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Digest of postings from Tuesday, December 19, 2000

From: "Woodstock Sewing Centre" 
Subject: mikeh my two cents worth.
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 08:28:01 -0500

dear fws; its my two cents worth for whats it worth, been just swamped 
with the holidays, the xmas rush has run over me. This year has been the 
please fix my sewing machine immediately so i can finish my xmas sewing 
. The rush for selling has been one machine at a time, and you wouldnt 
believe how many still want to buy singer sewing machines. The new fw 2 
has sold out in our store, its not like the  original but for todays 
standards its not bad.=20
The year to come, will no doubt have its challenges, i wish to thank all 
the customers friends and fellow fws, and those folks who are waiting 
for stuff from me, will be catching up the mail order in the slow period 
around xmas. mikeh


Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 00:18:45 -0500
From: Elizabeth Templeton 
Subject: looking for a 301 case


i've been enjoying these posts since October, and now, thanks to good
advice from list members, I'm the happy owner of a long-bed 301a.  It
came - thank heaven - with an owners manual, as well as more attachments
than any machine has a right to have, but that's another story.

it also came with a case, which will be fine for storage but is very
much the worse for wear.  it looks a little tender for carrying the
machine to a quilt camp, etc.  I can't imagine that there's a case out
there without a 301 to go in it, but if one should come to light i'd be
very much interested in buying it.

Thanks all, for your interesting comments, insights, and stories.

Elizabeth Templeton
Bloomfield NJ, where winter hasn't yet arrived

From: DlgLucca
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 18:57:37 EST
Subject: 328J Responses

Hi all, 

I want to thank everyone who responded to me with solutions for my tension 
disk problems with my 328J.  I plan to print out the different suggestions & 
work on the machine this weekend.  This is the only thing that was holding me 
back from using this machine & I'll let you all know if I can solve the 

Have a very Happy Holiday Season, everybody!

Debbie Guidi in AZ

From: Allview
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 03:41:37 EST
Subject: For Alex

Here's my contest entry, Alex.  How about "Naked Ladies and Attack Cats, the 
Stories of an OSMG".

Marilyn in Ohio

From: Kellnigh
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 20:16:56 EST
Subject: My featherweight

I'm not sure if I already submitted the information for my featherweight on 
your website.  How would I find out?

Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 08:04:13 -0800
From: Jack & Carol Whiteaker 
Subject: Tension Discs

To Debbie. Re your tension problem. Someone may have disassembled the
tension and lost the tiny rod that goes thru the tension.  When you
raise the foot part of the lever pushes on the rod that loosens the
discs.          Jack/Ca.

From: "Joyce Hooton" 
Subject: Seam guide attachment
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 15:27:19 -0800

Merry Christmas to everyone!!

I have a question about attaching the seam guide on the Featherweights.
When I attach to my very old machines I have no trouble but, recently, I
have tried to insert the same seam guide and the same screw into two
different centennial machines and the screw would not go into the hole
provided for it.

Has anyone else had this experience?  If so, what can one do about it?  I
would not force the screw into my friend's machine, but on my own I have
tried to do it with a pair of pliers (gently)  and the screw seams to be
going in a little more each time.  Is it possible that the screw for the
later models might have been slightly smaller or are they all standard and
the same size?

I love using a seam guide for quarter inch seams as opposed to a quarter
inch foot  for quilt piecing.  I get a much more consistant seam.

Thanks for any advice!  Joyce Hooton

From: "Barbara Lee Gates" 
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 12/18/2000
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 07:50:06 -0600

Hi Nancy.......

Responding to three of your questions.....

> Also, I have a Model#15 that needs a new motor and wiring. Any suggestions
> for a sourse?

Is this a 15-91 with the "potted" motor on the back?  If so, I have one of
these all cleaned and tested, and for sale for $40 plus postage.  If it is a
15-anything else with the external motor, ones from most any Singer of the
same style will work just fine, and there are even new ones of these for
sale through the parts supplier's catalogs....  I have some vintage external
motors also but you may be able to source that locally.

> And, one more question. Did 99's ever come in cabinets?  I'd like one.

Yes, 99's did come in cabinets and I have 2 or 3 but not sure about whether
I want to sell them or not.  DH and I need to get time to go down to our
shop/barn/storage and do some rearranging, re-evaluating, and yes, probably
throwing out .  I can get back to you on this if you like.... probably
after New Year's Day.... that seems to be our traditional time for cleaning
attics, garages etc, not being football fans!  It is also my DH's birthday
and I think he  views it as symbolism.

> and, I'm looking for the Early American cabinet for my FW

Me too!!!!!!

BJ (Barbara)  in Palestine,  Texas
ISMACS, FWF, Treadle On, Vintage Singer, and "Briquette" on EBAY

Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 18:19:45 -0700
From: "Evelyn (Casey) Gillette" 

I did the happy dance all the way home tonight and that is pretty
difficult for 25 miles driving a f-159.

I got the word today that the offer I made on the original singer oval
cabinet with a feather weight serial number AE was mine for the offer I
had made.  I am so thrilled to get this set for so little or at least I
think it was a great deal.

Now the cabinet was spray painted at one time.  Looks like a single coat
that wasn't done real well.  How or should I take the paint off and
restore the cabinet to its original glory.  This is what I would like to
do and time is not an issue.  I can take several months to do it if that
is what it will take to have a truly great treasure.

I believe this may have been a one owner set.  The lady who got rid of
it did so because she could no longer see well enough to sew.  How sad,
but it will have a good home with me.  The sewing machine sews like a
dream and one can tell it has been very well used.  60% or so of the
scroll work is gone, one can just tell this machine has many stories to

Incidentally the sewing vacuum shop is in Silver City New Mexico and
there are several machines for sell.  He has some more feather weights
he might part with.

So long for now time for more happy dancing.

Bye Fellow Feathers

Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 21:30:55 -0800
Subject: Featherweight 221-J (tan!) Photos
From: Kevin Quosig 

I thought you might find these photos interesting, after looking at your
photo page.

Not a quilter myself, but just got through accessorizing my 221-J (the
wonders of eBay) to begin life making clothes for my girlfriend (she has a
hard time finding clothes that fit right) and making period clothing for
Renaissance Fair and Viking events.

Up until now, it just did minor repair work on clothes (I'm no sewing
expert!) but I've always been amazed at it's ability to sew through multiple
layers of denim, Cordura and other heavy nylons (backpacking material), and
heavy nylon straps--which is why I prefer it over "modern" machines. Now I
guess I get to bone-up on skills learned 10+ years ago and do some "real"

BTW: As for larger attachments, just got a Pinking attachment as part of a
lot I purchased...thing is *huge*.

Since the tan sounds less common, thought you might enjoy the photos.
Closeup of the badge and what I think is the serial number are attached as



Kevin Quosig
kevin at quosig dot com

"All days come from one day
  that must you must know,
  you cannot change what's over
  but only where you go."
  --"Pilgrim" by Enya (A Day Without Rain)

Monday, December 18, 2000
9:26 PM PST


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