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January 2000

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Digest of postings from Saturday, January 8, 2000

Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2000 05:52:56 -0500
From: Mark & Linda Heminway 
Subject: Embroidery attachment for a FW

Does anyone have an embroidery attachment for a FW with cams?  A friend
has come across one and is going to stop by with it for me to see.  I've
not seen one before.  Does anyone, perchance, have a photo on a web site
of one, especially?
Linda Heminway
Kingston NH
From: "Bill Mitchell" 
Subject: Featherweight Case Won't Open
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2000 04:16:51 -0800


The case on your featherweight must have gotten some pressure during =
shipping and ever so slightly twisted the top on the lower half of the =
black case. That would make the lock refuse to flip open when you click =
the release. You might try, or strong arm husband try, to force =
manipulate the lid to square it up with the lower part of the case. =
Then, see if the lock will flip open.

Bill Mitchell in San Diego
From: "Anne Sturtevant / Write Now" 
Subject: FWF-Toy Machine
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2000 10:10:22 -0500
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I just got my first toy machine (let the games begin!). It is a Betsy =
Ross Miniature Sewing Machine (c. 1954). I am wondering if anyone has =
instructions for this little greenish handcrank machine. It has a needle =
in it, but I haven't investigated to see if it is standard or unique to =
the machine. If you have instructions to photocopy, please contact me. =
Thank you!

Anne in Michigan
Date:  8 Jan 00 17:01:39 EST
From: Nneka Egbuniwe 
Subject: best singer zigzag

I am ready to take the leap into Singer zigzags, but first I need some

Of the slant needle zigzag machines, what are the better ones in terms of
power, strength, versatilitiy, variety of features and available attachments,
and ease of maintenance. I know I don't want to deal with the plastic gears of
the T&S series, but I thought I read that some of the early ones were more
durable. I'm not so concerned with portability and probably would rather have
one in a simple cabinet/table.


From: "David Freedman" 
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2000 18:51:11 -0400

I just bought a Singer 99-13, is this a singer featherwight?
Is there anywhere to buy a replacement belt and for how much?
How much is the list/retail value of a Singer 99-13?

Natalia Pinto


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