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Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 01:21:15 -0700
From: "Beau J. Gales" 
Subject: Antique Handcrank At Wal-Mart!!

WAL-MART  Has Antique HandCrank!

A beautiful addition to any sewing room and available at Wal-Mart!! !=20
When  I arrived at one of my shops the other day, the girls were
sheepishly grinning, yet I went about checking  the on line mail never
paying any attention , till they almost forced me to look  above my desk
and there was a magnificently framed picture of an antique, handcrank
sewing machine!  It was just a majestic picture and I couldn=92t imagine
where it had come from and was AMAZED when the precious lady who bought
it for me, told me she had found the print at Wal-Mart; and then matted
and framed it at our shop!  This is such a beautiful picture, and one I
am sure many of you would like as a complement in your sewing display or
sewing room,  I wanted to let you know Wal-Mart (at least in our part of
the country) has such a print, and when matted and framed properly it is
positively regal!

Beau Gales


From: KennaleeM
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 02:31:19 EDT
Subject: Re: Singer folding tables 10/7/1998
X-Mailer: Casablanca - Windows sub 214

Hi: Wanda and Sharon have fired up my curiosity about my table. I checked
Sharon's page and do not find a table matching the measurements of the cutout
in my table: 19" x 8.5". It has wooden sides & top with metal legs. There are
also black "dots" on the top from the bolts holding the underneath brackets.
It has SIMANCO 136288 imprinted on the brackets. Anyone know which machine
it's for? TIA, Kennalee in we really do have fall So. Calif.


From: "William Mitchell" 
Subject: Mail Theft In Front
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 00:21:50 -0700


You are sooooo right about the mail being stolen from the mail box in =
front to the house and the name of the payee bleached out and filled in =
with the crook's name and cashed.

To add to that story, Our neighbors and we had our mail stolen from our =
boxes. We didn't find it out until our bank called to ask if we had =
heard from the police about our check being in the hands of a suspect =
that they were holding. It took one and a half months to find out which =
check number we were missing, because the insurance company, whom we had =
made the check out to, never told us that we were now late by one month. =
We were puzzled because all our checks were accounted for.  I had called =
numerous departments in the police department to try to find out who was =
handling the case. It finally took a letter to the Police Chief to find =
out, too late. I telephoned the U.S. Mail Inspector six times and never =
got a return call. We told him on a message that four of us neighbors =
had mail stolen from our mail boxes ,and we know who the suspect is. We =
knew because the police had him in their custody with our check on him. =
After six messages to our "wonderful" U.S. Mail Inspector, we never got =
a return call nor even a "how do you do?" What a farce the U.S. Mail has =
become. That was two years ago, and we have never heard a word. Back to =
my sewing machines and our wonderful FWF who are honest and upright. =
That is why we all like this group so much.=20
We are constructive and help each other rather than rip each other off.

We mail only at the post office, now.

Bill Mitchell in San Diego


From: "William Mitchell" 
Subject: News Media/Sewing Book Rip Off
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 00:29:09 -0700


Why don't the injured parties on the sewing book skam contact the local =
television stations and newspapers in Arizona and see if you  can get =
their interest to cover the story of one of their citizens ripping off =
the world for $16,000. We have our local Channel 10 who goes after skams =
like this. They make quite a story out of it and often times resolve the =
problem for the consumers.=20
You might even find those news entities on the internet and you can =
e-mail your stories. If all 200 + victims were to write the news media =
in Arizona, you would get some action. Just a thought.

Bill Mitchell in San Diego


Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 01:03:16 -0700
From: Ann Placek 
Subject: Musings from MoonSage

Well, the computer (always make a back up) is up and running again (always
make a back up) but do not have the e-mail that is over several days old
(always make a back up) due to my not following my own advice (always make a
back up).  I am glad that the listing of sites was in the FWF as I did not
have them.

If you have tried to reach me lately and could not I am back online.  Still
getting the zip drive installed for backing up the computer.  I did learn=
if you have a virus protection program in the background, you turn it off
before installing the Windows 98.  Why?  You get a vacation from your=
and a very empty file area.

