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January 18 2000

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Digest of postings from Tuesday, January 18, 2000

Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 11:17:26 -0500
From: "Chris P. Vagtborg" 
Subject: Post

Hi All...
>For Jacque in wet and windy Delaware.< who asked about a
handcranked FW - sorry Jacque, there ain't no such thing...
>For Kim Flores in Austin, Texas< who asked what value to assign her
white FW - my white FW machines start at $400... But are you sure you
want to sell your 37 year old FW that you've had since you were 12 yo?
Why not save it for a granddaughter or someone special to you?
>For Jean Rabe< who is in dire need of a throat plate for her FW 221 that=
has a small hole and covers the feed dogs - sounds like what you're looking
for a darning plate...
Chris on St. Simons Is., GA where it's partly cloudy and 65...
From: dflanagan
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 11:45:48 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Waiting..

I am sitting here anxiously awaiting delivery on 3 machines!  But first, to 
RENA, I am sure glad I am in Oregon and too far away for you to reach through 
cyberspace, I called the Hayes sewing shop after I saw the post and bought the 
503 over the phone.  I hope it's really in decent condition, the price was 
unbelievable!  Mr. Hayes said he would ship it to me today...should be here 
first of next week.  SORRY! He did tell me the tan FW was already gone when I 
called.  He said they do see about 40 FW a year.  I have more in my collection 
than the dealers out here see in a year!  And when I asked the two largest 
dealers in town about a 301 or 500, they both said "good luck" but I'll put you 
on our list!

Well I'll start working on my quilt to pass the time...hopefully my 301 from 
Glenn and the Model 20 off ebay will show up in the next few days...I know 
anticipation can be the best part!!! HA
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 22:28:04 -0500
From: Paul Scholten 
Subject: 201 machine in art deco cabinet

Hi, everybody!  Linda here.  I am now a believer in the visualization
thing---I've been visualizing a 201 machine for a while, and today I
found one.  It's in a blonde art deco cabinet, and the machine is
complete with manual, cord and attachments.  The outside of the cabinet
has definitely seen better days.  The machine itself seems to be in good
shape with great decals.  Price at the antique mall is $75.  If I could
figure out where on earth I could put it, I would have brought it home

But I wonder if I should just wait for a while.  The price is not
negotiable (unless I run across the vendor while he/she is restocking at
the antique mall, prices under $100 are non-negotiable).  The pitty-pat
factor is slightly there, and is growing for the cabinet too---those
curved wood drawers are so neat!  So I ask people of saner minds than I
at present (being obsessed with a 201)for an opinion.  Buy it or wait
for another 201?
Linda from Oxford, OH
From: "Jacqueline Burnom" 
Subject: Elna Elnita 225 Freearm
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 19:04:12 -0600

Greetings All, Haven't posted in a while, as Christmas was quite hectic =
and have since opened an antique shop. I recently picked up an Elna =
Elnita 225 freearm. I have no information (when they were made etc.) on =
this machine and no manual and no case. If anyone can tell me about it =
and has access to a manual, please let me know.
Sewlongago Antiques=20
From: Feathrwate
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 20:56:21 EST
Subject: missing names

I lost a few pieces of mail in an upgrade.  Will Rose and Lynn email me 
regarding their replacement manuals?
Also, a student in middle school who goes to the same church as we, is 
selling candy to earn money for a sewing machine for her home ec  class.  
They have only one sewing machine for the entire class!
Linda H in Carolina


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