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Digest of postings from Monday, December 18, 2000

From: "Linda Harris" 
Subject: Alex's Book/328 tension
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 00:23:01 -0500

How funny that PThomp and TR Kelley 
had variants of the same title.  Where's
Bill Mitchell to help me spell synchronicity?
(Actually, he has a better word for it that
I can't recall..  synergy, maybe?)
Anyway, I like both of these ideas, but would 
shorten the title to just plain _In Stitches_.

For Debbie in AZ, most Singers I know
will fight you to release the tension unless
you have turned the handwheel so that the
needlebar is in the topmost position before
trying to remove the work.  FWIW.

Happy holidays, fellow fanatics, and thanks 
for all the help with my last FW question.

Lin in FL

From: Crookedseam
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 08:28:23 EST
Subject: Re: FW  Fanatics 12/17/2000

I don't know how to fix the machine, but you could try sewing off to the next 
block or to a scrap piece of fabric. This is usually called chain piecing. 
Don't cut the thread until you are beyond the presser foot. This also saves 
on thread & more importantly the time it takes to wind bobbins & trim 
beginning thread tails.

In a message dated 12/18/00 4:07:41 AM Mid-Atlantic Standard Time, Debbie 
Guidi writes:

<<  have an early 1960's Singer 328J.  It sew beautifully & has all of the 
 attachments & cams.  My problem seems to be the thread tension disks, 
  Even though I get a great stitch, when I lift the presser foot lever & go 
 bring the fabric out from under the foot, it is like pulling against a team 
 of mules.  I thought that when the presser foot is raised, the tension 
 released & allowed for easier removal.  It has no tension release that I can 
 see & is the only one of my sm's that does this.
 Is there some adjustment that I can make to this.  It is keeping me from 
 using the machine, as it really plays havoc with my quilt block piecing.  It 
 pulls things out of shape every time.  Any help that anyone can give me will 
 be greatly appreciated. >>

If I wanted to hear the pitter patter of little feet, I'd put shoes on my cat.

Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 09:34:18 EST
Subject: Re: FW  Fanatics 12/17/2000

Alex , Here's my suggestion, but I think I won't be the first with it !  
"Stitches in Time" or " Stitches in Time, The Adventures of a Sewing Machine 
Repair Man"
Polly in Co.

From: "Fred Zoback" 
Subject: Happy Holidays
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 08:46:55 -0500

Hi, I'd like to wish everyone on this great list a very Merry Christmas!!!!! 
 Hope you all are getting the machine of your dreams.  My new baby arrived last 
 My DH got me a beautiful Singer 66 Lotus handcrank to add to my ever growing 
   I got to un pack it and check it out then he quickly grabbed it and wrapped 
it up, 
   now I have to wait 7 LONG days to play.........  I got a nice surprise from 
my mother
    yesterday.  Her and my dad came to visit for my son's 16th birthday and she 
came in 
    with a 2-tone 301 with the case and attachments.  She said she was at a 
garage sale 
    and it had 10.00 on it so she grabbed it.  (I have her trained on which 
machines not 
    to pass up) LOL........ I plugged it in and it took off, just needs a new 
light bulb, 
    that was a nice surprise.  Well that is it for now again I would just like 
to wish you
     all Happy Holidays and a great new year of collecting and great 
finds!!!!!!  Love the
      list thanks so much Sue for all your hard work to keep this group going.  
      Frish in south jersey..........hoping for a white Christmas.......

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Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 09:25:28 -0500
From: Robert Heaton 
Subject: Two or More FWs

As to the recent discussions about why anyone "needs" 2 or more
Featherweights. My DWs favorite comeback every time I ask her
why she needs more material etc. is this. Need has nothing to do with it,
if we didn't buy anything we didn't need we wouldn't have any of this junk!.
Or is that "junque" ?
She has  6 Featherweights including a white one & a 222K and enough
fabric to start a branch of JoAnns.But far be it from me to say anything !
I have several ham radios & at least 2 or more of all kinds of tools.
I like my home.
   On the clear coat turning "gray". I used to do bodywork & painting on
cars and a condition that we called "blushing" would occur when spraying
paint or clear coat if the humidity was high or the metal was too cold.
This looks like gray or cloudy splotches.
If you were lucky it would disappear when the paint dried well, if not
it would have to be done over. Ideal conditions are low humidity &
temp. about 70 deg. + or -
                               Bob,in Toronto,Ohio

