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May 1996

Sunday, May 26th - Saturday, June 1st

Date: Sun, 26 May 1996 09:34:39 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: More Singer treasures

I added more to my Singer collection yesterday without even going to the
antique show I was planning to attend. There was an estate sale where I
spent $16 and got: a plastic bag with an oval Singer oil can and a dome
shaped oil can, a box with a buttonholer for slant needle zigzag sewing
machines (with manual and 20 cams), a "smooth and even feed sewing machine
foot for Singer slant needle machines" (with its manual), AND a box with a
Singer ball bearing hand operated pinker with its manual!! Wasn't that a
great deal?? I'm so happy to have all these, especially the pinker and the
price sure was right. These things sure do take up a lot less space than my
machines! Does anyone out there know if it's possible to get the strip
cutter and trimmer blade that's mentioned in the back of the manual for the
pinker? I'd sure like to have one of those! Somedays you get lucky and
yesterday was my day - sure glad I have some of those every once in a
while!! Sue M. 
Date: Sat, 25 May 1996 20:20:23 -0800
Subject: My new to me Singer

I just got a new (old) singer machine.  I believe it is a 66 made in 
around 1924.  It does not have reverse,but it has a top loading 
bobbin.  Serial # G0467090  The gold is almost perfect and it sews 
really nice.  I am very impressed. It did not come with a manual so if 
any one has an extra or a copy please email me and let me know how 
much.  thanks.
Date: Sun, 26 May 1996 07:12:15 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Singer Model 6268

Hello Linda,

My wife has a 6268 also.  She had a similar problem with her's.  She would
turn it on some times and it would sew ok.  Sometimes the needle position
would jump back and forth intermitently at what seem to be the oddest times.
Some time she would turn it on cold or be sewing good and the needle
position would oscillate back and forth at a fast past and you could not
stop it other than turing the machine off and back on.  Sometimes that would
not even do it, as soon as you turned it back on it would oscillate again.

Well, I took the top off of the machine looking for the problem.  I found
that if you look at the needle position feed back assembly you will see a
small plastic piece on top of the feedback pot.  This assembly attaches to a
large selenoid on its right and a arm that goes to the left and attaches to
the needle shaft.  This selenoid pulls the needle to the right when it is
needed and a spring pushes it back to the left as needed.  What I found was
that the small plastic piece on top of the feedback pot had cracked and had
come loose.  This in turn no longer provided any accurate information to the
computer control board about the needle position and it would "search" for
it's position and oscillate.  I tried to take it off and super glue it but
the cure didn't last for more than a few days under heavy use.  "My wife
quilts".  Singer would not sell the plastic piece by it self.  You had to
buy a assembly for about $110.00.  I was so mad, I could't see myself paying
that much for another piece of plastic so I just put the machine aside and
bought her a new Viking #1.  I still have the machine and am trying to find
a local machinest to make me a replacement piece out of metal.  I think I
have found some one but right now we are having difficulties getting
together.  He's a retired man who travels alot.  As soon as I can get the
piece made, I will fix this machine and let me daughters have it or my wife
my use it for her machine she uses when she takes classes.  She also has a
featherweight to use for classes.

Well, I hope this helps you.  If you get a chance look under the tray on top
of the machine and you will see the assembly.  Look close and see if the
little plastic arm on top of the small pot. is cracked or loose.

Good luck and have a good day....David   (:D
Date: Sun, 26 May 1996 17:33:19 -0400
Subject: B. (or R.) Eldredge Automatic

Hi!  This is 'Sherrie G'.  I just went down in the basement and dug out an
old treadle she bought several years ago , to see what it was, and it also
is a B. (I thought it said R) Eldredge. The side of the sewing surface ,
beside the needle, says ' Manufactured by National Sewing Machine Co. ,
Belvidere Il.. and New York.  It has a medallion embossed in the front
which has "R. Eldredge Automatic" imprinted. It is in a beautiful curved
treadle cabinet, with a butterfly/foot shaped pedal.  When you open the top
of the cabinet, a chain pulls the machine up automatically.  The machine is
one of the 'C' shaped ones , and works nicely, but doesn't have the belt
attached, so I haven't used the pedal.  No patents listed on the machine
that I can find, and the cabinet was refinished, so no lovely 'junk' in the
drawers!  The machine is on a pedestal base inset into the cabinet surface.

So, Doreen, do you have the same machine?  What do we have?

Subject: Ornery 6268's
Date: Sun, 26 May 1996 17:05:12 -0500

For Linda with the half stitch width 6268 --
I have one of these expensive monsters myself and have only had that 
half stitch problem when it was in double needle setting, and you have 
checked all that out.

