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April 1996

Sunday, April 14 - Saturday, April 20

Subject: Singer treadle and Jones machine

Hello everyone

I'm new to the list. I've been lurking for about a week and have decided 
to introduce myself.  My name is Sarah Brown and I live in New Zealand.  

The Jones: My maiden name is Jones and I love antiques. As a teenager I 
bought a Jones machine, mainly for the name but also because it looks pretty 
with lots of gold. It's hand crank machine which has been converted to 
electric. It doesn't sew. Apparantly it needs a new bobbin case. It has been 
sitting in a repairman's workshop for about a year in the hope that he 
will one day find a part for it. (He specialises in old machines). It has 
a round bobbin.

The Singer: One day when I was engaged I visited my fiance and he said to 
me "I've got a present for you." He led me into the sitting room and there
was a treadle sewing machine. I was a bit taken aback because.... well... 
I hate to have to admit it... but I don't sew!   He said "I know you like 
antiques so I thought you'd like this." He paid $NZ30.00 (US$20.00) for it. 
It has three draws with a sunburst carving around the draw pulls and 
carving on the sides of the draws. It has a boat shuttle. The gilt is in 
poor shape. It has birds and stylized flowers with a central motif of a 
peacock. The serial number is H 1251493. It's missing the rod which holds 
the cotton reel. (Someone has jammed a nail in the hole!)

We've been married 10 years this year. My husband is a farmer and the 
treadle has been very useful for patching farm clothes. I once stitched 
some leather on it too. 

These are the only machines I own. I'll use some of the suggestions from 
this list to clean them up. I really enjoy all your tales.
Sarah B
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 1996 16:44:25 -0700
Subject: Lancaster Featherweights

Just another addon to the Lancaster posts.  I was also there on Thursday 
and Friday.  Thursday I saw 4 vendors with featherweights, prices were 
all about $425 to $450 (I missed the $350 one!).  I went back on Friday 
afternoon and one vendor had sold 3, the man with the beatup table had 
sold it for $175, the beat up machine was not really for sale, they think 
someone took a hammer the the front but they are not sure, and he had two 
featherweights left, James Carroll had one left (I bought a really neat 
antique metal Star thread cabinet from him) and the other vendor had sold 
almost all of hers also.  Someone was selling them from the back of their 
van in the parking lot on Thursday (I didn't find out about it until it 
was over) and they had about 8 of them.  My friend bought one not knowing 
if it worked or not for $225.  They did have some pre WW ones but they 
were $300+.

Date: Sun, 14 Apr 1996 21:43:49 -0400
Subject: White Story continued......

The other day I wrote about the White Rotary that just came together for me.
 It was meant to be mine.

Well, today I was working as a volunteer at our community cleanup event.
 People from the island brought their trash, garbage, old tires, old
furniture, etc. to throw away in dumpsters at a central site.  I worked at
the entrance greeting people and giving them a map of the site and general
instructions.  Those participating were required to sort their trash for
various bins.  My standard question was "What have you got?"  A little old
lady and a little old man drove up and I asked them "What have you got?"  The
woman said "just an old sewing machine."  I said "Those go over here" and
pointed their car right behind my resting chair.  In the trunk of the car was
an old White Rotary (newer than the one I have) and little rectangular boxes.
 I unloaded the machine and sent the couple on their way.  They were very
impressed with my quick, personal service.

The machine has a Godzilla finish and is missing a few things, BUT there was
a buttonholer in one leatherette box.  Neat!  Now I have a very complete set
-- three boxes of attachments and a buttonholer for my machine.

Christine T. who is starting a suntan from my big day at the island cleanup
Date: 14 Apr 96 23:20:56 EDT
Subject: Things Forgotten Found

Hi All!  I've been so busy sewing lately that all I've been doing is lurking 
here, but I have to stop and tell you all about my fun at home at Easter.

Since I've been playing with my 15-91 and my (not an antique, but really a fun 
machine) 328k, I kept thinking that I remembered my Mom having a treadle 
machine when I was little kid.  (I remember calling it the 'pedal' machine.)  
When we went home to visit, I asked Mom if I was imagining it or if it had just 
disappeared to which she replied "No Alex.  It's in your old bedroom where it 
has been since you went away to college."  So I ran downstairs to check it out 
and here's what I found:

It's a Demorest, with no model name or number visible on it. It's in a (or 
should I say on) a four drawer cabinet  (pull out drawers on each end with two 
swing out drawers in the middle).  There is a wooden dome that covers the 
machine that says DEMOREST on it as well and on the left side there is also a 
swing up extension on the table for your fabric.  The cabinet drawers and the 
dome all have  a daisy pattern on them, which matches the daisies painted on 
the machine itself.  It has a bullet shaped bobbin (at least I think that's 
what it is) and a knob with numbers etched into it that must be a stitch 
length/number control.  Neatest of all is all of the stuff in the drawers - a 
new belt, needles in all sorts of different (and very old) packages, bobbins 
ll wound with thread, a box of completely unrecognizable attachments and feet  
and even a very old photograph of a young man in a navy uniform.

Does anyone know anything about Demorest machines?  Is there any way to find 
out how old it is-even approximately?  Mom says that we found it in the attic 
of the barn of the house we lived in when I was very little.  That house was in 
Saugerties NY and had been owned by a mortician who had all sorts of odd things 
stored up there.  She says she just couldn't bear to leave it up there after 
she found it, because it looked so well used and loved to her.  I told her if 
we could find out some more about it, we could restore it and bring it upstairs 
where we could use it.  Any help woud be appreciated.

To the person who asked about the 15-91 case:  I have a 15-91 from 1933 *which 
I love* but it is still in it's cabinet.  I have the original manual and it 
lists several different cabinet types but that's all.

To Elizabeth about the oil on her machine from a repair:  After I cleaned, 
repaired and oiled my machines I sewed on a piece of scrap muslin over and over 
until it didn't absorb anymore oil.  It's not to technical but it did the trick 
- none of my garments I have made have any oil on them at all.

Date: Sun, 14 Apr 1996 17:59:25 -0400
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics: Which model did I buy??

Hi ,
 I went to the Rose Bowl swap meet and bought two machines today.  One a
Centenial Fw in great condition and also an unknown Singer model also a
Centenial model.  I would love your help in identifying it or is the best way
to call the 800 singer number?  It is a big guy and very heavy.  Sews a great
stitch and seems more powerful than a FW.  Possibly a 301 or the godzilla
that I hear you all talking about.  Quite sure that it is not a 99, seem
bigger.  It has a drop in  bobbin and the motor in the back all enclosed. It
was found in the beautiful rounded wooden case, somewhat ornate.  Would
appreciate your help.  Thanks, Laura
Subject: Singer Items For Sale
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 1986 14:40:23 

Next week my wife and I will be traveling to Paducah to attend the AQS show 
and to enjoy some Kentucky hospitality and warm weather (2" of snow are 
forecast for tonite).  To keep busy while my wife attends the show I 
thought I would try to sell some our treasures from the back of my truck.  
I will have the following items for inspection and purchase:

Item                                                        Price
2-FW refinished sewing tables, veneer replaced and glued     $225 each
1-singer Model 66 portable in wooden case with knee bar
  fair condition, scratched paint, case solid, sews geat     $100
2-singer green oil cans with some oil, fair condition        $25 each
2-Tube of singer grease in green box                         $15/$12
1-Singer Pat. 1889 fold out attachment box w/attachments     $65
2-Box of singer attachments #160359 w/Binder (fits FW)       $35 each
1-Box Singer attachments #160809                             $20
1-Singer Blind Stitch #160742 (slant needle)                 $15
1-Zigzagger #161103                                          $25
1-Singer attachments #161277 for 404 slant needle            $25
1-Professional Buttonholer #102577 for slant needle zigzag   $35
2-Singer Buttonholer in pink "Jetson" plastic case 1960's    $35 each
1-Green box Greist attachments (fit FW)                      $25

If anyone is interested make arrangements to look 
at the items in Padicah.  I've not done this before but I thought I'd give 
it a shot and park the ol Dakota on a steet corner or at the mall and see 
what happens.  If any one knows about a flea market where I could set up 
let me know.

Jim A
Subject: Whiet FW
Date: 15 Apr 96 07:44:56 -0700

Hi, I just got back froma family vacation in Mechanicsburg, PA where I
had the oppurtunity on Thursday to attent the Quilters' Heritage
Celebration show.  It was wonder for to see the quilts but I also had
the opportunity to see a white FW and an FW table for the first time.
It definitly looks green when the light hits it a certain way.  Not for
Date: 15 Apr 96 08:58:15 EDT
Subject: New Home Rotary

My most exciting news from attending an auction this weekend was
aquisition of two old scrap quilts one of tiny nine patches the other a
jacob's ladder pattern and both beautifully hand quilted in nice
condition I think thier 30's vintage but maybe 50's.  They smell like an
old FW case so their airing over a door and the stair banister.