This is the International Sewing Machine Collectors Society.  I consider=
magazine a must for the serious and not so serious collector.  The site has=
lot of information.  Kudos to Jim for keeping it going. =20

I have found that the quilting needles for the machines does work better=
regular ones.  Since I do not use all cotton thread except for hand quilting=
have little problem.  I use the cotton wrapped poly as it is more "all
purpose."  I have found to my sorry in the past that "serger" thread is
totally a bad idea.  May sew well but does not hold up.  The older machines=
tend to be more patient with us than the newer ones. =20

I doubt if I have said this before, how would I know considering I lost the
old copies, but I have a thing about them.  One old company made on called=
"Famous Buttonholer."  It is adjusted with thumbscrews not cams.  Also,=
made one that is a "professional, home and light industry" buttonholer. =
type of adjustment set up but lighter in weight.  The Famous is very heavy=
works great.  Since they fit any low straight shank machine I can use them=
a lot of machines including the FW.  I do not except to see if it would=
Why?  It is a small machine with a small and very expensive motor (if you=
find one).  So I use a larger and cheaper machine.  Since the fabric is=
instead of the needle it takes some getting use to but they do make better
button holes than the newer machines.  My favorite if the 301 or 66 for=

My Supermatic uses kerosene in the bobbin area.  It did not come with the=
for that, only the oil.  That was for cleaning the area and is still a good
solvent to clean with to remove oil and grime.  WD40 has it in it.  You=
and then oil the bobbin area as this area is a killer for problems is=
to build up lint.  Always oil after you use it or you will be running it
without oil and that is what repair bills are made of in the three digit

If you promise not to include my name in your murder confession I will tell
you that most anything can be broken down.  Look under the cabinet.  The=
are held with large screws and brackets.  Same for the Armoire.  (That was
originally used for storing armor hence the name.)  It has to come apart and
if you look you will find the screws or way it is joined.  The larger the
piece the more likely it breaks down.  Think about the huge pieces in the
castles....they came apart and were moved in to the rooms.  I have a lot of
cabinets and if the legs did not come off I would be in big trouble as I am
moving as many machines as possible into cases for portables.  Treadles were
shipped in one piece from the factory but you can take it down into three
pieces.  Cabinet, head and iron base.  They can be shipped and reassembled
just like all the modern ones.  Summary, you without the hubby, just you can
take one apart and put it in the car if you can lift a 2 year old.  PS Don't
kill him until you find out where he keeps the tools, especially the battery

I have the 130 and I think a hernia belt was supplied with it, or should=
been.  The only machine I cannot carry any distance at all and it is=
It does sew great and on any weight.  Better on the heavy end of fabric
ranges. =20

Just like any mail order business you have to make a decision on the item=
a photo that was taken by the seller.  I used eBay a lot and will again once=
can get back up (computer and me both crashed).  I have gotten some bargains
and have my share of horror stories.  Check out all the details BEFORE you
bid.  Some charge awful fees for slapping something in a box and do then the
postage.  Also, the return policy is a must on high price items.  I always
assume the item is less than shown and I have not been disappointed.  The=
time there was a shipping problem the seller was great.  They are on this=
but I did not know that until after I got it.  eBay does warn you just like=
cigarette pack....and no one notices until there is a problem.

Heat and cold on machines
It is the moisture in the air that is more of a problem to machines stored=
a garage.  If it is very hot or cold you do need to let it get to room temp
before using.  Cold will make the oil thick and hot can make the oil and=
too thin.  If the garage is dry and you keep them on a shelf you should be=
The cement and moisture is the thing that will cause damage.

The 301 uses any quilting foot or other foot that is for a Singer slant
needle.  The sewing without a foot or spring is not a good idea.  The need=
have a foot or spring on top to hold down the fabric when the needle comes
back out of the fabric or it bounces up and down and makes a mess of the
stitches.  This is true for the low and high straight shanks when looking=
attachments.  Some companies do not use these shanks (like bernina) but most
order houses make it very plain which is used for what shank or brand=
Saying that, there are no attachments for a 301 that is unique to it.  They
are usable on all slant needles.

Peggy I am very Sincere about this...
Sincere....get it....finding one is about impossible and at $25...WOW.

Walking foot
The walking feet fit the newer machines so the top clamping is not one that=
have seen.  I do use mine with the original quilting foot and it works fine.
Walking feet are OK but I prefer to drop the dogs, and the quilting foot=
not quite touch the quilt so the top pressure is not a problem.

