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September 1996

Sunday, September 22nd - Saturday, September 28th

Subject: New 301--but help!
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 07:51:46 -0500

Thanks to steady rain and a wealth of auctions around town today, I was 
able to buy a gorgeous (9) black 301 for only $20.  It had an unscuffed 
case, attachment box with everything including the tissue paper and 
Singer needles in paper envelopes, manual, and yes, even the oval oil 
can.  It didn't get much use, and the innards were bone dry.  Well, I 
oiled and lubed it thoroughly, and it runs terribly!!  It makes a grindy 
sort of noise (I don't think from the motor, because it feels *gritty* 
when I turn the handwheel) and the stitches won't lock.  Maybe when my 
sinus headache subsides, I can figure this one out, but I sure would 
welcome any suggestions in the meantime....Thanks!!

Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 11:44:34 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: this and that

Rita- I read your note with amusement.  I guess I'm not surprised that
some people think you should sell back your FW to the women who left it in
the shop by "accident".  I know there are people out there who think it is
very important to be known as "good people" instead of being
business-like.  There are also people who go around telling everyone what
a FW is worth.  This just makes the FWs more expensive.  What does
surprise me is that the people you know haven't caught on.  Do they really
believe that woman left her personal FW in a pawnshop?  Or if she did,
wouldn't she put a note on it "NOT TO BE SOLD"?  No, what really happened
is that the son didn't know the value and sold it for much less than he
should have.  Then Mama found out what people are paying for FWs and
decided she would put out a story.  Stick to your guns.  You DH paid what
was asked and got a good deal.

To Jean H - If you realy want to learn to quilt, email me and we
will talk about it.  It involves skills you probably already have.

To CN -  First just use sm oil on a soft cloth to clean that dirty
machine.  You will be surprised how much dirt will come off.  Don't use
anything stronger until you have done your best with the oil.

For people who don't get the Kovel's column in their Sunday paper, I
thought I would relay an interesting question and answer.

Question:  I have a sewing machine that looks like a chest of drawers.  It
is labeled "New Cottage".  Do you know how old it might be?

Answer:  Sewing machines with elaborate cabinets were popular in the early
1900s.  The National Sewing Machine Co. of Belvedere, Ill., made New
Cottage sewing machines.  The company merged with the Free Sewing Machine
Co. in 1953.  Depending on condition, your machine would sell for $330 to

Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 12:28:10 -0400
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 9/20/96

To NSW:  Re:  extension cord on machine for airplane.  With 19 years as
a flight attendant I thought I had seen it all.  However, haven't seen anyone
actually sewing.  The cord would need to be 15 feet to reach most plugs in
the lavatories to any of the last rows of seats.  The electricity is 110.
 Some plugs are actually throughout the aircraft so you wouldn't need an
extension cord!  Looking forward to seeing you sewing on the plane.  Jean
Subject: 99's, chainstitch ?, 15, &names
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 16:56:02 +0000

I've been meaning to post for a long time.  I loved TR's article in Threads
and I'm so glad she's on the list!  I love the tattoo!

Also-- in the Threads article by John Giordano, he mentions that "many
regular Singer machines from the '50s, '60s, and '70s" can be prepared for
chainstitching "(look in the accessory box for the three conversion parts .
. .)".  This is a new one to me.  What models came with those parts?  

Mr. Giordano also refers to the Lotus SP as "the best and littlest sewing
machine in the world-it weighs only 15 lbs-"  Any comments? 

Someone had asked about prices for 99s.  They're apparently pretty
reasonable here.  I bought Gillian, my 99K in the carry case for $15 at an
auction.  She's in quite nice shape, although her controller cord is taped
up.  My latest acquisition is Vern, a 99-31 in a blond cabinet.  He's in
great shape and has his original manual, dated 1957.  I thought he was
missing attachments, but apparently they didn't have all the extra "torture
implements" with the 99-31.  He was only $30 at a large flea market.  I have
a theory that the blond furniture with the spiky legs is going to be very
valuable someday -- it's so ugly that everyone will get rid of it and it
will be rare.  (Or are there more valuable 99s?)

Cynthia, my 15, finally came home from the shop Friday.  I had to go in an
nudge the repairman a bit (he's had her since May).  It cost about $50 to
have her rewired (and he put a PLASTIC spool pin on).  He did say that she
worked really well.  Now all I need to do is get all the junk off her
cabinet so I can put her back in.

Someone asked why name the machines.  Why not?  When you get 10 or so
machines, you have to tell them apart somehow.  And saying, "I think I'll
use AK12345" sounds so cold.  BTW, Vern was named by my 16-year-old son who
helped bring him home from the flea market.  Probably not the name I would
have picked, but if he helps carry machines, he gets to help name them, too.

Date: 	Sun, 22 Sep 1996 00:00:20 -1000
Subject: To: Mr. Graham F

re decals

I have 2 machines that are in terrible cosmetic condition, but are in
great working condition.  They're so "ugly" looking that I hide them in
the closet (badly pitted, few decals intact, etc).  I was thinking of
putting new decals in the problem areas, or maybe just replacing them all.
I'll be keeping the machines once there re-done since they won't have any
collectors value left (though they'll look nice).  The cost of the
supplies would probably be under $15, but it would take a lot of work to
remove what's left of the old decals, rust, etc.  But, I'll be doing it
for fun (and exercise).  BTW, what types of decals were preserved in the
archives?  The machines I was thinking of refinishing were from the
1910s-20s, so the colorful floral or sphynx decals would probably be more

To: Everyone else

If anyone might be interested, I can post info on how to create/copy
decals.  Theoretically, it's supposed to be pretty easy....
Date: 22 Sep 96 14:50:57 EDT
Subject: singer part 2

Singer's love life  part two

 In 1860, 24 years after he had left his first companion, he legally divorced
Catherine Haley Singer.
If Mary Sponsler thought that this was the beginning of their real romance she
was very wrong. Seven months after the divorce Miss Sponsler, riding in her own
carriage, saw him with Mary McGonigal. Se stood up in her carriage and screamed
abuse at her common-law husband.
When Singer came home he beat Mary Sponsler and eventually she had him 
but they later married.
At the suggestion of the company, Singer then left for Europe, and in the year
that he was away it was revealed that he had been living with two other women 
New York City who both thought themselves his only companion.
That same Mary  McGonigal had born him five children. He and she lived together
as Mr and Mrs Matthews. Miss Mary E Water, who lived with him under the name of
Mrs Merritt, had added another child to the list.
Singer's absence also allowed his solicitors to deal unhindered with Mary Anne
Sponsler who sued for divorce and was awarded $8,000 alimony, then the largest
amount ever obtained. Singer's lawyers managed to parley this down to a smaller
figure, but threw in one of Singer's large and valuable houses as part of the
Within a month she had secretly married one John E Foster, not telling any of
her family of the ceremony for fear that it would jeopardise the divorce
settlement from Singer.
But she hurt herself badly in a fall from a chair and believing herself to be
dying told one of her daughters of the marriage. As this daughter's husband was
an officer of the Singer company and knew which side his clothplate was oiled,
Isaac Merritt soon learned of the secret wedding and caused his divorced wife 
relinquish all claims upon him and to vacate the house. She went to live with
The fifth regular lady then appeared in his wife. She was a French woman who he
had met during his year abroad. On June 13 1865, seven weeks after wife number
two had renounced her claims upon him, he was married to Isobel Eugenie Boyce
under the name of Isobel E Sommerville, and with her went to Paris to live. 
Whilst he was there a great house was built in the New York suburb of Yonkers,
and when it was finished the pair returned there to live, inviting hundreds to
the house-warming party.
But few turned up. Even Singer's great wealth and fabulous parties couldn't 
the reputation that he had built and most of the invited guests thought it best
to stay away.

to be continued

Graham F
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 21:02:21 +0200
Subject: Help

-- I have one Singer sewing machine with serial number "C 849370" and i 
am trying to find out what year it was made.
   I have one "Victoria B (Wictoria B ?) " with the serial number 
"1211006" from "Stockholm" Sweden, this machine was imported by
   Both these sewing machines stands on tables with foot-pedal.
   The singer machine table has the number 6 on the innside of the 
   The 3`rd machine is a Singer with serial number "EL 552733" 
mod201k, the serial number on the motor is 8192991, i guess this machine
is from 1956.
   So my question is what year did those lovely machines beeing made?.
   (I hope you understand my English).
   Thanks for any Help.
- Atle S
Date: 22 Sep 96 15:09:23 EDT
Subject: post

Hi All...

Ooohhhh  -  my newspaper ad has found another 'interesting' machine! No, not a 
FW,  but  "a little tiny machine in a red case" as the lady described it. It's 
a  Betsy  Ross  chainstitch  electric, made by the Gibraltar Mfg. Co. in Jersy 
City  NJ.  This  little  thing  is similar in many ways to the Singer model 20 
Sewhandy  -  same  tension mechanism and same looper! It even has a mini spool 
of  thread!  It's  rough, but I think I can 'spif' it up some. It'll look good 
in the display case at the shop - only $20!

Subject: 99K motor / Singer Lubricant
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 15:11:40 EDT

Went to a garage sale yesterday that was advertising SMs for sale and
picked up a 99K in a cabinet for $25.  She was asking $35 but offered to
take less for it when I started asking about a manual and attachments.  
It didn't even have so much as an extra bobbin in the pull out drawer. 
The machine is in good shape.  Not much wear.  Seemed like it hadn't been
oiled much, however.  The cabinet is ugly- two tone.  The top and sides
have a layer of veneer of darker wood that almost looks like some type of
particle board.  The owner had refinished it, which makes it look worse. 
She brushed some type of finish on that left a light haze on the darker
wood.  Can see the brush strokes.  I'm happy with the machine itself. 
I've been polishing and oiling it, has a nice stitch.  want to start a
new quilting project and give it a good workout.  Had to move my 66-16 to
make room for it.  

The motor on this 99K looks different than the motor on my other 99, 66,
0r 221.  It doesn't have the places to add motor lubricant and you cannot
get at the brushes, either.  It's all enclosed.  Anyone know what to do
about this?

Also, is the lubricant for the motor the red and white tube that just
says Singer Lubricant on it?  I have a tube (1/2 oz.) that I picked up at
a SM store.  Or should it say *motor lubricant* on it?  Is this the
lubricant to be  used also on the inner gears on the FW?  I forgot I had
this stuff.

Bye for now,  any help with my questions will be greatly appreciated.

Jenifer    :)
Date: 22 Sep 96 16:27:53 EDT
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 9/21/96

just pick up a shipping crate with 2 cinderella machines.  i beleive them to be
toy but am not sure.  they do have aspot for the motor but they have none.  
much like the fw in size if not a little smaller.  very interested in trading 
selling.  i dont know how they fit into a portable or cabinet.  also have just
aquired a model 27 detreadled(unfortunately) still looking for a treadle for
that one.  its about a 5 or 6  so expect tokeep that one 4ever.  also have
2-201s. if anyone is interested in a trade for a 201 or 301 perhaps.  just
started collecting about 6 months ago and my honey thinks that this is just
hilarious.  why sew many machines?  hahahahaha dont know just bobbin bitten,
sewing sickness,treadle trevail, what ever??????? ttfn and tia
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 17:56:50 -0400
Subject: Information Please

Hi! one and all: I just stop at a antique barn that I had never stop at
before, and   because I read all the posting on the fwf, I know someone out
there can help me.
Never heard anyone talked about this machine. There was a treadle like
machine that had a brentwood cover on it. I took the cover off to reveal a
Phoenix name on it. Well there was a ? on my face, so I check it out. Phoenix
is across the top, with the phoenix decal above the tension, didn't look like
had a bobbin for it, faceplate was just plain (no design on it) also had in
big letters the number 10 below the tension. Didn't know there the serial no.
would be. A belt was attach to the handcrank all the way down to the big
round wheel to  the foot petal. It turn very easy. The table top was thin
(but it was oak) and on the left side was one pull out draw. No attachment
with it.
Now the man that was there said it was make in Germany and that's all he knew
about it. The price was $85 but he was willing to take 20% off.
I will of possibly bought it but I would like know more about it. If it a
good bargain, then I will surely get it. If anyone know any info on this
machine, please e-mail, because I'm getting ready to move here and that will
be my last stop to buy it. Now I know what it like to have the sewing machine
bug. Thanks to  anyone that can help
                                                           Quilting Frenzy
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 18:31:55 -0400
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 9/21/96

Today I saw a SM that I've not seen before so I hope someone can help 
me from what will probably be a poor description!  When I first saw it I 
thought it was a toy Wilson &Gibbs (small black with arched back) but 
it in a cabinet with a "boxed" hinged top (hinged to right of machine), 
at the end of the cabinet bed was a drop leaf extension.  To the left of 
the cabinet (in the knee hole area) is one drawer and to the right 
(outside the knee hole area) are three drawers.  The treadle looks like 
a black butterfly with gold trim (in great shape) and has "heel 
holders".  I think the machine originally had gold decal but none now - 
other than that probably would be a 6.  The cabinet looked in great 
shape.  The throat plate to the left of the needle says National Sewing 
Machine Company and to the right is a chart of thread, needle and, I 
believe, tension.  One drawer had five or so very rusted attachments.  
And one had a metal black box which I couldn't get opened.  No manual.  
The price is $165.  Good/bad?