From: Vanderland2
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 17:19:17 EST
Subject: Re: FW  Fanatics 12/17/2000

Please put me down for a copy of your book.
I like the suggested title that said some about "great and small" (forgot who 
suggested it)

Nancy VR in blzzardy Iowa

>From: "Barbara Lee Gates" 
>Subject: Question on old walking foot
>Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 15:42:36 -0600
>I know that some of you.... at least one or two have one of the old black
>boxy Singer walking feet from the 1950's (part number 160741).  I have
>actually corresponded with someone on one of these lists who has two.... and
>I remember faintly that someone said they are "wobbly" when attached.  I
>have just acquired one, and it is wobbly but works just fine, so I need to
>know if the wobble is inherent in the design.
>BJ (Barbara)  in Palestine,  Texas

From: "Cat Gothic" 
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 19:40:58 -0800
Subject: Happy, Happy Dance!!!

Merry Meet All,

  So wonderful to read everyone's happy dance, now I can finally do one of my 
  I have never had any Singers but new ones, until my new one broke, and I was 
  for some people for christmas and had to have a machine.  We went to an old 
Vac and
   Sew place, and saw the most beautiful cabinet in the world. Solid cherry and 
   just right for my dining room.  Lo and Behold, what was inside was the most 
    404 I have have ever seen.  My DH got it for a song, and my new Chirstmas 
    is making me do the happy dance along to christmas music...LOL  Happy 
HOlidays, Cat
"once I dreamed I was a butterfly, and now I no longer know if I am Chuang-tzu 
who dreamed he was a butterfly, or whether I am a butterfly who dreamed he was 
             CHUANG-TZU (365-290 b.c)
                    Cat Gothic
                   354 Orrin Drive
                Smyrna, GA 30082-2137
                   (770) 333-6045

>From: "Virginia Glasgow" 
>Subject: Singer Model 99
>Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000 21:33:41 -0600

>    Hi Everyone,   I have recently obtained my mother's old 
portable SM which Singer says is a Model 99 and was manufactured in 
Nov. 1929.  I'm sure this is probably the correct date as she was
married  in l923.  However, I am concerned because  the online manual I
 downloaded from their site shows two differences to my machine.  They 
are: 1. There is a needle thread  tension adjustment but no dial.   2.
There is no stitch length indicator but in  its place is a 3/4 inch
nickel plated thumb screw.     I am wondering if this is really a Model
99 or  if it is an economy model made during the start of the
Depression era?   Strangely enough, I learned to sew on this machine
but I guess too much water  has gone under the bridge and I can't
remember either of  these features.  I would really appreciate some of
you giving this  your consideration.   Thanks, Virginia Glasgow
Kingston, OK  

Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 14:17:45 EST
Subject: Recent Finds

My husband and I ventured into the cold northland  South Dakota, Minnesota, 
and Wisconsin) to spend Thanksgiving with my family.   My older brother who 
is a dedicated antiquer told me about a neon Signer sign he had recently 
spotted.  Of course, I had to check it out so drove a couple hundred miles to 
the antique shop.  When we plugged it in and it glowed with a bright yellow 
orange color, I knew I had to take it home.  Really cool!   It measures 49" 
by 13" high by 8" deep and is encased in black and white Lucite.  It must 
have hung in a Singer dealer's shop.  Since we drove from Southern 
California, I was able to haul it back home in our car.  Just where I will 
hang it is yet to be determined.  Another find in the Midwest was a small 
electric iron with the Singer Sewing Machine Co. name and logo on it.  My 
sister bought it for me as an early Christmas present.  It is the first 
Singer iron I have seen although I have read about them.  So these are the 
main two of the many prizes I picked up in antique shops along the way.  Only 
saw one FW and it was way over priced.
Irene in warm, green Southern California

From: Vanderland2
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 16:19:40 EST
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 12/15/2000

I don't recall who said they had access to the manual for the white plastic 
featherweight machine. I would like to get a copy if I could. I have decided 
to give mine to the non- sewing sister and would like to have the manual for 
her. She'll probably never use it anyway, but she will definitely need 
instructions if she wants to.  Please contact me if you could be persuaded to 
sell a copy.
Also, I have a Model#15 that needs a new motor and wiring. Any suggestions 
for a sourse?
And, one more question. Did 99's ever come in cabinets?  I'd like one. Oh, 
and, I'm looking for the Early American cabinet for my FW.  I guess that's 2 
Nancy VR in blizzardy Iowa


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