I bought mine when I lived in Charleston SC at the SoFro/House of 
Fabrics who
was the authorized Singer dealer.  I also bought a 3 year maintenance 
agreement for it.  Before the 3 years was up, I moved to East Texas and 
had a House of Fabrics nearby.  Just before the maintenance agreement 
expired we moved from town out to a place in the country, and the 6268 
(which I am not sure is a she) started sewing like a car with a balky 
carburetor.  AT first I thought it might be the power supply out here, 
but decided I best sent it20
off for service.  HOF sent it to the Singer plant in Dallas who kept it 
6 or 8 weeks waiting for a new speed control circuit board to come from 
Italy!  When it came back it behaved a little while and then reverted to 
its hateful practice (after my maintenance agreement was up) and now I 
just put up with it.  Guess that is why it sits on the back of my desk 
with the Featherweight up front for regular use.  My 920 Futura II works 
fine and dandy and I may drag it back out.  When the 6268 runs 
cartridges it works fine!  Go figure!  But I really wish I had broken my 
"Singer only" vow and bought something else.

Haven't contributed a thing to your problem, Linda, but I feel better!!

Date: Mon, 27 May 96 09:34:31 -0700
Subject: Singer 185K Made in Great Britain

In my travels "junking" yesterday (as my friend and I call it) I ran 
across a green 185K Made in Great Britain in good condition (8, maybe 9) 
in the cabinet with all but a few ripped out pages of the manual 
and all attachments.  The price of the machine made it of course 

Being only a featherweight fanatic ( I have 2 that were passed down by 
family in 9 and 10 condition) I am not familiar with 185's and based on 
the condition of the machine assume that it is a 60's machine??????  I 
was trying to find the serial number on the machine without success and 
also trying to find the info/listing on various Singer models, years of 
manufacture, etc. also without much success.

Can anyone direct me to info on this machine???

PS:  I also ran accross and old store needle and shuttle storage tin with 
loads of wooden needle cases inside.  It was a relatively uniqe piece, 
about 18" in diameter and obviously quite old (and expensive).

Thanks to anyone who can help me with info on the 185.
Date: Tue, 28 May 1996 08:53:09 -0400
Subject: Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday and my youngest son (the lucky one in the family) game
me a Spartan.  He found this at a garage sale for $5.00.  He went there to
buy little boys clothes which were advertised and the lady threw in two
shirts if he would buy the machine.  

The serial number is EP095977.  If anyone has any info I would be glad to
have it.  I am having trouble with threading it and the with the tension.
Otherwise it is in good condition and has a case.

Mary Jo
Date: 28 May 1996 13:14:54 +0000
Subject: Stuff

To Bobbie:

where does one procure this Wonderous Howard's Oil/Wax?  I live in New 
Jersey....please advise...my mom wants to know if it's anything like Carnuba 
(I think that's what she said).

To Any One:

Sometimes, I'm able to click on the blue BDY.text clip of a tablet, and Lo 
and Behold, there is text there.  Not very often, but it made me worry so I 
went back to old messages and clicked them....it was only one or two that 
contained text, but how would I know when they do and when they don't?  I 
certainly do not want to miss a single word of FWF text...


I would like to peruse this tome also.  Please advise as to author and 
publisher...apparently, I wasn't awake if this was mentioned before....it 
sound like a must have...

Does anyone know (Graham?) anything about the Bond SMachine? Perchance, a 
manual is out there somewhere I could get a copy of?  Attachments? 
 Anything?  (SN #19171) The portable case it came in is so ugly I had 
forgotten about it.  I have one, I forgot I had it, until this weekend when 
I was working very diligently to rearrange all my tons of stuff and SM's, 
fabric, quiltting paraphenalia, Old Books, Collectibles of many sorts, etc., 
 so I can incorporate my mom's SM's, Fabric, and Stuff.   was constantly 
worrying my DH would come down the stairs to check on me and it made me 
extremely paranoid and weird in my actions as I tugged and pulled and lifted 
and covered my SMs....anyway, I opened it (the Bond) to show my mom...it 
looks just like a Singer and is between 9 and 9 1/2...the black is perfect 
and so is the gold--has no accessories tho', unless they are underneath  the 
head(I didn't think of looking til now!).  I will have to get it out (if I 
can get to it considering how well it's hidden) and see if it compares to 
one of the Singers....so if anyone has any sage comments, I would appreciate 
it.  I did look it up one in Grace's book, but can't remember what it 
said....it's funny, someone I know and couldn't really stand gave it to me 
because she didn't sew, and was moving to Virginia.   Said it was her 
GrandFathers and he adored it and she wanted to give it to someone would 
appreciate it...so she gave it to me!