I'm sure you more knowledgeable collectors can enjoy a laugh at my 
description but it really is an unusual machine (at least for me)! (VBG)


Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 17:23:03 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: need parts

Hi folks. unsuccessful weekend. some sightings of interesting machines, 
but nothing to make me whip out my checkbook, so i spent the weekend 
cleaning and repairing some previous finds. Got the 404 working 
beautifully, and a turquoise colored Singer (can't remember the model# 
off the bat) ZZ machine goin g as well. these are destined for my 
daughter's school, where they teach sewing but have zero budget for 
machine aquisition or repair. i volunteer my time and knowledge on this.
To complete several other machines, i need the following: a slide plate 
for a singer 400 series (401, 403, 404) and a cord set for same, the two 
piece arrangement. one is a power cord, the other is the controller. also 
need a cord/controller set for a 15-92. the basic 3-conductor plug-into 
the machine type thing. (oops i meant 15-91! typing with no text editor!)
if you have these parts for reaso0nable price or trade for other parts 
let me know. i have lots of throat plates and such.........sound like i 
need to post a 4 sale listing for next Sat.!
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 20:20:43, -0500
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 9/21/96

Hi Fanatics- Does anybody know where I might find an original instruction
manual for my 222K free-arm featherweight?

Thanks, Joe
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 21:50:26 -0400
Subject: Re: Remember my 301 with the frozen head?

Just a note to all the kind people who wrote me and tried to help me fix my
black 301, which I thought had a frozen head.  It spent about 10 days at my
Sm man and after a big challenge, he finally figured out what was wrong with
it.  One of the screws on the top of the uptake arm was screwed in very tight
and a little off kilter .  He also felt the machine had been dropped.  But it
was probably not used for some time.  It is always interesting to me to learn
about our old machines and where they have or have not been.  But it is
working now, like a dream and I am very happy.  Laura
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 19:05:25 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Huh?

Tell me please, what's a DH? MIL? and who is Graham? I'm trying to get up to
speed with you guys. I love this site, cause I love SM's (figured that one
out). And how do you get the email to print out so that every line is
complete, and not have one or two words alone on a line? Is there a secret,
or what? Shannon
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 23:33:57 -0400
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 9/19/96

I have a FW 221.  It was "born" Aug 22, 1950.  It is in mint condition and
sews beautifully.  I don't know if it was you or not, but someone gave me
it's birthdate. It is black with a  black fly wheel and the scroll work
around the edge.  Clara
Date: 23 Sep 1996 14:34:28 +0000
Subject: STuff

To Ellen:

Re:  Manuals you Saw: ( I tried to send to you directly, both the message 
bounced back with error messages).If you could get the information on 
getting these, it would be very much appreciated.  I know I sure would be 
happy, and I thank you taking the time to mention it...

Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 10:01:15 -0700
Subject: Toy Sewing Machines

Not long ago Bob C wanted pictures of toy sewing machines.DH took 
some and I would mail to Bob if he E-mails his address.Do you still plan 
to put them on the internet? If you do there are more collectors out 
there who would probably send you their pics.Melva 
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 11:08:10 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Possible new machines and Questions

Hi all, I finally got to go poke around in my favorite sewing guys back
'room' and look at all his salvage machines and trade ins!  He had one FW
that had been canabilized (no bobbin case no spool holder, and who knows
what else was missing) and I found 2 machines that I really liked.  One
was a 99 that a friend of mine wants me to fix up for her.  It's just the
head so I need to find a case/cabinet for it.  I would like to put it into
a bentwood case, does anyone have or know where I can find empty bentwood
cases?  The other machine was a 500a.  Is this the famous Rocketeer?  It
certainly looks like it could be!  It was so cool!!  The one thing I would
need to replace on this is the swing out door on the left side, the top
hinge is broken.  Any knowledge where I can find this?  It's the kind
with the threading instructions inside!  Oh and I almost forgot.  Is there
anyway to replace or fix the metal singer emblem on the machine?  It's
bent on the 99 and I would really like to replace it or fix it.

I also would like to get one of those FW throat plates that has the 1/4
etc. markings on them.  Where can I find them and how much are they
running?  I had someone tell me that it was about $75, ugh.  I also have
one of those singer threader/cutter things and the thing that threads the
needle (little hook thingy) is broken.  Any chance I could find a

I think that's all I have for now!  I haven't gotten the two machines I
mentioned above yet but I should know today!  :)

Happy FWing!
Date: 23 Sep 1996 16:07:42 +0000
Subject: Machine Sighted

Saturday, I found a very elderly gentleman at his yard sale selling his 
departed wife's 503 with all the attachments in a nice deco type cabinet 
(with drawers down the right, and maybe left, I forget..it might have a seat 
also.  If you are interested call him directly.  A. Dobrucki, 
908-820-9491...the usual disclaimers here--I have nothing to do with it 
(couldn't buy it, WOULD BE TARRED &FEATHERED and ran out of hiding places!) 
, just wanted to help him out...it looks to be in very good shape, cabinet 
pretty good, minor refinishing.  He's a nice gent and I think needs the 
bucks.  He was asking the magnificent sum of $75.

I bought a cowboy hat from him for DH and a bunch of cute little embroidered 
panels with Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy for a pittance.  Saw a few pathetic 
looking sm's, eg., Morse and others...no Beloved Singers.

Over and out, in cool, cloudy New Jersey....how far away can we be from the 
White Fluffy Stuff now????
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 12:22:44 -0400
Subject: Ship FW

Could you tell me the best way to ship a FW,
                    Please mail me , the info , I need to ship one soon.
Thanks Sandy
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 12:24:00 -0400
Subject: Sibnger treadle modell 66

I need a parts list for a model 66 treadle sewing machine can anyone 
help? Thanks... Nancy
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 12:45:46 -0400
Subject: Wanted: Black FW Case

Hello FWFanatics,
I'm interested in purchasing an original black FW case in pretty good
condition. It can have the handle, hasps, locks or hinges in poor condition,
so long as the case is all there. Either late or early model case is okay,
and has the tray. I have a friend,not on Internet,  wanting one. Will pay any
reasonable price. 
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 12:53:39 -0400
Subject: Machine spotted--I think

Hi all--

   Today while at one of the local sewing machine shops I saw a small Elna
machine that said Lotus ZZ on it.  It had a light beige case that folded down
around the machine. It looked to me  like the Lotus machines discussed here
previously but I wasn't sure if Elna might have different series of machines
with the Lotus name (like the new Singer Featherweights).  This machine had
the manual with it but I couldn't find a date on it.  I asked the owner about
how old the machine was--he said he thought 1970's.  He wanted $170 for it.
  It's out of my price range at this time but if anybody is interested in it
let me know.  I would also appreciate any information on whether or not this
is the Lotus machine that others have been searching for so I will know for
future reference.

    BTW, the reason I had stopped at this dealers was because my sister asked
me to find a 404 (just like our mother's machine) for her and I knew that
three weeks ago this dealer had one sitting on his floor, unserviced, that
had been brought in on trade.  He wouldn't give me a price on it at that
time--today he told me I could have it for $60 unserviced or it would be
about $150 serviced.  While I was talking to him about the machine, he picked
up the attachment box, removed the small screwdriver with the metal handle
and pocketed it.  I asked him if that didn't go with the machine and he told
me they are hard to find so he routinely takes them out of any attachments he
gets with traded in machines.  Something about this really irked me--I think
it was probably knowing it had sat in the same place in the floor for at
least 3 weeks and he could have taken out the screwdriver any other time. 

Hope the weekend was productive for all---

Subject: 319/Kenmore
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 96 11:41:37 -0700

  I too have a 319 Singer. Its a 319W although I'm not sure what the 
significance of the W is. So far I've had one Singer repairman 
(recommended by Singer) tell me they weren't that great a machine and he 
threw his last one out, and another repairman I discovered through a 
sewing convention that said they are a great machine and he'd be happy to 
look out for another one so I can finally get the parts I need. I guess 
you can take your pick on whether its a machine to have. From this list I 
gather that although it is an early zig-zag, it isn't the first one. When 
it was working, it actually sewed fine for me. Now if I ever get those 
parts and maybe even find some cams for it, I'll be one happy person.

To All:
  Does anyone collect/know anything about old Kenmore machines? I saw one 
or two posts the last couple days but couldn't tell who should be asked 
about them. I have an old gray/black one with the famous "godzilla" 
finish. The model number is listed as 117-552. It has oversized bobbins 
and stitches straight stitch only (with reverse) but that's all I know 
about it. My DH brought it home hoping one of my machines would fit in 
the cabinet. They didn't. I would like to learn more about this machine.

Juanita C
Date: 23 Sep 96 14:48:24 EDT
Subject: Harris SM

Hello everyone, I only joined last week but already I've got a problem - I just
bought a rather nice little machine a Harris-E, apart from the name on it it
just says near the cloth plate ' British Made' - its only 16" long, but is
tremendously heavy - plain face nickel plated face plate, just plain black, 
a little decoration on the wheel - the interesting thing is that it has no case
as such, only a red oilskin cover with a zip pocket which contains all the
attachments of which there are quite a few - the oilskin was manufactured in 
Jersey, since part of the makers stamp is visible.  On first sight it looks
30's/40's but I have a funny feeling it might be a bit older - any idea's out
there - many thanks for any help you can give - Jan 
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 12:31:11 PDT
Subject: Miscellaneous

Haven't posted in awhile. I am thoroughly enjoying my new machines - 
 the 401 and the 301.  I got to play this weekend.  Also copied the 
 entire 401 manual (over 100 pages) so that I would not wreck the 
 original by using it!  I do that with all the manuals now.  It has 
 made me take notice of manuals for other things in the house as well.  
  I did go to the Elna dealer locally.  Great place and carries all 
 different brands.  Had piles of used machines, all with original 
 manuals and attachments.  He has 3 201's right now but not cheap 
 ($159-199) and a brand new 401(with no manual though).  He has my card 
 and a wish list for attachments.  He had alot of attachments and I 
 picked up a box of extra cams for the 401 for $10 (for 12 and box) and 
 a blind stitcher for low shank for $10.  I thought they were fair 
 prices.  He is on lookout for pinker and zig-zaggers for me.  Says he 
 gets attachments all the time.  

