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January 30 2000

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Digest of postings from Sunday, January 30, 2000

From: "Chuck Rothlisberger" 
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 1/24/2000
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 00:48:43 -0500


Went to see "The Green Mile" a couple weeks ago - hadn't been to many movies

In the home scene, there was a sewing machine in profile in the background
of the home scene (was supposed to be 1935) that looked strangely like a
Singer.  Did anyone else notice?  Any guesses on the model?

Just Plain Chuck in Northern Virginia, where we just had the biggest snow
since 1996 with more on the way tomorrow.  Aren't we the lucky ones?
Chuck Rothlisberger
From: "Joannie Decker" 
Subject: New Member Probably
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 07:46:07 -0500


I have been watching ebay at the prices and styles of Featherweights and 
would like to know the difference between a 221, a 221-1, The Centennial 
model.  What should I be looking for and for around what price? 

What attachments?  Help, there are so many listed that I am not sure 
what is a good deal and what is not.  Is there a preferable year? 
Numerically I see all sorts of numbers and have looked at your year list 
and dates. 

Any help would be appreciated, also if someone on your list is selling a 
Featherweight and I can see pictures of it.  I am looking to buy pretty 
quickly, and will join your list as a result of it.

Joannie Decker
Joannie (Pronounced Joan--ee)
Joannie Decker (The Dolphin Lady)
The Quilt Conspiracy
Chelsea, ME
Gammill Classic '93

From: "Woodstock Sewing Centre" 
Subject: my two cents worth.
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 08:03:59 -0500

Dear fws; this is the long not heard from mikeh, this new year is has 
introduced a lot of changes for our family,  some good some not. My main 
refinsher for my treadles , ie my mother has survived open heart 
surgery. This is the good news, dont know when  or if , mom willl start 
refinishing treadles  again but she is already going nuts with nothing 
to do.=20

We have been working on the showroom with antique machines, and also 
just before xmas got a new mini van so when we go garage sailing and 
such we can bring home those treadles than would not  fit in the 

The dry spell with purchases has been rapant, with only a 1935 fw in 
cond 9 being coaxed out of the woodwork last week.=20

The 127 that i had too buy with the fw, was a piece of something, and 
the treadle was ghastly so i was much relieved that i was able to sell 
it an hour later without doing anything to someone to restore.=20

The situation where you have to buy something you dont want to get what 
you do want, isnt that not fun. The antique sewing machine game seams to 
(pun) slow down this time of year which is strange considering with this 
cold what else would you do outside.=20

Well we are hoping to post some new items in the next week on our web 
site which has not been updated in a long time, i will put notice on 
here when we show the new photos on our website mikeh


From: "Elaine Hooper" 
Subject: Help!
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 18:30:29 -0000

First of all my congratulations on your very informative website, I 
really enjoyed looking through it.

I have my late mother's Singer treadle sewing machine which she got in 
about 1940, but it was probably second-hand then.  The serial number is: 
Y2266166.  =20

I started searching on the web for Singer because I've just started to 
try to use this sewing machine and I'm having a problem.  Ideally I'd 
like to get hold of a manual (or copy) but I don't even know the model 
of the sewing machine.  I would be pleased if you could advise me how to 
find out the model type.

The problem I am having is with the tension, the top row of stitching is 
fine, but the underside is too loose, and despite fiddling with all the 
knobs (trial and error) I can't get an even tension.  Any suggestions 
would be appreciated.

Hope to hear from you,


Elaine Hooper

From: Sharon Reese 
Subject: looking for opinions
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 13:23:27 -0600

A few months ago, I gave up on buying clothes off the rack for my toddler. 
 She just doesn't fit into them (short legs and arms, large cloth-diaperd 
hips, long torso, small waist).  So I bought a serger, which I love, but I 
also need a sewing machine suited for garment making.  So if you don't sew 
clothes, you may want to skip to the next message in the digest. : )

First, I may have an opportunity to buy a used Bernina 1630.  If anyone has 
any experience with this model, I'd appreciate some input on whether you 
like it and/or what you don't like about it (in a private email, please).

Second, does anyone use a vintage freearm machine on a regular basis for 
sewing clothes?  (This is my tie in to vintages machine. )  The basic 
features I want are: freearm with flat bed conversion option, zigzag, 
really strong motor, availability of walking foot (whether vintage or new), 
fancy stitches (cams or built in), and reliability.  I like knits, so the 
machine would have to work well with knits (thus the walking foot).

I love vintage machines, but all the fancy features of the newer models are 
alluring.  But I'm also leary of whether these computer-run machines will 
still be running in 20+ years.  I know Berninas have a 5-year warranty on 
their circuit boards, but I wonder if they'll be stocking computer parts 
much longer than 5 years after the current model is retired (or am I being 

So any thoughts on vintage vs. new machines for sewing for children would 
be appreciated. Either privately  or on digest if you 
think it's something others would like to read.

Sharon in TX

P.S. My favorite machine is still my black longbed 301! : )
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 12:34:11 -0800
From: vpman
Subject: Millennium Calendar

Last week I received my copy of Alex's "Millennium Special Calendar" and
wish to suggest to any of you who have not yet ordered - Hurry Up!  It's
a lovely publication on fine quality paper which features color photos
of rare machines from Alex's collection as well as several of his
wonderful stories.  Each one is numbered from the limited edition of
750.  I'm sure these are destined to become collector's items, although
I am content to just enjoy mine hanging on the wall in the sewing room.

Thank you, Alex, for investing your time and talent to produce this
wonderful calendar for us to enjoy.  

(Need to contact Alex?   E-mail him at alexsussex)  

San Jose, CA
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 13:52:49 -0800
From: wilstjb 
Subject: 201 differences

Hi Feathers.  I'm here in So. Calif. waiting for rain also.
Just not a happening thing.  In response to Nancy's questions 
about 201 vs. 201K from what I can guess they are just very different
machines.  The 201's have the rounded old style look and the K's have
the angular newer style.  I don't have any of the k's so I am just
working from what I have seen in photos.  The k's would seem to have a
lot more in common style-wise with the 306's. I hope someone who has
both machines and is more knowledgable can
help out here. I'm curious now!  
Hapy Stitching!  Taria
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