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From: Featherweight Fanatics 
Subject: FW Fanatics 10/12/1998

From: "Judy Holmberg" 
Subject: Thank You!

Special thanks to everyone who answered my recent plea for help with
machine quilting with the 201.  The number one thing mentioned was that
some older machines don't like polyester thread and apparently that was the
case here.  I switched to a cotton thread on the bobbin and haven't had any
more trouble!  So now I can get this quilt done!
Happily quilting again,

From: Moonsage2
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 00:31:22 EDT
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 10/10/1998

One reader asked....
  After talking to several people who have more than one machine; I've decided
to do as much as I can myself.  

 1. How do I change the belt?

    **First does it need changing or just tightening?  If the belt looks good
and just slips then you need to tighten only.  So skip the take the belt off
part and do the next step.  On the machine under the flywheel is a large
screw.  Take a screw driver and loosed it only enough so that the bracket
holding the motor will move.  Slide it up until the belt is loose enough to
take off.  Put the new one on and slide it down just until the belt is just
tight enough to not slip when used and then tighten the screw.  Over tighten
the belt and it will not run as good so don't get carried away.  As the belt
gets older they get longer (I have the same problem with gravity) and you can
fix that by just moving the bracket down a little more.  When you can go no
more it is time to replace.  Before you reach that point you will notice a
fine black powder of the rubber in the belt breaking down.  (I have heard this
was FW spores but I don't think that is true.)

 2. I took apart the tension device,cleaner it, and put it back together.
 It's working well, it seems, so far. 

   **If you have any problem with it let me know but sounds like you got it
correct.  There is a large cone shaped spring in there that most put on
upside-down.  I find at least half the "repaired" machines are put back
together wrong.  

  Should I have lubricated it in any way?  I spring with the little tail was
greasy.    Could that just be residual from something else?   

**Someone may have oiled it but you do not.  That is for tension and oil is
the opposite.  The tension needs attention not oil.  (sorry I could not help
doing that) Also, you test the tension only with the foot down on a piece of
fabric.  When the foot is up the tension is released for the thread to pull
through easy.  The top should run on quilting cotton double layer of fabric
and about the center of the settings or 4-5.  If it does not then it is needs
to be checked for reassembly or for wear on the disks.  The disks are facing
each other and not 'spooned' together.  They should look like )( and not (( or
)).  The bottom tension is correct most of the time and I would not mess with
it until I am sure the top is set up.  Seldom is the bottom needed to be
adjusted.  It is correct when you thread the bobbin into the case, hold it by
the thread and give it a gentle "bounce", the thread should go only 1-2 turns
of the bobbin and stop.  If the bobbin drops when you hold the thread it is
threaded wrong or you have the tension out of adjustment.  Oil there is where
the case goes and not the case itself or the bobbin.

I did find lots of useful info on websites and from the manual and Nancy S-J's
book.  These are two things I can't find addressed anywhere.

**Of course you can find it, I just wrote it out for you.......

Sincere's Book
There are many of these for household appliances but the three that warm the
cockles of my heart are the ones on the History of the sewing machine, Repair
of the sewing machine (this is the one that was sold and not send out) and
Repair of the Zig Zag machines.  If you find them they are about $60 for the
old ones.  At present the new ones are not available.  Other than that you
really do not want to know any more.  Many of us can get them on interlibrary
loan.  Photo copying is not legal and if you say that online you will get a
note from someone who will threaten you with a law suite....the same person
that sold them and then did not send them.  Mother MoonSage has gotten this
note.  I would love to purchase the book but was warned early on not to order
it unless I asked someone involved with the situation about if they were
REALLY being shipped.  


From: Olfrank
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 01:19:48 EDT
Subject: GE Sew Handy


I have found a GE Sew Handy in about an8 condition in a wood finished case
.Looks complete with foot pedal,tray and a few attachments. No manual. Price
is $130.00. Does this sound reasonable? If it was a FW it would be a steal but
I'm not familiar with this one.

Can anyone help me?

Frank D in So.Cal.

From: "Mark & Katy" 
Subject: Web Page Update
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 08:11:06 +0200

Hello Everyone,

DH has been hard at work again and had added a new page to my web site =
called "Sewing Toys". It not only has TSMs (including my green Singer =
20) but also some Singer drawing booklets and a couple die cast Singer =
trucks. The first is the Days Gone reproduction produced in England. The =
second is a special limited edition toy put out by Renault to celebrate =
their centennial. DH found this little gem at the Paris Auto Show. This =
is the neatest little thing! It came in its own acrylic display case =
with a certificate of authenticity and serial number. There were only =
2500 produced. He bought two for me so I may put one up for sale after a =
business associate hand carries it back to the US on a business trip.