The owner says that he has not sold a FW for less than $450 in the last 
 few years.  He has turned over 1100 (so he tells me -- he was a bit of 
 a grumpy old man).  I told them to keep on the lookout for the Lotus 
 for me.  I told them I might even pay some decent money for one!  They 
 showed me the Lotus replacement and a smallish Viking that looked 
 interesting.  They did indeed have lots and lots of  machines and all 
 the new models in huge room.  I may hang out there more often.  The FW 
 sitting on the counter had its own little oil can.  Owner had left by 
 that time and couldn't get the sales guy to sell me the can.  It was  
 on my wish list though!  (They were amazed that a dealer had actually 
 sold me a 301 for $89 -- that made me feel better.)  

Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 14:05:30 -0700
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 9/19/96

Help, please!  Someone posted a 1-800 number for singer and I erased 
it!  Does someone else know it?  I just bought an old treadle Singer 
and don't know anything about it except that it needs a new belt.(at 
the very least)

One other thing...now, no snickering, are the featherweight discussed 
here those Singers in the rounded wooden box that I saw at an antique 
store recently?  Saw one for $90.  Should I or shouldn't I?  This is 
beginning to be addicting. Thanks ya'll.  Viv
Date: 23 Sep 96 18:04:14 EDT
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 9/22/96

To Marilyn re New Cottage

Guess Kovel got it half  right until he got to the price.
The New Cottage could also have been made by the Davis SM Co.. Either way, half
the price mentioned would be nearer the truth.

To Charles

Please don't call me Mr F. Makes me feel even older than I am (g).
I've tried to get decals made for other items (telephones, phonographs etc) and
have been quoted astronomical prices and the need for hundreds at a time.
If you have a method of doing this reasonably please share it with all of us.

To Chris

The Gibraltar SM Co moved from  Jersey City to a new factory in1965 so your
Betsy Ross toy dates from before then.The company also made a
mains-electricity-powered version.


Pheonix was the trade name of Baer and Rempel of Bielfeld, Germany, which chose
the name after rebuilding its factory after it burnt down in 1879.. Company
formed in 1863 and made a wide range of Singer-type machines.

To Shannon

The e-mail problem is with your softwear. Have a word with earthlink who should
be able to work it out. DH is either dear, darling or damned husband. MIL is
mother in law and Graham is a guy who lives in England,  is fascinated with old
sewing machines and gets in a plug for the International Sewing Machine
Collectors' Society whenever he thinks he can get away with it.

To all
Noticed that part two of the Singer story made the last posting but another 
part of my posting, answering some questions and sent at the same time, didn't. If 
if misses tomorrow, I'll repost.

Graham F
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 17:27:40 -0500
Subject: White fw needs facelift 

Found out I have a wrong POP configuration, so trying again.>I am resending
this due to I've seen several posts from others later in the week and
haven't seen this one.  My DH also picked up a Rocketeer today (500A) for
$25.  Looking for a manual for it or some of the cams that fit on the top.
It sure does look like it came from the Jetson's.  This is my sixth Singer
now, didn't have any before I joined the list.  My DH says it's a sickness,
but he's got it also.  I have a Black FW 1954.  A White FW  1964,  A 66 in a
cabinet that my 7 year old daughter uses to sew with 1934,a 99  1952,  a
127, a Bernina 1090, An Elna 5 Pro 5, and a US Blind Hemmer.  Also looking
for an owners manual for the US Blind Hemmer.  It was left in a house we
leased when we were on assignment in CT.  The owner's father was a tailor
and he didn't want it anymore.  Thanks for the list.  I look forward to it
every day. 
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996 21:51:02 -0500
>To: FWFanatics@ttsw.com
>Subject: White fw needs facelift 
>I recently found a white fw while on a family camp-out!  But this dear one
needs some TLC.  Does anyone know of where I could get an emblem?  It's that
brass looking one on the front of the machine.  She is a 1964 model.  Also,
she has alot of chips along the bed's edge.  Does anyone have any
suggestions how I can minimize these?  I did see suggestions earlier for the
black sm, but wondered if there is anything I could do for my white fw.
>     I would like to emphasize to never underestimate the chances of
finding a fw among friends and family.  While at our annual Robinson family
campout in Okla. I commented to a cousin-in-law that I liked her T-shirt
which had sewing items on it.  She told me about her new Memory Craft 8000
and I told her I liked old singers and especially fws.  She said she had a
friend who just told her that day she was going to sell hers.  Well, all
I've got to say is thank heaven for mobile phones!  When cousin Marie came
back after making the phone call,  she looked disappointed and said it is a
white one.  After my DH assisted in closing my mouth,  I said that's
alright.  I must tell you, I was hesitant to drive 12 hours for a weekend
campout but I'm certainly glad I did now. So I left Okla. dirty, tired and
$150 poorer, but with a VBG.
Sharon R
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 17:44:04 -0700
Subject: Singer 319K


We have a Singer 319k  173038  Simanco, made in Canada,
1955-57.  Condition is #9.  Does anyone know what
the value on this would be?  Would like to trade it
towards a FW.

Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 20:11:35 -0700
Subject: Fort Washington

Hi,  I was one of the vendors at the Fort Washington show and I can tell 
you that I saw alot of FWs being loaded back into the same vehicles they 
came in while we were packing up last night.  I saw the same thing in 
Lancaster this year and am wondering if everyone is starting to draw the 
line at the price.
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 19:46:04 -0700 (PDT)

        My old 920 (Futura II) will chainstitch.  I don't know of others.
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 21:52:20 -0400
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 9/22/96

Dear Charles:
I too, have two machines that are in terrible condition.  Bare to the
metal, in places and blistered and flaking paint, in others.  It will be
a labor of love to put these babies back to as close to their former
beauty as I can.  How someone let this happen to these machines is quite
beyond me!!!  I too have no intention of ever selling these machines. 
The time spent in the refinishing them could not be compensated! 
Anyway, if decals are available that would be nice, but they will have a
bright and glossy black finish when I am through. Of course, their
stitch quality will be perfect, too. 
Keep me informed as to your progress,please.  I am interested.
My projects will not start until after I return from Japan in the later
part of October.  I leave two weeks from today. . .AND I'M NOT READY!!!
Will be taking part in a quilting competition, the John Mung Quilt
Rally.  I'm very excited about going.
Hope to hear from you.
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 21:39:19 -0700
Subject: FW Help

Hi Group

Found a Fw for my wife but the people selling it
want it to be sold with the maple cabinet, and the card
table, and the carrying case.  This makes the price
very high, since we only want the FW and case.  Would
consider buying all the items if it will be easy to
sell the maple cabinet and card table.  Do not know
the value on these items.  Please help us quickly
before it is sold to some one else.

Many thanks, 
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 01:08:35 -0400
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 9/22/96

Dear Shanon G,
I've been reading about 2 weeks now and  I just figured out SM, the Quilt
chat room told my that DH, DS, DD are: dear hubbie, dear son and dear
daughter.  But what is MIL??  Haven't figured out that one yet and  WHO is
Graham?  He writes a good history on M. Singer.  Cn
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 08:39:45 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: 513 manual

Sorry to post this on the digest, but someone recently asked about a manual
for a 513 and I didn't get the address. If you're still looking, please
contact me because I do have one. Thanks.
Sue M.
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 09:31:14 -0500
Subject: I'm Dreaming of an Elna?

Hi everyone!  Well, you all have done it to me for sure with all this Elna
talk!  :-)  I had a dream two nights ago that I was taking a shower and
could see a huge garage sale taking place from a window...lo and behold, I
saw that telltale Elna green on a sewing machine.  I hopped out of the
shower, grabbing what was hopefully a rather large towel and went running
across the way to see what it was.  I don't recall a model name on what
must have been a completely imaginary machine, but it seemed to have ton of
features.  Needless to say, in my state at the time, I did not have the $95
required to purchase the machine.  The power of suggestion is certainly
strong on this list!

Also, there are two FWs listed at an auction this weekend in Lafayette, IN.
And, Margel, there's an interesting-sounding auction this weekend in
Goshen, IN.  Email me for more info if interested.

Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 09:33:18 -0500
Subject: FW Fanatics

I do not have any motor lubricant for my model 99.  My sm man told be to
put vaseline down the lubricating holes on the motor.  Is this really okay
to do?

Beth P
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 12:34:26 -0400
Subject: Wheeler &Wilson

HELP  can some one tell me so information on a Wheeler &Wilson treadle model
# 385258 Patents read Mar. 5, 1872, Aug. 27,1876 and Dec. 16,1872 the machine
and treadle is between a 7 and 8 on Graham Fe's chart the guy is asking
135.00 but will cosider 100.00 for it . Is it worth picking up? also about
how much is this mach. worth? Please reply fast!! Thanks frish
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 10:40:29 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: wanted:  info

i'm so excited!  i was just able to find out that my singer treadle (in
cabinet) is model #27 and was made october 1,1902...so...can anyone give me
any more info on this machine and where i might possibly look to find a
manual, etc.?  thanks
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 14:01:18 -0700
Subject: Wanted

Hello FWFanatics:
I am hoping you can help me locate the oval Singer decal or emblem for
a white Featherweight.  It is for a friend who purchased a white FW
that is missing the decal.  I understand these may be hard to locate,
but I am hoping someone may have one or help me locate a source.

Thanks, Claudia
Date: 24 Sep 96 16:54:38 EDT
Subject: Model 15

There is a Model 15, made in 1949 according to the serial #, at a local Thrift
Shop.  Nice external condition except for missing the throat plate.  Nice gold
decoration. No manual, no accessories. Is it possible to replace the throat
plate? Any ideas about what it is worth or what one should pay for it? 
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 17:32:38 -0400
Subject: new

        I'm new to the net, new to the list, but not new to FW collecting. I
have two black, one white,and just last week aquired a tan. When I called
Singer they said they had no way to tell me the birthday of the tan, they
also said that the 301a I asked about was too new and they did not have
records on it either. The number on the tan FW, JE 160337, the number on the
301a, NA 451074. If anyone has this information let me know.
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 17:52:27 -0400
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 9/18/96

Kathy, I have the manual for the #160506 and will make a copy for you if you
will E-Mail me 
Subject: Adding to the Collection
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 22:06:34 +0000

Saturday was DH and my 22nd anniversary so we decided to get away for the
week-end. Orginally we had planned to go either to the beach or mountains,
but a sewing machine changed our plans.  I had seen a Wilcox &Gibbs when we
were on vacation in July, but after buying 5 machines didn't feel that we
could afford another.  I've been thinking of that machine since then, so
last week DH said to call &have it mailed it to me.  I called but they
wouldn't mail it bacause of weight, but would be glad to hold it (with small
deposit) until we could pick it up, whenever that might be.  We decided to
pick it up instead of waiting until November.  The machine is beautiful-
about an 8.5 on Graham's scale, and the wood case about an 8.  The best part
is I paid $150 less than I was quoted in July.  I tend to buy on impluse,
but I'm learning that sometimes it does pay to wait. (At other times, it
does not pay to wait - the Victor got away).

After months of trying to find a 15-30 in decent shape, I got one in a
beautiful oak "Parlor" cabinet.  It had been electrified, but I've already
taken the motor off.  It will be a treadle again.

Saw a white FW this week-end, but she wanted $480 for it and the least she
would take was $430.  I'm sure she thought I would buy it, because I had
bought a FW from her before, but I didn't.  Got home Sunday night and DH saw
an add in the paper for a FW so he called - it was a white one and she
wanted $325.  Has one small knick on the handwheel.  Came with manual and
case.  Joined my three black FWs.

I would love to find a FW for $10 to $50, but I work on Saturday's so don't
go to yard sales, estate sales etc.

Someone mentioned the other day about "Toy and Miniature Sewing Machines" by
Glenda Thomas.  I would agree its a good book - has helped me identify my
small but growing collection of toy SM. My pride and joy is the Singer (c.
1914) that I bought from an 84 year old gentleman - it had belonged to his
wife. I also got her toy iron.  I love things with a story behind them.

Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 19:08:43 -0400
Subject: new member

Hi FWF-This is my first posting. So nice to meet all of you and hear your 
stories.  I used to think I was odd to be so fascinated with SM and glad to 
know that I 
am not alone.  I have found 4 FW the last 3 yrs. @ garage sale prices.  One of 
them is a 
white machine, so little used, that it still 'smells' new.  Also have a 
centennial that 
I consider a 9.5 on the scale.  The other 2 are in so-so condition but work 
great. Also 
have a hand crank Harris No.9 in excellent condition in a beautiful wood case.  
Does anyone know anything about it? Have a Singer 99K that works like a trouper.  My first new machine was a 401 in 1959. Gave it to my daughter and still a great machine.  One of my FW needs the oval plate on top that holds the spindle.  Does anyone have one that they would sell?  Please let me know.  Thanks to Grahm for his great stories and for being such a good source of information. Mr. Singer was a real swinger, especially for that day and age!                              Ruby 
P.S. My 4th FW was a $30. garage sale find last Sat. late in afternoon! How did 
it last all day?  I thought I would have a coronary when I saw it!
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 09:02:52 -0400
Subject: Singer Sewhandy

Hello to all.
I join last night and send you a message but i didn't ee it tonight.  So
here I go again! I recently got a little machine call a Sewhandy (it say 
so on the inside of the case).  it is tan and about 6 inch long.  It 
came in a green and white case made to hold the sewing machine so that 
it forms a kind of table.  Great!.  Now i'm not sure what value it has 
or what is it's value.  can anyone help?  i think it can be a model 20. 
It was made in Great Britain.

I really enjoy these pages and i am looking forward to buying my first
FW.  Hope it will be soon!  I already have a Singe 306K that came in its 
original case with all the attachement(?).  It is beautiful and works 
great.  Nobody talks about this model and i wonder why.

thank you all.  brigitte
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 21:21:17, -0500

Recently my mom saw a toy Singer, black, chainstitch machine. She got the
number of the lady who was selling it for me. The lady still has it and is
asking $110. She says that from the book she has she believes it is from
1890-1900's. She has a friend that is an antique dealer but the dealer says
she doesn't want to buy it because of what she would have to charge for it.
Just thought I would mention it. I was thinking I may need to see this but
after looking at my 4 sm cases plus the toy one I just bought, I decided I
better cool the retros before my dh kicks me out! :)

Also, I am still trying to figure out more about my toy machine since there
is no model number associated with it. It is tan, made in Great Britain. It
has a tan hard case and the wheel on it is solid (no spokes). Does anyone
know anything about this and where I might find a spool pin?

thanks, lisa
Subject: RE: My Rocketeer!
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 21:28:24 -0600


After reading day after day about everyone's 500's, I was feeling major 
pangs of remorse at  having passed up that 500 a few weeks ago, but with 
Bobbie K's encouragement, I kept looking for my Rocketeer at a price I 
could afford.  Well, it paid off!  After a couple of weeks of saling with 
absolutely no luck at finding anything, Saturday I finally got lucky.  I'd 
seen the ad mentioning a sm, but it was clear on the other side of Boise, 
 and I didn't think we'd get over there so I didn't circle it.  Well, we 
did get over there, and when we pulled up there it was sitting in the 
driveway, a 503A!  I was so excited, I asked her if she had the cams, yes 
she did.  In the box, nicely tucked up into the lid of the case with a 
nifty little clip holding it in.  Did she have the manual?  Well, maybe in 
this box, which was heaped with old polyester fabric and patterns on the 
bottom.  She lifted up the fabric and said, oh yeah this goes too, a pink 
jetson cased buttonholer, with manual, all templates, plus the extra set 
and an eyelet too!  But no manual.  I looked through it, couldn't find it. 
 We paid her and started off, but something told me to go back and look for 
that manual again.  One by one I went through the patterns, and VOILA 
 there it was!!!  So for $15.00, yes, $15.00, I got my Rocketeer with 
manual and buttonholer, and cams.  I'm so glad I held out.  Several months 
ago I found a box of cams for a $1.00, and they all fit too.  The downside 
is DH really had to spend some time on this one to get it running properly. 
 He got is to straight stitch pretty good, but when we put those cams in, 
it just wouldn't work.  The left side would not form a stitch when it was 
on zig zag, after several hours of working on it, he discovered that the 
bobbin timing was off by one whole tooth.  I think that was the term he 
used, anyway, it now runs fabulously.  I'm so glad he is talented that way, 
cuz at $15.00 it was a steal, but when you start tacking on the service 
charges to get them up and running, you're really looking at a major 
investment.  The light still has a loose connection, and the second spool 
pin is broken.  Any one know where I can get a new one?  Also the upper 
hinge on the face plate door is broken, but a friend is going to weld it, 
and DH will file it down to fit.  Can you tell I'm excited?  DH couldn't 
understand why I would want one of these ugly machines, but now he's pretty 
hooked..they tend to grow on you.  Now to find a 401 and 201.  The hunt 

Subject: Re: Chainstitch Conversion
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 96 22:32:40 -0700

Hi Diana,
  I have one of the sewing machines that converts from straight/zig-zag 
to chainstitch. I purchased it new in 1981. Unfortunately, mine isn't a 
Singer, but rather a Brother sewing machine. At the time it was their top 
model. The selling point was that I could use the chainstitch for basting 
and once I had sewed the regular seam, the basting would pull out easily. 
You just have to replace the throat plate and insert the bobbin case 
without a bobbin in it. I may have tried it once, but find I prefer to 
just sew giant straight stitches for my basting. I haven't seen the 
article in Threads--our library seems to be behind on their 
subscription--but I'll look it up first chance I get.

Juanita C
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 07:01:34 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Sewhandys

I've been wondering about something lately and thought some of you clever
people on this list would have the answer. It seems as though the original
Singer toys were called " Model 20s" and only were called "Sewhandys" in
later years. I presume this is related to Singer's purchase of the Standard
company and their consequent ownership of the original Sewhandy machine - or
did Standard take their name from Singer? Not a matter of great importance,
but it sometimes gets confusing when people talk about Sewhandys - I'm not
sure if they mean the fw ancestor or the toy. Any ideas??
Sue M.
Date: 25 Sep 1996 11:43:43 +0000
Subject: Lotus

Dear Cyndi:

If perchance no one else has asked about the Lotus you saw, would you let me 
know how to get it?  My mom wants one desperately to travel with...I almost 
had one a few months ago, but the owner "changed mind!?"  My mom is only 
about 110 pounds and 5", and will be 76 years old.  When she goes to the 
relatives (a whole pile of them) she goes bonkers without a SM....I have the 
FWs but they are not as portable as the Lotus, so if the little darling 
could still be had, I want it for her 76th on November 4th....pls rsvp to me 

And many thanks for being so kind as to mention it....Mary
Subject: Stuff

To Debbie:    

I know you mentioned it before, but my mind is like a sieve these 
days...where is your shop?  Mom &I need to get something (I don't know 
what, needs to be unpacked) for the Elna and will cruise down to see you one 
of these days when possible....so please either post it here or send to me 
at McLehr@AOL.com...phone number and address and directions from 
Union...exit 138 on GSP...Turnpike, Route 1, whatever...

I really agree with you about the prices of FWs....enough is enough...it's 
like when the housing market went through the roof in the early 80's and how 
many people got really burned when the bottom fell out and they had to 
sell....during that time, my own house went up at least 80K  and then went 
back again...didn't matter, we weren't moving...just "paper money" at the 
time.  But the poor folks who paid those High $$$ to have an FW....they 
better hold on them for a long time, because it will be probably a tad more 
difficult to even recoup what they spent, let alone make "a profit!).


A short time ago, I posted my Singer guy, Bob had an FW for $185, no case, 
no attachments....I wanted to buy it, but couldn't.  Anyway, he said it must 
have been an hour after I left him and posted it that someone from 
Wisconsin, I think called (and others) and bought it.  It would have been 
nice if this lucky person even acknowledged it, I think...we all do this 
things to help others.  I know that I appreciate all the kindness, help, 
hints, and actual real things that Feather people do for each other....if 
there is anyone out there who's done something for me and I forgot to say 
it....let me now say:  I love you one and all, you are One of the Big Joys 
of My Life, and I shudder at the thought of not being able to get my daily 
fix....that's one of the reasons I wish I would WIN a LapTop, besides the 
fact that I JUST WANT ONE!  I hate to be anywhere and not get my fix, like 
when I was recently in Ohio...featherless...

I've been trying like mad to do research on obtaining Singer information.  I 
want to get the rest of the Singer Lites to have the whole set, but more 
importantly, have a really definitive source of information on Singer, 
especially here in New Jersey.  I had a name of a former Singer Union person 
and followed up, but got a lady who was probably a million years old and 
couldn't help...there was a Singer (maybe still is) Veterans Club which I'm 
sleuthing around for....I'm going to put an ad in the paper to try and pull 
in some stuff....

Graham's Exciting Issac Little Tibits about his Life have even more 
reinforced my desire to write a bio about our Hero, Issac.  It seems to be 
truly accurate, it would end up X rated, however.  This was a guy who really 
spread himself around, literally, I would say...I wonder if anyone knows the 
TOTAL number of progeny he had before he went to Singer Heaven?

I called up the Singer 1-800 number yesterday and chatted with someone for 
awhile.  My Singer guy said he thought there was a Singer museum in 
Edison....not so, but she told me about...the Antique Singer Sewing Machine 
Museum in California!!!!  and the book put out by that(!) guy!...and this 
was the SINGER ORGANIZATION!!!!  She said they had quite a bit of Singer 
stuff on exhibit!  She also said that there IS a small Singer contribution 
in the Smithsonian....she sent me a very faint looking 2 page SInger 
Bio...she told me to read the Capitalist Romance...that's all they can come 
up with?  And this IS Singer....boy, oh boy!  I had much more accurate and 
uptodate information that she did.

To Sheri:

Rocketeer is One Terrific SM...I think it will make the Final Cut, when I 
prune the collection.  I don't think I can part with it...but the FWs, 301s, 
201, Spartan...99s...how will I EVER be able to part with THOSE!  (not to 
mention the rest of the SM Clan residing in my house!)

I got a price from a Singer guy once on the 1/4 throat plate, and was told 
(with tax) about $80....very pricy.  Then, I bought a Centennial for $15, 
plus it came with the Plate....not bad, right?

PS:  on the 503 I posted about on Monday...the cabinet is what I would call 
a Deco...not ornate.

To Beth:

I also copy my manuals so as to preserve the originals, since they are so 
expensive and hard to come by....and then I blow them up a trifle so as to 
be able to read them better.  I've now made the initial copy (and keep that 
as my 'original' copy) and make others to have if anyone needs them...

That guy that sold 1100 FWs at no less than $450 each...that comes out to: 
 $495,000 minimum.
(Assuming some of the 1100 could have been MORE that 450, it could even be 
  I wonder why he's still working...?  I guess he's waiting til he reaches a 
cool Million....I hope the IRS doesn't read the FWFs....they might want to 
discuss his taxes...I don't know why he would be so grumpy if he's made all 
this money....how far up in UpState are you?  (I'm in Union, NJ, near Exit 
139 on Garden State Parkway or about 10 minutes from Newark Airport).

When I get Graham's contributions, they always have one letter on a line by 
itself.  I noticed that Jan (who is also on Compuserve) 
contribution ALSO comes that way.  I've been wondering for some time what it 
is exactly that makes so many come through ok and others not...I think it's 
the same at home...

To Sharon in OK:

Graham recently told me when I was wondering how to fix up a spot with 
missing paint to consider it as the SM's "war wounds" (my words, not his, 
but in that ballpark) as sort of veteran of use, etc., over the years and to 
not agonize over every little imperfection, as long as it's mechanically 
sound!  Makes sense to me...

To Charles:

I still haven't been able to access your website.  Will try again today...I, 
too am interested in the Decals, if they ever come to fruition...sounds 

To Claudette:

Re your Japan trip...is that the  John Mung Quilt Rally?  Sounds 
interesting...good luck...I love all the Japanese quilts I've seen so 
far....they are truly exquisite and they are such wonderful artists...