I also picked up for thirty bucks, a New Home Rotary tredal machine.  I
figure it's about a "five" on Graham's scale, needs a new belt and
fairly worn with some pitting/rust marks, but there was a pristine
attachments box in the drawer and I don't think the various
attachments have even been touched! (not a finger print on them). The
case has two drawers on either side with carved handles and "New
Home Rotary" carved in the front panal.

I didn't particularly want or need it, but I  figure the price was worth
the risk.  If nothing else it will make a nice endtable, at least my  puppy
won't chew the metal legs.

I scanned through my FW fanatics news for the past month but have
only found a few references to the New Home company and nothing
regarding this type of machine.   The patent dates marked on the throat
plate are as follows:  Sept. 13, 1904-Sept.20, 1904;  Feb. 14,
1905-Feb 21, 1905-May 1, 1908.  The serial # 3062224.  It has a drop
in bobbin.  Any info/comments regarding this adoption would be much

Thanks from Heather
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 08:21:13 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: New attachments---(What for?)

Hi, everyone!

I have another mystery I'm trying to unravel.  I found a really neat box 
of attachments this weekend.  They are in an oak box that unfolds flat 
when opened.  It's lined with green velvet and has a metal holder 
attached for each attachement so they are held in place.  The holders are 
numbered up to 19.  Included were a foot #25533 that has a hole where 6 
different sized hemmers snap into it; a foot hemmer #25152, a quilter, a 
ruffler marked with the Singer logo, 3 thumb screws, and a tucker.  Do 
any of you know what machine these fit?  I bought it for the wonderful 
box, it was irresistable!!!

Also, I wonder if anyone has a 99K manual or copy of such that I could 
purchase.  My machine is actually a 99K31.  Does anyone know where I 
could purchase a new case for this machine?  I called a repair shop in 
Hollywood, FL, but they were hesitant to ship one to me.  I've checked a 
couple of other possibilities, but haven't had any success yet.

Once again, thanks for all of your help!!

Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 09:47:17 -0500
Subject: MY new Featherweight

Hello all,
I got another FW last night.  Yesterday I did a tax return for this farmer,
whose wife died a few years ago.  This other lady was there too who looks
after him, as he is diabetic and 70 years old.  She was his wife's best
friend.  We were talking and I asked if he had any sewing machines - Well
she speaks up, she's got a portable singer, you know the one, she says, in
the little black box.  She says, my parents gave it to me for my high
school graduation in 1953.  She says come out to the house tonight and see
it.  Well, I said, I'll give you $100 for it, sight unseen and promptly
handed her a 100 dollar bill so it was PAID and she couldn't back out.  I
didn't end up getting there til 9 PM due to working late, and it was there
sitting on the table.  It is a centennial edition in a #9 or better
condition.  It has a little oval oil can half the size of the others I have
seen, the original tube of lubricant, the original manual and some bobbins.
There is also in the box a Cornell booklet on how to take care of sewing
machines of all types dated 1953 - I want to spend some time on that
booklet.  It  covers ALL kinds of machines.  Might be a good resource on
other machines I might happen across.  Anyway, turns out she was a home ec
teacher and used the machine regularly but took very good care of it.  She
was also very happy at the price because she was getting ready to throw it
in the dump.  She recently threw away her grandmothers treadle machine all
in oak - but that is another story and one I was sorry to hear.
So I am in heaven with my little baby - I have named her Annette after the
lady that sold her.  She was also very happy to see how much I loved the
machine and that I am a quilter who will actually use it.  She hadn't used
it in 20 years and I tell you - it purred like new when I tried it out.
Oh well, I could run on and on here but I won't
Best to all
Date:        Mon, 15 Apr 1996 10:01:54 CST
Subject: Singers for sale


I have a Singer 301a and a white 221K for sale.  Both are in very good
condition and come with photocopied manuals.  The 221K also comes with a
locking case and key.  Please e-mail me for details.
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 96 11:16:43 EDT
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 4/13/96

To Lydia P & other Fanatics:

A local locksmith has made keys for me for the "Bentwood" (we call them
mailbox) cases. He copied an original.  Unless things get out of hand, I
will have keys made for those who need them for $5.00 each and a
self-addressed, first class envelope.  If several people want them I would
prefer to get a batch of orders at one time.  The locksmith will have to get
the blanks for the keys.  Will post response and estimate time it will take.
Subject: 301 and 301A
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 10:30:50 -0500

Hi all,

There's been some speculation about the difference between a 301 and 
301A.  Several have thought that the 301 is black while the 301A is tan. 
 I can nix that theory with my black 301A.  I have several other 
possibilities to offer:  1) That it is an anniversary year designation.  
Mine does happen to be made (supposedly) May 29, 1951, though there 
doesn't seem to be any other special centennial or anniversary marking 
on it.   2) That it designates whether it's a short (table) or longbed 
model (mine is long)  3) My newest and favorite idea is that the "A" 
stands for the Anderson, S.C. plant where Singer tells me it was made.  
Aren't all the "K" machines ones that were made in Kilbowie, Scotland? 
(Hey, I like the Anderson idea, too, since that was my maiden name!)  
Any feedback from other 301 owners could help us sort out fact from 

Date: Sun, 14 Apr 1996 13:41:36 -0600
Subject: the 127-13....

....or maybe it's a 128-33...... sigh.  I don't know.

Anyway, Lydia, thanks for the tip.  The problem, of course, is that I don't
know if it's in working condition and how *will* I know until I buy the
missing parts and...and.....-insert major whining noise here-.  The shop
owner will go down to $65 on it, though.  Which would be better, certainly.
So I'm thinking thinking thinking.....

Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 11:57:22 -0800
Subject: WANTED

I want to buy a Featherweight.  Please send info.  Thank you.
Subject: Current find


I have been lurking a couple of weeks now and I have really learned so much.:)  
Just have to tell you about my recent purchase.  An Am that is a definite 9!!  
It doesn't look used at all.  The bobbin case was not in right, might explain 
why it hadn't been used.  But when the former owner was asked why she had not 
used it? The 96 year old lady said she liked her treadle (a singer soon to 
auctioned).  I got the case, attachments, even keys, everything perfect except 
there was no manual.  The family is going to look for the manual.  Fortunately 
have a manual for it.  
	I do sew feather weights but this one is mine!!. I am trying to work up 
a list. If anyone wants it E-mail me.

Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 18:20:21 EDT
Subject: FW Fanatics 4/13/96

To All:

I have an oil can for sale.  I purchased it from Dale Pickens and its 
in beautiful condition.  Just want to get my money back - $50.00.  
Friend was kind enough to give me one of his.  Just e-mail me if 
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 20:01:45 -0400
Subject: 301 Attachments

Even tho I still don't have a 301, I bought a box of Singer 301 attachments
some time ago.  The set included a ruffler #160629 and a presser foot
#172075.  I also have a blind hemstitcher for the 301 #160742
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 21:33:53 -0700
Subject: Repair Tips

20 years experience in sewing machine repair.  We have a book that 
spells out some repair tips that can keep you out of the shop and save 
you a lot of money.
Date:          Mon, 15 Apr 1996 21:25:12 +0000
Subject:       Treasures!

Hi Folks,

Just had to share my good fortune with  you. I have my folks hooked 
on scouting out machines and attachments! My mom can smell these 
things a mile away. Today, I recieved a box from them in the mail 
which contained two folding oak boxes, a green Singer box of 
miscellaneous screwdrivers, a Student Singer Manual (companion to the 
famous Machine Sewing book for  teachers), and pictures of the model 
28 my Dad picked up for $5. It is so cool looking! Lots of gold 
decorations. I think it was a hand crank but the crank is missing. 
Anyone know where I can get one? I talked to them tonight and another 
box is on the way! My mom said she went to an antique mall this 
weekend and picked up 7 or 8 MORE boxes of attachments. I have no 
idea if there is anything there but based on the  last box, I am 
expecting great things. When I get it I will sift through it all, 
decide what I want to keep, and offer the rest to you all. 

Does anyone have a book on using the attachments in the oak boxes? 
I'd like to know how all the pieces fit in. I would be happy to pay 
for copying and postage. I am also still looking for a copy of a 
manual for a model 28.

I finally remembered my question from the other day. I  bought a 
CocaCola tin with a lady sitting at a black, gear driven sewing 
machine. Does anyone know what machine this is? It is making me crazy 

One more question while I am at it, does anyone know anything about 
the model 101? I've heard of them and figure I need one since I 
already have a 201 and 301. Don't you think I need a 101 to complete 
the set? Is this gear driven also? If anyone has a manual........yes, 
I will pay for a copy. 

