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November 1995

Sunday, November 12 - Saturday, November 18

Date: Sun, 12 Nov 1995 05:53:52 -0500 (EST)
Subject: can you believe it...

Hi, fanatics--  I was telephoning around to area antique and "junk" shops
looking for old sewing machine presser feet today, and got firmly told by one
woman:  "Nobody deals in those, there is absolutely NO demand for them!"  I
tried to set her straight but she wasn't interested.  When I think of all the
attatchments dumped in the trash at estate sales over the years, it makes me
sniffle sniffle....

Regards from Ruth A
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 1995 13:55:48 -0500
Subject: Featherweights for sale

To the group:

My friend has decided to sell two of her Featherweights and asked me to post
a note to this list.  She has a tan Featherweight in mint condition with all
attachments that she is accepting offers on, and a white one she would like
$325 for.  It runs well, but other than that she is making no promises.  The
right rear corner of the case has a bang in the white band that extends
slightly into the green.  The machine itself has some dings and scratches,
nothing major, but they are there.  There is a seam allowance guide.  No
attachments or manual, although she does have a photocopy from another
machine.    If either machine is purchased using a credit card, you would
need to add 4% extra.
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 1995 11:15:42 -0800
Subject: Adictive Featherweights

This morning my DH said "arn't you going to check your E- mail), with a
smile on his face.  He knows that I just love this FW Fanatics list. I told
him I haven't checked  yet because I don't have good luck with Sundays
(ha!). Sure enough when I did check the E-mail it said "Bernina", but as I
started reading it much to my delight it was the FW page.  This is my first
E-Mail!  But I have many things to tell you in time about FW's, and
information my quilt buddies would like to share too.
My DH and I a few years ago desperately wanted to find me a FW to take to
retreats etc.,so we put the word out.  In time I had my first FW ($185.)
and I was happy!  Then an opportunity to by another came up($200.) and we
thought maybe I needed a back up. In time a call from a friend  that found
another and another etc. so we bought them thinking how nice it would be
for our 3 girls (and what about the grandchildren) . I would say after 14
machines we couldn't resist. We just had to start "saying no to FW's".  I
thought we were crazy collectors, and only a few friends were aware of how
many machines we had. I have been told of others that have 20, and even 40
machines and my friend Ann has 12 but only with ornate end plate (not the
I use my FW's. I am lucky enough to have a room just for my quilting.  At
all times there are two FW's sitting side by side in FW tables.  One has
gray thread and the other has off white 100% cotton thread.  Each machine
has at least 3 wound bobbins, all this saves so much time. I have more
machines than I have time.
Yesterday we went to a little antique show and there were 3 FW's for sale
at about $300ea.  We came home with the mint one! It had ruffler,book,tray
in case, bobbins, and more.It is a EF, with ornate scroll plate, 1851-1951
blue and gold seal, and my first machine with a motor that says made in
Canada. I blame this FW Fanatics for the purchase, it couldn't be my
addiction.  I am as happy with this machine as I was with the first one
(kind of like my 5 children).
I too collect toy sewing machines (14 of them), the first one started with
my 1950 little black singer.  I was an only child and my mom had lots of
time to take care of my special toys and thank heavens she saved a few
things. I don't even look for the toy ones any more because the high price
on them has taken the fun out of it.
I am a antique quilt collector, are there any other FW Fanatics that
collect antique quilts.  My best quilts are 1800'S Red and Green applique
with lots of hand quilting.
Have a nice day 
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 1995 16:32:45 EST
Subject: hello

Hi Fanatics- I have an original Bill-head receipt for a
Domestic sewing machine that sold for $15, dated Dec. 10,
1895 from William Sale, dealer in all makes of sewing
machines in Boston, Massachusetts. It is signed twice by
Will Sale, and he wrote that he warrants the machine for 5
years! I will sell this interesting piece of history for $10 
I am also still looking for a nice tan-colored
featherweight, and also an original manual for a 222k
free-arm FW.  Thanks, Joe
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 1995 19:59:51 EST
Subject: Sewing Machine Books

If you have a serious interest in older machines, it's worth getting 
a copy of
the Sewing Machine Blue Book.  You can buy the 1994-95 edition from 
Fanning's Open Chain Publishing, P.O. Box 2634-NL, Menlo Park, CA 
phone number (415) 366-4440.  It costs $20, post paid.

It's basically a wholesale price guide for dealers, but it has other 
information about the years of manufacture, model numbers and serial 
numbers of
many machines.  There are brief descriptions of features and color of 
One interesting section gives the retail prices of various Singer 
models.  In
the mid-fifties the Featherweight was selling for $88-$140, and the 
new Zigzag
model 401, was selling for the magnificent sum of $399.  This is when 
wage was $1 per hour, or $40 per week.  Interesting turn of events, 
isn't it?
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 1995 20:22:08 EST
Subject: Singer Stocking Darner

  You mentioned a Singer Stocking Darner part no 35776.  I
have one with it's box and instruction book and the book is 
dated Sept 30, 1909.  It makes no mention of any feed dog
covers and shows using it with no foot on the machine at
all.  In 1909 it cost $ .75. 

Date: Mon, 13 Nov 1995 03:06:11 -0600
Subject: Manual for 99k

Can anyone help me get a manual or a clear photocopy of a manual for a 99K?
I've just arranged to get one and it will be home in, hopefully, a couple 
of weeks. TIA- Email PAT
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 1995 20:00:04 -0500 (EST)
Subject: I need a 12 step program

We went to an auction today.  They were selling the contents of an old
coal company store at Sunday Creek.  It sounded great and we got all
bundled up for a day of standing in 31 degree temperature, but the auction
was a dud.  On the way home we stopped in south Columbus at a kind of a
flea market called the Expo.  Found 2 old Singers in wood cases.  Both
were 3/4 size.  We bought one for $15 and now we have to find out what we
have.  This machine has red, green, and gold decoration and it's serial
number begins with G.  Not AG.  Just G.  The plate on the back that is
usually silver and round is not round but shaped like an upside down pear.
This plate and the face plate are decorated with grapes and leaves.  It is
cleaning up pretty well (read that the DH is working on it) but I really
didn't buy it for the machine but thought I would use the case for my 99K
or my Spartan.

Don't know if we will go back for the other one.  The machine is the dull
black finish which I don't find the least bit attractive.  It does have a
foot pedal and a light.  I really love the wood case but someone has
attached a plastic handle with hugh bolts and many nuts and washers.

At least with this latest $15 machine I am improving my "sewing machine
cost average".

Date: Mon, 13 Nov 1995 08:21:56 -0500
Subject: Antique sewing machines info needed

Museum is looking at acquiring two sewing machines.  I am researching
these machines and need more information.  If you know of an expert on
sewing machines, sewing machine history, various late 19th century Singer
models and their appraisal, or of a good book on the subject, please
contact me via email.

The specific machines I am looking at are...
1.  Treadle sewing machine, pat. Oct. 16, 1886, Singer Manufacturing Co. 
Asking price: $300 (I need to know if this is reasonable) and to get more
information on such sewing machines.

2.  Cutaway of Singer sewing machine, no. 13080Z13, Diehl Mfg. Co.,
Elizabeth, NJ. Pat. Dec. 25, 1888 - Nov. 12, 1889, Dec. 17, 1889, Apr. 22,
1890. I need more information.