Bye for now, in Decidely UnCheerful Work where everyone is working like mad 
to complete their job assessments in the hopes of not being fired in the Big 
Merger Thing...GREAT morale around here, need I say!! (NOT!)  Mary 
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 10:23:03 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: singer's love life part one

        loved part two but somehow lost part one, can someone please
        forward to me...??   thanks, jeanieb@
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 09:59:32 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: WANTED

I'm looking for Singer throat plate #121388.  It's for a hemstitcher that 
fits a model 15.  I have the hemstitcher, just the wrong throat plate, 
though I am willing to buy the whole thing if available.

Patricia W
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 11:58:31 -0400
Subject: info on purchasing a FW

Please can someone educate me about these wonderful machines....???I am in
need of a machine that is portable and easy to move on and off an Airplane as
I take my sewing wherever I go. If you have info on pricing, what to look for
in the machine, what goes wrong with them.... how are they to repair...
market value, and age identifiying....Thanks
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 14:12:52 -0700
Subject: Flea market find

DH just came home from the Flemington NJ flea market with an old sewing
machine in a walnut table.  The sellers were asking $50.00 but took
$25.00.  It looks something like a FW, but has no belt, nor does it have
any place for a belt.  Just a black box on the back.  I assume it is
gear driven.  It is very dirty, but works just fine I think.  At least
it runs.  The Serial number on the front near the bobbin winder is
 A D 4 7 7 0 7 8.  The second 7 has a line under it, I think. 
Underneath on the bed is a big number 3, and the word *Simanco, USA*. 
Other numbers underneath on (moving?) parts are 126255 and 126270,
stamped in the metal. It came with the knee lever and no floor pedal,
though I think there is a space to store one on the inside of the
What is it?  Is it a 301?  How far should I go in restoration, and how
much should I spend. Do I get all the electric looked at and/or
replaced? The gold is all very good, very few scratches.  The bobbin
case is all there too. 
Should I be excited?  I think I am.
Once I find out what it is, can I get a manual anywhere?
I have been lurking here for a couple of weeks, not thinking that I
would ever have to ask a question.
Also never thought I'd have 4 sewing machines. I have my FW, my original
1950's Touch and Sew, a new Pfaff 7550 ( which I bought last year 'cause
I thought it would be the last machine I'd ever buy) and now this
Thanks -- Judy 
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 15:33:50 -0500
Subject: featherweight wanted

Hi Everyone,
Have been on this list for a couple of weeks and love reading all about
people's great finds! The question is, how can I get my hands on a fw
without paying $400.00? I know you say go to sales, but I have been going to
garage sales and auctions for years and I have never seen one. I have been
quilting for 12 years now and my nine and seven year old sons love to
machine piece with me. Problem is, I only have 1 fw I bought several years
ago. Please, Please, can someone direct me to another one at a reasonable
price so I can let both boys piece at the same time? I love my fw btw. Any
help would be greatly appreciated.
ps. I have been able to find them for $350-400 but that is not in my budget.
I keep reading about all these great finds out there! 
Date: 25 Sep 96 16:27:56 EDT
Subject: Contribution partt 3 singer

Singer's love life part 3

Disenchanted with attempting to live down his reputation, in 1873 he moved to
England, bought a nobleman's estate in Paignton, Devonshire, and began the
construction of an enormous castle which he called the Wigwam. This contained a
theatre, riding hall, banqueting hall and all the conveniences money could
command. It was still not finished when in July 1875 he died.
These were the children that he left behind:
By Mrs Catherine Haley Singer: William A Singer; Lillian C Singer.
By Mary Anne Sponsler: Isaac Augustus; Voulettie Teresa; John Albert; Fanny
Elizabeth; Jasper Hamlet; Mary Olive; Julia Ann; Caroline Virginia; two others
By Mrs Matthews (the wife under an assumed name): L Florence Matthews; Mary
Matthews; Charles A Matthews; two others died.
By Mrs Merritt (the wife under his middle name): Alice Merritt.
By Mrs Isobel Eugenie Singer (the third legal wife): Adam Mortimer; Winaretta
Eugenie; Washington Merritt Grant; Paris Eugene; Isobella Blanche; Franklin
Singer's will was contested by Mrs Spensler Singer who proved a marriage with
Singer from the time he was divorced from Mrs Haley until she married Foster --
a period of less than a year. This made her last child Caroline Virginia a
legitimate daughter. All other children by her thus became illegitimate. Her
eight children received $1,750,000, but she got only a small sum. 
Mrs Matthews' five children received about $1,750,000. Mrs Merritt's child got
about $400,000. Of the children of Mrs Catherine Haley Singer, the first wife,
one got $500 and one $10,000.
The remainder of the estate was shared between Mrs Isobel Eugenie Singer and 
children. And it was this third legal wife, a widow now with millions, who
carried on the buisness.
She fell in love with a French musician, and after marrying him, bought him a
title in Europe and the pair blossomed out as the Duke and Duchess of D
They attempted to buy their way into the cafe society in Paris but were not
successful.  By marrying the duke Isobel Eugenie lost her interest in Singer's
English estate which was then valued at $5,000,000. She had to give up the
castle and park at Paignton. However, she still had about 5,000 shares of 
stock which was estimated to be worth about $1,500,000. All the children except
the eldest, Adam Mortimer, lived with her in Paris. 
To quote the Sewing Machine Advance for 1889: "When the old sinner died he left
him surviving, as the lawyers say, one wife and two ex wives of the legitimate
variety and Lord knows how many more of the brevet variety."

One psycologist I know, an expert in behavorial patterns, estimates that for
every one child a philanderer admits to, there are at least 12 more unknown.
That would put Singer's estimated tally at 24 x 12 = 288 
All of the above may have little relevance to sewing-machine history, but if 
Sunday papers can do it so can we. 			 

Graham F
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 14:20:01 -0700
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 9/24/96

Hi everyone.  I would like to thank Millie and James for sending me the 
numbers and setting me straigt on the FW's.  I have so many questions, 
many of which would send you all rolling in the aisles...

Thanks to ya'll I have discovered that the treadle I bought is a model 
66 and was manufactured in 1919.  I really don't know wwhere to go from 
here.  I was hoping that I could refurbish it for my daughter who is 
learning how to sew.  Is this 'taboo' on an old machine?  Thought it 
might be easier for her to operate.

What is Graham F' 'chart'?  

I have only recently become interested in old machines and this line is 
terrific! By the way, do those toy machines you refer to actually work?

Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 17:27:27 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: machines sighted

pretty slim pickings around Eugene lately....but while snooping in pricey  
antique stores today i ran across an absolutely gorgeous oak treadle cabinet, 
very ornate and in perfect condition. inside was a WHeeler&Wilson #9 in 
cosmetically poor condition (decals all worn off) but was complete and it sewed 
smoothly. in the drawers of the cabinet was a large original SINGER manual on 
using accessories for "Class 9-" machines. Did singer buy W&W? i seem to recall 
a rumor of that from somewhere..... price on this rig was $175.  way too high 
for me. i'm strictly a buy-a-broken-bargain-fix-it collector. there's a huge 
flea market this sunday. they usually have silly stuff like 99K's for $200 
(hoping people will think they're FW's?)
also saw at Goodwill (no price, may go back and get it) something called a 
"Vertical Feed". electrified portable, old black thing with floral decals. 
moderate condition  NO FEED DOGS! a very strange moving foot with the needle 
bar. i want to get it just to see how it works. Is this a Davis machine? i seem 
to recall a phrase about "....the Davis Vertical Feed being a big seller in the 
Farm Belt. " (SIncere?)
o.k that does it. i need to get back over there and check i it out. if it's 
under $20, i'll buy it.
Thanks Flo for the offer of the 401 slide plate! i love to trade and barter 
parts. still need the cords &controller for it..

Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 22:35:53, -0500
Subject: Singer 800 #

Hello Fanatics!  I learned something from the Singer "birthday hotline"
today I thought I'd share.  I called hoping to get four birthdates with
one call.  The woman told me they had upped the number of machines
they'd look up from 2 to 3 but since 2 of the ones I requested were the
same letter (i.e. AJ) she would do it since she didn't have to turn the
page.  She also appreciated that I presented them in alphanumeric order.
 Just FYI -- Leslie
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 23:22:57 -0400
Subject: Lucky morning

Hi All,Well we all have a day where everything goes just the way we want it
to,and then some.The other day I got my day started and it went like clock
work.Not one bit of traffic,everything in the stores were I was shopping was
in place with a price tag on it.The car started,the PC have no shut down and
all the tensions on all my sewing machine were perfect.I drove to the other
side of town to pick up a young man who does handy work for me.When I
arrived his mother was on the porch wiping of a sewing machine case.I
figured little Jeff had found a machine of some sort for me.when he found
out I collected old fans he got a mess of them for me.I dared not tell him
to stop i could hurt his feeling and besides my basement would be empty.Well
he picked up the machine and headed for the car.His mother followed with a
box of attachments manual that all belonged to my new 401 the condition a 9+
not a mark on it or the case.It sews beautifully but loud.So I opened the
bottom.Then cut a piece of thin rubber slip resistant router pad and lined
the plastic bottom,cutting hole were the rubber discs would come out.This
sound proofed it a great deal.Have fun all
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 21:12:51 +0000
Subject: SM dreams

To Amy:
I'm glad I'm not the only one who dreams about SM's.  Last night I 
dreamed I was in Dallas visiting my parents (I live in Oregon), and I 
saw a 66 in 8 condition at a flea market.  It was a treadle machine 
with no cabinet, but it was the size of a FW and weighed the same as 
a 301 (16 lbs.).  It was also decorated like a hand crank with gold 
and green.  The man wanted $50, I offered $30, but somehow the 
price got down to $22.  All I could think of was "How am I going to 
get this home?"

Anyway, I think other FWF's are the only ones who understand...

Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 21:14:52 +0000
Subject: to Kathy Connor

To Kathy C:
I tried to email you, but it kept bouncing back.  Please contact me 
about the Kenmore manual you're looking for.

Date: 26 Sep 96 01:52:35 EDT
Subject: Interesting Antique??

Spotted at Salvation Army:

An old treadle machine; a black head, lavishly decorated, with kind of a flower
pattern.  Some of it looks like inlaid mother-of-pearl, but probably isn't. The
brand name decal is missing; there are two little holes where it appears that 
it was attached.  It has a serial # plate that says 2/E 881494.  The 2 is on top of the E.  The head is set in a table that has a wood inlay decoration around the perimeter. It says "30" in the center of the front edge. It has a rectangular wood cover, with beautiful wood inlay, that latches over the head onto the table. (The key is missing).  Worked in to the pattern on the end panels of the cast-iron treadle stand is an oval, with what appears to be the letters "JB" inside the oval. I have no idea how to judge the condition.  The belt/belts are missing.  The wood could use some refinishing; a little bit of the inlay on the case is damaged.  The table has a 2-3" diameter hole in front of the machine and a little to the right; it looks like something might have been set in to it.

Can anyone tell me what it is?  The asking price is $99.
Subject: Family FW Fiasco
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 1980 06:45:01 -0500

First a great big THANK YOU to all of you who responded!!!  Your info was
greatly appreciated.

Most of the responders to my FW problem gave me the advice that I should
not "raise a stink" in the family over the machine.  Advice then ranged
from give it back to her without charge to getting ever nickel I could.

Those who gave prices for that machine said in the 150-250 dollar range.

I wrote her a letter telling her what I paid for what I did to the machine
(since I had the bobbin case base on hand) and what a SM repairman would
charged her (I called the shops near where she lives since that was most
likely to be where she would take it).  Then I told her I would bring it to
her the next time I saw her.  I did not ask for any monetary settlement
(although ransoming the machine did cross my mind).