Sewing room
I have the outlets at table top height.  Also have one every 4-6 feet=
I prefer multiple outlets to strip plugs or the plug in that adds outlets to
one site.  The only thing I want to add is one over head where the ironing
board would sit.  Lights need to be over the work areas as well as several
overhead.  One thing to remember, the eye glasses that darken in the
sunlight...well that do that in a bright room.  I kept fussing at DH for the
room to be well lit when he took my glasses off.  It was bright enough to=
me "snow blind" for days.  I have old kitchen cabinets for the workspace and=
counter top with areas for me to sew.  A large table I made into a
cutting/pressing area with wool blankets and a canvas top.  Got all of this
for $40 at yard sales.  Lots of shelves and plastic storage boxes.....see=
you have and not have to open them all.

At last the end
Sorry about the length of the note.  Very behind and trying to get up to=
again.  If you have written me and it was not sent please resend it.  If I
have not answered you about anything write me again as I have lost all the
mail.  For those who wrote about me not being online I thank you for your
interest and kind notes.

What we need is more dirty hands and less dirty minds.  (W. Rogers)

From: Moonsage2
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 1998 22:16:08 EDT
Subject: Oh %#( &*^T$.

I run a spell checker over the last note.  I did not run a brain checker. =
New Home is a White.  I got the manual not long ago and noticed the=
look of the Deluxe model in it and also in Charles Law's book.  I was really
pleased to find one in as good shape as it is but apparently cannot keep my
companies straight.  I suppose that Phaff needs to buy them all and I could
then not make an error.  Flames from loyal "Beaneaters" must have a $10
handling fee.  Those agreeing with me are free!


Ann in Phoenix


From: RTowers206
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 10:49:03 EDT
Subject: 222K accessories, etc.

Hi fellow feathers!
    Have been gone on vacation for some time so am way behind on reading all
the digests.  Really missed these while I was gone.  Anyway, could someone out
their please tell me all the attachments, accessories, etc. that were included
with the 222K's when purchased new?  And what were the optional accessories?
I plan to sell a 222K and want to make sure everything is included.  If no one
has a list, perhaps they could lead me to a website that contains the above
info.  Thanks for any help anyone can provide.
Diane from Montana who can't shake off her jet lag :-(


From: Fritz906
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 12:07:25 EDT
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 10/9/1998

    Hi all, just a few words on the Sincere Book Scam, 
    Forget it, ---- happens, 
     I got hit for the 3books, but after AZ Attorney General,did there thing,
& we still lost out ,No assets is no Asets,I'd say we'l never see any money
or(books) from Bobbie, just remember this she's not the only one out
there.Hate to be so pessimistic,but lets face it,& move on.  Took the
beautiful day & went hunting, hit all my haunts today,+some Garage Sales,not
much out there.
Oh well there's always next week.   Sandy in Ok


From: QuilterOZ
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 12:56:33 EDT
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 10/9/1998

Thank you all who responded about my buying the Sincere book.  I  got it
today, yes it was still there and no he would not come down.  BUt he said that
he has some Singer books and I am really interested.  SO he gave me his number
and I am going to call him later.  I am thrilled and glad that u all told me
to go for it.  Thank you,thank you.                                   Peggy in
Lemont , IL sw of chgo.


Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 13:56:27 -0700
From: T&J Wilson 
Subject: afraid of that FW?

Just a suggestion for Sharon and others who want to attempt to
learn and do more with their FW's.  Keep your eyes out for an
old 66 or 99 or most any other old machine.  Try taking it apart
to learn a bit about how machines work. Most of these old machines
are fairly basic. I have picked up a couple old machine heads for
$1.00 that I  didn't have any trouble tearing apart.  What could
I loose?  This is a good way to learn about brushes and cleaning
the motors if you can find someone handy to show you.
 Lots of libraries have basic repair manuals.   Now, I woulldn't
suggest you just tear that FW apart, but after doing so to a
less valuable old machine you will understand a lot  more
of the mechanics of all sewing machines and be more
confident in basics like belts and oiling  and such.
Happy Stitching!  Taria

Please visit my web page at:


Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 14:08:08 -0700
From: Shirley Maccabee 
Subject: Vendor at PI Quiltshow

Can anyone tell me the address of a vendor called Rainbow Resource Co. -
they had a booth at PIQ and they have some fabric I want.