Thanks and have a great day, Katy
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 09:25:00 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Identity of old Singers

First of all thank you to everyone who replied to my initial message.  Katy 
I took your advice and called Singer today.  They informed me that my all 
three of my machines are 66's.  My two treadles are SN#G0607173 with a birth 
date of 2/5/24 and SN#G9337045 with a birth date of 5/16/22 (does it make 
sense that this one was made before the other one even though the serial 
number is greater?) My electric Singer is SN#AC010786 with a birth date of 
2/1/28.  I asked them about manuals and they gave me a phone number for a 
Singer dealer in Syracuse, NY.  They said I could order from them.  So I 
guess that is my next step.  I haven't tried the electric Singer yet but I 
know it is missing the cover for the bobbin area and I don't have any 
bobbins for it.  The electric cord also looks like it needs some work.  Any 
information anyone could give me regarding these machines would be helpful! 
 This probably sounds strange but I found the birth dates to be quite 
interesting as I have a son born in February and two born in May!  Although 
my sewing machines are just the opposite they are all the same months!  Kind 
of a strange coincidence!

Thanks for all the information!

Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 09:56:25 -0400 (EDT)

Hi, I have been lurking for a couple of weeks and enjoying this list.  I
have a Featherweight that I bought at a used furniture store.  It included
the manual, the card table, and a bunch of feet, all for $59.  I didn't know
for sure that it was a Featherweight or if it worked but I figured even the
card table was worth that much.  I have been using it for several years and
love it.  I also just bought a 401a just like my mother's for $125 (she says
that is too much money).  It has the manual but only one foot, and that's a
replacement (the foot has two parts like later machines).

Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 11:14:03 -0400
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 

 I have discovered the Singer 800 number and it is great for identifying your
machines.  Now I know that the machine I bought at the swap meet on Sunday is
a 201 made in 1951(I love this machine-so much power) .  My husband's bailiff
bought me a machine at a swap meet on Sunday too.  He knows I like old
machines .  My main hunt is for FW's, but it was very kind of him to do this.
 He found a 1923 99K in very good condition, but it was missing the knee
lever and foot pedal.  He paid $50 for it and it is going to the shop today
to see if it is in working condition.  A month ago I felt that two machines
were two many and now I have six in my sewing room.  Laura
Subject: stuff
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 96 07:39:04 PDT


I've been trying to send you email and it keeps bouncing.  How's your 
Wilcox and Gibbs?  I got the one at the thrift store, but I havd to pay 
more than you did...I got it for 300.  That's ok though, I really wanted 
it.  Could you please send me your email address again?

talkatyasoon! Fran
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 1996 08:21:34 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: white fw part 2

I have to tell you the end of my white fw story. I called my Bernina/Singer
dealer (Gloversville Sewing Center - a GREAT place) and asked about the
broken part in my bobbin area. He somehow managed to decipher my explanation
enough to tell that I needed the arm that swings out when the tiny screw is
removed and said he had a used one on hand. I made an appointment for the
next day (one of the wonderful things about this place) and took my machine
in to be fixed while I waited. It turned out that the part cost $10 and the
labor was $12.50, so my total cost for the machine was $37.50 - pretty good,
yes?? Just wanted to let you all know this so you would know it is possible
to have repaired, if you ever come across one like this. I learned from
Millie (who learned from another FWF) that the entire hook assembly would
have cost almost $200, so I feel VERY fortunate that the part I needed was
available separately. I took my newest baby to a class I attended last week
(paper piecing with Carol Doak) and it was greatly admired. The funny thing
was that there were several other black fws in attendance, a black 301a, and
many Berninas (of all ages) - we sewers know the good machines! Also wanted
to add a comment about prices. Someone just said that fw prices seemed to
have risen, but that doesn't seem to be the case around here. I've bought
several at auctions for around $200 and have seen them for sale for between
$225 and $325 (although of course, there are always the $400-$450 ones
around) - even heard of one for sale through a local dealer (not known for
low prices) for $300. I was afraid they were starting to come down in price
(now that I own five!) - would love to hear the prices others have found in
different locations. I  also would like to know the difference between the
301 and 301a - I had thought the black one was a 301(mine is), but at my
class, the black one there was a 301a. I have both kinds and can't see the
difference. Any ideas? No new machines this week (to my husband's relief)
but I still have to work on cleaning up my latest bunch - there's always
NEXT weekend! Sue M.
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 1996 10:04:47 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: fw table

I hope someone can give me some info on the fw table. The one I got with my
latest fw has metal clip like things where the table sits down in and it
looks like there was some sort of leather or something which has worn away
on these clips - I presume it was there to protect the machine from
scratching. I'd like to replace this, but don't know what the original
looked like. Has anyone done this, or is there a table in its original
condition so I would know what to do? Thanks for any help you can provide. I
also wanted to share some interesting (to me, at least) info I got from some
wonderful old Singer ads I got from Shirley in AZ (thanks, Shirley!). An ad
from 1954 says the 306 (one of my newest additions) came in black or
"eye-rest beige" - guess that's what their pitch for the color change was,
it was easier on the eyes! Another ad says that the 301 was available in
black, tan, or oyster white and beige - the latter being the correct
terminology for the previously mentioned tan/cream 301. I just love looking
over these old ads - I've gotten so much interersting information from them.
It was so nice of Shirley to share! Sue M.
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 1996 09:45:53 -0600
Subject: Centennial Featherweights

Aaaargh!!  Both Laura and Shelley just happen to find centennial FW's! 
Not fair.  I've been lurking (and looking) for a while and so far, nothing. 
Since my birth year is 1951, I have a hankering for that model, but I guess
we are hunting hard enough.  Gotta send my husband to more garage

Oh well, I'll either find one, or keep saving and just buy one from one of
you someday........

Date:        Sun, 14 Apr 1996 08:34:37 CST
Subject: 301 table found!

We had a great day at an auction yesterday.  Not only did we get the
cream and tan 301 in a maple cabinet (yes!!!), but we also got a 301
table.  It is VERY beat up and missing the piece that is removed when
the machine is set into the table, but it is sturdy and for $22 it was a
bargain.  The legs are tan metal and the top is a lighter wood than any
of the 221 tables I've seen.  The cutout fits the 301 with the
short-extensin bed, but not those with the longer beds.  I was wondering
if there were two versions of the 301 table.  I know that some of you
have them--which model 301 does yours fit?  BTW, the 301 is the nicest
machine I've seen.  Mint condition.  No rust, no scratches, no paint
chips. I took it home, plugged it in, and off it went.  The auction
yesterday was an estate sale of a man who had repaired sewing machines
and vacuum cleaners.  A few weeks ago I was browsing in antique stores
and I asked my usual "Do you have any old sewing machines?".  No, he
didn't but the estate of his dead brother was being auctioned off.  I
was 40 miles away from home but the auction was in Kirksville.  Kismet,
I say!
     I checked out the auctionon Friday night on the way to an antique
show in DesMoines and I couldn't sleep all night after seeing this
beauty.  Incidentally, there were no FWs at this huge antique show.  I
did see several Singer model 20 sewhandys.  The first one was $345.  It
had manual, box, and clamp Gulp.  The second one (also with box, manual,
and clamp) was only $220.  Dh said I could get it if I wanted to.
Honestly, I became sick with indecision and developed a near-migrane
that lasted for several hours.  I decided NOT to get the machine, and
oddly enough, felt better when themachine was still there when we left.
This same dealer also had two of the tan sewhandys and also several
types of other toys.  Dh bought me a toy machine for christmas and was
also willing to get me a toy singer that looked exactlylike a 301, but
my obsessionfor old machines that I can use is bad enough. No need to
add another.

Was that an ok price for such a toy machine?  I can't remember seeing
another,but 220 just seemed like too much money. Think about all the
fabric that would buy!

Date: 17 Apr 96 10:58:13 EDT
Subject: FW Fanatics 4/15/96

Hi Everyone,
                        Will someone please explain all the fuss about these 
cans. My FW came in near perfect condition with the tissue paper still wrapped
around the attatchments but alas no oil "can". The oil that was with the 
came in a plastic tubelike container with a pointed tip on it. Now I have seen
some Singer oil cans with oil in them at some local antique shops but I didn't
imagine that you could still use the oil.
                        Also, I have decided that whenever you see an old 
for under 50.00 it should be mandatory that it is bought. It's just not worth
the stess of worrying that you should have bought it once you pass it up. It
really is very inexpenxive therapy if you think about it.
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 1996 11:35:29 EDT
Subject: 301 and 301A

   I read somewhere that the 301 was designed to be in a cabinet and has a
short bed extension and a separate plug below the bed for the foot control
while the 301A came in a portable case rather than a cabinet and has a long
bed extension and no separate plug for the foot control.
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 1996 06:51:00 -0700
Subject: ratings

          I have enjoyed "lurking" for the past few weeks and hearing
          about all the great finds in fws.  I would like to buy one
          for myself but need some guidance on what to look for and
          pricing.  What do the numerical ratings often referred to
          mean?  Could you describe what a "5" should look like and an
          "8" etc. And what is a fair price for a given condition?

