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January 24 2000

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Digest of postings from Monday, January 24, 2000

Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000 22:35:48 -0800
From: Richard Utroske 
Subject: Re: FW Forsale 1/8/2000

I am looking for a slide plate for a 421G.  Can you help?  Eileen at
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 02:34:22 -0500
From: Jim Wilson 
Subject: ISMACS International Website additions

I have just added 8 new articles to the ISMACS International website.

Links to them can be found on the "What's New?" page -- Just follow the 
link from the main ISMACS International page.


P.S.:  Follow this link and find out how You can Get Paid to surf the web!

http://www.ismacs.net -- International Sewing Machine Collectors' Society
http://www.fairlaneacres.com --  '65 Fairlanes and Karting
http://www.concentric.net/~simanco -- Jim's Online Bookstore, Recipes and 
Sewing Machines -- a Barnes and Noble Affiliate Site
From: "Elsa Blanco" 
Subject: Old Singer Sewing Machine
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 08:11:58 -0800

Can you please help in obtaining the coil/wire that operates for a very 
old Singer Sewing Machine.


From: MMquilts
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 09:20:03 EST
Subject: Model 24

Hi Feathers:

    I am looking for information on the Model 24 Singer.  I just bought one 
but this one has a motor and light.  It is different from the pictures that I 
have found on ISMACS so I am not sure about the exact model #, like model 
24-?.  It is a very nice little machine however the deck has some dull areas 
in the paint, the decals are about 85% with a few small chips along the left 
edge.  I have to rewire this little doll then I will see how it sews.

    I am looking forward to any information you all can share!!!!

    Have a great day!

    Marsha  :-) in sunny, but brrrrrrrry cold 10+degrees F. Raymore, MO....
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 10:02:51 -0500
Subject: Sterling Silver Thimbles...
From: "Grandmel" birdm

OK...so laugh.  No class here..don't do fancy jewelry and things.  I own
like three real pieces of jewelry and Sterling Silver?  How on earth do you
tell if a thimble is sterling silver or not?


"Sooo Once again I reiterate....Life is Short, Eat Dessert First!  Then go
finish your UFO's.  ;^)"  attributed to the "Bomber CrazyQuilter"

From: NHHS48
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 10:03:20 EST
Subject: Domestic Brand Sewing Machine


I was referred to you by a gentleman in Florida.  I have a "Domestic" brand 
sewing machine circa 1973 model.  I am looking an owners manual.  I would be 
glad to pay anyone who has a copy for reproduction costs and mailing fees. 
Lori Hesterly
From: "Gloria  Everett" 
Subject: Sewing Machine for Class in Carolina
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 10:17:03 -0500

To Linda in Carolina,
Please send me your address so I may make a small contribution toward a =
sewing machine for the child's class - can't imagine how sewing can be =
learned without hands on participation.  Perhaps some of the other  =
feathers would like  to help with this project. We are all so blessed =
with our many machines it hurts to think of a class with only ONE =
machine for the entire class.=20
P.S.  I certainly do not need the candy - have found that if you feed =
the ugly little pounds they will stay and if you don't feed them they go =
away.  Sort of like a stray cat isn't it?
Gloria in Atlanta

From: AlexSussex
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 10:26:37 EST

Hi Everyone
I am sure you are all over Christmas, and if you are anything like me now 
only have to spend the next 4 months getting off the weight put on in a few 
days. I have been a little quite because we have all been hit by the flu bug 
here in England and it really knocked me out. My first week back at work was 
hectic trying to catch up on all my calls. a fisherman in Farlight, Steve, 
had been waiting since before Christmas for his big Singer 212G industrial 
twin needle machine that I set up for him. He makes and repairs boat 
tarpaulins and has been patiently waiting for me to find him a twin needle 
machine. I tracked one down at Graham Cresswells in Sherwood, Nottingham. 
Living on the southern most point of the country it was quite a trek up north 
to get the machine. I was not mugged by Robin Hood, and arrived safely after 
a few detours to visit family in Birmingham and friends near Cambridge. The 
machine could have been posted but I had to make sure it was exactly what I 
wanted before I bought it. Anyway it is now sewing hard earning a living for 