Stripping The Case:

Someone posed the question if it's a big deal to strip off the cloth and 
refinish the case if it's wood, and if it would lessen the value?  I would 
only do it if the case was s disaster and then I think it would certainly be 
enhanced....any other thoughts on this?  Also, I have a picture of the 
Mal-Mini with the case (from the dealer in Princeton) from a few years ago 
when I was down there.  I think I would like to pursue this and see if the 
cases are available.  They look good, even if the machines are no good.  I 
also have a picture from Singer of the (????!@$%#) FeatherWeight in White 
PLASTIC!  Has anyone out there actually ever gotten one of these and have 
they sewed on said thing?  I'm curious about All &Every FW, no matter 
how....unusual.  I would like to hear if there is anyone who could respond.

To Sharon D 

Good Luck &Congratulations on your wonderful find.  It just reaffirms my 
decision to keep pounding the bushes for those little darlings.  You didn't 
mention getting the manual with your FW, so if you don't have one, you can 
either get a copy of Nancy Sbero-Johnsons little Black book for about $7.00 
in most quilt stores.  I would send you a copy of the manual if you e-mail 
me back, if you need one....just let me know...I'm so happy for you!  (a 
teeny jealous, too).  I have a "twin" of yours, "born" the same day (AL 
201743)!  So I feel an affinity for you and your purchase.  Would you let me 
know your serial number?  I'm curious to see how close they are...BTW, when 
is the New Baby due?  Good luck...if a girl, maybe you could name her 
Heather since it rhymes with FEATHER!  Just kidding, but it is a nice 
name...I will check out your home page....

Re Walking FEET:

My Bernina one from my 1230, hopefully will work on my 1630 (my dealer said 
so).  If it doesn't the new one costs $75!!!!!  That's more than some of my 
FWs cost!

Re the Crazy Price Escalation:

When I see an FW I want, I make an offer, done delicately and hopefully, 
with finesse.  My top price was $180 and that was only because a dealer I 
know went to an auction and and got one and called me.  It had all the 
attachments, repair records for 20+ years, some extra goodies, a manul for a 
301 (that I don't have yet!)...I felt it was fair, and this was a negotiated 
prices.  After all, I had been lucky enough to get one a few months before, 
due to him.  He was a dealer doing an estate sale in my town of Union, NJ 
for the owners who lived in Minnesota and were in for a few days to clear 
out the house.  I was cruising through the house looking avidly for that 
ubiquitous little black box, poking here and there.  Tons of stuff...I was 
accumulating an armful on the way.  Finally, I went up the attic, where it 
was about 120, it seemed.  On the right, was a whole pile of stuff covered 
and surrounded by tape.  I asked the cute guy (in charge) what that 
was....he said it's stuff the family is taking with them to Minnesota.....I 
said "oh" and looked around the rest of the attic, after making some 
chit-chat with him.  (He was VERY cute!)  As I started down the stairs, the 
edge of something under the tarp caught my eye(s).  I clutched my heart and 
I stopped and immediately started to dig in the Forbidden Zone.  He (Don, I 
found out) yelled out to me:  "Don't touch that stuff!  That's the 
family's!"  I said, don't worry, I'm 'just looking!'  I looked and my heart 
stopped.  It was, indeed, a Perfect 221!  I caressed it, and closed it up. 
 I asked him if there were any other SMs in the house.  He described one in 
the basement so I hot footed it down there.  I looked everywhere, dust and 
yuk abounded, I sneezed profusely, but no SM.  Dejected, I walked slowly up 
the stairs, ready to depart with my meager finds.

Lo &Behold!  Don was coming down the attic stairs (realizing he had a hot 
customer on his hands, he approached the owners, and they! agreed to sell it 
to me for $250.00.  I was shaking, but I sat down on the living room floor, 
plugged it, and tried to run it on the scrap of cloth they provided. 
 Wouldn't go!  I looked at the bobbin, re-threaded it, and it still wouldn't 
sew!...so I offered them $125 even tho' it didn't work.  I had a feeling it 
would be fairly simple to fix.  At that time, I wasn't as astute, 
mechanically speaking, as I am now.  But it was still a wise decision.  They 
accepted the offer, I took it to my Singer Dealer and they charged me about 
$50 to get it restored to a vibrant good health.  Sews like a little dynamo! 
 I now know to take the bobbin assembly apart to clean and how to 
re-assemble.  This was the problem, and this is how I got my Centennial 
Model for $15 that the guy wanted $40 for but wouldn't sew...so he said he 
would take $15 for it, and I, of course, not being a fool, put that cash 
FAST into his hand!  And went home....this one actually had a broken foot 
pedal, but I thought it was the bobbin. It cost me about $7.50 to fix 
and...happiness personified.

So the point I am trying to make in this little tale is that you CAN find 
FWs for a reasonable price, if you are just diligent and keep looking.  I 
know that there are many, many great and beautiful machines out there for 
$$$$, but I want to get the HARD way, I guess......

I'm still trying to figure out what my sister told me about her FW.  She 
said her father-in-law gave her a FeatherWeight in 1969, when she married 
his son, and it was brand new, in the box....it was black, not white.  So I 
wonder what the Serial # was?  Unfortunately, she doesn't have it, having 
traded it in on an Industrial model, since she does custom leather garments 
&bags and the FW wasn't up to it.