          I'd appreciate any help you could give me.  Thanks alot!

Date: Wed, 17 Apr 1996 13:12:13 -0600
Subject: Okay, here's the deal

I went back today to take another look at the 128-whatever I found a couple
of weeks ago. Seems to run beautifully.  It's a 128-23, centennial model.
Matte finish, pebbled texture. The little bit of gold on the bed is fairly
worn.  There are marks and some worn spots on the finish in other places,
too. I'd say the condition is at best a 5 or 6.  The bentwood case is
somewhat marred, and the key is missing.  Also missing: the spool post, the
back half of the throat plate, and the bobbin shuttle.  All of which I'm
sure I can get.  It does have the attachments, original manual (bent but
complete), and the metal cover for the storage area on the side.  $65.  If
only it were in nicer shape, visually.  Then I'd snap it up.

Sorry for obsessing about this.  I'm a novice at this collecting stuff and
uncertain about prices when I see a machine with which I'm unfamiliar.  And
until today I didn't really know for sure which model it was.

Lisa, who thinks she'll cave in and buy it over the weekend......
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 1996 14:20:57 -0400
Subject: FW Fanatics


Yesterday I received my 5th FW, a 1935 (AD) I had ordered from Dale 
Pickens.  This is my first with the scroll work face plate, and I love 
it!  Mr. Pickens knows so much about FWs and is so nice to share his 

I've had no more luck in finding FWs locally, although it has not been 
for lack of trying.  We have been everywhere in about a 100 mile radius, 
but obviously not where the FWs are waiting.  I did, however, find and 
purchase a Model 99 (1919) with a silver-colored direct drive motor and 
foot pedal in a "bentwood" case.  Missing the sliding plate that covers 
the bobbin, but thanks to info I got here, I have ordered one from Curt 
at Missouri Sewing Machine Store.  Thanks to whoever posted his number 
:-)  The 99 has beautiful gold, red, and green decorations--I think I 
have seen it referred to here as Pennsylvania Dutch(?)  When I bought 
it, I thought the decoration was in pretty bad shape and faded.  When I 
got it home, I cleaned it with Murphy's Oil Soap on a damp rag.  It was 
amazing, the colors just popped out.  Then I baby oiled it, and now it 
looks great.  The decorations weren't actually worn at all--just 
filthy.  Has anyone else tried Murphy's?  (Beware of side effect:  I 
sang the Murphy's commercial [off-key] for a couple days until DH 
threatened to leave home.)

I also ran across a 48-page booklet, green cover, "A Manual of Family 
Sewing Machines" by Singer, revised July 1926.  Among other things, it 
describes and shows the difference between oscillating, vibrating, 
and rotary hook/shuttles, and explains how to use all the attachments.  
It has 78 black and white photos and diagrams.  If anyone would like a 
photocopy, send me your address.

I also found a "Singercraft Guide" (part #120987) and a brochure printed 
in 1933 that tells how to use it.  The "guide" is stainless steel, about 
3/4" wide by 9" long, with a long slot down the middle and a razor blade 
(with a shield) attached to one end.  It has the Singer emblem stamped 
in brass on the other end.  To quote the brochure, "With no special 
skill or practice, you can now make countless articles in rich deep pile 
right on your sewing machine."  Shows collars and cuffs on coats and 
jackets, rugs, etc.  You wind yarn around the guide and sew through the 
slot.  I had never heard of "Singercraft," but at the time it sounds 
like they thought it was going to be a popular craft.  Guess it didn't 
catch on.

I've seen 6 or 7 Martha Washington sewing tables in the past few weeks, 
also two White Rotary treadles in Martha Washington cabinets.  (A metal 
plate inside the cabinet has Martha's picture.)  I wanted, but did not 
buy, a New Home "Climax T, T No. 3."  Is anyone familiar with these?  
Black with beautiful gold in sort of a small leaf design (as best I 
recall).  It had the bentwood case, but was only about 12" long.  
Electric, no foot pedal or cord to plug it in, and some wear on the 
gold.  The asking price was $189.00, which I thought was too much.  
But...I'm still thinking about making an offer.

My new project is to make each of my sewing machines a miniature quilt 
to display on them, and to sew each machine's quilt on that machine.  
I'm starting with my Centennial FW and it is getting a Bear's Paw 
design.  I'd better get back to it.

Date: 17 Apr 1996 20:55:51 +0000
Subject: Rocketeer

I have a Rocketeer (tannish pink) I found at an estate sale.  It was in a 
very nice cabinet but I have run out of room for cabinents so I wasn't going 
to get it...another woman only wanted the CABINET, so we each paid $20 and 
got our hearts desire...I finally dug it out to sew with, oil, play, etc. 
 It is a dynamo...what would you think a ballpark figure would be for these 
little treasures, with a box of attachments that runs like a racehorse?

Date: Wed, 17 Apr 1996 19:19:12 -0400
Subject: Oops!

Just realized I called my new 66 a 99.  I do that a lot; it seems (to 
me at least) that a 3/4 size head should have a smaller number than a 
full size.  I think they should have called the 99 a 49 1/2!  Well, I'm 
new at this.  :-)
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 96 19:54:00 EDT
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 4/16/96

To Fanatics looking for keys:
Forgot to put my address.  Already got several responses.  Seems like a lot
of keys missing.

Gene Baker
P.O. Box 7744
Charlottesville, Virginia 22906
(804) 973-8134
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 1996 21:00:22 -0400
Subject: Northern VA FWF alert

Attn: FWFs in Northern VA
   I was in two antique shops in Falls Church, VA today and saw the

Falls Church Antique Co. 260 W. Broad St.
    Singer hand crank, possibly model 28, shuttle bobbin, dome case, serial
number G, 
reasonable shape (gold Sphinx decals a little worn), missing back throat
plate,  came with some attachments, asking price $86
    Wilson Rotary, electric, portable (weighed a ton), needed cleaning,
asking price $50
    Singer, portable, electric (non Singer motor, ill fitting addition), dome
case,           red/green/gold decals in pretty good shape, serial number G,
might have been           missing throat plate (?) asking $70 I think.

Falls Church Antique Co Annex, 250 W. Broad St
    Featherweight, decals very worn, tag said it ran and had case but didn't
try it or         actually see the case, serial number AL, marked 221 under
seal (never seen                 that before), asking price $350 (I think its
been there many many months)
    Singer, electric but missing foot pedal, portable/dome case, very plain
decals,           don't recall if it was shuttle or round bobbin, asking
price $65 (dealer thinks case
is worth $50, good luck negotiating with him)

Old Market Antiques, 442 S. Washington St (Lee Hwy/Rt 29), Falls Church, VA
    Free Westinghouse, portable, electric, with manual and attachments, on
sale for $65

Usual disclaimers - just passing along info for FWFs in the area.  None of
these machines are to die for - I didn't buy any but I thought I would pass
on the info in case someone was looking for . . . something.   

Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 4/2/96
Date: Mon, 01 Apr 96 22:23:30 -0500

As far as playing with the machine goes (and the motherly advice)--I've been
yelled at more than once for playing with that machine!!!  My grandmother
wouldn't let anyone touch it!  :)  I plan on taking them both at least
partially apart and cleaning and making sure everything is oiled and working
properly.  Then if I wanted to play...think it would be okay to switch cams
and turn tht machine by hand so as to minimize the chances of hurting my
grandmother's machine?

Thank you again,

Date: 17 Apr 96 20:52:23 EDT
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 4/16/96

Hi all!  I have just spent a SNOWY RAINY COLD DREARY day in Syracuse in the 
best possible way -  helping my friend get her grandmother's sewing machine 
into working order.  It was a long job, made longer by our combiner four 
children "helping", but I am pretty happy to say it's working fairly well now.  
I still have some questions about it, so if anyone out there has any experience 
with an old Kenmore Rotary Machine, model #117141, I'd really love to hear 
about it!    Mostly I am trying to figure out if it's threaded correctly (I 
think it is since the threads not breaking) and how to change the bobbin 
tension (the thread tension is controlled by a lever on the front, but the 
thread coming up from the bobbin is still a little loose).

Here's hoping it really does get to 60 degrees here tomorrow -

Date: Wed, 17 Apr 1996 20:38:23 -0700
Subject: Reply to Katy

Does anyone have a book on using the attachments in the oak boxes? 
I'd like to know how all the pieces fit in. I would be happy to pay 
for copying and postage. I am also still looking for a copy of a 
manual for a model 28.

I have a manual, that covers the attachments.   You didn't include your 
so couldn't reply privately.
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 1996 22:43:46 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Attachments

To Katy (who said:)
- Does anyone have a book on using the attachments in the oak boxes? 
- I'd like to know how all the pieces fit in.

