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Digest of postings from Wednesday, December 27, 2000

Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2000 22:15:12 -0500
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 12/23/2000
From: "Jan Drechsler" quiltdoc

To Greg & Mary re rip off on E-bay:

If a chronic problem exists on e-bay with a seller of sewing related
products, it would be a service to mention the name/e-mail address of the
individual.  You need not slander the individual, but could simply state
that the transaction was unsatisfactory.  Those that wrote to you need to be
sure that they keep those problems in his rating/comments, even if he/she
changes e-mail address.

Telling us the sellers state makes me wary of all California dealers who
deal in sewing items and is a disservice to all the state's honest sellers.
I just can't play guess who.

Many of us on the FWF list use e-bay for selling and purchasing of diverse
sewing interests such as quilting, antique textile collecting, buying books,
fabric, machines, sewing collectibles, and buying new or older quilts.  You
could in neutral language save FW friends from what you and the others have
Jan Drechsler in Vermont
Quilt Restoration; Quilting teacher

Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2000 10:58:37 -0800
From: Bonnie Kucera 
Subject: Trying to locate manual

Kind folk:

I am simply helping a neighbor do some sleuth work on locating a 
manual for her sewing machine.  She is a 10 year old that I am giving 
beginning sewing lessons to, and her parents just bought her her 
first sewing machine ever for Chanukah.  It's a Singer, I think maybe 
a Featherweight, but not sure.  They told me the serial number is 
#AF696379.  They said they think it's a model 221 Featherweight.  The 
thing is, they thought they located an on-line manual for it, but 
when they printed it out, it really was different from the machine 
that they have.  It says it's a Featherweight 221, "crinkle-side" 
(?), but:  The bobbin area in that manual is evidently different from 

Anyway, what can you tell me about this machine, if anything?  Where 
and when was it manufactured?  Is there a manual available for this 
particular machine that we can access online, or should we order one 
from somewhere?

Any help you can offer is much appreciated....This little girl is so 
anxious to get going!  We bought a simple pattern and fabric and some 
basic essential sewing notions for her; and she is already an 
enthusiast! ( She's been practicing sewing basic seams on my Bernina 
1230, and on my Singer 319W.)  I tried to thread her machine and get 
it to sew, but it simply won't sew...I'm sure that it's something to 
do with how we put in the bobbin and what we do with the thread in 
there...I've never had a machine with a bobbin housing like hers. 
Also, I noticed that the place her Dad bought the machine from had 
inserted the needle with the flat part facing to one side inside of 
toward the back (which is what I'm used to...putting it in facing the 
back, that is).  So I reinserted it in the way I thought it should go 
(flat to back)...Was I wrong?  Could that be the problem?

Please advise!  And thank you so much!

  -- Bonnie Kucera

Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2000 11:39:43 -0800
From: Barbara Bara 
Subject: Manual Wanted

Can anyone provide an original manual for a Singer 401a?  Please reply

From: Georgia Ward 
Subject: Request Assistance
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2000 09:33:19 -0600

I have an older Singer Serial Number AC678543 that was given to me recently
and it has no manual with it. I'd sure like to get a manual and find out how
old it is. The 800 number for Singer to find that information is down at the
moment. Any information you can get me would be deeply appreciated.
My home e-mail is georgiasward
Georgia Ward

From:  (Lois Frankel)
Subject: Singer 404
Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2000 20:37:38 -0500

The slant-shank buttonholer (in the pink Jetsons case or the maroon
pebbly case - unless of course it's gotten into the wrong case!) should
work fine with your 404. Likewise a slant-shank zz-er.

Lois Frankel
lfrankel    http://pluto.njcc.com/~lfrankel
                            (cats, quilts, antique sewing machines)

Any ideas you might think you find in this message are mine; any
resemblance to ideas of anyone else--real, imaginary, living, dead,
employer, coworker, friend, enemy, neighbor, spouse, pet, family
member, insect, microorganism, government, organization,
extraterrestrial, or potted plant--is your fault!

From:  (Lois Frankel)
Subject: bobbin cases
Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2000 01:17:11 -0500

I had been considering buying some new bobbin cases for my caseless
301's from an Ebay seller. Recalling some the problems people have reported
with aftermarket cases, I emailed the seller with some questions about how
well they fit, what adjustments were necessary, etc., and received a
reply that bobbin case problems are almost always the fault of the operator.
I replied, citing my own and others' experiences and concerns about such
cases, and the seller responded that I should not bid on the cases
because he didn't care to deal with "picky" people, and his markup was
so low that he didn't have time to engage in email discussion. It was,
in fact, the low prices that made me wonder about the cases' quality. I
was hoping for a response that would indicate that he checked and
adjusted the cases before selling and would cheerfully accept returns
of any problem cases. Instead, the reply was purely defensive,
and suggested that he would assume that any problems that might occur
would be my own fault.

Now, am I imagining things to remember that a common experience with
after-market cases is that they often need adjustments to make them
fit properly or work properly, or is this seller just warning me in
advance that he won't stand by his merchandise. I certainly won't bid on
anything from this seller, given his attitude, so his email blowing me
off had its intended effect.

Just goes to reinforce how important it is to ask questions of a seller
before bidding.

Lois Frankel
lfrankel     http://pluto.njcc.com/~lfrankel
                            (cats, quilts, antique sewing machines)


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