To Regina S 

I have two AKs:  one is 417805 (05/10/51) and the other is AK 614189 
(10/31/51) according to Singer...

Hi Debbi 

Yes, I certainly remember you.  One of these days, when I'm out crusing (not 
too often these days, with work and unpacking, rearranging, quilting, 
cleaning, cooking...and, oh yes, a full-time 40 hour a week job!) but, when 
I can, I'll stop in...I never could pass up a quilt store, that's for sure, 
and besides the Elna I gave my mom has a problem.  So after I look at it and 
if I can't solve it, I'll bring it to you for a look...I think its the Elna 
68...if I remember...I bought it about 1981..it's a lovely machine.

To Rosemary:

About the lady in the Quilting Shop who said you couldn't bring in 
Julie...tell her to Get A Life...I'm not sure where you posted from, but if 
from US, tell her this IS America,  A Free Country!  Geez!  What a Grouch! 
 I bring mine to classes...sure beats lugging the big one which is 
computerized and I hate to drag it around with all the paraphenalia, it adds 
up to Heavy Weight, definitely NOT FW, which is (only) one of the reasons we 
have the little darlin's in the 1st Place!!!  There!  She sounds like a Nice 
(not) person to work for.....charging you $30 for a photocopy when you are 
working for her.  She should have GIVEN it to you....I certainly would 

To Carol C 

What is the 9W family?  I seem to have missed out on this one...please 

To Graham:

I must give you A+ credit...it was very tongue in cheek of me when I 
recommended Eureka Springs to you, but I felt instinctly it was YOUR KINDA 
PLACE....Branson...well, I haven't been and certainly won't be going.....I 
agree with what Maggie calls it....not for me!  One of my dreams (being an 
Anglophile of sorts--Medieval mostly) is to go to London.............my 
sister, Maggie, did recently, and of course, flipped......you and Your 
Maggie are so lucky to be able to live day in and day out in such a 
wonderful place!  I'm extremely jealous!

To Sandy W , Re:  Simichrome Polish:

I bought some of this stuff when I got my Brass Headboard and need 
more....the store is long gone, and I don't know where to get it unless I 
make it "my life's work."  I'm hoping you can give me a name/address?  I 
live in New Jersey where we had to turn on the heat yesterday because my mom 
is freezing having just moved in with us from Florida....my DH likes it warm 
too, so he will benefit from having mom with us.  I always fight with him 
over heat/cool.  I'm outnumbered now for sure!

Toodles til the next time...must get a Ton of Work Done....don't know when 
this will go out, as I assume Sue is out of town for awhile...again, 
accolades to Sue for her dedication and caring with the FWF...makes a lot of 
Very Happy People, Me definitely included!  And my mom!
Date: Tue, 28 May 1996 09:57:22 -0700
Subject: Singer Machine value

I called Singer at the 800 number listed on your web page and found about 
my machine.

I have a Model 66, made on March 18, 1940.  Can you offer any references 
or information on value?  I have not been able to find any other 
information on-line about machines just yet.

Thank you,

Date: Tue, 28 May 1996 12:35:47 -0400
Subject: White

Hi All

I was just given a White Sewing machine, and i was wondering if anyone 
can help me identify it? The numbers are FR 2834791. I'am going to put 
it in a quilt show in 2 weeks hoping to have some info to display with 

Thank You Sharon
Date:          Tue, 28 May 1996 11:02:58 +0000
Subject:       model 99-k

I finally have a story to tell.  I love reading everyone's 
experiences in their neverending hunt for FWs.

My husband took a road trip to N Dakota this past weekend and he had 
strict instructions to check as many junk barns, etc that he was able 
to stop at along the way.  He call me Sat and said he had found a 
featherweight.  ( I wasn't home, msg on machine)  Couldn't wait for 
him to bring it home.  Well it wasn't a FW but a love Model 99-k in  
a wonderful rounded top wooden case.  Case in excellent shape, 
machine in excellent shape.  Had book, several different feet and a 
ruffler I think.  Anyway I was still thrilled!  Still looking for 
that FW!
Date: Tue, 28 May 1996 14:25:18 -0500
Subject: PA230435

Dear Krisi,

My mother is the quilter and my dad is a scavenger. She told him to go seek 
these machines and boy, He's driving us CRAZY.... He's done a great job of 
restoring and repairing the featherweights. 

The number PA230435 is correct on the machine. Dad double checked the 
serial number. The featherweight has a UK stamp also so this might explain 
the odd number. Can you determine if his eyes are going bad or if the 
machine came from the plant in Kilbowie, Scotland? 

This link to Scotland would be of interest to my mother, myself and my 
brother. My mother is of the Clan McMillin out of Kilmorie, Scotland and we  
travel to see the Highland Games often. She would be pleased to have yet 
another "thread to her native country". to her native country".

