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Digest of postings from Sunday, October 10, 1999

Welcome to all our new members!
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Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 14:09:43 +0000
From: Cathie Miles 
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics for 10/6/1999

Hi all
Try filling the bobbin with the metallic thread, with ordinary thread on top going thru the needle. Mark your design on the back of your quilt or whatever, and sew on the back. The metallic thread comes thru on the other side,"the real front".  Saves an aweful lot of hassle with broken and frayed metallic thread, not to mention all the swearing that goes on with threading the needle with the wretched stuff! Have done this successfully on the 222K with the dogs dropped for free motion quilting.

Cathie in Oz where there's no factory full of godzilla FWs, or even a factory full of white,tan and red FWs.Drat!
Subject: Houston Quilt Festival
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 10:55:18 EDT

Miscellany will be at Booth 311 at the Houston Quilt Festival. We will
have a Foster &Rossman handcrank(1904), with coffin lid, plus the
following Singer machines...a treadle head (1891), several 222K, 221, 301
black shortbed, one very complete 500, including table, many attachment
boxes, pinkers, toy sewing machines of assorted varieties and just
general good stuff.
Come by and say "Hi"
From: "Delos Calkins" 
Subject: FW controls needed
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 08:16:50 -0700

I just purchased a sad little FW that needs lots of TLC.  Terribly dirty and
some paint missing.  Hope to clean it and put it in working order.
But....it has no foot control or the cords.  Does anyone have these at a
reasonable price?  Keeping my fingers crossed in Oregon.  Lyn
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 12:07:35 -0500
From: J Hollibaugh 
Subject: Thanks for all of the Info

Hello!!!  I just wanted to take a moment of your time to thank the readers
that responded with advice on the cleaning process of the 15-90 and the
treadle machine I bought for my wife.  The family cleaning session went
well and they both run exceptionally well.  The treadle could use another
going over, but the kids (3, 4, 8, and 11) and I were anxious to try it
out.  They can actually run it better than I can!  My wife sat down and ran
it like she had been operating it for years.  The little ones can barely
see over the top of the cabinet while they peddle, but I guide the material
for them and they look at the final straight stitch product and are proud
of their accomplishment.  My four year old has claimed ownership of the
treadle and has thanked me for buying it for him.  Well, I have taken
enough of your time.

Thanks again,

Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 13:47:27 -0400
From: "M. C. Lehrhoff" 

Dear Alex:

Your question regarding the nun's garb:  it's called a Habit. (Holy
Habit, to be technical, depending on the order you deal with).

What order of nuns are they?  They sound so great.  It's a shame, but
they're getting fewer and fewer all the time.  Most of the old "style"
nuns have been come Modern Nuns, changing the old Habit to geeky looking
civilian clothes.

I know about these things, because at time in my past, I was a
Benedictine nun.  I wore the old habit which had a lot to it, to be
properly set up, with all the accoutrements of dress...very involved,
hot, heavy.  My first habit was made on almost entirely on an old
treadle, which always made me grumble (to myself, of course, because to
complain would be a "fault" which was NOT the thing...had to be Really
Good, no complaining, whining, lusting after other's things, etc.) 
Well, I was annoyed because someone else always had the "good" electric
machines, and here was me with the yukky treadle that didn't even go in

Well, years later, here I am, longing to get one of my treadles in
operating condition, to get that "flow" of the treadle going again.  You
made me recall it as you told of the 93 year old with poor vision but
great treadling skills!!! But those were very different times and

I have a question, altho' I think I have the answer, but want to be
sure.  When you refer to a "skip" what is it exactly?  A dump or
something similiar?  I think when/if I get over there to Jolly Ol', I
will be perusing those skips, whatever they are!!!

Toodles for now, in Wet Union, New Jersey the Garden State

PS:  And I would like to ONCE again,
beg/plead/request/ask/suggest...that *everyone* indicate in their FW
correspondence WHERE they live, which is very relevant (did you get that
FW table in Sussex, England, San Mateo, CA, or...Union, NJ!!!???)....at
LEAST the State........I myself don't have a hangup with this, as who
would come and descend on me in Union, NJ for all of my SM's????
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 14:00:20 -0400
From: "M. C. Lehrhoff" 
Subject: Sewing Machines

Dear Mickie:

About your need for a "portable" machine:  there are a lot of other
smaller, portable machines that you could manage with.  And then, you
can always be be on the lookout for the elusive FeatherWeight, but have
something at work you can manage with until you find IT.

