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Digest of postings from Saturday, October 9, 1999

Welcome to all our new members!
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From: AlexSussex
Date: Sat, 9 Oct 1999 10:43:23 EDT

Hi All
Thanks for letting me know that the Nuns dresses are Habits. If a Monk has a 
bad Habit does he need a sewing patch or guidance?

I thought it was funny when one of you said I should videotape sister Mary at 
her treadle, the shock would probably kill her and all my Bless you's would 
go out the window. I was at a woman's house a while back when I turned round 
only to see her videotaping me fixing the machine. After I had serviced it I 
then had to go through the threading up and tension adjustments for her. Her 
husband had bought her the camera because she was so forgetful and it was his 
solution to her problem, tape everything.
Thanks once again for all your orders for the Millennium Calendar, I will not 
bank any of the cheques until the calendar is posted so do not worry if you 
see it has not been cashed. I have received orders from the four corners of 
the world. Today I had one from Alaska and another from Australia as well as 
all the American and English ones.
Great, keep them coming.
Date: Sat, 9 Oct 1999 19:16:18 EDT
Subject: Slim Pickins

Yard/Garage sale day.

Could not get the men in my life to move.  We go to a Mexican Restaurant for 
breakfast on Saturday's.  

Normally service is excellent, as is the food.  This morning was extra 
gorgeous, about 80 by nine o'clock.  The restaurant was loaded and it took us 
forever to get our food.  Eating on the patio is usually a treat, today I 
thought they had forgotten us.

Finished breakfast and there was one ad that mentioned a sewing machine.  The 
address was quite a way away, six miles.  Before you all start to laugh you 
have to realize that 6 miles through heavy traffic is not close or fast.

When I got to the sale, I did not see a sewing machine and figured that I had 
missed it.  Just on the off chance, I asked.  The lady got a surprised look 
on her face and said, "I forgot to put it out!" and went in and my heart beat 
a little faster, "Perhaps this is my day," then I saw what she had in the 
arms, and especially the price.

A Kenmore, from the 1970's and nothing special, with a big price tag of 
$125.00, no cabinet, no case, no nothing.  

I thanked the lady and said, "That is not quite what I was looking for, but 
thank you for bringing it out."

We stopped at several sales on the way home, however, usually when a day 
starts off unpromising, it stays that way.  It seems that every one is in 
business from their home lately.  They expect to sell their used stuff at a 
garage sale for as much as they originally paid for it.

My sewing machine luck is due to change, I just have to have faith and be 

I hope every one else had a productive weekend, and that next week will be my 

PatBergman from So.Calif that had 5 days of summer, and though the days are 
getting shorter like fall, the weather isn't.
From: KeGaR
Date: Sat, 9 Oct 1999 22:07:43 EDT
Subject: Universal?

Hi everyone,
We went to an auction of some elderly retiring antique collectors today.  
Lots of good stuff, some sold too high & some too low.
We got a neat little aluminum machine called a Universal.  It's about the 
size of a featherweight, but much more "stocky." & also has a verticle 
bobbin.  It looks like new.  It has little flower decals all around the base 
& on the head.  "Universal" is across the front of the arm, & across the 
back, also in gold decals, is "Margaret".  I don't know if that was an owners 
name or a model.   There is an oval plate on the front larger than Singers.  
It has  Mercury's head on it & says " made in occupied Japan".  No manual or 
attachments.  It came in a light blue case.
I haven't tried to sew on it yet; altho there was a piece of stitched cloth 
under the pressor foot.  It looks nice, but I get the feeling that it is a 
cheapy machine.  Does anyone know anything about it.  We haven't looked it 
over much yet, but it has a funny flat coiled spring underneath.  DH calls it 
a clock spring, but I think it has a different name?

A well worn Singer treadle in a plain 5 drawer cabinet went for $20.  There 
was also a sad looking 201 portable in with the tool ring.  It had  a strange 
little turquoise shielded light screwed to where the light should be & also 
another one like it on the face plate.  Also in with the tools was a Singer 
treadle base set up with a grindstone & bicycle chain drive belt. 

There were were about 10 orphan sewing machine drawers & we came home with 2.
GAil R
in NE Wis.

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