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Digest of postings from Tuesday, October 5, 1999

Welcome to all our new members!
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From: "Zoback" 
Subject: The TREADLE is HERE!!!!!!
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 1999 21:58:00 -0400

Hi Everybody, Well DH just brought in my "new" addition. It is a drawing room style treadle solid mahogany with a singer red eye in it Machine is gorgeous!!!!!!! Super shinny decals are 99.9% good.   The cabinet is just lovely its plain (I have the fancy tiger oak drawing room one, thats why I'm glad its different) there is a vertical door on the left that you open and has 5 drawers in it all lined up on top of each other and in the middle there are 4 doors 2 on the top that push in and 2 on the bottom that push out to expose the treadle and on the right there is another vertical door that when open exposes the fly wheel. She sure is pretty and it also came with all kinds of stuff in the drawers that I have to go through, now that "work table" that came with it, I don't think it has anything to do with sewing but it does have decals on each 
corner on the top and all around the edge is handcarved tiny flowers really beautiful its about 2 1/2 feet square and definitely as old as the treadle which I dated to be 1909. So I am a very Happy camper tonight  and tomorrow its play time!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm glad this story finally came to a close and a happy one at that.....

Hope all your finds are happy ones............frish in south jersey!!!!!!
Date: Tue, 05 Oct 1999 09:43:55 -0500
From: Lori Sabo 
Subject: Treadle in use

Saw a good use for a treadle machine this weekend.  We were at the St.
James Court art fair in Louisville (a HUGE affair) and one of the
artists had a booth that was all hats.  None of the booths at this show
had electric hookup available.  During periods when sales were a little
slower, he sat down at his Singer treadle ( a nice, well used red-eye,
he preferred to call it a red-head) and made some hats!

He had some nice designs and neat fabric combos, including some on which
he had done his own velvet embossing.  I picked one out to buy just to
support a dedicated treadler! (Of course, I really liked the hat, too.)

Lori Sabo    

"Remember, any tool can be the right tool!"       Red Green
From: "Robert And Diane English" 
Subject: Thanks!
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 1999 10:44:03 -0400

Hi Feathers,  Just wanted to send a note to thank everybody for all the help
I received re my 128 handcrank with tension problems.  I got many
suggestion, virtually all of which helped.  After adjusting top and bobbin
tension all I could, I was still unable to get top tension tight enough
until a helpful person suggested that I loosen the top tension all the way
and clean between the tension discs.  I did so and the problem was solved!!
Now, this may seem glaringly obvious to all of you, but it wasn't to me.  I
am so happy!  My beautiful little machine now runs as sweetly as all the
others.  Also, I now have a correct copy of the manual.  (Thanks, Nancine!)
Sewing machine people are the best!!!  Gratefully,   Di
From: KeGaR
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 1999 14:21:49 EDT
Subject: oxidizing??

In a message dated 99-09-28 14:50:23 EDT, you write:

<<  re: paint chipping... Unfortunately, once the metal under
 the paintstarts oxidizing, there's not much you can do to stop its progress 

Still catching up on old messages.
I was just wondering if anyone has tried a rust conversion product?  DH uses 
it on rust on his cars where they are rusty  & swears by it.  He says it 
stops the rust from spreading.
Gail R
in NE Wis.
From: RitaBlock
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 1999 14:38:00 EDT
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics for 9/30/1999

Can anyone advise me if a treadle machine cabinet can be stripped or 
refinished if it has been polyurethaned?  What would this entail?  What 
products can be used?  I would prefer to have it "not glossy"
Date: Tue, 05 Oct 1999 14:54:55 -0400
Subject: Thanks for all the advice and help!

Within the past month, I have purchased a Singer 319 (from Goodwill) and
a Singer 301.  Every time I asked for information, it was forthcoming
from Featherweight Fanatics.  I especially thank Mel Neal, for doing
such a great job of shipping the 301 he sold me, to Linda H. for the 301
manual, and to June from KY for copying her 319 manual for me.  And to
all the others who held my hand and told me to go for it.  This
collecting thing is new to me...and somewhat alien to somebody who has
always done the logical thing.  These vintage machines get into your
soul and start controlling your actions!

And now I have my 319w back from the Singer tech (a good one in
Indiana)and it's humming right along!  And the 301 isn't any slouch
either.  I'm one very happy camper right now.  Just need to do some
slight cleaning of the new machines, and I'm off!  And if the 15-91
machine in cabinet is still there next week, I'm going to get it too.

Thanks, one and all!
Linda S. in Oxford, OH
From: SWhita6apa
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 1999 21:54:13 EDT
Subject: A Question

Recently I was teaching a friend how to use a buttonholer attachment and the 
question came up about whether a buttonholer had ever been made to use on a 
503A or did you have to use the rather involved method described in the 
manual.  I tried my buttonholer from my T and S 630 but the feed dog cover 
was too thick to allow the fabric between the buttonholer and cover even 
though it fit the throat plate position.  Also does anyone know the 
significance of the black rectangular alligator cased buttonholer ?  I know 
that the green one is for vertical straight stitch and the maroon one is for 
slant straight stitch but what about the black one?

Selma in PA
Date: Tue, 05 Oct 1999 21:56:20 -0400
From: "M. C. Lehrhoff" 

Dear Dorothy:

(Re:To Gail Pickens:"How or where would you find information about
government warehouses full of 
crinkle matte finish featherweights?  I'd be interested in finding out
if I had a starting place.  Regards Dorothy")

I have it on the best of Authority that if you just Follow the Yellow
Brick Road, you will come to the Place Called OZ, and therein, you will
find thousands upon thousands of the fabled Godzilla Finish Holy
FeatherWeights; with them are their own Godzilla Finish Cabinets,
Godzilla Finish FW Tables, and of course Godzilla manuals and
attachments.  A further search in the Oz-ian basement should yield
Godzilla bobbins, oil cans, and rumor has it....there are even GODZILLA
FEATHERWEIGHT FREE ARMS that are painted......RED!!!

Natually,the trick is to find the Right Route That Leads To The Yellow
Brick Road.  Unfortunately, only I possess this map.  I am just not
ready to reveal what I know.  Possibly, when I retire, I myself shall
gather up an entourage and Journey to the Treasure...I will ponder on
it, of course, and perhaps be persuaded to Take Up the Search.......til
then...dream on, Feathers; let Visions of Godzillas dance in your

Lovingly, FWFanatic Mary in Dreary Wet New Jersey, the Garden State!!!

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