I will go behind Dad and make sure that the PA number is correct and notify 
you if it is incorrect.

Thanks for you helpfulness.
Date: 28 May 96 15:24:38 EDT
Subject: Contribution 30

True story number thirty

Now I've told you about The Rat before.
You remember,Maggie, the SO's Norwich Terrier that thinks it's a Rotweiler.
The Rat has seen it all, done it all and if dogs bought Tee shirts he have a
In Winter the Rat has a choice at outdoor antique markets. He can sit in the
relative warmth of the car or he can stand in inch-thick snow ready and willing
to launch into devcon five if Maggie gives the command (she hasn't yet, but he
lives in hopes).
When it rains he just stands there looking far wetter than he is and soaks up
the water and the fussing of every passing customer. When the coat becomes over
waterlogged he shakes and (I promise you he wasn't specially trained) always
seems to do so in close proximity to a French tourist. That's my boy!
So there we have it. A rough, tough dog with a capital D.
Then came the Dutch Tourist.
It was May, temperature in the 50s and surprisingly, not actually raining.
Maggie was doing her best to  convince a Canadian that of course he could take 
treadle sewing machine back as hand baggage, when she was tapped on the 
by the Dutch Tourist.
"Have you been seeing your dog please"? said the DT.
"Huh?" Replied Maggie in her best London Tourist Office mode.
The DT expanded a little. "Your dog is being too small for colder weather. You
must take him in hot room now or he die"
Pausing only to rapidly work out the conversion rate from Canadian dollars to
pounds sterling, Maggie explained to DT that Dizzy was built to survive the
bleak Norfolk moors and was bred from stock that hunted in all weathers.
DT was not impressed. "You take home and give hot bathing now or I call many
Maggie has a breaking point. This was it.
She didn't tell me the words she used but I've had reports from other dealers
who were there, who tell me that many were fairly short and truely
That night in one of her long e-mails to ISMACS representative Brenda Dean in
Australia, Maggie told the story of her run in with the ISACPL (International,
Self Appointed, Canine Protection League).
Brenda, sensing that Maggie was going to be fuming for days, defused the
situation with a little Internet humour
She sent the following poem:

Escuse me, Madame. Don't get in a tizzy,
I'm a well-loved dog and my name is Dizzy.
I have a fur coat to keep out the rain--
So just "bugger off: you're becoming a pain.

To any of you visiting London this year don't miss Portabello Road Antique
market. Call and see Maggie and say hello to the Rat -- he'll be there, rain or

Graham F
Date: Tue, 28 May 96 16:16:14 -0700
Subject: (no subject)=

Can I Join?

Received a 221-1 Featherweight machine last night as a gift!! Free!  I 
would rate the condition as 9 1/2.  There is one slight scratch where the 
clamp in the bottom of the case held the machine in tight.  Even the 
light still works, even have the keys.  I am thrilled.  I am trying to 
find out what year it is, it is not listed in the book that I recently 
bought for my Mothers machine.  She bought hers from a door-to-door 
salesman when I was 1 year old.  My dad came home and lent her manual to 
her neighbour without her permission and she took it with her when she 
moved.  My Mom has not had a manual for her machine for over 42 years! 
She has even used her FW to make my wedding dress, and sewed a fringe 
onto a heavy living room carpet!  It has NEVER needed a repair.  This was 
more exciting than having a child!!  It took longer (been looking for two 
years) and it will never talk back to me!!

Sue C
Date: Tue, 28 May 1996 15:58:22 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: A new Machine and a couple of questions

Hi all!  This weekend was really exciting for me, although I didn't find 
that elusive FW for $10 I did find another 128!!  I was waiting for my 
boyfriend to arrive in town and I walked past an antique store and there 
in the window was a dingy singer!  It's the first one I've seen with the 
red and gold scrollwork.  It's really beaten up and of course I couldn't 
see the price tag though the window (I could see it hanging on the 
cover...) So I ended up rushing back there at lunchtime the next day 
thinking that it would be over $100 and it was only $35!!!!  And believe 
it or not my boyfriend actually bought it for me!!!  He tells me that I 
shouldn't let this hobby get out of hand and then he encourages me!!  
Amazing.  And the best part is it has a knee bar that fits my 99 so now I 
can actually use it!! 

I have a couple of questions on my machines, if anyone knows the answers...
I discovered on the 99 that the throat plate (that part that covers the 
bobbin) falls out when the machine is tipped.  Is this normal?  I always 
thought that this area was dove tailed so they don't fall out, so you 
have to slid them.  Did someone just stick a forigen thoat plate on my 

I've also seen some references to japanned work, is that the gold (etc.) 
scroll work that you find on most of the machines?

And as I'm starting to clean up these machines, any recommendations on 
what works?  The new 128 I just got has some rust on it, any ideas?

