego, California. They don't
seem to have the answers nor consider it important, but for the last two
months, I have mailed out about 45 to 50 packages from selling items on
I have found that the Priority Mail that is supposed to take 2 to 3 days,
sometimes takes the time that the P.O. advertises, but in most cases it
takes 4, 5 and six days. In several cases it has taken two weeks. How can
USPS advertise the 2 to 3 days, when the truth is that the deliveries, in
most cases, exceed that time frame?

I am hoping that you might have and answer to this problem I am confronting.
UPS says that it will take 5 days, and it arrives by the 5th day. It is
longer, but they keep their promise.

Thank you in advance for any input on this subject.

Bill Mitchell in San Diego

Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 11:22:23 -0500
From: GrandMel 
Subject: Fighting the Urge

Well today I found another machine that has been "right under my nose"
for a year.  It is NOT a Singer, nor an Elna, nor a Bernina but it is
impressive.  I want it because it is "cherry" and about thirty years
old.  It makes me think of going into the store and buying a brand new
machine after a 30 year time warp!  I am not exactly sure on the date of
this machine...I am guessing.  Anyhow it has everything with it
imaginable with much of it still in the factory plastic!  :)  The
cabinet is a little dinged but hubbie can perfect that.  :-)  Anyhow;
the machine is a 158 series Kenmore Model #92!  It is beautiful and
makes me want to sew like crazy!  However; I am thinking the price he is
asking is a touch high.  Have any of you used this machine?  Am I
correct in my assumption that it was made by Janome?  I belivee all the
158 series were.  :-)  Anyhow; if someone has input let me know.  At any
rate, this machine is probably going to find a place in my house if I
can find the space!  I may have to clear out a few of my machines! 
Help!  lOL

Sewing Wishlist:  Perfect Kenmore 1030, Singer Rocketeer, Singer
201K/handcrank, Old Bernina(s)

Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 08:28:52 -0400
From: "Hall, Pam" 
Subject: Need help identifying 2 machines.

I recently found two sewing machines in a junk store that I have not been
able to identify who the manufacturers are. I have searched through most of
the sites that the folks on FWF have as "linked" sites and still haven't
found these machines. I got the number off of one. The name on that machine
is "The Best Built" and the number is H290565. The second on is a small
machine in a coffin top portable box with "Plaza" on the machine and the
Does anyone know where I might find more information about these 2 machines?
Pam Hall  

From: "phyllis cross" 
Subject: musty
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 06:48:43 -0600

Hi, I have been reading so much about the musty odor in our cases. I have
found a dyer sheet or a fresh newspaper does wonders. I have searched for
years for a FW then found two in just a few months. Very happy. As to the
discussion on Febreeze we are allowed to make our home with 3 cats & a dog
& would never endanger them with anything. I will not take a chance. My DH
has a lung problem & has worked with chemicals all his life. We respect

Barbara in east tx:
Thank you on your info about the 15-91 manual. I was very confused. I am
very new to all of this. I use computer machines in my everyday sewing. I
have a few old machine. A hand crank, a treadle. my original Kenmore, (
that still makes the best buttonholes.
Thanks again
Phyllis in beauitful NM

From: "Marny F" 
Subject: Re: FW Fanatatics 4/26/1999
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 22:49:24 -0700

Potholders, aprons... come to mind.

What a terrific thing to do!  Maybe you can also teach the older
children to sew...

Good luck!

Gentle as you go,

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> From: "Karen Moss"
> Subject: Sewing Machines for Mexico
> Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 10:33:34 PDT
> Okay, everybody, I need some help! I am going on a mission trip to
> Mexico the first week in August...
>... take the machine to Mexico and give it to the women there.
> ...I need ideas for what to teach the women how to make!  Ideally,
> they would make something that would be a 'tourist' item so that they
> could supplement their incomes.  They live close to a tourist town,
> one where the train for Copper Canyon goes through, so they have
> access to American pocketbooks!...

From: mstaver
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 10:18:16 -0700
Subject: moldy cases

This is for Gloria Beucler regarding a site about moldy case...try
www.icsi.net/~pickens   Gaileee's Web Site has all kind of information
all sorts of subjects, I found D.Featherweight Case (Plus how to get
the musty smell out!)  Lots of advise on the 8 pages.


Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 08:17:42 -0400
From: Mark & Linda Heminway 
Subject: USPS

To Ruth in PA:
Thanks for sharing all that wonderful information about the USPS! I
learned a few things and will check out the web site.
Linda Heminway
Kingston NH


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