She wrote back and told me that she would have my money for me when we meet
at the flea market next month.  I suppose I have to accept it only if I
find some interesting SM's at the flea market, right?  :)

Of course I am going to admonish her greatly in person for not having taken
better care of the machine!!!

Thank you all for your indulgence.


PS...the flea market is a tri-annual event held in Lucasville Ohio (think
Portsmouth area basically).  The next one and final for the year is October
12th and 13th at the fair grounds.
Date: 26 Sep 1996 11:14:31 +0000
Subject: Stuff

To Chris:

Hi Chris:  I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but it's something....I've not 
been able to get through to you; I keep getting error messages.  I've gone 
over and over the setup for your name, but it doesn't work.  I keep getting 
postmaster errors with O/R, blah, blah.  Others go through, so I don't know 
why this is, but please send me a note so I can respond ...and I've tried to 
order other stuff but can't...(besides the tires).  My mom told me our sweet 
little Veronica (our Black 301) has become demented and won't stop....the 
regulator?  This makes 2 SMs with regulator problems.  I'll work on them 
over the weekend and let you know if I need to get the regulators...if you 
could answer me both at this address and at home , I would 
be grateful.  Did you get any pix of the Happy Bride &Groom?  (I pictured 
you lurking in your little canoe just off the shore....snapping 
away....perhaps she would like an FW for a Wedding gift!)

Toodles....waiting to hear from you....Mary
Date: 26 Sep 96 07:56:56 EDT
Subject: WANTED - Willcox &Gibbs Part

Hi FWF Friends.  I have been a long-time lurking and a long-time silent, but 
I finally have a favor to ask.  I desperately need to find a replacement bottom
bolt for my Willcox and Gibbs portable electric.  It's the thumb-screw bolt 
locks the machine onto the base--do any of you have some spare Willcox &Gibbs
parts--this bolt in particular?  Please e-mail me privately if you can spare 
of these bolts or any W&G attachments.  I will, of course, be happy to pay your
fair asking price.  Thanks SO much!
Date: 26 Sep 96 08:29:32 EDT
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 9/24/96


Kristen -- congratulations on your "birthdate" for your 27 -- ours might be
cousins .  I have a 27 portable  that I got here in Russia that was actually
made in Great Britian .... check out Charles 's www  page for diagrams, etc
and I know people will jump in  and offer you copies of manuals -- I can send
you a Russian version if you like!
Also, Gail's www  home page has lots of information on how to clean (and
not clean!!) these very old machine's scroll work, etc.  Do you have the sphinx
on your machine?

Charles and Bobbie:  Charles, you have been one busy beaver since I was last on
your page -- the "upgrade" is very snazzy. 
Thanks, Bobbie for all your pics that are on there -- gives us overseas types
more to look at. I even enjoyed looking at the attachment boxes.  Us new kids 
the block have to know what we are looking at if and when we might see
I also noted subtle differences between the 127/128 and my 27 -- different
scroll work, etc etc -- my machine also seems bigger but could just be photo

Old timers:  please continue to post www pages and info for newbies!!!!  It
might be boring for the "old folks" but the only way newcomers to the www, etc
can get all the information that is available.  Everyone was extremely kind to
me and filled my e-mail box w/advice.

Antique lovers: what other "brands" are out there other than Singer?  Would 
love to know more.

We're having a warm week today it is 63 -- last week it was about 35-40
wsome "reported" sightings of snow flurries, and a lot of people were 
miserable: the city govt. doesn't usually turn the heat on until October 15 ... we have our own heating system at the Embassy here, thank goodness.
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 22:57:56 -0700
Subject: featherweights

A friend asked me to post to the list that she wanted to purchase a
featherweight in the price range of $300. If you have one for sale in this price range please call or send her a card.   Thanks Cheryl
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 09:53:35 -0400
Subject: yesterday's finds

Hello all,
     I haven't posted in awhile but have a little tale to tell.  Last
spring, a lady who owns a shop near where I work got into a discussion with
me regarding sewing machines.  It seems her basement had flooded and she
had rescued her machine and wanted to know if I could clean it up and get
it running for her.  Well, it was a big old 20 lb sucker, and I lugged it
home, and found it to be rusted solid.  I spent a couple of hours with
emery cloth, oil, grease and got it shined up and running again.  When I
returned it to her she wanted to pay me, but I had so much fun with it that
I didn't charge anything.
     Yesterday, she ran out to me when I pulled into work with my car, with
a story of an elderly friend who had a machine that needed cleaning up
also.  She told me that she had informed her friend that I charged $60-70
to clean up a machine and the lady had agreed to the price.  (I didn't and
don't intend to charge the dear lady anything !)  I met the friend later
on, found the machine to be a Singer Golden Touch and Sew she had bought at
a yard sale for $35.  I told her I would do my best with it but not to have
any high hopes since this machine is considered to be such a dog.  Then she
hands me this huge bag of misc sewing items.  In it are many sewing machine
manuals, boxes of attachments, loose attachments and even sewing machine
parts.  They do not go with the Touch and Sew but she offered these to me
free, in lieu of payment for my cleaning up her machine.  Naturally, I
readily agreed to the arrangement.  Now I just have to sort everthing and
figure out what they are.  She says she bought the bag of stuff for $5 at
an auction at an estate in NY City last summer and then discovered that
none of the stuff fit her machine.  She said that the sale was at the home
of a person who did sewing for a living and although she didn't end up with
any machines from the sale, she did end up with a lot of the manuals and
attachments.  I noticed for one thing an original 221-1 manual in a little
Bernina bag with the two keys that fit the case.  There is also a green
singer cardboard box of attachments with the screw driver too, but I am not
sure these fit the featherweight since the bobbins that are in the box are
not featherweight bobbins.  At any rate, I will be sorting today and
tomorrow.  There are manuals from Kenmore's, Whites, Singers, Necchi, and
Bernina.  I will post a list to the FW for sale list for Saturday of
anything I care to dispose of.  There are a lot of things in there that I
have no idea about so I may be posting later to ask if anyone knows what
these things are.
The other news is that I have found a 301 from a retired sewing machine
repair man in Vermont and he will be delivering it to me very soon.  He is
charging $100 but it is fully reconditioned.  Luckily, I found a 301 manual
in the bag of stuff.  If the machine comes with a manual, however, I will
offer the other one to the list.
Sorry to go on so long.  Look for my list in Saturday's sale digest
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 10:00:11 -0400
Subject: Looking for info on a DOMESTIC

   I am a new subscriber.  In addition to my Featherweight, I own a DOMESTIC
treadle.  I am trying to find out whatever I can on the machine.
   The machine is a treadle with a bentwood cover.  It uses the bullet-shaped
"bobbin case" (a vibrating shuttle type I believe).  On the cover plate to
the bobbin are patent dates from May 16,1863 through May 16, 1876 and the
number 755045.  On the inside, beneath the bobbin cover plate, is another
number 490507.  One of the drawers also contained a cardboard box of
attachments.  It is labeled Toof's Standard Set ($5) adapted to the Light
Running Domestic.
   I would like to find out the basics of the machine.  I have it sewing, but
I am not certain that I threaded the bobbin shuttle properly.  I also wonder
if there are copies of any manuals or references on these machines available.
 I do not know what type of needles it takes, for example.  Thanks for
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 09:52:27 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Decals Wanted!!!... Got new machines!!!               

     Hi everyone, It's been a while since I've posted. I've aquired several
more machines since then. A Franklin treadle..A New Model treadle.. a Free
treadle in parlor cabinet with peacock design..Domestic treadle..American
Rotary.. black 301A in Case! This is my first 301 case..and I am thrilled
with it.                 Got a Singer pinker ..oil cans AND..I GOT MY ELIAS
HOWE MACHINE!!!!! It is weird looking but we LOVE it!!! I am up to the 50
mark I believe! I've got the disease bad!!!!
I am looking for the decals for sewing machines. The Singers mainly, but
would be happy to find any.............Thanks a lot!!!!!!!
Sincerely, Treadlin' Doreen
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 11:15:37 CST
Subject: Featherweight

Looking for a 221-1 case in good condition and reason able.           
                                         thanks manuel
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 09:23:00 -0700
Subject: A find? for *someone*

Hi, this is Holly.  In my searching yesterday, I found a woman who says that she doesn't sew.  Never did. a machine was givien to her when someone else went to one with bells and whistles.  It is a White Rotary in a cabinet . . but I could not find a model number/name on it.  It evidently has a godzilla finish  ?? . . black textured and looks as if it could take on a tank and win.  The number on it is 41X7705; the cabinet is sturdy and finish is good.  Looks as tho it has 3 drawers but it is a door which gives access to the knee lever.  The machine runs, and sounds a little like a hay baler.  Needs oil/lube, at least.  Questions:  What is it?  Is the whole thing worth $100?  Does someone want it?  
Subject: RE: 99-13 throat plate
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 15:26:58 -0500

I was lucky again, at an auction last Saturday.  Got myself a 99-13, in 
original cabinet, oil can (empty) but in its little rack, and knee 
lever, attachments, and this really neat little drawer on the inside 
door of the cabinet which holds 6 prongs for bobbins.  The cabinet is in 
good condition and a friend of mine is going to refinish it into 'great' 
condition.  No gouges or dents in the wood, just regular wear and tear 
and a few water marks.  I also got the manual for it and I would rate 
this machine about an 8.  Now my questions: 20

(1)	In the bobbin case I removed about 10 lbs. of fluff, and dirt.  
There's a little spring to the right of the bobbin ejector, and I took 
out as much as I could of some very hard what looked like felt.  Could 
have just been fluff that has gotten hard over time.  There's still some 
in there, and I just can't remove it; for fear of damaging that spring.  
So what does this little spring do?  The fluff in there doesn't seem to 
bother the operation of the machine.  It runs quite nicely, and does a 
perfect stitch.

(2)	On the last page of my manual, there is a feed cover plate #32622 
which was available for doing embroidery and darning.  Is this plate 
still available?  If so, where can I get one?  (I'm starting a quilt 
class next week, and would like to use this machine for quilting).

	(3)  I have heard the 99 referred to as the 'big sister' to the FW 
(being a 3/4 size machine)?  Is the motor on the 99 strong enough to do 
machine quilting, or is it possible that I could damage the motor, or 
burn it out?

Anyone who can help me out with any of these questions, I would be 
really grateful.  Thanks so much!!!

Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 16:25:18 -0400
Subject: Aloha!

Hi all, about to exit to Maui for a week.  DH has business.  Taking our 3
kids.  Been told that it's never a vacation with children--just a change of
scenery.  Looking forward to the change...

To Graham.  Missed part 2 on Isaac Singer.  Always wonder what happened when
something is missing.  Computers are wonderful but not perfect.

  Check on Nancy Johnson-Srebro's book "Featherweight 221:
 Perfect Portable" for about $7 at quilt shops or by mailorder "Stitch Back
in Time" has it--other shops.  Will answer all your questions.  Even has 221

To Judy.  Called Singer 1/800-877-7762 (Customer Service) but didn't
get thru.  Call them and give them serial number.  They will tell you model
#, birthdate and maybe offer a manual at no charge.  They've also referred me
to Singer service centers that have parts I need.  If you lose the 1/800
number, it's always printed at the end of this digest.

To Sue M.  I have a 1953 Sewhandy Model 20-10/5 which I believe is the first
reference to Sewhandy.  I looked everywhere to answer your question about the
meaning of the name change--two back issues of "Toy Stitchers" devoted to
Singer, the Thomas book, the Bays book.  No luck.  It is printed on the cover
of the box my toy came in, but not on the manual.  Now you've picqued my
interest.  Let me know if you find out. 

To Mary L..  I always enjoy your posts--you put a smile on my face each
day!  Thanks!

Anyone.  If you have a 221 manual copywrighted 1935 would you check to see
how many pages it has.  My manual ends on page 48--and no back cover.  Am I
missing anything?  THANKS!

