FW Fanatic Photos

Photos of Featherweights and other machines. Click on the thumbnail for the full size image.

While it isn't in the best of shape, here a picture of the case for a white Featherweight.

Some say it's mint green and some say it's white. This featherweight is the only one I've seem with the power cord and presser foot permanently attached.

Yes, Virginia, there really is a tan featherweight. And here's one to prove it.

The previous owner of this tan featherweight must have liked flowers.

Here are a few of the attachements that are available for the featherweight. The ones pictured here came with the tan featherweight also pictured on this page.

One of the larger attachements is the ruffler.

It looks similar to a Featherweight case, but there's a different machine inside.

This old case has removal tray to hold all all of the accessories.

The older Sew Handy was re-engineered into the Singer Featherweight. It is a much, much heavier machine with several other noticable differences such as the stitch length adjustment and the power cord plug on the front of the machine.

While this machine looks like a Sew Handy, the name painted in gold on the front says "General Electric" and the warrentee card states that the machine was made in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

The Sew Handy had a very differently constructed presser foot and still has the orginal working power cord in a storage bag, thought I doubt if it's UI approved.

Here's the original attachements box, with all of the attachements for the Sew Handy. Still inside is the "Inspected by No. 81" slip.

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