I found an old sewing machine repair manual in a library the other day --
it has a page with pictures of attachments and a list of what they are.
I don't know if it would help you or not but I'll send you a copy if 
you send me a snail-mail address.  (E-mail me at terric@neosoft.com.)
It doesn't tell how to use them, but it might help to know what they
all are.  

The repair book itself was pretty interesting -- it had a section at 
the back on the Singer 201 and the Featherweight, giving instructions
for some maintenance procedures.  It says, among other things, that the
model 201 was "one of the finest machines ever manufactured" by Singer,
and the Featherweight is "one of the easier machines to adjust."  
I didn't have my library card with me, so I copied some of the pages
I was interested in; if anyone wants to know more about the book
(which looks like it might be pretty useful if you want to maintain
your own machine) e-mail me and I'll send you the info.

It wasn't nearly so exciting a discovery as some of the others, but
I was glad to find it!

Date: Thu, 18 Apr 1996 03:35:49 -0400
Subject: Want to Know

  Have been hearring so much about the Featherwieght.  Can you tell me more
about their history and how to shop for one.  What to look for etc.

     Thank you
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 1996 07:39:53 -0400
Subject: GROUP

I have just signed on to this list, and love it. I have only just begun to
collect old machines, and am afraid from some of the listings that I grossly
overpaid for my Centenniel model with card table.  I am astounded at the
bargains some of you are getting, and am very green about where to go to look
for them.  My area is not at all rural, and except for the model 237 I got in
a thrift shop a few weeks ago, have never seen a sewing machine in the local
antique stores.   I do some travelling (sewing shows, and now I think Quilt
shows), and maybe in my travels I can get to greener pastures.  Washington DC
area,  Phladelphia area, Atlanta area are in my plans. If anyone has any
suggestions or locations to try, would you share?  Thanks a lot. Rose
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 1996 10:55:58 -0400
Subject: FW Condition Ratings

To Barbara and others interested in knowing about the 10 point rating system
for grading your machines.  This is a system created by Graham F  and
posted by him some time ago.  Below is a portion of that post that describes
a means of grading the condition of any machine.  I believe it is easy to
use and very helpful if you need to describe the condition of a machine you
are buying or selling.

POSTED 2-15-96

-Graham F's chart is now universally used to determine machine 
so that when machines are described among collectors, in member's 
and in the auction reports, we can all have some better idea of the state of 
items than good, very good or poor.
This scale takes no notice of mechanical condition. If something is broken or
missing this should be stated, not hidden behind a number.

10:  Just like the day it left the factory. Not a scratch or mark upon it. I
think I have every seen only two machines in this category.
9:   As 10 but with the small, odd scratch or wear mark evident to very close
8:  Very good used condition. All paint good; all metalwork bright. What the
average antique dealer would call "perfect".
7:  Good condition but rubbing of paint evident and some nickel plating worn.
6:  As in 7 but more wear to paint and some surface rust to the bright work.
5: The average, hard-used, ill-cared-for machine looking for someone to love 
4:  Poor condition, chipped enamel, rusty metalwork but acceptable for a
collection if a rare machine.
3:  In need of restoration but a reasonable job for a dedicated enthusiast.
2:  Total restoration needed to paintwork and bright metal. It's a brave
collector that takes it on.
1: Spare parts only and these would be in need of extensive restoration.

This system seems to have worked well over the past 10 years and I commend it 

Date: Thu, 18 Apr 1996 08:41:57 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 4/17/96

Just had to brag about my purchases this week at a local antique store.  
I was just about to leave when I spotted a glass case with Singer 
attachments in it.  She opened the case and there was a gold mine in 
there.  I purchased a zigzagger, extra cams, a darning and embroidery 
attachment, a sock darner attachment, and a buttonholer.  When I brought 
the stuff up to the counter to pay for it, I spotted as Sewhandy model 
40K.  It is brown metal and came in a plastic case complete with the 
styrofoam liner, the manual and the little attachments.  I paid $87 for 
all of this.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  She also had a 
tube of lubricant and oil can that I am going to pick up today.  I think 
they are about $15 for both.  I couldn't believe my luck.  I told her to 
watch for a bank for me, and to let me know if any other singer items 
came in.  She said the man had also brought in a Singer Machine.  She 
sold it for $30.  She said it wasn't a featherweight and it was light 
colored in a case.  I thought maybe it was a 99, but now I don't think 
so.  Maybe a 301.  She said it was small.  I hope it wasn't a white 
featherweight.  Then I would really kick myself.

I will have to go through all of this singer stuff I am picking up.  I 
think I have 4 buttonholers now.  I will sort them out and sell them on 
the FWF when I figure out which I need and which I don't.  

Well, I am heading for a quilting retreat tomorrow morning.  I think I will 
take my 401a and my featherweight.  I need to to some sewing with a 
walking foot and I don't have one for my featherweight.  I better 
get trucking.  I have a lot of packing to do.

Have a nice weekend everybody.

Date: Thu, 18 Apr 1996 08:47:00 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 4/17/96

I forgot to mention one thing.  I had to order a singer manual for my 401a 
several years ago.  The manual said 401 and 401a.  The only thing I could 
distinguish that was different was the fact that the 401 could be a 
treadle and the 401a was only electric.  I was really disappointed that I 
didn't have the 401 because I have it in a singer treadle cabinet.  Could 
this be the difference?  The machines in the pictures were identical.  
Maybe, maybe not.

Date: Thu, 18 Apr 96 13:23:43 EDT
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 4/17/96

Table Question:

We have a sewing table with a light brown wooden top (sort of maple) and
brown metal legs that fold.  It is 28" high and the top is 39 1/2" x 19 3/4"
with a cut-out.
We thought it was classroom furniture.  Could it be a #301 table?
Subject: RE: FW Fanatics 4/16/96
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 1996 13:07:18 -0500

Now I don't feel so left out...while my DH was looking at his manual for 
his (really, it is) treadle (which is a Merrick, not a Merritt, as I 
previously stated), we found the box of attachments.  It is a black 
metal box, very worn, with a velvet-covered wood insert for the 
attachments.  They say Greist!  I was wondering what y'all were all 
talking about...

some of these things look diabolical!  I can't imagine how to use them.  
the most intriguing is a set of bias binding "feet" which obviously 
attach to something else.  I have five widths, and one to bind to the 
garment.  Unfortunately, the manual doesn't describe how to use these.  
I do have a feed dog cover, however.

The pink "Jetson" buttonholer case sounds like the one that my Mom has 
with her "old" singer..how about it, mom?  I bet my sister is still 
using it, too!

Date: Thu, 18 Apr 1996 15:52:02 PST
Subject: RE: FW Fanatics 4/17/96

What a good idea to make each machine a miniature quilt with that machine!
Now I have a realistic goal for my new machines for the summer.  Thanks
for a great idea.
Sandy W
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 1996 19:12:11 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Ramblings

Lisa:  I have this rule about things that "haunt" me....It started with a
dress I saw at J.C.Penney's a couple of years ago.  I really liked the
dress, and it was priced ok, but I thought I really didn't want an
"office" dress that contained those three little words: "Dry Clean Only". 
So I wandered around the store some more, and after about ten minutes
found myself staring at the same dress...again....still didn't want one
that was "Dry Clean Only".  Went to look at slacks or something, or maybe
blazers.  Ten minutes later, guess what I was staring at for the third
time (and guess what's now hanging in my closet).

Moral: If it's hanging around your mind this long, you want it (whether
you actually KNOW it or not) and you might as well give up and buy it
because if you don't it's going to "haunt" you for a very long time...

See also "Beth's rule" from today's digest:

"Also, I have decided that whenever you see an old Singer for under
50.00 it should be mandatory that it is bought. It's just not worth
the stess of worrying that you should have bought it once you pass it up.
It really is very inexpenxive therapy if you think about it."

Sounds like very sensible advice to me!

Date: Fri, 19 Apr 96 00:26:39 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Lucky Day

Hi All!  Just had to tell somebody, anybody !  A friend called today and
said he found a Black Singer Machine in a cabinet and wanted to know if I
was interested. Went to look at the machine and low and behold it was a
301a. I tried not to look to excited.  The cabinet is blond and needs some
work and the machine is at least a 9. I offer him $75. and he took it.  But,
early in the day I found the cutest little treadle machine. The machine is 5
1/2 inches by 12. It has small flowers around the machine. The machine is
probably a 6 maybe a 7, but the cabinet is a 10. I called Singer and they
said it was a model 24 born on June 25, 1907. It doesn't have a bobbin, it
makes a chain stitch.  The lady I bought it from said her father in-law was
96 when he died and that he told her that he remebers when it was bought.
Anyway she said it was packed away in a closet in his house and that she
didn't want it. I feel like I got a super price $100. If anyone knows
anything about the Singer 24, please e-mail. Thanks for listing to babble.
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 96 01:07:37 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: 301 and 301a

Hi Again!  I have a 301 and just acquired a 301a.  They both are cabinet
models,  even though the cabinet for the 301 was to far gone to save. But I
did find two differnces in them. The 301 has more detailed scroll work than
the 301a . Kinda,  like the difference in the scroll work on the early &
late models FW's. The other difference I found was the pressure regulating
thumb screw, the one on the 301 is black and 301a is chrome. Both of mine
are black.  If anyone else knows the difference, please e-mail me.  Thanks
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 05:21:33 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: FW's For Sale

     I have two more FW's to add to the every growing list.  If you want 
the complete list of For sales just e me and I will post it.

