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Digest of postings from Monday, December 25, 2000

From: "Anne Sturtevant/Write Now" 
Subject: FWF: Soft FW case
Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2000 06:40:29 -0500

Happy holidays to everyone!

I am looking for a source for a soft-sided (new/modern) Featherweight cases
or totes. (These would be manufactured "for" Featherweights...not the
soft-sided coolers.) Does anyone have a source/contact? Thank you so much!

Anne in Michigan

From: "ejbango" 
Subject: greetings
Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2000 08:41:07 -0800

A joyous holiday to all of you and a healthy New Year.  One of my new year's
resolutions is to make quilts and gifts for my family and for charitable 
such as children in homeless shelters (my church is involved with one of them),
children with terminal illness, infants in intensive care (my quilting guild is 
with one of them)...and on and on.....hope many of you do the same on your
Featherweights.   Sometimes I think that is why sewing machines were invented.
greetings to al    Jo in MI

Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2000 14:15:39 +0000
From: gf graham
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 12/24/2000

To Christine who asked

>Were all 222s manufactured with the prism decals or did any
>of them have the early design?

All 222 Freearms had the later design. If you see one that hasn't -- 
be very, very suspicious

Graham Forsdyke
Purveyor of fine Featherweights to the gentry

new dedicated Featherweight site

Diary date. Don't miss the first-ever ISMACS USA convention in 
Lowell, near Boston, on September 8-9, 2001

Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2000 17:23:03 -0800
From: quilter
Subject: it was a merry christmas

hello FWFs, and i hope your christmas was as merry as mine.  

DH got me a white 221K in near mint condition, even the packer's slip "form
441" is in the box!  one end side of the accessory box is missing, but i
can live with that :)  all three size 14 needles are piercing the red paper
inside the small singer envelope, and the manual is just fine.  just under
the bobbin thread guide on the front of the machine is a sticker "form
1913" that says "singer quality tested" with the number 18 on it.  the felt
on the spool holder is black -- i can only guess it is original for someone
who asked earlier -- and the accessories are a fabric guide with the screw,
a zipper foot, and some type of binding attachement with an extra part in
the front that looks like it guides the binding before it goes into the
cone shaped part that preceeds the needle.  perhaps one of you can explain
what exactly it is?  there are five bobbins, a small screwdriver (plastic
handle), the key for the case, and a tube of singer oil that is just over
1/3 full.  i'm not sure what accessories were original to this machine,
anyone know?
the stitching is beautiful, but it runs a tad tight -- i'm sure when i've
had a chance to oil it she'll loosen up a bit.  the underneath is
incredibly clean.  i told DH that i know how a guy feels when he opens the
hood on a car and there's no oil or dirt anywhere on the engine or under
the hood. 

and one quick thing... printed on the back cover of the manual it says:
"To all whom it may concern:
	The improper placing or renewal of the trademark "SINGER" or any other of
the trademarks of The Singer Company (all of which are duly Registered
Trademarks) on any machine that has been repaired, rebuilt, reconditioned,
or altered in any way whatsoever outside a SINGER factory or an authorized
SINGER agency is forbidden."   thot you'd get a kick out of that 

tomorrow i'll play with it some more, just had to let everyone share in my
happiness; it will be a happy new year with my new machine.
dutchrose ----{-

From: "sage" 
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 12/24/2000
Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2000 18:32:54 -0800

Just a Happy note to tell everyone that I so appreciate all your information
and education each of you provide in the continuing love of Sewing Machines.
I never realized that these machines and how they work could fascinate me so
much.  It is with all of your information and education, the machines no
longer hold either my husband or I at bay when looking at a machine that I
want to drag home.  Thank you for all your help.  Happy Holidays and God
Sage in Pa


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