I have contacted Singer Canada but they are useless.  I will try Singer
U.S. (I have the 1-800 number) but would really like to have a Canadian
contact - a sewing machine expert who could talk to me about these
machines and perhaps value them in Cdn $ (since there is such a difference
in our dollars).

If you can help me at all, please email me or post to this list.

Thanks a lot!

Kerridwen H
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 1995 12:50:12 -0500
Subject: Various

Thanks to those who wrote to me about the Industrial Treadle.  I did buy it.
 It is huge and weighs a ton.  It has a plate with the numbers 31-20 stamped
on it which I believe is probably the model number.  The SN is G0879357 - I
haven't called yet but I think that means it was made in Germany around 1919,
just based on some info from this digest.  It has been converted into
electric (very loud hum).  It hasn't been used in over 20 years but the lady
I got it from told me it made a very fine stitch and worked well even on
chiffon.  She had used it for costume sewing for the movie biz.  I haven't
even bothered unloading it from the back of my van (first I have no idea
where I'll put it) mostly I want to take it over to my Singer guy and have
him clean it up and lube and oil it.  I'm hoping that won't cost a fortune.
 Now that I have it, I have no idea what to do with it but it is quite a neat
looking machine.  The head is very plain, but the table is really pretty- it
has one drawer and must be (I'm guessing) close to 5 ft. long (I didn't want
to go to the car and measure.)

Now I have 3 machines for sale.  I have an AG for sale that has been well
used and has most of the gold rubbed off in front.  It has a case with one
broken lock and I am asking $280 obo plus shipping.  It has recently been
serviced and runs wonderfully.  I have an early AE for sale in fairly good
condition, no case and no attachments for $215 plus shipping.  I also have a
really nice 99K with case but no attachments for $200.  Both the AE and 99K
have also been serviced and run well.  If you are interested in making an
offer, please e-mail me directly.

Date: Mon, 13 Nov 1995 10:08:14 -0800
Subject: FW spotted for sale

No, it's not polka-dot, just the usual lovely black &gold little lady.  My 
Singer man in the Sacramento, CA, area has a later-model FW for sale, stri-
ated face plate, 2-tone stitch length selector.  The finish looks good and 
the case is in good shape.  The power cord and foot pedal are new.  He says 
it runs.  He wants $350 for it, add 7.25% sales tax to that.  He is at E&D 
Sewing &Vacuum, on Greenback Lane at Sunrise, in Citrus Heights, a northern 
suburb of Sacramento.  When I got my FW via UPS from upstate NY, it cost ab-
out $20 to insure and ship.  So if you're not in the Sac area and want this 
baby, let me know and for $350 + $25.38 (tax) + $20 (shipping) = $395.38 I'll 
pop out there and get it and send it to you.  He also has a modern Singer 
treadle, a reproduction Centennial model, in a wooden cabinet, the whole 
thing laden with gold and red art deco.  You know his heart's in the right
place, he called my FW "she".

He couldn't fix my foot pedal, btw.  It's very interesting how these things
work:  in the early models, the electrical contacts are separated by a stack 
of carbon disks (he said they look like dimes but I haven't taken it apart 
yet to confirm it).  As you press down on the button, the carbon disks are 
compressed and the electrical current flows through more strongly, so your 
machine goes faster.  Over time, the carbon disks crack and crumble.  That's 
what happened to my 1934 foot pedal.  So he wired up a replacement, which 
works fine but scoots along the carpet so I'm constantly having to hook the 
thing with my toe (yes, barefoot sewing:  I'm learning not to drop pins) and 
pull it forward again.  He says they don't make foot pedals that way any 
more, that's why he couldn't just replace the innards but had to replace the 
entire pedal.  Thanks to the FW Fanatic who diagnosed the problem!  He said 
she got it right on the nose.  The good news was that he had to keep my baby
for only an hour, a book-and-gift-store where I'd reserved a book was liter-
ally across the street, and so I could spend the hour and lots of money on 
Christmas presents while I waited, and not think of my baby languishing in
the FW hospital.  Outpatient surgery, as it were.  ;-)

Date: Mon, 13 Nov 1995 11:08:05 -0800
Subject: more on book

there's been a lot of requests for the book; and questions regarding
format, etc.
i have the file(s) in text files to be emailed to anyone requesting the
info. the info are in 18 smaller files, or one large one (180K, 4000 lines
right now). you can either request certain sections (by chapters in the
previously posted table of contents), or the whole thing.
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 1995 14:19:48 -0500
Subject: Singer Dealer Museum??

Does the Singer Dealer Museum still exist?  James Slaten used to be there
- the 1-800 number I have for the museum is no good and there is no
listing in Oakland, CA for the museum.

Any leads?

Thanks in advance for the inside scoop!

Kerridwen H
Date: 13 Nov 95 17:46:15 EST
Subject: Singer Model 99

I picked up a Model 99 with a knee treadle(?) at a swap meet recently.  I called
Singer's 800 number and got a birthdate of January 3, 1936.  It's seen some wear
across the top of the arm (some of the gold has rubbed off the "s" and "i"), but
basically it's in good shape.  It's in its original locking oak veneer case
(with the key).  Missing the bobbin.  No attachments.

Question:  Anyone have any idea what is this little guy worth (ballpark)?


Date: Mon, 13 Nov 1995 18:46:39 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Green Box

Can anyone tell me about the "Green Singer Box" I keep hearing about?  
Did it come with the Featherweight or was this an accessory from Singer?  My 
AJ model only came with the standard tray with spaces for the bobbins and 
accessories (but the feet just kind of float around in it).  

Barb T
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 1995 18:40:56 EST
Subject: FW Dates

Lois Frankel and I were discussing the fact that both our
featherweights were born on the same day.  Yet we noticed that there
are 30,000 numbers between our two.  Does anyone know if this is
possible, could we have been given the wrong dates, or did Singer
really make that many machines on one cold day in January?  Hope
someone has an answer.  Eileen
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 1995 22:38:27 -0500
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 11/6/95

I found an old Domestic sewing machine at an antique store for $55.  Can
anyone tell me how I can find out more about it?

Thanks from Marie
Date:          Tue, 14 Nov 1995 12:34:15 GMT-10
Subject:       Happy new FW owner

Now I consider myself a fully fledged member of this list as I purchased a 1949 
EF164154 on the weekend.  Does anyone know what the extra 1 after the k stands 
It does reverse stitching which I didn't know FW's did and has a thread cutter.  
black case is in great condition and has a lift out tray that contained manual, 
attachments, six extra bobbins, two keys for case, one half used original tube 
lubricant and an untouched tube of lubricant.  No oil can but hey I still need 
to look for, right.  A couple of FW fanatics downunder that I correspond with 
are green 
with envy as we have all been searching for one since this list began (sorry 
Wendy and 
Dawn).  If someone over there feels like doing a good deed could they please 
Singer.  I would love to know the date of manufacture of my new sewing 
companion.  I 
would like to name her after a famous female singer born in 1949.  Any 
suggestions?  I 
paid about $US90 for her :) I am happy to fill in the survey if the FW fanatic 
doing that 
still wants info. and is able to send me the questions.
Cheers from wet and rainy Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia.
Glenda T
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 1995 02:58:57 -0500
Subject: Re: FW's &other oldies for sale

Hi Sue,

My Mom has a large collection of antique sewing machine including
Featherweights. She has a shop in Oregon and is talking about selling out to
travel. If anyone is interested in contacting her they can email me

Gretchen M
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 1995 07:50:54 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Called Singer

I just called Singer on our last two purchases.  Here are the results:

Our 99K says 99K and also says Made in Great Britain.  Singer says it is a
99 made in the U.S. and it's birthdate is 4-26-55,

Our unknown in the wood case they say is a model 15 made 8-24-10.

