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Digest of postings from Sunday, December 17, 2000

From: "Bob Bannen" 
Subject: Gerald's decals
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000 08:06:56 -0500


I read with interest the complaint Gerald received with respect to the
decals he is selling for our Featherweights.  What I have to say here is
simply MY opinion and hopefully will help in this issue.

I've purchased many sets of these decals from Gerald and would highly
recommend these decals.  As far as "size & dimensions" let me assure
everyone that these decals are as close to original as you will find

I've done a few paint restorations in my time and have also had problems.  I
can't stress enough how important preparation is. The surface where the
decal is being applied has to be smooth any pitting or roughness will be
magnified upon decal installation.  Also when one trims the clear material
from the decal it is important to cut with the knife at 90% for a clean flat
cut, when one trims any decal with the knife at a slant this will cause the
decal edges when applied to curl as you have removed the adhesive from the
very edge of decal when trimming, this will cause "clearcoat" to penetrate
under the decal.

One particular paint restoration I was almost sickened when the entire
machine including decals turned a horrible "Gray" colour, I closed up the
shop and left disillusioned with the whole process.  The next morning upon
returning to the shop I couldn't understand how this machine looked so
beautiful, the "Gray" had disappeared.  I've since discovered that clearcoat
will "Fox" if applied thickly.

There a far too many factors to consider in a paint restoration that doesn't
go well.  Humidity, temp, dust and probably a hundred other factors.  I'm
not suggesting for a second that the complaint isn't real and this person
has a real problem but laying all fault at the decals is unreasonable.

Any of the problems I've had I can honestly trace back to inexperience and
errors on my part.  For those interested you can view the entire paint
restoration of a Featherweight I did recently at

Gerald you have a great product in these decals.  I commend you for your
honesty and integrity in bringing this issue out in the open for all to
debate.  I think you will find most if not all reaction will be positive and
in favour with what I believe to be the highest quality FW decal available

Please visit our on-line antique sewing machine show "toronto sews 2000" at

Happy Holidays from the Bannen family; Bob, Kathy, Rich, Shannon, Winston,
Rob, Jessica, Madison, Dan, Simon, Olive.

Bob Bannen
Tel: 416 253 5165
Fax: 416 253 0936
Website: www.sew2go.com
Address: www.sew2go.com/order.htm

From: PThomp9719
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000 02:57:20 EST
Subject: Book Title

What I need is a title for the book. I thought I might run a 
> little competition and the winner may have a copy free<

Please add me to the list for 2 copies...
and how about
Keep Me in Stitches         (pun intended)

From: DlgLucca
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000 23:55:35 EST
Subject: Tension Question on 328J

Hi all,

I usually just lurk in the background & enjoy the information, but have a 
problem I am hoping someone can help me with.  

I have an early 1960's Singer 328J.  It sew beautifully & has all of the 
attachments & cams.  My problem seems to be the thread tension disks, though. 
 Even though I get a great stitch, when I lift the presser foot lever & go to 
bring the fabric out from under the foot, it is like pulling against a team 
of mules.  I thought that when the presser foot is raised, the tension 
released & allowed for easier removal.  It has no tension release that I can 
see & is the only one of my sm's that does this.

Is there some adjustment that I can make to this.  It is keeping me from 
using the machine, as it really plays havoc with my quilt block piecing.  It 
pulls things out of shape every time.  Any help that anyone can give me will 
be greatly appreciated.

Hope everyone has very safe & happy holidays!

Debbie Guidi in AZ

Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000 09:36:08 -0700
From: "Evelyn (Casey) Gillette" 
Subject: Why two more FWs.

Hi fellow FWF;

I just read another posting from a lady who had just purchased a 2nd FW
and was thinking of a way to explain it to her DH why she had two.

All you need to do is just ask the DH why he has two or more hammers or
screwdrivers or what ever tool he has two or more of.  Each has its
place and duty and so with the FWs even if one is just to look at and
give you pleasure.  Besides remind him that they are still cheaper then
a Rembrant or Monet.

Alex a perfect name for you sewing machine book could be "For Alex Loved
them all" or "All machines great and small" sort of paraphrases but
probably true in your case from what I have read of your stories.
Anyway I still want several as gifts for my sewing friends.

Casey in a very cool New Mexico

From: Bufflett
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000 11:12:17 EST
Subject: Re: FW Cozies

Hi Feathers,

  I recently received a FW Cozy from the Speers (advertised on the For Sale 
page) for a FW my DH is giving me for Christmas, and it is adorable!  This 
particular FW will be a gift for several Christmases, birthdays, and 
anniversaries, so now I have a great case cover I can decorate for each 
occasion.  The Cozy is sewn well, and fits perfectly, and would make a great 
protective travel case, too.

  No affiliation - just a VERY satisfied customer!  And I've met the Speers 
and they are great people!

Linda in Va. Beach

Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000 11:49:34 -0500
Subject: Cancel parts request
From: "Jan Drechsler" 

Hello, On Dec 10th I wrote requesting parts for a 15-30 treadle.  By the 
time the FWF For Sale was printed, I discovered that Chris V. was able to
supply me with the parts, so please ignore my request on the 12/17 FW For

Wishing you all Happy Holidays and safe travels.

Jan Drechsler in Vermont
Quilt Restoration; Quilting teacher

Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000 10:49:24 -0800
From: trkelley 
Subject: alex's book!

hi Alex, here's my idea for your book title: " Keeping Them In 
Stitches - True Stories From an English Sewing Machine Man".
I too would love a copy of this book. i missed the calendar due to 
lack of funds.
                TR Kelley/Juno RedLeaf
RedLeaf Vintage Sewing Machine Service
Old Stagecoach Road, Swisshome, Oregon
gofish   On eBay: siuslaw268


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