Featherweight Fanatics Guidelines

Last updated 3/6/2006

Welcome to Featherweight Fanatics

The purpose of this list.

The purpose of this group is have a place to discuss the Featherweight sewing machine that is so popular among quilters. It is a place to ask questions, look for opinions, share knowledge and so on. While the main discussion on the list should be about Featherweights, discussions about other antique machines is also welcome.

The guidelines for this list are simple

  1. To post a message to the group, please send your message to FWFanatics@featherweightfanatics.com and no where else. Please, do not send list postings to my personal e-mail address.

  2. To subscribe to the list, use the our automatic form.

  3. To Unsubscribe, use the form

  4. This list is availble in Digest or individual message mode.

  5. If you have to go on vacation and want to stop mail from this list, please use the form before you go and then again when you get back.

  6. I will insist upon no flaming or general rudness. This list is meant to be a way to share ideas, instructions, knowledge, and questions about Featherweights and other antique machines among the subscribers. Please, use it as such. If you have problems with any individual or posting on the list, please e-mail me personally at Sue@ttsw.com

  7. Any problems, questions, etc, please send to me at fwflist@yahoo.com

  8. List archives are kept by the week and are available on the FW Fanatics home page, http://featherweightfanatics.com Archives are to the archive page nightly.

  9. There is a $15 per year charge for Featherweight Fanatics after your free trial month.

  10. The FW Fanatics www page can be found at http://www.featherweightfanatics.com

  11. To keep the traffic on this list from becoming overwhelming, all postings regarding the sale of any sewing machines, accessories, manuals, whatever should be posted to The Forum. These messages are collected during the week and are sent out as part of the Sunday digest. For Sale messages sent to the regular e-mail address will be deleted. The For Sale postings are NOT a SEPARATE list.

  12. If you are looking for a particular machine, accessory, or manual, send your posting to the FW Fanatics list, but be sure to put "WANTED" in the subject line of the message.

  13. If you spot a machine at an antique store, sewing store, etc and would like to alert other members of the FWF, please put "MACHINE SIGHTED" in the subject line of your posting.
Hope you enjoy the Featherweight Fanatics!!!
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