This little unknown is a 3/4 head and looks like a picture of a 128 shown
in a manual we have.  On the motor it says "Sewing Motor, Patents
Pending".  It was going to be junk (we wanted the case) but the
DH cleaned it and fixed it last night and it sews well.  Anyone have one
like it?  I know it isn't a model 15.  The case is a little marked up but
has original handle and a terrific gold Singer emblem on the side.  Now we
will have to go back and get the other one in a wood case.  It will
definitely be junk.  It is matte black and also appears in the manual we
have as a 128.  

In this blue book that we can buy, does it have the same information that
Singer is giving us over the phone?  I suppose if their records are wrong,
it will be the same in the book.  

I was looking through the paper for a FW for sale this morning and here's
what I found:
	Wheeler and Wilson antique sewing machine.  Orig. papers.
	1862.  Museum quality. $575.  353-1883.
If anyone is interested, the area code is 614.

Date: Tue, 14 Nov 1995 08:29:38 -0600
Subject:  FW Fanatics 11/13/95 -Reply

Thanks for sending the FWF digest!  I love getting it every morning!  In the
digest this morning, Pat Dunbar requested a manual or a clear
photocopy for a 99k.  Could I request one also?  I'm at
dshrader@uomhs.edu.  Thanks.  I've had my 99k for twenty-something
years and I love it!  I have three sewing machines (so far) and it is my
most trustworthy.   Thanks.  Darlene
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 95 17:20:23 -800
Subject: Asking for advice

I am the owner of a featherweight for twenty years now, 
I got the machine from my grandmother who bought it in 1948.
The machine has always been in perfect condition, only replaced a
cord once and a little oil now and then.
But since last summer there is something terribly wrong.
When I press the pedal nothing is happening except the noise 
of the engine and a smell of ozone and some smoke coming out 
of the engine.
My DH checked the carbon brushes in the pedal, they are OK.
So it must be the engine. 
Anyone has had this trouble?

Date: Tue, 14 Nov 1995 12:51:22 -0500
Subject: Going to sell this FW

Well, all, DH has put his foot down and insisted that I sell my recent FW
acquisition.  Here's the lowdown.  It is an AH (1948) with the fancy face
plate and scroll work.  Gold leaf is in good to excellent shape.  There is a
chip or two on the flywheel and the black finish is a little flat and worn in
places.  The black finish around the base of the machine is off in many
places but it is the same on the machine I paid $350 for.  It has a good case
with both latches and leather handle in good shape.  The black fabric on the
very bottom of the case is loose like it was stored in the damp, but not
peeling off.  It has the drop in tray, 3 bobbins and 2 feet which I
discovered are cording feet.  They are 1/4 inch wide and one has spot for the
needle on the right and one has a slot on the left.  I took it to Singer and
had a new belt and needle put in.  I cleaned, greased, and oiled it myself.
 The bobbin case sticks a little when you put it in and out.  It makes a
wonderful stitch and has had the tension adjusted etc by Singer.  It is a
little noisy but the Singer man took it all apart and can't find anything
wrong with it.  He says some of them are just noisier than others.  We spent
2 hours together going over this machine so it is in the best condition it
has probably been in many years.  I am asking $300 with shipping included.  I
figure that's about $20-25 so that makes the price $275 if you can pick it up
from me in Plattsburgh NY.  (near Canadian border, across the lake from
Burlington VT)
I will be in the office today and late Wednesday afternoon to get email and
will be in Washington DC from Thursday til Sunday.  If anyone in the DC area
wants it, we are driving down and I could bring it to DC with me.  That would
also cut out the shipping cost.  I will log on late Wednesday night around 10
PM EST to check for replies from the DC area.  Thanks in advance for your
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 1995 12:47:15 -0600
Subject: antique treadle

Hello Everyone from Dallas, Texas.  I am fairly new to this listing.  This is my
first note.  I have been reading the listing and became very curious as to the 
particulars of my antique treadle that I inherited from my grandmother.  I knew
it was very old because my mother told me she played on it as a child, as I did
when I would visit my grandmother.  I pulled the machine up last night to try
to find a model number or a serial number.  I had to do some cleaning in order
to locate and read the plate.  I could not find a model number, but the serial 
number was K502037.  The machine has red, gold and green scroll work on it 
and it is pretty worn.  I know that my grandmother used it alot to make dresses
out of feedsacks for her two daughters when they were growing up.  I have an
old green box with attachments in it, but not sure what they are at this time.
I called the Singer 800 number and got through fairly easy.  I was told the 
number is 15 and it's birthdate is October 6, 1902.  the patent date is 1897.  
the listing, I derived that the K in the serial number denotes that it was made 
in Great Britain.  I was so very excited.  The lady at Singer was very nice and 
she is sending me some documentation on my machine.  Can't wait to receive it.

Date: Tue, 14 Nov 1995 11:27:28 -0800
Subject: Buttonholer for Featherweights

I just talked to a man who had "several buttonholers" for the
Featherweight for sale. I haven't seen them, but I know the
model numbers are the right ones. He's selling them for $10-$15
(I think depending on whether it came with the original green
box). From what I've seen on this list, that is a very good
price. I'll probably go there this weekend. Anyone want me to
pick one up for them (since he has several)? If you do, let 
me know if you will take one without a box or if you have
other requirements before buying.

(BTW, I've heard that the buttonholers come with a feed dog
cover, so you can do free-motion machine quilting.)

Date: Tue, 14 Nov 1995 18:07:40 -0500
Subject: FW Maintainence Workshop

Greetings, Fellow FW Fans!