I have also updated my links (Gaileee, your name is now spelled right!). =
If I have missed anyone, please e-mail me again. Thanks and have a great =
day!  Katy
Come visit Katy's Korner!=20

Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 09:39:15 EDT
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 10/10/1998

Hi all, I am going to sell my 222k free arm featherweight. have any of you got
a good 
idea what I should ask for it. It does look and sew like new with a complete
set of attachments. Where would be the best place to sell it. Thanks all.

From: DaEyeGuy
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 10:41:34 EDT
Subject: Oh What a Weekend (Snoopy, Move Over!)

Happy Monday, TreadleOnians!

I just had what can best be described as a "different" weekend...a friend and
I  rented a large booth at a huge Antique Show (bi-annual) in Staunton,
Va...and worked our butts off! I sold a couple of my lesser-known machines for
fabulous (for me) prices. How they can stand roving from show to show I don't
know..the packing, loading, unloading etc is a real pain!!

Other than the man I had appointed to meet with, the machine offerings were
so-so. A multitude of FW's with tables, a Singer 66 Lotus in a fabulous carved
& refinished cabinet that went for $295 (very high here..only because she had
already refinished), a Singer #20 with original box and manual that didn't
sell because he wanted $295!!!!, and an assortment of portables all over the
place (128, 66, 99),at least 7 treadle bases complete for 45.......but all I
could think of was the man I was supposed to see.

He called me two weeks ago (had heard of me thru word of mouth..love that) to
say he had a very unusual and rare find for Virginia...a Remington treadle
(yep..as in Remington rifles...rare down here because they were manufactured
in Ilion, NY)) from "the civil war...that was used to make Rebel uniforms" ( a
claim that makes you instantly wary)  He said it was complete with attachments
and a copy of the manual..so i immediately went crazy.  Captain Dick
recommended I take a look, but the guy was 4 hours away...so when he said he'd
be at this show i took a chance that it wouldn't sell (risky) and waited. When
i got there, before i even started unloading my own stand, i went to look for
him...but i stupidly had not asked what booth he was in! This show had 250
inside vendors and 200 outside vendors! Dumb, dumb, dumb!!

When I finally stumbled into his booth and recognized his name..i almost cried
cause i didn't see it...but this guy had kept it in his truck, waiting for me,
and had not showed it for the last two weeks! Nice guy!!

It was beautiful. It is like the head pictured on page 157 of Carter Bay's
"Encyclopedia.." except that my cabinet is fancier than the one pictured.
Original drawer pulls in brass with "Remington" lettered around the rosettes.
Tastefully refinished burling on the front of the drawers and sold walnut
drop-leaf top. The bobbin slide plate says "The Sewing machine like the rifle
gun,  that beats the world is the Remington". He did a wonderful job cleaning,
painting and re-gilding the treadle base. He wisely had left the head
alone...simply needs a clean-up, has only about 10% of gold left, but that's
understandable for the age.. Works beautifully and has several weird-looking
attachments (ncluding..get this..a walking foot...engraved on it is the word
"leather"),  but has a copy of the manual supplied by Remington so i can
figure them out!  Plus included a portfolio put together by a consultant
recommended by Remington (that the seller paid $60 for..includes a history of
the machine, several copies of various advertisements of the machine, etc..his
research places the machine at 1875.) Coffin top is beautiful walnut solids
and burled veneers with gold Remington still in good shape in the center
plaque. We danced, i went and got a drink, we talked...he finally came from
$399 to $295...so i grabbed it and ran!!

I was so worried that it would be one of those early, early heads that are
interesting but not fun to sew on..I wanted a true working machine..and found
it! I am now doing a "Remington Happy Dance"!!!

As if I wasn't already on sensory overload, that afternoon my Hub came over to
relieve me for an hour, so i went strolling thru other vendor's booths, and
found a featherwieght maple cabinet that had been nailed shut..the vendor had
no idea what it was for...and i got it for $30! Now I am in true happitude!

Down-side?? My face is so burned that a friend would not recognize me! It was
bright and sunny..and I had no hat! My lips are swollen out to there, and my
eyes are swollen shut! Ah, the price for goodies!! Peel ,peel, peel!!
Pretty gal (not)
Susan Steele
Amherst, Virginia
where the sun is beaming extra bright in my living room today!

From: MMquilts
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 12:10:16 EDT
Subject: 301


	Yes, I noticed the "spots" on a Singer 301A that I purchased off of ebay.
Needless to say, I was very disappointed when I saw all of those spots and
could not see them in the picture that was on ebay.  I soon found out that
this is a very common condition on the mocha colored 301.  I have since
purchased another 301 in the mocha color and it does not have "the spots."  My
301 is a NB# the one with spots was a NA#.  I do not know if that makes a
difference.  Along this same line, the little rubber feet on my 301s are
disintegrating, does anyone know where or even if I can get replacement "feet"
for these machines?  My 401 and 404 still have good feet.  This must happen as
you get older, bad feet.

