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Digest of postings from Friday, December 8, 2000

From: "Darlene Flanagan" 
Subject: treadle at JoAnns
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2000 07:52:48 -0800

>Loretta writes:
>      Looking for an interesting addition to your 'collection'?  I think I
> found it......I stopped by Jo-Anne frabics last week (oh my!) and on the
> cash register was a nice music box that was a treadle sewing machine.  It
> looks like a cross between a 201 and a hand-crank.  The wheel goes around,
> the needle goes up & down, the treadle peddle goes back and forth and the
> thread spool even goes around.  The machine is black with a piece of cloth

I recently did a pro-bono quilting class at my church and the ladies pitched
in and bought me one of these lovely music box machines as a gift.  I really
love it, and it's a great part of my collection.

If you shop at JoAnns regularly, be sure to sign up for their mailer or look
in the newspaper for coupons.  I have coupons for 50% off the regular price
of any item...would make that lovely machine $16. : )

Safe Holidays to All!!

Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2000 05:30:44 -0500
From: Linda Heminway 
Subject: Just an pleasant reminder

I haven't posted in awhile! Life has gotten hectic and busy, as I am
sure it is for all of you.

This time of year, I have always reminded people on this digest of those
who are less fortunate.  We are a lucky group, obviously we have the
funds to buy these wonderful Featherweights and other machines.  This is
just a pleasant reminder, from me, that we could remember the needs of
others, and utilize these machines to help others, as many FW owners of
the past surely did.
I am involved with a group that meets regularly making quilted sleeping
bags for The Homeless.  These quilts are called Ugly Quilts and you can
visit the UQ web site at:


This site tells the history of how making these quilts began.  I invite
you all to read the heartwarming story that inspired me to make the
first of the over 30 Ugly Quilts that have passed through my hands.  The
directions on how to make them are on the site and I know, from previous
years, my posts to this digest have inspired a few others to make a
quilt or two.
During times of busy holiday activity, we often forget those who can not
even afford something to keep warm on a cold winter's night.  I myself,
am guilty of this.  I put things in perspective, spending the morning
yesterday completing a sleeping bag that will probably be keeping
someone warm on the streets by this weekend.  My Christmas cards are
still not written, the cookies are not baked, the shopping and wrapping
is left to be done, but I feel my time was well spent.

I hope that I have not offended anyone by being a bit off topic.
Thank you,
Linda Heminway in cold Kingston NH
By the way, I attended a new quilt guild in Hudson NH this week and was
thrilled that several FWF members introduced themselves to me.  A great
bunch and I hope to see you all there again next month!

From: "Christine" 
Subject: Who is the refinisher on the list?
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2000 18:11:50 -0500

I deleted the digest that someone said the restored paint job on her new
machine was fabulous.  She mentioned the name of the painter and being so
new on this digest of course I don't remember.  Is there a place to look at
the archives for this digest?  I could look it up that way....in the mean
time, would everyone tell me who the refinisher of Featherweights is?  I
need to get the shine restored on my FW.



From: "Dick & Peggy Hostetler" 
Subject: Happy Holidays to All
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2000 12:02:29 -0500

The past 3 months have been delightful reading your many stories, 
questions and helpful hints.  Please do not change any part of this as 
we all learn, and feel a part of the good things in life.  Happy 
Holidays to each and every one of you all and Alex, please continue with 
the great stories - they are priceless!

Peggy H.

From: AlexSussex
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2000 09:10:10 EST

Hi All


I have been in touch with a publisher to see if it is possible to do a small 
print run of books. It seems to boil down to numbers. Much like when I did 
the Millennium Calendar. I will need to have a print run of 1000 books to 
make it viable and cover the printing costs. The books will be paperback and 
around 100 or so pages. It will consist of many of my stories from over the 
past 20 years. They will all be sewing machine related, basically things that 
have happened to me and others on my travels around the South East of 
England. Most of you will have read my postings on the digests over the 
years, so you will know the type of thing I am proposing.

I really need to know if there is enough demand out there to make it work. 
The books will probably sell for around $9.

So if you think that it would be a worthwhile venture, please let me know, 
and next year I may embark on another suicide mission, this time in 



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