     I have just spent a wonderful afternoon reading through Nancy's "FW
Book" of listings from FWFanatics.  What a wonderful resource this will be!
 (87 pages on my Word Processor- but I edited it down some).   
      One thing I would like to see added is a list of teachers who teach the
FW Maintainence classes.  Do any of them travel, or are they just interested
in staying in their own local area?  I have seen several names listed over
the past 3 months- now lets get organized and give names &addresses, so they
can be contacted.  I have mentioned this in my quilting classes, and everyone
is very interested in having a workshop like this.  You may e-mail me
privately, and I will forward information to the group- or just post to the
group.   TIA!!!       Karan 
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 1995 17:48:12 -0500
Subject: 99k for sale

I Found One!  I Found One! I Found One!  I finally found a FW.  After going
to every yard, garage, and estate sale at 8:00 Saturday morning, I finally
found a 1948 FW at my Singer dealer.  Of course , I had to really PAY for it.
 Iím so excited, and Iíve been sewing up a storm.  I had figured that I would
not be one of the lucky ones to find a FW at a real bargain price. But, ďOh,
well!Ē.  Now I have to work at paying the bill.  I have a very, very nice
1923 99k for sale.  It is in the nice curved top case with key.  It is a knee
control model, un-numbered tension dial, and has the scroll face plate.  The
lid holds the knee bar and the green box of attachments.  Attachments
include:  slotted binder, foot hemmer, ruffler, zipper foot, adjustable
hemmer, and a newer seam gauge.  I also ordered and received from my Singer
dealer a copy of the manual.  I must sell this to help defray the cost of my
FW.  I am asking $160 for it plus shipping. Please E-mail me if interested.
 She really is pretty and sews very well.  E-mail:  Blndbuff 
P.S. I also, somehow, ended up with an original 201-2 manual which I have no
use for. Let me know if you are interested in this.	
Stitching away ,  Jacque  
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 1995 18:07:30 -0600
Subject: FS and On the WEb

Hello!  Just a short note to say, my Dad has over 40 featherweights for
sale.  Maybe a good Christmas present to yourself.  Call him at
(405) 765-6125, Dale or Deloris Pickens.  Several satisfied featherweight
(fanatic) customers allready!

Also, I have a homepage referencing most of the featherweight homepages on
the web.


Date: 14 Nov 1995 14:00:59 -0800
Subject: Singer Crank Machines and T

        Reply to:   Singer Crank Machines and Treadle Stand

I have a fw, but have only used my Bernina for years.  This group is making me
want to get out my little jewel and try it again--such fun to read messages
from all you fanatics.  You are also making me aware of other old machines I'd
never heard of before.  While at Moss Landing (between Monterey and Santa
Cruz, CA) last weekend, I went in several antique shops--there are dozens
there.  One lady had 6 or 7 old hand crank machines--all seemed to be $275.  I
was very intrigued, but figured if I wanted a non-powered machine, I'd rather
have a treadle.  I hate to admit it, but I have a beautiful Singer treadle
stand--threw out the machine in 1966 when I bought it (for $5) as I only
wanted the stand for my l964 turquoise zigzag portable!  Aghgh.  Don't hit me!
 Can't believe I could have done such a thing and I very seldome admit it.  So
now I wonder if I can find a treadle to replace the machine I tossed (in maybe
a really beat up stand).  I did see one that had been refinished--with a
horrible glossy finish.  My son has the '64 Singer--he said he couldn't 
imagine going back to college for his sophomore year without a sewing machine.
 So, guess what--I gave him the blue monster and bought a Bernina (that's when
I stopped using my fw.  So, if anyone has a Singer treadle that needs a case,
let me know.  -:)  Or if you want the name of the shop that has the crank
machines, email me.

Date: Tue, 14 Nov 1995 20:30:14 -0500
Subject: re:Kohler machine

Help!! Where is Gordy?! I foud a machine today at an antique shop that I need
help in evaluating--It is nearly identical to the New Family made by Singer
(1870's), but it is a Kohler brand with a larger spoked wheel, no belt guard
and a GORGEOUS case.  The case is rectangular wood, with wood inlay on the
top.  The machine is fiddle based with Mother of Pearl on the base--What have
I found?  What is it worth?  Hurry please, need to know before it goes!

Date: Tue, 14 Nov 1995 16:37:30 -0500
Subject: Treadle Machine

I have found a treadle machine with a serial number of AH702634.  How can I
find out the year it was made.  E-mail lilroo@aol.com

Thanks, Marie C.
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 1995 20:09:29 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 11/13/95

Here we go with the new FOR SALE LIST. Spent all day yesterday searching 
the aisles of machines and got up into the loft of antiques.

ELNA  - SuperMatic, green, freearm, case  $200

Singer 27 Long Shuttle, wooden case, $200

HOWE  - early 1800's treadle  $3,000

SINGER - Fiddlebase treadle, converted to electric 1800's $300

DAVIS - Long Shuttle, treadle top walking foot-complete, restored $500

SINGER - HandCrank  2723748  1717  48  $1,000

SINGER  - White Feather Weight case-complete - $375

SINGER  -  FW  AL  Case Complete $450 
SINGER  -  FW  AJ   case/complete $450.
SINGER  -  FW  AL  No case, attachments, copy of manuel
Singer  -  FW  AL  Home made case, all attachments $450.

SINGER  -  Treadle, early 1900's $300

White Treadle - Full Skirt Cabinet  $300

SINGER  -  (4) 404 Slant Needle Straight stitch - $125.

WHITE   -  Treadle, early 1900's $200.

SINGER  -  301  NA  Case, manuel #250

The last three machines are Classics, truly regal and worth consideration.

SINGER  V-96 Heavy Goldwork and scrolling, The Singer Company in gold on 
top, Art DECO cover's this machine in the Pennsylvania Dutch style. Round 
Bobbin, Head Only, a machine for one to restore. BUT let me stress the 
gold and Art Deco work are perfect. $350

SINGER  -  FW - AG 1938 -Scrolled faceplate, excellent condition, 
completely restored by the mechanic, case, and manuel. $550. She's the 

And last the "QUEEN"  AA/1924  This has been swatched out and has a great 
stitch. Wooden Cover/electric  I could talk about this machine all night 
and am just thrilled to offer it. $400.

Again, when selling from the state of CA. sales tax can not be charged to 
out of CA residents. Those residing within the state of course are 
obliged. Shipping on most machines is $20, but on treadles of course it 
would be little bit more for shipping and handling.

I have done business with many on this board. I appreciate your business 
and if you have a part, or particular machine you are on the look out for 
feel free to email me and I'll do my best to track it down. I'm very 
particular about my machines and really hand pick them to offer to 
antique collectors and those who are just buying their first machine.  I 
originally started selling computerized machines and specialized in 
computerized machine embroidery, but I have antique fever now and have a 
hard time even talking new. If there is difficulty in communicating 
through email feel free to call me at 619-753-5418, early morning is best.
I'm up by 5 PST. Piece! Zsuxxa
Subject: Alan Ladd and the Treadle Machine
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 95 21:22:42 -0500

Every morning there are so many interesting letters about the machines so
many of you are finding.  I love to read each and every story.  Marilyn, it
sounds like you and your dh have a great time seeking out those machines and
tuning them up. This is the best non-fiction written on the Internet (but
then I'm biased!).

Tonight I was watching my second Alan Ladd movie of the day when the bad guy
knocked poor Alan out, ripped the belt off a treadle machine and tied him up
.  When Alan came to he attacked the crook and strangled him with the
treadle belt (it was still tied around his wrists).  Next poor Alan
staggered out the door and while hiding from another bad guy, he cut himself
loose by rubbing the treadle belt on the edge of a car bumper.  Guess it
proves we don't need guns for protection as long as we have a sewing machine
handy!  (Imagine what I can do with the World's Ugliest Singer.....)

P.S.  A Stitch Back in Time in Texas said they have one FW throatplate with
the seam allowance markings for sale for $30.
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 1995 22:15:29 -0500
Subject: Marilyn's old Singer

post (Nov. 12, 1995) - I need a 12 step program - 

The machine you bought for $15 sounds like one we bought for $65.
The serial number on ours is G7634158. We called Singer's
customer service number (1-800-877-7762) and learned that the
machine is a model 128. Ours was made on December 24, 1919.

