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January 13 2000

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Digest of postings from Thursday, January 13, 2000

Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 02:20:02 -0500
From: Sharman Neel 
Subject: Quilt Contest

I know there are quilt contests that require you use only the
featherweights.  Where can I find out this information to enter these
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 08:09:08 -0600
From: Aaron LaLiberty 
Subject: Royal Ruby

Hi Fellow Feathers,

Been lurking out there enjoying the daily postings and learning a great
deal from all of you. Really enjoy this site.  I have need for some
info. on a recentlly acquired Royal Ruby tredle sewing machine.  I have
no info. on it and was wondering if anyone could direct me to someone
more knowledgeable in that area.  I did remember hearing about a Captain
Dick, from Tredledonia?  I can't seem to find him anywhere.  I know he
dealt with mostly tredle sewing machines.  Also, anyway I can bring back
the shine and beauty to this old machine?  It once was a beauty I'm sure
and can't wait to start cleaning her up.  She is sooooo dirty and smelly
I don't want to to do anything to ruin her.  She does need minor
repairs. the drawers are missing, but I see on E-Bay that they do have
some various parts including tredle drawers for sale.  May start there.
Had no idea that this bug would have bitten me a year ago or so.  Had no
clue to the fascination that sewing machines would bring to me..I am now
the proud owner of a F.W. 221, a singer 101, a 128, aTouch and Sew 750,
a 1972 Montgomery Ward and White Serger an Improved Steinway(btw if
anyone has any info. on that machine too it would help greatly ,have
come to a dead end on her..she is an old tredle too.) and now I have the
great Royal Ruby to bring to life!!!!I'm having so much fun with these

Much appreciative for any help from fellow sewing machine lovers!!

Sandy, in Beautiful snowy N.W. Wisconsin,,just had 5 inches of beautiful
From: "jp" trapperj
Subject: Green Machine
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 17:27:36 -0600

I purchased a machine today at an estate sale.  It is in a cabinet and a =
two tone green color.  The serial number has been covered by a sticker =
that says repossed machine.  I didn't removed the sticker, yet.  It is =
made in Canada and has Siminco and the number 33681 stamped in the metal =
in the bottom of the machine.

Anyone who knows what I have please shed some light on the subject.  I =
want to know if I got a deal at the price I paid.

Thank you, Rhonda Ponder

From: SWhita6apa
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 22:13:48 EST
Subject: Machine sightings 

I was in Hayes Sewing Machines in Wilmington, Delaware last Saturday and as I 
was waiting to be helped I noticed on the preowned for sale shelf a 503A, a 
black 221, and a tan 221. The address there is 3206 Concord Pike (Rt 202) and 
the phone number is (302) 764-9033.  I have used Hayes for a number of years. 
 It is a family owned business that has been running since 1938 and the Hayes 
family members are very knowledgeable.  They deal in most brands of machines 
and sergers as well as fabrics.  The store has a web page which is 

Six days later I go to my usual auction and a friend of mine tells me that he 
has  picked up a tan FW and will have it up for sale soon in his shop in 
Boyertown, PA.  (A to Z Furniture, 296 S. Reading Ave. ph (610) 367-2243).  
Can you imagine seeing two tan FWs in one week?  I haven't seen one except on 
eBay for about 3 years  and the only other 503A that I have ever seen I 
bought 2 years ago in VA.

Sewing items are thin on the ground here right now except for treadles and 
Necchis.  There is going to be a Singer sewing center (furniture not store) 
auctioned off next week where I usually go.  I have never seen one of these 

Selma in PA near Valley Forge where Washington camped that very cold winter.
From: Joyce1930
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 22:24:04 EST
Subject: 221 featherweights

Hi:  Just got my second featherweight - the first was in 1950, which I 
foolishly traded in when I bought another machine.  The one I just bought is 
in good condition, a 7 I would say.  The problem is with the musty odor from 
the case and tray.  Does anyone have any ideas about what can be done about 
it.  Have cleaned out the machine and gotten rid of all the old fuzz, etc. so 
that should take care of the actual sewing machine.  Have tried Febreze on 
the case with some luck; also, have been using dryer sheets inside the case, 
which also seems to be helping.  Do you have anyother ideas?  Thanks so much.

From: "Gloria Barnum" 
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 20:17:24 PST


I'm looking for a slide plate and a spool pin  for a 185K.  Anyone know what 
kind of bobbins this machine uses?




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