Date: Tue, 28 May 1996 20:55:26 -0400
Subject: Vintage Singers

Have 4 Singer machines for sale. #5 condition.1902,1903, 1929,  ?
Please forward to anyone in your club who may be interested. Thanks for the
informative reading. 
Date: Tue, 28 May 1996 21:48:01 -0700
Subject: I got Mail from across the Pond, today

Well, I got the pkg. of text that Graham sent, in today's mail......It had 
all this printed tape
all over it, that read 'INSPECTED'...AND BOY oh boy, could you see, they 
opened and 
"inspected" the contents.

BTW, Graham....I'm missing Page 52!

I will price out the cost for a copy of the entire packet, then take it to 
the post office, to see
if it will fall under the 2 lb. limit for priority mail.....Looks [so far]  
as though I can get everyone
a copy [in the USA, that is] for under $10.....but don't all JUMP yet...let 
me see what the 
copy comes out like, how much it weighs, and if it can go for the Priority 
Mail rate.

What everyone who wants a copy, can do NOW, is to send me pvt. e-mail...and 
is how I would like you to do this, to avoid me missing anyone's request.

In Subject Line, please type:  MANUAL REQUEST
and then in the body, ONLY, Name, Snailmail Address, and please be sure to 
include your zip code.

I will need to put a cut-off date for this first time around, cause the 
final cost will depend on 
how many sets I run the first time....you know.....the more sets, the less 
per set, and all that
great marketing gobbly-de-goop.

 I will have a FINAL cost for you by the weekend.  

Let's make the cut-off for requests for the first round of sets June  8th!  
At Midnite, on June 8th, I will then get a total of how  many sets have been 
requested, get them copied, and mailed.

I would really like to have payment as soon as possible, so I don't have to 
lay out a lot
of $$ and then have to wait for it.

So....get your "I Want" msg. to me and we'll get this rolling.

And Graham, please forwd. me a good, clean copy of pg.52! [thanks]

Take care everyone....talkatcha all later.
Date: Wed, 29 May 1996 09:09:44 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Monarch Machine

Visited my sister-in-law in Texas last week and she has a light blue
metallic colored machine with the name "Monarch" in gold on it.  Motor/belt
is outside
the machine...bigger than a FW.  Case is cardboard-like with two tone brown
&tan covering.  Does anyone know anything about the Monarch?  Would love to
learn more.

Also, my mom found the buttonholer for the model 15-91 she gave
me...absolutely never used with instructions and all in green plastic case.
Love it.

Subject: I found a treasure
Date: Wed, 29 May 1996 13:14:17 -0400

Last spring (95) I went to a flea mkt. and spotted this old black sm.  
This was long before I knew about FWF.  At the time I was into 
refinishing old furniture and this was a novice's challenge.  I wasn't 
interested in the machine as much as the cabinet which was filthy.  The 
style caught my eye - It looked like cherry or maple with a burled 
veneer top and cambriole legs.  A front drawer lowered and it has a flip 
top.  It also look as though someone had used it as a plant stand.  The 
challenge was to see if I could get this cabinet back to its original 
shape so I bought it along with the chair, attachments and book for 
$35.00.  Well, I worked on this piece of furniture for many weeks and 
found that thw sm worked well but needed a good cleaning.  The machine 
has been in my LR since then - the cabinet is beautiful.  Since I'm a 
real newbie I just  subscribed to FWF and have enjoyed the letters.  I 
finally called Singer last week to identify my machine.  It was born on 
June 17, l936 - what a thrill.  The Singer rep. told me it is a 20l FW.  
I thought FWs did not come in cabinets so I would like to hear from  any 
Fanatics  who can fill me in on this history.  I have my treasure opened 
now and every time I walk by I blow it a kiss.  Lois W
Date: Wed, 29 May 1996 14:25:56 -0400
Subject: ZigZagger

Someone recently asked about zigzaggers.  I found one about two weeks ago in
a local thrift shop.  It's exactly what I remembered being advertisd when I
was a kid, but it seems to be a different model from the ones mentioned here
in FWF.

Mine is Singer part number 160985.  It comes with four cams for different
zigzag stitches.  It also came with three other cam sets (Sets 2, 3, and 4),
part number 161008. The manual says it is for Singer Sewing Machines Classes
15, 201, 221, and 1200.  The manual was copyrighted in 1955.  The best part
is that IT WORKS with my Featherweight.  What fun!
Date: Wed, 29 May 1996 13:13:04 -0500
Subject: old sewing machines

  I had posted to rec.antiques that my wife just picked up an antique
treadle-type sewing machine that was her grandmother's.  Linda was good
enough to pass on to me this email address.  Is this group a mailing-list
that I have to subscribe to, or how does this address work?  Thanks to
any who can let me know.