AJ  8-22-50   Superior Condition, all attachments original manual, case 
great.  There are just a few pin light pin scratches on the black. Gold 
is bright and perfect. Striated faceplate. $460

AE  10-10-38 Superior Condtion, a few light pin scratches, attachments, 
copy of manual, Egyptian Scrolled faceplate, early tension with no 
numbers on the dial. Cleaned and ready to go. Good sewer, Case good. $550.

	$30 on shipping and handling to cover the extra cost of packing 
and insurance on the machine. I have machines from 375+ so if interested 
I'll post the complete list. Zsuxxa
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 12:20:00 -0400
Subject: FeatherWeights for sale.

I have 3 FW's I am offering for sale.  Also a fold-out oak attachment box
and several buttonholers.  Email with interest please.

AF875757 -  Not dated yet.  Case in good shape but missing top shelf. 
Handle looks original, still sturdy, but has slight rust at ends. Has 
manual (1955), key, 8 attachments, bobbins, screwdriver.  No oil can. 
Scrolled face plate.  No rust.  Bobbin winder, hooded light, numeric dial 
for tension, numeric lever for stitch length, foot control, wiring very 
good. Condition of machine is very good, except for scratches starting 
at gold in center of bed running to the back about 3 to 4 inches.  
Stitches nicely.  No musty odor.  Cost is $550 plus shipping/insurance.

AM693805 -  Not dated yet. Case is in very good condition with side 
shelf, foot pedal holder on lid. Machine has striated face plate and is in 
very good condition.  No problem areas. Included are manual (blue 
cover 1955),  9 attachments, key, bobbins. Paint is very, very good; 
worn in one small spot only.  Runs well. Well cared for box and 
machine; no musty odor.   No oil can. Cost is $475 plus shipping.

AH991340 -12/9/48. Near-perfect black case.  The little old lady who 
owned it kept a plastic bag over it, so it never even collected dust.  The 
handle on the case is perfect.  Looks like it never was left in the 
sunshine or stored in basement.  No musty odor at all.  It has the top 
tray which holds the foot control, bobbins, attachments, manual, lube 
tube/box.  Missing is the oil can.  The machine has a striated face plate 
and stitches like a charm.  Real quiet.  The little old man told the 
antique dealer that he made sure it was always oiled.  The paint is 
really great and so is the gold trim.  There are tiny surface scratches 
which you have to look for; nothing jumps out at you! Cost is $475 plus 

Thanks. Millie

I have not seen my prior 2 contributions in FWF, so at the risk of being
redundant should they suddenly appear, I am going to include them below.

Thanks to all who responded that the foreign language manual is in Spanish!

Dh and I returned home this afternoon, and what to my wondering eyes should
I see but a sewing machine case sitting at my front door!  I thought, WOW.
Now I don't even have to go looking for machines, they are seeking me out!!

Once inside I opened it to find a model 99-31 Singer.  The one my cleaning
lady she told me she found at a tag sale last weekend.  She had promised to
bring it next week for me to see, but was coming my way and decided to drop
it off.  How sweet!

Anyway, I know another FWF has a 99-31 because I once 'corrected' him and
said he got his numbers reversed and that it was a 99-13.  He was right
though.  This manual also says 99-31. Now I remember reading that in the USA
there was a 99-13 and a 99-28.  Does anyone have a 99-28?  Ever seen one?
Could it be that the 2 models were 99-13 and 99-31??

This cutie is in a maroon box with cream strip.  Clasps are at bottom sides
of box, and the machine sits in the base.  There is no right-side
compartment for attachments or knee control (as in the bentwood boxes). 

The machine has a numbered stitch lever, a numbered tension control,
striated face plate and gold markings more like the FW than like the
squiggly 99-13 designs.  It measures 12 inches, like the 99-13.  This
machine is definitely in the 'hardly ever used' category.  What a gorgeous

Of course, Shirley only looks for these now because of my  heavy influence
on her.  I mean, when she comes to clean she first must come see my latest
machines, quilts or whatever I have found.  But she has sewn her whole life
and tag sales a lot, so she loves it all too!  And it's fun for me to have
someone to share it with. 



If anyone is interested in the theatre, I have a very old softcover booklet
for sale.  It is a one act play by Walter Ben Hare entitled 'Sewing for the
Heathen'. 1915. 4 X 7 inches. 20 pages. Slightly dog-earred. $10

Also, a softcover recipe booklet: Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking - 1978. 48
pages. 6 X 9 inches. 'Recipes for traditional Pennsylvania Dutch dishes.'
Excellent condition. $8

I bought 2 other recipe booklets too (not for sale):  Danish cook book (my
MIL is Danish) and 'Please Pass the Kielbasa" (I am Polish).  Who would
believe 32 pages of kielbasa recipes???

Email me if interested in purchase.  BTW shipping is included in price.
Thanks.  Millie
Date: 19 Apr 96 12:21:00 EDT
Subject: More 128 comments

Over the weekend I bought the 128-35 I mentioned last week.  Amazing what 
you don't notice the first time you see a machine.  This one has Godzilla 
finish--how could I have missed that -vbg- and I always assumed I would 
never buy a Godzilla machine--but here I am, a proud owner.  The machine is 
also a lot newer than I originally thought--1948--a mere child compared to 
my 1939 FW.  After spending 20 minutes or so in the shop cleaning up the 
machine and running it, I offered $75 (marked at $85) and was accepted so 
fast I kind of thought I should have offered $50.  Anyway, I'm pleased and 
the new guy is now at my local guru's shop for thorough cleaning and oiling.

Lydia:  Thanks for your comments about the bentwood case key.  I got a key 
with my machine, but it doesn't  work with the lock on the case.  My guru is 
going to take the lock apart to see if it's bent inside.  I will tell him 
your advice about the screw driver.  I'm also glad to know what the hole in 
the right front of the case is for.  I see no evidence of any wiring ever 
having been in that little box on the right side, however, so doubt it ever 
had a knee lever.  Perhaps the hole is there to allow you to convert to knee 
if you want to.  The foot pedal that I thought might not be original is, I 
am sure, the original metal pedal.

Thanks to all who sent me advice about buying this machine.  If anyone is in 
need of a copy of a 128-35 manual, let me know.

Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 15:33:05 -0400
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 4/18/96

Hi Everybody,
I have a "new" machine that I picked up over the weekend and I'm hoping
someone here can answer my questions about it. It"s an "Improved New
Cottage", black with a lot of gold around the edge of the bed as well as on
the machine itself. It is motor driven but has the "bullet" shaped bobbin
case. On the top of the machine arm is a silver metal piece that I have never
seen on a machine before. I don't know what it does. The machine came in a
very nice curved wooden case. I got a couple of extra bobbins and machine
needles with it but no manual. Has anyone heard of this machine or know about
how old it might be? I'd appreciate any info. Thanks in advance. Jean
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 15:39:52 +0000
Subject: white featherweight

I am looking for a white featherweight. If you know of one, please let 
me know.

Donna J
Date:          Fri, 19 Apr 1996 17:09:06 +0000
Subject:       A Few Questions...

My Mom just sent me a box full of attachments! I need help 
identifying a few.

 One is a box of Greist attachments in a black box 
with roses on the lid, no writing. It is the prettiest box! Can 
someone tell me what machine these go to? 

Also have recieved a long narrow box that says it is a Johnston 
Ruffler from Ottumwa, Iowa. It is a heavy cardboard type box, velvet 
lined with metal corners. It has a torturous looking device which I 
assume is the ruffler. It also contains several hemmers which say 
Whitehill on them. There are several patent dates inside the box, the 
latest is 1885. There is also a very narrow throat plate in the box , 
rectangular in shape, measuring 5/8" x 2 9/16" . Any idea what machine 
this will fit? Has anyone ever seen one? Does anyone need one?

I also received three shuttle type bobbin cases, all different. I assume there 
are people out there that could use them if I could figure out what 
machines they fit. Any help with this one?

One more question, I have seen so many different types of Greist 
attachments, I was wondering if there is any interest in putting together a 
data base as to what machines fit which attachments. I would be 
willing to try if people out there are willing to help me out by 
sending info on the attachments they have and machines they KNOW they 
fit. How about if I send $1 to anyone who is willing to send me a 
photograph of their attachments, list of dimensions,  and the machine 
they fit? I could scan in photos and keep a list of the other 
dimensions and e-mail the info to anyone who needed it. Please let me 
know if there is any interest in this. 

