Graham's True Stories

True Story #17

Maggie, my SO, and I always leave a little extra time at airport security when we are on a sewing-machine-buying trip.

I don't know why but a Wilcox and Gibbs and a Betsy Ross in the carry-on bagage always seems to look like a loaded Ouzi with a spare magazine once viewed through an x-ray machine.

Like I say, we're used to emptying the bags, answering a couple of questions, listening to the "I wouldn't want to run up a set of drapes on one of those" jokes and hearing how the security guard's grandmother had a machine that was at least 200 years old.

Therefore we were both a little surprised when leaving Edinburgh a year back not to send the usual alarm bells ringing. I must have looked a little shocked for the guard asked: "Is anything the matter, sir"

"Well, no," I replied, "I guess I was expecting you to check the bag."

A big grin came over the guard's face -- he'd been waiting for this for years.

"Why should I stop you sir? You can't hold up a plane with an 1886 Moldacot sewing machine can you?

He explained his wife was a collector, he did the restoration work and was currently halfway through a major overhaul of a Moldacot.

I guess he tells the story at every chance he gets and Maggie can't resist revealing how she signed up ISMACS member 375 in an airport check-in lounge.

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