Some of the machines that come to mind that are smaller are the Elna,
especially the Lotus...very nice, hard to find, too.  And the Elna
Grasshopper should do.  It's small and opens up with the table made from
the case...good one.  There are some nice Kenmores that are very nice
portables, you have to check around. I's sorry I got rid of mine, but
that was before...now, I know better. Also, the Singer Genie is very

Going to yard sales/estate sales/auctions can yield the best prices, but
not always...remember to check all/any antique store, sewing/vacuum
stores...it's amazing how many of them have great old bargains which
would suit you, and for a modest price.  For example, I saw a Bernina
831 for about $60 at the local Singer store, and it had a great
stitch...no case, no attachments, but hey? A Bernina at that price?  A
good buy, I would say...so look around, and be open minded.  Only you
can say which one would be the right weight for you, but there are a lot
of choices out there for you and available at good prices...Happy

Mary in wet Union, NJ (where the Singer dealer is only 3/4 a mile away,
and ELIZABETH, home of many, many, many Singers is 2 miles....
From: "thecooks" 
Subject: Purchasing a Featherweight
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 14:04:34 -0500

Hi --

I do not currently own a Featherweight machine.  However, I have recently begun quilting and have seen many others using them.  Of course it wasn't long before I decided that I wanted one too.  I have come across a machine for sale that is advertised as being in mint condition.  Along with the machine and the case, she is selling the table that was designed solely for the Featherweight.  I have not seen the machine yet, and I was not aware that a 'special' table existed.  I guess I am wanting to know what to look at or for if I decide to go look at it.  I am also interested in knowing what kind of price range I can expect.  She is asking $750 for machine, case and table.


Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 14:08:15 -0400
From: "M. C. Lehrhoff" 

Dear Gerri:

I had only one experience with a shipping place, and it was EXTREMELY
EXPENSIVE AND....they packed the sm so poorly that it ended up that they
had to re-imburse totally for the VERY expensive, sloppy, crappy
shipping and...for damages to the precious old beautiful classy antique
treadle and it's cabinet....I would NEVER do it again...Never.  It's a
drag to pack properly, but hey: if you don't do it right, then the goods
will be damaged or destroyed, so what's the point...

The way that sm's have to be packed is labor intensive, but don't get
something that can be destroyed and go through all the aggravation of
claims, and inspections, etc., and be mad.  Be SURE of who you're
dealing with and that they will send your expensive sm PROPERLY, or
don't bother...it can be done, but it's all dependent on WHO is doing
the packing and sending...so be forewarned...

And...good luck with whatever you decide...

PS:  I'm sure that not all of the shipping places are the same. It pays
to get "references" so you won't be disappointed, in my opinion.  The
place that shipped my machine out West used nasty old used boxes that
weren't even sturdy, with a bunch of old labels all over them, and the
packing was...just awful.

Mary in Wet NJ
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 15:01:15 -0400
From: Mildred Stokes 
Subject: Searching for Books

Hi Featherweights

I am so far behind in reading my latest Featherweight email.  I have two
Featherweights and would like to learn how to service them.  Any ideas on
where I could go?  I live in New Jersey.  I recently found a 221 centennial
and would like to service this myself.

On another note would anyone out there sell or know anyone that is willing
to sell any copy of  Elly Sienkiewicz "Baltimore Beauties and Beyond"
applique books?

Waiting to hear the good news

Mildred from New Jersey
From: "Lori Stanley" 
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 00:03:02 GMT

I have a featherweight that has some masking tape on it. (I don't know how 
long it's been there.  Does anyone have any suggestions about how to remove 
it or even if I should?  Thank you in advance.
From: GWa3878024
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 23:18:27 EDT
Subject: featherweight machines

I have a black feather with serial no. AE and AJ .  I have just purchased one 
a flea market and also the buck saver mag.  I paid about 20.00 for one AE 
1936 in top shape and had a old cabinet for both old.  I have about 5 
machines but I love the black ones's the best.  I am looking at the flea 
market for a tredle machine orginal.  I hope I could find it there,  I am 
only a housewife but love this hobby. 
                          Zap me soon,

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