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Digest of postings from Thursday, December 21, 2000

From: Sandra Thomas 
Subject: tension problems
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 08:51:04 -0800

Hi Fellow Feathers,

I decided to finally reply. I had a similar problem on a 221 I was cleaning
for a friend. After taking apart the tension assembly and reassembling it, I
took off the front plate and watched the mechanisms as they moved when I
lifted and lowered the presser foot. There was a lever which pushed the pin
in to release the tension when the foot was lifted. The lever that was
supposed to push in the pin was attached to the machine by a screw which was
loose and therefore did not do its job. I tightened the screw and voila! It

Have a good Christmas everyone. I am really enjoying this posting. It is the
first thing I look for when I open my email. Thanks,

sandy (in Silicon Valley)

From: Sharon Reese 
Subject: long overdue birth announcement
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 15:32:02 -0600

I've had a few people mention that they haven't seen a birth announcement 
from me.  I've been SOOO busy I keep forgetting to send one!  So here's all 
the details below.  BTW, I don't have time to read the digests anymore, so 
I won't see any replies posted here.  And I still owe a few of you return 
emails!!  (It's taken me 3 days just to finish this! LOL!)

First, a picture taken when he was a few hours old:

James Michael Reese was born 10/18, but we didn't get home from the 
hospital until the 29th.  (Read below.)  We're calling ds Michael.  James 
is a family name on dh's side, and Michael is my father's name.  I had a 
nice short 3-hour labor.  (So short that dh and the nurse went to get lunch 
while I rested (love those epiderals!), and they almost missed the birth!) 
 Michael was 8 pounds, 4 ounces and 20.5" long.

Everything seemed fine until 12 hours later when the nurse took Michael at 
midnight for a check.  They found he had breathing problems and ended up 
having to put him under an oxygen tent (hard, plastic cylinder with a lid) 
and taking him to the neonatal intensive care.  He had contracted pneumonia 
from bacteria in the birth canal (the presence of bacteria is normal, and 
these things just sometimes happen).    Michael was under the oxygen tent 
for 2 days, and we weren't allowed to pick him up.  When his breathing got 
better, they were able to stop using that and just keep a monitor strapped 
to his foot for a few more days.  After I was discharged (two days after 
his birth), I stayed at a hospital-owned hotel because we live too far from 
the hospital for me to go home.  Michael had to stay 11 days total to get a 
full treatment of iv antibiotics.  During that time, I got an infection and 
high fever and had to be hospitalized for 4 days.  I wasn't allowed to see 
Michael until the fever had been gone for 24 hours, and that was hard. 
 Fortunately, the iv antibiotics that I was on knocked the fever out after 
a few hours.  At least I just had to take a walk through the hospital to 
see him instead of getting a cab from the hotel!

But we both recovered completely, and my 2 year old did quite well having 
my MIL and dh watching her while I was gone.  It was VERY difficult, but 
I'm grateful we didn't have a longer stay like many, many of the babies 
there. Sarah is doing well with her new brother and hugs and kisses him. 
 She just gets frustrated with me sometimes for not getting enough 
attention, which is understandable.

BTW, for those who make preemie clothes and blankets for NICU, I can't tell 
you how much they are appreciated.  I didn't have anything there for ds 
except his coming home outfit.  The quilt I had made for him was still at 
the machine quilter's, and it would have been too big anyway for the nicu 
beds. DS got a lovely knitted blanket from the volunteer group there, and 
it really softened the sterility of his environment and all the monitoring 
devices he had stuck to him.  It means a lot to me, and it's on ds' 
bassinet now.  It's definitely something I'll save and show to ds when we 
tell him about his rocky start.  So keep up the hard work.  It's worth it! 
: )

Sharon in Taylor, TX

From: "Sehoy L. Welshofer" 
Subject: 301 case
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 09:32:27 -0600

Elizabeth - you've probably had lots of responses on this, but here's what I
do to carry my 301 to classes. I went to Wal-Mart and bought an Artic
Cooler - perfect size for the machine, with enough room to put in my roll up
ironing pad and mini iron, and a few miscellaneous tools. It has a strap, so
is very easy to carry. It's padded on the outside, with a hard "plastic"
liner for added protection for the machine.

near Nashville, TN, where we have an inch of snow!

<< Elizabeth Templeton btemplenj wrote:

it also came with a case, which will be fine for storage but is very
much the worse for wear.  it looks a little tender for carrying the
machine to a quilt camp, etc.  I can't imagine that there's a case out
there without a 301 to go in it, but if one should come to light i'd be
very much interested in buying it.
Elizabeth Templeton
Bloomfield NJ, where winter hasn't yet arrived>>

From: "Christine" 
Subject: RE: 301 Blind Stitch attachment
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 12:37:39 -0500

I have a 301 blind stitch attachment if anyone needs one.  It has the
original box and instructions to go with it, all in very good condition. $10
and I'll pay for shipping.

Christine Chamberlain
email me at: Christine
1,800+ machine embroidery members  Join us!

From: "Sandy LaLiberty" 
Subject: Holiday Greetings
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 11:42:46 -0600

Fellow Feather Weights!

Just a short note to all to wish you and yours a Happy Holiday, Merry =
Christmas and a very Happy New Year.  Also, a thank you for all the =
wonderful, knowledgable people from whom I've learned so much the past =
year about sewing machines!  I'm so very thankful to have =
people/information available to me about this wonderful little machine =
called the Feather Weight!!  I'd like to also acknowledge all the hard =
work some of you have done on your web sites and appreciate all the =
excellent information available out there to us.

Sandy in COLD (wind chill today -25) N.W. Wisconsin!!!

Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 19:31:57 EST
Subject: Fwd: Recent Finds

My husband and I ventured into the cold northland  South Dakota, Minnesota, 
and Wisconsin) to spend Thanksgiving with my family.   My older brother who 
is a dedicated antiquer told me about a neon Signer sign he had recently 
spotted.  Of course, I had to check it out so drove a couple hundred miles to 
the antique shop.  When we plugged it in and it glowed with a bright yellow 
orange color, I knew I had to take it home.  Really cool!   It measures 49" 
by 13" high by 8" deep and is encased in black and white Lucite.  It must 
have hung in a Singer dealer's shop.  Since we drove from Southern 
California, I was able to haul it back home in our car.  Just where I will 
hang it is yet to be determined.  Another find in the Midwest was a small 
electric iron with the Singer Sewing Machine Co. name and logo on it.  My 
sister bought it for me as an early Christmas present.  It is the first 
Singer iron I have seen although I have read about them.  So these are the 
main two of the many prizes I picked up in antique shops along the way.  Only 
saw one FW and it was way over priced.
Irene in warm, green Southern California

Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 11:45:22 -0800 (PST)
From: Cindy Baker 
Subject: Thanks, Graham

Thanks for the Tuff Stuff recommendation. My first
opportunity to use it was on a blackside crinkle
finish machine. I knew the crinkle paint would be a
BIG challenge...all those little crevices were filled
with brown gunk. The SM was literally brownish-black
when I began.

I sprayed it on &, to my amazement, the foam dissolved
the gunk right before my eyes. It liquified & I wiped
it off. After a couple of repeats on the heavy spots,
all the gunk is gone. The SM is now true
black...almost blueish-black!

Cindy in icy, snow-covered, sun-shining Indy 


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