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Digest of postings from Thursday, January 6, 2000

From: "Woodenspools" 
Subject: Taria, Oh, Taria....
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 08:50:32 -0500

Sorry to take up space & time on the FWF, but I'm looking for Taria. I've
emailed your addy from your website a couple of times and it either bounces
back or gets lost in space. Would you contact me, please? I've been
rummaging around in your parts drawer.
Buckeye Bev
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2000 09:28:45 -0500
From: Mark & Linda Heminway 
Subject: The 1999 Featherweight Fanatics Challenge

I made a brief post a few days ago as a reminder to those of you who are
participating in the FWF Challenge, Bringing the Featherweight into the
New Millennium.  Your 35 mm photos are due to Sue T. by January 10th.
I did not see my other post appear, this post may actually be to late to
do any good, with the deadline so imminent.  My entry left yesterday,
via priority mail!  I was most relieved to get it in on time.  I'm a
typical procrastinator!
Linda Heminway
Kingston NH
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2000 09:36:15 -0500
From: R&P Anderson 
Subject: FW pattern

Hello feloow FW'ers....

I was on this list about 3 ? years ago and thought I'd come back and see
what's going on.  I got my FW221 about 3 years ago for $75 at a yard sale!
It's a Centennial model -- blue medallion.  It didn't have a case or
attachments, but everything else is there is it sew beautifully.

Last year, I began selling my quilting patterns off my website.  I have a
pattern "I Love My 221" (foundation paper pieced), thought you might take a
look.  I did all the sewing for the sample on my FW, of course........

Piecefully yours,
patchpieces: quilts & pieces by Patti R. Anderson
Website: http://www.patchpieces.com

Webmistress for West Virginia Quilters, Inc.: http://www.wvquilters.org

From: "Swanton, Nancy" 
Subject: Where's Jaime??
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 08:37:33 -0800 

Happy New Year Fellow Feathers!

Before Christmas I offered a copy of an Elna Grasshopper manual to Jaime.
In the meantime, I accidentally deleted the e-mail with mailing info.
Am really sorry about this and will happily copy the manual after I venture
into my clothes closet and find it. (My DH refuses to go in there, as it is 
a virtual hiding place for sewing machines.)  I have several FW's,
an Elna Supermatic, an Elna grasshopper, a 66 handcrank, and a 
Singer 99 stashed in there someplace....

Please send me your mailing addy again and I'll be happy to send the 
copy after the 15th of January....

Nancy in Malibu CA
My mind not only wanders, sometimes it leaves completely
From: Lkcover
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 16:12:57 EST
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 1/4/2000

Hi to my Fine Feathered Friends~  Just in case you are interested, the quilt 
that was made on the 6 FWs I took for the kids to sew on at Ripon Elementary 
School in California will be shown sometime during the airing of A&Es "The 
Crossing"  Monday night Jan. 10.  Don't know if they will show any of the 
video of the kids sewing or not. 
  Our local paper did a nice write up about the activity.  Linda Cover in 
Modesto, CA where WE NEED RAIN!!!  
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2000 17:58:19 -0500
From: Paul Scholten 
Subject: New finds!

Happy New Year, everybody!  Linda here.  Yesterday I went to a local
Goodwill store because I heard something Singer calling to me.  And I
found a maroon treasure chest buttonholer, complete, and a box of 301
attachments, both in great shape---for a total of $1.50!  Today I
decided to go back and see if the 301 might also be there (it wasn't),
then went on to a couple more thrift shops and Goodwills to fight off
the blues.  I heard a Singer calling to me at the second thrift shop I
went to, and went all over the store, trying to find it.  At last, there
it was---in the corner, not near any other electrical things.  A 185J in
green case for $20.  It came home with me, though I don't have any
manual with it---it otherwise seems to be complete.  It just looked so
doggone cute, and is my first green machine.  Sweetpea is her name.  Now
I'm up to 14 machines total---12 vintage Singers and 2 modern Berninas,
and this is the first machine that has told me its name!  I was going to
say "her" name, but for all I know some of my machines are males
I'm still trying to get my Improved Family machine a treadle cabinet,
and cleaning up a couple of my other finds from the fall.

I've been visualizing a 201, and from the back a 185J has a resemblance
to it.  Now if I can just get that image correctly in my mind...

Is the 185J a clunker (oh, please say no!), or is it a good stitcher
like other old Singer machines?

No matter what you say, it was worth $20 to me to bring a smile to my
face today!
Linda from Oxford, OH
From: "Sandra Atkinson" 
Subject: calendar
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 17:05:09 -0800

I ,too, ordered a calendar from Alex.  It is everything and more than I =
expected.  When I show it to people they are amazed at the pictures-so =
clear; stories; and over-all quality of it.  But heh we are quality =
I asked my DH to make a frame/shadowbox to protect the calendar on the =
wall. He said he was too busy until after Christmas.  So, much to my =
surprise I found it under the tree as a gift.  The wooden frame is a =
piece of wood measuring 13"X23" with it rounded at the top.  In the top =
area he cut out a sewing machine in relief.  The machine is a copy of my =
featherweight with "Singer" in gold on the front, a fly wheel on the end =
and a small nail for the needle.  Best of all it has a "small bobbin" =
that he whittled out of a square little block 1"X1"x1".  Then he wrapped =
red thread around it and put a bobbin pin (small nail) on the top to =
hold the bobbin.  It is a work of art and his great past time of =
Next project is to make a set of shelves for a small indent in my sewing =
room for my "collection" of old machines.  Three I have set up and use =
all the time, FW, 201 & 401A.  The others-66's, 99's, a handcrank & TS =
will go on the shelves for display.  The only thing I'm worried about is =
he'll know how many I have, but that's okay because he is the first to =
find them when we go to an antique shop. =20
Happy New Year to all--waiting the snow to start tonight as forecasted.
Sandra Atkinson in Ritzville, WA.

Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2000 17:14:03 -0800
From: Kathleen Scott 
Subject: No computer problems?

Is it possible that Intel and MicroSoft got together and decided that
everyone on the planet must analyze, upgrade, de-bug and buy more stuff
(from them!) to become Y2K "compliant".  Lots of  computer techies that
make LOTS more $$ than we do were real busy this year fixing the
problem. Just a thought! :-)
From: Lizcarr221
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 23:12:39 EST
Subject: model 15 clone

Hi I know of a model 15 clone looking for a home, free. The machine is in the 
Portland, Or. area please email me direct and I'll put you in touch with 
current owner. Liz


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