I really like the red, gold, and green decorations. The grape
leaf metal parts are special, too. I filled a bobbin and after
some trial and error got the bobbin case back in the machine and
threaded it. The machine sews beautifully! Ours has the strangest
motor on it -- a Hamilton Beach Sewing Motor that swings up from
under the machine head. It is pretty ugly. The Singer customer
service lady told us that "Singer did not make motors until
1923."  This is NOT true, according to Frank Smith of the Antique
Sewing Machine Museum in Texas. 

We are still searching for another Featherweight. We spent the
past weekend at garage sales. There is a lot of dreadful stuff
for sale in our area. We did not find even a hint of a sewing
machine. We will try again next weekend.

Our Featherweight (serial number AF484822) was made on April 10,
1940, so it is older than I am, but in wonderful shape. It must
not have had as exciting a life as I have.

Christine T
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 1995 09:30:45 -0500
Subject: 99

I called Singer on Monday and found out that my mystery (to me) machine is a
99 and was born on November 11, 1941.  I bought it last Saturday-November 11,
1995.  I thought that was interesting.  Apparently spool pins and belts are
easy to find but I am still hoping that the woman that sold it to me will be
able to find the attachments.  The only foot I have for it doesn't look like
the standard type.  The two forks (so to speak) are not equal in length.  The
outside (left side) one is longer than the inside (right side) one.  Does
anyone out there know more about this?  I'm also wondering what a 99K is.
 The person at Singer just said it's a 99.  It is the portable model with the
brown wooden (rounded lid) case.

Evie P
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 1995 11:20:28 -0500
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 11/13/95

Recently, I found a black tin box labeled Griest and it is full of
attachments.   It has 13 attachments in it.  They have a flat attaching arm.
 The arm seems to fit horizontally across the presser foot holder instead of
vertically.  Is there anyway that they will fit my FW?  There are hemmer and
braiders, a tucker, an edge stitcher, gathering foot, a binder foot.   A
zipper foot that might actually fit an FW.  Assuming that they won't fit an
FW,  I would be willing to sell.  Please E mail me.

ate: Thu, 16 Nov 1995 12:01:45 +1300 (NZDT)
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 11/14/95

> I was told the model number is 15 and it's birthdate is October 6, 
> 1902.  the patent date is 1897.  From the listing, I derived that the 
> K in the serial number denotes that it was made in Great Britain.  I 
> was so very excited.  The lady at Singer was 
> Glenda  
Sorry Glenda but I think I may have mislead you (with a little bit of 
help from Sandra :>). She posted a list of letters in MODEL numbers and 
the country of origin but the heading actually said SERIAL numbers, I 
didn't pick up on it at the time and included it in my list of model 
numbers. I've fixed it now and it will show on my next post of the list. 
So unless your machine is a 15k then I suspect it wasn't made in GB, 
sorry for the confusion everyone.
Gordy, are you out there? I'd like to know a bit more about my Jones 
Family CS machine, especially how old it is (ooh what was that, looked 
like a pig flying past my window!). Does anyone have Gordy's email 
address please?
I've only had one person reply with extra info for my 'model # list', 
doesn't _anyone_ have anything for me to add to it? Maybe someone 
wouldn't mind sending me a photo-copy of the list that is in the Singer 
blue book? When I see how little Glenda paid for her fw in Australia I 
count my lucky stars I'm not looking for one in the States :>
Also, can someone tell me what I should be using to clean up my machine, 
apart from the small brushing all the nooks and crannies have had so far?
BTW what _is_ 'bentwood', is that the name of the wood itself or as I 
suspect is it called that because of the wood being bent, am I a novice 
or what? The cover and base of my Jones machine is in a wood that is 
fairly light in colour but not as light as pine, anyone know what the 
wood might be?

Date: Wed, 15 Nov 1995 18:04:50 -0500
Subject: Featherweights, of course!

Hi All!

      Guess what! Another Featherweight medallion has been "discovered"! 

     This one reads:  Texas Centennial Exposition, 1836-1936. The one found
last week read: Golden Gate Exposition, San Francisco 1939. I have heard of
but have no info on a 1933 World's Fair edition, but I now assume it will say
something like: Century of Progress Exposition, Chicago 1933-1934. This got
me doing some research on World's Fairs. There was the New York World's Fair
of 1939-1940 (which was going on at the same time as the San Francisco one
which also lasted until 1940) and then three during the 1960's while
Featherweights were still in production. This means even more medallions
could turn up!
     While we are doing a history lesson (my apologies to those who fell
asleep during History in school) I thought these passages from "The
Illustrated History of the Centennial Exhibition" by James D. McCabe were
quite interesting. This fair was held in 1876 in Philadelphia, at a time when
the telephone, telegraph, sewing machine and typewriter were still quite
     There was a building called Machinery Hall, "All the sewing machines of
the country were represented here, and the display made by them was one of
the most attractive features of the Exhibition...The handsomest displays were
made by the Wilson, Weed, Wilcox &Gibbs, Howe, Domestic and Home companies."
     At this point I was frantically looking for a reference to Singer, and
was so disappointed that there wasn't one. Many pages further I found out
why. "The Singer
Sewing Machine Building was a pretty frame cottage erected...at a cost of
$20,000...Among the novelties on exhibit here were a wax-thread lock-stitch
machine, and button-hole and eyelet machine, a book-binding machine, and
several others that were new to the public, one of which was capable of
making 30,000 different styles of stitches...At the close of the Exhibition
the company presented to one of the lady visitors whose name was inscribed in
the register the two millionth machine of their manufacture...Sixty-one
machines, each being of a different style, were in operation here." The book
mentions two awards that Singer won at the show for "Sewing Machines for
Stitching Buttonholes" and for "Family Sewing Machines". 
     Also, a couple of early AJ machines, one with a birthdate of 11/18/49
have the centennial medallion, which says 1851-1951. According to its proud
owner the woman at Singer Customer Service said this might not have been
unusual as Singer might have figured by the time it sold it would have been
1950 or 1951. I wish we had  some oldtime Singer dealers or reps on this
list. I would love to get some info on things like this.
Well, Happy Featherweighting!
P.S. Does anyone know which machine made 30,000 stitches?
Date:         Wed, 15 Nov 95 18:44:32 EST
Subject:      case

Does anyone have a case for a Featherweight which they want to sell?  Please
let me know if you have a case that you can sell.  I am only interested in
original cases, not the kind that are on the market today. Thank you. Donna

Date: Wed, 15 Nov 1995 19:51:31 -0500
Subject: unneccessary confessions of a fw junkie

Last week I was driving past the flea market type store that lives in an
old gas station or something at the corner of two rather busy streets 
(Wilson &Washington Blvd. for all you Arlington Va fwf's.)  They put out
all kinds of stuff, furniture, bikes, exercise equipment, etc.  Well on my
way to a meeting I saw not one but two black Singer's in beat up cabinets--
detour!  I still don't know what model they are, and I Do Not have room for
more cabinet machines, but I was Very Tempted...they were marked $39.95
each!  I oohd and aahhhd and went inside the tiny cramped shop.  In the
middle room, under a blanket, surrounded by boxes and typewriters and
luggage was the back side of a FW Box!!!  I was dying!!!  The woman in
charge said it wasn't ready for sale yet and would not even let me look
inside.  She said to come back in 3-5 days.  I went back the next day and
got the same story, but she took my name and number.  She also said her
husband would be there on Saturday and maybe he would sell it.