Shirley in Walnut Creek


Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 17:20:31 -0500
From: Suzanne Anderson 
Subject: Zipper foot


Regarding your question on where to find a zipper foot that fits the FW----I 
just at JoAnn Fabrics and saw exactly what you are seeking.  It is a zipper 
by Singer for low shank machines, priced at $2.95.

Hope this helps.

Suzanne Anderson


Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 16:19:10 -0800
From: Carol 
Subject: 201 base or case

I recently purchased a wonderful old 201 from someone on the list. The machine
came with head only, no base. While I know many use their 201's as is, it
feels a bit "tippy" to me, and I think a base would provide some stability. If
anyone has an old wooden base that fits a 201, no matter the condition, I
would be interested in purchasing it. If anyone has other ideas for
stabilizing my machine, I'd appreciate any ideas TIA Carol


From: FralTen
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 20:24:23 EDT
Subject: featherweight 221
X-Mailer: AOL 3.0 for Mac sub 84

I would like more info about my mother's featherweight 221 sewing machine. It
was made Dec. 8, 1937. I am interested possibly, in selling it or perhaps
joining the FWFs. 


From: Moonsage2
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 23:11:22 EDT
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 10/8/1998

The silver is the backing of the decal.  It too will come on off once started.
The gold trim is real gold and the colors are not due to time, smoke or paint.
They were there and then dipped into a paint to protect them.  When they turn
white you dry them and then put them where they will continue to be drying.  I
would oil them a lot and then make a decision.  Scraping off stuff is risky
and if you have a wonderful machine do not ever think about it.  Vodka is good
but I too use the medical kind as it is cheap....BUT ONLY WHEN YOU SURE ABOUT
WHAT YOU ARE DOING.  The dark film is the paint that yellows over age.  Smoke
and dirt can be removed with Murphy's Oil soap and a careful washing.  No
scrubbers or sanding.  If it does not come off there may be a reason.
RESEARCH what you are about to do before you leap ahead.  Otherwise the value
is going to be bottoming out.

FW Non Fanatics
There are some people out there who do not see the machine as we do.  I have
looked in the directory that doctors use and was shocked to find that there is
no diagnosis for FW Non Fanatics.  Shocking, but true.  I have a touch of this
as I do not use mine to quilt.  I only use it for piecing and small items that
will not stress the motor.  My favorite for class is the 99 or 301.  The FW is
taken to impress and when I know that I will not stress it.  Never on a trip.
The local shop that I like is not FWFriendly but not open about it.  They have
the Beaneaters and a local shop supplies them.  It would not make sense to
push the FW.  They have sold them, I think it was on consignment, so they are
not dummies.  I have used the shop machines and they are OK but the price tag
shock is a problem.  Perhaps I am in recovery and getting back to being a full

When loading a cabinet or turning it over, be sure the remove the machine head
or stuff rags in there so it does not flop around as you drive home.  When you
turn the machine upside-down I have seen the head damage itself and the
cabinet.  A ragged blanket or ever newspaper crumpled up will stop this.  Then
carry a large screw driver to get the screw out.  A battery one is even
better.  (Make sure it is unscrewing -- a favorite joke on me in the family)
Remember "righty tighty, lefty loosy."  That does not mean that left handed
women are loosy, OK?  Silly but it works.  If using a battery one just gently
whir it do you feel the direction the big part is going (not the end) that
holds the bit or screw driver.  If it spins counter clockwise it will remove
the screw.  Still keep a large screwdriver that has a long shaft before the
handle as the treadles cannot be removed without an extender or the long
shaft.  Hum.....some of the guy are grining....too much watching the news.
Who says that your dirty laundry can't become a federal case?

Did she bankrupt?  Assets are hard to get and define sometimes.  I was under
the impression that she had not paid the publisher so even they are in this
with us.  If the books are gotten by anyone else we have to purchase them
again even if we have paid her since they were never really hers.  As for the
copyright, is he still alive?  What is the status of the copyright?  She could
not own it, only the writer can, but her right or franchise to reprint them
may still be valid but worthless to the court unless someone knows anything
about getting it.  There is a saying about here regarding divorces...."Our
divorce was like a gold mine, she got the gold and we got the shaft."