ALOHA!  --Mari
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 14:46:59 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: flea market machine

 Judy G wondered:
> Subject: Flea market find
>It looks something like a FW, but has no belt, nor does it have
> any place for a belt.  Just a black box on the back.  I assume it is
> gear driven.  It is very dirty, but works just fine I think.  At least
> it runs.  The Serial number on the front near the bobbin winder is
>  A D 4 7 7 0 7 8.  

 your serial number indicate the year 1930, the black box on the back is indeed 
a gear-drive motor, which makes your machine either a  201, or a 101
here's how to tell;
201: the bobbin is off to the side, but is a visible drop-in variety. there is 
stitch length/reverse lever on the front. tension discs are on the front.
101: very similar to the 201 on first glance, but the motor case is round 
instead of oblong, and there is no reverse lever, just a large stitch length 
the other geardrive machine is a 15-91, but i don't think they were 
until 1933. (bobbin in a case underneath, tension discs on the faceplate (left) 

any of these are fine machines and worth keeping $25 in a cabinet is a great 
deal! be sure and check the wiring for frayed or crumbling insulation if you 
going to use the machine though. i have seen a lot of dangerous rubber and 
deteriorated wiring on these old beauties. i usually rewire old heads as a 
matter of safety.
i agree with Mary, this is a friendly oasis in cyberspace, and we should help 
each other out and be sure and thank folks for parts and information that we 
get from other Fwf-ers. i look forward to this newsletter every day.
 i do wonder about the ethics of selling small things vs. giving them away. it 
takes time and  gas and a little bit of money to go photocopy manuals and such. 
i have little kids(equals limited time and money!).... I cannot afford to give 
away manuals and parts, but i certainly want to charge way way less than sewing 
machine dealers, antique shops and other cunning "enterpreneurs" ($80 for a 
throatplate!!!??? eek!). i need to be compensated for search and recovery time, 
but nOT make a killing. That's not what we're here for. we're here because we 
have a romance and fascination with the machines, and want to share that 
excitement with other sympathetic souls.  personally, i enjoy barter most of 
all. please remember that when you read my sales posts on saturday!

Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 18:07:33 -0900
Subject: 301A

Hah!  Lucky stars are blinkin' for me!  Dropped in on a Consignment Shop.
No sewing machines until I asked the owner if they had any.  She showed me
a 301A in a cabinet in excellent condition with a whole bunch of
attachments.  The price matched my budget so I said yes to $30.  After
cleaning and lube, I think it will run like a dream.  It comes with a bunch
of attachments but alas, the manual's missing.  Can I get a copy of the
manual from a kind soul out there in exchange for a couple of squishies?

This find is on the heels of another search and rescue.  My Singer treadle
(a Model 66) will be arriving home in 15 days.  The manual comes with it
including receipt of sale that's dated way back in 1936 in England.
Scrollwork is unusual...blue tulips which tells me that possibly it was
manufactured in Glasgow, Scotland.  Will know more when I call Singer.  ^_^

Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 22:34:32, -0500
Subject: Have manual, need another

I have a mint manual for a Model 66-16 that I would love to give to 
someone that needs it.  I do, however, need a manual (or a xerox 
copy) of the manual for a 99K.  Someone out there in FWF land should 
be able to help me.

Rita G
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 23:17:52 -0400
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 9/25/96

I finally found my first Singer oil can.  Mine isn't oval however.  It is
round with a spout about 7 inches long.  It is silver and has the word Singer
on it in raised letters in the metal. I was thrilled.  I have a featherweight
221k, with a black case.  There is an oval shape thing in the case, is this
where one of those little oval cans go?  If not what is it for?  THanks for
any help.

Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 21:31:19 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: FW sighting

I saw a black FW in an antique shop today. It said $275. firm - no case. 
It had the "straight" face plate, not the pretty scrollie one. It wasn't
scratched, and it wasn't shiney. It had its decals. If soneone wants it 
I will make arrangements to send it from El Cajon, CA. I have one like it
already, and a white one. I want a scrollie black one someday, and a tan
one of course. Just one of each will be fine, thank you. Some of you have
emailled me about a tan for sale, but so far, I haven't purchased one.

Thanks you everyone who let me know about DH, MIL and Graham. But, now,
what's VBG? And did I read it here that Graham has a book about old SM's.
I really need to fix up this cutie "New Domestic" with patented date of
1874, 1875, 1876 on the face place. I think it works, but .... a needle
would be a good start in finding out. Only paid $50 for this wonderful
looking machine in a 4-drawer oak? cabinet. Earlier posting I told you
that it was a 6-drawer cab. Of course, at that time it was still face down
in my Ford Explorer. Neighbors helped carry it in for me.

I must tell a story about my friend Terry - a man - who has found not one,
but 3 FW's at the local swap meet over a 6 month period. Each in it's case.
Each with all attachments AND oil cans. Scrollie ends, too! $25 for #1, $35
for #2, and $50 for #3. Prices are going up. And he doesn't even sew. He 
saw mine at my house and knew it was a good thing, so when he spotted one,
he scarfed it up. I'm jealous. He doesn't even let me use them, he's afraid
I might keep the oil can. He might be right. Shannon 
Subject: What a great column
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 01:49:03 EDT

Hi All,
I'm new at the computer and FWF.  I have really enjoyed the past week or
so and hearing all the stories about sm's.  I bought a FW in March.  A
friend had one and she just loved hers.  She told me about the bargain
she had gotten ( $50 ).  I looked and looked at junque shops, antique
shops, called everywhere and finally found one in a Singer store.  The
price was $450.  Way out of my budget!  They said they would hold it for
me.  In the meantime, I placed a wanted ad in our local newspaper for one
week. On the second to last day, I got a call on my answering machine. 
It was a woman saying she had one for sale.  It was the only call I had
received from my ad.  I called her back and asked her the price and she
said $60!!!!!  I almost died!!  I got her address, my mom sat with the
kids and I was off.  I was so nervous!  I got to her house ( a big, brand
new one with a Cadillac in the garage ) and she invited me in and there
she sat.  Betsy.  My palms started to sweat!  She said that she hadn't
used it for the last 10 yrs and it needed oiling and cleaning and maybe a
belt.  I paid her and left and kind of felt a little guilty.  The feeling
soon passed!  I had it cleaned and oiled and it didn't need a new belt. 
I am so happy to have that machine!  I found out her birthday ( thanks to
the info from FWF ) .  It's April l6, 1952.  I just thought I would share
my story!
Subject: Missed part one of Singer's love life 
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 12:28:24 +0000

I have read both parts two and three on Graham's contribution of Singer's
love life (sounds like a busy man!), but somehow I missed part one.  I have
re-read the last 2 1/2 weeks of postings and its not there.  What day was it
posted, or could someone please e-mail it to me?  I'm one of these persons
that need to hear a story from the begining.

Got the nicest letter yesterday from the 84 year old gentleman that sold me
his wife's toy sewing machine. He found the clamp after we left and mailed
it to us.  Fortunately, I had written a check so he had our address.

Date: 27 Sep 96 06:51:45 EDT
Subject: Re: Contribution

To Mary re Singer History

All power to you in your research project. Just one word of warning. The Singer
house magazines were produced as propaganda to keep the work force happy and
information in them must be read in this light. For example, as discovered in
the British version, Singer announced to the work force that the company had
been awarded the only "gold medal award" in its class at a sewing machine
exhibition in Paris. Further research reveals that this medal was for the best
floral display on an exhibitor's stand and all the medals for sewing-machine
excellence had been won by other companies. Pinch or salt is the term we are
looking for here.
Would be very happy to help with any specific points (I've two filing cabinetsf
ull of Singer stuff) and would also be glad of copies of anything you dig up.
Also be thankful for the information that Singer USA does put out, suspect that
it is at times.. In the rest of the world Singer offices simply say they can't
help and dump the questions onto ISMACS.
Concerning odd short lines in postings from the UK, Compuserve, of course, says
this cannot happen but it certainly does. 

To Judy re new find
Congratulations. As far as how far restoration should go, at ISMACS we advise
thorough cleaning, a check on the electrics if necessary by someone who knows
what they are doing and that's it.

To Viv re chart

The "Chart" you refer to is a simple method of describing condition that has
been in use by collectors for a decade. I believe you will find it in the FWF
Toy machines can actually work -- some like the Singer 20 models do quite well.
It's a paradox but often the poorest at sewing are the most sought after  today
simply because as they were so bad very few were actually sold.

To TR re Singer/W&W

Singer bought out Wheeler and Wilson in 1905. Continued to make the W&W no 9 at
the Bridgeport, Conn, factory for a few years under the Singer badge.
Beware these machines with wonderful cabinets and worn heads inside.Simply 
the cabinet has been totally refinished (easy, cheap job) but the "craftsman"
didn't have the skills to do anything about the machine itself. Most collectors
would prefer a cabinet in original finish rather than a "restored" one.
Yes, the machine you saw wihthout feed dogs was a Davis.
Any truth to the rumour that your name is Tiffantelli Rhodumbus and that's why
you use initials?

Graham F
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 09:27:44 -0400
Subject: 201

Hi everyone can someone explain to me what the difference is between the
singer 101 and the singer 201 to me the only diference is on the 101 the
light is on the back, but I really don't know. I don't have a manual for the
101 if thats what it is.Thanks Frish

Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 08:37:51 -0700
Subject: Re: NEED sliding cover fkr bobbin area  for Model 99: fits next to 
throat plate.

Am in desperate need of the above!  Can any one help????

Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 11:39:08 -0700
Subject: Flea Market find

Hi, all,
	Wednesday I asked about the black Singer in Table that  DH bought at
the Flemington Flea Market for $25.00.  I hadn't done my homework when I
posted.  Now I have.  I called the Singer 800 number and know I have a
model 15 made on 8/23/96. They will send me a copy of the manual.
	  The machine's brightwork is unscratched and the black just needs
cleaning.  The decals are all pretty good too.  The cabinet is solid
walnut and walnut veneer over walnut.  The veneer is/was coming up in
places where it obviously got wet in storage, but DH has that almost all
taken care of.  He's got clamps, weights, glue, waxed paper, all over
the kitchen counter while he works on it right there, instead of taking
it to his workshop.  When he gets done with it, it will look wonderful. 
And he's so proud that he found this for me.!
	My new question is -- what is it?  What is it's reputation for
reliability?  What is the quality of it's stitching.  I believe it  was
not a top of the line machine when made.  Anybody else have one?  Are
you still working on it?  Is it collectible? Or is it just another
machine.  Is it worth just the $25.00 dollars paid?  I know the table is
worth more than that.
	Thanks for your info in advance.
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 14:31:27 -0700
Subject: model 15 and 201

Hi all,
	More on the continuing saga.  As you will recall DH came home with a
mystery black Singer in a table.  Found out it is a model 15 made in
1932.  Called my Sewing Machine Guy to ask if he would overhaul.  He had
originally sent me on the trail of the elusive 201 and that's what DH
thought he was buying. SMG has a 201 in perfect condition which he will
sell me for $150.00.  Says he will take the 15 in trade but suggests I
keep it for parts.  The 201 will fit into the same table, so I am set. 
He says the 201 is the BEST straight sewing machine ever made.  Runs
quieter and smoother than anything else, and the straight stitch is
unexcelled.  He says that few come on the market because most people who
sew for a living won't give them up.  Anybody else out there with a 201
they can tell me about?  I'm going to buy it tomorrow anyway. 
Thanks.  Judy
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 13:46:26 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Hits &misses

I got lucky today, but not too lucky...  I found a box of attachments at
an estate sale on top of four of the Singer instruction books (all in
excellent shape, all 1928-29 copyright dates) -- and got the whole pile
for $5.  But at the next sale, there was a model 27 that had been
electrified and put in a more modern (probably 1930's) cabinet.  It wasn't
a bargain, but it still had the folding oak attachment box.  While I was
pondering it, a woman came up and grabbed the box out of the drawer.  I
told her that the box had attachments for the machine, but she said they
didn't go with that machine at all and walked off with the box.  (Grrr!) 
There was also a little Martha WAshington sewing cabinet (the oval shaped
one) that I was tempted by, but I think I'll go back later and see if it's
still there &make an offer.