It was a good thing I was distracted on Friday by driving to pick up my
daughter from school.  I do believe that fws go to those they were meant
for most of the time, but it was real hard not to think about that poor,
sad, neglected box just sitting there abandoned and forlorn.....After the
Sat morning bd party for Jinna we took her to the train station to go to
Philly to visit her sister.  It was all of 12:30 or so by now.  DH was
driving, and without any prompting from me he took us straight to the flea
market store!  He is a treasure!  While he was examining the Singers
outside, I waited inside for the man to finish helping another customer.  I
then asked him if I could see the box under the blanket.  It's not ready
for sale, he says.  These people are making me nuts!!!  I asked when it
would be, and he responded something, I forget what.  He did mention that
it was a sewing machine.  I almost gave it up Again, then I blurted out
"but it's my daughter's birthday today and I really want her to have a
sewing machine".  He kind of gives me a look like I'm feeding him a line,
and cocks his head and says "$49.95".  Sold! I almost shout, and help him
to move various objects to get it out.  I didn't even check to see if it
worked--only that there was a fw inside.  DH comes in by now, luckily, as
he had the check!!!  Of course the man laid his line on me how he usually
gets $80 for these machines, but I'm sure that is just to make me feel bad.
 I can't wait to get to the van to see what we've actually purchased...

Inside van, DH peering over my shoulder, I open the case.  First I notice
there is a box of attachments, and an Oil Can.  What Luck!  I take out the
attachment box and there is a manual underneath.  Opening the box I see All
the attachments, Both large and small screwdriver, 2 extra felt circles 
(which I was in need of), and no evidence of ever being used.  I am losing
it by now.  I take out the baby, and honest to goodness it looks showroom
clean!  There was a fine layer of dust on the back side of the box top
inside as if it had been left open for display.  I'm certain this is a
virgin machine, sewn maybe 3 yards of thread as a sample!  At home I took
it apart and did basic cleaning/oiling.

It does make a slightly disturbing contact between the feed dog and stitch
mechanism.  Otherwise the stitch is wonderful, and the motor sounds fine. 
Does anyone else have feed dog/pointy crecent stitch mechanism contact?  At
any rate, it is even cleaner than Ruth Moore which is the fw I got from my
mil who's dear friend treated it like gold.  DH thinks I have to keep this
one as a collector item.  I was feeling guilty for owning multiple fws, but
thanks to my dear new best e-mail-introduced friend I am rethinking the

Date: Wed, 15 Nov 1995 11:44:05 -0800
Subject: unknown attachment for FW

My Featherweight came with an attachment that I haven't seen
mentioned. It's stamped Singer and the number is #1261. Parts
of the attachment are a blue metal.

I have no idea what it does and I have no manual. Help!

Date: Wed, 15 Nov 1995 11:40:48 -0800
Subject: teachers for FW Maintainence Workshops

Karan  wrote:

> One thing I would like to see added is a list of teachers who
> teach the FW Maintainence classes.

Corinne Baumbach
teaches at the Quilting Bee (415/969-1714) in Mountain View (San
Francisco/Bay Area)

Mimi Vaeth
teaches at ThimbleCreek (510/946-9966) in Walnut Creek (San
Francisco/Bay Area)

Gordon Jones
teaches at Going to Pieces (510/462-9340) in Pleasanton (San
Francisco/Bay Area)

-Lisa E
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 95 15:22 PST
Subject: Featherweight mailing list 

Could you please add my name to the mailing list. I've just put a deposit on
a Featherweight (1958-60, since I don't have the machine at home I can't
check the serial no.) and my husband is getting it for me for Christmas.
I'm very excited, as when I was in Houston Iwas checking them out and
couldn't believe the prices!  Mine was $125 Cdn funds, bought it from my
sewing machine repair man. Its in great condition, and he has it running
like a charm.  Can't wait til Christmas.
Cheral S.
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 1995 20:51:14 -0500
Subject: Reproduction Cases

I was looking through some old posts on AOL and found one re reproduction
cases.  I have e-mailed this address, but so far gotten no reply,  Perhaps
you would like to try    It's  RaysDays@aol.com   Good luck.  Was there a
digest today  11/16?    Lynda
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 1995 18:39:59 -0800
Subject: FW Article in Quilting Today

I haven't seen this mentioned yet:

In the current Quilting Today (QT 51), there is an article by Mimi Vaeth, 
"Featherweight Tips &More".  It's only 2 pages, but has a few tips I've not 
seen mentioned here, plus a few small pictures to illustrate.  It's pretty 

Date: Thu, 16 Nov 1995 17:25:42 -0500 (EST)
Subject: bentwood, also feet

Hi!  Bentwood, I believe, refers to the shape of the dome-topped case that
breadboxes were made in, and that some sewing machine cases were made in,
because the wood was actually "bent"  (using steam I believe) to that shape.

I stopped in the local junk swap-shop today (the guy is a crook and I don't
usually go there) and asked if he had any old presser feet.  He though a
minute, and said  "You mean what you put your foot on when you sew?"  Well, I
figured forget this, and began to try to describe  "That thing that is around
the needle and holds the fabric down".  He pulled out a small bunch of old
sewing machine parts, and I found several that looked promising, but couldn't
figure out how they attatched to anything.  Then I turned up JUST what I'd been
searching for, a GRIEST ruffler,  #2593519.  It is really impressive - looks
like a rocket scientist must have designed this baby.  It also seems to be
adjustable for different sized ruffles.  Does anybody know how it works?  If
not, my DH will probably be able to figure it out, but it beats me!  (Got it
for $3)  He'll keep an eye out for any more such, and give me a call.  There
was also a singer ruffler, somewhat smaller, but I couldn't figure out how to
make it attatch to the machine, so I left it.  Happy stitching!  Now I have to
go piece a pillow top so I have an excuse to make a ruffle!

Ruth A
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 1995 09:21:45 -0500
Subject: Getting sicker

Hello all,
I realize how sick I am getting (about this FW and old machines stuff) when a
few days ago I was at our local hospital for a test and was with two older
women in the waiting room.  I kept looking at them wondering if they might
have old sewing machines somewhere stored away, unused in their homes!  I had
to resist asking them.  I thought, here they are they may have some dreadful
problem and I'm wanting their old sewing machines!  Is there hope for me?
 And, I've only been on this digest a month or so!  Actually, I think this is
all great therapy and so much fun.  I do realize though that my eyes and ears
are wide open everywhere I go just waiting for that FW to come along.
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 1995 10:47:35 -0500
Subject: Subscribe

Oh, this may be a big mistake.  I don't need to get fanatic about another
quilting facet in my life.  

My first question is, does Singer make NEW Feather Weights and if so what
prices are they asking?

Going to a quilt seminar at the new Place That Sells Sewing Machines here in
Santa Rosa this afternoon, then to the pawn shops, just to look.

