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Digest of postings from Wednesday, December 12, 2000

Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 00:05:33 -0800 (PST)
From: Barbara Owens 
Subject: Domestic head and New Home/Janome

Hello Feathers,  

Just sited a really old looking Domestic treadle head at the Second Blessing 
on Rogerdale in Houston.  It is in a plastic case sitting on the floor near the
Christmas decorations that they are selling.  They also have a green machine 
(in a
cabinet) that has New Home on the head and Janome on the motor.  I don't have 
for either of them, but thought someone might be interested.

I am curious about the green machine.  The machine and the motor are the same 
of green, and look like they belong together.  Are New Home and Janome 

Barbara Owens
Houston Texas (70s today and ice tomorrow)

Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 21:21:48 -0500
From: Linda Heminway 
Subject: E-mail problems from a virus

Hi everyone:
Forgive my slightly off topic post here....
My computer was affected by a virus, the KAKWORM one, which is fairly
I have been unable to to respond to messages for several days, in fear
of giving this virus to others.  It attaches itself to e-mails you
send!  I am now pronounced 'virus free', though, so feel safe in sending
this note.
However, I lost over 300 e-mails that were in my files,  including 148
unread messages - some from many of you!
Please do me a favor, if you have any unfinished business with me or
copies of any e-mails I have not responded to that you have sent me in
the last week or two, please re-send them.  If I have not gotten back to
anyone with sewing machine related questions from our web site, I
apologize as well.
Thanks, and I hope that none of you have this horrible situation present
itself to you!
I was lucky, it could have been much worse!
Linda Heminway
Kingston  NH

From: Enquery
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 00:40:22 EST
Subject: Working on FW's 

Well, my DH woke me up last week and said, come on you have to get up and see 

So up I get and shuffle out to the kitchen table to where he flourishes a 
hand and presents two FW cases. Suffice it to say I woke up pretty quick and 
look at him and say, "are they empty?" I walk over to them and shift them 
just a bit and feel there is weight in both of them. And then the questions 
started. "Where'd you get these, how, when how much?"  :) I was happy dancing 
and giving the cases this 'i don't believe it' look all day long. 

Finally today I decide I'm going to pull them out and see if they work. One 
is missing a bobbin case, but with 3 301's in the other room I figure this is 
really no worry.  I've futzed around and got one of them running as quiet as 
a mouse and feeling proud as I adjust the foot controller to let me get that 
real slow stitch speed I like. 

This one has me wondering what's up though. Under the Singer badge there is a 
little plaque that says 221-, yes there's a minus sign after it. And the 
motor says made in Great Britain, but the machine is an AM and made in NJ 
according to Singer. I have another SM that is a 404 and it is labeled Made 
in GB on the pillar and it has that same minus sign after the 404. What is 
the deal with that? 

This one also had a lot of odd white powder on the wire running up the pillar 
to the light. I scrubbed off as much as I could, but it doesn't strike me as 
corrosion, and when I got down to the not corrosive part, it looked like the 
wire housing was either lead or zinc?  Strangest thing I've ever noticed. The 
other FW just has what looks like a rubbery/plastic outer cover and no 
corrosion. I think I've also noticed a bit of the same powdery substance in 
the foot controller on the porcelain area just behind the contacts. Don't 
know what this is all about. Can anyone tell me what is going on with that?  
The other FW doesn't have that in it anywhere. And neither of them seem to be 
corroded or rusty in any way, although both of them have quite a few pin 
scratches and the wheel is quite nicked. In great shape overall, a machine 
one isn't going to worry about using :).

Thanks all, for so much information and entertainment.


From: "Betty Keegan" 
Subject: Alex and proposed book
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 06:10:24 -0900

Alex, how wonderful of you.  A word of caution from the small (but not small
to your pocket book) problem with the calendar sales of last year, collect
your funds before sending the book. The vast majority of members on this
list, still feel badly, that some "forgot" to pay you. I would love a book.
My supervisor for 15 years was a former "Queens nurse", she gave totally of
herself, and demanded at least 150% from her staff, which sometimes made
things difficult.  She was a good molder of character, and surely gave the
best care possible to her patients. All of this with her stories of war time
England, and  the continuing thread that "much can be done by few, when
necessary."  I  feel her presence, in  many of your stories.  Please, do
share your stories with us.  Betty in SE Alaska


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