Graham's True Stories

True Story #3

It was 6 in the morning at an outdoor antique show in up-state New York. It was raining hard and I was not at my best.

But there on a table under 10 sheets of polythene directing the water down my leg was a super-rare sewing machine, dating from the 1860s. It was near perfect, but for the fact that some designer-type had converted it to act as a table lamp.and, I suspected, was going to be very expensive indeed. Now I always try to set up a little raport with the vendor in these case -- helps to crunch the price down, I find.

Hoping to appeal to her inate love for antiquity I fired up with "Now, what idiot tried to convert this fine machine into an ugly table lamp?" She sniffed, looked me up and down, sniffed again and said: "I did".

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