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Digest of postings from Monday, December 11, 2000

Welcome to all our new members!
From: "Gerald Holmes" 
Subject: 222 Manual
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 06:29:11 -0600

    I know there hard to come by,but does any one have an original 222
manual they would sell ??????? You don't have to mess with Ebay shot me a

Gerald Holmes
Restorer of Singer Featherweight 221
Don't forget about the Arkansas Gathering of sewing
machine enthusiast in Hot Springs,Arkansas April 21,2001
At Cathy's Quiltin' Square 3256 Albert Pike
Albert Pike is highway 270 west.

Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 14:01:13 -0500
Subject: Centennial FW
From: frances barnes 

Helping to clean out an old family home I was awarded  "an old black box
with a sewing machine in it because we know you like to sew".  Yes, it is
a FW with the centennial badge, original manual, box of attachments, etc.
 Don't know when my brother in law acquired it or if he ever used it. 
Might have bought it just to see if he could fix it  He was always
getting broken toaster, hairdryers, etc at garage sales and fixing them
up for someone in the family.  Someone has evidently been into the wiring
on the plug and foot pedal as I only get the light to burn and no sounds
from the motor. When looking into the innards have decided that it needs
to be rewired before we go any further. The case has the metal rig in the
lid to hold the foot pedal and a left side section that holds the
attachment box, manual, etc. a a clip for an oil can. It is in pretty
good shape except for some wear on the upper inside edges. The machine is
in good shape  but has a small narrow line of wear on the top front edge
of the bed -- like where we rest our hands.  Will postpone the happy
dance until after the rewiring is accomplished.  I can't believe that I
have turned into a sort of SM collector at this stage of my life.  A 15, 
2 FW's, a 201, 301A, 401A, a 630 for a daughter and a T&S 750.  Maybe I
need to have a garage sale!  At least they aren't all in one place.  Some
of them live with me in Alaska most of the year and the others here in
Florida when I come to visit family for the holidays. Fran

From: "MindSpring User" 
Subject: flaking paint on a 221
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 09:20:25 -0600

Hi Feathers,

The paint and finish is flaking off the edges of my featherweight extension
table.   The gentleman at the sewing machine shop serviced the machine, but
recommended not doing anything to the machine to keep the paint from flaking
off any further, but this is keeping me from using the machine.  What would
be the best way to be able to cover this area to prevent further damage, or
should I search for a replacement fold-down extension.

Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 12:38:10 -0800
From: trkelley 

hi friends, holiday greetings (solstice, kwaanza, hannukah, 
christmas, etc..)  first, i am one of 11 people in the US who 
actually LIKES fruitcake. don't send them to your relatives who 
secretly hate the stuff, ship it to ME. i will appreciate grandma's 
hallowed recipe more than your fitness crazed, tofu-munching 
daughter-in-law. especially soaked in brandy.....
that said, on to a horror story. i caused it it's all my fault.  for 
a YEAR i have been trying to sell a treadle for an aquaintance. it's 
a late 1870's domestic fiddle bed coffin-top in a beautiful cabinet. 
offered it here, ebay, local paper etc. no luck. no bites, no 
nibbles, nada. . got the machine unfrozen, the cabinet spiffed up 
and shiny...but the machine will not form a stitch, shuttle arrives 
at the needle too quickly, shuttle carrier bearings are sloppy..... i 
am a mechanic, but i can't get this one to sew. i don't like sewing 
on longshuttles anyway so i wasn't real motivated....
but the cabinet has been taking up space in my living room. i wanted 
to put a machine in it i could use and give the guy $50 and be done 
with it.. so yesterday in a PMS frenzy i fired up the Skilsaw and 
hacked the top curvy fiddey cut-outs  in blasts of sawdust and mad 
cackling!!!! why? so i could drop my satiny smooth yet common as dirt 
little Singer 99-13 in.  OOOps! guess what! I RUINED THE COLLECTOR 
but hey.... if NO one was willing to PAY for it, what was the 
value?????   ZIP! $0.00!!! guess what else! the 99 looks great and 
sews great in this stand. and the coffin fits over it, i like all the 
cabinet drawers and i have a treadle in the front room by the 
woodstove so i don't have to drag the White FR out of the bedroom 
(unheated and dark in the winter ) when i want to sew. So me and my 
new domestic/99 Frankenstitcher spent all day sewing American Girl 
outfits for my daughter's new doll which Ms. Santa is bringing....

so does anyone want an Old fiddlebed domestic head with plate 
tension, last patent of 1876, no rust, shiny, decals about 60% gone, 
all parts there? you can have it for the cost of shipping. includes 
one bobbin and 2 needles.
                TR Kelley/Juno RedLeaf
RedLeaf Vintage Sewing Machine Service
Old Stagecoach Road, Swisshome, Oregon
gofish   On eBay: siuslaw268

From: "robert davis" 
Subject: ALEX's BOOK
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 23:52:31 -0600

Hello everyone. It has been a while since I've posted to the digest. I've 
been playing 'catchup' as I've missed alot of what has been going on due to 
not being able to access the internet. I'm online now, at least for a couple 
of months. I'd be interested in a book, too, Alex. Especially since I've 
missed quite a few of your stories. I still enjoy reading everyone's 
comments about their Featherweights and what they've been doing with them, 
and the great 'finds'. Also noticed in the 'FW For Sale', a lot of offerings 
have no prices listed. Is this new? Hope all of you have a wonderful 
LaVon Davis
formerly of Cincinnati, now in south Texas mountain country

From: Contierra
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 21:44:43 EST
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 12/9/2000

Doug, Sandy                                                                   
If these are friends of yours, any friend of yours is one of mine!!!!!!

From: AlexSussex
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 14:49:56 EST

Hi All

It has been a few days since I had the idea of putting my short stories 
together in a book. Going by the fantastic mail I have received from so many 
of you, it seems to be possible. There is so many that please do not get 
upset if I do not manage to answer you.

I stood in front of my computer reading the mail, doing a happy dance. You 
know, like when you have found a good buy. But the dancing put my back out. 
So I sat in front of my computer in pain, but still wriggling my head, then I 
cracked my neck. So I sat without moving but a big smile on my face. My wife 
walked passed and slapped the smile off my face. "you mad fool" she said 
walking away, "I suppose you want me to lick all the stamps for you again, 
like the calendars."

Yes, I must be mad, now I am giggling, crouched in the corner of the room, 
like a patient at the loony bin waiting for his injection, funny how the room 
looks different from down here.

On a slightly more serious note, I will keep you all informed as to the 
progress of the book, it will probably be Spring next year before we see the 
results, from small acorns great trees grow. Keep the emails coming if you 
want a copy.



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