When we delivered the machine, my wife and I dropped the Singer off at the 
crack of dawn and asked Steve if he knew of a good cafe for breakfast, being 
a fisherman, he recommended the cafe that they all used down on Hastings 
seafront. it is an old hut that was used to dry out the fishing nets and has 
been converted to a small but quaint cafe. As we arrived on the beach the 
sign above the door said closed, I asked at the fish shop below and was told 
to just go in, Mavis only puts that on the door to keep people away. Well, 
she could use a week at some sales seminars. Anyway she knocked us up a 
wonderful fry up and we sat overlooking the coast. It was a rough overcast 
slate grey day with a strong South Westerly coming off the sea. The wind had 
churned up the English Channel and the tips of the waves were white and wild, 
seagulls were diving in and out of the furrows and teasing the fishermen with 
their cries. The talk in the cafe amongst the stranded fishermen was of the 
nets that had been left out at sea that no one could get to in this weather, 
they were all blaming the BBC as the weather forecast had been for a 
Northerly wind and a calming sea, (wrong as usual). The other sad talk was 
off the seven brave young men that had just lost their lives in the Irish sea 
going down with their boat. Although the life rafts had been found, no soul 
survived, a poignant reminder of the danger and hardships that the men face 
daily to earn a living. After a good feed and a chat we headed back home with 
a bag of fresh Cod for supper.

                                 TICKLE ME WITH A FEATHER
I met a wonderful old dear the other day that told me of her days in the 
sewing room when she relocated during the war. At the end of each week on 
Friday afternoon the whole sewing room would stop to clean and oil the sewing 
machines. Now oiling the machine is always a point of talk, just how much 
should one oil a sewing machine? well this is what she told me. After 
cleaning the machine they would take a feather, dip it in the sewing oil, 
shake it a little and then proceed to tickle the machine with it. This had 
the effect of putting a tiny but effective bit of oil around the moving parts 
of the sewing machine. If during the week the line manager would hear a noisy 
machine she would say, that needs another tickle with a feather. During all 
the years that she worked at the factory they never had one machine break 
down with bearing failure.

                                          MILLENNIUM CALENDAR UPDATE

Well, they have gone down so brilliantly it is better than I had ever hoped. 
Yes, there were a few spelling mistakes, but I have been told that adds 
character and that's the excuse I am sticking too (weak but I am grasping), 
after all it was only an amateur production. I am so glad that I did it, mad 
but glad. I have a few extra grey hairs and I do not expect they will ever 
find all of the printers bodies that I have hidden around the garden. We have 
sent calendars to all four corners of the Earth, from Central America, to 
Alaska, from Saudi Arabia to Africa. New Zealand to...... Oh I could go on, 
but it is starting to sound mushy. We never sold any to Russia or China, 
never mind. There was talk of other Millennium Calendars and I was told by a 
few people last year that they were coming out, has anybody seen or heard of 
any others? Is our one the only one, surely not? If it is it will be very 
nice for our small groups to have something special no one else has.
I only have a few calendars left and would ask that if you have already got a 
calendar please let the last few go to people that have not yet had one, 
rather than double up. If any of you have not had a calendar you can e-mail 
me with your details and I will post you one with an invoice. I am still 
posting them out so if you have sent me your details there will be one on its 
way to you. The post seems to take about two weeks to get to America, longer 
for some other places.
From: "Swanton, Nancy" 
Subject: Found a Winner!
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 08:26:20 -0800


A friend of mine "found" me a machine. Her mother's next door neighbor died
and the daughter was cleaning out the
house to get it ready to rent. There was a sewing machine in cabinet in one
of the bedrooms and my friend
immediately thought of me. When she described the centennial emblem on the
front, I told her "grab it!"

My DH drove down and picked it up on Saturday. I hit the jackpot! No, it's
not a FW, which I knew from the cabinet description,
but it is a 201K serial number EE687293 complete with cabinet, bench, a full
box of attachments, original owners manual in excellent condition, the
little oil can (sans top) an edger in a box and another boxed attachment,
can't remember which right now.

Also has a new lint brush still in the package with a price of 19 cents and
a couple packs of unopened needles with an 89 cent price tag. 

The only thing missing appears to be the spool pin. I haven't cleaned and
oiled her yet and "fired her up" but I plan to real soon!

Any one have an extra spool pin, or are these available at the local "sew &

By the way, the machine was free! My friend paid $25 for it and insisted it
was a belated birthday present!