On a place called www.FWFanatic.com is a listing of the attachments and a lot
of information.  I hear they also have a newsletter named the same.

Singer 128-13 Portables
If there is no power foot, then look at the front of the case.  See the hole
on the right?  That is for the kneebar.  Look in the inside of the bent wood
case top.  See the funny wrench, that is the kneebar.  It sits on a table and
you put the kneebar on by slipping the end that is at the start of the curve
into the hole with the rest pointing upward.  Let it down with it turning to
the left and you will feel it "stop."  Now when you push your right knee
against this it will act like a foot pedal (except it is your knee).  My
favorite story on this one is that a person had a problem with hers and was
angry that it sews only if you pulled the lever.  It was the only way it would
work, which is with the kneebar on upside-down.  After a few questions I
realized that she had it on the floor and was trying to use the kneebar.  Once
on the table the kneebar moved into place and all was fine.  Common sense is
not a coin.

In the 60's there was a table sold that fits any machine that is not in a
cabinet.  Portable, just the machine head or freestanding would fit them.  It
was narrow with a wooden opening that flips back for you to set the machine
into a metal holder.  Folding legs and a lot nicer than the Singer ones as far
as looks and versatility.  They are out there and even my Phaff 130 tank works
in it.  The only problem is the hinge is plastic and the lock for the wood
piece is not real obvious so when my son folded it up for me the lid flopped
hard and broke.  A piano hinge fixed it and all is well.  I have three tables
for the FW and I prefer this one as it is smaller.  As for the hole, for the
FW and older machines you have to put a "booster chair" in for them to be
level with the table.  The metal holder is not adjustable so I put folded
newspapers in until I get the machine up where I want it.  (The Phaff fits
fine without anything, but the table had a hernia.)  The 128 was built to be a
portable but I have seen some ads that mention a table that looks like a
library table and may be convertible.  Not a folding table.

404 needles
Lucky for you there are needles made for this machine.  They are rare and very
costly.  I can sell them to you for $10 each or 3 for $39.95 wholesale.  Just
let me know and I will run over to Walmart, get the Singers or even the German
Ones for less than $3 for a bunch and send them to you.  Act now as operators
are standing by to take your order.  (Yes, my warp sense of humor is alive and

French 15
That is a rare metric machine will sew in inches or centimeters, but only with
an expert....  In the US it is a Singer 15.  Very common and very good.
Probably brought over from France or Canada where French is also spoken.  The
machines are the same.  Only the manuals were different.  

I am starting a web site and will offer to register all machines that you want
to have listed with a photo.  It will give a list of machines and numbers for
reference as well as if you have it purchased with a five finger discount I
can supply you with the photo and numbers you submitted as proof that you had
it at some point in time.  I will tell you more later but no names will be
give out to anyone including advertisers.  Since I will keep it offline it
cannot be "hacked into."  It will help on my research I am doing and I am sure
if anyone needs an idea about a machine and how it looks the photos would be
wonderful for us to look at without names or ID information.  

At present I am looking for information on 66/99/185/192(Spartan).  If you
have one I am interested in the ID number, model number and if you have the
manual.  I will have a form up soon for you to use.  No names will be given
out as I am not going to be a location service for buyers or sellers.  I will
use the information only if I contact you for permission.  Until the form is
up please e-mail me at  My  and I will send you a form.  Again
this is for research and not a trading site that use the information.  

Dogs are a better bargain than children as you get more feet.


From: KeGaR
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 23:48:39 EDT
Subject: Parlor cabinet, etc.

Hi All,
Last weekend we hit several antique shops & malls on our way up north.  In one
we saw a toy Eldregette sewing machine--$90 & it was broken.  Then DH spotted
a beautiful little oak parlor cabinet.  He was ready to get his wallet out
until he got closer.  The top looked like a new piece of wood & the machine &
guts were completely gone!  Moan, groan, sob!!!  We talked to one of the shop
keepers & she said that that dealer does a lot of "marriages" like that.  :-((
I wonder what was in it before.   We got his card, so I hope we can get over
that way one of these days to see what he has.
Gail R
in Indian summer Wis. where I'm sweeping pretty leaves off the deck every day.


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