  Anyway, the sewing machine is a Minnesota brand.  It looks pretty 
good. The gold decal is chipped in a few places, but the cabinet looks
good and is all there.  The one thing I am not sure about is the
flywheel/pulley on the sewing machine.  It looks like it might have 
been swapped with a pulley off of another machine in that the pulley
is about 0.5" off from lining up with the treadle, and that makes the
belt rub on the wood cabinet.  Can anybody help me identify this model,
point me towards a source for parts, or just discuss the thing in
general?  My wife might want to refinish the wood cabinet, and I'd like
to make sure the thing works properly.  I can look over the unit for
any model numbers, patent numbers, or identifying features if that would


Richard P
Subject: Great news!
Date: Wed, 29 May 1996 23:01:45 -0600

Hi Gail - I went to look at the Royal today - made in Japan, looked 
exactly like whatever the model is that's real heavy, and in a short 
fixed base with the case that sets down over the top.  Anyway I didn't 
buy it.

The great part is, I got a call a little while ago from a man with a 221 
to sell, he said, hasn't been used in years.  Bring it over, I said!  He 
wanted $50 for it, which I willingly paid.  It's an AD with case, 
accessories, manual and two screwdrivers, and I would say it's a 7 on 
the scale, - but it was "seized up" and wouldn't turn - the motor tried 
to go.  I oiled it everywhere; I suspect that it has a thread jam behind 
the bobbin area, as I can see the tail end, but the screw is about at 
7:00 and  after I remove it, I can't get out the guts.  What to 
do???????  AHA!  It must have soaked long enough to loosen up, as it 
will turn now - I put it back together and it sews beautifully.  I'm 
excited as you can tell; it's the first one I've found myself - my other 
two were gifts.  Just had to tell somebody - no one else here is too 
impressed with me paying $ for a "broken sewing machine"   (-:        
Date: Thu, 30 May 1996 18:56:34 -0400
Subject: Graham's machine photos

Did I miss something?  Has anything been said about how submit a request to
Bobbie Kopf for Graham's machine photos?  I am waiting like a race horse in
the starting gate for the go-ahead.  Sure missed FWF but certainly know that
family takes priority.  Thanks always to Sue for a wonderful escape!  --Mari
near San Francisco where I purchased Glenda Thomas' wonderful book "Toy and
Miniature Sewing Machines."  Just what we need as a guide only for the real
Date: Thu, 30 May 96 19:35:14 0000
Subject: (no subject)

are there accessories for the featherweight, like walking feet, free 
motion quilting enablers's etc?
Date: Thu, 30 May 1996 23:19:26 -0400
Subject: basic help with old Singer treddle

Have inherited old singer treddle machine How do you attach the rawhide that
goes from the treddle to the turning wheel?
Date: Thu, 30 May 1996 23:52:00 -0400
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics

Today I saw a Morse machine, beautiful condition, HOT PINK metallic color.
The manual says 1955.  It has a case and some attachments. I didn't check it
out because I didn't want to love it, but if it runs, one of us should get
it. It is really nifty-keen if you're a child of the fifties. It's out of the
question for me because my FWs have already overrun my little condo. Price,
$50.00 plus shipping. It's so cute that I'd really like to play with it, so
if anyone is interested let me know and I'll go in with some fabric and check
her out.
      The dealer with the Elna #1 is still offering it for sale. If I
remember correctly, he wants $150.00. E-mail if interested and I'll put you
in touch with him directly.
Date: Fri, 31 May 1996 00:52:53 -0400
Subject: Offline, for the most part

Howdy, friends. I have been at Cape Cod for 2 weeks and have been offline
the whole time due to (a) the old modem I took with me is not supported on
my daughter's laptop and (b) the new modem I bought is supposed to be
supported but have not been successful as of yet!  I am home for a day, off
to Greensburg PA for a college reunion, them back in CT for a day and back
to Cape Cod.  So I will try to catch up with all my mail during these days
and hope to get online at the Cape soon!!

Now I am wishing for a laptop of my own to carry with me whereever I travel!
Date: Fri, 31 May 1996 10:59:09 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Withdrawal &Finds

Hello FWF,

I don't know about you but I am having sharp pains from not getting my daily
dose of FWFantics.  I hope everything is ok with Sue.  But please hurry back.

I have read all the archieves of the FWF I could find.  But it is not the same.

I went shopping again, didn't buy much but thought I would let you know what
I found.

1.  Singer Treadle 66, in full cabinet, born 1923 or 1924.  I thought it was
in good shape, about a 8 on the scale.  They were asking 235.00 but it was
on sale for 20 percent off.  about 188.00.  I am keeping that one in mine.

2.  Singer Treadle 66, age unknown,  3 drawers on each side, again a 7 or 8
condition on the scale.  285.00.  I left it.  It had a orginal owners manual.