	Thanks, Marsha

From: MMquilts
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 12:20:50 EDT
Subject: Quilting w/featherweight


	I really feel the need to make a comment about the remark made of someone 
liking the featherweight for quilting.  Well, neither do I.  I teach quilting,
quilt for people, for myself and do other sewing in general.  The
featherweight would not be my choice of machines for piecing or really much of
anything.  Now before you all get up in arms, the reason I say this is not
because I do not like my featherweight, I do, it is a darling machine and as
cute as a bug.  A real "must have" when you collect machines and yes it has
the cutest little stitch, like the 99, 66, 15, 301, 404, and sew on and sew
on.  Oh, yes the 201 also.  I just prefer my 301s because of the larger sewing
area, more room, more power and I believe if the motor goes out on the 301 it
might be easier to replace than the FW.  I do not sell computerized machine, I
do not own a shop, I don't believe just because I do not care to sew on my FW
all the time it would mean that I don't like the machine.  So, that being
that, long live the Featherweight and I still want to sew on my 301.  I guess
that is why Singer didn't make just one model of sewing machine, can you
imagine trying to sew Nylon Tow Straps for a race car on the FW, I do on my
201, I would never attempt that on that tiny petite cute adorable much prized

	It is very interesting to read all the different opinions here.

	Take care.  Marsha

Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 15:27:09 -0400
From: (Beverly Macbeth)
Subject: stinky FW oil mat

	I am thinking about taking the original mat out of the underside
of my 1940 feather as it is the source of *lots* of oily stinkies. I think
others have done this....what have you used as a replacement mat? Is it 
a job worth doing?

	Beverly Macbeth

		- - - in stitches....most of the time - - - -

Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 15:38:28 -0400
From: Trescott Haines 
Subject: Photos

I've enjoyed looking at your site but find it difficult to make a lot
out of the photos because they're so dark, especially the FW Fanatic
Photos. It may be your camera or a setting.


Tres Haines

From: "gladys sheetz"
Subject: eBay?

	Dear FW Friends

I see eBay mentioned often.   Have never seen any info on what it is or an
address for it.   ????

My latest find my son rescued from the salvage yard,  a Free-Westinghouse
is working good.  Guess what?  my sister said she has another find for me. 
She was at an auction for estate of her neighbor.   They sold a machine for
$8.   She has no idea what kind or what it looks like just thought of me
and bid on it.  Am anxious to see her and take a look at the prize.  Hope
it is a black fw......I can hope can't I .  

In Indiana ..leaves are at peak color.  

Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 14:39:27 -0800
From: Carol 
Subject: Replacing clear coat

I have an older black singer that has lost its clear coat. The gold is still
intact but I worry that it will rub or flake off without the clear coat to
protect it. Can anyone give me ideas on how to replace the clear coat or in
some other way protect the decals? Would a coat of polyurethane work? TIA--

Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 18:58:24 EDT
Subject: RE:  Golden Gate Exposition Model FW

A short while ago someone inquired about the Golden Gate Expo special edition
FW and the rumor about free FWs being given to the first 25,000 attendees.  I
asked my friend from the American Sewing Guild who bought her special edition
FW in l939 at the Expo in San Francisco about the rumor and she just laughed
and said, "No way,  I bought mine just like everyone else then, and I made
payments of $5/week until it was paid off.  So much for that rumor.  By the
way, I'm first on the list if she ever decides to sell it!
Irene Althaus (Rene who is now at home at out of the Sardine Can!)

Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 21:12:03 -0400
From: Mark Hall 
Subject: Bobbie

Hi all,
  I've been ofline, and I have missed the discorse on  Bobbie.
Would it be possible for someone to E mail me and perhaps fill
me in on recent postings and events.  I lost some $$ there and I'm quite
  Thanks alot, 
Cheryl D Hall

Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 21:34:18 EDT
Subject: Re: Size of opening in sewing folding table.

Dear Mel,

I think I do.  I bought  a folding (card table) 26+ years ago at the
Children's Hospital Thrift Shop.  The opening is to large for a featherweight.
I have used it for a 301, and have a 629 touch and sew in it now.

It also has contact paper covering the top.  When I found that my husband,
(still alive!) had stuck it out in the shed, I painted the legs, again, and
brought it in and put the 629 in it and it is next to the futura.  When I get
the time I will pull off the contact paper and see what is underneath, and let
you know what I find.

PatBergman, LA, Ca., USA


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