Take care, Katy 
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 17:40:44 -0400
Subject: fw

Hello to everyone, 
           Having only been recieving this digest for a couple of months I
have learned more than any book could teach me. Since finding this page
I've acquired my FW and so many things to go with it that I almost feel
guilty at how easy I came across it all. Anyway,it seems that in the area I
live in Sewing machines are not considered a hot item. I'm suprised that
many of the antique stores here have only one or two , if that in their
shops.And when they do its the handcranks because they think no one has an
interest in the electric models. When I ask why, they say that they just
don't sell so they have stopped carrying them.A woman I've become friendly
with that owns a shop told me she gets call all the time about them but she
isn't interested and passes them up.She asked me if I would be interested
in her giving my name to these callers so that I might be able to see what
they have to sell.I only hesitate because I don't want a house full of
machines-don't have the space, but I would be willing to keep my eyes open
for anyone who has a particular machine in mind and would be willing to
buy.I live in a highly populated area of a  N.Y. C. suburb and can only
imagine whats out there.This could turn out to be a lot of fun.I would not
be looking to make a large profit and I would not be interested in selling
to dealers.So those of you out there not having any luck in your areas
please let me know what you think, and what to keep my eyes open for.You
can E-mail me if you like. 
The sun has actually been shining for 2 days and maybe I'll get some
planting done tomorrow.
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 19:38:46 EDT
Subject: FOR SALE

I have for sale an oil can that I purchased from Dale Pickens.  Just 
trying to recover my money since a friend gave me one when she 
discovered that she had two.  $50.00 - if interested, please E-mail 

FREEARM FW for sale.  A friend has a freearm FW which he wants to 
sell.  Using Graham's scale he has rated it a 7+, comes with original 
case, at least nine accessory feet (he may find more, not sure) and 
lube tube in its box.  Price is $1,350.00.  If interested, E-mail me. 
 If I didn't already have one, I'd grab it myself.  (Hi, Mr. 

Don't know about you, but I look forward to reading this mail each 
evening!  I'm learning so much.  I picked up several accessories this 
week-end which I'll probably sell after I've "studied" them a bit.  
They seem to be older versions of things that I already have that 
were in my family and I'm discovering that you just can't keep 

Stuart I
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 16:37:26 -0400
Subject: hand-crank

Many Thanks to Courtney.  Because of your message in yesterday's post there
is another satisfied hand-crank owner in the Northern Virginia area.

Immediately after I read my mail I told my dh that I was on my way to the
antique shop--would he please be a dear and pick up the son from soccer
practice.  I called, found them open until 8:00 pm, asked if it was still
there, and was on my way.

Well the prettiest little egyptian decal machine was just waiting for me to
try her out.  OK, she's a little worn, but I determined that she would work
and be just fine with a little tlc.

My dear friend has been needing a hand-crank ever since she saw my Veritas,
and while I am still lusting after 2 or 3 more (for the kids ) I
suspected that this one might need to go to another home.  First thing this
morning I called Singer and found her to be a Model 127.  

Since my friend and I were headed to G-Street today, I knew she'd be over
directly.  I'd sort of gotten accustomed to little Singer, but figured if my
friend wanted her, I could always go visit.

Well it went home with its new owner this afternoon.  I am assured that if
neither of her twin girls wants it someday, it comes back to me in her will.

Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 20:03:26 -0400
Subject: Wanted to Buy or Trade


Is there anyone in the group who collects and sells toy sewing machines.  I
am willing to buy or if you prefer, would trade FW's and/or FW accessories
that I collect.


Bob C
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 20:32:20 -0600
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 4/18/96

Anyone ever heard of a Visetti sewing machine?  Someone told me about
someone who has one for sale for $15 but I believe she would take less --
just wants to get rid of it.  She said it is in a case, the lid snaps off
and the machine sits in the bottom.  She said "it worked the last time I
messed with it".  She said it weighs a lot, she has no instruction manual.
Just thought some of you knowledgeable sewing machine fans might have heard
of it.  Too bad it wasn't a FW someone was wanting to get rid of for $15.00.
That will NEVER happen to me.

I really don't need another sewing machine but if its one of those things
I'm going to be sorry for later if I pass it up, I'll run out in the a.m.
and get it.

Waiting for advice . . .

Judy H
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 20:25:55 -0400
Subject: a 'baby' on my door step

Thanks to all who responded that the foreign language manual is in Spanish!

Dh and I returned home this afternoon, and what to my wondering eyes should
I see but a sewing machine case sitting at my front door!  I thought, WOW.
Now I don't even have to go looking for machines, they are seeking me out!!

Once inside I opened it to find a model 99-31 Singer.  The one my cleaning
lady she told me she found at a tag sale last weekend.  She had promised to
bring it next week for me to see, but was coming my way and decided to drop
it off.  How sweet!

Anyway, I know another FWF has a 99-31 because I once 'corrected' him and
said he got his numbers reversed and that it was a 99-13.  He was right
though.  This manual also says 99-31. Now I remember reading that in the USA
there was a 99-13 and a 99-28.  Does anyone have a 99-28?  Ever seen one?
Could it be that the 2 models were 99-13 and 99-31??

This cutie is in a maroon box with cream strip.  Clasps are at bottom sides
of box, and the machine sits in the base.  There is no right-side
compartment for attachments or knee control (as in the bentwood boxes). 

The machine has a numbered stitch lever, a numbered tension control,
striated face plate and gold markings more like the FW than like the
squiggly 99-13 designs.  It measures 12 inches, like the 99-13.  This
machine is definitely in the 'hardly ever used' category.  What a gorgeous

Of course, Shirley only looks for these now because of my  heavy influence
on her.  I mean, when she comes to clean she first must come see my latest
machines, quilts or whatever I have found.  But she has sewn her whole life
and tag sales a lot, so she loves it all too!  And it's fun for me to have
someone to share it with. 

Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 14:02:03 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: 201 singers

I just tried out my 201 machine and was so impressed by the way it runs. I
always think my Singers purr, but this one sounds the best of any of them. I
have to quote from Sincere's book in case you all haven't read it: "Singer
followed the 221 with the ultra-smooth model 201 which they introduced at
the Texas Centennial, in spring 1936...Improved gear ratio and bearings,
made the 201 one of the smoothest sewing machines ever made , and it ranks
at the top of the list of all-time performers...The Singer 201 was the top
of the line when sold in the model 40 Queen Anne cabinet." After having sewn
on this machine, I can see why it was so highly praised. Someone earlier
asked about the model 101, and this book says this about it: "It was a good
sewing machine, but the timing of marketing during the 1920's was wrong. To
the newly emancipated lady of the Roaring Twenties paying $250 for a sewing
machine was the last thing on her mind. The model 101 bridged a gap from
treadle, to the sleek, new Model 201...After years of use, it (the 101) had
a tendency to gradually slow down, and was almost impossible to repair
properly." Guess this is why we so seldom see or hear about them. Just more
info that may not be of interest to all, but hopefully some will find it as
fascinating as I do. I think I'm becoming one of Singer's biggest fans - I
haven't found one of their machines yet that I don't like! Sue M.
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 1996 00:40:06 -0600
Subject: New owner--needles

Some time ago Bobbie K. posted this group on the Viking list.  Now I am
hooked and am the proud owner of 2 FW's -- both fairly new (221- and today a
221K).  I bought the second one because it purred and the first one was not
purring and DH and I thought that by looking at the second, he could then
fix the first.  I did not have a manual then, but I also got a 'new', but
dog-eared manual today at the Singer dealer (in receivership).  I tried to
buy a maintenance/repair manual, but they would not sell one. The problem
was as simple as having the flat side of the needle the wrong way around.
Now both are purring and I am sooooo happy!

May question is:
Schmetz needles seem to work if the tension is adjusted, but the 221K came
with a longer needle -- about 1/8" longer -- and I don't know what the
proper needle is for either.  Do the 221- and 221K use different needles?
The Singer store said Schmetz.  

I also have two much older Singers.  What about needles for the older
machines?  From the description, the Singer dealer thought one might be a
model 66.  It is a portable in a wooden case with a knee control.  I have
had it for 46 years (I started sewing at a very early age!!) and it was my
Mother's and probably, Grandmother's before that.  I used to have a whole
box of attachments, manual and even an oil can, but somehow they have been
separated from the machine, along with the power cord -- good excuse to get
into all the boxes in the storage room.

Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 21:50:44 -0400
Subject: FOR SALE


I have an early black FW case for sale.  Part of the original locking clasps
were broken off and have been replaced by a single brass clasp that works
quite well and looks fairly good.  Because shipping costs would be
relatively high I could meet you if you live in the Maryland, D.C.,
Delaware, Virginia area.  I'm asking $49.00.