Nancy, doing the happy dance in Malibu CA
Never be afraid to try something new. 
Remember amateurs built the ark - professionals built the Titanic.
From: dflanagan
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 12:37:52 -0500 (EST)
Subject: New machines

The model 20 arrived last week.  I oiled it, threaded it then loosened the 
tension a little and it sewed beautifully.  I can't believe something that 
simple and small could make such a nice, straight stitch.  It's Monday and I 
know the 301 will be a few more days, but maybe, maybe the 503 will make it 
today!  Not impatient am I?

I found a Singer this weekend for $32.  I think it was a 66-15.  Nice 
condition, attachments, buttonholer and a receipt that showed the "first 
payment" of $54.00 from 1956!  I didn't bring it home because when I turned the 
wheel it didn't move the needle freely. I don't know if I'm up to repairing it 
or not. It had the tan grasscloth and brown leather case.  I may take another 
look at it.  Patiently Waiting.....Darlene
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 11:55:12 -0600
From: Pat patbback
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 1/22/2000 digest

Hi Feathers,

Bill and all, Singer did not keep a record of the production of
featherweight tables.  I guess if you have found a featherweight machine
with it it might have given you an idea of the age.  Don't know if anyone
has "tracked" the tables with dates?  I've got three fw tables but
certainly would like to know the age of each.

Pat in cold Indiana

 "Bill Mitchell" mmitche1 wrote:
>Subject: Featherweight Shines Upon Me
>Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 16:00:21 -0800
>Hi-Ho Feathers,
>At about 10:00 A.M. today, I walked up to a garage sale in Point Loma
 today, the same town where I found the featherweight sewing machine
a couple months ago. With my one eye, I spotted a card table, which, at
first, appeared to have an uneven top, so I glanced away, and then looked
back, again. Wow, it was a sewing machine table. The top wasn't uneven at
all. It tricked my one eye, because it has a piece in the top of the table
to allow a sewing machine to be placed in it.
>Wow! Wow! Thought I. I asked the man, "How much is that card table?" His
wife corrected me by saying that it is a sewing machine table. I knew what
it is. The husband said, ""Ten dollars". I forced a thought for a minute
and said,  "How about five dollars". The husband said, "Five dollars ought
to do it". So, I pulled out a fiver and handed it to him and took the table
in hand. His wife commented to me as I was departing, "That was my
mother-in-laws sewing machine table, and I tried to get my husband to let
me keep it, but he didn't want it, so we sold it." She didn't know what
kind of sewing machine it goes with. When I got the table home, I opened up
one of my featherweight sewing machines and popped it right into the open
space, after removing the wooden piece. It fits, and I guess that I have a
featherweight card table. It has a number impressed into the wood u
underneath that is D524253. Is that a serial no. or a part number and is it
a Singer table? Anyone know? It has a nice fruitwood top and black painted
edges on the table. The legs are folding black iron. Very nice. Thank you,
>Bill Mitchell in Sunny San Diego
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 09:56:23 -0800
From: Cathy Kewnig
Subject: Re: So. Cal and the mention of rain

> Subject: So. Cal and the mention of rain
> Only people who live or have lived in Southern California can understand what
> a mixed reaction comes with the prediction of rain.

I don't know about you but up here in No Cal it's been raining since Saturday
night.  We've had about an inch and a half so far.  My poor critters are just
hating it!  And yes...the garage sale pickings were really slim this weekend.  
estate sale advertising a sewing machine.....all that was left when I got there
were some old patterns.....darn.

Send an ark up from So Cal for us!

in wet, muddy Tracy CA
From: "Woodenspools" 
Subject: Monday's afternoon Simply Quilts
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 22:35:16 -0500

I enjoyed the segment on the Quilter's getaway & the quick shots of quilters
with works-in-progress. Tho' *most* of the machines were BeanEaters, I spied
two black FWs and one white FW holding their own. :-)
And I've noticed Alex has updated her show set and rid herself :-(  of the
little Godzilla 128 that used to be in the background behind her.
Gee.....wonder what happened to it?
Bev M. on the Northcoast
From: "Bill & Betty McKinney" 
Subject: Cabinet
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 19:59:40 -0800

If you hear about plans for the cabinet, I would appreciate knowing.

Spoke.....no, begged, DH about it, and he said "perhaps".  Well, his
official retirement is the 31st, so we will see.....

Thanks a bunch,

Betty McK
Salem, Oregon


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