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January 21 2000

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Digest of postings from Friday, January 21, 2000

From: "Kay DePriest" 
Subject: Re: Kenmore attachments
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 23:41:16 -0600

Elizabeth, I tried your e-mail, but it didn't go through.  If you 
haven't had a taker for your attachments, and if they are the kind that 
kind of clip on (lever at back of pressure foot bar), I'd love to have 
them (happy to pay postage).  My "new" machine is a Kenmore that I 
bought in 1978 (new then).  Doesn't seem like I've had it that long.  It 
is a GOOD machine.  When shopping for that machine, I had to find one 
that would patch and prolong the life of a construction worker's jeans, 
plus 2 teen age sons who worked in the hay fields. =20

I was all set to finally buy a Singer.  I took a jean leg with me.  Not 
one of the Singers that I looked at (that I could afford) would sew 
through the seams.  Off to Sears I went, not really expecting to find a 
machine there either.  Well, this Kenmore did the job and was not as 
expensive as the Singers.  I did a lot of patching and make a lot of my 
and my daughter's clothes on this machine.  Now it's used mostly for 
"fun" stuff, quilts, wall hangings, etc.  Never had it serviced but did 
replace the foot pedal once as the infant daughter pulled it off the 
table (machine is a portable) where I had put it "out of her reach".  
Didn't mean this to be an endorsement for Kenmores.  This must have 
still been in the "pre-plastic" era for machines and that is why they 
last so long. =20

Happy Sewing
Kay DePriest (who kept going out in 20 degree weather to watch the 
eclipse) here in KS

From: EAmstutz
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 08:36:05 EST
Subject: Darning plate

Good morning,

> >For Jean Rabe< who is in dire need of a throat plate for her FW 221 that
>  has a small hole and covers the feed dogs - sounds like what you're looking
>  for a darning plate...
>  Chris on St. Simons Is., GA where it's partly cloudy and 65...

Are these darning plates available?  The manual for my 66 Redeye illustrates 
its use and I thought it might be nice to have one for my 66-1.

Ellen in Sandusky, OH
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 09:16:48 -0600
From: Pamela Jablonsky 
Subject: To buy or not to buy?

> So I ask people of saner minds than I
> at present (being obsessed with a 201)for an opinion.  Buy it or wait
> for another 201?

Linda, Woody Allen said the only love that lasts is unrequited love --
it stays with you forever.  You don't want to lie awake at night the
rest of your life and mourn the loss of your lovely 201 in the blond
cabinet.  Grab it.

-- Pam in Milwaukee
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 13:23:53 -0500
Subject: 15-91 with Cabinet and Stool for sale
From: "Frank Totino, Jr." 

During an upgrade I lost some e-mail.   Would the person from East Tennessee
that wrote me and said she was interested in buying my 15-91 get back to me
again, I lost her e-mail address.  Thank you.

mairia (Gaelic for Marie)
From: mima
Subject: Singer 306 Manual
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 14:58:14 -0500


I just acquired a tan and a black Singer 306, both with no manuals.
Anybody out there have either an original or a copy they wish to sell?

Many thanks, Judy
From: KeGaR
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 21:35:31 EST
Subject: Free motion

Hi everyone,
Here's part of a message that appeared on the Free Motion Embroidery list 
that I subscribe to that I thought was very interesting.
Gail Richter

>>Marvelous thread on sewing machines.   Here is my contribution.  My super
special sewing machine is a 1962 Singer, model 400A, that does everything
any other mechanical machine can do of any age.  I keep it in original flat
bed cabinet - which is wonderful for FME.   The machine I take to class is
a 1961 Singer, Model 328K which is almost as good as the 400A.  I use a
free arm Singer, Model 1022, to mend and sew sleeves, pants legs, etc.  The
400A cost $425 in 10-62, equivalent to what, about $2000 today,  328K was
$18 at a thrift store plus $69 for a really terriffic Singer repairman,
only 20 miles from my house, to put it back in working order (with a one
year guarantee).  1022 was a gift from non-sewer who didn't know she was a
non-sewer until she got the machine.  Cost more to have it fixed at my
Singer repair shop because the motor had burnt out in it - and it hadn't
been used hardly at all.   

, my 400A has never needed major
surgery and it has been used constantly for the last - ohmagawd - 37 years!
  Would I buy a new Singer?  Nope, don't think they are up to the quality
of the old ones - and my old ones are proof of that statement.  The
relatively new one is one that burnt up its motor with little use.  <<
From: "Nancy J. Adams" 
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 21:00:55 -0600

I am a proud owner of 2 Featherweight sewing machines.  One very old and 
the other I bought new in 1969.  I would like to have any information on 
these machines.  I have the cases and everything that goes with the 
machines.   Thank you so much.  Nancy


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