No other machines; no word on class 339 needles, although the SingerGuy
says they're actually listed in a book he's got, and he's working on
ordering them. 

Oh, well, tomorrow is anothah day...

Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 15:35:35, -0500
Subject: 66 Manual...

  Would like to help my sil find a manual (reprint fine) for her 66
treadle.  She is fwfanaticdigestless.  Can anyone help?

  sigh...wish I was asking for a manual for MY treadle...but I haven't
found one yet! G!
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 16:21:02, -0500
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 9/26/96

DENISE!!! Do not pass GO, do not collect 200 dollars!
  You will no doubt receive a million replies from people telling you...


  They will be able to tell you exactly WHY you shouldn't --- All I know is
it's an integral part of THE WORKS.

  BTW, I 'almost' took mine out too...but my hubby alerted me to the fact
that 'you don't wanna do that!'.  Oh, ok...ur, I knew that! GGG!
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 17:29:13 -0400
Subject: SMs sighted

Hi guys,

Seeing these SMs on monday, anyone interested mail me for their info.
1) 201
Will check them out and see what they come with condition etc.All in 
working order that I know of.

Att.Margaret in Brooklyn!

please mail me as mine keep bouncing when I write you.

Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 19:18:18, -0500
Subject: 99-13


  The little spring to the right of the bobbin winder holds a piece of grey
or red felt which is there to oil the hook.  If you look in the section of
your manual which covers oiling the machine, there should be a picture
which shows the felt and says to put 2 or 3 drops of oil on it.  Since
you've already removed most of it, just be sure to put a little oil on the
hook race fairly often.  In some of the later Spartans (192Ks) the wick was
dispensed with entirely and there's not even a hole in the position bracket
for the spring.

  I believe the feed cover plate is still available.  Ask Chris Vagtborg
about it.  I do know you could still get them about a year ago.

Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 19:50:08 -0400
Subject: Now we have twins

We have has a two-tone 301A in the original cabinet, now we have one in
the grasscloth case as well. Our son was sick today, so we took him to
the doctor (ear &sinus infection). On the way back, we decided to give
a quick look into a nearby antique shop. They never seem to have sm's,
but it was on the way. There were two 66 treadles, both near $150, good
cabinets, but terrible heads. Then I spotted a two-tone 301A sitting on
the floor next to one of the 66s. Nice, I thought, glad we already have
one. Then I saw the case behind it. Well that did it. Now we have a
cabinet model and a portable. No attachments, but there is a nice old
tin box full of old notions, and the original manual in near perfect
condition. (I think the light oil coating preserved it, kind of like the
manuals you sometimes find with treadles, soaked in oil, but intact.) 

Not exactly sm related is the question of the tin box. It's about the
size of one of those green attachment boxes, and is all grey. The logo
on it, I know I've seen before. It's a relief of an arab leading a
camel, in a circle. Anyone know what this is?

Also stopped by the Goodwill and picked up a Singer toy machine, "Junior
Miss", model 67B. Its a white plastic battery operated lockstitch
machine with a side-to-side long shuttle, and horizontal spool pin like
the newer Singers. I know its not a classic old collectable, but it was
only $3.99, and our 5 year-old son dearly wants a sm of his own. Anyone
know about when these were made, or anything else about them?

Clay (&Shelly)
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 19:55:48 -0400
Subject: Singer in the NY Times

Did a little researching in the New York Times archives in our public
library the other day, and found a few interesting items. So as not to
take up too much space (and save my hands ), I'll post one or two
items each day. Also, if someone with less resources wants me to look
something up, I'll give it a shot next time at the library. (Their
microfilm NYT archive goes back to 1851.)

The New York Times, October 15, 1952 (p. 36)

"Slant-Needle Sewing Machine"

  "A slant-needle sewing machine by Singer was previewed yesterday by
the press at a clinic in the Terrace Room at the Plaza Hotel. It will
make its debut at all Singer sewing centers on Monday. The machine
slants the needle toward the operator at a nine degree angle, thus
enabling the operator to get a better view of what she is doing."

The New York Times, June 9, 1954 (p. 37)


  "An automatic "swing-needle" sewing machine, which can do embroidery
as well as straight sewing, was introduced at the Savoy Plaza Hotel
yesterday by the Singer Sewing Machine Company.
  "The machine is the first of its type made in the United States and is
reminiscent of the 'zig-zag' or 'swing-needle' types imported. A
representative of the Singer company said that a home seamstress could
make 100 or more stitch variations with the machine and achieve
foolproof results regardless of how limited her sewing experience.
  "The machine comes with a set of six discs for various types of
stitches, such as a zigzag one or a scallop, and other discs are
available at a smal additional cost. It may be ordered at Singer sewing
machine centers, on of which is at 396 Fifth Avenue.
  "At the showing embroidery stitches made by machine were shown on
household furnishings and wearing apparel. Simple and tasteful motifs
distinguished the embroidery.
  "Outstanding was a pair of white organdy casement curtains appliqued
with organdy in a wide lattice design border and finished with a scallop
edge. The zigzag disc neatly appliqued this design on the curtain."

Okay, I know the slant-needle machine is the 301, but what about the
zigzag? At first glance, I thought they were talking about the 401, but
someone on the list already mentioned that that was not Singer's first
zigzag machine.


Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 20:25:07 -0400
Subject: Wheeler and Wilson

Hi All,

Just finished cleaning up along with a BIG helping hand from my DH, my 
new Wheeler and Wilson #8 treadle.A big thanks to Karen(Frish) who's 
fairly new to the digest for locating and passing it on to me.I'd never 
have gotten it without her help.


Now what I'm looking for is a copy of a #8 manual if someone cold help 
me please.Also a curved needle would be nice as she's ready to sew but 
the needle is broke.Be More than happy to pay a reasonable price.

Well I'm done
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 18:38:19 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: 99-13 oiler felt

asks about her 99-13;
> (1)	In the bobbin case I removed about 10 lbs. of fluff, and dirt.  =
> There's a little spring to the right of the bobbin ejector, and I took =
> out as much as I could of some very hard what looked like felt.

this is an oiler felt for the hook, do not remove it. it is a standard feature 
on 66-class machine (99, 185K, 192K). put a drop of oil on it once in awhile. 
the 66-class hook is an awful lint-catcher, clean often!

> 	(3)  I have heard the 99 referred to as the 'big sister' to the FW =
> (being a 3/4 size machine)?  Is the motor on the 99 strong enough to do =
> machine quilting, or is it possible that I could damage the motor, or =
> burn it out?

i don't know how anyone could compare the 99 to the 221, except that they're 
both smallish and black! the 99 is cast iron and the FW is aluminum though, 
heft them! The FW is a rotary mechanism, the 99 is an oscillator, noisier and more 
vibration prone. if anyone is a canditate for FW's big sister, i'd say it's the 
301. same hook/bobbin assembly. Motor wise, the 99 is a tough little beast. not 
quite comparable to a heavy-duty head like the 201, but should certainly be 
enough for quilting. if the motor bogs or runs hard, you're overdriving it.

Date: Sat, 28 Sep 1996 00:50:40 -0400
Subject: Need Help!

Hi new FWF friends!  I am very upset with my friend (hi June!) for infecting
me with the sm bug.  I have been dreaming of machines for the past several
weeks.  If I could only buy them all!
I hope one of you can assist me.  I recently purchased for Dirt Cheap a
Free-Westinghouse machine in cabinet.  The machine works well, but there is
no pressure foot or hardware for attaching a pressure foot.  I understand
this is probable a relatively worthless machines, but it is too pretty to
turn into a boat anchor.  Does anyone know where I might be able to aquire
parts for this?  Any help sure would be appreciated!
Susan B 
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 22:15:27 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: todays finds!

a rare day garage saling without my kids. first stop, an estate sale. beautiful 
15-90 (like a 15-91, but with a belt-drive motor) in shiny perfect 9 condition, 
all attachments, manual in a small cabinet. i snagged it for $40, destined for 
my daughter's school.
next stop, a 404 missing cords &controller. i take it for $5 next stop a 538 
stylist complete with all the goodies and case (another for the school) $10.
lots of nothings...a bag of attatchments, buttonholers, manuals...then one last 
sale. a dusty 99-13 in a cabinet. $40. i don't take it...pretty sated, and 99's 
don't appeal to me. but get to talking with the seller, (my favorite part of 
sales next to finding neat machines!) and she mentions she has another old 
Singer i might be interested in, but that it doesnt work. she goes into her 
house and brings out something i'd never seen before; small fiddle-bed, huge 
handwheel, all inlaid in lots of mother-of-pearl. it has a transverse boat 
shuttle (missing the shuttle), tiny tension discs, fantastic gold decals and a 
singer medallion. it won't go through a complete revolution of handwheel, 
something is jammed, she says apologetically..."my husband took it apart"..... 
it's just a head, no case or cabinet or anything. i offer $25, she counters 
$50, we settle at $40. i try not to dance around.....pack it off to the 
machine-crammed car before she can drag out the willcox&gibbs or the 
get it home and look in my books for clues. it's a Singer New Family 12K (very 
much like the picture in Carter Bays' book pg. 174, the decorations are 
different) i would say it's a condition 6.5. some decals are worn on the arm 
where the machine was lifted a lot. i took it apart and discovered that the 
previous owner had the needlebar's cam in wrong. cycles through smoothly now, 
everything seems to be in time. wish i could see it sew! missing the shuttle, 
and presser foot. i can fabricate a nice wooden base for it to sit on/in, and 
would like to refurbish it to a handcrank. DOes anyone have these parts or know 
where i might inquire to get them. Graham?
And more curiously.....how old is it? the numbers on the brass plate are 
               X893275  (space with a screw) 747275
anyone with knowledge of age or spare parts email me! i'm so excited. my first 
REALLY old machine!
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 1996 08:52:55 -0400
Subject: Stitch Back in Time

Hello! Can anyone give me the address for Stitch Back in Time. I would like
to get their catalog. Thanks in advance.
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 1996 12:51:31 +0000
Subject: Re: Kathleen - 301 manual

To Kathleen (and Lance I think?)

I lost your e-mail address when we had to reinstall our mail program, 
so I have to post this to everyone. I received the 301 manual in the 
mail yesterday and it certainly is different from the one I have. 
Yours is actually readable! Now I can oil my machine - thanks so much 
and if you send me your snail mail address ( the tape pulled it off 
the envelope) I'll ship along a fat quarter for your trouble. Thanks 
again and hope to talk to you again.

Nancy D
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 1996 18:41:37 -0400
Subject: Charles L 

It was mentioned in a posting today about a web page put out by Charles
L.  Could someone please send me the address?  Thanks much!!  :)
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 1996 19:44:50 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: treadle goldwork

DH found a Singer treadle (birthdate still unknown; it's the weekend) with
beautiful goldwork.  Part of it is a bird design, a Phoenix maybe?  How do I
protect this?  Some letters mention wax, but I don't know what kind.  

Terri C
Subject: Out Looking
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 1996 03:28:31 +0000

Out looking at the local antique shops today and what do I see but a black
Singer machine.  It was sitting in a 50's looking case, checked the tag and
it said "Singer Featherweight" $199.00.  Now I knew that it was not a
featherweight, so I got down on my knees and what does it say on the front
but 99K.

Before I left the store I informed the ladies behind the counter that the
sewing machine in booth #21 was miss labled.  Told them the difference
between the featherweight and other Singer models and they assured me they
would pass the info on to the owner of the booth.  Did not find anything to
buy today, did see some interesting old quilts for sale but nothing else.  I
guess it was my day to set the world right regarding one sewing machine.

Liz F

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