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From: Allview
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 20:08:43 EDT
Subject: bits and pieces

Hi Fanatics,

Graham, that was interesting about the Singer LeMans.  The DH is somewhat 
interested in old cars.  (He drove a lot of them.)  I'll see if he knows 
about the Singer.  He definitely knows about the Singer handgun.

Claudine, I guess I will have to make a confession.  If I start to piece a 
quilt, I will get out one of my Singers and do the quilt entirely on that one 
machine.  But the machine that is my old faithful for mending, hems, and any 
other quick work is a JCPenney and it is one good machine.  It is model 6945 
and the manual says "printed in Japan".  For some reason the DH always 
thought it was made by Brothers, but I don't think there is any basis for 
that.  I worked for JCPenney Insurance and JCPenney Systems starting in 1977. 
 We got a good discount in the stores and catalog merchandise.  I picked it 
out of a catalog and also got a wonderful cabinet for it.  This cabinet has a 
top that opens to the back to give a lot of work space and also has a 
cantilevered surface to come up to the level of the free arm.  So that is the 
machine that has been in my sewing room all these years.  At one time we went 
to look for a serger and saw that the regular machines were starting to have 
plastic parts.  So we got another JCPenney machine with metal parts so I 
would have a back up machine.  I have never had to use it.  So those are 2 of 
the 30+ machines I have now.

When I was a kid in high school I did all the family's sewing on a Singer 
treadle.   When  I first got married, the DH worked in a dept store where 
they were selling all their trade in treadles for $5.  So he intended to get 
me one but came home instead with an electric Singer.  You can't imagine how 
thrilled I was to have an electric machine.  I think it was 1995 when I heard 
about the FWs.  I found a white one right away but of course I needed a black 
one.  That is how we have accumulated all the machines we have now.  The DH 
loves to get them running and I love to use them.

This is pretty long winded for me.  I just want to add that if Midori will 
arrange for me to have a vacation in Donali Park, I will bring her a FW.  
That location has always been my dream trip.

I get to go to a quilt show in Archbold, OH, tomorrow.


From: "Bob Bannen" 
Subject: Wanted Shuttle
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 06:54:50 -0400


    Hopefully someone can help me out, I'm looking for an early Davis boat
shuttle.  Have a look at an image of shuttle at this link


if you can help willing to pay or trade, your choice.  Thanks

Regards: Bob Bannen

3 Davick Dr
Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
M8W 2C8
416 253 5165

Antique & Vintage Sewing Machines. Featherweights.  New & Used Sewing
Machine Parts.
Collectibles.  Always a good selection available.

Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 18:59:59 -0700
From: Maxine Olinger 
Subject: 301 found!

Last Monday we went out on a 4 day cruise from Long Beach, Ca.,,,,just
before the shuttle came to take there we spotted a Salvation Army Store
and something just told me to go in, so I summoned up the visualization
of a 221 or 222! Well what I got was just as good a tan 301 short bed in
a cabinet for the amount of $45! I asked the man if I could put a
deposit on it (NO he answered), the I asked if I could purchase and
could they hold it until Friday am, again NO! REally a great way to runa
business.....So went came back today around 11 am and I went a running
up the street to the store and with relief I saw the cabinet. BUT to my
dismay there was NO machine. I should have held those thoughts all week
:-) This would have been the first find in a thrift shop for me!
So you people out there when you find it take RIGHT NOW! Even if you are
going on a cruise ship, heck you could make $$ just sewing up little
tears etc.
Now I am begging you for that find I lost please lay your hands on the
computer screen and send out wonderful signals that I have another find
REAL soon!

From: "Betty Burdick" 
Subject: Treadle and Franklin
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 23:37:28 -0500

For FWF - Thanks for all the help everyone has given me. Also all the great
tips from TO!

I have a Singer treadle MDL 27 that has a serial number of B183109 dtd Mar
18, 1904 - I got the date from a lot of you and was confirmed when I called
Singer for the manual.

My question is - when Singer sent the manual my machine does not look the
same as the instruction sheet.  Is it possible to have mix of serial numbers
and model #'s? Someone had mentioned a 66 or 127.

The bobbin winder in the picture is near the top right on the machine, (mine
is much lower than the picture shows), plus the picture showed it as a
crank, "adjusting the hand attachment").  I have never seen a CRANK up close
(will be looking for one tomorrow), but yet it talked about the treadle
belt.  I am wondering what I actually have.  There is a large hole under the
balance wheel, but doesn't look like anything can attach into it.  The rod
from the treadle to the wheel is wood, which someone suggested it would be
before 1910.

I now think I can figure out winding the bobbin and begin sewing on it.

I also have Franklin Sears Rotary s/n 62035.  The throat plate is very close
to the on my treadle, which really amazed me.  Can anyone give me a date or
where to look for this one? It is electric portable. Did someone convert it?
It looks really old.  I will start on this one once I get my treadle

Thanks for all the wonderful tips & advice I have learned on both of these
lists.  You
are a great bunch.

in beautiful Fairfield, PA

Date: 30 Apr 99 09:26:54 MDT
Subject: Re: [FW Fanatics 4/27/1999]
 I went to Michigan this week and brought back my mothers white featherwe=
 The paint is bubbleing on the flip up part, and some rust on places, as =
as a few paint chips.  I guess I will be taking it apart :-(    Any ideas=
what I should try to salvage?   The bobbin cases is there.    Christina

From: Moonsage2
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 19:00:24 EDT
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 4/28/1999

When taking items to an area where money or stores are rare then take 
anything you would need to use the machine including bobbins and emery cloth 
or the "strawberry" to sharpen needles.  Hand sewing needles and single edge 
razors for ripping.



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