3.  Singer Treadle 66, age unknow, 3 drawers on one side, again a 7 or 8
condition.  165.00.

4.  Davis Treadle, about 1890 the sign says. 7 or 8 condition, 160.00. It
has a orginal book in the drawer that is titled Testimonals from Davis
owners.  On the back it says Corporate offices and Manufacturing in NY.

5.  Wooded folding box with singer attachments, in poor to fair condition,
asking 65.00.  It is still there.

6.  Small acc. box.  Dark blue or black in color.  Felt lined that says New
Home acc. on the top.  With some acc.  16.00

I did rescue a White sewing machine cabinet from the scrap heap.   The
"Gentleman" who was junking it just tore apart a treadle for the stand.  I
really like this cabinet and wish I had got there before he destroyed it.
It once was a beautiful wood cab. but has been mistreated.  I don't own a
white yet but I thought maybe someday I will or at least some of you might
need some extra drawers or hardware off it.  Let me know.  You open the lid
and a cable pulls the machine up and also holds the lid up for extra work
space.  Two curved front drawers on each side.  The center panel pulls up
with the machine and drops down when you close the lid.  It says white on
the panel but the letters are broken.

I am in need of a instruction manual for a Davis treadle that I picked up at
a yard sale for 50.00.  The machine has a shuttle and no feed dogs.  The
needle goes through the material and moves backward to advance the material.
The case is in poor shape.  If anyone as spare hardware for the case I could
use some and Keys.  All the drawers have locks on them.  It looks like a
triangle slot in the key hole.  I can turn the locks with a screwdriver.
The machine has a oval shaped cover that goes over it.  The two ears that
slide into medal brackets on the base are missing, as well as one of the
base brackets.  Anyone have any spares??

Well, I have rambled enough.  When I go shopping, I am not for anything in
particular, just anything that is unusual and sewing related.

Oh! BTW, I bought a small cardboard box that looks like leapord skin on the
outside that says "Attachment" on it.  Inside I found the usual stuff but
one thing that I would like to mention is a metal plate.  It must be a
bobbin cover plate but it has no name on it.  On the front it lists some
patent dates and has a small depression to pull it back with.  It is approx
1 &11/16 " wide
and approx. 3 &1/2 " long.  With the depresson towards the front, on the
left back corner is a half-circle section missing to fit around what ever it
went to.  the half-circle is about a 3/8" radius.  All the patent dates are
in the late 1800's.  Anyone looking for something like it?  

Bye for now....David    (:D
Date: Fri, 31 May 1996 12:22:10 -0500
Subject: old sewing machines

      I am seeking information on some machines I have. Hopefully there is
someone out there who can help me. I have a little green General Electric
Model "A" serial #1220. It has a Sewhandy book and is in an old black case.
It sews perfectly. Also an Eldridge "B" serial # 22201. It is beautiful and
sewa perfectly also. Here is a list of some Singers I also have,
1916 Model 127 G4706973
1904 Model 27  B727899
1920 Model 66  G8345707
1923 Model 66  G9764981
1921 Model 31  G9124070
1908 Model 27  D709232
1879 Model small 3436303
1891 Model #2 vibrating shuttle  10101207
I am interested in value, attatchments , for all of these. I also have     a
cream and tan Singer M  B373473  is the serial #, It says 227 on it.
Singer dated it 5/23/1904 and says it is a 1717. I believe they are wrong.
I also have a Universal DA1195749,White Rotary, Western, Bradford, Sears
Kenmore, and 2 Singers made in Great Britain, One is auqa, all of these
machines sew great except the 1908, I am still working on it. I would like
to know where I can date the rest of these , HELP PLEASE! Thank you so much
! I      am on the hunt for my first Featherweight!
Date: Fri, 31 May 1996 15:45:58 -0400
Subject: list

Hi, Iwould like to subscribe.
Also, I have a question; do you know if the Greist company is still in 
I have several feet(tuck foot ) that I haven't figured out how to use.
Subject: Wife on the Internet....
Date: Fri, 31 May 1996 15:27:36 -0500

This came across on Jill's ListServ.  Thought you'all might enjoy it!  
I think thou, its to close to home....

                                "My wife is on the Internet"

My wife is on the Internet
It seems to give her pleasure
She reads each message carefully
As if it were a treasure

My wife is on the Internet
I'm not sure where it's going
She now has lots of cyber-friends
To chat with about sewing

My wife is on the Internet
Where has my dinner gone?
Meals always seem to be delayed
Whenever shes logged on

My wife is on the Internet
Our love life's falling off
Should I post a love note
On the bulletin board at Pfaff?

My wife is on the Internet
The laundry's never clean.
Is there such a thing as
A web site washing machine?

My wife is on the Internet
The house is such a mess. 
But in order to put my foot down
I need her E-mail address.

My wife is on the Internet
What am I going to do?
It seems that lately
That's my favorite FAQ

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