Looking forward to the list.

Maureen B
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 1995 09:29:46 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 11/16/95

I SO enjoy reading the postings on this digest.  Some very GOOD 
(creative, descriptive) writers.  I just received my first white FW and 
am surprised at how different it is.  It seems much smaller and lighter 
than the black ones, and is, of course, much less ornate.  The case is 
very plain - no compartments or shelves.  At sales, keep your eyes open 
for a green, almost cubical box with a white stripe around the top.  
Green top and green, luggage type handle.  It has only one latch in the 
center of the box.
Mine came with a box of attachments and according to the manual is 
missing the seam allowance attachment.  Anyone out there have one?  There 
is no place to put the foot pedal, I'll need to make a bag for it so it 
won't scratch the finish.
Also, I had read previously that Singer had discontinued the practice of 
lubricating the motors on the whites, but my manual specifically says to 
add lubricant every 6 months in the hole on the motor, and there is a 
place for it.  What is the consensus - lube or no lube?
When I called singer for the birthday, they said it was a 331K 
manufactured April 21, 1964.  I know the model is wrong, how about the 
birthday?  Where did Nancy S-J get manufacture dates of 68-70?
Thanks for the info!
Date: 17 Nov 1995 11:43:11 GMT
Subject: Sewing Machine Blue Book price increase

     I just telephoned Bobette Industries to double-check on the
     availability of the exciting Sewing Machine Blue Book that Teri
     mentioned in her November 11 posting.  The books *are* available, but
     the price i was quoted is $10.00 (not $7.50), including shipping and
     handling.  They won't take orders over the phone; you have to send
     them a check.

     For those who didn't get Teri's posting, the address is:
        Bobette Industries
        167 Elizabeth Street NE
        Atlanta GA  30307-2557

     Happy hunting!

Date: Fri, 17 Nov 1995 12:40:11 -0500
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 11/15/95

Susan - I weeping!  Heavens, do not feel guilty!  Congratulations on a real
I still have machines for sale.  No they are not in perfect condition but
they sew wonderfully!  AE without case or atttachments or anything  - $215.
 AG with case but with most of the gold scroll on the front of the bed
missing - make me an offer!  And a 99K in very nice shape in the luggage type
case - make me an offer.

Date: Fri, 17 Nov 1995 15:11:25 -0500
Subject: first zig-zag

A couple of questions:  Does anyone know which model, beginning in what
year, with which Singer introduced the zig-zag as a part not of the machine,
no attachment required.  

Also, anyone heard of an attachment called the Style-O-Matic?

Date: Fri, 17 Nov 1995 21:45:44 -0600
Subject: Inquirying minds...

Hello All,
I'm Gail Pickens-Barger, daughter of Dale and Deloris Pickens, of the
"famous" featherweight safari hunters. (LOL!)  Thanksgiving weekend, I have
the undaunting task to "computerizing" Dad's 40-60 featherweights, into a
database of sorts.  My question is what type of information should I

I'm also setting up more information on my web page
(http://www.icsi.net/~pickens) about featherweights, but I do not
necessarily want to duplicate what is allready out there.  Any clues as to
what type
of information people might like to see, I'd appreciate it!

I'll be taking pictures Turkey weekend, so I'll get the worst, best, rarest,
common, oldest, youngest, etc for the web page too!

In the meantime, if you are looking for a Christmas present for yourself,
call Dale or Deloris Pickens at 1 (405) 765-6125.  He lives about an hour
from Stillwater, Oklahoma, home of the Oklahoma State Cowboys (YeeHaw!)
Sorry, had to do that.

Date: Sat, 18 Nov 1995 20:29:03 +1300 (NZDT)
Subject: More FW searching

Yet more FW search ramblings.....
Another weekend, another garage sale, ANOTHER machine, another $5 
bargain! Again not a Singer, this one is a 'Monarch Special', Type No 3A 
from British Sewing Machines Ltd London England. This one has on the 
back - 'Made to Specifications of British Patent - 1945'. Poor old thing 
was so rusted up the wheel wouldn't turn, the black is peeling off all 
over, there's hardly any gold decals except for around where the name is 
written in red, covered in rust, the home of a couple of dozen spiders, 
no motor and some neanderthal had somehow forced a piece of metal as a 
handle into the metal of the wheel and attached it with a bolt which 
cracked the wheel metal! It has absolutely no redeeming features at all 
but I just had to rescue it! And who was that strange man that pointed 
it out to me and who pounced on it to get it going as soon as we arrived 
home - the same one that said to me last week 'oh no you are NOT going 
to start collecting sewing machines'! 

PS It did have one intriguing feature, the bobbin holder is _exactly_ 
the same as the one in my Bernina 830 (19 years old).
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 1995 06:31:59 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 11/16/95

   I would like to take this time to thank all those who have purchased 
FW's from my list and took the time to post and say they were very happy 
with their purchases. I am very pristine about my name, and have had to 
disassociate with employers in the past that were not concernred with 
building a business on a good name. I spent yesterday in the loft 
discovering old machines. I will post a current list next week, because a 
few have sold and I've found a few more lurking in the rafters. In my 
description I really try to capture the look of the machine, 
as far as mechanics I know the machines go out purring like a kitten, 
unless otherwise noted. There are many fixer uppers in the antique 
category and wonder how many out there are interested in machines that 
would be sold to a person who feels secure about their ability to 
restore. If you have a specific request, I copy and take the list of 
requests with me. I'm part BADGER, so for the hard to find part I don't 
bite my tongue, I just keep BADGERING for my clients. Right now we are 
having a heck of a time getting a shuttle bobbin for an 1864 Wilcox and 
Gibbs, so know that I am out there for your researching dates, appraising 
conditions, and trying to find the parts you need. My personal collection 
of machines is very important to me, just as, I know yours are important 
to you. Zsuxxa (Sue-Sha)
Subject: World's Ugliest Singer  :-O
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 95 08:16:40 -0600

Godzilla is on the loose again and I'm thinking of selling him.  Maybe Faye
Rae can work her magic on him like she did on King Kong. Anyone know if
she's still alive and if she sews?   All I know is that I need a buyer, so
to be fair I'll tell you this machine's bad points and some of the purchase
offers that have already come in:

1.  The foot pedal sticks so bad, Burt Reynolds wants to install it in Loni
Anderson's car.
2.  Fox T.V. plans to feature it on America's Most Wanted.
3.  Columbia Pictures wants it for a prop for a sequel to the movie "Edward
4.  It's so heavy, Bob Dole wants it to balance the budget.
5.  Mick Jagger is threatening to sue claiming HE'S the world's ugliest
6.  The smell from the motor set off my smoke detectors.
7.  I can't sleep at night because extraterrestrials keep hovering over my
house calling to the mother ship.
8.  A neighbor complains that it is sending her messages through her hair
9.  The boat bobbin case keeps sending out an SOS.
10. When asked for a birthdate, the Singer rep hung up screaming when she
heard the serial number.
11. Garbage Magazine wants it for a centerfold.
12. Glacier National Park wants it to repel grizzly bears.
13. I found steroids in the lube holes.
14. Princess Di wants to give it to Camilla Parker Bowles for Christmas. 
(Prince Charles needs a new dickey.)