I also have a FW for sale for $385.00  It's an AD.   I believe that this is
the first year of manufacture (1934) and it has a lot of chrome as well as
the scrolled face plate, and the tensioner does not have any markings.   The
gold trim is in excellent shape and I'd say its condition is between 7 to 8.
The case is in very good condition ( considering the age of the machine ).
It did not come with any attachments although I will include several
miscellaneous Singer attachments that I have.  I'm asking $385.00 plus
insurance and shipping ( that usually amounts to about $25.)

I also have a large assortment of attachments for sale, please let me know
what you need and I'll see if I have it.


Bob C
Subject: Help:
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 1996 10:08:28 -0500

This is Sherrie's DH,  I went out birthday shopping for her and came 
home with a dirty old child No. AJ127151.20

Its old home was in Greenville MS before I adopted it for Sherrie's 
B'Day present. 

The paint cleaned up nicely with WD-40,  my question is what do I do to 
clean up the musty, dirty case?  It has been sitting in someone's attic 
since 1957 when it came back from the repair shop ( Shop ticket still 

Any Ideas on cleaning the case? 
Does anyone know where I can get a replacement handle?

I know Sherrie  has a book with approx. birthdays for these machines, 
but I cant ask her for the book without giving away the surprise.

It did not have any attachments, It did have a Singer Oil Can and 
lubricant,  foot pedal cord is frayed, belt is dry rotted, and gold work 
is scratched in a1.5 to 2 inch area but otherwise intact and original 
condition, some scratches in the paint on the front edge.  I would still 
call it an excellent find....

Now for the rest of the story:

I was garage sale shopping last week and asked if they had an old 
portable sewing machine.  The first 15 places said no, the  last place 
said that there is one in her attic, but it was probably not what I 
wanted since it was not in very good condition.  I asked if I could 
climb up and look at it.  She said to come back this week and she'd have 
it down.  Well, I went back this week and she didn't have it.  But since 
she remembered that I was looking for one she took my number and said 
she'd call the next time someone went up in the attic.  I said that I 
was looking for it as a B'day gift for my wife next week and it was 
worth an extra $10.00 if I could get it today.  She just smiled and said 
she would call.  

About 5 minute after I got home, believe it or not, she called!  She 
said it was down and I could have if for $25.00 since it was dirty, 
broken handle and all.   After a quick inspection with here husband 
looking over my shoulder, I quickly wrote the check and brought it home 
for a cleaning.

This is our 3'rd orphan we have adopted, now I need one more to hold in 
trust for when the baby is old enough to sew.  Sherrie wants to leave 
one to each girl in her will.
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 1996 13:16:51 -0400
Subject:  Paducah

Hello All -
     If there are any FWF out there who are going to Paducah, please stop by
our booth - Thee &Me (better know on this list as Chris Deitchley and Margel
Soderberg).  We are located around the pool at the Executive Inn.  Sometimes
it gets REALLY hectic because we demonstrate almost non-stop.  So,  if it is
hectic don't think we don't want to talk.  Can we have a meeting there - are
their enough of us??  If so, please make it after the vendor booths have
     Secondly,  I am trying to find two machines.  The first is a centennial
model 15-91.  Chris has one and I LOVE IT.  Singer told her that was the
model number, but we all know how reliable they are.  It is distinguished by
the spoke handle and the tension at the side/back rather than in the front of
the machine.  It has a bobbin case and a round bobbin.  The case is that very
1950-ish material covered and varnished beige and brown.  It has the
centennial seal and everyone thinks it is much older than it is.  Does anyone
know - is it a copy of an earlier machine?  I would be happy with the earlier
machine also.  I would like to find one is good condition.  That takes a lot
of guts from someone who has not even been able to locate one in despicable
     Next, I very much want to find a toy machine.  The one I am looking for
is a Casige that says Gloria in very bold letters across the front.  My
mother passed away just 2 weeks ago and her name was Gloria.  She passed to
me her love of sewing and sewing machines.  I really want one in very good
condition.  I am looking for 2 of these as my brother and his wife ( who  my
mother taught to sew also) collect toy machines.  
     Please e-mail me if you have either of these machines for sale with the

Margel Soderberg -  In South Bend, IN where I never find old machines.  I
want to go out                              with Katy 
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 1996 15:01:10 -0400
Subject: FOR SALE


I have a FW table for sale for $225.00 plus shipping and insurance.   The
table is a later version with black metal legs, black wood sides and Poplar
plywood top, stained a light maple finish.  The top is in excellent
condition with the customary glass circle stains and some light scratches,
however the plywood is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, or
delamination.  The sides are black wood with visible wear and with one
corner chipped (but repaintable).  The legs are in good shape, sturdy and
straight.  The pop out mechanism is in excellent condition, the leather
custioning stips completely intact.

I live in Maryland, so if you live in an adjoining state, we could meet to
inspect the table.  I've only seen 5 tables in my travels and this one is in
the best condition.


Bob C
Date: 20 Apr 96 18:15:00 EDT
Subject: First FW!!!!

Hi  Al!  Yyyyeeeessss!!!!!  (high  five, etc.) I bought my first FW today! The 
couple  I  told  you  about.  Turns  out  he  bought the machine used and it's 
actually  a  '38  (AF).  So  I  go over there, come in their home (couple's in 
their  70's)  and walk into their living room. The FW's out of the case and on 
the  coffee  table.  I'd  guess  it's  about  a '6' or a '6.5' on the Forsdyke 
scale.  Bobbin  case  is  installed correctly, motor runs the machine. Tray in 
case  has  5  bobbins,  6  or  7  attachments, two keys, instruction book (rev 
1038), Singer lube (foil tube) in orig. box, and a Singer 'green' oil can...

We  chat  about when he bought it for her in 1941 to sew baby clothes on... We 
talk  about children, grand children, greatgreat grand children. She brings in 
iced  tea.  I'm  starting to sweat, I don't want to be here all afternoon. All 
of  a  sudden,  he  says  'You  know  Chris, I think we still have the table I 
bought  with  the  machine,  up  in  the attic. Jaw drops, heart pounds. I say 
'well, let's look'! We do. It's there...

Now  comes the hard part - I say 'well Mr. Dankel, what were you expecting for 
the  machine'?  He  says, 'Well, you're the expert - you tell me what you want 
to  offer'.  I  tell him about one of our guild members who bought two FWs for 
$100  each  from the pawn shop. I say 'OK, I'll give you $200 for everything'. 
They accepted!

After  the  cheque  is presented and accepted, Mr. Dankel admits that he asked 
the  Singer rep in Savannah what the machine should fetch. Bless his heart, he 
told  Dankel  'well,  advertise  it in the paper for $300. If you get an offer 
for $200, take it. If you bring it to me, I'll give you $100'.

So,  I  folded  up  the table and folded the FW back into the case and put the 
tray  in  and latched the top and said goodbye and thank you for calling and I 
hope  you  enjoy  many years in your new home (condo with nursing assistance), 
etc., etc. and beat feet to the car to get out of there...

Spent  about  2  hours  cleaning  the yukkiest crud out of the machine. Qtips, 
isopropyl  alcohol,  WD-40, etc. etc. Oiled and lubed. New bed cushions, spool 
felt,  and  motor  belt.  Did  a 'test drive'. Adjusted bobbin tension. All is 
well - machine is quiet and sews great!!!!!

Table  is in good to very-good condition. Shellac (?) is cracked and worn, but 
veneer  is  OK. Would I lower the value of the table if I sand the old shellac 
off and refinish with poly-urethane? I plan on using both machine and table.

BTW,  you  fixed  a  case latch for one of our Guild Members whilst at Jekyll. 
Her  thumb   button  would  'hang' open and the latch would not lock properly, 
unless  you  pushed  the  thumb button back to the left. My case has one latch 
with the same problem. How'd you fix it???

Warmest Regards to you and Pat!
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 1996 22:07:41 +0000
Subject: Singer products...

I was trying to locate a"Singer" product page. I am reaching out to 
seek some information. Can you lead me to the correct place? Or maybe	
answer a question. I have a Singer Buttonholer No. 489510 complete 
with case and manual. The copyright is 1960. Do I have something of 

Your help is appreciated,

Date: Sat, 20 Apr 1996 22:51:55 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Good things came in the mail

I received two things this week that were a direct result of being in this
group.  First I got my "I Love My Featherweight" pin.  I really hesitated
to send for the pin when I first saw the picture in QNM.  I was sure I'd
be spending $5 for something cheap looking that I would not wear.  Was I
surprised!!!  This pin is so nice.  It almost looks like cloisonne.  

The other thing I got was a bolt of fabric I need to make 2 quilts. 
Months ago I sent a manual to Nola in Oregon.  Along with it, I sent a
swatch of what I was looking for and she found it right away.  She sent me
the phone number of the shop and the name of the fabric and they ordered
it for me.  When and if these quilts get finished, it will be because I am
a Featherweight Fanatic and because other Fanatics are so helpful.


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