E-mail me at your own risk.  Terry
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 1995 11:49:36 -0500
Subject: Please add me. . .

to your mailing list!!  I have a FW from '56 and a Franklin (Sears) from '27.
 I'd love to know more about them!!
Thanks, Beau 
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 1995 13:30:54 -0500 (EST)
Subject: ACPS

Just had to tell everybody.  My ACPS (Average Cost Per Singer) is coming
down. Found a Spartan. My DH said it looked like it had been on the
Titanic. Rusted, frozen, nothing moved.  It did have a case and a foot
pedal.  Paid $3.88 for it in hopes the case could be cleaned up for my
other Spartan.  The DH felt sorry for it.  He put oil all over it and
tapped it in places where it should move.  Spent hours on it and it runs.

Also picked up the matte black machine with the wood case.  I'm not
counting this in my average because although it runs, it is definitely for
parts.  I wanted the foot pedal and the nice wood case.

Went to about 15 thrift stores on the West side yesterday.  No luck on
FWs. I don't ask for FWs.  I ask for portable Singer sewing machines.  In
2 places they knew what I was looking for.  Was offered a 99K in a cabinet
for $75 but I have a 99K.  Don't know what it looked like.  The man said
it looks like new and offered to bring it in if I wanted to come back.

Al, your favor is being passed on.  Ann is sending me a 99K manual and I
am sending the 128 manual to 2 people.  Both are going to pass on the
favor when they get the chance.

Date: Sat, 18 Nov 1995 14:40:59 -0500
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 11/15/95

In a message dated 95-11-17 05:51:16 EST, you write:

>The only foot I have for it doesn't look like
>the standard type.  The two forks (so to speak) are not equal in length.
>outside (left side) one is longer than the inside (right side) one.  Does
>anyone out there know more about this? 

This IS the standard foot for these old machines. The K in 99k refers to the
fact that it was made in Great Britain. BTW, I love my 99k. Congrats on a
great find. Katy
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 1995 17:57:26 -0600 (CST)
Subject: New FW 

About the new FW--my husband and I were in an antique mall one day, and 
he came rushing over to me to tell me that he'd found a featherweight.  
It was a very new Singer machine.  It looks very similiar to their 
Quantum LE machine, only smaller, with the name Featherweight right on 
the front of it.  The case is that acryllic, plastic looking affair.  
This machine looked brand new and was priced at $225.  You could never 
mistake it for the old black ones at all.

Dear Husband can spy old sewing machines and oil cans rather well 
now!  Unfortunately, we haven't found the ones we're looking for--but 
half of the fun is searching them out!   

Mary Jane 
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 1995 14:41:07 -0500
Subject: Ramblings :)

Hi All,
The modem died so I have had to wait until DH got a chance to download my
mail for me. I feel so out of touch! Anyway, some musings on the last few
days postings:

MARILYN I have a 99k also and when I called Singer they gave me the exact
same date as yours, 4-26-55. I didn't ask about place of manufacture but the
machine definitely says Made in Great Britain on it. Now I'm beginning to
doubt the date. They are going to send me the documentation so I'll let you
know what it says. My serial number is EK421403. What is yours?

DID You know...Kolleen checked this out for me and apparently the bobbin
cases are identical for the 301 and the FW. Thought this might help someone
find one to salvage. Thanks Kolleen. 

I recently put an ad in the local bargain ads looking for an older Singer
portable hoping to turn up a FW. No such luck but it did turn up many other
interesting machines including two Spartans (does anyone like these and can
tell me about them?) which I didn't buy (yet), a model 66, a model 15, and a
wreck of a machine that was too far gone to recognize. I also had calls about
what sounded like 99s and various 1970 vintage machines. I haven't bought any
of the above mentioned machines yet but I am going to look at the 66 when the
owner gets it home from a friends house. I also talked to a man who had
purchased three FW's in the last year at prices of $5, $10, and $20. :( Where
was I?

Date: Sat, 18 Nov 1995 19:50:30 -0500
Subject: Featherweight accessories

     I went antiquing today and although I didn't find a single
Featherweight, I did find 4 oil cans and a zigzag attachment. I now have 5
different pre-60's Singer oilcans. There is the short oval can (120862), the
tall oval can (120861) the small silver round can, the large bronze round
can, and a big green chooch that says it holds 1/4 gallon of oil. It's my
guess this is what repairmen used to fill the smaller cans.

     The zig-zag attachment is dated 1950 (160620-new number Terry) and was
priced at only $15. I was almost jumping up and down. Then when I went to pay
for all my finds, discovered this place discounts 10% for cash so got
everything at even better. While standing at the cash register, my DH decides
to look over the zig-zag. He pulls out the manual, then foot, then pulls out
the cardboard which holds the foot in place and when he saw a dollar in the
bottom he hurriedly put everything back before the salesgirl could see it and
claim it.  When I got outside I looked and there was $43. Every bill was
dated 1963. Some woman must have stashed this away from her hubby over 30
years ago, knowing that he'd never find it there. That would have been a lot
of money then. I wonder if she forgot about it?  Anyway, I never find
bargains on anything, so it was a nice find.

      When we got home there was a slip from the mailman telling us that
Monday we need to pick up a package shipped from England. We also got a
letter from a contact in England explaining he shipped us the antique tin
Singer bank that we've been wanting. I have a photo of it and it is adorable.
It looks like a generic black sewing machine sitting on a wood table, and on
the table is the Singer logo and "Nahe elektrisch". If anyone can translate
please tell me what this says. Now I can't wait until Monday! My DH is so
excited he says he won't sleep tonight. 

      By the way, I looked over all my Featherweights, as I bet a lot of you
have done and *darn* no new special medallions!

Happy Featherweighting,
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 1995 19:51:21 -0500
Subject: Attachments

     Greetings!  After reading todayís FWF digest, it occurred to me that
besides wanting to sell my 99k, I have a couple of other items to part with.
 I thought of these as rather insignificant before and therefore didnít think
anyone may be looking for them.   They are as follows:  1 Greist ruffler
(2593519), 1 Domestic buttonholer complete in plastic gray marbled case, and
a Kenmore buttonholer complete in Ivory plastic case.  If anyone is
interested in any of these e-mail Blndbuff.  I would like to trade for or but
a throat plate cover to use on my FW or 66.  I think I might need it to use
my zig-zag and my buttonholer.  I havenít tried either one of them yet.
 Thanks for any input.
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 95 16:50:42 PST
Subject: Bobbins for a FW 221K 

Hullo all
I have really enjoyed reading all the very interesting info on the 
FWF digests. Really keeps me sane in this "Gone Troppo" heat and 
humidity of the Build-up Season and the 2 wonderful but sometimes 
demanding ankle-biters at  my feet......

Anyway the reason for this is -:  Can some-one please tell me how 
hard or easy it is to get some more bobbins for my 221K (made in 
November, 1951) as I only have 2 and would like to buy or trade 
about 4 more, at least.

Happy featherweighting,
G'Day from Leanne.
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 1995 12:14:49 -0500
Subject: Re: FW Fanatics 11/14/95

Does anyone have the 800 number for Singer.  I have their regular phone
number, but I can never get through. 
Thanks for the help

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